The Desk of The Desk of DEATH BATTLE - Editor Notes for "Being Black Panther Sucks"

  • Realizing/remembering that the cologne in Anchorman is called "Sex Panther" was a particularly satisfying moment. 
  • A similarly exciting moment was when my brain conjured up a vague memory of Bill Nye the Science Guy running down a soccer field. Thanks, brain! 
  • I tried my best to channel my inner Ryan Coogler for this video. Specifically in the comic panels around 1:50 & 2:30.
  • The image of that guy farting on the thermal camera will haunt me for years to come. 
  • FYI: those of you who need very visual footage of both an unwanted boner and a girl's period, look no further than Degrassi: The Next Generation. Once again my brain went straight to those scenes. Thanks again, brain! 
  • This is my first video to include elements from After Effects. So it's my most technical video and it's about farts! Love my job. 
  • As a treat for those of you use read these journals: look closely at 4:40. 

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DBX: Thor Vs 100 Pikachu - Sound Design Notes 


  • And with this DBX I cross off another item on my bucket list: I got Thor saying "Have at thee" in a video. 
  • Those Mjolnir sounds are insanely fun to play with. 
  • I really want a Mjolnir paperweight for my desk. It would go really well next to my surfing Pikachu. 
  • Question for y'all. What genre would you call the Pokemon fight music?? People online keep saying "Soundtrack" which is such an unhelpful, non-answer.
  • Does lightning hurt the God of Thunder? Also, why is he the God of Thunder?! He's the God of the sound that lightning makes?? Is Thor a master Sound Designer? I understand that "God of Thunder" sounds better than "God of Lightning" but still...seems kinda dumb. 
  • "Wait. Did I just hear a bowling pin sound effect in this DBX??" You betcha!  
  • Who would win in a fight: 100 Pikachu-sized Thors or one Thor-Sized Pikachu? Keep in mind, 100 tiny Mjolnirs. 
  • I would have loved to include the line from The Avengers, "Do I look to be in a gaming mood?" Would have been perfect. 
  • The name of the song in this DBX is called "Put The Hammer Down" So yeah. 

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