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    • Because People need to know about this.

      1 year ago


      On December 14, 2016, at 5:55 PM, this article appeared on the Daily Dot.

      It is referring to the video released to youtube on the first day of December, in 2016.

      This Video:

      This video was featured on IMDB, here: [link]

      This movie already has a trailer attributed to it, and can be viewed here:

      And a 'Best Bits' video:

      AND one of those videos where it goes faster every time a phrase is said:

      Two of them, actually:

      So, to all you Achievement Hunter fans out there, well…

      Here's looking at you, kid.

      Now all we're missing is an Honest Trailer and a Cinema Sins video.

      This was a joy to make.

    • Character Sheet: Blake Belladonna

      1 year ago


      Beacon Academy: It trains hunters and huntresses in the ways of martial arts, weapon wielding, and all the works. And sometimes, you’ll get an occasional ninja cat-girl who escaped a terrorist organization who’s trying to save her species one person at a time. Now, normally that would be extremely rare.


      Well… Beacon ain’t normal.


      • Alternative names: Blakey, Kitten, Kitty

      • Height: 5’6’’

      • Weight: Like she’d tell you

      • Eye color: Amber

      • Hair color: Black

      • Has the only good living parents on her team.

      As a faunus, Blake Belladonna was discriminated against for being different. And as with most stories that involve assaulting people who have a different set of genetics than you, this caused her to end up on the streets. She ended up in the White Fang, a protest organization built to fight for faunus rights… Until eventually, they made it physical.

      File:1003 Black Trailer 8090.png

      After leaving the White Fang, and her abusive boyfriend Adam, Blake attended Beacon Academy, a place where humans and faunus alike could train to be saviors of the world. And she ended up on the color-coordinated team RWBY, led by her partner’s younger sister: Ruby… No, I’m not making the joke.

      Being the daughter of the original iteration of the White Fang (The protest group), and former member of the second iteration (The terrorist group), made sure that Blake has a special set of skills. Skills in stealth, swordsmanship (Swordscatship?), and knowledge in guerilla warfare tactics.

      • ‘Shadow’ clone.

      • Ninjutsu.

      • Enhanced hearing.

      • Enhanced night vision.

      • Expert hider.

      As with many people in the ‘RWBYverse’, Blake’s soul manifests itself as an aura, which can be used to stop lethal attacks, and heal minor wounds. Blake’s aura is strong enough to withstand multiple blows, but she will usually avoid getting hit in the first place.

      File:1108 Players and Pieces 13769.png

      She’s agile enough to dodge machine gun fire, cat-like enough to land on her feet after getting launched at several hundred feet into the air, strong enough to carry Yang after being stabbed, and skilled enough to down an ursa in one shot from her weapon’s Kusarigama mode.

      File:1106 The Emerald Forest 03322.png

      Speaking of her weapon, Gambol Shroud is a pistol, mixed with a katana. Not only can the sheath can also be weaponized into a cleaver for dual wielding. And it might just be the sexiest deadly weapon ever conceived… Well, aside from the gun gun. Plus, it can fire a multitude of dust bullets.

      Speaking of dust, Blake’s semblance, ‘Shadow’ allows her to create a doppelganger to absorb a hit from an oncoming foe, to set up for a counter-attack, or a retreat. She can imbed them with different dust elements to diversify her clones for different effects, and maximum damage output. With a fire clone, she creates an explosive decoy that can damage close-range enemies, earth clones can block long-range gunshots, and the ice clone can be used to entrap enemy weapons to disarm them.

      This shadow can also be used to fling ‘Blake Prime’ towards a foe for added damage… Somehow.

      V2 11 00048V2 11 00046V2 11 00047V2 11 00049

      • Lifted Yang despite a stab wound.

      • Killed a Sea Dragon (With assistance from Sun and the ship crew).

      • Defeated Roman Torchwickin one-on-one combat.

      • Left her abusive boyfriend Adam Taurus.

      Despite all her impressive feats, like being able to swing Yang around like a yo-yo, going several days emulating Monty’s sleep schedule (God rest his soul), and chasing a giant mech around a city, Blake has her fair share of weaknesses.

      File:V2e4 street2.png

      Her durability has a limit, and her weapon does have limited ammunition. Additionally, due to her upbringing, she has some severe self-esteem issues and will often see herself as the cause of a problem. Considering she only sees her semblance as a means to run away, she also has issues with that as well. Plus, she left her girlfriend- I mean girlfriend- I MEAN GIRLFRIEND!




      She left Yang in her time of need, I’ll leave it at that before I dig myself any deeper. Her claws are sharp, so don’t piss off this cat.


      At least when she doesn’t have her nose buried in a book anyways…


      Image result for cheetara

      Both are cats, both are quick, the only difference is that Blake seems to be more of a housecat, and Cheetara is, well, a cheetah. It’s speed vs. stealth in this catfight, so we have ourselves either an opportunity to make a lot of innuendos, or a general catfight. Either way, it ought to be fun to see.

      Image result for Intress

      Intress from ‘Chaotic.’ She’s a cat, she has incredible powers, and is a close friend of a major hero. She’d make a much superior opponent than if Blake were to combat someone from SAO, which an IRL friend suggested once… Hmm, maybe we should have a SAO character fight a FF character. Just compare stats or some shit like that.

      CT full body

      Since there are fanboys that will scream bias even if Death Battle were to pit Yang against Dan Hibiki, I say that we let the nature vs. technology fight take a spot by pitting Red vs. Blue’s C.T against Blake. Both are skilled fighters, use ‘clones’ to distract their opponents… And betrayed an organization they were deep in- HOLY CRAP! We need to make this a thing. This is WAY better than the other two!

    • FIVE! The BEST And The WORST - Legend of Zelda

      1 year ago


      What’s in the chest?

      Do do dodo dodo do dod odo do…


      Image result for legend of zelda title



      1. The music. If this comes as a surprise to you, then you clearly don’t know me.
      2. The battles require you to think on your feet, and use your items creatively.

      3. The Hylian Shield is indestructible. It’s like a magical version of Captain America’s shield!

      4. The Gerudo women are hot. What? Like I was the only one thinking it!

      5. Using the Master Sword on Ganon is epic.


      1. You only really use the item you get in a dungeon once, and only for that dungeon. The other times it's for side quests.

      2. Water dungeons.

      3. Fi is more annoying than Navi. And THAT’S saying something.

      4. That annoying “Low on Hearts” beeping.

      5. The Fierce Deity mask is only usable in boss battles.

      Make sure you have that item. You're going to need it for the boss fight. Maybe it'll even help you in that one sidequest. You know the one. The one that lets you put a suggestion in the comments.

    • FIVE! The BEST And The WORST - Mario

      1 year ago


      Welp, I guess this was expected. So, let’s-a-go!

      Image result for Mario logo



      1. It created the entire platformer genre.

      2. It’s the most recognizable gaming mascot aside from Pac-Man. Maybe even more so than Pac-Man.

      3. Yoshi is adorable.

      4. Bowser’s a cool family man.

      5. Rosalina is elegantly attractive… c’mon, we were all thinking it.


      1. “Our princess is in another castle!” - GOD DAMMIT!

      2. There aren’t any good Paper Mario titles anymore.

      3. Luigi only has two spotlight games. Why doesn’t he have more?

      4. The ridiculous amounts of spin-offs that they have. Seriously! How many does a franchise need? - At least it’s not as bad as Final Fantasy.

      5. Mario Party basically ruins friendships. So you best check ‘em at the door. Yayyyy………

      Save the princess by leaving a suggestion in the comments section below. Otherwise, you may find that she's in another castle.

    • FIVE! The BEST And The WORST - Pokémon

      1 year ago


      This list is going to be the very best, like no list ever was. Today's subject slash victim is:

      Image result for pokemon



      1. The sheer amount of these guys guarantees that every single person on the planet can have a favorite (Mine is Torterra)

      2. Evolving your meek Magikarp into the mighty Gyarados!

      3. Z-moves… are freaking badass!

      4. Cynthia is basically awesome incarnate. - Seriously, screw Ash! If there was a character from Pokémon franchise that I'd want to meet in real life, it'd be Cynthia.

      5. Mega Evolving your Pokémon. That time you did it in X & Y? - It felt like seeing Goku go Super Saiyan for the first time.


      1. There are HOW MANY OF THESE THINGS?

      2. Ash is an idiot who will never win a tournament (Incidentally, that tournament loss ratio is why he'd lose a Death Battle against Yugi Moto from Yu-Gi-Oh!)

      3. It’s a ripoff of Dragon Quest Monsters, and MegaTen. - To think people call it ‘original.’

      4. When are we getting that Dragon, Steel, Poison, Flying, Ghost, Bug, Fighting, Ground, and Rock Eeveelutions?

      5. Unknown. Just… Unknown. Why does this useless thing exist again?

      Posting this early on account that I'm going to be out of town tomorrow, and won't be able to get to my computer for a while

      Just got Pokémon Moon. I had fun, and I figured that this is an appropriate time to do this.

    • FIVE! The BEST And The WORST - X-Men

      1 year ago


      You ever get that feeling of being a bit of a freak? Well, I’d say it’s time to cover this big guy.

      Image result for x-men logo



      1. This. Just… Just this
      2. Rogue can have pretty much any power she wants. And she has two moms. Granted, her moms are terrorists, but she still basically had two moms (I only say ‘had’ because Destiny passed away a while ago).

      3. Cyclops is the only person with red eye-beams that aren’t heat-based.

      4. Jean Grey is awesome

      5. Gambit’s butt. Just… Gambit’s butt.


      1. Wolverine is over-saturated in the movies… And he’s also overrated.

      2. I dare someone to explain the Summers Family Tree… Anyone? Anyone at all? I’m also pretty sure that all the Maximoff retcons fit under this category as well.

      3. Too much incest. Seriously, they’re more prone to it than the Greek/Roman gods.

      4. How often are the denizens of the Marvel Universe going to demonize these guys? - Didn’t they save their ungrateful asses from guys like Red Omega and Apocalypse? Why would you keep sending GIANT-ASS ROBOTS TO KILL THEM?

      5. Their TV Shows have either been poorly-received, or cut off before they have a proper finale.

      Sorry I'm late with this one. I was sick yesterday, and it... It wasn't fun. Man, it would've been nice to have Wolverine's healing factor then.

    • Character sheet: X-23

      1 year ago


      Ah, cloning. From the wonders of Lucy, cloning has been used to create living beings without the need for sex. Why anybody wouldn’t want to have sex is beyond me, but whatever.

      But since we’re talking comic books…

      For the longest time, scientist Sara Kinney had kept trying to create a successful clone of Wolverine, and failed twenty-two times. After deciding to mix some of her own DNA into the mix, she finally succeeded, and thus was born this deadly femme fatale gal.


      Enter X-23, the genetic clone daughter of the one and only Wolverine.


      • Alternative names: Laura Kinney, Talon, Wolverette.

      • Height: 5’’1’ Weight: 100 lbs (W/out adamantium)/ 110 lbs (W/ Adamantium).

      • Eye color: Green.

      • Hair color: Black.

      • Thinks bananas smell like nail polish remover.

      Like dear ol’ daddy, X here can heal so quickly, she can quickly heal from multiple slash and bullet wounds in a matter of minutes, and unlike pops, she can heal a lot faster due to the fact that the adamantium only coats her claws… Oh yeah, they only coat the two claws on her hands, and the one on her feet.


      • Regenerative abilities.

      • Claws (one foot in length each (Approx)).

      • Expert Acrobat.

      • Master Martial Artist.

      • Covert Ops Training.

      But a lot of these things came at a price… Like a couple superheroes, X-23 hasn’t had a proper childhood with loving parents… Well, except for the woman who birthed her Sara Kinney. Sara was on her way to busting X out of the facility, and starting a new life… Then the facility decided to be a bunch of pricks, and tricked X into killing her mother.


      Those guys are assholes… And that’s me putting it lightly.

      Needless to say, X was pretty broken after that…


      X-23: Owner of one of the most depressing moments in comic history.


      After getting a real name after her mother’s untimely death, Laura went to the beautiful city of San Francisco to hide out with her aunt and cousin. Eventually, one of those pricks from the facility tried to pull the same shit that caused Laura to kill her mother, but the universe decided that it was time for one of those guys to get some comeuppance, and the guy fumbled. And Laura decided to let those guys feel what Sara felt… Only, y’know. Laura was actively trying to kill them out of her own volition.

      After that, she tracked down dear ol’ daddy and took him down. But instead of killing him, she just told him that she was his clone… Then Captain America showed up and killed the moment by threatening to arrest her for killing those people. Thankfully, she was let alone to avoid the whole… ‘Living Weapon’ predicament… So at least he’s being reasonable there.

      Anyways, after traveling the country and posing as a prostitute to save some young mutants, she finally enrolled into the Xavier Institute, where she was given her new codename: Talon… Not that she actually uses it.


      • Cut through the sentinel Nimrod.

      • Tore out one of the Hulk’s eyes.

      • Survived a grueling thirteen years being tortured.

      • Didn’t black out after getting her arm sawed off.

      • Survived all that trauma and still stayed on the heroic path.

      Even with all her powers though, Laura isn’t invincible. Like dear ol’ dad, she can die if her head is severed from her body, and she can be caught off guard under certain circumstances. Additionally, upon entering a room, Laura will realize all possible targets, and the means to eliminate them, this includes her allies. And since inheriting Logan’s claws, healing factor, and animal senses wasn’t enough, she was also outfitted with a ‘trigger scent.’ This was the very same scent that caused Laura to kill her mom. When under the effects of the trigger scent, Laura will be sent into an uncontrollable bloodlust that will not stop until the scent dissipates or all targets are dead.

      Mutant haters, Sentinels, and villains beware: One does not simply ‘mess’ with Laura Kinney.

      Image result for X-23



      What? I had her mentioned on my top 15 list as an opponent for X-23. Both were meant to replace someone (Laura replaced Wolvie, Milly replaced Kitana), both of them are half-clones, both have sharp weapons that they use for combat, and are essentially living weapons.

      Image result for Harley Quinn

      The thing that Harley Quinn and X-23 have in common is that the two of them started in a TV show, and were popular enough that they got integrated into the comics. History people. History… Well, that, and the fact that they’re both master acrobats with immunities to poisons.


      … Look, it was either Predator, or Freddy Krueger and the story behind this could be along the lines of: Predator is gunning after Laura to get himself a new trophy. While the one involving Freddy… Yeah I got nothing. Both are incredibly tough, and have those claws. Predator is all tech while Laura is all nature, so we got ourselves a Nature vs. Technology style fight.

    • FIVE! The BEST And The WORST - Street Fighter

      1 year ago


      Did one on Mortal Kombat, so let’s do this.

      Image result for street fighter logo



      1. The fighting moves are awesome.

      2. The diverse cast of fighters.

      3. The badass special moves.
      4. They pretty much invented the fighting game genre.

      5. Their crossovers are always awesome and balanced.


      1. They just rehash the same story over and over again.

      2. There’s hardly ever a proper story mode.

      3. Dan Hibiki. Not even Mortal Kombat made a character for the sole purpose of being mocked and ridiculed… Well, maybe Hsu Hao.

      4. The titles get rushed in production. That is Sonic’s Shtick. Don’t copy it.

      5. Their movie sucks. It sucks harder than an industrial-strength vacuum cleaner.

      Any suggestions? - I’d love to hear them.

    • Character Sheet: Johnny Cage

      1 year ago


      Earthrealm was in danger. The Outworld emperor Shao Kahn was one victory away from konquering the realm. To stop his armies, the Elder Gods set up the Mortal Kombat tournament to give Earth’s mightiest warriors a chance to defend their realm. And among the warriors was Johnny Cage...


      … Yeah…


      • Real name: John Carlton.

      • Species: Human.

      • Fighting styles: Jeet Kune Do, Karate, Shorin Ryu.

      • Location of Birth: Venice, California.

      • Supposedly a former Power Rangers actor.

      Surprisingly, Johnny was a rather powerful kombatant, using his martial arts to take down his foes. From the powerful blows of his Karate moves, to the fluidity of his Shorin Ryu tactics, Johnny was able to take down numerous foes, and survive many encounters. Eventually, he discovered that he was descended from an ancient Mediterranean cult that bred warriors for the gods. Using this power, Johnny enhances his attacks. It can also give him an aura of protection that can stop a powerful blow from the fallen Elder God Shinnok.


      • Shadow kick

      • Plasma Bolt

      • Shadow Uppercut

      • Flip Kick

      • Spit Punch

      Johnny has beaten some pretty big kontenders. He’s defeated Baraka, Reptile, and Kano. And it’s also worth noting that he didn’t get much time to recover between the last two fights. He’s also one of the only kombatants to have survived the, what I like to call, The Sindel and Shao Slaughter. Even after that, he’s still able to defeat Outworld invasions, and was even able to beat down Scorpion and Sub-Zero.


      • Defeated Scorpion and Sub-Zero.

      • Survived a beating from Cyrax.

      • Survived Shinnok’s fire attack without a scratch thanks to his powers.

      • Was able to avoid being impaled by the pit.

      In addition to all of his powers, Johnny can also augment his powers based on what he’s wearing.


      • A-List.

      • Stunt Double.

      • Fisticuffs.

      When wearing black armbands, Johnny puts more focus into his attacks, letting him charge them up for increased damage, or can be used to trip up opponents who are thinking that they can get in an attack before Johnny can. Though, it doesn’t add anything else to his arsenal.

      When wearing special sunglasses Johnny can manifest a ‘shadow clone’ of sorts. The ‘Shadow Clone’ can perform any of Johnny’s attacks, and let the actor keep his distance. It also causes his shadow ball to move in a straight line instead of an arc, for some reason.

      Johnny can increase his punching attacks when wearing brass knuckles bearing his name. These allow Johnny to strike at his foes with punches that can go at blinding speeds, and can deliver a brutal combo of punches that can even punch off an opponent’s face.

      And in order to ensure that his foe stays down, Johnny utilizes a deadly fatality.


      • Decap (Can somehow pop the head off three times)

      • Super Split Punch (... Wear a cup)

      • Torso Rip (Can be comboed with Decap)

      • Here’s Johnny (Splits an opponent’s torso in half)

      • Little Improv (Rapid beating of the head)

      And for those of you curious about that decap thing. Well, considering that the force required to rip off a person’s head is about 12000 Newtons, Johnny must be capable of punching with a force of over 2,500 pounds of force.And when Johnny is in danger of being beaten, his usual green shadow is replaced with a red one. But this isn’t just for aesthetics, this ‘red shadow mode’ increases the damage output of Johnny’s attacks. And can even alter some of their effects.


      • Has lost to other fighters.

      • Got beaten by Jax twice.

      • Not stealthy in the slightest.

      Despite his accomplishments, Johnny has his fair share of weaknesses. He’s lost to Cyrax, Jax, and a resurrected Hanzo, and he was brutally beaten to death by Motaro. However, Raiden messing with the timeline ensured his survival… For better or for worse. It’s worth noting that Johnny loses to foes when he is not employing lethal force, Baraka and Reptile notwithstanding. Despite him constantly saving Earthrealm, he also can’t land an acting job without being ridiculed. Even before he entered the tournament, his acting career was basically deader than Hsu Hao’s likability.

      Even with these faults, Johnny has proven himself more than capable of handling his own… Just ask Goro what happened when he insulted the actor.

      Image result for nut punch on goro

      Huh, Shokan do have Yam Sacks. Who knew?



      Both Vega and Johnny Cage are pretty vain, and generally annoy their allies. The only difference is that Johnny does it in good fun, while Vega does it because he’s Vega. Both are attracted to strong women (Sonya for Cage, Chun-Li and Cammy for Vega), and both have a rather… Unsportsmanlike tactics (Johnny with his nut punch, and Vega with his claws.) Point is, is that we need more sprite battles, not only to be reminded of how awesome some of them can be, but also to give Torian a break while he works on epic 3D battles.


      The two words most commonly associated with Johnny Cage are: Nut Punch. The two words that are most commonly associated with Stripperella are: Shameless Fanservice- I mean, Nut Punch. These two are notorious for hitting their foes in the groin, so… Why the hell not? Maybe so nobody has to wince every time they show a groin attack? … Eh, where’s the fun in that?

      Image result for Booster Gold

      Both of these heroes started out looking for fame, then went on to become great heroes. Both of them got canned for failures, and ended up in the right place at the right time. Both of them are sort of vain, but have hearts of gold… No pun intended. If this brings back uncomfortable memories of MKvsDC, it’s worth noting that neither of these characters were in it, so we don’t have to worry about it.

    • FIVE! The BEST And The WORST - Mortal Kombat

      1 year ago


      Welcome to this week’s edition of FIVE! - the Best and the Worst. Today’s subject/victim is…

      Image result for Mortal Kombat


      1. All that blood and gore is awesome!
      2. GET OVER HERE!
      3. That badass announcer voice. FATALITY!

      4. The awesome story modes.
      5. It’s smart enough to cater to both the casual and competitive audiences.

      1. It was one of the causes of slapping a bold-faced letter on the cover of games that restricted their availability.

      2. The second movie sucked balls! At least the first one had a bit of a “So bad, it’s good” charm to it.

      3. Their cartoon is overly campy… Seriously, “Kombat Time?”

      4. Jade is gone. Probably for good.

      5. They suck at spelling. Inkorrect spelling isn’t kool.

      I won’t normally do this, but coming up next time…


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