You ever just… not want to do the fighting yourself? You ever feel as if you would do better as support, or as someone to get the backup here when you need it? You ever just want to sit back, relax, and try to appeal to someone’s humanity? - Yuna is basically this all the time.

  • Alternative Name(s): Yunie.

  • Height: 5’3’’ (160 cm).

  • Eye Color: Blue (Left) Green (Right).

  • Hair Color: Brown.

  • Won “Couple of the Year” With Tidus in 2009.

Born and raised in Beville by her father Lord Braska, and an unnamed mother, Yuna was destined to have a nice, peaceful, pleasant life, devoid of murder… God DAMN, I wish that was true. Yeah alright, so Yuna’s unnamed mother died on her way to the Al Bhed home from… I guess Beville, and was killed by Sin. This caused her father to become a summoner, and to defeat Sin to avenge… Mrs. Braska (I guess).

He died in the ensuing fight, by the way, and his message to his daughter was cut off by the fact that the man he asked, Auron, was mortally wounded by Yunalesca. Yuna was later raised by a Temple located in Besaid Village for about a year before the calm ended.

Yuna took after her father in terms of what tactics she uses for combat. Despite the protests of her friends, Yuna became very exceptional at her craft. Her first summon being the Aeon, Valefor. It was there, that she joined Tidus on his quest to save the world.

Being from a series that lets the player customize the character, Yuna has no standard setup for her summons. So I guess this is where the character sheet ends.




Oh wait, no it doesn’t! We have a different source to use for standardization. Thank you, Dissidia.

  • Valefor

  • Ifrit

  • Ixion

  • Shiva

  • Bahamut

The summons helping out Yuna in battle include Valefor, a large non-elemental bird thing with low attack power, but high speed and evasion. The default attack, Sonic Wings can stun a foe and knock them back with a massive gust of wind. And when using one of her Overdrives, Valefor can use her strongest attack; The Energy Blast. This attack sends out several energy balls that can hit all foes.


The second of Yuna’s summons is Ifrit. Ifrit is a fire user, focusing more on hitting with powerful fire. The trade-off, being that he’s the second slowest Aeon when compared to the other summons that Yuna has at her disposal, and that he’s not going to be dodging anything anytime soon. Ifrit’s Overdrive is Hellfire, an attack that is basically Overheat from Pokémon, without the drawbacks.

Dissidia 012 - Ifrit

The third Aeon Yuna can call upon is Ixion. A gigantic Lighting wall… Griffin thing that has high defensive statistics. With an Overdrive called Thor’s Hammer, Ixion can encase his foe in a field of electricity, and basically fry them. But, Ixion is a big guy, and he won’t be winning any foot races anytime soon.

Dark Ixion

Shiva is the fourth Aeon. She’s light on her feet, and despite her icy appearance, she can use the Heavenly Strike to cut her foe’s health down to size, and even stun them for periods of time. And Diamond Dust turns the battlefield into a frozen tundra, which shatters and can cut down their health.


Yuna’s most powerful Aeon is the most iconic summon in the entire franchise. The giant aeon, Bahamut. The overall health of Bahamut is high, as is its mana. Not to mention that the Impulse attack can nearly cut an opponent’s health by half. The Mega Flare on the other hand dishes out some non-elemental damage despite the misleading name.


Yuna is also a White Mage. Making her essential for healing magic. She typically enters battle with her signature staff. This Staff has ‘capture’ on it as the primary attribute. ‘Capture’ is an attribute that allows Yuna to basically become a Pokémon Trainer.

FFX Weapon - Staff 1

Any monster defeated by a weapon with capture on it has a chance to become friends with Yuna. And Yuna’s staff can pull this off.

However, Yuna isn’t invincible. As a mage, Yuna’s physical stats are lacking outside of evasion and agility. Plus, she’s not exactly accustomed to fighting on her own, typically relying on her summons to do most of the heavy lifting.

  • Physical stats are lacking.

  • Limited summoning training.

  • Inexperienced in fighting on her own.

  • Got kidnapped by the Al Bhed Psyches.

However, Yuna’s feats more than make up for it. She’s managed to tame the Aeon Bahamut Sin, managed to capture Valefor in her first fight against it, and even managed to beat Isaaru in a summoning match of monsters. Almost like a round of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Image result for yu-gi- oh duel

  • Defeated Isaaru.

  • Captured Bahamut.

  • Survived a fall to the Farplane.

  • Fought off the Emperor.

Yuna is actually a sweet girl. But her determination is what makes her an invaluable friend to have. She’s willing to protect her friends, and even kick some ass while doing it.

Image result for yuna ffx



Let’s just have a Dead Fantasy related DEATH BATTLE for once. Which gentle fighter hits harder? - I say we find out. Between summons and actual combat, I’d say that this might just boil down to whether or not Kasumi can get past Yuna’s summons or not. Who will win?



I saw this gal on OMM, she is pretty adorable, if not for the fact that she uses dolls to fight for her. She may not last long, but I figure, hey! Why the hell not? She’s adorable, Yuna’s adorable. Alice’s name ends in a vowel, Yuna’s name ends in a vowel. Both of them don’t seem to have a living biological mother… Maybe Alice would be better suited to fight Ruby Rose. Eh, I told myself to make the Yuna sheet, and I made one, goddammit.

Image result for Quan Chi

So… Quan Chi anyone? Eh, let’s face it, Quan stands no chance unless he’s allowed to have the revenants to back him up. So, who wants to see Liu Kang fight Valefor? - I do!