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    • FIVE! The Best and the Worst - FNaF

      1 year ago


      Trapped. You have limited power. You can’t escape. And now it’s time for your turn…

      Image result for Five nights at freddy's logo



      1. The sheer amount of detail put into the games.

      2. The reason why this is such an effective horror game: Most Survival-Horror gives you the option of either running away, or fighting back (sometimes both). This game? - You can only delay the inevitable.

      3. The lore is impressively complex.

      4. The fact that it all started because everyone said that Scott’s previous characters were all described as “Disturbing” and moved similar to an animatronic. Suck it troll comments.

      5. Game Theory has a long-ass list of theories on this subject… Wait, does this count as mentioning the fans? - Screw it, this is MY list, and I'll do what I want.


      1. The fact that there is a very real possibility that this game was based off a 1990s murder case.

      2. Purple Guy crashed my game! Follow up, WHat tHE FuCk wAS thAt?

      3. Uhh…
      4. It’s all jumpscares… That’s it.

      5. Five games… This franchise. Has. FIVE. GAMES. And a book, and is getting a movie? How… What…?

      Be sure to keep checking back or else the puppet might get you. And make sure to leave a suggestion, that way Springtrap won’t get to the office. Do it.

    • FIVE! The Best and the Worst - KIRBY

      1 year ago


      Ahh, it feels good to be back. And now, it’s time.

      Image result for Kirby logo



      1. The Copy ability gives a wide array of options to choose from. (Personal Favorite of mine: Spark)

      2. The Warp Star… Dammit, I couldn’t find a clip for this one.

      3. The music. Duh.
      4. The sword beam is probably one of, if not THE most badass sword techniques ever made.

      5. Two words: Maximum Pink.


      1. Why is Wispy always the first boss in almost all of the game?

      2. Is it just me, or does it seem like Kirby is… Bulimic?

      3. Kirby spits out his food. That CAN’T be a good thing to teach kids.

      4. The games are weiiiiiirrrrrdddd… (is this a good thing or a bad thing?)

      5. Scarfies are deceptively adorable.

      Almost missed today. Personally, I blame my mother for that. It's depressing when I genuinely think that Raven goddamn Branwen would be a better mother than my actual mother. I mean, I get that we can't have Kalis or Summers for mothers, but WHy dID I hAVe TO EnD Up witH JAcQUes SChnEE fOr a MoTHEr? I… She's emotionally abusive, is what I'm getting at... I don't think that this is a place to vent about this. Eh, whatever. I can't be bothered to change this.

    • FIVE! The Best and the Worst - DEATH BATTLE

      1 year ago


      Well, we all knew this was coming. But welcome to a new edition of Five! the Best and the Worst. This week’s victim/subject…



      (I guess this was inevitable)


      1. They settle those schoolyard debates.

      2. Doing the research hardly anyone else wants to do.

      3. The awesome music that’s used for the fights and analyses.

      4. Being a gateway to new series for potential new fans… (Does this count for mentioning the fanbase?)

      5. The awesome battle animations.


      1. The fact that most comments in Screwattack videos will be fight suggestions, even when it’s not a Death Battle related video.

      2. Shadow fights twice, and loses twice? - Damn, the dude just CANNOT catch a break.

      3. To quote Evil Craig, “Everytime I watch a fight and one of my favorite characters dies, it makes my heart hurt…”

      4. The stories for WHY the fights start fucking SUCK eighty-five percent of the time.

      5. When are they going to do my idea? - I wanna see Freeza fight Sephiroth!

      Huh, it was surprisingly easy to do this without mentioning the fans. I thought it would’ve been a LOT harder…

      But uh, yeah. If there’s any suggestions you want to see, I’ll take a look and do my best… But seriously, I want my Freeza vs Sephiroth!

    • Okay, I did something dumb

      1 year ago


      Alright, I was browsing around in the comment section of Goku vs. Superman 2 on youtube (Yes, I know. It was a stupid decision), and people kept using the bullshit "Superman can MOVE at this speed, but he can't FIGHT at this speed. Batman said so!" argument.

      So, I have a question to ask:

      What the hell IS 'combat speed'?

      Nobody has given me a straight answer. The only thing that's been consistent is "Combat Speed is different than Travel Speed." Can SOMEONE tell me what the fuck 'combat speed' is? - I am genuinely curious as to what the fuck some of those fanboys are talking about.

    • FIVE! The Best and the Worst - Spider-Man

      1 year ago


      Ladies and Gentlemen! Introducing the newest victim/subject of FIVE! The Best and the Worst! He’s AMAZING. He’s SPECTACULAR! He’s ULTIMATE! He’s the man, the myth, the legend!

      Image result for Spider-Man logo



      1. “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility.” - Now that’s just good advice all around.

      2. Spider-Sense is awesome.

      3. Awesome music... most of the time.
      4. Welcome home Spidey

      5. Uncle Ben is an awesome Dad.


      1. Damnit Quesada…

      2. Damnit Slott…

      3. Dammit Rami!
      4. Dammit, Japan… This section's just going to be riddled with "Dammit X" jokes, isn't it?
      5. Spectacular Spider-Man got canceled before a proper series finale… *Sigh*, Dammit network execs.

      I have a patreon. And with great donations, comes a great obligation to let y’all get a say in the next FIVE edition. Just a dollar for this one though. Please help out in any way possible.

      (EDIT: Link broken, now fixed)

    • FIVE! The Best and the Worst - Final Fantasy

      1 year ago


      I was told to bite the bullet with this one, and to just do it so I could get this over with.

      Image result for final fantasy logo

      FINAL FANTASY (All of them)


      1. The fact that it’s the most recognizable RPGs to date.

      2. Those badass limit breaks.

      3. The music is amazing.
      4. The cutscenes are something you’d find in an Oscar-winning film.

      5. The ridiculous amount of titles gives you options to choose from.


      1. Square is SO reliant on people’s nostalgia for VII that they’ll throw in any FFVII character into a game just to make you buy it (Looking at YOU, Cloud.)

      2. Wait, you’re telling me that Aerith can survive multiple bullet wounds, lasers, and even explosions, but a fucking sword to the back is what kills her? Were potions nonexistent in that cutscene? - Screw it, this spot goes to “The Gameplay and Story segregation is stupid.”

      3. XIII-2 had a DLC ENDING! WTF Square. WTF. I expect this sort of thing from Street Fighter, but not you.

      4. Not even Mario has this many spin-off games that deviate from the regular story. Mario only has Party, Sports, Doctor, Mario is Missing, typing, and the CDi games. Final Fantasy has Kingsglaive, Justice Monsters, Brotherhood, King’s Knight, and King’s tale. Keep in mind that that’s just FFXII on it’s own, don’t get me started on the other spin-offs.

      5. FF XIII is too linear. Seriously, you could spend HOURS or even full DAYS exploring the worlds of VII, VIII, or XV, but what the heck?

      Be sure to build up your limit gauge for this mighty attack.

      LIMIT BREAK: Suggestion maker!

      And since I said that I'd do this in the Dragonball FIVE...

      #Freezaversussephiroth #Freezavssephiroth #Sephirothvsfreeza #Sephirothversusfreeza

    • FIVE! The Best and the Worst - Batman

      1 year ago


      I am the salt… I am the praise… I am DUDEBLADEX! And this is FIVE! The BEST and the WORST, covering the one, the only…

      Image result for batman title logo



      1. He’s teamed up with Scooby and the gang multiple times.

      2. The Brave and the Bold is one big love letter to the silver age, and it was AWESOME!

      3. The Animated Series had an episode that won an Emmy.

      4. The music is pretty cool.
      5. Network Execs: Batman in High School. Creative Staff: *Gives Batman Beyond*


      1. He… Dropped the ball when it came to Jason Todd.

      2. I can name 15 people who have kicked Batman’s ass, and everyone will still say that he can beat anyone. (Wait, does this count as mentioning the fanbase?)

      3. Batman and Robin. With their goddamned Bat-Credit Card.

      4. Damian Wayne is a bit of a prick.

      5. The Joker is… Kinda creepy.

      Alright, leave a comment below, maybe donate to my patreon, you can help out immensely. Also, leave a suggestion below and-


      “Guess WHO?”


    • FIVE! The Best and the Worst - Dragonball

      1 year ago


      I’m probably gonna get some flames for this one, huh? Eh, whatever.

      Image result for dragonball logo



      1. We all knew this was going to be on this list. Say it with me now, KAMEHAMEHA!

      2. The music is awesome. So awesome, that it’s hard to choose which ones are the best. But, if I had to pick one… This: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tU5EMlT3Uzw

      3. C’mon. Admit it, even you raised your hands up in the air too.
      4. The villains are badass!

      5. The fact that, unless Mr Satan was one of Vegeta and Nappa’s victims, he is the only earthling to have never died.


      1. GT sucked until the Shadow Dragon Arc. And even then, it was only because of the concept of the dragonballs no longer being an option was a cool idea.

      2. Dragonball Evolution. The only good thing about it was the fact that it was SO bad, that Akira Toriyama went back to Dragonball and gave us Battle of Gods

      3. Anybody without a saiyan gene in them became useless after the Cell Saga.

      4. Goku has no education. And the dubs tried to basically turn him into Superman.

      5. Is it just me, or are the villains in DBS just Ginyu Force members simply powered up? - I mean, people hate on GT for pretty much copying DBZ, so why does Super get a pass?

      Well, I guess this is something that had to be done. And I’m still going to be pushing Freeza vs. Sephiroth. So, until it happens, I will be pushing it. Very often. Maybe I’ll be mentioning it when I do FIVE! For Final Fantasy (Don’t count on FF getting one. About 75% of the fans will demonize anyone who insults their precious their ‘oh-so special holy bible of gaming’). Maybe I'll plug Freeza vs. Sephiroth in that one if it ever happens.

      Leave your suggestions below, and maybe the dragon will appear to grant you a wish.

    • FIVE! The Best and the Worst - Metroid

      1 year ago


      Traversing throughout the planets, and killing random foes, you come across a room. And in this room, is this...

      Image result for metroid logo



      1. That Power Suit.

      2. Traversing the epic locations.

      3. The Screwattack power-up. - HA! - But seriously, it’s a brutal attack.
      4. Samus Aran is one of gaming’s most recognizable female protagonists.
      5. Samus is badass enough that she can take down certain other bounty hunters


      1. Other M. - ‘Nuff Said.

      2. When is the next Metroid Game? - Oh, never? Well… That sucks.
      3. How does the morph ball work exactly?
      4. How exactly did the Chozo infuze Samus with their DNA?
      5. Who’s the leader of the space pirates? - Is it Mother Brain? Ridley? SA-X?

      No. I am not going to say that Samus is attractive. She’s too awesome to have appearance be a factor for being epic. But with that, we have cleared the original three Nintendo poster games. Leave a comment below for others.

      Suggestions are welcome… as are donations. Shameless plug is shameless.

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