The dictionary defines the word “Anti-Hero” as a central character in a story, movie, or drama who lacks conventional heroic attributes. They walk the thin line of hero and villain every day. But if there’s one person who walks the line in the most dangerous way possible, walks so close that he would just be called a villain if he didn’t target the worst of the worst, and uses some of the least heroic equipment known; it would be the man who wears the dreaded skull symbol. The man who would kill anyone who does evil. The man who would punish the evildoers in the most gruesome way possible… The Punisher!

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  • Real Name: Frank Castle

  • Height: 6’1”

  • Weight: 200 lbs (91 kg)

  • Eye Color: Blue

  • Hair Color: Black

  • Used to have a Rottweiler named Max, and a Coyote named Loot.

Castle was born in the city of New York. He was always a fighter, and he enlisted on the US Marine Corps in record time. Being deployed to fight the brutal fight in Vietnam after he accomplished his training, he bid his wife and infant son a heartfelt goodbye, and went off. While there, he got additional survival training. And this was all after he managed to rise to the rank of Captain!

After managing to enlist a total of three times in the tour, he finally managed to make some time to spend some time for his wife, daughter, and son. His picnic in Central Park went almost exactly as planned…

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Enraged that the gang fight took his wife and children, Frank Castle vowed vengeance on criminals everywhere. Vowing to clean the city of them, as if they were disgusting Brussels sprouts on a plate of delicious macaroni and cheese. In fact, he’d stop those blasted sprouts from leaving the store in the first place.

He would punish any criminal, and make them suffer. On that day, Frank Castle became the mask to a new symbol. One that would strike fear in criminals everywhere. He became, the batman- *cough cough cough!* The Punisher. He became The Punisher.

But Frank’s war on crime would not be so effective without some of his favorite fearsome firearms.

  • M60 Machine Gun. (Personal favorite of his (Also nicknamed the “Hog”))

  • 9mm Uzi. (Typically used alongside his Machine Gun)

  • M16A3. (Fitted with an M203 grenade launcher)

  • Derringer D32. (Backup firearm)

  • Gerber Mk2. (Knife of choice)

Like any man who uses a gun, Castle takes care of his weapons real good. And even upgrades them with sound and flash suppressors, magnified scopes, night vision scopes, high-capacity mags, armor-piercing rounds, bipods, and flashlights. In any given situation, he’s pretty well-prepared to take on almost any foe. Plus, when he’s working with lighter heroes like Spider-Man and Captain America, Frank takes into account their reluctance to kill by using non-lethal rubber bullets. What a nice guy.

His Battle Van is also a beast in of its own. Frank typically uses it to get around fast, and it has its own fair share of equipment on it.

  • Constant adjust air-assist suspension.

  • Electronically governed variable transmission, braking and steering.

  • Extra high-efficiency air conditioning system.

  • Computer with capabilities such as intruder detection and suppression, USA road and city maps, audio listening device and sonar ranging of outside objects.

  • Electric 4 barrel mini-gun with 20,000 rounds of .223 caliber ammo.

  • 40 mm grenade launcher with a 110 shell ammo box.

  • 4 compressed air driven machine guns, each one with 400 rounds of .25 caliber rubber bullets.

  • Bi-modal delivery system in stream of gas, tear gas, and white fog.

  • Robotic arm located in the back, with a reach of approximately 11 feet.

Punisher also takes armor into consideration. But unlike most heroes, who typically go all out with the colors and flash, Punisher goes practical. Aside from a kevlar vest and a trenchcoat, Punisher also wears combat boots and his traditional skull shirt, which is the absolute LAST thing that anyone who pisses him off ever sees.

  • Matched Spider-Man and Daredevil in combat.

  • Killed several inmates unarmed.

  • Jumped nearly 35,000 feet out of an airplane without a parachute.

  • Once resisted the Penance Stare.

  • Survived a beatdown with Dakken.

  • Once casually broke the neck of a pimp.

Aside from managing to fight the likes of Spider-Man and Daredevil in fights, Castle has managed to beat down plenty of opponents on his own. Like the time he created a pile of bodies while waiting for Matt Murdock to come to him for help, or the time when he jumped on a nuclear missile while holding onto a rescued child. Oh, and that time when he managed to outsmart and beat Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Wolverine with various traps. Worth noting: He went through the hard work of making sure that they wouldn’t be killed.

But despite this, Castle has his weaknesses. Like the fact that he’s only human. Sure, he has training in bladed and ranged weaponry, but his body armor can offer only so much protection. Plus, despite his high pain tolerance, Castle is still susceptible to any toxins or other such diseases that could kill a normal human being - even one with training to make him at his peak. Aside from that, the only real reason why he’s tolerated by the other heroes is because he typically goes for the worst of the worst - like gang leaders, pimps, mob bosses, assassins, and slave traders.

Despite this, all criminals should always beware: If you see that skull, you’re good as dead.


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Deadshot the killer. Two gun-toting anti-whatever side they’re on, and have tangled with a major hero that’s appeared in Death Battle before- … Okay, now I’m starting to get some Batman vs. Spider-Man vibes here. I mean, this was the selling premise of Venom vs. Bane, right? - At least this fight wouldn’t be as big of a stomp as that one. Plus, this could be a good excuse to make is as bloody as possible - c’mon, it’s the freaking Punisher! I also have a story set up for this. Basically, Punisher is riding in his van when Deathstroke shoots off one of the tires (Because Floyd was hired to off Punisher), and guess who gets pissed off about it? - Gold right there.


This has totally nothing to do with the fact that I want to make a Rorschach and Deadpool reference in my crossover… Okay, maybe a little. But, between two anti-heroes with Frank-Miller levels of edge, this could be fun. Yeah?

Two gun-toting anti-heroes who fight on the side of justice. Even if justice is blind, she also has a sword. These two, are the swords. Death is something that they’re familiar with, and they have no qualms in killing. So, you don’t even have to remove that aspect in them. Just have them duke it out.