Okay so Disney isn't content with just giving us Star Wars and Marvel movies, they've also been going through their back catalogue for a while now and making hugely successful live action versions of their films. Alice in Wonderland (love it or hate it, it made a ridiculous amount of money), Jungle Book, Cinderella, Malificent, Pete's Dragon and they have Peter Pan, Dumbo, The Lion King, Mary Poppins Returns and Aladdin in the works as we speak. 

Christopher Robin kind of slipped under the radar a little bit, probably because we also recently got that Finding Neverland-ish Good-bye Christopher Robin and this one was able to stay hidden in that one's shadow until this very second. 

But now there's a trailer and Ewan McGregor is playing a growed up Christopher Robin having trouble finding the proper work/life balance... until some piece of Pooh comes back into his life. 

It's actually a pretty good trailer and pulled at some nostalgic heartstrings I didn't even realize were there. Looks like they threw Paddington in a blender with the original Mary Poppins. I can dig that...