Monopoly helped prisoners of war escape during the Second World War.

During the war, large numbers of British airmen were felled over enemy airspace and then held as prisoners of war behind enemy lines. Germany, however, in part as a nod to the Geneva Convention, allowed humanitarian groups like the Red Cross to distribute care packages to those prisoners.

Including "games and pastimes."

The Allies took military advantage of this human kindness, to send the prisoners Monopoly sets, contained within the sets were numerous tools that could be used in an escape.

Compasses and files were both disguised as playing pieces. The money, in the form of French, German, and Italian bank notes were of course sneakily hidden below the Monopoly money. The maps were ingeniously concealed within the board itself. 

The game was too innocent to raise suspicion,

The "special edition" Monopoly sets would be designated with a red dot on the Free Parking space, something that would look to anyone who didn't know about the trick like a benign printing error.

Thus the prisoners, with their new “game pieces”, could begin plotting their escape, after having 

destroyed the remains of the board game so that no one would catch on.

I would have just used the get out of jail free card...

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