They're going to keep taking a stab at Terminator into they finally make another good one. As cynical as I want to be about yet another Terminator movie there's something interesting about this one. 

For one, James Cameron is back in a creative capacity. He helped break the script and will be godfathering this project along for director Tim Miller (who last directed the first Deadpool). That's good news. 

Schwarzenegger will be returning and so will Linda Hamilton, who is coming back as Sarah Connor and the story will ignore all Terminator movies past T2. (Sorry Edward Furlong, seems like you're shit outta luck).

This is a tact becoming more and more popular with these large, often convoluted giant franchises. Halloween is doing that and for a hot minute the Alien franchise was going to do the same thing with Neill Blomkamp at the helm before that got scrapped for Ridley Scott to keep making his weird prequels.

Variety just reported that Mackenzie Davis has been cast as the first new face for this attempt at rebooting the Terminator franchise, potentially as the new threat. Apparently the producers are still on the hunt for the film's new protagonist that will likely take the torch from Hamilton.

Davis is awesome. She was the co-lead of Black Mirror's best episode (San Junipero, of course) and turns in an energetic performance in Jason Reitman's upcoming Tully. I don't know if I quite buy her as a threat, but we'll see how this new movie uses her.

The new Terminator has a release date of July 26th, 2019 and according to Schwarzenegger starts shooting very soon. 

Count me as cautious, but optimistic on this one.