Mars.The fourth planet of our solar system. Arguably the closest that humanity has as a backup planet should Earth bite the dust. But from that planet, comes aliens. Who are often hostile. Probably has something to do with the fact that the planet is named after the Roman God of War. But despite this, there are some who fight for good, and among those, is the one Martian Manhunter.

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  • Real Name: J’onn J’onzz.

  • Height: 6’7’’

  • Weight: 300 lbs (136kg)

  • Skin Color: Green

  • Hair: None.

Like any alien in the DC universe, J’onn ‘J’onzz fled his planet to escape death and make a new life on earth. But, it was primarily because his race had a war between the savage White Martians and the more peaceful Green Martians… Or his entire race was wiped out. Eh, his origin story changes more often than Quicksilver changes dads. The most common one is that the Green Martians got killed, and he went to Earth to escape.

Under the guise of John Jones, J’onn became a police detective. Until there came a day unlike any other, when Earth’s mightiest heroes found themselves united against a common threat. On that day, they became a force for justice. They became the Justice League International.



On that day, J’onn finally found a place where he could call home.

But J’onn would not be such a valuable member of the Justice League without some incredible powers.

  • Martian Physiology.

  • No need for oxygen.

  • Telepathy.

  • Shapeshifting.

  • Various visions (X-Ray, Thermal, etc.)

J’onn is also one of the more intelligent members of the league. Often acting as the voice of reason for the team, and his telepathy has helped him solve more crimes than most other detectives.

He can shapeshift his to better suit his needs at hand, alter his density to become either as heavy as a building or light as a feather. This density shift can even let J’onn phase through walls as if they weren’t there.

He has full view of the entire electromagnetic visual spectrum, meaning he can see through walls, use thermal vision, and even use heat vision.

He can also alter the molecular structure of various objects around him. Which translated for some fun by the writers.


Yep. Ice Cream vision. At least this means that he could choke someone by force-feeding them Rocky Road. It can be presumed that he does this by using his telekinesis to manipulate the molecules to create such items, but it’s never been seen outside of exciting them to use heat vision, or create ice cream cones.

Like any extraterrestrial, J‘onn has super strength, enough to take on the likes of Wonder Woman or Superman in combat.



His telepathic abilities are second to none. Due to this, he is arguably the strongest being on the face of the earth.


Oh look, an echo.

Though, J’onn is not without his weaknesses.

  • Fire.

  • Chocoholism.

  • Telepathy can be blocked.

  • Rapid changes in density can hurt him in phased forms.

J’onn can be hurt by many opponents. And unlike Superman’s weakness to a rare form of alien radiation, J’onn is weak to fire. Whether that is due to basic pyrophobia, or due to his physiology is unknown, but it still is a big weakness to him.

In addition, his density shifting can be used against him if his opponent can counter it. His psychic abilities are also useless against cybernetic minds, or minds that are shielded by electronics.

Regardless, J’onn has done some pretty crazy things.

  • Matched Superman in one-on-one combat.

  • Maintained over 20 identities.

  • Saved five other Martians from captivity.

  • Sole Survivor of Mars.

J’onn was brought into the Justice League for a good reason, and his abilities have helped him out more times than can be counted. There’s a good reason he’s a Martian who is a Manhunter… Not that kind.

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So a friend of mine and I were discussing possible opponents for J’onn, and he mentioned Vision on account of their similar personalities and abilities. And since J’onn’s psychic abilities are friggin’ OP as hell, I’d say that since Vision is an Android, he’d put up a damn good fight. I mean, the image I’m using is one of him phasing through a wall! That’s pretty consistent with J’onn’s powers.

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This one was a bit more obvious. Both are shapeshifting aliens with incredible powers, and considering that Kl’rt has fire powers (C’mon. It’s in the pic I’m using) I’d say he could put up a good fight. Maybe not one as close as Marvel fans would hope for, but a decent one.

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Yeah, Piccolo’s an inevitable choice. Green skin, incredible powers, etc. I don’t see the appeal. Piccolo would be SLAUGHTERED by J’onn, and he doesn’t have any abilities that could exploit J’onn’s weaknesses. Maybe for a DBX, but I don’t think he’s suited for a Death Battle. But he’s a popular request, so why not? Let's give in to the masses.