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    • Character Sheet: The Incredible Hulk

      1 year ago


      The Marvel universe has produced some powerful heroes. From the likes of Captain America, to Thor. But if there is one hero whose name would be associated with the word ‘Strength’, it would be The Incredible Hulk.


      Doctor Robert ‘Bruce’ Banner was once an ordinary scientist, working for the military. And much like a few needle-y scientist-types, Bruce had a rough home life. His prick of a dad was abusive to him because he was afraid that he had a mutant child. And Bruce’s mom paid the price. Taking a page out of Spidey’s handbook, he was raised by his aunt, and was given a better home.

      • Name: Robert Banner.
      • Height: 5’9”.
      • Weight: 128 lbs.
      • Eye color: Brown.
      • Hair color: Brown.
      • Graduate of Desert State University.

      Being a prodigy scientist, Banner got a degree in nuclear physics and went about to creating a device that could use gamma radiation as a means of clean, sustainable energy. However, since the government refused to grant him the funds to do so, he turned to the military. He agreed to help make a gamma-powered bomb in exchange for getting the necessary funds to make his project a reality.

      However, on testing day, a kid named Rick Jones wandered onto the testing grounds on a dare. When Banner found out, he rushed out of the safe zone to get Rick to a safe trench. Remember kids, peer pressure is a bad thing. Don’t be like Rick. Make your own choices in life.

      Banner was successful in getting Rick to safety, but he himself was caught in the blast.


      And because this is a comic book, instead of killing him, Banner was imbued with a super powerful split personality. This persona was given the iconic name: The Hulk.

      • Height: 7’-8’ (Savage Hulk), 6’6” (Grey Hulk), 7’6” (Merged Hulk), 8’8” (World Breaker Hulk).
      • Weight: 1040-1400 lbs (Savage Hulk), 900lbs (Grey Hulk), 1150 lbs (Merged Hulk), 2400 (World Breaker Hulk).
      • Eye Color: Grey (Grey Hulk), Green (Green Hulk)
      • Hair Color: Black (Grey Hulk), Green (Green Hulk)
      • Favorite animal: Dogs

      After being pelted by gamma rays, The Hulk would usually come out at night. But through regular evolution, Banner would turn into the Hulk any time he got angry.

      Hulk 004

      Now, ain’t he unglamorous?

      Aside from a pair of pants that never seem to rip, Hulk prefers brawn over brain. Like any brute force fighter, Hulk can level buildings, demolish mountains, and destroy entire cities. And that’s when he’s not even trying!

      • Super Strength.
      • Super Durability.
      • Incredible Jumping ability.
      • Reactive Adaptation.
      • Thunderclap.

      And just because he’s strong, doesn’t mean he’s slow. Hulk can outrun an aircraft, and swim just as fast as Namor, the Sub-Mariner. His mind is so powerful, to the point that nobody can control him, and those that try usually get smashed.

      On top of which, Hulk’s strength increases with his anger. To the point where even the Mad Thinker and The Beyonder can’t find an upper limit.


      What does this mean? Well, I’m glad you asked. This means that Hulk’s strength isn’t a ‘No-Limits Fallacy’. It’s a ‘No-Limits Fact’!

      Yes, the Hulk’s strength is incalculable. He’s strong enough to win numerous gladiador matches on an alien planet, tough enough to go toe-to-toe with Wolverine and Thor, and durable enough that even Adamantium can’t pierce his skin.

      Oh, and he can give physics the finger and do stuff like this:


      Those are steel railroad tracks he’s bending, by the way.

      With powers like these, you have to ask: What the hell can stop this guy?

      • Rage Nullification.
      • Gamma energy drain.
      • Cosmic Energy

      Even Banner has the same weaknesses as a normal human. But, it’s worth noting that hurting Banner can cause the Hulk to emerge. In basic terms, put a bullet in Banner’s mouth, and the Hulk will spit it out.

      On top of which, Hulk can do some pretty impressive things on his own.

      • Defeated The Thing.
      • Defeated entire armies.
      • Tossed around Juggernaut.
      • Overpowered the Godseye.
      • Stalemated The Sentry.

      A single Thunderclap from Hulk can demolish several tanks flying from the sheer shock wave produced


      Hulk is the strongest hero to walk the planet. And Banner is no slouch on the job. With all the shit he’s been through though, one must ask: How does Bruce know when to get angry?

      I’ve been doing a lot of Hulk-based reading and watching (both films. Don’t even ask) lately. Taking what I’ve seen in the comics, the old TV show (my favourite when I was 10), and the little we get of the Ruffalo-Bruce-backstory, I got to thinking...



      Image result for captain atom

      Radiation has been used to justify heroes getting powers. Whether it be from falling into a vat of radioactive waste, being bitten by a radioactive spider, or just being a suit that contains an entity of living radiation. Captain Atom delivers the radiation aspect. With a powerset that mirrors Hulk’s, Mr. Adam has his work cut out for him.


      Adaptive, Super Strong, and has more anger issues than my mother? Yes. Doomsday vs. Hulk would be a battle for the ages. Maybe even season finale material. Doomsday is most famous for being the one who killed Superman, while Hulk has unlimited strength. Game on.


      Let’s see which one comes out on top: Steroids, or Radiation… I don’t have many clever reasons for this fight, I just ran out of characters. And it was either Bane, or I re-use Predator on some ‘Green Brute’ justification. It's better than pitting Hulk against The Thing.

    • Non-Canon sources

      1 year ago


      Well, looks like I lied. I’m NOT doing a character sheet, I’m doing one of these.

      When it comes down to using a character who has a customizable moveset and equipment, we are often faced with this dilemma: How do we standardize it so the selection can’t be construed as ‘outside help’?

      For this, I will be using Lucario.

      Now, let’s take a look at the moves a Lucario can naturally learn:


      Interesting. Twenty-two naturally-learned moves. Now, how can we make this fair?

      Well, we could let him use all of these moves. Or…


      We could use his Smash Bros moveset.

      Heck, why not add a little extra by giving him his Pokken moveset? Which, according to Bulbapedia, consists of the following:


      If it’s too hard to read, let me handle this, “Force Palm, Bone Rush, Extreme Speed, and multiple versions of Aura Sphere.”

      If Pokemon isn’t a good example, let’s go to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to find out what our resident Sun-Goddess, Amaterasu, would bring into a fight.


      Huh. Going to have to edit that on her character sheet later, but nevermind… I edited it while I was working on this post.

      With this, we now have a standardized equipment setup for Amaterasu. These are the weapons she prefers to take into combat.

      Helluva lot more fair than if we were to choose based on what we personally prefer.

      But, if we were to customize movesets ourselves…

      Lucario would get a literal shitton more deveastating moves, and Ammy would devastate pretty much everybody.

      But more importantly, Customizing the equipment and moveset is basically saying this: This character can only win if the player dictates what they use.

      Giving them your setup isn’t sounding all that great anymore, huh?

    • Character Sheet: Amaterasu

      1 year ago


      Gods have taken many forms over the years. From dragons, to giants, mortal men, and… Dogs?


      In Japanese myth, Amaterasu is celebrated as the goddess of the sun, who had an intense rivalry with the god of the sea, Susanoo. And, after a while of being an immortal sun goddess, I guess she decided to protect the people. Why she chose the form of a wolf, I’ll never know, but damn, she’s adorable with that fluffy tail!

      • Name(s): Ammy, Fido, Snowy, Shiranui.
      • Weight: 170 lbs;
      • Height: 5 ft (Nose to Tip of Tail);
      • Race: Celestial Brush God.
      • Understands Human tongue.
      • Has good art direction.

      Long ago, the great god Shiranui slayed the eight-headed demon dragon Orochi alongside the legendary warrior: Nagi. Though the two did not start as allies. Shiranui was once thought of as a herald to the dragon. After Nagi had successfully disguised himself as a woman, he took a maiden’s place… Because Orochi likes to eat women. And, after getting him drunk, Nagi had slayed the beast, alongside Shiranui, who he now understood to be a protector. As a solemn tribute, the village of Kamiki adopted the white wolf as its savior and protector, and the peace of Nippon was finally, here at last.

      Then a bunch of darkness started to corrupt the land, and some tree spirit chick named Sakuya woke up Ammy, and made a shrunken artist named Issun accompany her on her journey. Whilst on her quest, Issun’s Celestial Brush became Amaterasu’s primary divine weapon of choice.

      • Power Slash
        • Can cut through Iron and Diamonds with ease
        • Can also be used to deflect attacks
      • Rejuvenation
        • Can restore damaged areas
      • Greensprout
        • Bloom
        • Lily Pad
        • Vine
      • Waterspout
      • Cherry Bomb
        • Can create up to three bombs

      Like any goddess, Amaterasu is packing some serious firepower! She can slash through foes with Power Slash, Drench you with Waterspout, Burn you up with Inferno, Shock you with Thunder, and even slow down time with Veil of Mist. And, as per usual with any divine being, Amaterasu can call upon her domain to grant her power.

      The technique Sunrise can cut through the darkness, and restore Amaterasu’s power. She can freely summon the sun or moon to change how night and day commence, but enough dark energy can be used to negate her power.

      And when Ammy’s not using divine painting to defeat her foes, she uses one of three legendary weapons: The Divine Instruments.

      But, since there’s no real way of determining what she’d take into a fight, we have to close here…

      Oh wait, no we don’t! So, onto the weaponry!

      • Lowest Tier
        • Divine Retribution
        • Devout Beads
        • Tsumugari
      • Highest Tier
        • Solar Flare
          • Embedded with fire.
        • Tundra Beads
          • Embedded with ice.
        • Thunder Edge
          • Embedded with thunder

      These divine instruments are what Amaterasu choses to take, when fighting among mortals. Thank you, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Everyone say ‘Thank You’ now…

      You say ‘thank you’ yet?

      Divine retributionDevout BeadsTsumugari

      Now, unlike most other cases with weapons, Ammy can have TWO of them equipped. One as a main weapon, and another as a sub-weapon. We’ll get to how each works as we get to them.

      The Divine Retribution is a reflector-type weapon that allows for an average amount of strikes in an average amount of time. As a sub-weapon, Divine Retribution can be used as either a shield, or as a means to counter attack. If Amaterasu can time it right, any physical attack that is launched at her will be chained into a piledriver that can gravely damage foes. Additionally, having the Solar Flare in the main weapon slot allows Amaterasu to wield fire without needing the most advanced Inferno technique. The Reflector is great for taking on grounded foes.

      The Devout Beads are a Rosary-Class weapon. Rosaries can be used for rapid fire attacks, but with minimal damaging. The rapidness of these beads can be used to match or even exceed the damage output of the other two types if used right. In its sub-weapon form, the rosary becomes the equivalent of a rapid-fire turret, and can launch projectiles at a rapid pace. When being used as the main weapon, the Tundra Beads can allow Ammy to wield the power of ice without the need of the advanced Blizzard technique. The Rosary can easily hit either grounded or airborne foes with relative ease.

      Tsumugari is a Glaive-category weapon. Glaives specialize in powerful blows. It’s range is superior to the Reflector’s, but the attack speed is lowered in exchange for high damage output. As a main weapon, the Glaive is a powerful weapon, capable of delivering one clean sweep of massive amounts of damage. When used in the air, the Glaive can be used to slash downward, potentially hitting multiple foes at once. As a sub-weapon, the Glaive can be used to hit foes with charged attacks, and can slash or stab foes with ease. Having the Thunder Edge equipped allows Amaterasu to wield thunder without the need of the advanced Thunder technique.

      • Cleared out an entire plantation of radishes in under a minute.
      • Defeated Dragons and Demons.
      • Restored life to several wastelands.
      • Matched Waka in battle.
      • Defeated Yami, the king of darkness.
      • Ink Supply is not infinite.
      • Godhood can only protect her so much.
      • Short attention-span.
      • Can be caught off-guard.

      Even with impressive feats like stopping a giant log running using her vines, slamming a large boulder around, as well as defeating monsters and demons several times her size, Amaterasu still has a few weaknesses. Her abilities stem from both her Godly rank, and the prayers she receives from mortals. Without this power of belief, Amaterasu is left only with her martial arts techniques, that I affectionately refer to as “Wolf Kung-Fu.” Additionally, her Brush Techniques require a steady supply of ink to be utilized. And she can also be caught off-guard in certain situations and has a short attention span.

      But even with these weaknesses, Amaterasu is quite the foe to face. She’s a lover of Mrs Orange’s Cherry Cakes, and slayer of evil. There’s a reason she’s called ‘Origin of all that is good and mother to us all’ by the other Gods.




      Since Final Fantasy fans just LOVE to claim their characters to be infallible gods and whatnot, let’s see how one of their characters fare against a god. Both of these characters actually have a lot in common when you think on it. Both of them fight for the environment, both of them have incredible power, and have canine attributes. As contrasts, Ammy is a goddess from an underhyped game, while Red is an experimental animal from an overhyped game. Another contrast is that Ammy is being blessed for her actions as a goddess, while Red is being condemned for his actions alongside terrorists. Pretty neat matchup if you ask me.


      Krypto the Superdog. Now, before you bring in the Kryptonian infinity tripe, keep in mind that Ammy has magic. And, as we all know, magic is a major weakness of kryptonians. Both of them possess incredible power, and have done some impressive feats. Let’s give it a thought, though.

      Princess Celestia ID S4E01

      It’s sun goddess vs. sun goddess in this bout. A horse toy vs. Video game character. Character who actually does shit against a character who does JACK shit. - Sorry about that, I haven’t actually seen Celestia do anything outside a flashback… So, I’d say that the bronies will get knocked down a peg… Maybe if it were Luna and Celestia vs. Amaterasu, it would be a better fight… Maybe Twilight would be a suitable opponent… Ah, screw it. Let’s just stick with Celestia here. Keep it with the whole ‘Sun Goddess’ theme we have so far. Sounds fun.

    • Carolina vs. Pyrrha / Meta vs. Cinder

      1 year ago


      Hey, Agent Carolina’s preview came out, and it was great.

      But, unfortunately, there are some people who think that Carolina vs. Pyrrha is a better matchup.

      Well, I'm here to prove those guys wrong!

      Now then, Carolina’s armor is made of METAL. Pyrrha’s semblance is polarity. It’s magnets vs. metal.

      Mercury, how did you describe that again?


      Ah, thanks Merc.

      So, yeah…

      Hey, aside from being green-eyed, redheaded, top of the leader-board, voiced by Jen Brown, and being upstaged by someone else who was basically the favorite by the ‘boss’ (Tex for Carolina, Ruby for Pyrrha) what do they have in common?




      Okay, that was a stupid question. But here’s another thing to consider: What contrasts do they have?

      I ask this, because the thing that makes these fights interesting is not only the similarities, but the contrasts as well. And as far as I can tell, the only contrast they have is being on opposite ends of the ‘unrequited love’ spectrum. That’s it.

      Seriously, that’s the equivalent of someone saying that “Charizard could easily defeat Wargreymon’ without providing any actual feats or facts as to why someone would think that would be in any way tru-





      Fuck this comment.

      Well, with that one done, let’s tackle Meta vs. Cinder.

      Remember that scene where Wash shoots the Meta with that… What was it, a mini-gun, or a chain gun?

      Let me check real quick…


      Okay, RvBWiki states that it is a chain gun. So… There’s something up with Meta’s overshields. Then again, most of the characters don’t have one. Also, Meta can still take damage from other shots. Remember Church’s lucky shot? Remember how it hit the meta in the leg?


      And remember that it pretty much just pierced Meta’s armor?

      I’m pretty sure that one of Cinder’s arrows could be effective enough to hit Meta, and incinerate him from the inside. But, let’s mix this up a little more.

      Let’s do a hypothetical scenario where Cinder fights Carolina.

      Hmm, let’s see here. Cinder with the powers of the fall maiden is essentially a god(dess). Carolina with Epsilon and all that equipment is just a really powerful soldier. That’s basically pitting Aquaman against a swarm of piranhas. One of them has a clear advantage.

      Carolina gets Pyrrha'd (Can we get that on urban dictionary?)

      Now, let’s do Pyrrha vs. Meta.

      Again, Meta has METAL ARMOR. Pyrrha, not including her semblance has other advantages. Like… Hey, how many tournaments did she win again?


      Thanks, Weiss-Queen.

      She also graduated top of her class in Sanctum… Am I getting that right? Uh, Weiss?


      Thanks again.

      And if ‘Drunkle’ Qrow is to be believed, she carried her team to the finals of the Vytal Festival tournament.

      And that’s not even including her semblance… Even though her semblance is what likely netted her those wins in the tourney… Hmm, should’ve thought that one through a little more.

      But, Pyrrha was also picked out of all the other students to be the next fall maiden… Unless Ozpin planned for her to get killed in order to activate Ruby’s powers, because let’s face it: Ozpin gets off on doing morally questionable cryptic shit like that (Transferring someone else' soul into another body knowing that the first soul might take over the mind ringing any bells?).

      Wow. now I kinda want Ozpin to lose a Death Battle…

      Back on track here! What else has Pyrrha done that could make Meta shit his armor?


      Oh yeah, she turned Penny into quarters (Insert ‘Goddammit, Barb’ comment here).


      She also brought about half a building down on Cinder… And, in adding to Cinder’s resume, CINDER SURVIVED!

      Goddamn! RWBY characters are friggin’ powerful! Screw Pikachu getting demolished by Nora, Pyrrha could take on Metagross! And WIN!




      Okay, that’s mostly due to it’s ‘steel-typidness’ but still.

      Damn, if Beacon students can bring down that much on one person, then imagine the kind of destructive force a full-grown hunter or huntress could achieve. And if someone like Cinder could treat an attack like that like a light breeze, imagine the kind of force other tanky-er characters could withstand… Probably enough to withstand a nuclear explosion.

      As for Pyrrha vs. Cinder?



      We already know how that turned out…

      Don’t worry, she’ll always be with us.


      No. In our lungs.

      Well, my work here is done. See you guys when I make a new character sheet I guess.

    • Teleportation vs. Movement

      1 year ago


      Holy shit! It’s been a while since I last did one of these huh?

      Now, what’s the subject that we’re tackling today?



      Welp. Let’s get started then.

      Dictionary.com defines ‘Teleportation’ as the following:


      Whilst movement is defined as:


      There are plenty of other definitions, but I’ll provide a link to the page.

      So, what does this mean exactly?

      I have a diagram here. Now, since both Teleportation and Movement involve going from point A to point B, here is the difference:


      As you can see, Movement involves traversing the area between point A and point B; While Teleportation just means one moment you’re at point A, and the next you are at point B.

      Now for the real reason why I’m doing this:


      Yeah, I’ve watched Kirby vs. Buu and Goku vs. Superman recently, so… That.

      I have to say this because, much like combat speed, this is something that needs to be said.

      Now then, let’s use the ‘teleportation speed fallacy’ to do something controversial. Nightcrawler has the explicit ability to teleport. Sonic the Hedgehog has superspeed. Now, in a regular fight, Sonic would be able to hit Nightcrawler at such speeds that Nightcrawler would be unable to react. But, let’s sprinkle some ‘teleport speed’ and we have Nightcrawler blitzing the hell out of Sonic.

      See the problem here? Using the trite that it “Teleportation is faster than speed” means that teleporters like Nightcrawler and Cloak can speedblitz just about everyone!

      Personally, I think that it’s rather depressing that this had to be made in the first place.

      Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have something else to work on.

    • Character Sheet: Dinobot

      1 year ago


      The transformers are robots in disguise. They have gone through many generations of mighty warriors, and no other transformer takes the Proud Warrior to heart, more than the one and only Dinobot.


      Not to be confused with the group consisting of Grimlock, Swoop, Snarl, Sludge, and Slag, Dinobot is a warrior through and through. He is a hero to many, and an inspiration to his fellow maximals.

      Though he did not start out this way.


      Alternative names: Chopperface, Stinkin’ pred, Gearhead, Pre-evolved bird brain.

      Height: 7’1’’ (Approx).

      Weight: 800 lbs (Approx).

      Alt form: Raptor.

      Placeholder in Transformers Hall of Fame.

      Knows Shakespeare rather well.

      Dinobot was a Predacon warrior with a high sense of honor. After siding with Megatron…

      -60U-p66c7VYEe88ip5OzFEb_sKac3xqspu507kV No, not that Megatron...

      X99sjSsl33D25Ega7v6tyeRqLNyro-DmWbnyVAwvThat Megatron.

      He was recruited into the fold, and after a transwarp blast, both factions landed on separate sides of a planet rich with energon. In fact the planet was SO rich, that prolonged exposure would damage their robot modes. So to protect themselves, both the Maximals and the Predacons scanned the local lifeforms and remains to gain new forms to traverse the terrain, and Dinobot got the form of a raptor.

      BWDinobot arrival

      Dinobot’s raptor form grants him access to deadly claws, and razor-sharp teeth. His tail can be used to bat foes around, and he has pretty good reflexes in that form as well. His hunting senses are enhanced to the point that he can track a rodent through a thick jungle.

      When Dinobot’s not using his beast mode to rip and tear his opponents apart, his robot mode comes equipped with plenty of weapons. His tail can be turned into a spinning blade that can let him hover for brief periods of time, and he also has a sword with spinning segments that can be used to parry, stab, and slash at his foes.


      Dinobot also has eye-beams, that can be used to strike foes from a distance, or stop other energy weapons from reaching him. He is a skilled swordsman (Swordsbot?) and can take on a number of foes.

      Dinobot has a high sense of honor, to the point where it’s actually embedded into his DNA. He does not take unfair advantages, and he will not open fire on foes who cannot defend themselves. But despite this, he isn’t above using a hostage to try and get what he wants.


      Survived numerous beatings.

      Fought Megatron to a standstill.

      Defeated and ate his clone.

      Managed to resist Megatron even as a clone.

      Stopped Megatron from wiping out the proto-humans.

      He saved an entire valley of proto-humans, constantly stopping his stasis lock mechanism to continue the fight. And after being disarmed of both of his weapons, he took down Megatron using an improvised axe, and destroyed the Golden Disk with his last remaining power.


      While this ultimately cost him his life, he lived a warrior, and died a hero. His Spark ultimately joined the Matrix, the greatest of Cybertron. Dinobot is one bad bot, Getting on his bad side is the last thing, a lot of bad guys did.




      Both Dinobot and the Predator are honor-bound warriors, and have several weapons at their disposal. Both are stubborn fighters, have crazy durability, and have razor-sharp teeth. Both fighters can take on a multitude of foes, and are powerful combatants.

      Image result for Chewbacca

      Chewie is also a ‘Proud Warrior Race Guy’ and has some pretty impressive strength. He’s animalistic, and have some pretty powerful weapons. Their fight can be one for the ages.

      Image result for Goro

      Again, Goro is an honor-bound fighter. That’s the theme I’m aiming for: Honor-bound fighters going at it. Goro’s skillset would make for a good antithesis to Dinobot’s weaponry, and his four arms would give Dinobot a very viable reason to use his weaponry against the unarmed shokan warrior.

    • Evil Craig is my f*cking hero

      1 year ago


      Who here remembers this scene?

      Evil Craig = My hero

      Evil Craig became my hero at this exact moment.

    • Top 10 Reasons why Carolina vs. The Meta is Awesome

      1 year ago

      10. Death Battle can finally tell a good story in a fight.
      • Let's face it, when it comes to story, Death Battle ranges from “no story at all” to “reasonably decent.” But with this matchup, they have an opportunity for a story. If they don't take advantage of that, then, whatever. But the pieces are there, they just have to use them.
      9. Death Battle can get some semblance of continuity.
      • The only continuity that DB has is the tie-in from the TMNT Battle Royale to Leonardo vs. Zits. (And the rematch of the century, now that I think about it) And even then, it's usually pretty weak. So, while it may not be continuity for Death Battle, it's continuity for Red vs. Blue. And that's good enough for me.
      8. Official VAs for both sides.
      • While The Meta doesn't talk much (making his dialogue easy to write), Carolina does. This makes this fight the first one to have the official voice actors for both combatants. If that's not cool, then I don't know what is.
      7. All the reactions of disappointment that it isn't an RvB vs. RWBY Fight.
      • This reason feels a little mean-spirited, but hear me out: What reason would Grif have to even know what RWBY is? To (kinda) quote Simmons, “How would I know? only nerds on the Internet would know that.”
      6. All the in-jokes
      • The funny thing about an inside-joke, is other people's efforts to try and understand it. The jokes may be for RvB fans, or it might be a joke in the workplace, but it should be fun to see.
      5. Torrian is animating the fight.
      • Do I really have to elaborate on this reason? It'll be a sight to behold.
      4. Gateway for fans.
      • One of the things that Death Battle is good at is being a gateway for other series (I got interested in Berserk thanks to Guts entering the arena). And this fight would be a good way to introduce potential fans to the Red vs. Blue-niverse. So we have that to look forward to as well.
      3. Interactions between Vic, Boomstick, and Wiz.
      • This would be the only BIGGER wasted opportunity than pitting The Meta against Cinder Fall, or Carolina against Pyrrha. Think about it, Vic’s personally comparing with our usual Death Battle hosts’ personalities. It would be HILARIOUS. At the very least, don't screw this one up, alright Screwattack?
      2. Nobody can scream bias at the results.
      • Since there would be bias accusations against Screwattack even if they were to pit the Grimm dragon against Hopper from A Bug's Life, I have a challenge for a few people: I fucking dare you to look at the results, and call it a biased outcome. I dare you- I double dare y’all motherfuckers to call the results biased even ONCE. I will personally take a screenshot of your post, create a link to it, and post it EVERYWHERE I can. Just because it would be the STUPIDEST thing ever. Of all time.
      1. Plot.
      • Hey, if an A.I and an alien can revive a guy who died of aspirin overdose, then The Meta getting resurrected isn't that much of a long shot. The only actual ‘loss’ Carolina had against The Meta was after her fight with York and Texas (and even then she was caught off-guard). Plus, we get to see a fight that was never actually shown. And hey, maybe this is what Epsilon!Theta was talking about in season 12. We might have to wait an extra week for this fight, but it will be totally worth it.
    • Top 10 Fandoms that Need to be Taken Down a Notch

      1 year ago


      Considering that this site also hosts Death Battle, and the increasing number of salty fans that are everywhere, this is something that I think needs to be said. With that, let’s get started with this list.

      10. Death Battle

      It’s ironic that this is at the top of the list. But I’m primarily talking about the newer fans to the show. There are plenty of reasons why the new fans need to be taken down a notch, but I think that this post (and most of the comments) sums up most of the older fans’ feelings. But because they're more annoying rather than depressing, they get a narrow pass.

      9. Marvel

      Marvel has lost Captain America, Beast, Wolverine, and Quicksilver. But they still need to be taken down a notch. There has to be a balance for this, and constantly pointing out all your previous victories is getting old. The only real reason that they got placed here is because they're starting to take some hits, and as a Spider-Man fan, I think that the fandom needs to realize that their characters aren't invincible.

      8. Dragonball

      Now, since both Buu and Goku lost their respective fights, I can hold a bit of sympathy for these guys. But (Like I’m going to say about a lot of these fandoms), THESE CHARACTERS ARE NOT INFALLIBLE GODS! Beerus has a limit that can be surpassed. Whis has a limit that can be surpassed. Goku has a limit that he can’t reach. I don’t know what’s so hard to understand about this. Delayed onset ki disorder gives Goku a cap. Why are you asking for Death Battle to give him a cap?

      7. RWBY

      Goddammit. Look, I like the show. And I like the characters. But if there’s RWBY fans who would claim that if “Yang were to lose in Death Battle, then you’re disrespecting Monty.” then they NEED to be taken down a notch. I’m not saying “Pit Blake against Beerus” - That would be stupid. But, their ego needs to be placed in check. The ONLY reason they get more sympathy from me is because of a few salty Tifa fans who said “Monty is punishing Ben and Chad from beyond the grave.” - That sort of shit pisses me off. The debate has died down mostly, and there is only a small percentage of people who are still discussing it, but I digress. These guys still need to be taken down a notch, if only to prove that Screwattack isn't biased, and is willing to strike a blow to the FNDM. Because, they need to be humbled down a bit.

      6. Final Fantasy.

      For some reason, Final Fantasy fans come off as if they feel entitled to something. As if they think that their game is ‘sacred’, and should be treated like the bible or something. I have no idea if it’s because they think that Link couldn’t have outsmarted Cloud or whatever, but it’s getting old. The only reason this makes it so high on this list is because, well… FFVII is one of (if not the most) critically acclaimed RPG ever made. But their ego shouldn’t be stroked. They have to be reminded that their precious characters ARE NOT INFALLIBLE GODS! I mean, COME ON! I’m willing to bet that they could pit Barret against Unicron, and the FF fans would still go rabid. NEWS FLASH: Your game is subject to the same criticisms as anything else, and acting as if it isn’t is hypocritical at best, and being a shit-head at worst. I wanted to get more immersed in the culture, but if becoming a fan of Final Fantasy means that I’m going to end up being an asshole to anyone who doesn’t think the same way I do, then I don’t want to. Way to go FF fans. Your shitty attitude cost you a potential member.

      5. Undertale

      I get it, it’s like Earthbound. But, that still doesn’t change the fact that these guys are starting to get a bit annoying. Since Sans has to be hit by someone who has no mercy in their heart, this effectively means that he could defeat Saitama. And then the internet goes to shit. Oh, and speaking of Saitama...

      4. One Punch Man

      I get it, he’s a more interesting version of Superman. But he doesn’t deserve to be placed in a Death Battle. Something that I know a few people hate is the “automatic win condition.” And while other fights may have brought up a No-Limits fallacy, they point out that it isn’t an auto-win. Superman has his weaknesses, Yang’s aura has a limit, and Ganon should have had his win be justified solely by his better magic and intellect. Claiming that he’ll win any fight is a true statement, which is why we can’t have him enter one. What’s the point of a (non-remastered) fight if we know who’s going to win? I like the concept, and it’s an entertaining Anime too. But some of the fans are a bit… Toxic. The reason this makes it past Undertale, however, is because it only has like… 13 episodes in its Anime. That’s not a whole lot to go off of, to be honest.

      3. Five Nights at Freddy’s

      This is a… Good horror game, and it has a unique concept to it. But, like I’ve said before, these characters ARE NOT GODS! The antagonists are still mechanical beings, and the only reason why they can’t be hurt is because you’d get fired for damaging them… Well, that and the fact that this is going by survival-horror rules, as in you aren’t even allowed to defend yourself when face-to-face with the primary antagonist(s).

      2. Pokemon

      Let me tell you the tale of an asshole who wants to kill infants, drown kittens, and wants to end a franchise because he thinks that Digimon equals the holocaust… It’s this guy. That’s the kind of attitude that makes me want to quit Pokemon. Not to mention that by comparing pokedex entries to each other, and then comparing stats, this causes caterpie to go MACH 1! These characters ARE NOT GODS! Arceus is the closest one to a god, and he can be beaten up by a purple rat that’s dozens of times lower leveled than him… her… it - Point is, is that yes, Arceus is a god, but ONLY IN THE POKEMON UNIVERSE! Anywhere else? - The ‘mon is just some semi-powerful entity that Nightcrawler can beat up. I’m serious. Pokemon is about a kid who goes on an adventure to capture and train monsters to become the champion. Digimon was basically a tamagotchi marketed for the male demographic. And despite those clear differences, Pokemon fans claim Digimon as a ‘ripoff’ of Pokemon.

      1. Batman

      Oh. My. Fucking. God. How… How is this on the list? Well, simply put, people are constantly saying how great Batman is and all that shit. They say that he defeated Superman on his own (which is not true), the entire Justice League (that was actually the Legion of Doom/Vandal Savage, BTW), and that he is somehow more realistic than Superman (y’know, despite all of those claims). But the primary reason why this entry is so high on this list is rather simple: I am referring to THE CHARACTER, NOT the franchise. If any character OTHER than Batman loses, - Whatever. If BATMAN loses? - Crime against nature. Again, he’s here not because it’s his entire FRANCHISE, but because it’s only the character himself that has a toxic fanbase. Apparently Batman is an infallible god who can never lose a fight, but he’s also somehow more relatable than Superman. Because, a multi-billionaire is TOTALLY more relatable than a farm-boy who became a news reporter. A character who went through several years of training to fight criminals is more realistic that an alien being whose Earthly upbringing made him a hero. The guy who beats up criminals and psychopaths dressed as a giant bat is superior to a person who saves kids from committing suicide in blue spandex. THIS CHARACTER IS NOT - ah, you probably know what I’m going to say… Screw it, I’m saying it anyways: BATMAN IS NOT AN INFALLIBLE GOD! NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST!

      Well, and there you have it. My Top 10 Fandoms that Need to be Taken Down a Notch. Be sure to go down to the comment section below and tell me what fandoms you think need to be taken down a notch. Everything is fair game around here.

    • Character Sheet: Danny Phantom

      1 year ago


      Since the Dawn of Spider-Man, teenage heroes have popped out of the woodwork to save the world. And like the wall-crawler, they too were granted supernatural powers that helped them fight off the bad guys.

      Enter: Danny Phantom, a guy- Ah, screw it. For this, I think I’ll let the theme song explain.

      Not even old enough to drive, and Danny made himself the local hero of Amity Park.


      Alternative names: Ghost Boy, Inviso-Bill, Phantom

      Eye color: blue (human), green (ghost)

      Hair color: black (human), white (ghost)

      Speaks Esperanto

      Occupation: Student/Superhero

      Not a fan of the Ghostbusters movies.

      After only a month after obtaining his powers, Danny had his first major battle with a ghost. The Lunch Lady.


      After a hard fought battle, Danny appointed himself the protector of Amity Park, and dedicated his time to fighting off ghostly invaders. And he’s pretty damn good at it too. He’s beaten a ghost equivalent of the Predator named Skulker, a ghost version of Stilt Man who went by Box Ghost, a joy-sucking vampiress who had the name of Spectra, and a rocker chick named Ember who committed suicide (And please, if you have these thoughts, call this number: 1-800-273-8255)

      Danny’s greatest foe however, is his father’s old college roommate: Vlad Masters. AKA: Vlad Plasmius.


      And since exposing him would mean exposing himself, Vlad would prove to be the Green Goblin to Danny’s Spider-Man. But, like Superman, since nobody expects a ghost (Or in Superman’s case, an alien) to have a secret identity, Danny’s obvious name doesn’t give away his secret.

      Thankfully, Danny’s powerset makes beating his opponents pretty easy.



      Ecto Blasts



      Repulsor Fields

      Like the theme song mentioned, he can fly at high velocities. His first top recorded speed being 112 MPH. He can fly from his hometown to Madison Wisconsin in a matter of hours, when his family’s RV took a couple of days. His intangibility lets him walk through any wall that isn’t composed of ecto-energy, and invisibility is exactly what it says on the tin. And by overshadowing someone, he can take complete control of their actions, but people with a strong enough will can resist the feeling. And if they’re really strong-willed enough, they can force the ghost out on their own.

      Now, Danny isn’t dead per-se, but his DNA is actually embedded with ecto-energy, a form of energy that is much more versatile and manipulable than energy in our world. And his ghost sense lets him know when a ghost is nearby. But, it’s much more than a simple alarm. Turns out, it’s actually cryo energy that lets itself out a bit at a time. This cryokinesis lets him blast out energy beams that can freeze his foes in a matter of seconds, or fire icicles from his hands. Talk about sending chills down your spine!

      SLWhmsIQKUoibydMNnCHZFOg7XoAITKryAyzIcYeFile:S03e06 freezing wrapped vines.png

      But if Danny wants to get REALLY serious, he busts out the ghostly wail

      S02e17 Danny's ghostly wail

      This power can clear out an entire horde of foes in one shot. But if a foe is durable enough, they can survive the blast. It can even take down giant monsters. It quickly drains his energy, but he can quickly regain his energy, and go ghost afterwards. The ghostly wail can shatter eardrums, windows, and even fling cars around.

      This isn’t even considering the tech he has on hand. The Fenton Thermos can hold multiple ghosts at once so Danny can send them back to the ghost zone, an extra-dimensional area that is basically the flip coin of the real world. But due to that, humans are the ghosts in that world. But while the Thermos can’t affect humans, it can instantly suck in ghosts with a quick charge of ecto-energy. Provided that the ghost is weakened enough.


      Defeated Undergrowth.

      Took down the Ghost King.

      Defeated foes with superior combat experience than him.

      Defeated his evil future self.

      Scored an A- on a test after one day of cramming.

      Considering Danny has super strength, speed, flexibility, and endurance, it’s no surprise that he can do some spectacular things. He’s fought against ghosts that could be considered gods, like a weather manipulator named Vortex, and the all-powerful Ghost King. He’s even defeated opponents who could manipulate the very elements themselves. He managed to take down a reality warper, and even defeated his alternate evil future self.

      Despite all this, Danny has a fair share of weaknesses.


      Reality-warping abilities.


      Blood Blossoms.


      His own stubbornness.

      Danny is vulnerable to weapons utilizing ecto-energy, and the plant known as Blood Blossoms are basically a primitive specter deflector. Additionally, his ghost form still radiates heat despite the cold core that he has. Additionally, Danny’s hotheadedness has gotten him into trouble more often than not. Like the time he took his frustrations on Christmas on a ghostwriter’s story. Aside from these, he also has a bit of an ego. On top of all this, Danny is also vulnerable to reality-warping powers, as they can disrupt his powers and keep him from utilizing his ghost form for a long while.

      Even with these weaknesses, Danny is a formidable opponent to face. Ghost or Human, Danny is one teenager, you don’t want to mess with.

      S01e01 Going Ghost full body



      There have been a lot of rivalries in the VS community. Marvel vs. DC, Nintendo vs. Sega, Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter, Pokemon vs. Digimon, I could go on. But in the Kids’ TV entertainment business, it’s a war between Disney, and Cartoon Network… But back in the day, it was a war between Disney and Nickelodeon. These two are tenagers with supernatural powers, and have gone up against some pretty intense odds. And both were pretty popular shows. Not to mention, they both have their own cheesy battle cries.

      Image result for juniper lee

      Some people want Juniper Lee to fight Kim Possible. Why? June has super strength, endurance, and has magic to back her up. On top of her martial arts. But Danny vs. June sounds more plausible. Magic vs. Science is a classic battle to have, and Juniper has the magic to back her up, while Danny has science. It’s also a classic case of Training vs. Experience. Let’s see this happen people.

      Image result for pac man

      … It was either Arthur, or Pac-Man. As both of them fight ghosts and all that jazz, but Arthur has actual feats that can’t be measured. Pac-Man’s feats come from his television shows, while Arthur’s come from his gameplay. I ran out of appropriate opponents after Juniper, alright?

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