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    • Character Sheet: Garnet

      1 year ago


      When it comes down to it, sometimes it’s best not to go two on one, but to go one on one. How is this better? When it comes down to fusion. And when it comes down to the might and art of fusion, there’s only one polymorphic sentient space rock to call. - What, you’ve never heard of Garnet?


      For millennia on a planet several light years away from ours, there was a world filled with alien beings known as Gems. These were vicious fighters, conquering countless planets to breed more of their kind for the planet Homeworld. And, as with many alien conqueror stories, this all changed when they got to Earth. However, instead of the humans beating them back, it was from within their own ranks. A Gem named Rose Quartz.


      Rose Quartz was enamored with Earth’s beauty, and opted to protect it. With her were a small band of Gems, among them was her Pearl, who… Needs some counseling.

      Back on track here, it was pretty late into the war, nearly six-thousand years ago. A precognitive Gem named Sapphire and her three guard Rubies were being escorted to Blue Diamond. There, Sapphire’s visions revealed that an attack from the rebels would cause the ‘poofing’ of her, and two of her guards.

      When Rose Quartz and her Pearl… Pearl attacked, the vision was almost about to be fulfilled…

      Until one of the Rubies decided to give fate the finger, and tackled Sapphire to safety. The result was something brand new.

      Since ‘Hetero-Gem-Philia…(?)’ is frowned upon on Homeworld, and pretty much everyone there were all… (Heterophobes?), Ruby and Sapphire fled to Earth to escape prejudice and gem-shattering.

      Much like Rose, they too were enthralled by Earth’s natural beauty and started exploring the place.

      But the planet wasn’t the only thing explored, they also explored their newfound feelings for each other, and soon reformed back into their fused form. After some test… walking, they ran into Rose and Pearl. Who took them into their ranks, as soldiers and as friends.

      But enough with that sentimental crap, let’s get to the badass stuff!


      • Alternative names: G-Squad, Captain Square, Tall Lady, Mom Squared.

      • Race: Gem

      • Height: 6’

      • Eye color: Red (right eye), Blue (Left eye), Purple (Third eye)

      • Preferred Pronoun: Female.

      • Hair color: Originally cotton-candy, currently black.

      After being included into the fold, Ruby and Sapphire opted to stick around in their fused form. Considering that maintaining a fusion requires an exponential amount of trust and love, this is really saying something about their trust in one another. Hell, they can even fuse in a near instantaneous moment.

      Garnet is an invaluable member to the team, and basically took over when Rose Quartz chose to give up her physical form to birth Steven… The Steven Universe story, everybody.

      But Garnet would not be such a capable leader and warrior without her signature weapons and skills.


      • Electrokinesis.

      • Shapeshifting.

      • Future Vision.

      • Enhanced Calculations.

      • Gauntlets


      Garnet’s weapon of choice is her powerful gauntlets, in which she has extreme proficiency in. She can even launch them like rockets and hit foes from afar. These gauntlets enhance Garnet’s strength to a significant degree. Enough to launch a rock through a thick briar patch with little effort. A quick upgrade added spikes at the knuckle area, allowing for extra damage.

      She can swim through the Earth’s molten core, and survive the depths of the ocean with little to no trouble.

      Aside from her skills, strength, speed, and durability, Garnet has some impressive feats to back up any claims of her being a badass.


      • Reeled in a space pod attempting escape velocity.

      • ‘Poofed’ Peridot with a grapple.

      • Jump-Started a car with her electrical powers.

      • Stopped an electrical current with a single gauntlet.

      • Kicked Jasper’s ass while singing a solo.

      Her list of feats includes being able to ‘poof’ Peridot with a mere grapple, and considering that Peridot can survive basically being the Wile E. Coyote, that’s… kinda disturbing. She can react fast enough to lightning, though that might have been due to her future vision, making any reaction feats very iffy to calculate.

      Despite her incredible abilities and feats, Garnet isn’t perfect. She inherited Ruby’s short temper, and often rushes into battle. Additionally, while her Future Vision seems to be a major ‘auto-win’ ability, she must be aware as to what she is looking for, otherwise, she is fighting blind.


      • Short temper.

      • Weak against swarms.

      • Future Vision isn’t perfect.

      • Weak points are her gems.

      Garnet also doesn’t fare well against swarms of enemies, often preferring to engage in one-on-one combat. And like most Gem-Fusions, enough force - Physical or psychological - can force her to split apart into her fusion materials.

      And while Ruby and Sapphire aren’t helpless in their own separate forms, the duo are more combat effective as Garnet. Considering one time they almost screwed up a mission because they were too busy flirting with each other, it’s probably best for them to stay as Garnet.

      Last but not least, should Garnet’s gems become damaged, she would lose her abilities and she will lose her ability to enter combat effectively. And if the entire thing breaks? - Poof. No more Garnet. Luckily for Garnet, those gemstones are protected by nigh-invulnerable gauntlets.

      Even without all those abilities, Garnet is incredibly tough. She’ll fight you at any time, anywhere. It’ll just be her on you. One on two.

      Image result for Garnet



      And I immediately subvert the whole ‘one on two’ line I ended on. It’s a fusion smackdown in this fight, and both of them use a fusion dance. Fusion smackdown, or fusion fight. Take your pick of how you want it to be described, I don’t care. Though, I think we’d be more likely to see Steven fight some other all-loving hero before this happens. Eh, that’s probably just me.

      Image result for Iron fist

      Fist of stone versus the Fist of Iron. Magical Gem energy versus Mystical Martial Arts. Danny Rand versus Mom Squared. It’s time to see if the ways of Kun Lun can match the might of the Gems… Hey, it’s a lot better than Steven Universe vs. Jem from Jem and the Holograms… Actually, that might make for a good DBX, someone should get on that.


      Maybe the trick here is to see which form of fusion is superior, rather than see which fusion form is superior. If you don’t know what that means, let me explain; Garnet’s fusion combines the bodies and minds into one being, and while Devastator essentially does the same thing, the Constructicons combine their bodies into individual parts, rather than combining them to become one brand new being.

    • Character Sheet: Krillin

      1 year ago


      Sometimes, being the best just doesn’t stack up when you’re outclassed. It just doesn’t matter, because let’s face it, these other guys are just way too far ahead. But this fighter doesn’t let that gap stop him. No matter how many times he’s died. This sheet is dedicated to the one, the only, Krillin.



      • Alternate names: Kurrin, Krillen, Krullin

      • Height: 5’ (153 cm)

      • Weight: 99 lbs (45 kg)

      • Hair color: Black.

      • Address: NBI 8250012 B (Kame House)


      Krillin was originally a student at the Orin Temple. However, due to his weak skills, he was frequently bullied by the other students there. Seeing no end in sight, he left the school at the young age of thirteen and joined the Turtle School, and developed an intense rivalry with one Son Goku, albeit, a one-sided rivalry.

      After the intense training, Krillin entered the 21st Martial Arts Tournament to test his skills, alongside Goku, Yamcha, and Jackie Chun. Krillin managed to make it to the semi-finals despite the power gap between several powerful opponents. Considering there were 137 contestants, this is definitely saying something about his fighting prowess.

      After the tournament, he went back to the Turtle School to hone his skills further, and afterwards, he managed to pull off the Kamehameha wave at the next tournament

      But, ultimately, Krillin’s life would come to a premature end when King Piccolo returned, and had his son, Tambourine kill him in a sneak attack from behind.





      Krillin would later be resurrected by the Dragonballs, and compete in the next tournament, alongside Goku, Tenshinhan, and Yamcha. He fought valiantly, but lost to Ma Jr, AKA: Piccolo Jr.

      Several years later, everything changed when the Saiyans attacked. After the fall of Tien, Piccolo, Chiaotzu, and the beta male - I mean, Yamcha, he, Bulma, and Gohan would later head to Namek to get their Dragonballs to bring them back.

      While there, Krillin demonstrated his strategic prowess and ingenuity by keeping himself and Gohan from being discovered by intense opponents.

      But while Krillin managed all of this, he would be killed for the second time by the tyrant Frieza.


      (Seriously, this guy dies more often that Optimus Prime)

      Well, his death caused Goku to turn into a super saiyan, so I guess he managed to pull that off, I guess?

      - Whatever, Krillin got resurrected later, and was also one of the fighters who went up against the Androids, and later, the monstrous Cell. And he managed to land Lazuli as a wife… What, that name doesn’t ring a bell? Then I’m sure you know her by her more famous name: Android 18.


      They also had a kid. Anyways, Majin Buu showed up, and a literal years-worth of filler later, a bunch of shit happened, and he wound up as a police officer, and was one of the fighters who held off Freeza’s fighting force.

      Enough backstory, onto the fighting stuff!


      • Kamehameha.

      • Destructo Disk (Kienzan).

      • Solar Flare (Taiyōken).

      • Ki sense.

      • Ki Blasts.

      Krillin’s arsenal includes the legendary Kamehameha wave, and various Ki Blasts. Both are powerful beams of ki energy that can take down opponents, or heavily damage them. The Solar Flare blinds opponents, and his Scattering Bullet can target and hit multiple foes at once.

      But Krillin’s signature attack is the Destructo Disc, a disc of ki energy that can cut through a foe several times his own power level, like Nappa and Freeza. Though, some foes like Cell can basically shrug it off.

      Even as a human in a world of planet-busters, Krillin has done some pretty impressive things.


      • Cut off Frieza’s tail.

      • Survived an attack from Piccolo that was thought to have killed him.

      • Barely survived being impaled by Frieza.

      • Matched Goku in the 22nd Martial Arts tournament.

      • Managed to avoid detection from Freeza’s forces for a long time.

      Krillin’s resume includes references to being able to keep up with the androids, and being able to match the Ginyu force with Gohan and Vegeta. Also, he typically carries Senzu Beans on him, making him essential to most missions for recovery. Also, he’s been established by both Yamcha and Akira Toriyama himself as being The Strongest Earthling Male.

      Despite his skills and abilities, Krillin is far from invincible.


      • Has been killed by Tambourine, Frieza, and Buu.

      • Durability is only so much.

      • Somewhat cowardly.

      • Destructo Disc is hardly accurate.

      Krillin has died three times between the span of the 23rd and the arrival of Beerus, and often tries to avoid a fight against a foe that clearly outclasses him. Plus, despite his training, he can never really get past the quarterfinals in any of the tournaments. In addition, despite knowing the Solar Flare, a technique that blinds and stuns opponents, he never really seems to combo that with the inaccurate Destructo Disc that cuts through nearly anything… He’s kinda an idiot that way.


      To add to his long list of failures, he’s also never really won a fight on his own. But, it’s worth mentioning that he is being compared to the Super Saiyans, the Super Namekians, the androids, Majins, Gods of Destruction, Kais, and whatever the f*ck Cell is.

      But regardless, despite this not stacking up too well against most other alien foes, he’s not too shabby for being The Strongest Earthling Male.



      Image result for sakura naruto

      As a bit of an inversion, let’s go for someone who started out strong, then got eclipsed by pretty much everyone else. Compared to Krillin, who started off weak, got strong, got stuck at that level, and then got eclipsed. Now that I think about it, this is basically a Warrior vs. Rogue style of fight.

      Image result for depth charge beast wars

      I looked it up, Depth Charge of Beast Wars has deadly disks as a weapon of choice. Let’s see if he can compare to Krillin. The fact that he’s robotic might make Ki Sensing a bit tricky, so it’s a bit of a fun fight since Depth Charge can use stealth tactics. Plus, it’s infinitely more fair than Krillin vs. Saitama (Yes, that is a real thing).

      Image result for The Absorbing Man

      Bald of Awesome vs. Bald of Evil. Absorbing Man can take on Thor! So, compared to Krillin, this might be an interesting fight to see. I’m not getting my hopes up, though. But this should be pretty cool to see being animated.

    • Character Sheet: Terry McGinnis

      1 year ago


      Thirty years in the future, Bruce Wayne, the original Batman would be having trouble fighting criminals on his own. To keep up, he developed a brand-new batsuit to give him an additional edge. Despite this, an ill-timed heart attack forced Batman to do the one thing he vowed never to do: He grabbed a gun, and threatened a criminal with it.

      Image result for Batman beyond batman grabs a gun

      Horrified with his actions, Bruce hung up the cowl, and the Batman ultimately retired.

      Fast-Forward two and-a-half decades, and Gotham was now a futuristic metropolis (No,not the one where Superman lives), and skyscrapers practically dominate the city. Flying cars are everywhere, Barbara Gordon is now the new police commissioner, and themed criminals run amok. Bruce lived in his manor, and is bitter, cynical, and grim. So, basically the same, only a lot older.

      Meanwhile, a young kid named Terry McGinnis was getting into trouble. He had just taken on a small gang of themed criminals who took after the Genocidal Jester, and was on the run. By pure luck (Or lack thereof), he found his way to Wayne Manor, home to just Bruce, and his guard dog, Ace. While Terry and Bruce manage to fight off the Jokerz, Bruce’s heart condition forces him to accept Terry’s help in getting his meds.

      While wandering around Wayne Manor after giving the old man some help, Terry came across a certain grandfather clock that had a bat in it.

      You can guess what happened then.


      Jeez, Bruce. You didn’t act this way when Batgirl saved your ass.

      But, this is a superhero origin story. So…

      Image result for batman beyond episode 1

      First: Holy shit! For once, it’s not a dead mother. And second: … Damn, this is depressing. Seriously, I'm getting Uncle Ben flashbacks.

      So, after some quick investigating, Terry found that the murderer was linked to Derek Powers, the man who had bought out Wayne Enterprises, and was the new CEO. Vowing revenge, Terry ‘Borrowed’ the new Batsuit, and went after him.

      And, after some convincing, Bruce let Terry become the brand-new Batman.

      Image result for batman beyond

      • Name: Terrence ‘Terry’ McGinnis.

      • Height: 5’10”

      • Weight: 170lbs (77Kg)

      • Eye Color: Blue.

      • Hair color: Black.

      • DOB: 8/18/23

      His parents having divorced (Likely due to suspected adultery), and having to deal with his authoritative issues, Terry takes those issues out on criminals everywhere in Gotham. And now that he has a (relatively) healthier way to release that stress and anger, he's become quite the fighter.

      • Acrobatics

      • Martial Arts

      • Medicine

      • Criminology.

      While Terry has no experience that’s anywhere near that of Bruce, he’s still an impressive fighter. He’s fought the assassin Curaré, and not only did he survive, but he won. He’s skilled enough to block the barrel of a gun with a collapsible projectile, and has even fought his own suit!

      Man, I am getting some Spider-Man parallels, is anyone else getting those?

      And no bat would be complete without a suit to match.

      • Enhances strength to lift 1700 lbs.

      • Forearm Spikes.

      • Ballistic protection.

      • Significant Heat, Electricity, Water, and Vibration resistant.

      • Slight Radiation resistance.

      • Batarangs.

      Terry's neuromuscular amplification

      The new and improved Batsuit makes the old one look like a wet paper towel, and it definitely shows. The new suit comes equipped with light-reflection, which allows Terry to be invisible on nearly all spectrums of light, and has several surveillance functions. The suit can also give him limited flight with his rocket boosters, and can even send an electrical pulse throughout the suit to stun opponents much like the old batsuit.

      Terry isn’t a slouch on the job either. When his suit got possessed by an electrical entity (It’s a long story), he grabbed an old utility belt, and mask and went out to fight the damn thing!

      And no batsuit is complete without Batarangs. He’s got a whole slew of ‘em. From Electrical, to Explosive

      Terry's batarangsElectricBatarangTerry's explosive batarang

      Standard                           Electrical                         Explosive

      • High-Caliber bullets.

      • Electrical Whips.

      • EMPs

      • Reliance on Batsuit.

      Terry has no specific weaknesses. But, he’s still a normal human being, meaning that toxins, acids, and enough force can indeed kill him. In addition, he’s also reliant on Bruce’s advice that comes from the Batcave. And, as we all know, Death Battle bans outside help. Plus, he’s also a bit short-tempered, but you would be too if your dad was Bruce Wayne.

      Image result for wait what

      What, you guys didn’t know that? Seriously, the genetics match up, and… They kinda confirmed it later. Seriously, guys pay attention.

       caboose> Yeah, seriously guys, it was super obvious.

      When did he get here?



      Moving on…

      • Took down Blight.

      • Defeated Inque.

      • Broke the Joker. By talking.

      • Got the only A+ in a family studies project.

      Aside from beating a back-from-the dead Joker (Long story), Terry’s done some impressive things. Like managing to take on a guy who LITERALLY DEAFENED AN ENTIRE CITY! He’s also taken on drug-powered thugs, and even managed to make the Joker become reckless in a fight by talking. And considering that this is Joker we’re talking about, that’s saying something.

      Oh yeah, he also managed to sneak into Wayne Manor, and steal the Batsuit without Bruce Wayne noticing. That probably has to account for something.

      Well, that’s all I have to say about him. The dude’s a powerful and resourceful fighter. I’m not one who would step into the shadows if he’s within five miles of my position.

      Image result for Terry mcginnis gifs


      Image result for Spider-Man 2099

      Personally, I would immediately call bullshit if this guy wasn’t at the top of a list of potential opponents for Terry. It’s an old fight with a new twist. Somebody tell me that it isn’t a cool idea, and I will come at you with everything I’ve got.images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS59mrptAjFdeuF-dmTKUS

      Maybe a fighter in the future taking on a fighter from the future should go at it. There’s a definite contrast going on here. Cable is jaded, cynical, and has to put up with a guy who never shuts up (Read: Deadpool), while Terry is snarky, sarcastic, and has to put up with a guy who has no sense of humor (Read: Bruce Wayne).


      Ka-Zar from Marvel (Yet again). Maybe the trick isn’t Future fighter vs. Future fighter. Maybe the trick is two fighters from different timelines… Well, different points in the time circle. Because as we all know, time is not made up of lines. They are made up of circles, which is why clocks are round. Well, Ka-Zar may not be from the past per-Se, but he comes pretty close. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, or maybe I just want to see Terry fight a Marvel character. Who knows?

    • FIVE! The BEST And The WORST - Overwatch

      1 year ago


      This week on Five! Best and the Worst, we take a look at one of the most popular FPS games this decade.




      1. It’s practically Troll-Free!

      2. Heroes Never Die!
      3. The victory theme is amazing.
      4. Calvary’s here!
      5. Widowmaker, Tracer, Genji, and Mccree’s butts. Seriously.


      1. Bastion, Mccree, and Hanzo are OP. Their Ults need to cost more points, or they just need to be nerfed.

      2. Everyone treats their supports like bitches. “No, you only took ONE hit. You don’t need me.” “Stay within my goddamn line of sight. I can’t heal you if you run off into a room to try and solo five of the enemy alone.”

      3. Mei’s ice wall ability can hinder your own team. "Haha, so funny. You blocked us off when we were trying to set up/defend the point."

      4. Defense characters are almost never used correctly. Why the hell do we need more Tracers on defense?

      5. It’s XBox, PC, and PS4 exclusive - Where’s the love for the other consoles?

    • Why Frieza should fight Sephiroth

      1 year ago



      This is a comparison between a matchup that I kinda want to see (Mostly due to my unhealthy obsession about it,) so… here we go.

      Frieza vs. Sephiroth


      Okay, this took a while to import. For extra info, I have a character sheet on Freeza. Also, shoutout to this guy for making the base template.

    • FIVE! the BEST and the WORST - RWBY

      1 year ago


      So, Volume Four is about to come out. And since, as I’ve said, somebody has to say this stuff, so here we go. It’s the second edition of FIVE! The Best and the Worst. This topic is...




      1. The epic music is never disappointing.
      2. Every weapon is also a gun… Well, almost. Friggin’ Jaune just HAS to be different… Flynt’s weapon is pretty badass though

      3. RWBY Chibi is adorable.

      4. It’s popular enough that it made its way into Japan. Usually, it’s the other way around.

      5. The Awesome fight scenes. Seriously, it’s hard to describe, somebody try to describe it in words without using the words “Spectacular,” “Excellent,” “Wonderful,” “Amazing,” “Great,” or “Extraordinary.” … I just realized that the first letter of each of those words spells SEWAGE… Go figure.


      1. Character development is reliant on digging into the characters, and analyzing them thoroughly. C’mon guys, SHOW don’t TELL. Or at the very least tell us rather than rely on us digging for it.

      2. Silver eyes were never hinted at… Seriously, the most we get is Ozpin being the cryptic a-hole he usually is. That’s it… You know what? - Fuck it. This spot goes to “Ozpin is a cryptic asshole.”

      3. Roman, Penny, Amber, and Summer died before we even knew what their semblances are… Seriously, what are their semblances? - Follow up question, what are the names of the other weapons?

      4. The background characters were all silhouettes until Volume 3. And even then, they were just re-used models.

      5. RWBY and Ruby are really confusing.

      Is there’s something you want to see the best and worst of? - Leave a comment below! I’ll be sure to get to it when I have the time to do so. And, as I’ve said before: Fandoms have zero impact here. If you were expecting to see “The crazy amounts of ships.” on this list, then you should probably make your own.

      Gotta say, it took a lot of willpower to not put down “Bumbleby isn’t canon yet.” As one of the things listed under WORST.

    • Character Sheet: Freeza

      1 year ago


      Planet busters. They’re typically evil, they’re by nature powerful, and they come in all shapes and sizes. And some have more shapes than others… But, regardless, some typically go out in a blaze of glory, and some are just cold. Or rather, they’re Freezer… Eh? Eh?



      • Name(s): Freeza, Frieza, Freezer, Lord Freeza.

      • Height: Various.

      • Weight: Various

      • Age: 50+ Years

      • Eye color: Red.

      • Race: Frieza’s Race (Frost Demon)

      Frieza is typical galactic-conqueror type. Born with an abnormally massive power level to the tyrant King Cold, his primary goals were essentially the following. Goal number 1: Rule the galaxy. Goal number 2: Outshine his Cooler older brother (Insert your “Goddammit, Barb!” comment here.), and Goal number 3: destroy all who stand in his way.

      But all those goals would wind up on hold when he caught wind of the Dragonballs, and their wish-granting abilities. Suddenly, Frieza’s goal was now to find the dragonballs on planet Namek, and gain immortality. With this goal set in mind, he arrived on the planet, and quickly gathered four dragonballs, decimating several Namekian villages while doing so.

      Luckily for Namek, Vegeta, Krillin, Gohan, and Bulma were on the planet, and they were also looking for the wish-granting dragonballs. And Goku was on his way soon too!

      Due to this, however, Frieza was forced to call in backup. AKA: The Ginyu Force. And these guys inadvertently raised Goku and Vegeta’s power levels. And after killing Vegeta, Krillin, mortally wounding Piccolo, and threatening Gohan, Freeza pushed Goku past both his physical and emotional limits, and caused him to reach the previously-thought to be a mere legendary form of Super Saiyan.

      A lengthy fight and a bunch of Filler later, and Frieza was finally beaten… Or so we thought. He was picked up by his pops, and given cybernetic enhancements to become the dreaded Cyborg-Frieza!


      And the planet would have been doomed, if a certain time-traveling Half-Saiyan named after swimwear hadn’t shown up and sliced him into more pieces than Vegeta’s pride after his Final Flash failed against Cell.


      Thanks to Trunks’ bravery, strength, bravado, and REALLY sweet-ass sword, Freeza was subjected to his own tailor-made punishment known to man. A torture so vile and humiliating, that I hesitate to show what it is out of the sheer shock and horror that it could bring. A tailor-made hell that could only be described as…


      … A Magical Girl Anime!




      Luckily for Frieza, his minion Shorbert came along, and revived him with some help from the Earth’s Dragonballs. It was then, that Freeza decided to add an EXTRA form to his already long list of transformations. Speaking of, I don’t think I’ve covered that. Let’s go over his different forms, right now.



      Frieza’s first form is still pretty damn strong. It still has enough power to blow up planet Vegeta, along with king Vegeta, and can take on the Namekian warrior Nail with little effort.


      Freeza’s second form dwarfs the others, it has all the power of his first form, plus a few extras. His horns can impale an opponent, and the sheer size of it can easily beat down other fighters like Krillin and Gohan. If Frieza’s claims are to be believed, the power level of this form is over one million. That’s nine zeros, for those of you curious.


      His third form has a whole lot more to it. It can easily match Piccolo after he had fused with Nail, and can even bounce back one of Gohan’s strongest attacks. But this Xenomorph-wannabe form is nothing compared to his fourth and final form…


      This form, is arguably the most deadly. With a power level clocking in at sixty million (Ten zeros), this form isn’t one to sneeze at. It can easily match Vegeta in one-on-one combat, and can even kill the team’s white mage with total ease. This form’s power is so immense, that the attacks are difficult to follow, even for trained warriors like Piccolo, Krillin, and Gohan. Hell, this form even killed Vegeta, and was able defend against a massive Spirit Bomb with only his tail being blasted off. And that was after defending against a Kaio-Ken X20 Kamehameha with only minor burns!

      File:Frieza Defeated!! - Frieza.png

      And that previous form was only HALF of Frieza’s full power. At 100%, Freeza can obliterate planets, and even take on Super Saiyan Goku. He’ll even steal Krillin’s attack, but it’s about as effective as Krillin’s move.


      Last, but most certainly not least, after his resurrection, Frieza gained a new golden form that had a massive power level. And since Frieza is a ‘Nice Guy’, that power level was one hundred quintillion (100,000,000,000,000,000). It’s about on par with Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, which in turn, is about on par with Lord Beerus.

      • Death Beam (Freeza Beam)

      • Death Saucer (Tsuibi Kienzan)

      • Death Ball (Used to kill powerful opponents, or planets in general)

      • Whirlwind Blow

      • Death Ball

      Freeza’s arsenal includes a plethora of ki blasts including, but not limited to: the Death Beam, the Death Ball, the Death Saucer, Death Storm, Death Fork - Wow, he has a real obsession with death, doesn’t he? But, aside from his powerful ki, Frieza can choke his opponents with his powerful, thick tail… That came out wrong.

      And we keep it moving to his list of weaknesses.

      • Arrogant.

      • Lower-level forms used as a means of self-control.

      • Does little dirty work himself.

      • Burns through power too quickly.

      Freeza’s list of weaknesses includes his arrogance, which led him to being bisected; And his lower-level forms are used to curb this. Without them, he’s pretty damn arrogant. Thinking that he could take on anybody, and win (So, basically, he becomes what the 90% of the fanbase think Goku should be). He also hardly ever gets his hands dirty himself, but he’s no slouch when it comes down to combat. In addition, he also burns through his power pretty damn fast. Against prolonged combat with someone his equal, Frieza is in constant danger of overestimating his power reserves.

      Luckily for him, unluckily for what poor schmuck is fighting him, Frieza has some impressive feats to back him up.

      • Killed Krillin, Vegeta, Guru, and Nail.

      • Destroyed numerous planets. Including Earth.

      • Matched Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta.

      • Attacked enough planets to have heard “We’re going to fuck your face!” At least twelve times

      Aside from the countless planets he’s killed (And the fact that nobody can decide how to spell his name), Frieza’s done some pretty damn scary things! Like decimating the entire planet Vegeta with a Death Ball while in his base form, Being able to survive the vacuum of space, and the time he survived a planet-busting explosion… After being bisected… After taking a brutal beating from Super Saiyan Goku… AFTER being hit with a massive spirit bomb! - It’s safe to say that Frieza’s durability is extreme. And with durability like that, I wouldn’t want to be the guy who makes him lose his cool.

      Image result for frieza

      … Oh crapbaskets…


      File:Sephiroth Portrait.jpg

      Aside from my own personal, and admittedly rather unhealthy, obsession to see which fans can rage harder; this is an interesting matchup. Planet buster versus Planet buster, Guy who killed the main protagonist's best friend versus Guy who killed main protagonist’s potential love interest, Guy with an effeminate appearance vs Guy with effeminate hair, Two fighters with fanbases who have a hair-trigger temper. Who will win?

      Image result for Megatron

      Megatron: Leader of the Decepticons. Both are deadly, have prominently purple energy attacks, are primarily colored purple and grey. And after they got revived, their colors were prominently gold and purple. So, appearance-wise, they’re pretty set to go.


      While the Dragonball fans are busy demanding a rematch between their main guy and Superman, I wanna see a fight between the main hero’s heaviest threats. Goku was willing to drop pretty much everything to stop Freeza, and Superman was (rather reluctantly) willing to team up with Lex Luthor to stop Darkseid. Think about it… Could be fun.

    • Top 10 Dogs in video games

      1 year ago


      Well, while I’m waiting to remaster my old Freeza character sheet, I figured, what the hell, I’ll do top ten dogs in gaming. So, onto the intro.

      Dogs, they’re a man’s best friend. And video games have had some pretty interesting dogs. So, after watching that old Top 10 Cats Video again, I figured “Hey, someone should do one for the other household pet!”

      Nobody did, so I guess it’s up to me. Hey, I’m DudebladeX, for the SA fanbase

      Top 10 Dogs in Video Games.


      Image result for Nintendogs

      There is only one real way to start off a list like this. And that would be to choose one that I’m pretty sure we can all agree on. With Nintendogs, you get a choice of whatever dog it is that you want, and you get to play with it like a real dog. So, basically it’s the same, but with less cleanup.



      There were several dog Pokemon that I could have chosen. But I opted for Suicune. Suicune is an awesome dog. He’s basically BFFs with Celebi, so that already guaranteed a spot on this list. He’s a water type, so while he won’t stand a chance against Raikou, he pretty much OBLITERATES Entei. The only reason he doesn’t rank higher is because Pokemon are weak. Fanboys, git yer shotgun ready!


      Duck Hunt

      If only we weren’t trolled by this son of a bitch (Daughter of a bitch?) when we were younger. But, hey, this guy (Girl?) was actually essential in hunting those ducks. He (She?) IS the reason the ducks fly off to go from sitting ducks to flying ducks. So, the dog is pretty useful… Okay, time for the elephant in the room, is the Duck Hunt dog a boy or a girl? I honestly can’t tell.



      “Dogs are typically not known for their musical talent.” - That’s a random quote from somebody, but I digress. K.K Slider, is the pooch who proves that guy wrong. Born on August 23, Slider is an awesome guy to have around when you want to listen to some tunes.


      Boney Clay

      Boney is quite the dog to have on hand when you need some help in a fight. He’s super fast, so he’ll pretty much attack first, he’s smart - To the point that he can stand on his hind legs for prolonged periods of time, and he can sniff out enemy weaknesses. Sure, he’s hard to actually use in a fight, but he’s still a loyal dog who will stick with Lucas (Or whatever you decided to name him) ‘till the very end.



      As much as I personally think that the Final Fantasy fans need to get it hammered in their head that their precious characters aren’t infallible gods that are incapable of losing a fight, and that if they do, it’s a personal attack on them (Long story that involves my cynicism), Sant’ Angelo di Ramona (Which I’m guessing translates to Saint Angel of Rome.) from Final Fantasy VIII, lands a spot on this list due to the fact that he is quite the badass. As a limit break summon, he isn’t playable, which hurts his opportunity to get much higher, but I will say this: He could take on Houndoom, and STOMP him. Fanboys, git yer- ah, you know the rest.


      Rush art

      To paraphrase the great words of Boomstick, “Rush is like the best Dog ever! You never have to feed him, he never shits on your couch, and he turns into a sweet-ass set of armor known as the Super Adapter!” And to be honest, if he didn’t restrict your other weapons, he would place higher on this list.



      Loophole abuse! Yeah! As a wolf, Link is not only more agile in this form, but he can talk to animals, dig around, and has enhanced senses. Sure, he can’t use his sword or other items in this form, but he’s still a badass who can take on a plethora of different foes.



      Blade Wolf, or, IF (Interface) Prototype LQ-84i, is one badass dog. Equipped with chainsaws, spring-loaded knives that can be super-heated, a prosthetic tail, and even Zandatsu! While he’s only playable via a DLC pack, Blade Wolf is one tough son of a robotic bitch.



      When I made this list, I knew only a few things. One of which, was which dog would be at the number one spot on this list. There are plenty of dogs that are on this list, but a large chunk of them share one thing in common: They are still just dogs. That’s right, the number one spot, goes to the one who is more than just a dog, she’s the opposite of a dog, she’s a GOD. That’s right, Amaterasu is a God who can alter reality with a paintbrush. I bet little Spot can’t do that, huh Neighbor Sally? Now all we need is to find out if the best dog, is a match for the best cat...

    • Introducing: FIVE! The BEST and the WORST. This week: SONIC

      1 year ago


      So I decided to do a new series. I call it: FIVE! The Best and the Worst

      It’s basically a little thing that I’m going to do about different franchises. Movies, Video Games, Comics, TV shows - All that stuff. And I’m going to list the five best and worst things about it (Also, there's no mercy. The subject could be literally anything, and I will find something to praise about it, and something to curse about it). It’s in no particular order, and as an extra challenge to me, I will not be using anything about the fans (unless there's an actual article that addresses them. Then a link is going to be supplied.)

      That’s right, nothing about the fans will be included.

      The main reason I'm making this, is because of one simple reason:

      Someone has to point out the flaws in these things.

      With that said, let’s get started with our first subject:

      Image result for sonic sega



      1. The super-fast gameplay.

      2. The stages have a flare of creativity and innovation to them.

      3. His rivalry with Mario spans legends.

      4. His show had a spot dedicated to making kids better people.

      5. The music is friggin’ awesome!


      1. The games have been more ‘miss’ than ‘hit.’

      2. Tails is too OP.

      3. Shadow’s games suck.

      4. Their only party game is horrendously bad.

      5. Real hedgehogs can actually swim. What the heck, Sega?

    • Top 10 dumbest Death Battle Ideas

      1 year ago


      Hey guys, guess what? - I’m bored as hell, waiting for Amy’s opponent to be revealed so I can get to work on the next chapter of my crossover (Or if it’s been revealed by the time this list comes out, I’m waiting on the result, and the inevitable salt from the fans). So, here we go, it’s the 

      Top 10 DUMBEST Death Battle Suggestions.

      10. FNaF animitronics vs. Anybody

      Survival Horror Game. You aren't allowed by the godamn programing to hurt these things, so people claim that they're automatically invincible. Because "We haven't seen them get hurt." They're hackable, they have a shit-ton of problems, and they are nowhere even close to being invulnerable.

      9. Saitama vs. Anybody.

      He has an auto-win condition. I don’t really like that. He has a No-Limits-Fallacy. And considering that most of the people wanting to see him in a fight are the guys who hate those NLFs, I’d have to say I don’t want him in for two reasons; One, is that auto-win I mentioned earlier; and Two is so that way the OPM fanbase can’t get at their throats. Hypocrites, the lot of ‘em.

      8. Freeza vs. Mewtwo.

      Need I put a link to Ben’s post again? Well, here it is. Again: >https://twitter.com/benbsinger/status/742781766012801024

      7. Sans vs. Anybody.

      From what I’ve seen, Sans can only be beaten by someone who wants nothing more than his demise. Apparently, this means that only Frisk can kill him. I have no plans to play Undertale, or whatever, but claiming that he’s the ultimate enemy based on the sole fact that he’s the only one who will dodge is, to me, total bullshit. Now, if he were to fight Saitama, that would be a different story. That matchup, would be the only thing that could be entertaining about those two entertaining the ring would be them fighting each other.

      6. Steve? Vs. Anybody

      Steve from Minecraft. He’s entirely player-controlled, and that would violate something that’s very important about the fight: Player influence. Player influence is basically saying “This character can only win if the player is in full control of his/her actions. Do you really want that to be how your favorite character wins? - By having a player control their actions?

      5. Entire DC universe vs. the entire Marvel universe.

      This fight, would be a pain in the ass to animate. For both sprites, AND 3D. Let's just stick with the one on one matches, okay? We don't want a haphazardly put together piece that nobody will agree on.

      4. Slenderman vs. Anybody

      Any actual fan of the show knows that these guys use FACTS to determine a fight. Slenderman isn’t a character with any feats, stats, or even a consistent appearance. In fact, most creepypasta characters have this distinction. They’re bad ideas to use, and as much as I wanted a Halloween special battle, I’d rather have Jason vs. Freddy, than Slenderman vs. Jason.

      3. Fantastic Four Battle Royale.

      For starters, this is a repeat of the TMNT battle royale from season one. And that’s not to mention how many fans would be crushed by the outcome. Similar to the turtles, three-fourths of the fans would have to see their favorite member get killed, while the other fourth would have to see their favorite member kill the others. Not to mention, that Sue pretty much stomps. Did you know that she can basically let you die of heat stroke by making the area that covers your brain invisible? Did you know that she can put a force field inside a person’s body and slowly expand it? Did you know that she’s the one that Doom fears, and not Reed? - I didn’t think so.

      2. Random fanbase vs. Other random fanbase.

      Look, I’m all for a fight that’s made for the fun of it. Season 1 had Koopa vs. Goomba and Bieber vs. Black. Season 2 had Chuck vs. Segata and (Possibly) Fett vs. Samus REMASTERED. But this fight is more of a spite match. It would insult the fans, and they would be a bit (Read: 1,000,000,000%) irritated and hurtful towards the hosts. Some of them would probably take it as a personal attack on their person, like how they react to any matchup where their preferred character loses, but unlike the sarcastic example I mentioned, this would actually be kinda justified.

      1. Goku vs. Superman 3

      Do I really need to say it? Superman stomps! Guys, c’mon. Superman has broken reality several times over, and has done things that would make Goku look like Krillin in comparison. And I know what some of you are going to say: Superman isn’t limitless! And I will agree to that. However! Yes, the Flash is faster than Superman, but he is nowhere near as durable as the Man of Steel. Yes, Darkseid is arguably stronger than Superman, but he isn’t as fast as the Last Son of Krypton. Yes, Lex Luthor and Batman are more intelligent than Clark, but they don’t even come close to Superman’s strength. In addition, if Superman really wanted to, he could fly up into the vacuum of space with Goku, and let the Saiyan suffocate right there. Or he could take Goku and force him into the sun, effectively incinerating him. If this DOES end up becoming something, the only thing I want to see is the two starting out with a friendly spar, then having to team up to defeat a common threat. Winner: Friendship.

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