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    • Made in Abyss Episode 5

      17 hours ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Made in Abyss. Where we attempt to answer the question, what is made in the abyss?

      In our last episode, Reg and Riko have begun their journey towards the bottom of the netherworld, starting from the first layer close to 600 meters down, the furthest Riko has ever gone. During a break to get food, Riko discovers that Leader planted an envelope on Reg, giving her a copy of Lyza's last message, including all of the dangers she found. There was also an additional note, telling the duo that he will capture them at dawn.

      Riko, bless her heart, thinks this is a lesson. The final lesson. Their goal is to make it to the Forest of Temptation, the second layer, without getting caught by Leader. So thanks to Reg and his extending arm, they're able to quickly descend further and further until they finally reach the entrance to the second layer. However, before they can enter, they are caught by Habo, a Black Whistle. Fortunately for them, he isn't here to bring them back, though he mentions there is a search team looking for them. No, he's here to check out Reg, a treasure from the Abyss, because Nat and Shiggy spilled the beans, but mostly to help out Riko.

      Well, with that, Habo knows now some of the wonders down i the Abyss and is content to let hte kids go. He offers to lead them the rest of the way to the Seeker Camp, but Riko refuses, saying that they must do it under their own strength. Impressed by her resolve, Habo lets them continue on, but gives them a warning about Ozen, the White Whistle at the Seeker Camp. Apparently she was also a survivor of Lyza's expedition that saw Riko's birth, but Habo is serious about his warning.

      Will the kids make it to the Seeker Camp? What dangers will they face? And how dangerous is Ozen? Let's tune in and find out.

      -Our episode begins with Reg and Riko descending into the Second Layer of the Abyss. Reg looks on with awed terror while Riko is all excited that they passed their final lesson. Reg still doesn't think that's the case here, and wonders if they really did get away from Leader. Riko is confident that they don't have to worry about pursuit from other explorers anymore, but as she says that, a bird like creature roars in the distance, scaring the kids as it flies off, a warning about the dangers in the netherworld. As Riko calls Reg over, the narrator returns, saying the the kids must prepare themselves for what's to come, in this place that transcends the ordinary, they themselves are outsiders, the enemy, the prey. They are a threat, and probably a nice treat to some predators, as well.

      -We transition to the exploration as Riko observes the environment around them. She comments on big the leaves are, with Reg commenting that the smell of greenery has gotten stronger. Though he adds that the leaves help hide them, but also block their view of their surroundings. It's like a double edged sword. The dangers may not be able to see you, but they might still be able to find you. Riko notes that while these trees might be big, they're similar to amagiri. Reg is confused by this, so Riko points to one of the barks, saying that the sprouts always point toward the north of the Abyss., just like these trees do. The branches similarly always point towards the center of the Abyss, which makes them helpful when you can't make out your surroundings. So adds that here's an old saying, "If you get lost, just follow the amagiri." I imagine placing some sort of trail might help, as well, but that's just me.

      -Reg is very impressed, saying that Riko sounded pretty smart, nothing like when they were back in Orth. Riko laughs at that, wondering if she should take that as a compliment or not. In any case, she consults her notes, and based on what she has written down, they should descend from right around there. They need to head to the Seeker Camp, which is the monitoring based down here. Because she's got to talk to Ozen and ask her many questions about Lyza, even if Habo warned them otherwise.

      -Suddenly, a voice calls out for help. Reg notices it, because his hearing his awesome, and Riko is currently stuck in her own world at the moment. She looks up to see that Reg is looking off in the distance, but when she asks what's wrong, he shushes her, listening for the voice again. The voice cries out once more, and he's off in it's general direction. Riko follows behind, but is clearly having trouble keeping up. The kids stop until the voice calls out again and they're off once more. Soon, they reach the location of the voice and find something rather horrible.

      -They find another explorer, a purple whistle, being feasted on by a creature of the Abyss. Reg prepares to drive the creature away, but the creature, taking a slurp of blood, turns to face the kids as the cry for help is called once more, but this time, coming from the creature itself. Riko realizes that this could be a trap and stops Reg, recognizing he creature as a corpse-weeper. They mimic the cries for help of prey they capture to lure others to their colonies. Which means that Moon Whistle here is already lunch. And just when you thought you couldn't be disgusted any further, the creature moves away from the body slightly to reveal thousands of bugs also feasting on the cave-raider. Hope you didn't eat anything while watching this episode, because I doubt it'll stay down.

      -Suddenly, another corpse-weeper appears from behind them. Riko notices it and pushes Reg down, but is caught in the process. Reg curses his carelessness, but sees the creature is still in range. He calms himself, takes aim, and fires his extending arm... which cuts right into the credits! Gah, curse this cliffhanger teaser!

      -Also, we have evolving credits! Sort of. The end card for the opening sequence has changed. Instead of showing off Leader and the young kids, we now have Reg and Riko, with another blue haired girl showing up looking all cute, with antlers person in the background, looking all sinister. Given Habo's warning, I suspect that this person is Ozen. And I think that blue haired girl isn't long for this world.

      -Tonight's episode is titled Incinerator. So Reg takes his shot, but the corpse-weeper from before blocks it like a goalie in Game 7 of the finals. Well, Reg isn't going to let a small thing like that stop him, so he takes a second shot with his other arm, but another corpse-weeper. Just how many of you guys are here? As the camera pans back, I get my answer. There's quite a number of you guys here. Stupid birds.

      -As Riko calls out for aid, Reg realizes that this is bad, because ascending from this layer of the Abyss could mean certain death for Riko. But he's interrupted in his thoughts by an attacking horde. I wonder how robot will taste to them? Riko, meanwhile, is already suffering from the rapid ascent as she's looking tired and drooling from the mouth and quickly passes out. Yikes. Reg is still getting attacked and sees Riko is now out of range. What's worse is that she's going to be red to some chicks. Reg calls out to her, which just summons more corpse-weepers to attack. Things are looking bad as the chicks begin to latch onto Riko's boot, leaving Reg to wonder if there's anything he can possibly do?

      -Suddenly, he blacks out slightly, but a voice calls out to Reg, asking where he is? As his vision returns, focusing on Riko, the voice screams out again. Reg has felt this before, but his body remembers. He lifts up his right arm as he mentions how he felt like something he did in the past. His hand expands as the jewel in his hand glows. And suddenly, a huge tunnel of light emerges, blasting away the attacking horde and taking out the tree that I think the chicks were on.

      -Still, the shot was spot on, hitting the bird carrying Riko. She starts pummeling to the ground, but Reg, on the ball, reaches out to her yet again, grabbing her with his extending on and catching on to her so that she doesn't fall deeper into the Abyss. After taking a breath to calm himself, Reg looks over Riko and sees that she's suffering from the strain of the second layer. He needs to lay her down quick, so he descends further to lay her down in a safe area. Once there, he looks at his hand once more, which is shaking this time. Either from nerves or as blowback from what he did earlier. And what he did was impressive as well as terrifying, for in the distance we see that the beam did a lot more damage than we first thought. One more reason to not piss of Reg. Though what worries Reg the most is what would have happened if he hit Riko. This scares him, making him wonder what exactly he is? Well, a robot with weaponry that would put most countries to shame.

      -After some time, Riko wakes up. She notices that Reg appears to be looking over her, confirming no injuries, but then gets really embarrassed about something. That's when Riko calls out to him, which makes him smile. He's so happy to see her awake, as he got worried since she didn't wake up for so long. She begins to sit up, but he says that she should stay lying down for now. That's when we see that Riko is naked. Reg claims that he was checking for injuries since she was taking so long to wake up. Also, her clothes were all covered with vomit and stuff, which is another reason why she needed to be naked! You might want to grab a shovel there, Reg.

      -Still, Riko takes it in stride. She tells Reg that he doesn't need to act so embarrassed. He is a robot after all. A fully equipped robot, mind you. Besides, he did save her life. She's about to continue until she sees the damage he did, which gets her to stop. After a moment, she asks if Reg did this. He says he was lost in the moment, but he's fairly certain that he ended up doing this. I wonder how far it went, though?

      -Riko, however, is quite excited. She runs back over to Reg and grabs his right hand, asking if it came out of this spot here. She wonders what they should name it, and after a moment, suggests calling it Incinerator. No, bad credits! It's not your time yet! Reg, however, is all serious and tells her that he isn't in the mood for these games, especially since he almost accidentally killed her in the process. It's clear that Reg really, really wants to do some brooding, but Riko, ever the eternal optimist, refuses, telling him that it's alright. She then attempts to measure the blast from the first time he saved her back in episode 1, which was about 200 meters away. So it'll be fine, since he used to be able to control that power quite well... wait, Riko, there's something about that sentence that seems very wrong to me. Are you suggesting that Reg had greater control? I think I'd be scared now if that was the case.

      -In any case, Riko wants to train Reg in controlling his power so that he can be a master of it. Yeah, seems like Reg is all in for that, but after the world stops being all fuzzy and shaky. And just like that, Reg collapses. I guess he can only take so much of naked Riko before his brain overloads. Which is also where our halfway mark is.

      -When we return, we hear the cries of Riko asking for help as a corpse-weeper is feasting on a body. When it turns, the body revealed is that of Riko, who isn't quite dead as she repeats "gone... gone... it's gone." And suddenly, Reg's Incinerator blast takes out the body. And as you probably guessed, it was all a dream Reg was having. Hey, Reg, got a question for you. Do you dream of electric sheep?

      -Jokes aside, Riko was actually saying "it's gone". So Reg was indeed hearing her. She's happy to see that he's awake, but then comments that he wouldn't wake up to matter what. She asks if the Incinerator tired him out? Reg does remember doing that, but says he's fine. Well, Riko is happy about that, but more to the point, Reg asks what she was yelling about earlier. Turns out, her cave-raiding notebook is gone. Reg recalls that this was the notebook she was always making memos in. She suspects she dropped it when the corpse-weeper snatched her. She also notes that he clasp on her pouch is also busted. Though Reg looks over at the destruction he caused, leading them to assume that it might have been destroyed in the process. Though Reg might secretly be happy about it, since it had very extensive notes about him and his equipment.

      -Riko decides to call it a loss, much to Reg's surprise, though she admits she would have liked to have lost it when they got to the bottom of the netherworld first. She clarifies that statement, saying that when it's found, if it's found, then it'll only contain her writings up until this point, so her legend won't spread far and wide. For example, stuff like how she made it to the deepest depths or "That Star Compass really was pointed to the netherworld's bottom", and so on. More to the point, she wanted to add something about Reg's Incinerator to her catalog of his features. It's her only regret. Aside from, you know, nearly dying, that is.

      -Reg suspects that Riko wrote something about how his penis looks like a real one, so if he didn't destroy it, he hopes that ti stays hidden in the netherworld's darkness for all of eternity. The thought is short lived, though, as Riko immediately says they should make a new one. Yeah, no, he won't be subjecting himself to that again anytime soon, no matter what kind of treats or threats she offers.

      -Some time passes and the kids begin the next meal. They appear to be eating some meat that Riko is rotting under some tuba leaves. She kept the seasoning simple and only used rock salt and ground-up Eternal Fortunes. Reg is excited because it looks tasty and not like the food Riko typically makes that's still tasty. He grabs one to take a bite and confirms that, yup, it's delicious. He turns to Riko and says that it's a bit peculiar, but it sure is tasty. He's also impressed that she was able to kill some game on her own. Turns out, however, this wasn't something she did. They're eating the corpse-weeper that he killed earlier. Hey, if nobody else was going to eat it, why not them, right?

      -Though Reg does have issues with this. After all, corpse-weepers sometimes eat humans, which is something they just witnessed before things went to hell rather fast. Riko does think about it for a moment. Yes, it is true that they eat humans, but she's more interested that this concerns him, despite being a robot. His reasoning is that they both look generally the same, which still bothers him when seeing other humans getting eaten. Riko adds that sometimes they had meet at the orphanage, too, but most of that stuff was hunted by Blue Whistles in the first layer. She adds that those kinds of primeval creatures also fed on cave raiders and ruffians to some degree or other. She says that it's sad when they die, but they become the flesh and blood of those creatures, and then once again become their strength. And this is how they have grown strong, by indirect cannibalism. Isn't this a fun show?

      -Reg accepts Riko's words, adding to himself that the scene that revisited him in a nightmare is just part of daily life down here in the Abyss, which is that of Riko being eaten and killed by his Incinerator. He takes it that those being able to build up the resilience to live in the Abyss, for the sake of it. Well, whatever gets you to eat that meat, right?

      -And so the raiding continues as we see the kids continue their descent into the second layer. We see them get attacked by a swarm of bugs as they descended, and somehow were able to escape that. From there, they crossed over a cavern of this lovely waterfall before Riko finds what appears to be a mess of eggs, Perhaps breakfast? Unless they're relics. Wordlessly, she turns to Reg, who shakes his head and pats his bag. I assume he means that his bad is full and they can't carry anymore. Riko is sad, but pockets one for later. Probably for a special occasion.

      -We see the kids continue the trek downwards until they reach the lowest area of the Second Layer, a section known as the Inverted Forest. Riko is amazed by this, and really, it is something else, because as she points out ,the waterfalls are flowing upwards. Man, physics be crazy here. Reg attempts to reach for a tree with his extending arm, but a gust of wind blows it off track. Apparently the Abyss has seen the trick one too many times and has come up with a counter for it. Reg notes this, but then notices that Riko appears to be rubbing her arms. When asked about it, she says that it somehow got colder. se knows it's windy, but she wonders if here, in the Inverted forest, if they don't get that much light reflected by the force field. As a result, the whole place looks rather gloomy, like it's straight out of a horror movie.

      -Reg is still concerned, though, and asks Riko if he should get out the cold-weather gear. She declines, saying they can't spread out their supplies here, so later is okay. Still, he does want to help, so he takes off his helmet and gives it to her to hold for a bit. He then takes off his cape, and one wipe later, we see Riko wearing it. She comments on how warm it is. He tells her to make do with that until things settle down. He takes back the helmet as Riko asks if he's cold. While he can feel the wind, he doesn't feel the cold. Well, this is something that Riko assumed, so for now, she'll be borrowing his cape for the time being. As she starts sniffing it because... reasons, a strange symbol appears on Reg's helmet. Oh, is something going to blow up now?

      -Riko points out the symbol to Reg and looks rather amaze by it. It never appeared before, even when he was sleeping. He wonders where it came from as Riko has starts in her eyes again. She wonders if it's the writing system they use from where he comes from, but soon enough, the symbol disappears. And Riko is sad now. Stupid symbol making Riko sad. You should get hit with a rock! And suddenly, Reg's helmet is hit with a rock. I wasn't being serious about that, show.

      -The kids turn to see... monkeys? Evil looking monkeys, at that. Riko identifies them as inbyos and thinks they're telling the kids to leave, for this is their turf. Reg asks if they're angry, with a hail of debris being the answer. Well, given that, Reg grabs the pack and Riko and hops over to the next nearest tree. The inbyos pursue, so Reg puts him and Riko in a position to be out of their reach by swinging for a further location. After a rough landing, they appear to have left the inbyos territory, and all without having to pay a toll, too! Which probably would have required human flesh, because that's just how things work down here.

      -Riko keeps moving, saying they should be able to see the route to the Seeker Camper soon. It's days like this that makes me wonder who was in charge of editing the subtitles for these shows? You guys were using Seeker Camp all this time, so why change it to camper? Sometimes it makes you want to send a feedback message about it. As they make their way over, we cut to what appears to be a lens from a camera. A voice calls out to their master, saying that something is approaching. One is a red whistle, and the other one doesn't seem to be a cave raider. Hey, it's that blue-haired girl from the opening! And she has a blue whistle. She does appear rather young to be one, though. In any case, Blue Whistle asks if she should read the gondola, but doesn't get a response. She turns to look for her master but finds that they aren't there. Unless she's crazy, they probably stepped out for a break.

      -We return to the kids as Reg notes the wind appears to have calmed down. Riko suspects it's because they left the central part of the Abyss. It also seems like the creatures are more peaceful, too. When Reg asks about that, she says that the force field carries light and nutrients, so there are more creatures the closer you get to the central shaft. She also heard that when you get farther away from there the Curse becomes a bit more bearable. So it seems like the Curse is linked to the forcefield, somehow. Reg suspects this is why the Seeker Camp is in such a strangely remote place, but there's another reason for it.

      -According to Riko, along with a picture of the Abyss map, the Inverted Forest is too high up to descend from directly, so it was originally built as a stopover point for people taking the long way around. It just so happened that the location proved convenient. As an example, long-range visibility is better where the force field is weak, so they ended up constructing a large telescope there. You know, like the one that Blue Whistle was using to spy on them like the spy that she is.

      -That's when Reg points out the telescope, which appears to be inside of a tree that looks like an upside down head. Yeah, I'm not getting nightmares from that. It also appears that they've reached the Seeker Camp, but Reg notes that it's quite high up there. But there's something else bothering Riko. She heard that the Seeker Camp always has a lookout on duty, so when someone starts approaching, they would lower a gondola for them. Reg suspects that they're feeling wary about seeing a Red Whistle and a robot down here. In any case, time for some outside the box thinking. Riko asks Reg if he can reach up there. With both arms, maybe.

      -With a shot, Reg is able to reach the Seeker Camp, which is good. But that's when Reg notices that something is wrong. Apparently, something has grabbed his arms. Up at the camp, we see that a person has hold of Reg's arms, and they comment on how that brat is still alive. That's when the narrator returns to reveal the name of this new person. She is Ozen the Immoveable, the Unmoveable Sovereign, a White Whistle who possess unrivaled physical strength. With a glint in her eyes, will it prove to be a glint of hope? Or is it instead an ominous omen? As the scene fades, we linger on Ozen's whistle, which appears to be in the form of a bull or demon. Yeah, I think we know the answer to this. Cue credits!

      -I think the end credits are evolving, as well, because as the kids approaching down from the Inverted Forest area, Ozen and the Blue Whistle appear from the side. that appears to be the only new thing I've noticed so far. And when are we going to meet with Rabbit Girl?

      -The Abyss map goes further down as we see the images of the kids have moved further, nearing the third layer, as we see them reach the first stop on their journey in the next episode, Seeker Camp.

      This episode reinforces the dangers that Reg and Riko will now face in the Abyss. There will be no help coming for them now, and even experienced cave-raiders can fall victim to the creatures in the Abyss. We also see that, yes, if Riko does start to ascend, it's not going to go well for her. It seems that this is indeed a one-way trip for her, so from this point on, it's the bottom or bust.

      We also learn more about the Abyss and how some of it works. The force field seems to be linked to not only the curse, but why creatures seem quite violent, especially in the central area of the Abyss. It may explain why cave-raiders try to stay along the side, but even that carries danger with it.

      And from the way things have been described, even reaching the Seeker Camp may not be the safety it suggests. What does Ozen see in Riko that makes her seemingly dislike her? And why wouldn't Habo go into more detail about her if she was as dangerous as she seems? Tune back in on Sunday to find out.

      Until next time, remember, if you hear a cry for help, you should ignore it, as it's clearly a trap designed to capture you and feed you to a bunch of newly hatched chicks.

    • This guy is a real Tyrant

      2 days ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to the next Transformers review!  Today, we're looking at another Third Party Transformers masterpiece figure, and one that comes from a series that already had a figure released... though it wasn't a Masterpiece figure.

      So, without further ado, may I present to you Generation Toy's take on a Masterpiece IDW Megatron, Tyrant!


      Well, early IDW Megatron, actually.  As you can see ,the figure released is the stealth bomber version he had early on in the series run.  You got the nice artwork here of Tyrant both in robot and alt-mode.


      And on the back... absolutely nothing!  Well, no sense in waisting anymore time.  Let's get him out of the box and see how he really is.


      So here we have Tyrant out of his box and in his alt-mode.  And he's a big guy.  He's not heavy, though, so there's no diecast, but there's a reason why he has to be light.


      You got some really, really nice detail on the stealth bomber alt-mode.  Lots of black but a lot of purple paint along those tron lines.  It really give the figure a distinct look.


      And a lot of the robot kibble is hidden pretty well, must to my own surprise.  It's a solid figure that looks quite nice.


      Like those air-vents.  That has a gunmetal finish to it.


      And up front you have some nice red for the cockpit, though I think it could have used a second coat.

      Now, there's actually one accessory to talk about, which can be used in both modes, but it's more for alt-mode 


      You have a flight stand!  It's ratcheted, but you also have multiple locking points so you can lift it or lower it however you like.  It pegs in to a hole on the underside, and it's a very secure connection.


      While I'm here, check out the purple translucent plastic on the wings.  Very, very nice.


      Here's a look at the stand itself.  It's very sturdy and solid, and combined with a light figure means this guy isn't going to tip over.

      Now for comparisons...


      Here is Tyrant with Generation Toy Op.Ex, their version of IDW Optimus Prime.


      Here is Tyrant with MMC's Tyranton, a later looking version of IDW Megatron.


      And lastly, here is Tyrant with Generations Megatron.  I'm honestly surprised I still have it.

      Anyway, time for transformation.  It's long and rather complicated, but isn't too bad.  There's one section that is off due to how it's done in the instructions, but eventually I figured it out.  And soon enough, you'll go from Tyrant in alt-mode...


      To Tyrant in Robot mode.  And this is... an okay look Megatron.  I think I might have transformed the chest area wrong because something about it seems off to me.  It's a bit on the weird side, to be honest.


      Getting up close to the head sculpt you can see a very nice, Megatron looking head sculpt.  You can see a bit more of those purple tron lines there.  There's also a light up feature, and like with Op.Ex, the batteries are pre-installed.  I didn't do any testing with it because the instructions don't mention it, but it's there and it's a nice, bright red color.


      As for posing, it may not look like it but you actually have some good posing options for him.  Granted, the large shoulders may get in the way, but otherwise, he's good and stable in a lot of different poses.

      Of course, no Megatron is complete without...


      His fusion cannon!  Which, if you have the Generations toy, is done in the exact same way, by taking the wings and combining them into the fusion cannon.


      There's no light up feature here, but you got some extra purple translucent plastic to help found out the effect.  And it can plug into either forearm for posing.

      Oh, and that flight stand?


      Yes, you can have have Tyrant fly.  Here, the peg hold is in the crotch area, and like before, it's a very secure connection.


      Of course, you can just have him stand about, instead.  There's a hook system used to hold him upright, but it shouldn't be a problem given how stable the figure is.

      Now for some comparisons...


      Here is Tyrant with Generation Toy's J4ZZ, and wow, is Tyrant big.  Even with the stand, J4ZZ will be about waist high.


      Here is Tyrant with Op.Ex.  Again, even without the stand, he'd be a bit taller than Op.Ex.


      Here he is with MMC's Tyranton.


      And lastly, here he is with Generation's Megatron.

      So, yeah, it's a nice figure, don't get me wrong.  It's built solidly, the transformation is complicated but enjoyable, and my opinion about the look is subjective.  He's a fine figure, otherwise, and a good additionan to your IDW shelf.

      Next week, however, we have a theme week going, and looking at a masterpiece team of figures that was part of a Japanese only series.  Until then.

    • Hauling that Trailer like it's your body

      3 days ago


      ...I have no idea where that came from.

      Hello everybody and welcome to part two of my Transformers review for the third party figure Power Baser, their take on a Masterpiece Powermaster Optimus prime.

      Today we'll be finishing up the accessories that come with this figure, which is basically the key component.  And that is...


      The base mode.  Yes, like any good PW Optimus Prime, they always have a base mode.  It's basically a thing, like how any G1 Optimus always has a Matrix, or how Megatron has his fusion canon, or how Starscream is always a coward.  It's just one of those things.

      Anyway, here's a size comparison between the base and the core bot of Power Baser.  It's a pretty decent size.

      Of course, no base is good without accessories, right?


      Well, here you can see that the base does use the accessories that comes with Power Baser.


      At the top, where the arms are, are the two smaller guns the core bot can hold.  it's a square peg in a round hole, though, so they come out very, very easily.


      On the side you have the twin barreled cannons.  They actually plug in using a peg at the base of the handle, but that peg can twist and turn, giving the turret here some pivot.


      Here it is from the other side, just to show where it goes.


      And in the center are the other half of the twin blasters, acting as a central turret for the base mode.  And for a base mode, it's okay.  It's a thing it can do, but it's only there because one is needed.


      For a quick comparison, here is the Power Baser base with the G1 base.

      Now, to get into the combined mode.  It's not as easy as you think, actually.  It's still rather straight forward but the transformation can be difficult in some places.  There's a lot of panel work involved, but again, nothing too bad.

      And soon enough, you'll go from the base mode...


      Into the first step of the combined mode.  Now, getting the cab in that spot isn't as easy as you might think.  You need to transform the cab into a square, which is obvious, but it has to be in a really specific way.  It's also a bit tight, as well, and even now I don't think I have it right.


      Some pieces just don't want to lock in properly.  Even then, you don't want to tab the legs in all the way because you do need to feed the head in.  But if you've got it right and saw a video, you'll finally, finally...


      Have Power Base in the combined mode.  And... he's okay in this mode, to be honest.  Nothing terrible, but that transformation was rather bad, to be honest, and getting the cab in properly was a hassle.

      Also, with the cab, he looks like he's got a beer gut, which is a same, really.  And they really gave him some extra space in the back for this cab.

      Anyway, let's get a closer look at the figure here.


      The head sculpt is a very nice sculpt with a nice set of chrome, blue eyes.  There is a light up feature, which I didn't test and I've heard reports that some don't actually work.  Now, to use it, you do have to switch out the eyes to a clear blue set, then insert the batter.  It's actually rather simple because the head is together via friction, so no unscrewing required.

      But I don't use the light up functions much for my figures, so I didn't do it here.


      Checking more of the figure, here you can see some nice, beefy arms with more of that tampo paint Fans Hobby likes to do on their figures.  You can also see that they went with a red and blue motif for the hands, as a homage to both toy and cartoon versions.


      Centering on the chest, there you can see Hi-Q there and see that everything appears to fit in properly.


      Further down you get to see those big, beefy legs and more tampo pain.  Now, don't get me wrong, the figure looks nice, but I'm not usually the type to place my transformers on the shelf and leave them as is.  I like posing them and transforming them.  That's why I don't get any that have frustrating mechanics or just aren't fun.  Which reminds me I have a couple of figures I need to sell.

      Anyway, there's one more thing we need to add to complete the look...


      The shoulder cannons, which are attached on the shoulders using round pegs, like so.


      Articulation wise, for a figure of this size it's rather impressive.  You have good, deep ankle rockers, good overall balance, and you wouldn't tell from initial images, but you actually have a waist swivel!  Though with it, the hip skirts actually move along with it.  Weird, I know.


      And, of course, we have the two blasters iconic for the character.  They plug in using the Maketoys rail system that more companies should use, because he can hold it very well.

      Anyway, as mentioned before, the figure has an amazing amount of balance to it.


      Which is rather impressive when you consider the hefty backpack here.  I also want ot make mention here that the figure kind of has to peg in the back here instead of sliding in, and those pegs get ultra tight, so be mindful of stress marks.

      Now for some comparisons.


      Here is Power Baser with MP Bluestreak.  Man, he's massive in comparison.


      Next, here is Power Baser with MP Ultra Magnus.  Quite the size difference, wouldn't you say?


      Here we have Megatooth, just for an inline comparison.


      Here he is with MP10.


      Here he is with Maketoys Thunder Erebus.  Granted, there's a massive size difference here, but one is a Masterpiece scaled figure while the other is a CHUG scaled figure.


      Here is Power Baser with Titan's Return PM Optimus Prime.


      Here he is with G1 PM Optimus Prime.


      And just for kicks, here is Power Base with a fully decked out G1 PM Optimus Prime. 

      Yes, it does seem like a God Bomber version is coming for Power Base, but it'll probably come after their Overlord set.

      As for the figure itself.  Well, it's fine, for the most part, but it's rather disappointing when you consider the Monsterbot releases, which were awesome.  This one just kind of seems "meh" in comparison.

      Granted, I'm surprised there isn't a proper MP style PM Optimus Prime, so unless an official one comes out or another third party tries their hand, this is going to be your best option.

      Of course, I have another version of this character coming, but you'll have to wait a couple of weeks for that review.  I do have one more solo review coming out, then next week, we've got a theme week going.

      Until then.

    • It's Super Kami Ginrai!

      4 days ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to the next Transformers review.  Today we'll be going into the Masterpiece Third party line for a bot that I was heavily anticipating.  It's from a company that has proven itself with each release so far, so will it be the same here?  Why don't we find out.

      So, without further ado, may I present to you the Fans Hobby MB-06 Masterpiece version of Powermaster Optimus Prime, Power Baser!


      Here you can see the box for Power Baser, showing off the truck and combined modes of the figure.  As you can see, it's the product itself, but it sure does look to be a small box for such a big figure, right?  Well, there's a reason for that and we'll get to that later.


      On the back of the box is your obligatory product shots, showing off Power Baser and his many, many forms.  It's a nice box, but who cares about the box, right?  We only care about the figure.  So let's get him out and see how he really is.


      So here we have Power Base out of his box and in his truck and trailer configuration.  And this is why the box looks so small.  Because having it in his full robot mode would just be a major issue for shipping and package size.


      As you can see, it's a very nice truck and is very, very long.  He's got the classic Optimus Prime colors, but with some additional details that is common with Fans Hobby releases.


      The trailer itself cleans up rather well, given what i turns into, but you can tell how things will form just by looking at it.


      As for the cab, it can rotate independently, and you get some good range with it, too.


      Of course, you can add all of Prime's accessories on the trailer to show that he means business.  this will limit the cab's ability to pivot, though, so bear that in mind.

      Now, for some quick size comparisons...


      Here is Power Baser with MP Hot Rod.


      Here he is with MP Prowl.


      Here he is with Titan's Return PM Optimus Prime.


      And here he is with G1 PM Optimus Prime.  Power Base is just a little but longer than the G1 version, which is a bit surprising, to be honest.

      Anyway, why don't we focus on the cab itself.


      This is a very nice cab of Optimus Prime here.  You got a nice helping of chrome long with some nice red and tinted blue plastic for the windshield.


      Really, this looks like a very nicely done update on the PM Optimus mold.  And there's no doubts that this is Optimus through and through.


      Though like the others, the cab doesn't clean up as much as you like.  Well, sacrifices will be made.


      Though you do get some nice details here, like the tampo paint here.  This is littered all over the figure, though unlike some others, they don't actually try to spell out anything.

      Now for some size comparisons here...


      Here is MP Hot Rod.


      Here is MP Prowl.


      Here is G1 Prime.


      And here is MP 10 Prime.  As you can see, not too far off the mark in terms of color, though my MP 10 Prime is the Year of the Horse version, so it's got the deeper red plastic and gold chrome going for it.

      Now, for transformation, we do need one more figure for that, so why don't we bring him out now.


      Here we have Hi-Q, or Ginri, depending on your continunity.  The powermaster companion for Optimus Prime.


      Let's get a better look at him so we actually have some focus.  You can see some nice color usage here with the visor and chest, but most of the rest of the figure is plastic so not a lot of pain is used.


      Now, for a powermaster, Hi-Q here has a surprisingly good amount of movement available to him.  It's still limited, especially around the hed, and he has no waist swivel, but still, it is rather impressive.


      For comparisons, here he is with Apex, Titan's Return's PM Prime's companion.


      And here he is with G1 Hi-Q.

      Now, the transformation into the engine block is rather simple.  You do need to twist the legs and fold them up, but there are holes in there to attach the pegs in his shoulders, turning him...


      Into the engine block.  Now, you place him in place of the engine grill, as usual.


      But if you don't want to do that, you can place him on the trailer itself.


      He goes on very tightly on the trailer, so just be mindful of that.

      As for the cab transformation, it's basically what you would expect, but there are a few things to keep in mind.  First, there is a fake grill that you need to pull down and it will be difficult to get to at first, so bear that in mind.  Also, the wheels on the sides of the cab will need to collapse in, and they peg in a number of ways, so getting it in may be difficult.

      But otherwise, it's still rather straight forward.  And soon enough, you'll have the cab from alt-mode...


      To Optimus Prime in robot mode.  As you can see, there's a lot more detail that shows up in this mode that is hidden in alt-mode.  You got more paint and more details here.


      Getting up close to that head sculpt you can see that classic Optimus Prime face with a nice set of blue chrome eyes.  Very nicely done.


      Going further down you can see one aspect that would be a problem.  Mainly, there's a lot of hollowness in the midsection, which is rather unsightly.  This is because, if you move the legs normally, you're going to see pretty much nothing there.  They try to fill it as best they can, but there's only so much you can do with it.


      Further done you can see more tampo paint with something vaguely cybertronian in design.  It's a nice tough to help give it a little more life, especially when you'll probably be looking for a place to put that Autobot sticker on.


      Which is always on the shoulders.  And you can probably find a spot there, but you can see that the arms come out pretty well and have that beefy Prime look to them.


      With regards to posting, you got a lot of different posing options.  This figure is extremely stable with strong ratchets, so he'll hold almost any post.  And he's got an ab crunch, if you want to play around with that.

      With regards to accessories, Prime has a few options there, as well.


      He can use the twin barrelled cannons that are normally reserved for base, trailer or combined modes.


      You can also give him the giant blasters normally reserved for the super mode, if you want.  Though you can split these up for smaller weapons, if you wish.


      Yeah, he's real happy about that.

      Now for some comparisons.


      Here is Power Baser with MP Bluestreak.


      Here he is with MP Ultra Magnus.  Yes, I still have him, why do you ask?


      Here he is with Fans Hobby's Megatooth for a size comparison.


      Here he is with G1 PM Optimus Prime.


      And here he is with MP 10 Optimus Prime.

      Now, while I have Prime here, there is one more accessory we need to talk about, but one that isn't really for Power Baser.

      You see, people who preordered Power Baser here received a special gift.


      It came in this nice, black jewel box that has an all too familiar symbol on it.  What could it be?


      Why, it's the Matrix of Leadership, of course!  It's done up in silver and has a nice, blue gem in the middle there.  Supposedly people received different colors of the gem, but still, I think blue worked out better here.

      Which means that any figure that can hold a Matrix of Leadership, like MP Hot Rod, MP Ultra Magnus...


      Or MP 10 himself.  It's a nice little bonus, to be honest, and while it's pretty clear that it's just that, a bonus, a lot of care went into it, so it's nice.

      And that does it for the cab itself.  Now, as this journal has gotten long enough, we're going to stop it here for now.  But next time we'll be focusing on the trailer and the combined mode.  Best to keep things simple for now.

      Until then.

    • The Cassette Wars that ended long ago

      5 days ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to the next Transformers review.  It's going to be a busy couple of weeks because I'll have a lot to go over.

      Today we'll be looking at a Takara Tomy Masterpiece set, but one that acts more as a companion piece for another Masterpiece figure.  It's a four figure set, but we won't be focusing on a lot of them because three of them are remolds and recolors while one is a complete new mold.

      So, without further ado, may I present to you the Takara Tomy MP 15/16E, Cassettebots vs Cassettetrons!


      So here we have four cassette bots in one package, two Autobots and Two Decepticons, all in one package.  This may actually hint of another Autobot Masterpiece down the line, but we'll see.  But here you have the four bots, Cybertron Stripes, Nightstalker, Wild Thing, and Enemy.


      And here we have the back of the box will all that text I cannot read, as well as product shots of the figures.  Yup, what nice text.  Well, enough of that, let's get them out and see how they really are.


      So here we have the cassette bots in their cassette modes.  From left to right we have Nightstalker, Stripes, Wild Thing, and Enemy.  And... yeah, they're cassettes.  Each one has different paint to differentiate themselves from one another, as well as those that were released before.


      Here's a close up of Wild Thing and Enemy.


      And here's a close up Nightstalker and Stripes.  Yup, what colorful cassettes.


      Now, the box comes with four of these cassette holders, if you want to put them in something when they aren't in Soundwave or Transistor, if you have him.  And why wouldn't you already have them if you got this set?  Would be kind of pointless if you ask me.


      Oh, and they do fit into those bots quite well, as you can see with Enemy here.


      For a size comparison, here is Enemy with Laserbeak.

      And that's enough of the alt-modes.  Let's talk about transformation.  As three of these are remolds and recolors, the transformation is the same there.  Nightstalker, however, is a completely new mold, so it has a different set of transformation.  It's rather interesting, to be honest, and probably the funnist of the bunch.

      But soon enough, you'll have these Cassette bots from alt-mode...


      To robot mode.  Let's go ahead and look at the cassettes individually.


      Here we have Wild Thing and Enemy, both remolds of Ratbat and Frenzy/Rumble, respectively.  I do like the color use on Enemy, and Wild Thing is a very bright orange.  It's almost blinding.


      With regards to posing, Wild Thing can... move the wings.  Yeah, not much there.  Enemy, being more humanoid, has more posing options available to him.  No waist or wrist swivels, though.

      Enemy is also the only one that comes with accessories, so let's look at them.


      Like Frenzy/Rumble, Enemy comes with those Earthquake arms.


      And with two laser guns, which can also be stored on his back.  You can also do the same with the Earthquake arms.


      But it makes him incredible back heavy as a result, so bear that in mind.


      I have to cheat to keep him up right, but even then, you can see he's leaning over.


      For a size comparison, here is Enemy with Frenzy/Rumble.


      And for Wild Thing, here he is with Laserbeak.

      Now, let's talk about their counterparts.


      Here we have Nightstalker and Stripes.


      Stripes, as you can tell, is a repaint and remold of Ravage.  Though the only real different part is the rear thrusters/missiles.  If anything else looks different, it's because of the pain job.


      Nightstalker, however, is a brand new mold.  He's got a bit of a lion motif going for him with his jet black coloring.


      The transformation itself is a bit interesting because, despite how he looks, the transformation is actually required to fold him in half.  It's unique, given that he looks like he could still be partially in his cassette mode.


      Though this does leave a lot of open space in the back.


      As for posing, you can sort of have him do something that looks like a pouncing, but it is rather limited.


      For size comparisons, and just for fun, here is Stripes and Nightstalker with MMC's Jaguar, their version of an MP Ravage.

      Overall, it's a nice set, one that may hint at a possible release done the line.  One that I'm surprised we didn't get, but perhaps it won't be as simple as remolding Soundwave.  I won't say it's worth it for just the one mold, but if you like the cassette bots, then you'll like this.

      The MP hits keep coming, though, as we'll be looking at another third party MP release, and one that I was anxiously looking forward to.  Until then.

    • Made in Abyss Episode 4

      5 days ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Made in Abyss. Where the trip into the deep dark below finally begins.

      In our last episode, Riko, having seen the note from her mom, decides that the only way to see her is to follow the note and head for the bottom of the netherworld, and she ain't got no time to climb up the ranks to be a White Whistle. She plans to leave shortly, but luckily, so won't be going alone as Reg decides that he wants a few of his questions answered and will travel with her. Nat is totally against it, given that this is going to be a one way trip for Riko and because he really does like her.

      However, Riko's mind is set, so using another way into the Abyss, she and Reg enter into the darkness to face the horrors in front of them. How far will they truly get? Will Leader go on an expedition to find them? And what kind of punishment will Nat and Shiggy be facing when the truth is known? Let's tune in and find out.

      -Our episode begins with a panning upward shot of the cliffside towards the departure point, with Shiggy telling Riko to be careful, and if she decides to head back home, it'll be fine. Nat tells Reg to take care of Riko, since he's leaving her in his care now. Riko thanks the two for their help up to this point and will be sending up good news as she goes. And with that, they go in the dark below as the narrator returns once more. She says the kids have courage, wit, and curiosity welling up inside of them, and on their path, hope and despair alike are lying in wait. Because you can't have an adventure without danger, because where would the fun in that be?

      -You know, I only just noticed that the credits also have the in-universe written text showing up. I wonder if the author spent a considerable amount of time creating the made up language? From the looks of it, they do have a pattern to them.

      -Tonight's episode is titled The Edge of the Abyss. Our episode begins proper with Riko opening up her eyes to see a sleeping Reg watching over her. As she comes into focus, she notices some strange wires surrounding them. As the camera pans back, we see that the wires are from Reg's hands, forming some sort of protective barrier as the two slept. Or an early warning system. It's pretty extensive, for the most part, covering a lot of areas of approach, as we see the wires extend into a nearby tunnel. You can never been too paranoid in the Abyss, after all.

      -Having woken up fully from the sight, Riko turns to Reg to have him wake up. However, he appears to be a heavy sleeper and doesn't budge from her voice. So instead, she taps on one of the wires that happens to be close to her, which causes the robot boy to snap awake, screaming. This causes Riko to cry in surprise. The two spent an awkward moment staring at each other, just wondering what kind of insanity they just witnessed. And this is the first day, too.

      -As the kids begin gathering up the long arms of the robot, Riko wonders when she drifted off to sleep. She apologizes to Reg, but his belly was just so warm she couldn't help it. Reg understands, though, since they hardly ever stay up that late. As Reg collects himself, Riko takes a quick look around before asking him if he knows where they are. he says that they dropped directly down from the Wharf District, but he couldn't really say what area they're in. According to the depth gauge, they're 820 meters deep. So just shy of the first layer, if I remember correctly.

      -This prompts Riko to run through the forest they're in, reaching a clearing that allows her to look up. As we see the cliff side from the opposite end of the Abyss, we get a caption indicating that they are in the depths' first layer known as the Edge of the Abyss. No, we are not cuing the credits! They can wait their turn!

      -As the camera pans off to show the kids doing the same, Riko is amazed by what she's saw. Reg notes that it's way brighter here than up on the surface. That is interesting, actually. You would think it would get darker the deeper you go in. That certainly seems to show that whatever is going on with the Abyss seems supernatural. Riko pegs their location by seeing a landmark called Rock Ark, which is located at a depth of 600 meters, and it is quite far above them. She remarks that, not long ago, she was aiming for a depth of 400 meters, but she's doubled it now as she can't even see the top anymore. It tends to be quite cloudy this far down.

      -According to Reg, due to the distortion in the force field, they can't see the surface anymore. Wait, what force field? When was that a thing? Did I mess something in one of the lectures? When was this a thing? Hopefully I'll get an answer for that soon. In any case, Reg points out that the boundary looks awfully bright and wonders if the distortion is carrying the light downward? That's when Riko turns and gives a serious expression to Reg, causing him to do those loud blinks of his again. His eyelids are just as hard as everything else about him.

      -Riko's expression then turns into a huge smile, complete with stars in her eyes. She tells Reg that, at this pace, they can make it to the bottom of the netherworld. She then reminds him that they can't let their guard down, but she then starts to shake him a bit, saying that they might make it all the way to the second layer before anybody comes after them. Though I imagine Leader won't care about regulations and bring her back, even if she made it that far.

      -Reg, not entirely certain what to say, agrees with her sentiment. By the way, Riko's stomach is growling... with a very strange growl. Embarrassed, she tells Reg that they should have some breakfast. I imagine they did bring rations for this trip, but since they're in this for the long haul, they'll be hunting for their food. At a waterfall, we see Reg is currently hunting for some fish and spots one. Instead of trying to swim towards it, he uses his extending arms to grab it and drag it out onto land. Who knew Reg would make for a good fishing pole?

      -Meanwhile, Riko is busy making the camp fire and doesn't take long to get it going. And she did it just in time, too, as Reg is walking towards her with two fish, some leaves, and a very wet body. We get a panning shot to show that he is nearly naked, but also to show off how far the metal parts actually go. Well, who cares about those things, right? Time to eat these evil looking fish! And this is a perfect opportunity to teach the viewer’s how to prepare these evil looking fish, which happen to be called demonfish. What an apt name for them.

      -First, you take out the innards and smoke the fish to help preserve them. Then, you take the meat and put a hearty helping of it in a pot and sprinkle a bit of ground-up Eternal Fortunes on top. You then mix in some stick miso, and then once you throw in a bunch of diced sainona greens, ta-da! The special "Riko Soup" is ready! It sure does look terrible, what with the bones sticking out of it still. Reg seems reluctant to have some given how it looks. But he gives it a shot since he doesn't want to starve. He takes one sip of the soup and finds it to be quite tasty. It's even better than the Riko Bombs, and they're pretty good, too.

      -With that, the kids enjoy their meal in peace, probably one of the few times they're actually going to enjoy it on this seemingly impossible journey. After breakfast, Reg is cleaning up the dishes since they'll need to use them on the trip, but he notices Riko is playing with something. When asked, she tells him that it's her Star Compass. Right, that thing that points to the top, right? Wrong, says Riko! it points to the bottom of the netherworld. Which is important since they're going to be going down.

      -Reg asks to take a look and starts to examine it. It's not magnetic or weighted, and if you shake it or rotate it around, the direction of the needle doesn't budge a bit. Riko is amazed by that bit and asks for it back so she can do the same thing. You had it for how long and only now noticed that? Reg thinks it's another Relic of the Abyss, but also gets a feeling that there's some incomprehensible principle at work, but even he questions if it’s that useful to them. Well, now that Reg has said it, Riko shakes the compass so hard it slips out of her hands. Reg attempts to catch it with his extending robot arm but misses, allowing the compass to fall into the water, which goes right over the waterfall and down into a lake. And I bet it was going to be real useful, too.

      -We have a wipe that shows Reg comforting a crying Riko. She says that it's fine, as there's an old saying that applies here. All that which is taken from the Abyss will someday be returned to it. Apparently the Abyss is that greedy. Or possessive. Reg takes it as fact, saying that the teachings of cave raiders are quite humble. This is something that Leader taught her, but still, it hurts to lose such a valuable artifact. And this is why you tie a string around your important artifacts.

      -After a moment of silence, Reg remembers a box he found in his pack and presents it to Riko. She's confused about it at first, but with Reg's urging, she opens it up. Inside are a bunch of papers folded neatly. But not just any regular set of papers, but the ones from Lyza's sealed letter. Riko asks if Reg took off with it, but he tells her to look at the pages again. They were tattered the last time they saw them, so these are likely just a copy of the original. This allows Reg to mention that he bumped into Leader before they left the orphanage and that he thought he fooled him at first. However, when he found the envelope in his back pocket, he suspects that Leader was the only one who could have done it. Which means he knew that Riko was going to go off into the Abyss on her own and didn't even try to stop her. Great leadership there, Leader!

      -Riko does wonder if Leader is cheering them on, but that's when she finds a page that's a different size than the others. It's on a red paper, which makes it easily identifiable. She reads it, but her cheerful expression then turns into distraught, and finally, terror. The letter, which Reg did read briefly, says "I'll depart at dawn to come capture you." Oh, so apparently he only allowed a little indulgence, because he plans on bringing her right back. I guess you're not such a bad person after all, Leader.

      -Riko, however, is in a panic. She asks Reg how long it's been since dawn, but he doesn't know as it was already bright when they woke up. This means they're on the clock and need to get going quickly. She tells him to hide any traces of the campfire while she goes to make sure they aren't leaving anything behind. Can't be caught now at the beginning of the adventure! That will surely end in a non-standard game over!

      -We see the kids standing by another cliff-face and prepare for their next descent. Reg recalls that if they make it to the second layer, no one will come after them, but he wonders why Leader would do something so contrary to that? Riko thinks that maybe he's testing them and that this is their final lesson. If they get caught now, they never had any chance of making it to the bottom of the netherworld. Yeah, as much as you like to think this is the case, Riko, I suspect the real reason is that Leader refuses to loose anybody under his charge. That or he has too much respect for Lyza to let her daughter go on a suicide mission. But you keep that optimism up, Riko. You're going to need it. Like when you stepped on that white string there.

      -Riko keeps her cool, but as Reg approaches her, she points to behind them. When he looks, he sees a spider coming down, strings coming from its back, and hopping towards them. The creature, called a silkfang, attacks, but Reg is on the ball, turning around and giving the creature a good helping of metal palm to the face! He holds on to the creature, which is when Riko tells him to jump now, as silkfangs can't leave their territory, so it'll act as an anchor for them. Reg calls it an irredeemable plan, but sometimes, you just have to go for it. They jump off the cliff, but as expected, the silkfang hands on to the cliff's edge, refusing to follow. He paid rent on that property and he isn't going to let somebody else take it from him!

      -The kids soon reach the next level, and just in time, too, as the silkfang gave up on Reg's metal arm, which is all covered in drool, spit, and possibly silk. Just a small example of the horrors that await them. We see them continue their descent downwards, but Riko seems to be breathing pretty heavily. Reg asks how she's doing and she says she's doing fine. Reg sees right through her, though, noting that she's not used to this so this trek is really draining her stamina. It is her fist time going down this deep, they're on an un-tracked path, and it appears their pursuers haven't caught up with them yet. He points this out to Riko, but she comments that they strayed from the usual route, so even if they come after them, they won't be found that easily. She adds that search parties move in groups of at least three people, so they'll be able to see them com...

      -And Riko loses track of what she's saying as they approach the next bend. Reg asks what's up, so she points him to some clouds. Or more exactly, something that is in the clouds. Which kind of looks like a propeller or vertical windmill. In the break of the clouds is their destination, the second layer called the Forest of Temptation. We get a panning back shot to show off the place and... well, let's be honest here. That second layer looks like a gaping mouth that will swallow up anybody who gets close to it. What a welcoming thing to see!

      -When we come back from the break, we're right at the same shot as before. Reg can't help but look on and recall what was said. If a red whistle goes down to the second layer, it is considered suicide. This is the point of no return for Riko. Suddenly, a voice, like a distant members, asks "where?" prompting Reg to wonder what that was. it sounded like his own voice. However, he's brought back to reality by Riko suddenly collapsing. She claims that the view was just so amazing, but Reg knows otherwise and suggests taking a break. She doesn't want to, since who knows where their pursuers are, but he comes up with an excuse that he needs to pee. What a thing to say to a lady. She decides she'll do the same thing, too. Well, any excuse to get her to stop, right?

      -After their break, Reg talks to Riko about her delusion of the meaning of the letter. Delusion? Oh, you mean Leader's letter. Riko takes offense to that. This is totally their final lesson! Though it seems like Reg agrees with Riko that this may be the case. Apparently, Leader is on patrol every night, so perhaps he was able to see through them and uncover their nightly plotting and perhaps even knows that Reg is actually a robot and not a real boy. On top of that, if he took the trouble to place that envelope in his pocket, then they need to make a clean escape and show him they're up to the task. This gets Riko to smile, and soon enough she's humming to herself a happy little song about how awesome she is for figuring it out.

      -Suddenly, a light is reflected off of Reg's helmet. He reacts to it, causing Riko to ask what's up? Suddenly, there's another flash around a group of three boulders up ahead. Riko asks if it's perhaps the search party, but upon closer examination with his telescopic eyes, he sees a shadowy silhouette that appears to be a cave raider. He relays this to Riko, telling her that there's only one of them, but he's heading straight for them! With this, they make a run for it, leaving Riko to wonder how they were found since they're off the usual path? Maybe the search party decided to cut you guys off, since they know your general destination.

      -Reg says that the cave raider is taking the trouble to head down this way off the main route, so it's no doubt that they're being targeted, so they need to hurry. We see them running and jumping, attempting to lose their pursuer. After a moment, they take a small break to search for them. Riko asks if they can give him the slip before reaching the second layer, but when Reg finds him, the answer is no, for he is right above them. Reg has issues with this, as the pursuer is way too fast. A rope soon comes down from above, and a mountain of a man suddenly appears, dressed in the clothes of an explorer. Great, so he's apparently cheating physics somehow.

      -Seeing him, Reg attempts to calculate all the ways to escape, but the pursuer addresses them instead. He expected nothing less from Lyza's daughter. It's a voice Riko recognizes. Turns out, it's Habo! Riko is confused and asks why, but he's rather complementary of his own skills. Reg is both impressed and terrified that someone with such skill isn't a White Whistle. He continues to plan possible escape routes, like letting Riko escape alone first, but suddenly, and without warning, he's grabbed by Habo, who lifts the robot boy up with ease. Damn is he strong... or Reg is just that light.

      -Habo grabs hold of Reg, apparently seeing what he could do, calling him a supreme treasure of the netherworld. Reg and Riko stand in shocked silence as Habo continues, asking if Reg's skin is a Relic? He feels up the robot boy, noting that he can't tell just by looking at it. He then sees that, yes, Reg is fully equipped, too. While this is going on, Riko walks over to the side and starts miming commands to Reg. Mainly, that when he gets a chance, run. Habo, however, is watching her due this and Reg looked confused. Apparently robot boy hasn't learned the hand signals yet. And this is why you don't rush out on your adventures like this, kids.

      -Still, Habo lets out a hearty laugh and apologizes, apparently forgetting to tell the kids what he's here for. Turns out, he's not here to capture them. Turns out, Nat and Shiggy came to pay him a visit. We get a flashback of the two begging Habo to help Riko. Of course, they aren't asking him to take her all the way to the Seeker Camp, but to at least help them escape to the second layer. But Shiggy ups the ante by telling him this is his last chance to see the true form of a supreme treasure of the netherworld. Nat goes on about how fast Reg is, but is interrupted when Habo mentions Reg being a Relic of the Abyss. And just like that, he's off. It doesn't take much for him to garner interest, does it?

      -And that's why Habo is here, to pay respects to the supreme treasure of the netherworld. Though Reg did wish the mountain of a man only paid his respects and not take a peek at his equipment. Habo, being a man of his word, tells the kids where the search party is, which is by Twisting Crag. He suspects that they'll take a while still to reach here. But having seen Reg with his own eyes, he decides to keep his word and will be coming with them to the Seeker Camp. They are rather shocked by this, but Reg is happy to have a Black Whistle coming with them. Riko, however, isn't a big fan of that plan. Oh, this should be good.

      -Riko stands and apologizes to Habo, saying that she can't allow that. He's confused by this as Riko mentions that this is their final lesson. We get a cut as Riko shows off him envelope, including the note from Leader. Habo is rather impressed by this and decides to not interfere, though he's a bit disappointed that Leader didn't come to see them off one last time. However, he realizes that this wouldn't work because Leader would catch them right away. Riko apologizes, since Habo cam all the way down here just for the two of them, but he brushes it off as nothing. Besides, he had some other business down here anyway. He presents her with a vial. He says it's a vaccine for the second layer that Blue Whistles and up take. With it, Riko will be spared from picking up the diving illness in that layer. Oh, and they're left overs from yesterday, but he has some mustard steamed buns to keep them going. He's like a big, lovable grandfather who also happens to be built like a mountain. What a nice guy.

      -Riko happily takes them, but Habo warns them not to wait too long to eat them. But he has one more thing to tell them, since he won't be accompanying them any further. It's about the monitoring base they call the Seeker Camp they're heading. The guardian there is a bit of a strange one. I imagine you have to be rather strange to come down to the Abyss to begin with, but that's for another discussion. This guardian is called the Unmovable Sovereign, "Ozen the Immovable", a White Whistle who's still active. With that statement, he makes it sound like being White Whistles have high turnover rates. That's always fun.

      -Anyway, Habo has a story to tell. Shortly after Riko was born in the depths of the Abyss, Ozen was the one who carried her to the surface along with Lyza. Riko is happy to hear that she's a White Whistle who saved her life! Man, what a life she had, and she was just a few weeks old! Reg, however, is bothered by something. From the way Habo, who he calls Hablog, talks of Ozen, she doesn't seem like anything to be too worried about. Habo, who is normally very jolly and happy, has a stern, serious expression on his face as he tells them to be wary of Ozen. While he can't personally go into the details, Riko might encounter some distressing things there, so they should be prepared. Riko tends to block out most other things when a White Whistle is involved, so she's more excited about that. She's more interesting to learn more of her mom, including the time she was born and about the sealed letter that was found. These are all things that are important to her. I don't know. I think I would take Habo's words at face value and would be wary of Ozen, if he says as much.

      -As Riko tries to come up with more reasons to meet with Ozen, Habo grabs the two kids into a massive bear hug. While he hides it well, if you read between the lines, you know that he's scared for the kids. His next words, about how Riko has a reassuring partner with her, so she'll be fine, seems more like he's trying to convince himself as well as offer words of encouragement. He tells Reg to take care of Riko, the second time he was told as much, and he promises to do so.

      -With that, the kids prepare for their journey once more. Riko wishes Habo well as he sees them off, but jokingly, he tells them that if they dawdle around, he'll become a White Whistle and catch up to them. With that, they part once more, possibly for the last time. Habo watches on, wishing there was more he could do, saying to himself that they are all just the netherworld's lost children. We get a flashback to a very young Riko, trying to reach up to a ledge. Habo, who was a mountain of a man back then, picks up the young girl and places her on his shoulders, just so she can get a good look. Leader is there, as well, probably taking his role as surrogate big brother seriously.

      -This fond memory of Riko only saddens Habo. He knew this day would come, but he was probably hoping it would come much, much later, when she's grown up more and had more experience under her belt. With that, he turns away from the kids, knowing that he's done all he could, and perhaps, hoping to see them again in the future. Man, they're really went out with those tiny onion cutting ninjas.

      -We dissolve to Reg and Riko making another trip down into the clouds. Riko is having some of the treats that Habo gave her until she notices something in the distance. She points it out to reg, saying that it's a wind-riding windmill. It's those propellers from before. Riko says that, a long time ago, they were used to capture updrafts, apparently. Supposedly they've been around for more than 4,000 years. Reg is impressed to see how well they've lasted, but to Riko, the fact that they passed them means that they've reached the second layer, the Forest of Temptation.

      -After Reg gets them down, the clouds clear up, giving the two kids a good look at the obstacle ahead of them. Reg looks on with both awe and concern, but for Riko, it means they've survived their final lesson. They've reached the point of no return for Red Whistles, though I think Habo gave her a cheat to return, if needed. Still, Riko is running on her high, praying to Leader, saying they pulled it off. Reg doesn't have the same feeling she does and wonders if they really did get away from them. Riko believes they did, and that they don't have to worry about anyone pursuing them anymore. Yeah, I suspect Leader won't be the type to care about regulations.

      -Suddenly, a colorful creature screeches as it flies through the trees and pass them. The kids look at it with contained horror as they see the creature fly off. For Reg, this is a reminder that, at this point, there will be no help sent to them. Because at this point, heading here and returning home become very difficult, something he recalls Shiggy saying before they left. To Reg, this means the the search party wold find that they are the ones being pursued. Way to be a downer, Reg, even if your observations are reasonable and correct.

      -Riko prompts Reg to get going, since the creature may be calling for it's buddies to come and eat them. But Reg has another concern on his mind. To him, they didn't escape pursuit from Leader and his search team, but will now be pursued by all kinds of things that exist outside the territory of man. You really need to stop being a cynic about these things, Reg. And with that, our scene ends on the birds flying off into the distance, likely to hit that rock wall if they don't start turning. Cue credits!

      -The map of the Abyss keeps going down a little more in our next episode, Incinerator. Oh, and I noticed that the little bubbles of Reg and Riko also moved. I like it when the credits evolve like that.

      And with that, the kids go further than they've ever been before, reaching the point of no return, though not without seeing a familiar face one more time. And while the dangers did seem light at first, they were just the familiar horrors to Riko. From here on out, it's a completely new ball game, though I'm sure she's probably memorized all of the different types of monsters they'll be encountering from here on out.

      Habo's warning about Ozen certainly does say something. I always thought the higher rank you were, the more odd or crazy you were. If that's true, then Habo seems to be the exception, as he seems very friendly and quite warm to the kids. Though he's the only high ranking Whistle we've met so far, but his warning of Ozen seems to suggest that such a meeting will not end well for Riko.

      Honestly, I am glad to know that Leader knew of Riko's plot and decided to indulge her a bit, though I do wonder if he was planning to capture her before reaching the second layer. Even then, I wonder if he still plans to pursue, even if she's passed the point of no return? We honestly know very little about him except that he was a student of Lyza's and seems rather attached to Riko, so it's entirely possible that he'll still go after her, not out of obligation to the organization, but out of obligation to Lyza.

      What new mysteries and horrors will await our heroes? When they meet with Ozen, will the meeting go as badly as Habo's suspects? Will Leader continue the pursuit? And just when will this rabbit monster person show up with the party? Tune in on Friday to find out.

      Until next time, remember, even if it doesn't look tasty, go ahead and give that fish stew a try. It may just surprise you, even if it looks like it could kill you with just a stare.

    • Pokemon went metal!

      1 week ago


      Why, yes, that is the original singer doing the theme with Johnathon Young.  Why do you ask?

      In FGO news, I got me a five star Shiki (don't ask about the money).  Though I ended up finding a trick online that seemed to have helped.

      The trick is, apparently, to roll the FP gacha until you get a three star servant there.  After that, you go to the story or event gacha and roll there.

      Now, it sounds unusual for that to affect the RNG in some way, but the thing is, I did it twice and it worked both times.

      In the first roll after the three star, I got three SR servants.  Beowolf, Flonn, and Fran.  In the second one, I got the five star Shiki.

      So, yeah, I think this is the real deal here.  How odd that it would affect the RNG so much, right?

    • Made in Abyss Episode 3

      1 week ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Made in Abyss, the show where our heroes spend time digging for relics in a dangerous cave while doing regular jobs up on the surface.

      In our last episode, our heroes begin talking about Reg and all the terrible experiments they did on him to confirm that he's not human, all while Riko basically treats him as her new toy. Of course, the problem with Reg is that how do they keep him in the Orphanage when they're out? Simple! By having him play himself as an orphan and join up that way. Which works, to everybody's great surprise.

      As time passes, we learn more about the status of the world and how the rankings for the Whistles are done. White Whistles, which was Riko's Mom's status, basically have no limitations as to how far they can go, while Red Whistles, like Riko, aren't allowed down very far. Speaking of Riko's Mom, Lyza, or at least, her whistle, was discovered by an excavation team, which seems to suggest that she died in the Abyss. We learn that she wasn't just your regular old awesome White Whistle, but a Super White Whistle, capable of doing many things in the Abyss. This also includes going in there pregnant with Riko, then actually returning with her.

      Yeah, those glasses? Turns out that they're related to the Curse of the Abyss. Because Riko was born in the Abyss, she's been infected by it. Not as much as any others would, thanks to another relic that resists the curse, but enough that she needs glasses in order to avoid dizzy spells. As for Lyza, turns out, she brought back a letter that contained new information about the Abyss, including a message that seemed to be directed towards Riko herself. What could this all mean? Let's tune in and find out.

      -Our episode begins back in the orphanage as Riko and Reg bring Nat, Shiggy, and Kiyui up to speed on what they found. Nat questions why they swiped that message, so Riko responded that it was totally written for her! As a result, that makes the note hers! Brilliant logic! Except we don't know who it's addressed for. Maybe it was for Lyza and she just kept it with everything else? But this note lead to a decision for Riko. She's going into the Abyss and wants their help. Obviously nothing will go wrong here.

      -Shiggy asks what Riko's plan is once she's beyond the Seeker Camp? Simple! She'll head for the bottom of the Abyss, where her mom is waiting! she begins to talk about the route, but that's the point where Nat is fed up with this nonsense. He can't believe that Riko would talk about going to the bottom of the Abyss like going down the street for milk, but he makes it clear that if she goes there, she'll never be able to return. Riko has issues with his reasonable objections, telling him that she always wanted to be a White Whistle, so she's already prepared for such dangers. Nat, however, presses his reasonable objections by adding that she'll never be able to see any of them ever again. Riko hesitates at this for a moment, but stands her ground. Nat keeps going, mentioning hanging out with Auntie, attend Leader's lessons, or play with any of them again! So here's a thought that just came to me. Is it possible that Nat likes Riko? As in like, like?

      -Moving on from that, Riko tells Nat that she understands that, all holding back her tears of this acceptance. Nat asks why she's crying and gets whacked in the face for his trouble. Riko is a very emotional person, isn't she? As she continues to beat down on Nat, Shiggy suggests to call it a night since tomorrow is Reg's first cave-raid. Robot Boy salutes in response, but he stares at the note, all while the two kids continue to yell and scream at one another. How Leader doesn't show up to complain at this stage is beyond me.

      -I think this is going to be one of those few openings I watch every time. The visuals are rather impressive and I like the song here. And it looks like my previous suspicion is correct. Like Funimation, Amazon is going to alternate the subtitle track. This time, it's translated in English. From what I gather, the song is about the Abyss, but about the answers one can find as they go deeper and deeper down. It's rather upbeat about it, too, even during some of the darker lyrics involving losing one's way.

      -Tonight's episode is titled Departure. When we come back we're looking at an image of one of the creatures Lyza found. It's in the fifth layer, in a sandstone area of the Sea of Corpses. IT's a seven-tailed scorpion. It exceeded two meters in size and she calls it "stingerhead." But it doesn't look like it has any stingers coming out of it's head. From there, we get an image of what appears to be a gigantic armadillo. For this note, Lyza says that she was sheltering herself from the rain on the sixth layer when she encountered this one. It's a lizard that grows up while still inside its eggshell. And thanks to its shell, it appears to be unfazed by the iron rain. She calls this one "emperorshell". For you see, the shell is its throne.

      -The next note, nearing the seventh layer, Lyza came across a human-lookin silhouette, one that baffles her. In the note, the strange creature has been intently observing her. She takes offense to this as she tells the creature, in her notes, that she's watching it, too. She notes that the size is of a human child, but it didn't give off the impression of being a Hollow, so perhaps it was actually a person? This one confuses Lyza the most, making her wonder where it came from in the first place? The image then gets dissolved into Reg, in his first cave-raid, as Lyza believes she's getting closer to the answer.

      -Speaking of, Reg is busy digging through the dirt as Nat calls out to him, saying that all he's going to find is bugs if he keeps digging in the dirt. And one gets up and runs away. Stupid kids ruining his home! So Nat suggests the flat spot next to him if he's going to keep digging. With his impressive strength, Reg lifts up the rock slab, shocking Nat, and takes out an object. He shows it to Nat, asking him what it is? It is round and squishy, as shown when Reg squishes it. Nat says that it's also a Relic of the Abyss, but he's not entirely certain what it is. Reg is rather fascinated by this as he continues to play with it. He notes that it has some amazing force holding it together and wonders if this could be a special-grade Relic? Nat shoots down that thought, though, as he tells Robot Boy that he won't find anything but junk around here. There may have been plenty of good stuff, but those early explorers got here first, so they're stuck with this.

      -Reg drops the slab and stares at his find, commenting that he doesn't believe this to be junk. Though if it is considered junk, he asks if maybe he can keep it? Nat tells him that he'll be strung up naked if he does that. even junk sells for good money over in foreign countries. Because the person selling it can label it has a wonderful item fro the Abyss that does... something. I'm sure they'll make up something good for it. Nat then pats Reg on his helmet, telling him that being an apprentice is tough. He then points out to a small opening in the rock hole, which Reg goes to investigate, finding another of Relic he found. So many squishy things to be squished!

      -As Reg goes deeper, looking for more, he runs into a human skull. He freaks out accordingly, escapes the little hole, and crawls over to Nat, hugging him. Nat takes a look to see the skeleton and tells Reg that it's of someone in prayer. He notes that there are remains like this one from two thousand years ago. Supposedly. And they're all posed in the same way. You know, that's an interesting comment Nat made there. I wonder why that's the case? Anyway, Nat can't help but rib Reg a little by how freaked out he was, considering he's suppose to be a robot. So he's going to keep at it by telling him a scary story, because he's just a big jerk that way.

      -Nat says, in his story, of children who've been eagerly awaiting their birthdays have been dying one after the other when that day arrives. The causes for their deaths vary, but all of them invariably perish on their birthdays. In the west district alone, the count is already up to eight kids. Rumor is, if one looks into a mirror on the morning of their birthday, their reflection will have a twisted neck. And once they see it... and Reg isn't buying this one at all, telling Nat that he doesn't believe in that kind of stuff. Nat, however, can see how frightened Reg was and points it out, laughing the entire time. Nat, you can be a real jerk sometimes, you know that?

      -Though while Reg doesn't believe in this scary, supernatural stuff, there is one thing he wants to believe. As he picks up one of the squishy relics, he says the thing he believes is that the answers lie waiting at the bottom of the netherworld. Like the true nature of these relics, the cause of the Curse of the Abyss, perhaps even the meaning behind his creation, or the reason he came up to the surface. He walks over to the edge to stare at the abyss, wondering if he would find the answers to those questions there. Nat, however, doesn't like this crazy talk Reg is saying, calling them both crazy. He's still against going. After all, they're both Red Whistles and Riko is only twelve. He heads over and grabs his bag, leaving in a huff. Yup, he's totally into Riko.

      -Meanwhile, Leader is directing the apprentices to various locations in the Abyss. He looks over to find Riko mindlessly mining at a flat slab, looking disappointed. Either from Nat's hurtful words or she's lost in thought. In either case, Leader is very concern, since we learned that he was one of Lyza's students and may have been assigned as the surrogate big brother to Riko. But soon enough, the trip comes to an end. We see the kids heading back up the stairs, including Reg, who notes that his memory didn't come back, even after his first cave-raid. This leads him to believe that the answer he's looking for is still in the bottom.

      -Though Reg is brought back to reality by Nat, who's looking rather bad. He appears to be quite tired, more so than usual. When Reg checks up on him, Nat responds that it's the Curse of the Abyss, then begins to throw up. Reg rubs his back, with Nat commenting that he's really unfazed by it. and he's going at a hell of a pace, too. Well, that's what happens when you work with a robot. Reg apologizes, saying he was lost in thought and didn't notice and asks if he should get somebody? Nat declines, saying that he's feeling fine now. He stands up and begins the slow march up the stairs with Reg commenting that he doesn't feel anything, which seems to suggest that he really is a robot after all. Curse these useful metallic parts!

      -Of course, this thought makes Reg think about the human silhouette Liza talked about in her last letter. This makes him believe that he's just a Relic, then, but it still doesn't answer his questions. Why did he come to the surface? and why doesn't that silhouette come up here, as well? He wonders if maybe he came from the bottom of the netherworld, and what is truly down there? These are all things he wants to know, so that he can figure out just who he really is. And maybe, just maybe, there will be ice cream involved.

      -As day turns to night, we're back in Riko's room. Nat stares out of the window, looking tired, as Shiggy as Riko what day she's decided on for her journey? She plans to go tomorrow, just before daybreak. This catches Nat's attention as he turns to her in shock. Riko adds that she's already packed her things, which gets Shiggy to note that she really isn't wasting time here. Though he still wonders how she plans on slipping into the Abyss anyway? There's a watch on all the time. Apparently she didn't think that far ahead, but luckily, Reg has a plan. She'll just use his extending arms to lower her down. That's because he's going to go with her to the netherworld. Riko is happy to hear such a declaration, probably because she was debating on how to convince him to come, anyway.

      -Shiggy is rather shocked by this, as he thought Reg would try to stop her. Nat suspects that Riko enticed him somehow. Before Riko could defend herself, Reg tells him that she did no such thing. This was a decision he made of his own free will. He wants to find out just what he is, exactly. Riko is overjoyed, starts tearing up, and hugs Reg. She couldn't bring herself to say anything. She's going to meet her mom, so hogging him all to herself wouldn't be right to her. Reg points out that she was the one to find him in the first place. Nat, however, isn't amused by this and goes back to staring out the window. Jealousy is so hard on the young, isn't it?

      -As for Riko, she moves away from Reg, leaving some snot on his head. He says that he's already climbed the Abyss once, so even if his memory doesn't return, he has this sturdy body, which can resist the Curse of the Abyss. He will protect her all the way down to the bottom of the netherworld. Riko nods in appreciation. Shiggy gives up on trying to convince her otherwise, with Reg apologizing to him, saying his curiosity got the better of him. Shiggy says it's fine, noting that if they tried to stop her, Riko would have gone on her own anyway. She's pretty stubborn that way. Riko gets happy from this and moves back from Reg, taking her snot with her. Though some of it is still stuck on Reg. The curses of being a robot.

      -Still, Shiggy is curious and asks Reg if he has any idea what lies in their path on the way to the netherworld's bottom? Well, he knows there are a bunch of random, dangerous creatures. There are also Relics, too, and other stuff. Shiggy, however, can see right through him and suspects the tReg's plan is to use his extending arms to descend little by little. Reg admits that, yes, that is his plan, though he knows there will be some obstacles along the way. Shiggy is yells at the two, calling them naive and far too optimistic! He says that the Abyss is teeming with dangers beyond their imaginations He brings out a piece of paper which he identifies as the latest Rough Map of the Netherworld. Riko is impressed that he would just take it like that, making him to be a thief. The sneaky, sneaky thief!

      -This gets all of their attention as they look over the map. Shiggy tells Riko that if she's serious about challenging the Abyss, then sneaking into the director's office is nothing in comparison. We get a quick panning shot of the rough map, which Shiggy calls the current state of the Abyss. Down 1,350 members id hte depths' first layer called the Edge of the Abyss. There, the creatures and environment don't really change, but beasts from the second layer sometimes come up to feed, so they need to keep their guard up. Further down is the second layer, the Forest of Temptation. It's said that hte strain of ascending is said to suddenly become more severe. If a Red Whistle descends down that far, no help will be sent after them. The others look at Shiggy, rather shocked by this declaration, but he points out that heading there and terming home become very difficult and is treated as suicide for Red Whistles. He's making it clear to Riko that, if she goes to this layer, this will be the point of no return for her. Clearly he made one more attempt to dissuade her from going on this dangerous quest.

      -Shiggy continues, though, saying that the forest eventually takes the shape of a rat guard, and at that point they will have entered the Inverted forest. The air currents there are super unstable and savage predators fill the skies, so they would need to be careful. As if they aren't suppose to be on their guard all the time anyway. After that is the third layer, the Great Fault. Here they'll find a vertical cliff face of over four thousand meters standing in their way. It's nothing but a climb all the way down. After that is the fourth layer, the place only Black Whistles and above can go. Here you're about seven thousand meters down, and it's called the Goblet of Giants. Probably because there are Giants that drink large goblets there. Because you know there are going to be Giants at some point.

      -After that is the fifth layer, the Sea of Corpses. Man, that's such a fun name, isn't it? This is the domain of White Whistles alone, and you can count the number of people who've returned from here on your hands. Probably why is has such a name to begin with. After that its he sixth layer, the Captain of the Unreturned. According to Shiggy, when a White Whistle descends to the sixth layer, people call it their "last dive." That's because they'll never be able to return home. Makes you wonder how people know about this sixth layer if that's the case, because it looks rather detailed in this map. Reg asks if there are any cases of someone who's not a White Whistle going down lower than the sixth layer? Maybe, but if someone other than a White Whistle sends information up from the Abyss, it's considered a "mere rumor." As for how messages come back up, it looks like hot air balloons are used. As for why it's considered a rumor, it's suspected that the Curse of the Abyss caused the person to become confused or even go crazy. However, if the voice of a White Whistle reaches the surface, it will be considered "truth". Apparently, the voices of the White Whistles are the voices of the Abyss. Even if they lose their life, the White Whistles live on as a voice of the Abyss and guides everyone. Well, that seems rather poetic, even though they died in that forsaken place.

      -To Riko, this means that Lyza's letter is for real, since she was the greatest of the White Whistles. Nat looks at her with concern, but decides to say something, and he apologizes for bringing it up when she's fired up to go, but before he can continue, Riko interrupts him, saying that she is going, no matter what he says. Her mom is waiting for her, after all. Nat gets irritated by this declaration and asks her if she's been paying attention? He asks how anyone could live somewhere like the Abyss for ten years? He brings up that only Lyza's whistle made it up to the surface, which means that she died a long time ago. While his objections are still reasonable, he goes about it rather harshly, and he immediately regrets saying as much as he sees Riko's tearful expression. Way to be a reasonable jerk, Nat.

      -This gets Kiyui to cry, which then prompts Riko to leave her room. Nobody goes to follow her as Reg stays behind to comfort Kiyui, leaving Nat to be dumbfounded and regretful of the words he said. Yeah, that's right! You feel bad about the terrible, reasonable things you said to Riko! You jerk!

      -The next day, Reg and Riko prepare to leave. Reg has already lowered the luggage and spare clothes. Riko thanks him as she tests out the cloak she has. She wonders if they'll be able to tell who she is, but Shiggy seems to think they won't. Reg then asks about Nat, which is still a rather sore subject. Shiggy is about to come up with an excuse but Riko makes it clear that she simply doesn't care about him. Shiggy tries to claim that Nat cares for Riko, but she doesn't listen. Reg asks if she really wants to leave things unresolved, given that she may never see him again? He wouldn't and gets a hug for his answer. She doesn't want to, either, but he's against them going and he said some nasty stuff, as well, so screw that guy!

      -Still, Riko asks Reg what he thinks she should do. Well, he asks a question. IF nat apologizes, will she forgive him? Well, yeah, she would, but Nat can be quite stubborn. Pot, meet kettle. Reg seems to think that Nat was regretting his words, which makes Shiggy happy. But he reminds them of the time, which is quickly running out. So to not draw attention, they're going to leave one by one in ten minutes. First down the extending arm is Riko, who waves at Reg when she's at the bottom. In the room, he asks Shiggy if he wants a hand down. We see he's preparing his own cloak as he declines, saying that he'll get down there himself. After a moment, Reg apologizes, but says there is still something he needs to do and tells Shiggy to go on ahead. He's fine with that, but warns Reg not to be caught by Leader. He may do something worse than string them up naked if they're caught.

      -As for Reg, we see him walk through the orphanage halls to Nat's room, only to find that he isn't there. How odd. He wonders if Nat is with Riko and Shiggy. He then heads to Kiyui's room and finds him there. He there's to tell him goodbye. The child coughs a bit, prompting Reg to wonder if the he's ill? Though when he thinks about it, it seems like he's always sleepy lately. Apparently, the day after tomorrow is his birthday. Reg is happy and hopes he gets better before his big day. He hopes he grows up big and strong, but after a quick moment, he tells Kiyui that, on the morning of his birthday, don't look into a mirror. When he asks why, Reg just tells him not to. And you know he's going to do exactly that.

      -With that, Kiyui goes back to sleep. Reg comments that it took longer than he expected and quietly leaves the room... only to be caught by Leader. He asks Reg where he's going. Why, to the bathroom, obviously! Except there aren't any toilets in that room. Reg claims he was half-asleep, but then asks Leader what he's doing up in the middle of the night? He's on patrol, you foolish robot boy! He does this every night after they all fall asleep. He then asks where Riko is, as he's already checked her room and didn't find her there. Reg then comes up with the perfect alibi. Riko went to take a dump! Never tell her that is what you said, if this works.

      -Leader does requisition this, but Reg suggests that Riko has the runs. Leader just sighs, as apparently this is a common issue with her. But perhaps Leader knows more than he lets on as he pats Reg on the back, telling him to stay with her and keep her safe. He salutes in response and runs off, with Leader watching on. Looks like those points in deception came in handy after all.

      -In town, Riko and Shiggy wait patiently for Reg to arrive, clad in his own cloak. He apologizes to taking too long, but now that they're here, they're off to the wharf quarter, as the usual Gate to the Netherworld is always closely guarded. Shiggy says that there's a good spot in the slums to enter from, or so he's heard. They've never actually been to the wharf quarter before, so he called someone to help them. He turns back to allow a figure covered from head to two in a cloak to appear. Reg seems to recognize the smell but Riko has this person pegged right away. Turns out, it's Nat. Which explains why he wasn't in his room at the time.

      -After an awkward moment of silence, Nat apologizes for what he said yesterday. Without hesitation, Riko forgives him, though it almost seemed like she was yelling at him. Nat is confused by this quick forgiveness, since he said such terrible things yesterday, but Riko says it's fine. She wants them to make up since today is the day they say farewell, after all. Nat is taken aback by her words, and to hide his embarrassment, turns away from them. As they don't know their way to the wharf quarter, he'll lead the way. As they walk, Riko asks him if he's okay with them going now? No, he's not. He's doing this under protest, because he can't just stop liking Riko, you know?

      -As the credits play, Reg is glad that Nat came today. Now he and Riko will be able to send off their letters without any reservations. Nat calls him an idiot, saying that hte first or second layers are one thing, but from where he's going, a mail balloon will never make it to the surface. Shiggy points out that, even from a White Whistle, the odds of a mail balloon making it to the surface from the deeper depths are very low. Riko, full of unbridled optimism, says that she'll send a ton of them. She suspects her mother did the same thing. She brings ou the note, saying that it looks like it was scrawled out hastily. Perhaps she sent several different sealed documents and then put one of these inside each of them. That's right, Riko, keep that optimism going.

      -Except this actually makes sense to them. They are shocked by such a thing. Riko is upset at how rude they are. They continue to make their way towards the wharf quarter, wondering if they're still in Orth anymore. Shiggy points out that the wharf district was founded by people who were cave-raiding illegally. Buildings kept being added on as the quarter grew, and now half of it is encroaching into the Abyss. I guess that's how they're going to get down, using one of those buildings that is over the Abyss. They continue to walk through the quarter with Nat telling them to stop being so loud. Oh, and don't look around at everything so much, either. These are probably impossible tasks for Riko.

      -As the kids continue their trek, Riko asks Nat how he knows so much about this quarter. He was born here, it seems. Apparently he was rag-picking ever since he can remember, and when his big sis died, he was left without any relatives, and he was taken into the orphanage at that point. Reg recognizes it as the story he told Leader when he first entered the orphanage, which makes me wonder if Leader knew what was up then? Nat continues, saying that kids around here all see the Gate to the Netherworld and start aspiring to be cave raiders. Nat says he was lucky, because he was picked up in the streets, otherwise, he would have been like everybody else here and gotten sick from the toxins in the garbage or died. Because cave-raiding is so much safer, right?

      -Nat says that, if he can become a Moon Whistle like Leader, he would like to open an orphanage in the wharf quarter. And up goes a red flag for Nat. Unless this show isn't really as dark as I think it is. Riko believes Nat can do that, saying that he's as good at cave-raiding as she is, and he's full of energy. Nat asks why she can't come up with better compliments than that? Maybe about how good looking or reliable he is? But alas, the journey is reaching its end. They soon reach a dock that goes over the Abyss. Given it's condition, I'm surprised its still standing.

      -Reg puts on his helmet, which powers up, and apparently does fit him quite well. He looks for his whistle when he finds a box in his bag. He takes a look at it for a moment then pulls out what appears to be a red note of some kind. Meanwhile, Shiggy is telling Shiggy that, since she has an Aubade with her, if one of her mail balloons makes it up here, h'll be a believer. Riko smiles and promises to include a souvenir with each of them. Nat starts getting very agitated and calls out to Riko. Oh, are you going to confess?

      -Well, if Riko gives him a chance, that is. She compliments Nat, saying that she didn't think they'd make it here with so little trouble. She thanks him with that smile, but Nat starts tearing up a bit. He's struggling to come up with the words, but Riko seems to understand what he's trying to say. Well, maybe not, but Nat sees her tearing up as well. She says that, even if they never get to see each other again, they'll be connected by the Abyss. Whether it's on the surface, or in the far reaches of the cursed netherworld, the two of them are connected to the Abyss. She will never forget the times she spent up here, so it'll be alright! This gets Nat to smile, commenting that she's at it again. Riko smiles in return, points her finger at him and says, "That's right! I'm at it again!"

      -Unfortuantely, this tearful goodbye has woken the residents, which means they need to rush the two down now. Reg looks at the box one more time and decides it can wait. And as the wind picks up, Nat tells them to send letters and he'll make sure to find them. Shiggy tells them to be careful, then adds that it's fine if they decide to head right on back here. Nat then tells Reg that he's counting on him to take care of Riko. He understands and wishes them good health. Riko gives her last goodbyes, and with that, they disappear into the darkness below them.

      -That's when a narrator takes over, commenting on them heading into the chasm, for which even darkness is no match. For those who offer up their bodies and challenge it, the Abyss is said to provide all. Life and death, curses and blessings, all of it. AT the end of their journeys, what will they come to finally choose? Will that be determined by the will of the netherworld? Or will it be determined solely by those who challenge it? Perhaps those questions will be answered in our next episode, The Edge of the Abyss.

      And now, the journey for Reg and Riko begins as they dive into the Abyss to look for the answers that haunt them. Will Reg find out who he is and why he came up to the surface? Will Riko find a way to reach the bottom and find her mother? What will Nat and Shiggy do without their companions? And does Leader truly know more than he lets on?

      It will be interesting to see what happens as our heroes go deeper into this dangerous and seemingly never ending pit. They will face many great challenges ahead, but one with a resolve to see it through could conquer such a terrible foe. And thus, for Reg and Riko, their childhood has come to an end. They, of their own volition, go into a place where they will be on their own, with no one coming to save them if they're in trouble. And as the first two episodes indicate, even the best of the best have fallen to the darkness.

      ...Man, I'm getting depressed just typing all of that up. Granted, this doesn't seem like a happy series, given all the rather dark cues the show has given, but it's kind of made things a little unfunny in that regards. Though that said, with the journey starting proper, I am curious to see how Reg and Riko will handle the trip below. Though I do wonder if we'll hop back to the surface from time to time to see how those kids are doing. We did give them a lot of characterization for this brief time.

      Really, I feel bad for Nat. I honestly think he really did like Riko and just couldn't get the words out properly. Maybe, one day, he'll meet with her again and say the words that lingered on his tongue, but from the way things are going, this is going to be a one-way trip for Reg and Riko. And if we're going to see more, you'll have to tune in on Sunday to find out.

      Until next time, remember, when you need to make an alibi for your friend when you're caught by your leader in the middle of the night, always use the excuse that they went to the bathroom. They will believe you every time.

    • Age1571 asked CaButler a question

      Have you sold Havoc or do you still have it?

      Answered: Feb 6, 2018

      Havoc has been sold.  Sorry.

    • Made in Abyss Episode 2

      1 week ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Made in Abyss. The show that features a never ending pit where young, prepubescent children are sent in by themselves to mind for relics while facing off against creatures that will kill them without a second thought. It's a very happy show.

      In our last episode we got to meet with Riko, our main protagonist, doing some cave raiding. After finding some relics she runs into her fellow explorer, Nat, about to be eaten by a creature that shouldn't be that high up. so she uses herself as a distraction to save her friend, but just as she's about to be eaten herself, she is saved by a mysterious light, which came from a Robot Boy who seemingly appeared from nowhere.

      So Riko does what any good explorer does and brings Robot boy home to the orphanage. Here we get to meet the hard-nosed Director and the Leader of the Orphanage. We also learn more of Riko's motivations, which is to be just as good as her mother, and meet some other characters like Shiggy and Kiyui. They also work on bringing Robot boy back to life, which succeeded, and Riko giving him a name, Reg. Though Reg is unusually equipped for being a robot, coming with the full package. We have many questions to be asked, but will they be answered? Let's tune in and find out.

      -Our episode begins with a shot of the night sky, with one star shinning brighter than the others, as the narrator explains what a Star Compass is. It's a mysterious instrument that always points to the far reaches of the sky. The voice, revealed to be Riko, says the needle led not to the far end of the sky above, but in fact, to the exact opposite of that. The very depths of this planet. Thinking on it, it's a weird compass to use if it's only pointing up towards the sky. As if it was specifically built for explorers of the Abyss. How curious.

      -In her room she's joined by her posse, Nat, Kiyui, Shiggy, and new comer Reg. Nat is bored while Shiggy is like "here we go again." Riko is rather self-aware, though, because she points the compass at them and says "damn right I'm at it again!" She hops on the bed and says that the truth of this Star Compass was most beautifully revealed, and from the bottom of the Abyss, a mysterious robot boy appeared! Reg blinks, but those are some loud blinks! Like if he was smashing two stones together. Riko sees this all as destiny, because she says that if this doesn't mark the beginning, then what does? Maybe the random encounter with an F.O.E. would do something like that.

      -We get our opening sequence, which starts with a picture of the Star Compass, followed by Reg falling from the top of the screen, which washes away the compass to reveal Riko kind of floating towards the screen. We then cut to Reg doing the same thing, so it indicates that the two are falling together in some bottomless ocean. Which leads to our series title, Made in Abyss.

      -Looks like Amazon did subtitle the opening track, but it is in Japanese, so don't look for any English phrasing here. Unless they do it like Funimation where they alternate between the English and Japanese subs every episode. Anyway, we quickly cut to Riko doing her cave exploring, which then cuts to Reg just sitting about like the lazy robot that he is. I note that the voice for the singer also changes, so maybe our two leads have taken over singing duties for the opening song?

      -From there, we see Riko climbing down a cliff, with various shots of the ruins all around her, before returning to Reg who decided to talk a little walk. More shots of different scenery until we get an extreme close up of Reg and Riko's eyes, but the shot is done as if they were looking at each other. From there we get another shot of the Star Compass. After that, Riko takes a tumble and starts booking it like she ran into an F.O.E., followed by Reg climbing up a cliff. We get changing shots of the two, Riko running down and Reg running up, which leads to the two meeting up and Riko giving her "hug them in the face with your whole buddy hugs." Reg gets embarrassed by that, making me wonder just what kind of robot he is. Maybe he's like Data?

      -We then get a shot of another explorer, looking out in the distance. This one is more fuzzy, suggesting a dream like sequence. given the explorer's long blonde hair, I assume that this is Riko's mom. Either that or we're getting a bit of a flash-forward to when Riko grows up. From there, we see our two leads holding hands as they skip through a path. Though I note that the sky happens at the same time the scene kind of goes off track for a moment before resetting. I can understand why you would do that, but at the same time, it's a bit disorienting because of how colorful this show is.

      -From there, we get a still of our two leads holding hands, followed by what appears to be an upside down town, maybe? We cut to our leads looking up before continuing on, then a shot of what appears to be a tree hut somewhere, then on to our two leads at the bottom of the ocean. From there, we get a wide shot of Orth, spinning in place, before getting another dream like scene of Riko (or her Mom), holding a large pickaxe. This then leads to a rapid fire montage of various different characters. Probably those we will meet later. This includes two people in what appears to be in a library, Riko looking panicked about something, some weird rabbit creature, Reg also panicking, a knight creature of some kind with a visor that goes up and down, which lights up, then an aerial shot of Orth.

      -From here, we get a panning shot of a map of the Abyss, likely the furthest anybody has been done to tell about it, before getting one more shot of Orth, ending on a still with our explorers, Nat, Reg, Riko, Kiyui, Shiggy, and Leader. So, like everything else so far, more questions than anything else.

      -Tonight's episode is titled Resurrection Festival. We start things off with a picture of the Abyss, with an explorer looking down it, though given how it's drawn, it could easily look like the explorer is looking up. It's something that's appeared a few times so far, where down can sometimes be up and vice-versa. The narrator states that, when cave raiding in the Abyss, the return journey presents a problem. The deeper you go, the greater and more severe the physical toll of heading home becomes. Well, as the show established in episode one, gravity still works, so all that fun stuff is likely going to apply the deeper you go.

      -The narrator states some conditions, though, with pictures to match. They say that returning from the depths' first layer, the explorer experiences mild dizziness. From the second layer they experience nausea, headaches, and numbness of the extremities. This is shown with the explorer throwing up. Yeah, as if we needed a shot of that. We skip the third layer and go right to the fourth, which includes intense pain throughout the body and bleeding. This is shown with the explorer collapsed, bleeding from the eyes and ears. From the sixth layer and beyond, it's possible to lose your humanity, or even die as a result. This is shown with the explorer barely keeping themselves up, but seemingly transformed into some other kind of creature. Just what kind of messed up stuff does the Abyss do to them anyway? Oh, and as for death? Apparently the Explorer turns to stone and shatters on impact.

      -And this is found in a handy book that Shiggy was telling the others. He says that this mysterious phenomenon, which is unavoidable for any human cave raider, is called the Curse of the Abyss. Riko, ever the eternal optimist, says that robots should be unaffected by the curse as a result. Unless him turning into a robot was part of the curse. But to Riko, this only gives support to her theory that Reg came from the bottom of the Abyss. Also, he's eating a rice ball because... he needs the lubrication?

      -Anyway, Reg says, assuming Riko's theory is correct, then what did he come up here to do? Especially since Riko zapped the memories out of him... maybe. But Shiggy has a theory about that. He brings out another book which Riko recognizes as the Compilation of Recorded Relics. He opens up a few pages with Riko commenting on some of them, like the Unheard Bell, which is apparently a bell that stops time. And apparently, her mother was the one who found it. She gets right up close to Reg, who can't help but notice it and starts blushing. Anyway, Shiggy says that he searched this book for anything that would resemble Reg, but couldn't find anything. It's like he's a brand new relic! Don't ever let Leader find him.

      -Shiggy turns to Riko to ask about Reg's features. Turns out, she has a note book all about Reg, which has a semi-Barbie doll anatomy picture of Robot Boy. I say semi because there's a noticeable bulge around the groin region. In any case, Riko did her scientific research, saying that Reg can run on either food or electricity, possesses a strange power that can melt petrified trees in an instant, has smooth skin that's able to stop a blade, and fire was unable to burn his hair! Reg, getting worried, starts feeling himself up for any extra holes, then reacts the apparently being set on fire. Oh, yeah, they did terrible things to you, Reg.

      -Riko continues, saying that Reg's vision and hearing are better than hers, has an arm that can extend about forty meters, and has metal-looking parts that are made of some mysterious flexible material which she couldn't pierce with a drill. Yeah, Reg is probably planning his escape from this hive of insanity at this point. But it just keeps getting worse as Riko explains that Reg does have a belly button, but that she couldn't see inside of his butthole. She tried to probe him with a measuring stick, but it broke while inside him. And Reg wonders why he's been feeling uncomfortable lately. Oh, and Riko was very thorough in her research as she saw that he has a penis, but it doesn't appear to be mechanical, but is more like a real one. And that's when Shiggy brings this to a halt. Even he can only take so much. But poor Reg, he looks like he wants to find a hole and disappear in it. Well, there is one just right outside, and who knows how far it goes.

      -Nat apologizes to Reg, saying they couldn't stop Riko from her many experiments, but Kiyui is more interested in the penis bit. And this is why Riko isn't allowed around the little children anymore. Shiggy mentions he got the stick out, which must have been fun, but leaving aside the detailed second half of the report, none of his robotic features are listed within the Relic record. And even if they were ,they'd be classified above even grade-1. Riko is confused by that statement so Shiggy explains that, with all of Reg's features, he's basically a bundle of special-grade Relics. This would make him one of the most valuable Relics ever found in the Abyss. Or as he puts it, a so-called Aubade, a supreme treasure of the netherworld. I'm sure Hades will be wanting him back soon.

      -Riko, however, is extremely overjoyed by this. She hugs Reg, saying that her mother never found one of those Aubades. But for Reg, it gets much, much worse. If he was discovered by anybody, like Leader or the Director, then he would be quickly taken away, his existence will be concealed, and he may even be dismantled. Riko is upset by this and hugs Reg tighter as a result. Nobody is taking her Robot Boy away from her!

      -But the hits keep coming. Shiggy reminds them that they have their usual classes and jobs tomorrow, which means they won't be able to stay with him all the time. Riko, who hasn't let go of Reg this entire time, decides that she'll just keep him hidden in her room. Nat points out that this is not a good idea, as even her dog was found out. But don't worry, Shiggy has an idea. Hopefully one that doesn't include locking him up in the old executioner's room.

      -We cut to Reg looking like he was sent through the ringer as Shiggy narrates the plan, which he calls "Bring Together Leader and Reg Strategy." We see Reg looking up at Leader. Part of the plan is to have Reg say he wants to be a cave raider, but asks about his family. Reg says that he has no family, that his big sister died, so he came here. He adds that he heard that if he worked here, he can become a cave raider. Nearby, the student trio watch on, anxiously, as Leader notes that Reg doesn't appear to have been born in Orth. Don't worry, they have a cover for that, as well. Reg mentions that his sister found him a year ago, and that he doesn't have any memory before then, due to an accident he had. After that, he began rag-picking with big sister in a cliff-side neighborhood in Orth's south district. Man, this sounds too manufactured, even though it is.

      -Shiggy questions the use of Reg's fake backstory, but Nat is confident it will work as he doesn't believe Leader has ever been to the slums. But then we get to something that seems rather important that I can't believe they didn't come up with a backstory. You see, they didn't even try to cover up Reg's hands. They were probably hoping Leader wouldn't ask, but he did, and now they're panicking. Reg, however, has a good story for this. He's had it for as long as he can remember, and an old man in the cliff-side neighborhood said it's foreign technology. Leader inspects the hand, asking him to clench his fist. He approves of the result and seems to accept Reg. Hooray! The students are happy, with Riko calling him a real Aubade. I'm sure that doesn't have anything to do with this, but I get the impression that this is just how Riko rolls.

      -However, Leader hits Reg with a question nobody was expecting. Does he know anything about the incident in the Edge of the Abyss the other day? The three panic, but Reg, completely stone face, has no idea what Leader is talking about. A short moment later, Leader accepts this at face value and welcomes the boy inside. And with that, Reg became a student at Belchero Orphanage. He's presented to the Director, who I can't help but think she's some evil matriarch, what with her attitude in the office. He's later introduced to the class where he spots a sleeping Riko not paying attention to him. Probably the first time in a while she's done that.

      -We then get a shot of Reg showing off his inhuman strength as he carries a rather large box with a bag on top of it as the other students gawk at him. Then we see him outside, cleaning up with the others, but doing nothing robot like. You know, given how much of him is metal, one would like that Leader would question more of this, unless he secretly knows but decided that he wants to see how this plays out. Our next shot is of class, and we see that Reg got the good/bad fortune of sitting next to Riko, who is busy being distracted by a bug instead of paying attention in class. And her punishment is to be strung up naked. That was a real punishment!? What the hell is wrong with this lady!

      -After seeing that brief punishment ,which wasn't brief enough, we cut to Reg and Riko sleeping together, being all cute. Because, you know, they're kids. Though Riko isn't a light sleeper as we see her laying on top of Reg at one point. No wonder she falls asleep in class. After that, we see Reg cleaning some Cave Raider tools... or it's the executioner tools. I really, really hope it's the cave raider stuff he's cleaning. Looks like they're preparing for another raiding day shortly. From there, we cut to the kitchen to see that Reg, Riko and Kiyui are in the kitchen making rice balls, or as the caption calls them, Riko Bombs. Hopefully they are not real bombs. And lastly, we see Reg doing some laundry because... uh, to show that he's assimilated in regular student life? I mean, it's a weird scene to end the montage on, but sure, we'll go with that.

      -With the montage over, we cut to a nest filled with birds. Riko is apparently observing them, calling them hammerbeak chicks. We see mom is attempting to feed the kids when, suddenly, a gigantic creature comes from nowhere to swallow Mama up. Well, those chicks are going to need years of counseling now. Riko is even shocked by this and searches for the creature, finding it in a fight with other hammerbeaks. There's a size difference involved, but it's more or less equal to a human fighting off hundreds of chickens at once.

      -As Riko cheers on the hammerbeaks, we see Kiyui is with her, though he's out like a light. We then cut to an older looking woman with red hair commenting on Riko's never-ending interest in them. She replies to the older lady that she will never get bored of this. She begins to describe what happened, but notices that she has a letter with her. It's from Uncle Habo, which says that he's about to head to the second layer's Inverted forest. Riko gets excited about this, calling the Inverted Forest amazing, with how just about everything grows upside-down and how fog rises up from the sea of clouds directly below. I wonder if they have to deal with any Titans as a result?

      -The Shop Owner, because it looks like she owns a shop, smiles at Riko, commenting that it sounds like the young girl saw it firsthand. Well, she is aiming to be a White Whistle, and you have to know this stuff if you want to reach that status. Shop Owner says that Habo wants to become one, as well, even though he's not young anymore. And we get a picture of Habo, who is a beast of a man, smiling for a photo, and he seems to have a Black Whistle. I wonder how close that is to White Whistle?

      -Shop Owner wonders if being a White Whistle is really all that great, which gets Riko a little curious. I should note that Reg is with them and he appears to be organizing the shelves. I guess this is a part time job for the students. A customer then comes in and presents a list to Laffi, the shop owner, if she has any of the stuff on that list. She reviews the list and confirms that she has everything. First, she needs to go grab a chair, but as she has the others down lower, she gets them first. This allows Reg to show off more of his robot features and grabs the one item that was up high on the shelf. He presents it to Laffi, who is amazed at how quick he is. Yeah, he's like the flash. He moves so fast it's like he was actually standing still.

      -The job soon comes to an end, as Riko and company leave. They are soon joined by Shiggy and begin the return trip to the orphanage, where they talk about Habo aspiring to be a White Whistle. Shiggy apparently admires the White Whistles, adding that their country celebrates them as heroes. Reg thinks on this for a moment, looking down at his bell, which he shares with Kiyui. Shiggy goes on, saying that admiring White Whistles isn't exactly the same as wanting to be one. Riko does not follow what Shiggy is talking about, since White Whistles don't have any depth limit. Truly, they are the best of the best among the cave raiders. They probably also have a high turnover rate, too. Riko, confident in her own future, says that when she is made a White Whistle, she's going to give birth to a ton of legends! Though don't some legends require you to die heroically or disappear without a trace? We're just hammering in the whole "this is going to end poorly" bit, aren't we?

      -Back at the orphanage, the kids are off to do more cave raiding, but the one's not joining them are Reg and Kiyui. The director has jobs for them. While the two newbies stand by a wall, looking over the town, we learn that two months have passed since Reg was found, and he's surprised by how well he's fitting in. He looks at his bell and remarks that he has three more days until he goes on his first cave-raid, which means saying goodbye to the bell. He's probably happy, too, since it means Riko won't play with it randomly.

      -Kiyui looks up at Reg and calls him lucky, but Robot Boy tells him that he won't be getting any bigger, but the young student will keep on growing and growing. Kiyui agrees that it makes sense... uh, okay? I think Kiyui is just rolling with the punches when it involves Reg. That's when Riko shows up, looking specifically for Reg. Word is that Habo's squad is returning home, so they should greet them at the grand pier. She then drags Reg away, but tells Kiyui it's too dangerous so he needs to stay behind. Sure, but who's going to deliver that package while they're gone?

      -We cut to the grand pier, and boy, is it crowded. Riko and Reg push their way to the front just as the elevator arrives. In a twist that I didn't see coming, Habo actually comes out with his squad. I honestly thought he wasn't going to come back at all. He appears to be hold an envelope that has a White Whistle on top. He's talking to some other people and presents the whistle to them. It's got an intricate design, with what appears to be a keyhole on the side. One of the regular people recognizes it as belonging to Lyza the Annihilator. Reg is a bit confused, wondering why there's just the whistle, but Riko isn't focused on that. She's giving a thousand yard stare as she turns to Reg, telling him that Lyza is the name of her mother. Why can't these trips bring happy news?

      -After a short break, we cut to what appears to be some sort of stage play, where they're talking about the Abyss, the last unexplored chasm in the world. This also gives us the ranking order. Red Whistles are apprentices. Above them are Blue Whistles, who are proficient. Above them are the assistant-instructor Moon Whistles, which are the Purple Whistles, so Leader is obviously one. Above them are the expert Black Whistles, which Habo is, and lastly, the one who sand atop them all , the masters who have surpassed their human limitations to challenge the Abyss! The White Whistles! During these introductions we have pictures of various explorer types, but they all look the same, just with different whistles and different gear. The White Whistle one, though, is different form the others, as this is a picture of a woman with long, blonde hair. Likely our lady form the opening, who just so happens to be Riko's mother.

      -The kids applaud in joy as the narrator continues, saying that the White Whistles have brought them numerous discoveries that changed the world. NO matter how very deep they go, they remain their brilliantly shining nether stars! We see Reg and Shiggy are working behind the scenes of this play as the narrator continues, saying that the soul of the one who stood out as the greatest even among the White Whistles has at last returned home after more than ten years. Her last dive has come to its completion right here. Wait, ten years? So Riko would have to be no less than eleven. And here I was thinking she was younger than that. Curse you, anime age!

      -But yeah, turns out we have a big celebration here, and they're all celebrating Lyza, with replica white whistles and how awesome she was as a cave raider, for she fought off foreign cave raiders twelve times and won every single encounter. The play then gets to the climax with an image of Lyza the Annihilator, which gets the kids riled up. Of course, the narrator is a showman and a shop owner, so he tells the kids to purchase a copy of Lyza's biography or a replica of her white whistle at the Belchero Orphanage. But be mindful of imitations. Only by their authentic replicas.

      -In an alley way, Riko sits alone. Sure, she's got the hate on, but she cares more about the whistle in her hand, which belongs to her mother. We get a flashback as to when she received it, asking Habo if it's okay for her to keep the real deal. He says it's fine, because unlike other whistles, Lyza's can only be used by her. Though that wasn't exactly the question Riko had. She asks why her? Isn't there someone more worthy of it than her? Turns out, it's customary for a relative to be the one to receive a white whistle like this. So, legally speaking, this is fine. Riko still seems uncertain, so Habo suggests that she can entrust it to the guild, if she wants. Yeah, no, she's going to keep it. She can't trust anybody else with this important item.

      -Besides, according to Habo, Lyza had also been carrying a sealed document. He received both items from a sentry at the Seeker Camp. Currently, it's being examined, so it might take some time to get to Riko. She takes this to mean that the letter is from Lyza. Habo pauses for a moment but then gives a jolly laugh, suggesting that it is. Or more accurately, he's certain it's addressed for Riko. And watch it turn out to not be true and ruin all her hopes and the like. Because this seems like that kind of show.

      -In the present, Riko continues to think on the words Habo said, but she's snapped back to reality by Leader, asking to know why she's just sitting around here. He tells the young student that the Resurrection Festival is meant to show just how great Lyza was, and by proxy, it's an important day for Riko, she he wants her to really take it in. After all, according to Leader, Lyza really loved festivals, and in a way, this is her final one. This leads to some backstory as Riko asks Leader if Lyza was his instructor? But more importantly, what kind of person was she? Riko can't remember her face, even if she was one of the White Whistles she looks up to. So while she's not exactly sad, but she feels like someone she aspired to be just suddenly disappeared. And this is leaving an impact on her in many ways.

      -That's when Leader takes a seat next to Riko and talks about Lyza. When she went for her last dive, Riko was only two years old, which makes it understandable why Riko can't remember her face. He goes on to say that Lyza lived up to the states of legendary White Whistle. But even so, he hardly got a chance to go cave raiding with her. All that he knows of her is from her time on the surface. She was a heavy drinker, quick to get into fights, and you could never tell how honest she was being. Almost sounds a lot like Riko... except for the drinking part. God I hope Riko isn't secretly drinking when nobody is looking.

      -Oh, and according to Leader, the worst part of all of that is that Lyza had a horribly unbalanced diet. If she wasn't a White Whistle, she would have been just another weirdo. She was a real mess, according to Leader, but as he says all of this, you get the sense that there is a lot of admiration behind those words. Truly, the greatest of the White Whistles was well loved, even if she did have her quirks. But then Leader goes into a different direction. He asks Riko how her eyes are. I assume he means that Riko was tearing up, but it doesn't appear to be the case. Riko says that she's fine, and as long as she has her glasses she doesn't get dizzy, but then he drops a bit of a bombshell. They both know the issue with her eyes is different than common "bad eyesight." Her vision itself is fine and free from abnormalities, but she suffers headaches unless she viewed everything through crystal lenses. While the symptoms may be mysterious, their case is quite clear. It's the Curse of the Abyss. But... she doesn't dive that far yet. How can she be suffering from the Curse already?

      -Riko is confused by this, thinking that her bad eyesight is from always staying up late. Well, that was just nonsense Leader made up to teach her discipline. Turns out, the reason Riko is affected by the Curse of the Abyss was that Lyza went down to the fourth layer with a survey team twelve years ago, just as she got pregnant with Riko. She asks why her mother went down, despite her condition? Apparently it was special orders from the country officials. She was to retrieve the Unheard Bell, a relic that had been discovered in the depths. The raiding proved arduous and stretched on for over ten months. They had repeated run-ins with foreign cave raiders and the survey team was nearly wiped out. It was at this time that Riko's father, Torka, who was a Black Whistle, lost his life. And just because we couldn't up the ante more, Riko was born at the same time. Which means that Riko was born within the deeper layers of the Abyss.

      -Riko, bless her little heart, thinks this gives her a strong resistance to the Curse of the Abyss. Yeah, no, Leader isn't going to fuel that little delusion. Besides, she was throwing up a lot during her first time cave raiding, so if she had a strong resistance, she wouldn't be doing that. Leader explains that ascending from the fourth layer is something that's unbearable, even for adults. That has Riko asking how she's still alive, then? Well, aside from coming from a good lineage, it turns out that Lyza took a Curse-Repelling Vessel with her. However,r it was dreadfully heavy, and the now-decimated team no longer had the strength to carry it home. We get a shot of baby Riko inside this vessel and... I'm not entirely certain how to describe it. It kind of looks like Riko is in a womb, but that it's also exploded out from an egg shell. It's rather disturbing to be honest.

      -Riko takes this to mean that she's not actually alive after all. I don't know where she got that from, but sure, we'll run with it for now. As for the Unheard Bell, Lyza abandoned it. She left it behind in order to carry Riko and a still-standing squad member back to the surface. Bringing home just one special-grade Relic is enough to enrich the city and ensure a squad's future. But Lyza chose her daughter above all else. Prestige and riches, her comrades and their trust, all of it. She desired to have Riko so much that she was willing to give that up. Well, except for the abandoning her child at a young age, I'm willing to put Lyza up for Anime Mother of the Year.

      -In a flashback we see the young Leader standing in an empty room as Lyza approaches him, carrying Riko in her arms. She shows the young Leader the baby, who looks on with tears in his eyes. I the present, he says that although Lyza made use of a Relic, the Curse of the Abyss could still not be fully warded off. Apparently, she lamented that she was unable to protect Riko's eyes. Though she did grow up extremely healthy, and in the face of the pressure of having a mother of such stature, she's trying to choose her own path. And thus, the one thing she risked her life to protect is still going strong to this day. Leader stands up and begins to leave, but he asks Riko how she will use the whistle her mother left her? With renewed determination, Riko jumps off from her seat and bows to Leader, thanking him. She then runs off, likely to enjoy the festival that celebrates the life of Lyza the Annihilator.

      -And it turns out, she lives up to the name, because Lyza settled the score with the foreign country that caused her trouble and then recovered the Bell, because she was all kinds of furious after that. Still, Leader decided that it was better he didn't tell Riko that much, even though she knows the Unheard Bell was recovered by her mother shortly after her birth. Probably best to know that she didn't go out for revenge.

      -Back at the orphanage, Riko is in high spirits, singing a little song while cleaning. The song is of her coming for the Abyss. She sounds so happy, but it sort of sounds like she's going to shank the Abyss somehow. Nat is a bit weirded out by Riko, calling her oddly cheerful. Shiggy thinks that she's forcing herself to act this way, since her mother is missing in action. Nat doesn't believe that she has that complex of a personality. Reg, who isn't knowledgeable in the art of human socialism, decides it would just be better to ask her directly. Screw niceness, right?

      -However, before Reg can ask, Leader calls to Riko, saying that she's been given permission to view the sealed document. She needs to be at headquarters by 18:00 and to get a move on. Riko kind of crashes a bit, prompting Leader to get a reply going. And with that, she's off. Leader sighs, but then tells Reg to go with her, because he can't stand watching her behave erratically. It's like a big brother being embarrassed by the younger sibling.

      -We then cut to Orth's East Distract: Cave Raider Guild HQ. One of the guild officers guides Reg and Riko to where the document is, for he will act as an observer. He leads them into a large, dark room, with a large table in the center. On it are several pages, likely from the sealed document, laid out in random order. The officer tells them to not touch anything. He walks away to give the kids some privacy as Riko looks over the documents. It has various pictures of different and unusual creatures, all never before seen by Riko. According to her, Lyza went down ten years ago, and yet, none of these creatures are in the field guide. That's when her attention is drawn to another image, one that looks very familiar. Reg sees her react and is about to ask about it until he sees the drawing himself. It looks like Reg backed when she picked him up.

      -The mystery deeps as Reg pointed out a piece of paper next to it that only has writing. He has Riko shine a light on it to see what it says. "At the netherworld's bottom, I'll be waiting..." Cue credits!

      -Our ending starts off rather cheerful sounding, with a side shot of Orth, but we follow the camera down to the abyss to find our young heroes standing on a cliff, looking up towards the sun. The camera then goes down a level to see the finding a relic with great joy. At the next level is the upside down tree, which Reg holding onto Riko's hand and guiding her to safety. The vocalist changes, so I'm assuming this is our two leads singing again. We then see the two start climbing down using Reg's extending arm, but ends up meeting a crimson splitjaw along the way. From there, we see the two enjoying a meal together, but it looks like they'll have a guest for lunch.

      -After that, the two are in free-fall, but they use these giant leaves to slow their descent, where they meet with the rabbit creature from the opening. Moving the camera over, it seems that she ends up joining the group in their adventure into the Abyss. Further down we get a loading screen of stars before going to the next level, where Reg is keeping hold of Riko's hand, though this time they're under an umbrella that appears to be made of stone. Also, real subtle there, show. Rabbit Girl is, unfortunately, not under the umbrella.

      -On the next level down, the trio enter what appears to be a cave, with Riko hugging Rabbit Girl, probably because of how cute, fluffy, and warm she is. Reg is trying to get her to stop, but as he already knows, Riko overwhelms everybody with her personality. Nearby, the trio enter deeper into the cave and end up falling over an edge.

      -Our next loading screen as the three in free-fall, but they're holding hands on the way down. They continue to fall until landing in a bed of flowers. And hopefully they're just sleeping and not dead. It's really all cutesy and stuff, but man, do I have so many warning flags.

      -For our next episode preview, the map of the Abyss appears to go a little further down than before, as well as giving us our next episode title, Departure.

      So it turns out that Riko has quite a lineage. Her father was a Black Whistle, and it seems like you have to be a high caliber raider to get to that level, but then we have her mother, Lyza, who was a White Whistle and even more awesome than that. Though the episode suggests that she did die, there are hints that, maybe, she is still alive, and may have found the bottom of an endless Abyss.

      We also know that Riko is unique. Despite her young age, she has been affected by the Curse of the Abyss because her mother was pregnant when she went down one one of her last raids. Unfortunately, this doesn't appear to give Riko any immunity to the curse, or even a strong resistance, but all of this only helps to strengthen her resolve.

      As for Reg, we have more questions than answers, though apparently he can fib it enough that he can claim to be human in some way. I'm not entirely certain Leader is convinced of Reg's story, but he's probably going with it for now. Speaking of Leader, I suspect that he has a rather strong attachment to Riko, which paints a different kind of light to his actions in episode one. I think, in a way, he's rather protective of Riko and would never really want to see her harmed in the Abyss. But he also knows that Riko is strong-will, so if she's going to go down the Abyss, he's going to do everything in his power to make her ready for it.

      The mystery of the Abyss deepens. Is there truly a bottom? Is Lyza waiting there for Riko? And did she meet somebody just like Reg? You'll have to tune in on Friday to find out.

      Until next time, remember, when you discover an unknown object deep inside a cave system, you should investigate it properly by drilling it with a drill and setting it on fire, just to see what happens.

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      • HOWtwoROCK

        2 years ago


      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Dear God no. That can result in you getting banned.

      • HOWtwoROCK

        2 years ago

        Okay now delte the first comment

      • HOWtwoROCK

        2 years ago

        I see

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Borderline, and in my opinion, on the wrong side of the line.

    • ConnieEdogawa All of 'em Anubis

      2 years ago

      this safe enough for me to post?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        I see it's listed as questionable, but aside from Esdeath nearly falling out of her suit, I can't see anything that would get it deleted.

        But of course, it's all about the personal taste of the mod that will get you. I think it's fine, personally.

    • gi_goku FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of Tacos

      2 years ago

      Tatsuya Shiba is a troll among trolls sometimes xD

    • Star357

      2 years ago

      I have been taking a lot of my anime choices recently from the image gallery you have been posting. Right now I am on Akame Ga Kill about 1/3 through it and already seen a number of characters die. I am guessing it gets worse as the series goes on huh?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Yeah, and people are not about it.

        It seemed to go more with shock value than anything else.

    • iMacOfDeath

      2 years ago

      ISML is back.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Well, I'll have to check it out later.

    • gi_goku FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of Tacos

      3 years ago

      CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon trailer

    • Raltrios Dislike the new site!

      3 years ago

      No idea what you said, obviously. Cool.

      • Raltrios Dislike the new site!

        3 years ago


      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        3 years ago

        It was me ending the conversation.

    • shadow15

      3 years ago

      hi hi! :)


      • shadow15

        3 years ago

        you and I both actually

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        3 years ago

        Hurting financially. My own fault, really.

      • shadow15

        3 years ago

        long time no talk whats going on?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        3 years ago


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