Hey guys, to touch on a previous post, this new group is the successor of Adopt A Newbie. We are looking for improvements, changes, and future proofing the activity of this group. With the right resources, the right mentors, and upbeat can do attitudes will actually radiate through the forums and create traffic amongst the forums.

We are looking to launch in a few weeks in the beginning of August or mid August at the latest. If you have the time to jot down things that can help us, please, mention it in the group forums under the forum simulation thread. We will take note and put it under advisement. Also we are looking for cool features and activities that we could do here on the site.

Because this the successor to AAN, it will feel and operate in a similar fashion. So please don't get mad if you think this is a knock off. It isn't. When we launch and get traffic, we would like to let the newbie to pick their mentor. We will not be assigning mentors to newbies. 

If you have any concerns, comments, and ideas, please direct it to the forum above.

Thank you and have a good night.

-Izayer out.