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    • Death Battle Prediction Blog: Maka Albarn vs Ruby Rose

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      For this Prediction blog I with be pitting two highly requested scythe wielding women. Ruby Rose and Maka Albarn. Before people start calling “outside help” that is not a rule as confirmed by Ben and Torri. Maka will be using Soul because if not then there is absolutely no point to this fight at all. I will be using the Soul Eater manga for Maka and the RWBY Show up to Season 1 Volume 3 (or Season 3. I don’t think Rooster Teeth understands or cares what they call it) as well as the Manga.



      Ruby Rose

      Height: 5’2”

      Age: 15 (as of Season 1 Volume 3 finale)

      Ruby is the daughter of Tia Yang Xiao Long and Summer Rose and was born on the island of Patch. When she was young her mother was killed and left her alone with her father and sister, Yang Xiao Long. While on Patch she trained at the combat school, Signal Academy, where she learned from her uncle Qrow how to fight with a scythe. While on a visit to Vale she meets up with the escaped criminal Roman Torchwick and stops his robbery of a dust shop. When the dust settles (sorry I couldn't help it) she meets Ozpin, the headmaster of Beacon Academy, and is enrolled into school to become a huntress. It was there she met her team and soon became the leader of team RWBY (pronounced Ruby).

      Maka Albarn:

      Height: 5’0” (Estimation)

      Age: 14 (End Series)

      Maka is the daughter of Death Scythe (Death's personal weapon) and her unnamed mother. She wants to become a great Meister just like her mother and be nothing like her dad due to a bad divorce during her childhood. She is the top student at the Death Weapon and Meister Academy or DWMA. She makes a huge impact as one of the best students to have ever gone to the school and was the first in her class to complete all her Death Scythe Missions (Gather 99 evil souls and 1 Witch soul)… Until she killed a shapeshifting magical cat instead of a witch and has to start from scratch all over again.


      Ruby Rose

      Ruby has a bubbly and hyper personality but also has an agressive tendancy with it. If there is a Grimm, go attack it. if there is a criminal, go attack it. if you see you friend... you get it. Her very hyper and energized personality is what affects her semblance and why she has her particular one. She also is a very capable leader. Her strength comes from planning and using the strengths of her team (Yang) to set up her opponent to lose (Through Yang). The problem is when that fails her. When taken by surprise she is usually rendered useless quite quickly from the examples of being pinned by a Nevermore in "Pawns and Pieces" to trying to lift Penny and finding out (SPOILER) she is a robot, exhausting herself in the process. Ruby has strength in her plans but even though she has a sniper rifle she chooses to use the scythe for a majority of her combat, following her charging headfirst personality.

      Maka Albarn


      Maka is a rather serious young girl. Do to her hatred/annoyance of her dad and his personality she tends to be the less goofy of the Soul Eater characters and hates flirtatious men. She takes her studying seriously and strives to be the best meister in the DWMA like her mother. Even with her serious side she has a heart of gold and is willing to risk her life for her friends and even the former villian Crona. She is confident that she can do anything no matter the challenge. This is what she calls Courage, the strength to keep fighting even when you know you are weak. This drive has helped her fight witches, monsters and even gods to protect her friend and the world.



      Ruby Rose

      Ruby bring to battle her signature weapon Crescent Rose. Crescent Rose is a high powered sniper rifle scythe. It is collapsible for easy transportation and has three forms. The Storage mode for transportation and storage. Rifle mode to be used as a standard sniper rifle. Scythe Mode gives Ruby her signature look with a long curved blade and allows her to be able to shoot and slash. The scythe blade can rotate back covering the muzzle allowing ruby to put all her force into the blade swing. Being a gun Crescent Rose uses dust bullets. Each magazine holds 25-30 bullets before she has to reload. Ruby has used thus far two types, Red and blue. The red makes and small explosion on impact and blue creates ice upon impact. Ruby also being a student at Beacon is also given a scroll (iPad) and a locker. This might not seem like a lot but her school locker is linked to her scroll’s location so whenever Ruby starts running out of supplies or happens to not have her weapon, she can activate her locker to fly to her current location. She is also able to ride her locker after she programmed a new location for it to fly to. She is NOT able to actively pilot her locker when in flight.

      Maka Albarn

      Maka bring to battle her best friend and weapon Soul Eater Evans. Soul as they shorten his name is a piano prodigy that discovered he was a Death Weapon. A Death Weapon is a person that is born with the ability to transform himself and/or parts of his body to their weapon design. Soul’s weapon is the scythe. Like all weapons he boosts the power output of his meister allowing them to accomplish amazing feats. Soul also is able to change the weight, length, and size of his weapon as well as move freely around Maka. After Soul completed the Death Scythe missions and ate Arahne’s soul he became able to use her power of soul webs. These webs are made of his Soul wavelength and have been able to cover earth and the moon.



      Ruby Rose:

      • Scythe Fighting: Ruby was trained by her uncle Qrow at Signal Academy. After stopping a robbery Ozpin, The headmaster of Beacon Academy, offered her enrolment to the school two years earlier than a normal student. She has been seen to use her skills with the scythe to kill all kinds of Grimm and stand up to and beat dangerous opponents. Her strength is so great that she has cut through a Griffon grim clean in half. Decapitated a Nevermore, and beat Cardin Winchester (Manga).

      • Marksmanship: Ruby skills with a gun incredible. She has an amazing sense of timing allowing her to get multiple head shots on Beowolfs while spinning. He aim is great but most of her shots are made within 100 yards. It is most likely due to her incessant need to charge into battle when she is perfectly safer farther away.

      • Aura: Ruby like all huntresses has the ability to tap into her spirit and use a power known as Aura. As Pyrrha explain, "aura is a manifestation of your soul". Aura can create a force field around the user, heal minor wounds, act as a sixth for danger, be used as damage booster for physical attacks, and ignite Dust. Now the amount of Aura a person has varies and for Ruby it is rather low. Ruby has been seen being knocked out with one shot from a villain in volume 1 of season 1 and in a volume 2 of season 1 Ruby is knocked out yet again in a single punch after falling down into an underground base. This would not happen if she had a large amount of Aura because the natural force field should have protected her. Now I know, "She had been fighting all day against Grimm." That being said I would like to point out that in the episode "Mountain Glenn" Ruby was seen resting as Yang was keeping watch and when it was time for her to chance after Zwei she didn’t show any fatigue meaning she had recovered from the events that day.
      • Semblance (Speed): To protect themselves after they lose their aura Hunters and Huntresses have developed what is known as a semblance. The Semblance is determined by a person’s personality and complements their fighting style. Ruby's is speed and allows her to achieve speeds far faster than a normal human. Her more common and what I think is her new signature move is what I call the Rubynado. She runs and uses her momentum to jump and spin making a vortex behind her lifting people and table. It also had enough momentum to crack a wall upon Ruby stopping. The downside of her powers is she cannot turn very well while running and is forced to use her scythe or the environment to redirect herself.

      • Silver Eyes?: ?Well as of the season finale of Vol/Season 3 Ruby got a fun little power. She was born with silver eyes and like all anime(like) characters, if their eyes are unique they have a power. Ruby's power of the silver eyes are explained by the legend told by Qrow, "The creatures of Grimm where afriad of those warriors. They were the best of the best. It is said a single look from one of these fighters could strike a Grimm down." Ruby was able to defeat the Grimm Dragon but not kill it. the Dragon was froze and Cinder was no where to be found. It seems that the power of Silver Eyes was enough to defeat her. The flaws with the was Ruby needed a tramatic event to activate the power and after using it she was knocked out for at least a day if not more.




      • Hand to Hand combat: Maka is at the top of her class... sorta. Technically Death the Kid and Black Star are the best fighters but (SPOILER) they are gods by the end of the series. That being said Maka is the best "human" fighter out of the students as the DWMA. She has been seen to use kicks and punches as well as making her own move based on Shinigami's signature move, the Maka Chop. Her combat training comes in handy in many of her fights as a surprise attack due to being underestimated by her opponents.
      • Scythe Fighting: Maka like her mother is a phenomenal scythe user. She is able to focus her soul wavelength through Soul and has even cut through the human bofy with ease.
      • The Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe-Meister: Training at the DWMA allowed her to gain access to special reaping techniques
      • Witch Hunt: By using soul resonance Soul and Maka can combine their spirit pressure to increase the power of the scythe into a destructive slash. The slash is powerful enough to cut though metal pipes and even has a ranged attack. She has used three forms of this technique 6 cut hunt, U Cut Hunt, and Kamaitachi (her own Tornado attack)

      • Demon Hunt: I more powerful version of witch hunter that makes the scythe into a giant ax shape. The length and size is massive compared to her normal scythe. This new move is so powerful allows Maka to cut through Stone pillars with ease.

      • Kishin Hunt: Maka’s most powerful scythe form. It gets its name from who it is meant to kill, the Kishin. It was able to cut through the Kishin even though both Black Star and Death the Kid where not able to cause bodily harm and yes the vision i am talking about is the piano blade scythe.
      • Soul Perception: Maka is currently the best at soul perception in the Soul Eater series. Causing witches, kishins, and evil souls much grief throughout the series. Maka like most Meisters is able to see a person’s soul and judge their strength, personality, and for lack of a better term alignment of their opponent. She is so good that she has been able to sense other meisters and weapons and their species without even seeing them (In the manga one of the Death Weapon Meister's is a Monkey). It doesn't just end their after Soul ate Arachne’s soul Maka is able to read the souls, through the spirit webs soul sends out, of every person on Earth and the moon in seconds.
      • Soul Wavelength: Maka like all Meister’s can harness the power in there soul called a soul wavelength. This power allows her to transform Soul into his more powerful form as well as boost her own physical power. Maka’s is unique amongst Meister’s for being an Anti-Demon wavelength which allows her to resist dark magic, madness, and cause extra damage to evil creatures.
      • Sound: Using Maka’s wavelength Soul can produce a powerful sound from his interior world Black Room. Inside is a demon manifested by his Black Blood and a piano. By playing his piano he can create a sonic boom powerful enough to break a steal cage around Maka, Link her Anti-Demon Wavelength to the spirits around her, play on his soul webs (from Eating Arachne’s soul), and silence a person’s soul. That’s right in the battle with Giriko in the Book Sloth, Soul was able to match soul wavelengths with Giriko and clash with his. This technique is known as Soul Adagio. He describes it as each person has a wavelength and by clashing he can cancel it out leaving them in a comma like state unable to act (Because during this time they are effectively rendered soulless).
      • Black Blood: Originally created by Medusa to bind Ragnarok to Crona, Maka has come to have her own black blood. After their first fight with Crona and Ragnarok Soul was infected by Ragnarok. He started to get nightmares and se visions of the Black Room. Later in a fight with Free Soul and Maka had to resonate wavelengths which would infect Maka as well. The early side effects of Black Blood were enhanced strength and speed but also left Maka and Soul in a state of madness. It wasn’t until the Battle of Baba Yaga where Soul and Maka were able to manifest black blood into the Black Dress. The Black Dress increases Maka’s strength to fight on par with the rest of her team. She has shown to overwhelm Arachne and even overpower the Kishin after he impaled her. Oh yeah he impaled her and she healed from that instantly. Her strength was even able to cut up the Kishin who fought both Black Star and Kid and sustained little injury.

      • Grigori Soul: Maka is one in 50 million. Literally! She has what is known as a Grigori soul that only appears in 1 in 50 million people. What’s so special about this soul is it allows the user to fly. The downside to this is requires the death scythe to change into a different form preventing it from attacking with more powerful attack. Don’t worry because Maka later was able to resonate with her Black Blood to make White Grigori Armor which allows her to fly on her own, have the same abilities of Black Dress, and use Soul in more powerful forms like Kishin Hunt.



      Ruby unlike her sister is not very strong or durable. Ruby has been seen to be knocked out more often than any other character (even Jaune). Her aura was does little to help her and it seems it doesn’t do a great job at redirecting damage (She got up dazed after getting shot by Roman and grabbed her stomach after getting kicked by Mercury). Her fighting style also has a downside to it. She uses a Sniper rifle scythe… a SNIPER RIFLE scythe yet she always rushes into a fight not taking advantage of her range superiority. Also unlike her sister she has shown very little hand to hand fighting ability and was knocked out by a Whitefang grunt after he grabbed her pathetic punch.


      Maka is still a human girl and has very human limitations. She trains hard but at her human level she still in no match for Black Star or Kid in a fight. A majority of Maka’s moves and abilities do come from her being with Soul and if she were to lose him she would be far weaker and limited then before. Maka also has a similar fighting style to Ruby where she does not run from a fight no matter how powerful her opponent is. This often puts her in huge trouble and has to be bailed out from her friends.


      Feats and Accomplishments:


      • Defeated multiple Beowolves at once by herself
      • cut through a tree with little resistance
      • Defeated Cardin (In Manga)
      • defeated Team JNPR with Rubynado (all fighters were without weapons)
      • stopped a robbery led by Roman
      • Killed a Nevermore (with the help of her team). This specific instance is unique in RWBY because it is a huge and I mean HUGE outlier. Ruby has been shown to be over powered by a Whitefang grunt and had trouble picking up Penny. Yet Weiss who’s glyphs push and pull allowed Ruby to run up a cliff dragging the nevermore. I looked into the size of the nevermore and used its size in proportion to a Raven (Honestly Edger Allen Po should be common knowledge). What I was able to find is the Nevermore is roughly 48 tons. Weiss has also been shown to move objects with her glyphs underneath them showing it doesn’t matter where the glyphs face so conceivably the glyphs could more the nevermore along with Ruby. The other thing is if the glyphs as shown in the “white trailer” levitated the Nevermore then ruby would have zero friction or resistance up the cliff as she ran allowing her to do the feat with less strength.
      • Cut through a the Elysium Paladin's arm joint (With the help of Blake)
      • Killed a Griffon
      • Survived a fight against Neo and Roman
      • Defeated CInder and froze the Grimm Dragon with Silver Eyes


      •  Killed 202 people (she had to repeat the 99 souls and 1 witch after killing Blaire by mistake, she redid it and completed the mission with Arachne’s soul and killed Giriko's first body after that. Before you say it, that’s 201, yes I’m aware but before she killed Arachne she also killed The Clown but he had a fake soul so it never counted in her total)
      • Has survived three fights with Crona
      • Destroyed a metal cage with her soul and sycthe
      • Cut through stone pillars with Demon Hunt
      • Defeated Mosquito (over 800 years old of combat experience) with Black Star and Death the Kid
      • was able to hack Arachne's soul threads and was able to cancel out her madness that effected everyone on the battlefield outside of Baba Yaga Castle
      • Ran 100 meters in 8.92 seconds
      • On her first outing of flying she fought and then beat Gopher (an experienced areial fighter) and continued to beat him over and over to the point she would outfly him
      • overcame the Madness of black blood
      • was able to read the soul of everyone on earth (and the moon) in seconds
      • Silenced Giriko's soul
      • Flew to the moon (which is still in earth’s atmosphere)
      • Survived a fight with the Kishin
      • Overpowered the Kishin momentarily in Black Dress mode
      • Was able to slice open the Kishin (Both Black Star and Death the Kid were unable to cause much physical damage)





      Ruby Rose


      • Is faster at base form
      • Stronger at base form (If counting Nevermore then stands true thoughout the fight)
      • Has greater range
      • Can hold down Maka with Ice Dust bullets
      • Able to call in more supplies for the fight
      • Can fly to another location with locker
      • If Silver Eyes is deamed to destroy or at least effect dark/evil things it is possible that Maka could be frozen, killed, or incompasitated by the effect due to Black Blood being a substance made from black magic for evil intent and having madness causing properties.


      • Not good in Hand to hand fighting
      • Compaired to Black Blood Ruby's aura and strength are outmatched
      • Less experience
      • She cannot control her flight path or fight while on the locker
      • Her aura shield is nothing compared to Maka’s black blood
      • Lacks destructive attacks
      • Cannot stop Soul hacks
      • Most over her victories are because of her team (Weiss and Yang in specific)



      Maka Albarn


      • More experience
      • Better at hand to hand fighting
      • Can attack and control her flight
      • Has fought ice users in the past
      • More destructive power (Releasing her soul wavelength destroyed a metal cage)
      • Can cancel Ruby’s soul
      • Black Blood give Maka her own armor
      • Black blood give Maka a better healing factor
      • Will always be able to find her (Soul webs)
      • Does not have to reload to use attacks
      • Silver Eyes is stated to be only effect Grimm which are souless creatures of evil. Cinder was effected but to what extent we dont know. We do know that Cinder is evil and allied herself to the Grimm. Maka and Soul are good people and fight for what is right and to protect. Maka's soul is made to destroy evil wazelength and when she resonated with Black Blood it is safe to not only did the Black dissapear but so did the evil of it. In this regard Silver Eyes wouldn't effect Maka.



      • Weaker at base
      • Slower than Ruby
      • Lacks range attacks




      I love both characters but we must have a winner. Let me start with the obvious of Maka has way more experience than Ruby. Actually killing someone in the RWBY verse is a new thing but Maka has been doing it for a while now. Ruby has legitimate good qualities in this fight like her strength and speed but Maka is always fighting people out of her league. Take for example Crona. Crona by the end of the series held off Black Star and was able to destroy a Ukrainian town with Black Blood. RWBY has never seen destruction on that level and yet Maka beat that. Maka fought Soul Eater’s god of madness and actually did meaningful damage, Ruby loses against Roman and Neo, two characters that are not as fast as her and have nowhere near the level of power as the Kishin. With that whole fight in mind the 46 ton Nevermore feat seems even more of an outlier because if it were real then Neo and Roman would have been overwhelmed by brute force when it was actually the opposite. Even if you count that feat it doesn’t really matter because Maka can simply cancel out Ruby’s soul. “But Giriko came back!” You are right because she (now a woman) brought an extra body in case the first was destroyed. Soul Adagio does not destroy the soul just silences it so that the body is rendered incapacitated. “Giriko resisted the second Soul Adagio so Ruby can to!” That argument is honestly worse because Soul explains that Giriko’s soul was too loud and chaotic that the sound couldn’t reach him. To get to this point Giriko went into madness from 800 years of hope to stand with Arachne only to have Maka kill her. This insanity was so intense that Giriko’s soul died killing him. Ruby has never shown that level of intensity in Rwby and even if she were to that point it took soul destroying insanity to counter Soul Adagio. Even in a perfect situation Maka’s black blood and scythe techniques overpower anything Ruby has ever seen and maybe even RWBY.

      As I previoudly stated Ruby also got a power up as of the season finale. Silver Eyes kills Grimm which are soulless evil creatures. That is not what Maka and Soul are. They throughout the series are shown to have a soul and fight for good, The only evil in them is Black Blood but by the end of the series Soul has made peace with the Demon in the Black Room and Maka was able to resonate with the Black Blood and Soul. Maka also like previously said has a soul wavelength that destroys evil. Yes we don't know a lot about this power but as of right now it looks like Maka would be uneffected by it in White Grigori Armor and worse Ruby fainted after using it leaving her wide open. What is the issue with this fight is the obvious, one is finished and the other is still going on. RWBY is an awesome series and yes one character (Yang) did win a deathbattle but SPOILER she just lost her arm and won't be doing much for a while. We don't know how the the series will turn out but this fight keeps getting requested. I fully expect Ruby by end series to wreck a lot of fictional characters but i think was is holding Ruby back is her lack of time to develope.

      The winner is Maka

    • Aztec One Year Later (And 11 days :P)

      2 years ago


      I can't believe it's been a year since a first became a G1. It's so weird honestly. I had been planning  on releasing this on the one year but life got in the way... Oh well. It's been a wonderful time being here. I met many great people and found a group that i can talk about what I'm passionate about. I also have to give a shout out to the G1s because they introduced me to Jojo and Bayonetta.  I have had a great time discussing and debating on the Deathbattle forum as well as posting my own Ideas and enjoying the seeing the battles themselves. Thankyou all for being such great people online.

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    • Crona: The Black Blooded Meister that Can't Handle DEATHBATTLE!

      3 years ago



      Crona is the child of Medusa the witch. Medusa's goal was to make Crona the most powerful Kishin in history and be the perfect weapon. To achieve this Medusa used her genius and created a new substance to bost her child's power as well harness the power of the Kishin Asura's madness of Insanity. This substance is known as black blood. To use this new power Crona would need a weapon as well as a willingness to kill. To accomplish this Medusa trained her to kill by having young Crona kill small animals driving into her the willingness to kill. Crona's weapon on the other hand was more intracit. Medusa melted down a sword and mixxed it with the black blood. She then injected the blood into crona animating the demon sword know as Ragnarok. Crona and Ragnarok have a symotic relasionship that allows them to move in unison and feed off each others power.

      Now Crona and Ragnarok have had boosts in there power all through out the "Soul Eater" series. I will be focusing on the powers present at the end of the manga.

      Powers and Abilities:

      • Black Blood
      • Ragnarok
      • Strength
      • Madness


    • Death Analysis: The Strongest Graduate of the DWMA Professor Stein

      3 years ago


      Hey everyone this is my first time doing a Death Analysis. I hope you all enjoy my research on Professor Stein.

      Background: Franken Stein is known as a genius Meister and the strongest graduate of the DWMA (Death Weapon and Meister Academy). Known for his sadistic tendencies he had a hard time making friends at school often scaring them with his obsession with dissection. All of this changed when he was stopped by Spirit Albarn and became his Meister. Stein, after Spirit left him for a new Meister, graduated the DWMA and spent most his time in his lab preforming experiments. It wasn't until later when Death sent Maka, Spirit's daughter, to catch Stein that he reveals he rejoined the DWMA. He became a critical part of DWMA being both a respected teacher and soldier.


      Physical power: Stein is known for his athletic ability. He has been seen to dodge and evade attacks from Maka and Black Star while in a office chair, throw Marie in Tonfa form to the Moon (which is in their earth's atmosphere) and take punches from Black Star in a sparing matches. In the same sparing match he is shown to be ambidextrous. With all these great feats one of his most impressive is when he and the other Meister's and their Death Scythes held off the Kishin's army alone while the DWMA forces reorganized. With all these feats aside he does have physical weaknesses. He is human and in many of his fights he uses speed and his intelligence to out preform his opponent and rarely gets hit. The only real times we see him taking any major damage is when he fights Crona in Italy toward the beginning of the series and his fight with Medusa.

      Soul power: Stein's soul is one of the most powerful in the series. As described by Death a meister has a soul wavelength that they are able to project like the sound from a guitar. The weapon acts as an Amp increasing the wavelength's power. Death the kid even mentions that it takes a very powerful soul to attack with a wavelength without a weapon. Black star mentions that when he fights Stein he is able to keep using his wavelength without running out. He uses his wavelength in a techniques called Soul Menace. He can use this in a many difference ways but he is most seen using them in a standard punch, three quick strikes with one arm, or a two hand strike called Twin spears. His soul power isn't just used for power. Being a Meister he has the ability to see a persons soul. Stein is so good he can even see the personality of the person from the soul. Stein's Soul itself is unique. He is known as a Utility Meister meaning his soul is able to resonate with any demon weapon and soul wavelength. This gives him a unique advantage in a fight because as seen by Black Star when he fights Stein his Soul Menace was absorbed by Stein through resonating with him.

      Madness: One of the biggest weaknesses that Stein has is his madness. Madness in the Soul Eater verse is infections and harmful. Very powerful madness such as Arachne, Kishin and Crona can cause hallucinations, violent outburst and loss of consciousness. Stein as of the end of the series is at his strongest form of madness. His wavelength was so powerful that everyone on the moon felt it and even Spirit began to question whether he had become a Kishin himself. From this madness he transforms making his glasses elongate as well as himself and he becomes more violence prone.


      Weapon: So in my mind Stein would use Marie in a Death Battle mostly because he is seen fighting with her more and most of his feats are shown using her.


      Marie: Marie is a Death Scythe stationed in the Oceania region. He weapon form is a Tonfa with the ability to generate electricity. Her soul wavelength is a healing wavelength but contrary to the name the manga only shows that her wavelength is able suppress the dark tendencies within Stein's soul... Until he break through that and goes into his madness form.

      • Izuna: this move allows her Meister to increase their speed tremendously to the point it seems like they are teleporting. This is done through wrapping a black bandage around the users wrist from the handle of the Tonfa.

      • Triquetra Attack: So I wasn't able to find the name of this move but after looking at the Wikia the shape it creates is a Triquetra from Norse Myth. In the final battle with Justin Law, Stein with Marie was able to use this attack to defeat and completely disintegrate Law who was in his madness Guillotine form. What makes this move more dangerous is Stein is shown to use this move more than once.

      • Exploding Wavelength: In the same battle with Law, Marie in weapon form was able to inject Law with her wavelength nearly making him explode.


      Soul Resonance: Stein Like previously stated can resonate with any soul giving him the advantage to using any weapon even his students. In this state he is able to access more moves and abilities.

      • Experimental Ectoplasm: Creates a large Voodoo doll like structure that protects the user from attacks

      • Soul Thread Sutures: As seen in the battle with Medusa Stein is shown to manipulate his soul into threads to stitch up his opponent. In order for this move to activate Stein has to make contact on his opponent with Soul Menace. The technique can take two different forms.

        1. In a smaller form the weapons is able to stitch up a small part of the opponents body such as their feet to the ground or the users legs to the ground. This takes the focus of the weapon allowing the Meister to move

        2. The most powerful form of this Technique is a full body stitching. It takes both the Meister and weapon to focus completely on the target and can stop the movement of all the muscles and even the attacks the opponent makes (as seen with Medusa's magic).

      • All Marie Abilities: See above



      • High amount of stamina

      • With his weapon his strength increases dramatically and with Marie so does his speed

      • devastating attacks that can even vaporize metal (Law is a Guillotine)

      • Without his weapon he still has high amounts of strength and speed.

      • His soul wavelength allows him to use any Death Weapon and be immune to Soul based attacks

      • He has been training in battle since a child

      • His madness could effect his opponents psychologically



      • Madness makes him more violent and aggressive

      • Is all offense in his fighting style

      • Lack of defensive moves

      • The loss of his weapon drops his power, the abilities of that weapon and control of his madness

      • has “human” durability


      Summary: Stein is a power and fast advisory. He mostly relies on his speed and brute force to overcome opponents. Like a dissection he uses his knowledge and strikes precisely at his opponent crippling them from the start with powerful attacks. If the fight were to drag on his stamina would keep him going but with Soul Threads he would have advantage over his Opponents body. If he loses his weapon he loses power, speed and all of his special abilities.

      Possible opponent


      1. Doctor Bartholomew Oobleck (RWBY)

        OMG Soul Eater vs Rwby? Yes I think this would be awesome especially since both are very eccentric professors and as RWBY continues so will the characters begin to grow and even Oobleck could develop into a strong opponent for Stein.

      2. Kakashi (Naruto)

        This is one I really like. They are two powerful teachers and loves characters of their series so in my mind it makes sense. I feel that Kakashi vs Stein would be close and that they both bring very powerful and unique abilities to the fight. I would be an electrifying fight for sure.

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