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    • I got mentioned on TvTropes

      1 year ago



      I want to go on record and say the following:

      I did not make this edit myself. I am SERIOUS.

      With that said, the link to the journal in question is here, and the page of the TvTropes link is here.

      Also, shoutout to @Ultraguy. You rock, man.

    • Character Sheet: Ant-Man

      1 year ago


      Some fighters are big, like Godzilla, some are human-sized like Vegeta, others are petite, like Peach, and some are animals, much like Agumon. But nowhere in the big book of combat does it say that “Just because you’re small, doesn’t mean you can’t kick some ass.” And few fighters embody those words, better than the astonishing Ant-Man!


      For this analysis, we will be looking at the second person to wear the suit: Scott Lang.

      • Real Name: Scott Lang.
      • Height: 6’ 0”
      • Weight: 190 Lbs.
      • Eye Color: Blue.
      • Hair Color: Strawberry blonde.
      • Education: Electronics technician.

      Former thief Scott Lang had a dilemma: His daughter needed to pay for his daughter’s heart surgery. Being an ex-repairman who couldn’t make ends meet, he turned to burglary until he was eventually was caught, and his wife divorced him. And this is where Scott had his troubles. But, after stealing the Ant-Man suit and saving his daughter’s life, Hank Pym, The original Ant-Man, gave him the mantle of being the Ant-Man.

      As Ant-Man, Scott has saved the day multiple times, and has even worked with plenty of heroes to even take on the likes of Doctor Doom, the Masters of Evil, and even freaking Galactus!

      But Scott’s abilities stem from his suit. Using special canisters filled with ‘Pym-Particles’, Scott can change his size and weight at the press of a button. These particles allow Ant-Man to change his size by affecting the nucleus of each atom to become energized and turned into the energetic particles around the nucleus without affecting the gravitations of each particle and retaining the original mass of the object in a storage of sorts so when the individual or object affected returns to normal size, their mass remains unaffected.

      And if that was too much science talk for you, let me break it down: It changes the size of things, and gives them the proportionate weight of whatever size they are going to.

      This also means, however, that a punch dealt by a shrunken Ant-Man would retain the same force, only concentrated in a single, much smaller space.

      • Suit.
      • Helmet.
      • Pym Discs
        • Can enlarge or shrink objects
      • Thievery
        • Extends to hacking, and stealth
      • Master’s degree in engineering.
      • Gauntlets.

      Scott’s equipment allows him to shrink incoming objects to minimize damage, or shrink an opponent down to size. Otherwise, he can enlarge an object, turning tiny toys to a giant-sized train.


      And he also has an army. “What army?” you may ask? Why, the one that can be found pretty much everywhere: Ants.


      The Ant-Man helmet allows Scott rudimentary control over insects, but he primarily uses it to control ants. As ants are found everywhere except for Antarctica (Insert your “goddammit Barb!” comment here), this means that anyone wearing the helmet has an army wherever they walk. Being unique creatures, Ants have the ability to lift several times their own body weight, can build impressive structures and colonies, and can even down a large rainforest tree crab in a matter of minutes.

      And when he’s shrunk down, Scott can infiltrate even the highest secure area. Whether he’s there for collecting data, getting within enemy territory, or just trying to snag some cash, he’s difficult to spot.


      • Stole the Ant-Man suit from under Hank’s nose.
      • Helped the Wasp defeat Absorbing Man and Titania.
      • Battled Scarlet Beetle alongside Spider-Man.
      • Physically hacked a Transcorp system.
      • Helped defeat Kang the Conqueror.
      • Supposedly beat up Doctor Doom.
      • Fought an Avenger, and didn’t die.

      He’s defeated a number of opponents alongside the Avengers, and was eventually admitted in despite his past record of being a thief. But, after a while, he opted to join the Defenders, and was instrumental in defeating the Death Celestials. He was even able to fight off a supervillain attack so his daughter could get yet another heart transplant.

      But, most astonishing of all: By using a different set of Pym-Particles, Scott can turn into the superbig Giant Man. Who can do stuff like this:


      And at his giant size, Scott’s strength increases immensely. Capable of supporting large buildings, tangling with several different heroes and villains, and able to step across multiple city blocks without effort.

      But he still has his share of weaknesses. He’s no harder to kill than an ordinary human, and losing control of his particles can potentially cause him to shrink indefinitely. Plus, there was also the time he was blown up by Jack of Hearts… Or he was pulled through time by a temporal rift, who knows? Comics are confusing.

      Despite this, Scott’s done some pretty astonishing things. And, as with any person who dons the name:

      Yesterday, he was an ant; today, he is a man; and tomorrow; a giant.



      Image result for The Atom

      Sorry ‘bout the small thumbnail. But, c’mon, you had to see this coming. Two shrunken warriors: Battling for supremacy. Who will win? Who will die? Who will take home the mantle of world’s mightiest shrinker?

      Image result for plastic man

      Ex-cons just trying to do right. Typically underestimated by their foes for both the general concept of their powers, and embarrassing name, Scott Lang and Patrick “Eel” O’brian have some heroic expectations to live up to. But who will come out on top?

      Image result for Olimar

      Pikmin vs. Ants! Can the teamwork of the planimals overcome the ferocity of ants? Let’s find out. It’s Olimar’s engineering skills against Scott’s. Onions against Anthills. Treasure hunter vs. Thief. Let’s see a gigantic miniscule fight to the end!

    • Character Sheet: Alien

      1 year ago


      Parasites. From the wasp laying eggs inside a caterpillar, to the tapeworm, a parasite is a deadly creature. Latching onto a host, and hurting it just to spread itself, most are deplorable and dangerous. And what parasite is more dangerous than the Alien?

      File:The Alien 1979.png

      Much like the Predator, due to the fact that there are multiple incarnations of this lifeform, a composite will be used to dictate stats for the fighter.

      • Official name: Xenomorph XX121.
        • Linguafoeda acheronsis, Internecivus raptus.
      • Homeworld: Xenomorph Prime.
      • Height: 7+’
      • Weight: 350-1000 lbs.
      • Alternative names: Alien, Serpent, Bug, Xeno.

      These dildo-heads are arguably the perfect organism. Capable of defeating entire squads of space marines with their sheer numbers. And many will take a victim back to the hive to spawn more of their kind. But this begs the question: What is this thing’s life cycle?

      This is the answer:

      Similar to insects, a Xenomorph starts out life as an egg, but this is where it immediately stops in that regard. Even at the start of its lifecycle, and the thing already can’t be compared to any other lifeform. This egg, otherwise known as an ‘Ovomorph’, waits around waiting for an unlucky sod to come by, and releases the dreaded Facehugger.


      Once attached to its victim, the Facehugger starts off acting parasitic. Almost like a rapist. And the term ‘rapist’ is actually not that far off. The Facehugger then impregnates the victim, and is done in such a way, that removing the organism can cause the host to die.


      After all that, you have a little while until shit starts to go down. The eggs soon hatch and release a Chestburster. The Chestburster then EATS ITS WAY out of the host, causing them to die a horrible, painful death.


      The lifecycle is rapid. You only have less than a few hours until the thing grows into the deadly, Seven-foot tall, fully-grown Xenomorph.

      File:The Alien close up.jpg

      • Stinger Tail.
      • Second Mouth.
      • Acid Blood.
      • Superhuman strength.
      • Hunting abilities.

      The Alien has acid for blood, and a dagger for a tongue. Its stinger tail is powerful to cut through various material with ease, and is an effective tool for hunting down prey.

      Their acid blood is corrosive enough to eat away at the hull of a deep-space ship for several layers.


      And the dagger-tongue can pierce through a human skull with total ease. For those of you who are curious, it takes a little over half a ton of force to break the human skull at the temples. Which means that it can bust through most of anything. Especially if it adds its acid blood to the mix.

      The Aliens can also hunt in the dark despite its lack of eyes. Supposedly, it uses both smell and sound to locate and defeat its prey.

      And the beast is smart enough to find power sources, and locate weak points in its prey. But they haven’t perfected space travel despite being found all over the galaxy. Care to explain that, Predator?


      Honestly, these things and their whole treating the Xenos as the ‘ultimate prey’ spiel.

      Anyways, the Xenomorph castes have different duties depending on what it is.

      • Drones.
        • Most expendable. Very common. Used to gather hosts.
      • Warriors.
        • Pressurized blood. Savage. Queen’s guards.
      • Praetorian
        • Queen’s elite guards. Can possibly molt into a queen, and can summon other warriors at its beck and call.
      • Queen
        • Deadliest of all. Can spawn eggs to create facehuggers, and can impale foes and tear them apart with ease. All Xenos will swarm to defend the queen if she is in danger.

      Xenomorphs also take on the traits of whatever host spawned them. By spawning from a quadrupedal animal like a dog, they become runners. A very fast and deadly foe. Impregnating a wild boar, it’s razor-sharp teeth are replaced with deadly spikes on its head. By impregnating a Tarkatan, the Xeno gains even more razor-sharp teeth, and tarkatan blades, just below the elbows.

      Last, but not least, if one were to get to a predator, you get the dreaded Predalien.


      The predalien retains the dreadlocks from a predator, as well as the mandibles. They are considerably stronger than either of the original species. And, since the habit is somehow embedded into the Predator's DNA, these things will also claim trophies. Though, due to the fact that it has no spaceship, these trophies are not placed on display.

      The Predalien is also separate from the hive, simply being content with hunting and collecting. Often making its own hive. Though, this independence causes it to be viewed as an abomination by the Yautja race, and most hunters will drop everything to kill the beast to preserve the race’s honor.

      With all these castes and natural weapons, you gotta be wondering: Can these things even be stopped?


      • Fire.
      • Plasma rounds.
      • Reliance on the queen.
      • Vulnerable in early stages of life.

      The Xenos are far from invincible. Additionally, many of their victories can be attributed to what hunting grounds they ended up in. The first one spotted was able to get away from being shot by hunting on a spaceship that would’ve caused the passengers to suffocate if the acid blood were to spill, as well as the fact that the crew members weren’t trained for combat. Additionally, they tend to win by zerg rushing their foes, so they are reliant on their strength in numbers.

      Aside from a bunch of idiots falling for the ‘living weapon’ trope, the Xenomorphs as a whole have killed several other people. One Xeno managed to kill several armed space-travelers in under an hour, and a swarm managed to take down a platoon of space marines.

      • One managed to survive molten steel.
      • Killed several other species.
      • One impregnated an Engineer.
      • Can mass multiply in a matter of hours.

      The Xenomorph is one of the deadliest species in all the galaxy. If it teams up on you, then your whole team is done. They’ll crawl around in the darkness, then start humping your face. If they come, then it’s GAME OVER, MAN!




      Seriously, you HAD to see this coming. Like, seriously. I won’t even elaborate on why this matchup is arguably about as popular as Godzilla vs. Gamera. We all want to see a fight between the two that doesn’t suck. It’s Aliens vs. Predator! Who is stronger, who is better? It’s Aliens vs. Predator!


      It’s Symbiote vs. Parasite in this matchup. Agent Venom is practically a one-man army, while them Xenos are known for beating armies. This ought to be fun. Especially with Spider-Sense. That should make it an interesting fight considering the Xenomorph’s tendency to hunt in the darkness. The contrasts are there, and we can see how Marvel fares against a non-DC foe for season three… Maybe season four, who knows?

      Vol1op grimm

      Swarm vs. Swarm in this fight. Ursae against Warriors, Nevermores taking on the Flying Xenos, Beowolves fighting drones, the mighty Taijitu taking on the Praetorian, Boarbatusks tackling the Rhino aliens (Literally in this case), and the almighty Grimm Dragon vs. the dreaded Xenomorph Queen. Those drawn to the darkness in people’s hearts against those who hunt in the darkness.

    • Character Sheet: Caboose

      1 year ago


      The Red vs. Blue-niverse has produced some pretty interesting bunch of idiots who could probably make a million bucks just standing around in the middle of a box canyon. And out of all the idiots, we’re tackling the strongest one there, a one Michael J. Caboose.

      Caboose S13 PSA

      • Rank: Captain.
      • Team(s): Blue Team, New Republic.
      • Weapon of choice: Assault Rifle.
      • Armor: Mark V Battle Armor W/ Mark IV helmet.
      • Understands Wing-Dings?
      • Democrat?

      Caboose was originally stationed near the moon, working to help astronauts fill their suits with oxygen, but after failing to understand how breathing in space worked, he was transferred to Project Freelancer, where a glitch in the computers caused him to be sent to Blood Gulch in place of Agent California. . After the death of Captain Flowers (AKA: Agent Florida), he was transferred to Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha. It was there that he met Tucker and Church. The latter of which he team-killed.


      After gaining the name of ‘team-killing fucktard’, he went on to attack the reds to get the flag back. But, Sarge had somehow gotten in touch with command, and managed to destroy the tank. This caused Agent Texas to show up to retrieve the flag, and repair the tank. And since Tex’s innate habit of failing at her objective at every time (To the point where putting her in a fight is basically setting her up to lose), she also ended up getting blown up. This caused her A.I to transfer to Caboose.

      A couple of shenanigans later, and Caboose had the A.I forcibly ejected from his mind. However, this caused his intelligence to drop immensely, and rendered him a few furniture pieces short of an apartment. But this allowed him to access a powerful strength that was essentially compensation for his drop in IQ.

      But despite this, Caboose has some pretty interesting stats to back him up.

      • Immense Strength.
      • Immense Durability.
      • Assault Rifle.
        • Has an A.I targeting system named Freckles.
      • Tank Driving.
      • Fourth wall awareness?

      Caboose is a powerful fighter, and an overall deadly foe to face. He’s also a deadly ally to have fighting alongside you. But thankfully, his team-killing has been cut down considerably since Dr. Grey installed his Primary Storage Unit into Caboose’s rifle. Thanks to this, Freckles can target invisible foes, perform thermal scans of different areas, and translate Caboose-eese to english and vice-versa.

      • Defeated several Blue and Red Zealots.
      • Took down several Tex-Drones.
      • Lifted a bomb that Tex could not lift.
      • Did something right for Andersmith to be loyal to him.
      • Is a ‘true warrior’
      • Highest kill count of named soldiers.

      Caboose’s durability and strength are virtually unparalleled by anyone else. He managed to survive several injuries that would be considered fatal, or cause any normal person to pass out. Even after losing about a gallon of blood, he was only winded. He can take a sniper shot to the head and only reply with ‘ow’, and managed to survive being at ten times normal gravity.

      Oh, and he can drink gasoline and NOT die of poison.

      For those of you wondering, a normal human being would be crushed to death under those conditions. But all Caboose asked was the definition of tenfold. He’s also got a natural affinity with A.Is, being able to quickly befriend them. Even if he accidentally kills them, or calls them a slut.

      And despite his lack of intelligence, he has his moments of brilliance. Like the time he figured out how to sneak into the Freelancer facility, or when he figured out Church’s time adventures, and the other time when he managed to place epsilon into an alien artifact.

      • Intelligence (Or rather, the lack thereof).
      • Reliance on teammates.
      • Somehow used crayons in his original gun.

      But Caboose isn’t invincible. Meta managed to knock him out and gravely injure him. Caboose is also a little bit arrogant. But, his lack of intelligence can be linked to having several A.Is forcibly ejected from his head at once.

      But regardless, Caboose is a powerhouse. And despite his weaknesses, he has proven that he is a powerful ally to have.



      Vol1 Oobleck ProfilePic Normal

      You had to see this coming. Mostly because both are eccentric, and are fans of dogs. Plus, the thought of a school professor fighting Caboose is just funny to me.

      File:Torr and Ferra.png

      Brute vs. Brute. Slashing weapon vs. Gun. Robotic companion vs. Hulk-speak companion. Should be an interesting fight to behold. ESPECIALLY since both fighters have insane durability.

      Image result for jar jar

      And it’s about at this point, you realize that I’ve run out of ideas. Both are lethal klutzes… That’s about all I got for them. Plus, it’s either Jar Jar, or it’s… Yeah, I got nothing. See what I mean?

    • WE GOT ONE!

      1 year ago


      Okay, so awhile back I made an ultimatum. That ultimatum was basically “Call the result of The Meta vs. Carolina ‘biased’ in any way, and I’ll make you out to be the biggest idiot this side of the internet.”


      This also extends to anyone who calls the result bullshit without providing any explanation as to why. And this person just volunteered to be my little test subject for this part:


      rocket raccoon oh yeah gif Imgur

      Now, while other comments have the decency to explain as to why they think Meta should have won (He wouldn’t have froze up at the end there, the fighter the Reds and Blues fought was more agent Maine rather than Meta, etc.), THIS guy just calls bullshit.

      At the VERY least, this person has a (somewhat) reasonable reason as to why they feel like Meta should have won (Even if it is total bullshit)


      Now, the reason I censored this person’s name, and not the first one, is because I made my ultimatum. I spread to word about the list. And reason number 2, contains my ultimatum. The first dude had a fair warning. This guy, at the very least has some sense to explain WHY he feels like Meta should have won. There’s better comments with better explanations, so I’ll get to those.

      Here’s one:


      Here’s number two:


      And here’s three:


      Now, for reasons of professionalism, I have cropped out their names so as to NOT get them flamed. However, the first guy, awesome561, is not deserving of this treatment. He had fair warnings, and could not be bothered to put in the effort of explaining his reason. The other three comments put in effort to explain why they felt Meta should have won, but crapsome561 could not be bothered to do so. He is an idiot. He’s a bigger idiot than Caboose with two less brain cells.

      Also, DEATH BATTLE fans should totes demonize this motherfucker:


      But, onto more positive comments…


      I will agree with this.


      I cannot tell you how many people want the music used in this episode.


      This one is a personal favorite of mine.


      This has been DudebladeX. And I will see you when the Caboose character sheet I’m making is finished.

    • Character Sheet: Azula

      1 year ago


      Fire: One of deadliest of the classical elements. It can be used as a means to destroy, or as a means to create. And, as long as we’re talking about fire, we ought to meet the Fire Nation Princess: Azula.


      • Alternative Names: ‘Zula, Sister, Crazy Princess.
      • Eye color: Gold.
      • Hair color: Black.
      • Home Nation: Fire.
      • Relationship with Ty Lee: Ambiguous.

      Over 100 years ago, the fire lord Sozin used the infamous comet, that was later named after him, to decimate pretty much all of the airbenders. He would later bear a child who would be named Azulon. Azulon would later bear two children, one named Iroh, and another named Ozai. Ozai would later bear two children of his own. His first son, named Zuko, and his second daughter, one of the deadliest firebenders in history, his daughter, Azula.

      Unlike most firebenders, Azula’s fire is blue, and unlike red fire, which is 1500°C, blue fire is twice that!

      File:Azula firebending.png

      Her fire is powerful enough to propel her at great speeds, or even allow for short-range flight. Her fighting style, which is similar to Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Xingyiquan martial arts, allows her to shoot fire out of her hands.But fire isn’t the only thing in her arsenal. Azula has the ability to throw lightning.


      To do this, a firebender needs to be in a calm state of mind, with absence of emotion. And that’s just the emotional state of mind they have to be in, in a physical stance, they must separate the negative and positive energies, then recombine them. Once they do combine, the result is a rather shocking result. However, doing so quickly drains the user’s chi, which can cause them barely able to produce a flame. However, Azula has quite the reserve, being able to throw lightning around as if it were candy.

      • Master manipulator.
      • Prodigy firebender.
      • Expert acrobat.
      • Disarming expert.
      • Knife expert.

      Azula’s manipulative abilities are nearly on par with that of Quan Chi’s, to the point where she can derail an entire invasion plan with some careful planning. Her upper body strength is powerful enough to support her entire body going horizontal, and she can even trip up the strongest or most strategic of opponents.


      • Mentally insane.
        • Specifically Paranoid Schizophrenia
      • Generally mistrusting.
      • Chi has a limit.
      • Water.
      • Mother issues.

      Despite all that she is, Azula has her fair share of weaknesses. Her mental stability is as sturdy as a paper mache bridge, and she also has severe trust issues. That part probably came from the fact that the last person she genuinely trusted paralyzed her and tried to run away. While she’s no slouch without her firebending, she is most effective with it. She may also harbor feelings for Ty Lee, but that’s ambiguous where that went. No, seriously. We have no idea where that relationship went.

      • Evaded Toph’s lie detector abilities.
      • Mortally wounded Aang while he was in the Avatar State.
      • Manipulated Zuko into her hands.
      • Took over Ba Sing Se with only two casualties.
      • Defeated Zuko in an Agni Kai
        • Even if she cheated.

      Azula is a powerful foe to face. Have a healer nearby if you plan on fighting her. You won’t get out unsinged… Well, unless you’re Ty Lee anyways. Seriously, what the hell is with that relationship? Seriously, out of context, this scene could be interpreted as romantic.


      But whatever, she’s basically fire given human form, her fire burns hot. Don’t even think about crossing her.





      Princesses? - Check. Deadly? - Check. Heir to a hostile nation/realm? - Check. Polar opposite elemental abilities? - Check. Hostile relation with a sibling? - Check. I think we’re good here. Let’s see these two clash in a fight to the brutal end.

      Four Vol 1 29 Textless

      Fire? - Check. Younger Sibli- I’m not repeating the same gag twice in one character sheet. Fire vs. Fire in this battle to the end, and considering that fire-powered flight isn’t something we see all the time, it would be interesting to see a firefight in the skies.

      Weiss ProfilePic Normal

      Ice Queen vs. Fire Princess. Daddy issues vs. Mommy issues. Rapier vs. Fire. Heiress vs. Princess. White hair vs. Black hair. It’s practically Yin and Yang at this point, I’m surprised nobody has wanted to see this one yet.

    • Well this happened.

      1 year ago


      Screwattack even commented on it!


    • Chuggaconroy knows about RT... We're boned.

      1 year ago


      We’re probably f*cked.


      Because this (Go to about 2:40)

      For those of you unaware, This is Chuggaconroy. Here is his Channel, his TvTropes page, his Facebook, and his Twitter.

      Now, as for why we are f*cked:

      Chugga, is a Pungeon Master. And who else on this site is also a Pungeon Master?




      I feel conflicted between my love of puns, and my love for my sanity.

      ... Barbara Dunkelman for the next TRG guest!

    • Character Sheet: Feraligatr

      1 year ago


      Fellow researcher Yoshirocks92 has done a character sheet on the Volcanic Starter Typhlosion, So I figured that I’d do one on the Mighty Jaw Pokémon, the one and only Feraligatr.


      • Pokedex number: 160.
      • Species: Big Jaw Pokémon.
      • Type: Water.
      • Height: 7’7”
      • Weight: 195.8 lbs.
      • Habitat: Surprisingly, not nearby water.

      Evolving from Totodile, to Croconaw, and into this mighty Pokémon, Feraligatr is the third starter Pokémon of th Johto Region. Much like the alligators in our world, Feraligatrs are vicious fighters, and are proud of their powerful jaw muscles. And one source claims that it can destroy boulders with a spit of water.

      • HP: 85
      • Attack: 105
      • Defense: 100
      • Special Attack: 79
      • Special Defense: 83
      • Speed: 78
      • Total: 530
      • Ability 1: Torrent.
        • Increases water attacks by 50% when HP drops below ⅓
      • Ability 2: Sheer Force.
        • Removes added effects like flinch for a 30% increase in attacks
      • Water gun (Water-type, 40 power, 100% accuracy. Special move.)
      • Aqua Tail (Water-type, 90 power, 90 accuracy. Physical move.)
      • Hydro Pump (Water-type, 110 power, 85 accuracy. Special move.)
        • Low accuracy, large power.
      • Chip Away (Normal-type, 70 power, 100 accuracy. Physical move.)
        • Ignores Enemy Stat Changes.
      • Ice Fang (Ice-type, 65 power, 95 accuracy. Physical move.)
        • 10% chance of freezing, 10% chance of flinch.
      • Rage (Normal-type 20 power, 100 accuracy. Physical move.)
        • Increases in power for every hit taken.
      • Flail (Normal-type power proportional to HP, 100 accuracy. Physical move.)
        • Greater Damage output if HP is low.
      • Agility (Psychic-type)
        • Increases Speed by two stages.
      • Leer (Normal-type)
        • Lowers enemy defense by one stage.
      • Scary Face (Normal-type)
        • Lowers enemy's speed by two stages.

      Feraligatr is a brutal fighter, and has the jaw strength to back it up. Additionally, their muscles are SO strong, they are too dense to allow them to swim in deep bodies of water. Their strength lies within their physical prowess, and the other stats are generally average.

      As a water-type, Feraligatr is most effective against fire, rock, and ground-types. But keep him away from grass and electric, because plants absorb water, and it’s a good conductor. But ultimately, they are the ferocious gators of Johto. Getting stuck in their jaws, is the absolute last thing you’d want to do.

      Spr 3r 160.png



      Hey, like I said: Yoshirocks92 did a bio on Typhlosion. So, I figured that I should do a bio on the Strong Jaw of the trio. We already had a Kanto Starter Battle, so why not throw Johto into the mix? Could be fun.


      Now, I’ve personally never really played Skylanders, but I googled it, and apparently, Snap Shot is based off of a crocodile. Alligator vs. Crocodile. It’s like Alien vs. Predator, with reptiles.


      Ahh, Skybyte. People mocked you for how you were kinda a kiss ass in the old show… Let’s see it fight an alligator to the death!

    • Character Sheet: Predator

      1 year ago


      What is the most dangerous game? - That’s right. Giant Robot… Humans? All we have is ingenuity, varying pieces of technology, and the title of being the second most violent species in the galaxy. And because of this, we are quite the prey to pick off. And what’s the best hunter for prey you may ask? The answer to that, is The Predator.


      Yeesh, what an ugly motherfucker.

      Due to the fact that there are many MANY incarnations of the Predator, we will be using a composite for his feats and stats.

      With that said, let’s get started.

      • Species: Yautja.
      • Home-world: Yautja Prime.
      • Height: 7’+
      • Weight: 520 + Lbs.
      • Alternative names: Hunters, Predators, Hish.

      The Predator species are hunters by nature, they fight and kill for sport. Like that rich dentist who has that mounted deer head on their wall. They don’t fight to survive or for food, but to get a trophy. This trophy is typically a skull, or a memento that the prey used to treasure dearly.


      A single hunter can take down a good majority of a military combat unit on its own, and have collected trophies from all across the galaxy.

      And as with any hunter, the predator’s collection wouldn’t be so big without a good chunk of weapons.

      • Plasma Caster
      • Cloak
        • Grants invisibility
      • Wristblades
        • Six to eighteen inches in length
      • Combistick
      • Smart Disc

      The Medicomp heals the Predator, usually just enough to continue the Hunt, and contains enough medical supplies that they can patch wounds and cuts in a short amount of time. They also wear plate armor for defense. Considering that their skin is tough enough to withstand bullets with little to no medical attention, this says a lot about some of the prey they hunt.

      The Bio-Mask is a piece of equipment that is controlled by the wrist gauntlet. It can use different sights to detect opponents. As the Predator has infrared vision naturally, the bio-mask comes with thermal vision, a sight for the plasma caster, and even an ultra violet sight mode.

      Many well-trained Predators have done some pretty impressive things. The Jungle Hunter was able to take out three heavily armed soldiers, and skin them alive. On top of which, one of his clan members can even take on the likes of Raiden, Johnny Cage, and Liu Kang in a different timeline.

      Predator fatality

      All Hunters can adapt to a specific terrain found on earth depending on what clan they are in. The City Hunter was able to kill a major drug-lord after tailing him only once, and Scarface was able to defeat several Human-Yautja hybrids in a single Hunt on his own.

      And let’s get to the big one right about now. The Predators consider the ultimate prey to be: The Xenomorph.


      The Yautjas were here once before, and taught the ancient humans to build large structures in their honor. And, with the cultures that practiced the art of sacrifice, the Hunters would breed Xenomorphs for hunt, almost like a preserve.

      Their blood is likely basic in nature, to the point where they are unaffected by the Xenomorph’s acid blood. In addition, the Bio-Mask can be switched to an EM-Vision to detect these serpents. Their equipment is tough enough to not be melted by their corrosive blood, and their skulls are often claimed as powerful trophies.

      Despite their impressive track record with their Hunts, the Predators have their own share of weaknesses.

      • Have been outsmarted and defeated by humans.
        • Jungle Hunter was defeated by a basic log trap.
        • City Hunter was defeated by a detective.
        • Wolf of BG-386 was defeated by a Xenomorph.
        • Scar was impaled by a Queen’s stinger tail
      • They bleed.

      The Predators seem to be very weak to impalement, and are often distracted when this happens. Additionally, their code of honor prevents them from attacking certain prey.

      • The prey must be capable of killing the hunter.
      • Must bestow a reward to an equal who shows mercy/ Commit Seppuku.
      • The pregnant and sick are off-limits.

      If a hunter is unable to complete their quest, they must kill themselves to preserve their honor. This is typically done by using their wrist-gauntlet to perform a self-destruct initiative to prevent other species from getting their hands on their advanced technology.

      Regardless, the Predator is a beast in combat. It’s basically a tanky-er alien Terminator. If it sets its triangle scope on you, you are in big trouble.




      C’mon, you had to know this was coming. It’s basically the Godzilla vs. Gamera of alien movies. The Terminator vs. Robocop, Star Wars vs. Harry Potter, Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero, the- You get the point now right? These two are iconic rivals, and are brutal combatants. And, this time, we can get a fight that’s actually interesting, and cool. Unlike the actual movies which were… disappointing.


      It’s hunter vs. hunter in this matchup. And while the Predators haven’t had much luck taking on humans, Kraven has a tough time going after his ultimate Prey. Both are expert trappers, and it would be fun to see which one’s traps would ultimately prevail.


      We can probably recreate this one by using the models from MKX, but this is still a cool fight. Jason is basically the icon of slasher-horror films, while the poster-alien for alien-horror films is a tie between our favorite green-blooded hunter, and our favorite dagger-tongued parasite. We could get a pretty good fight out of this by virtue of machete vs. plasma caster. But, I’d still rather see Jason fight Mike Myers from Halloween.

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