Hey everyone!  

That book I've been writing is pretty much finished, and should be available to you guys soon.  If you like owning physical copies of stuff, or just want to support the writing, a softcover, physical version of the book with be available to purchase.  Can't afford it, or just would prefer not to buy it?  No worries.  A month after I release the book for purchase, I will release the book digitally, in full, for free.  Hopefully you guys enjoy it.  In celebration, I want to help introduce you guys to the world of Go Nitro and the characters within it.  I plan on making several posts over the next week or so on this site detailing key locations, events, and characters.  Maybe it will entice you to read.  Who knows?  The first one is written below, and details a key event that takes place before the events of Go Nitro: Rise of the Blades.  Check it out and enjoy!  

Thanks guys!

The Explosion at the Faraday Research Center - February 22nd, 2066

The Faraday Research Center was a chemical laboratory located near the harbor in Lattice Light City.  In 2066, the Center was tasked with guarding a large supply of an experimental chemical called Otrolium, after one of its creators, Dr. Miles Silva, began stealing and illegally distributing it.  While on shift as a security guard, Maximus Bruno noticed an irregularity in one of the cameras.  Upon further investigation, he discovered a man named Scott Cells had broken into the Center in an attempt to steal the Otrolium.  Scott Cells was a low ranking thief within a gang called The Blades, who had made a name for themselves by stealing Otrolium from several labs and warehouses around the city.  Maximus triggered the alarm, alerting the authorities and beginning a full evacuation of the building.  75% of the workers within the building managed to make it outside.  However, one of the guards within the building found himself in a firefight with Scott Cells.  A rogue bullet struck the tanks of Otrolium, causing a catastrophic chain reaction.  The following explosion vaporized the entire Center, along with the 400 people that didn’t make it to the doors in time.  It was considered the biggest tragedy in the history of Lattice Light City.  After the explosion, the entire area was quarantined, as it boasted an extremely high level of unidentified radiation left over from the blast.  Ground zero extended out several miles from the Center, shutting down several warehouses and a power plant.  A memorial to those lost was erected in the center of Lattice Light.  The explosion at the Faraday Center is considered a massive turning point for The Blades, as the shock of it all drove the city into a panic.  This opened The Blades up to steal hundreds of tanks of Otrolium, without any organized police resistance.  This spree is what officially made Project Nitro a necessity.