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    • Top 5 Death Battle Ideas that would make the fans go nuts

      1 year ago


      The reason behind this? - I was bored. So, hey! I’m DudebladeX, for Screwattack fanbase’s

      Top 5 Death Battle Matchups that would make the fanboys RAGE

      5. Sephiroth vs. Kefka.

      This is something that would make the fans rage. Like, HARD. But the primary reason I don’t want to see this happen is because it would be an in-franchise fight. The last three were actual ones that were brought up, even Carolina vs. The Meta was questioned at least ONCE. But, this one. This one is just asking to have a bunch of Final Fantasy fans go at their throats. And considering they already have Shadow fans, they don’t need any more to deal with.

      4. MLP Battle royale.

      This… This would just get about half of the internet to hate them. Not that they’re strangers to receiving hate, but still, it’s not exactly a pretty thought. Plus, this would be SIX characters they’d have to analyze, instead of the typical three or four, so it might put quite the strain on them.

      3. Freeza vs. Sephiroth

      I will admit, I want to see this one for the sole reason of seeing the fans go nuts. Since about 70% of the Final Fantasy fanbase is made up of annoying fanboys who think that their characters are all infallible gods incapable of losing a fight, and the same can be applied to the fans of Dragonball, only with 90% of the fans rather than 70, this is a fight between planet busters, and a fight between two fanbases who, in my personal opinion, really need to be taken down a notch or two.

      2. Saitama vs. Sans

      Due to the fact that both of these guys have fans that are more toxic than chemo, I can only see this ending so well. With Saitama’s one-hit kill tendencies, and San’s ability to only be able to be injured by a foe who wants nothing more than to kill him, this is a battle for the ages. NLF vs. NLF. Whose No-Limit-Fallacy will win?

      1. That giant-ass Grimm dragon vs. Hopper from A Bug’s Life

      No, you didn't misread that. Yes, I am dead fucking serious (What? You thought that the lines about Hopper vs. The Grimm Dragon in this analysis, this analysis, and one of the lines in this story (Hashtag shameless plug) were JOKES?). Due to the fact that any (literally ANY) Roosterteeth character that enters the ring is going to be brushed off as “they're going to make them win because Fullscreen is going to make them.” This is something that will go one of four ways. Scenario A: the Grimm dragon stomps, and everyone accepts it. Scenario B: the fans accuse Screwattack of pitting the Grimm dragon against a weak opponent to avoid bias accusations. Scenario C: This debate is actually taken seriously, and we have to deal with actual debates. And finally, the all-too-likely Scenario D: bias accusations are thrown anyway, and right away. I'm not an optimist if you couldn't tell.

      Is there a fight that you know would make the fans go nuts? Leave a comment below. And be sure to follow so you can keep up with my character sheets, and other lists whenever I post them. Or, you could check out some of the guys I have listed as friends. They're pretty cool people.

    • Tracer vs. Scout: EXPLAINATION TIME!

      1 year ago


      So, I’ve seen a few comments claiming that the result of Tracer vs. Scout was botched. Well, I’m here to clear up. That’s right, I’m gonna debunk everyone’s claims of bias or other bullshit. Game on, fanboys.


      For those of you wondering, this claim is referring to this video right here:

       <iframe width="560" height="315" src="

      " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

      Now, is Scout faster than Tracer? Yeah, sure. Why not? But that only really applies to gameplay, and as we saw in the Cinematics, Tracer can cover a LOT more distance than she can in the games.

      • Did he outrun a rocket? - Yes. One that he had a head start against, and was clearly catching up to him

      • A-fucking-mazing.

      • Did Scout outrun a bullet train? - Yes. One that he had a head start against, and was quite clearly catching up to him.

      • Wow. So impressive.

      And if there’s one thing I’m sick and tired of, it’s the fact that most people seem to be treating the difference in speed to be that of Flash vs. Quicksilver. Do you wanna know a little secret?


      Now that that’s said and done, let’s take a look at another bullshit claim.


      Maybe, but as Boomstick pointed out:


      The damage done by a direct hit from a rocket, as stated from the TF2 wiki, is 270 on a crit, and 90 as standard.


      Oh yeah. Totally. If it were only one rocket, and if we weren’t using gameplay only. In gameplay, Scout would’ve been obliterated. But, Death Battle decided to buff Scout by letting him have a cinematic feat.

      And Tracer’s Pulse Bomb can deal 400 Damage. Which is a few times higher than Scout’s max damage.


      You wanna know how she survived? Here’s a hint: That wasn’t the taunt kill.

      The taunt kill looks like this:

      Image result for scout taunt kill gif

      Scout’s attack in the Death Battle animation looked nothing like that. And uh, quick question, but uh, how did Scout do all those other attacks if he was under the effect of ‘Bonk!’? Again, he had a buff given to him by the Death Battle team.


      So, Tracer was given everything in the cinematics. Last I checked, that was her Pulse Pistols, her Chronal Accelerator, and her Bombs. Scout was given the same treatment, he had his baseball bat, his shotgun, his pistol, and Bonk- Wait… What cinematic was that in again?

      Oh, and then there’s the points that this comment made that are very compelling.



      So let’s add an extra .01 seconds to that. Last I checked, pulling a trigger doesn’t take that long, and your BS that is “She saw it coming several seconds beforehand” Is the equivalent of saying “Tracer and Widowmaker can manipulate the flow of time!” Which pushes the result even MORE in Tracer’s favor. Also, Scout was also bragging and being a lot cocky before firing his gun too. He’s not exactly being an assassin.


      And last time I checked, Scout couldn’t take both his pistol and a can of Bonk! At the same time in a fight, what’s your point? This isn’t gameplay.


      You know what else the Bonk does? Or rather, what it DOESN’T do? - protect from knockback. Tracer’s bomb should’ve, y’know, knocked him away. Far far away. You want proof? Here’s your proof, taken directly from the TF2wiki:



      Huh. Didn’t know that this was Halloween. Good to know that this was Halloween. So, on one day out of the 365 days of the year, Scout would have had magic to use. So helpful.


      Wow. Just… Wow.

      I don’t even know a good comeback for that, so I’m just gonna leave this here, and just say that anyone who uses that bullshit argument is basically this.

      Image result for atomic structure of salt

      Well, I’ve topped off on how much salt I can handle, so I guess it’s back to the character sheet making for me. If you want a hint as to what it is, it’s a futuristic successor.

    • Knightofbalance asked DudebladeX a question

      Just wondering: IUS there any supplementary material regarding C.T.?

      Answered: Sep 27, 2016

      I don't believe so. 

    • Character Sheet: Poison Ivy

      1 year ago


      There are plenty of plants in the world. From the mighty oak, to the pretty sunflowers, there’s a wide variety of them in the world. But this one; comes on like a rose, is pretty as a daisy, and everybody knows, she’s quite crazy, she’ll really do you in, if you let her get under her skin. Poison Ivy.

      Image result for poison ivy dc

      • Real Name: Pamela Lillian Isley.

      • Height: 5’6”

      • Weight: 110 lbs.

      • Eye color: Green.

      • Hair color: Red.

      • Chlorophyll for blood.

      Born with a skin condition that made her unable to go into the sunlight, Pamela Isley was forbidden from going outside by her father. Her mother, on the other hand, was a lot more caring. Allowing her to go outside - provided that she apply the lotion that the doctor prescribed to protect her - Her father found out. And as per usual, he was an abusive prick. Honestly, I’m getting tired of these pricks for fathers.

      Learning at an early age that flowers could manipulate people, Pam’s prick of a dad murdered his wife, and buried her in the garden… Seriously, why can’t anybody ever have a living mother? What do these writers have against mothers? - Whatever. Pam then went to college and researched pheromones and used them to graduate even after being found out about her experiments.

      She later got a job at Wayne Enterprises as a botanist. And after being fired for essentially wanting to brainwash clients - Because, who wouldn’t be ethically opposed to that? - She planned to use her stolen chemicals to get revenge, but, lo and behold, she got doused by them, and got superpowers.

      • Chlorokinesis.

      • Toxikinesis.

      • Botany.

      • Basic Hand-To-Hand combat.

      • Poison Immunity.

      Ivy can manipulate plants to do her bidding, and the roots of the trees she can control can even keep a tunnel from collapsing. Her vines can tear down a skyscraper, and toss around two-ton cars with ease.

      Image result for Poison Ivy's vines destroy a skyscraperpLY5IvKMmyaKO2w12sQhv3QdKjnEjcp_dRjJqW3J

      Her control over toxins is proficient enough, that it can kill a person in a matter of seconds. In fact, her immunity to other toxins is SO great, that not even Joker’s SmileX gas can affect her. And her plant monsters can annihilate armed forces with ease


      • Survived being mortally wounded by Katana.

      • Survived being buried alive.

      • Regularly fights Batman.

      • Can get Harley to leaver her abusive boyfriend (Joker).

        • And can put up with her insanity on a regular basis.

      Ivy’s resume includes, but is not limited to: Fighting off a ton of villains alongside Catwoman, turning Clayface into fertilizer, and capturing Trickster and Pied Piper with ease.

      Despite her long list of poisons, Ivy is still technically human. A bullet through the skull as well as other things can still kill her. And being more plant than human is both a blessing and a curse. She needs a regular human being to be present with her in a cell for her to breathe, and finding one who’s willing to share a cell with her is hard…

      Image result for Poison Ivy Harley Quinn cell together

      Unless you have the Joker’s on-again, off-again girlfriend there. Then the two will get along like a house on fire.


      • Reliance on sunlight for photosynthesis.

      • Mental instability.

      • Plant obsession.

      • Herbicide.

      Regardless, Ivy is the deadliest plant you’ll ever see. Don’t be fooled by her looks and demeanor, you’ll need more than an ocean of calamine lotion if you run into her.

      Image result for poison ivy batman


      Image result for MODOK

      I enjoy a good ol’ fashioned Nature vs. Technology fight, and I’m sure that I'm not alone in this regard. The master of machines against the garden goddess. I would say that this would be a fun match.


      Girl power I guess. If you don’t know who this is, then I can’t help you. All I’ll say is that it’s Floral Science vs. Floral Magic. Though, I don’t think Flora has any plant beasts to give her backup. Hmm, maybe we’re underestimating the fairy here. I’ll have to look into it some more or something.

      Image result for Elsa

      I dunno… Elsa’s magic couldn’t even kill a person, so I’m not sure about it being able to kill plants. Eh, magic I guess. But if Elsa loses, I have one thing to say to the Disney fans who will inevitably rage at the result: Let it go.

    • Character Sheet: Jason Voorhees

      1 year ago


      In a small town of New Jersey nearby the Atlantic Seaboard, you can find all sorts of things. Joey B.’s Diner, a Casino not too far from the place, and even a summer camp. This camp has everything. Canoeing, hiking, campfires, and an undead serial killer who simply goes by Jason Voorhees.

      Image result for Jason Voorhees

      • Gender: Male.

      • Race: Caucasian.

      • Height: 6’8” (Approx)

      • Weight: 270 lbs.

      • Abnormally large heart.

      Born with Hydrocephalus, a deformity that causes a swelled head as well as other deformities, Jason was born to Pamela and Elias Voorhees in 1947. Since the universe was also a dick, it also decided to give Jason mental disability. As if that wasn’t enough, Elias disappeared. Probably because of Jason’s appearance.

      Anyways, Pam was in a bad spot. She couldn’t get a sitter for eleven-year old Jason, so she brought him along to Camp Crystal Lake where she was working as the camp cook. Unfortunately, the kid was bullied. And in trying to get away, his tormentors shoved him into the water where he drowned. Where were the counselors during all of this? - They were banging in the woods.

      And after his mother Pamela killed several campers the following year, and her own subsequent self-defense murder, Jason was brought back to life due to his mother’s use of the necronomicon. And from his watery grave, arose the relentless, unstoppable, slasher killer: Jason Voorhees.


      • Pain resistance.

      • Resurrection via lightning.

      • Super Durability.

      • Super Strength.

      • Healing Factor.

      Jason has a penchant for killing trespassers. His drive to kill is linked to his mother’s word. If she tells him to go out and kill someone, he won’t stop until they’re dead. And after some idiots thought that giving him nanomachines would be a good idea - I assume for the typical living weapon that goes horribly wrong cliché - he gained the ability to punch through solid steel.

      Jason’s favorite weapon of choice is his iconic machete. With it, he can bisect a victim, stab them through the heart, or just straight-up decapitate them. He’ll even choose it over other futuristic weapons, despite their superiority.

      Friday13machete 2


      • Has killed over 150 people.

      • Fought and defeated Freddy Krueger.

      • Can possess people via them consuming his heart.

      • Has survived multiple ‘killings’

      • Matched a powerful psychic.

      Oh, did I forget to mention something? Oh yeah. Jason is also pretty much immortal. Every time he’s been killed, he’s been resurrected. Be it intentionally, or by accident, some dumb schlup has always brought Jason back from the dead. Jason’s soul is nearly invincible - It’s even survived hell itself.

      He has been stabbed, electrocuted, shot multiple times, impaled, hanged, drenched in nuclear waste, and even drowned - But he just won’t stay down. Even if he’s blown to bits, his heart can hypnotize some poor joe into eating it, and getting possessed. However, in order to return to his ‘true’ form, Jason must possess another Voorhees - Living or dead.

      Despite his impressive record, Jason has some vulnerabilities.

      • Afraid of water.

      • Trapping.

      • His mother.

      Jason has a fear of water, possibly die to the fact that drowning was the cause of his original death, and that he is constantly incapacitated by that. He can also be sedated to incapacitate him, and futuristic weapons seem to make him flinch. Also, his immortality is linked to the idiocy of others. He has also never been able to escape a watery prison on his own.

      But Jason is still a powerhouse despite these weaknesses. People everywhere who have the fear of Jason are pretty-well justified. JasonVoorheesaphobia is indeed a rational fear.

      Image result for jason voorhees

      Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that he could (and would) slaughter Liu Kang if given the chance? - He totally can, by the way.


      Image result for Freddy Krueger

      Was this not obvious? I could’ve sworn that this was obvious. They may have fought before, but… Actually that movie had no winner. There were losses. Like us. Then again, that movie is basically a better version of… Well, even Dawn of Justice was a better crossover than Alien vs. Predator, so I guess it’s not saying much. Eh, whatever. Leaving this here. Could make for a good Halloween special.

      Image result for michael myers

      Again, could make for a good Halloween special. These two haven’t fought yet, so why the hell not? I don’t have many reasonings other than that, but I’m pushing for a Halloween Death Battle. Mostly because any Winter Holiday-themed Death Battle would wind up being depressing.

      Image result for Ghost Rider

      Okay, I got a story already thought out: Ghost Rider is traveling the lands, and winds up at Crystal Lake. Jason comes out to try and kill him, so Johnny Blaze decides to defend himself. That Penance Stare could seriously hurt Jason - Maybe even kill him. It was strong enough to incapacitate Galactus, so why not? Undead Killing-Machine vs. Undead Vengeance-Seeker. Plus, I want to hear “You will feel the fire that burns men’s souls.” In a Death Battle propper. Long you have played with fire, Jason. Now you’re playing with hellfire.

    • True story that happened to me.

      1 year ago


      I was with my relatives, and we were vacationing in Hawaii. -This has nothing to do with the story, it's just a little detail that I thought I'd bring up, -Anyways, my aunt and mom were talking about Godzilla. And eventually it got to stuff like Godzilla vs. King Kong, Godzilla vs. Mothra, and all that stuff. Eventually, my aunt claimed that there was a Godzilla vs. Gamera movie, to which I told her that there was none.

      After getting back on dry land, we argued about this for about half an hour or so. Until her son - my cousin - took out his phone to look it up. He found a few videos. My first question, my VERY FIRST QUESTION was, "Are the first two words 'Death Battle'?" He replied with "Yeah." To which I replied with "I knew it!"

      Unfortunately, since I failed to call it far enough ahead of time, I wasn't allowed bragging rights. Until we got back to our hotel, and I showed her all videos with the words 'Godzilla vs. Gamera.'

      I explicitly said, ahead of time, that there were no official crossovers between the two. I held this over her for the rest of the vacation.

      What about you guys? What stories do you have about Death Battle having an impact on your life with another person who isn't a fan?

    • Character Sheet: Widowmaker

      1 year ago


      Teeth, swords, claws, and giant spoons. What do these things have in common? - They’re all weapons used to kill a foe up close and personal. And unfortunately, we haven’t seen a fight that was long range and STAYED at long range. A good way to circumvent this trend would be to use a sniper… Preferably an assassin. Maybe they have some saying like “One shot. One Kill.” Maybe- The joke is Widowmaker.


      • Real Name: Amélie Lacroix.
      • Height: 5’9’’ (1.75m).
      • Age: 33.
      • Nationality: French.
      • Marital Status: Widow.
      • Rival: Tracer.

      Widowmaker is the greatest assassin working for Talon. Her targets usually end up either dead, bleeding out, close to death, or mortally wounded. But before she was Overwatch’s worst nightmare, she was Amélie Lacroix.

      Not to be confused with the popular soft drink, but Amélie was as sweet as they came. She was the loving wife of one of Overwatch’s top agents: Gérard Lacroix. She wasn’t much of a fighter, but if Gérard’s stories are to be believed, she was probably pretty damn cool. As a little girl her parents told her that Spiders, being cold-blooded, never feel. And they are emotionless. She had arachnophobia as a child.

      But, since Talon is run by a bunch of D-bags, they kidnapped Amélie after several failed attempts at killing her husband. They tortured her for information. But, since she didn’t have any, they let Overwatch take her back… Though, there was a little surprise hidden within her mind. After about two weeks of being rescued, she killed Gérard in his sleep, and returned to a Talon base. It was there, that she was given a treatment to slow her heartbeat to a crawl, given specialized training, and turned into a living weapon. This slowed heart also turned her skin an icy cold blueish-purple.

      And unlike most living weapon stories I know, this one… Actually kinda worked. Amélie was now a ruthless assassin, and was deadlier than the Black Widow Spider, which she took her name after.

      Despite the fact that the only widow she has ever actually made was herself, Widowmaker has definitely earned her namesake as Talon’s top assassin.

      • Shot through Ana Amari’s eye.
      • Forced Tracer into a no-win scenario
        • Killed Mondatta due to this.
      • Shrugged off a headshot from Ana.
      • Held her own against Winston.

      She can drop foes from several blocks away, shot precisely through Ana’s scope in one of her missions, and can even hold her own against Winston, whom, might I add: Is a SEVEN FOOT TALL GORILLA!

      But none of this would be possible without Widow’s favorite devices of death.

      • Widow’s Kiss.
      • Grapple.
      • Venom Mine.
      • Infra-Visor.


      (Shoutout to this site for all the info)

      The Widow’s Kiss is a Sniper Rifle that can fire off charged shots of powerful bullets that can put a hole through your head faster than you can ogle her in that skintight outfit. And unlike the other weapons, this baby can deal two-point-five the regular damage of a standard gun. At full charge, this rifle can slice Winston’s HP by over half.

      Plus, since Talon has apparently watched RWBY, the Widow’s Kiss can be shift-changed into a rapid-fire assault rifle.


      This baby can fire ten rounds per second, dealing a solid 130 damage if you don’t aim for the head.

      And no femme fatale spider-themed chick would be complete without a grappling hook.


      This thing can get our favorite assassin to higher ground in a matter of seconds, and while reeling it in apparently takes a little while, she can still fire off shots while in the air. And can still land both her shots, and landing with ease. I guess that’s what happens when a girl with a ballerina’s body becomes an assassin.

      Like any spider, she can poison her victims for easy kills.


      This toxin-filled bomb can stick to nearly any surface. It’ll automatically detonate if a potential target decides to wander nearby it. Covering a range of nearly ten feet, this thing can drain a foe’s health rapidly in a short amount of time.

      And finally, that visor isn’t just for show. When Widow has a charge on it, it grants both her and anyone on her side the ability to track any opponent via their heat signature.


      Using this, Widow can set up the perfect headshot to land an easy kill, or even avoid people trying to flank her position. Combining this with an ally can allow Widow to soften up a more tankier foe so a teammate can finish the job.

      However Widow is far from invincible.

      • Peripheral vision is limited when sniping.
      • Foes with quick maneuverability can quickly get to her position.
      • Targets with high durability can tank more than one headshot.
      • Carrying her gun in Sniper mode limits mobility.
      • Is vulnerable to her own Venom-Mines

      Aside from the obvious problems that come with being a sniper, Widow’s conditioning isn’t perfect. Mentioning Gérard can let Amélie slip through for brief periods of time, and Tracer can get the supposedly emotionless assassin to crack more often than not. And aside from her guns, much of her equipment takes a long time until it can be used again.

      But with her deadly weapons and accuracy, she certainly has every right to brag about her one-shot kills. Note to self: Invest in heavy gear head protection.

      Image result for Widowmaker gifs



      The way I see it, there is a story behind the TF2 and Overwatch world. With Widow vs. The Sniper, the story can go either one of two ways, and that story depends on the outcome of Tracer vs. The Scout. Should Tracer win, Widow goes after the Sniper to prove that she’s just as capable of taking down a testosterone-filled blow-har- Wait, he’s a merc? Well, better contrast then, mate. And if Tracer loses, then Widow goes out to avenge her because only Widowmaker is allowed to kill Tracer. It’s a fact of life that only Widowmaker can be the death of Tracer. And yes, that little tease was intentional.


      If there’s one thing I’ve learned on the internet, it’s that the only community crazier and more deranged than the VS. Community, is the Shipping community. It doesn’t matter if the two characters have seen each other, know each other, are of opposite or same genders, are the same race, similar age, are related, or are even from the same goddamn franchise, there’s inevitably going to be a story out there made about the two. The cold-hearted assassin vs. the deadly plasma-flinging Shego from Kim Possible. And if you’re wondering about the brief tangent on shipping, it has to do with the whole Kigo and Widowtracer thing that used to is still around. Look it up, I’m serious.

      V3 preview21

      Going back to my shipping tangent, have you ever noticed that snipers usually end up getting paired with another character that’s pretty much the exact opposite of their personality first? I mean, Ruby - the idealistic, chipper girl - got paired with Weiss - the cynical, ice queen. While Widowmaker - The heartless, cold assassin - ended up with Tracer - The cheery, idealistic hero. The Shipping Community is downright insane. Seriously, next sniper/sniper to come out: Ruby/Widowmaker. Potential Death Battle: Ruby Rose vs. Widowmaker. But there will definitely be fanart of these two on a date sometime soon… Then again, I’m the nutjob who made a little Tifang boat, and let it set sail - So I guess I’m not much better.

    • A Question.

      1 year ago


      Do you ever get the feeling that you take too much joy in seeing fans make total asses of themselves? Like, whenever a fan spams almost EVERY POST regarding a Death Battle with how the fight should've gone down, and how Ben and Chad are "A bunch of idots who shuld b rplaced by teh resrch teem." And you just make note of it, and laugh your ass off at how downright stupid it is?

      I get that feeling all the time.

    • Character Sheet: The Thing

      1 year ago


      Rocks are generally stubborn, and are found everywhere on Earth. But today we’re looking at the earth found in people. And who better to take a gander at, than the Ever Lovin’ Blue-Eyed Thing?


      THE THING:
      • Real name: Benjamin Grimm.
      • Height: 6’0’’
      • Weight: 500 Lbs.
      • Eye color: Blue.
      • Skin color: Orange.
      • Hair color: He’s bald.
      • Godfather to Franklin Richards

      While assisting his friend Reed Richards with his research on cosmic radiation, Ben Grimm, along with Susan Storm and Johnny Storm, snuck onto a rocket launch site, and blasted off into space. Despite the fact that he was joking when Ben said that he’d be the pilot if Reed ever built a spaceship, he did it anyways. He was a U.S Fighter Pilot, and trained astronaut. But, since this is a superhero origin story, we have to give them superhuman powers somehow. And that’s where the cosmic rays came in, transforming Reed into the stretchable, flexible Mr. Fantastic; The hotheaded Johnny into the hot-bodied Human Torch, and the ever-shy Susan Storm into the Invisible Girl. However, Ben got a far more drastic transformation.

      FF #40

      With the durability of solid rock, Ben was transformed into The Thing. Convinced by his college roommate Reed, he went full-on hero. His strength is immense, capable of holding up entire city blocks. Being a class 100 on the strength level - whatever that means - , he can do some pretty fantastic things.

      • Rock Hard Skin
      • Super strength.
      • Super Durability.
      • Super durable senses.
      • Expert Pilot.
      • Proficient in Jujitsu, Boxing, and Wrestling.

      The thing is strong enough to hold together the steel cables of a bridge, which, by the way, weigh nearly 10,000 pounds.


      He can survive blows from the Incredible Hulk, and has fought with and against him numerous times. He’s practically immune to intense temperatures, and can survive the vacuum of space so long as he has an oxygen supply.

      • Survived a fight with the Hulk.
      • Fought Galactus with the rest of the FF.
      • Is an Avenger and FF member.
      • Fought the grandmaster so vigilantly, he made him back off.
      • Once punched out Red Hulk.
      • Overpowered a piledriver that could push through a planet.

      Despite all this, Ben has his fair share of weaknesses.

      • Adamantium.
      • Strength has a limit.
      • Hot tempered.
      • Dislikes Mayonnaise on his sandwiches.

      However, Ben is one tough SOB. And if you check your watch, you’ll know what time it is.


      And no, that phrase DIDN’T come from an abusive older brother. Anybody who thinks that is just plain stupid.



      One of the Metal-Men from DC. Preferably Lead, Iron, or Gold, but it’s still a fun thing to think about. One of them has to be a suitable opponent.


      The main difference between Ben and Croc, is that while Ben DOES get down on himself every so often when it comes down to his appearance, he’s still a hero. Croc’s most heroic feat is when he’s on Task Force X, or as it’s better known as: The Suicide Squad. Monstrous appearances, but on different sides.


      I’m not suggesting a Fantastic Four Battle royale. I will never suggest it. Not only is it a total stomp in Sue’s favor, but it’s stupid. We don’t need a repeat of the TMNT battle royale. I will, however, suggest a battle between rocky warriors. Tremor vs The Thing! It should be fun to see, am I right?

    • I just want to say: Oh my god.

      1 year ago



      My Crossover's on TvTropes guys!

      The only thing that would make this more hype for me is if someone made a link to it on the Death Battle TvTropes page.

      That is literally the only thing that would make my life complete. Hyperbole, but c'mon, who wouldn't be excited to be noticed?

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