Long ago, in a distant land... Aku unleashed an unspeakable evil. But, a foolish Samurai Warrior wielding a magic sword, stepped forth to oppose him. Before the final blow was struck, Aku opened a portal in time, and flung him into the future, where his evil was law. Now, he seeks to return to the past, and undo the future that is Aku.

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  • Real Name: Unknown

  • Height: 5'10"

  • Hair Color: Black

  • Eye Color: Black

  • Age: Approximately 25 (physically)

This samurai wound up in the future. And man, was he all crazy. The local street members kept referring to him as “Jack” and… That’s where he got his name… Eh, it’s better than Bane’s origin story. But Jack became known throughout the lands as “The Samurai.”

Though technically, Jack is a Ronin. As Samurais serve a master, and it should be rather obvious that being a couple thousand or so years in the future would mean that they are probably dead.

Anyways, Jack began his crusade to find a time portal to return to the past. Though, his heroic nature kept him from accomplishing this goal pretty often. Despite his opportunities, Jack sacrificed his precious time to help others. He is an incredible fighter, and is very resourceful.

  • Archery by Robin Hood.

  • Astronomy & Navigation by a ship captain.

  • Bojutsu by African Bushmen.

  • Wrestling by the Greek.

  • Mounted combat by the Mongolians.

  • Axe Throwing by the Russians.

  • Martial arts by Shaolins.

  • Various training with the greatest warriors of all time.

Jack’s even a master with just about every weapon he can get his hands on. From nunchucks to polearms, Jack can learn how to use a weapon proficiently with enough practice.

However, Jack’s bread and butter is his signature katana

File:Jack's Sword.jpg

This sword cuts through darkness and evil almost as if they were nothing. It is Jack’s signature weapon, and was the only weapon that could defeat Aku. Forged by not one, not two, but THREE different Gods, this sword acts a lot like Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. It can only be wielded by those that are pure of heart, and will not take the life of an innocent.

  • Forged by Odin (Norse Myth), Ra (Egyptian Myth), and Rama (Hindu Myth).

  • Rarely needs to be sharpened.

  • Can cut through nearly any substance.

  • Cannot damage beings of divine origin.

  • Is practically unbreakable.

As if having a weapon forged by multiple Gods wasn’t enough, Jack also learned more techniques even AFTER he went to the future.

The White Ape Tribe…


(these guys)

… Helped train Jack in the art of “Jumping Good.” By increasing the resistance of his own abilities, similar to Kame Sennin Ryu of Dragonball fame, Jack managed to increase his jumping ability and overall lower body strength to superhuman levels. - Making it possible for him to effortlessly throw the top of a stone sarcophagus with little effort. Assuming that the sarcophagus lid is approximately three inches thick, and is about 6x3 feet, Jack’s lower body strength would have to be capable of lifting well over 1500 pounds! - AND that’s just to lift the damn thing!

Though, Jack is not without his weaknesses.

  • Sense of honor.

  • Fish out of temporal water.

  • Sword has a worthiness clause.

Despite the fact that Jack’s displacement in time has shut off his aging process, Jack still requires food, water, rest, and time to tend to wounds. He’s also still a human being, meaning what you’d expect. In addition, should Jack become too unbalanced, he will lose his sword, like what happened when Aku destroyed the last Time Portal.

Because of that, Jack also harnessed his skills with other technology and weapons. Like guns, polearms, explosives, and even a motorcycle.

And after some intense training and a trip into his inner mind, Jack reclaimed his sword, and became the hero people looked up to once again.


Between talking dogs, giant woolies, and raves, Jack has practically seen it all.

Despite his weaknesses, and in accordance with his feats, Jack is one epic Samurai, and an all-time hero. With his skills and iconic sword, no evil can defeat him. Be they a monster controlling kids through a rave, to the demon soul-collector named Demongo. He’s even skilled enough to match Aku in hand-to-hand combat.

Jack just might be the greatest swordsman in fictional history.




I have seen Afro Samurai as a suggestion for Jack all the time. And I have a feeling that it’s primarily due to the fact that they are both “samurais.” I don’t know much about Afro, so I can’t be a good judge here, but hey, he’s a popular request.

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Let’s get Leo in for a third bout. Last time I heard, Leo was a ninja. Jack’s a samurai. It’s Ninja vs. Samurai.

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Not necessarily THAT big of a step away from what Jack usually faces. But, I want to see Cyrax being used sometime. He just seems cool, and could probably create some pretty intense moments for any animator.