I got back into Tallahassee today after a week in New York. I should be building out a brand strategy guide and some new executions for a capstone class I'm in, but instead I'm wrapped up in my old Grifball hoodie, listening to Vance Joy, and writing this thing. A lot of things were put in perspective for me during this trip, one of which being just how close I am to being done with college. I'm graduating in almost exactly a month, and while that's exciting there's some serious anxiety associated with it. I'm a young graduate who only spent 2 and a half years doing the college thing. Florida State has truly been awesome, I've found a group of friends here that support me and my decisions more than some people I've known my whole life. There's something so awesome about that. There's a natural fear to leaving what has only just become familiar, but at the same time I'm getting the itch to move on and keep growing.

As a 20 year old there's another level of stress added to the whole "graduating in December" thing. There's no breaking the ice over drinks or sounding uber qualified. All I have under my belt is some internships and a hell of a lot of passion for marketing. 

I have to go be a "real" adult now, and that's not something that college teaches you. I think it's something you just kind of stumble into along the way. I'm expecting to fall and stumble a lot, but I'm also pumped to learn too. I guess what I'm getting at is the next few months are definitely going to be interesting.