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    • I'm bored

      1 year ago


      Send me characters that you want a character sheet on. The only rules are the following: No characters that have a player-customizable moveset without an outside source that can standardize the setup, no character that was already analyzed on this page, no character that has already appeared on Death Battle, no fan-made characters, and (obviously) no character that I've already analyzed.

    • Sephiroth's Supernova ain't impressive

      1 year ago



      Mostly because I despise Sephiroth for a multitude of reasons (One of which being that he makes the Final Fantasy characters look like gods), I am going to deconstruct his ‘supernova’ attack.

      Life Cycle of Star

      Now then, according to the cutscene that happens when Sephiroth uses his attack, Seph is using the sun in OUR solar system.

      Why am I bringing this up?


      If Sephiroth is using our sun, realistically, it should have resulted in a Planetary Nebula, NOT a supernova.

      Think that's also super powerful and crap? - WRONG! A planetary nebula is slow and (relatively) peaceful. It's not violent like a supernova.

      Yes, it still does cause quite the massive amount of damage, but Superman…



      He can tank it, no problem.

      Now, according to scientists, a supernova occurs when a high-mass star gets to the end of its life, and cannot be forcibly caused… But then again this is fiction. Meh, I got nothing else to say. Seph’s supernova ain’t that impressive by scientific standards. It's just an over glorified explosion.

      … Then again, I’m trying to bring logic into a series that has the word ‘Fantasy’ in its name, so what do I know?

      Learn more about supernovas here.

    • Character Sheet: Agent Washington

      1 year ago


      The world of fiction has a lot of heroes that have had some pretty questionable pasts. Wolverine was part of Weapon X, The Flash caused Flashpoint (Maybe), and Agent Washington was part of Project: Freelancer.

      Washington S13E8


      Real name: David

      Height: About the same as everyone else.

      Weight: How the hell should we know? That armor makes things tricky.

      Eye color: That helmet makes it impossible to guess.

      Hair color: Were you not paying attention to the segment about eye color?

      Really hates cars.

      Agent Washington, or ‘Wash’ as his friends call him, was part of the illustrious but shady group of people of Project: Freelancer. His job was basically to infiltrate secure facilities, and fuck stuff up. Project: Freelancer had a goal in mind: To make several A.I fragments to get around their whole ‘Only allowed one A.I’ thing.

      And since Agent Carolina had an unhealthy competitive streak to her, Wash ended up with the A.I fragment known as Epsilon. Since all A.I fragments are basically part of the original Alpha A.I, Epsilon was one of those fragments. Epsilon was its memory, and in had every single excruciating memory of all the torture Alpha went through, and well…

      Allison flashback 2

      Let’s just say that he needed therapy afterwards,and leave it at that.

      After all that, Wash went from an optimistic soldier, to a jaded cynic. He outright refused any further A.I implantation, as they would know what he knew, and go ballistic. So, he opted to just use his own skills and equipment.


      E.M.P generator

      Healing units (Taken from Agent York’s corpse)

      Several knives.


      Heads-up display.

      Like any other soldier, Wash’s armor has a multitude of little gadgets and do-dads to make sure that the wearer will stay alive. Like self-regenerating energy shields, a motion tracker, a multitude of guns, and the ever-OP armor lock; And that’s just for defense. For offense, Washington has a Magnum for close combat, a battle rifle for long-range, and a multitude of knives.

      Washington’s armor enhancement is an EMP, or an Electromagnetic Pulse. This disables all electronics in the area, and has the extra onus of not affecting his own armor. It can stop cars in their tracks, and kill any A.I in the vicinity.

      Wash's EMP


      Held his own against the Meta.

      Hit invisible foes with a knife.

      Climbed up a cliff using only a tow-cable.

      Matched Felix using only a combat knife.

      Survived who-knows how many explosions and car crashes.

      Downed an airship with minimal equipment.

      Wash has done some pretty impressive things. He’s displayed expert leadership skills, and was even able to get a communications tower to transmit a message despite several jammers (And the Reds) standing in his way. He can quickly locate invisible foes, and hit them square in the chest with a throwing knife, and can psychoanalyze both friend and foe quickly.

      Despite this, Washington has his fair share of weaknesses.


      Fear of cars.

      Weakest fighter in the top six ranking.

      Distrust of A.I units.

      Reliance on others.

      Despite all the shit he’s gone through, Washington has proven himself as being one of the galaxy’s greatest heroes. Of all time.

      Where. Are. Our. Robots. - S12E9

      Goddammit, I was waiting to use that line.


      Ozpin ProfilePic

      Since I’m not kidding when I say that fanjerks would scream bias even if Death Battle were to pit that giant-ass grimm dragon against a bug from A Bug’s Life, let’s just make it so Shannon McCormick is basically fighting himself. The only problem I can see with this is that, well… We have no idea how Ozpin fights or any info on his weapon. But it would still be cool to see.


      Both Yamcha and Wash are pretty much at the bottom of the barrel of the best in their group. The only difference is that Yamcha’s win-loss record… Sucks compared to Washington’s. But his Ki attacks would make a neat contrast to Wash’s weaponry. The only downside to this, is that should Wash win, Fanjerks would start screaming bias accusations… Again.

      Nigga dick jax

      Both have gone through something traumatic while on duty, both have a snarky, headstrong partner, and have some pretty impressive feats to back them up. It just might work out if it comes through in the end.

    • The problem with fanboys.

      1 year ago


      Urbandictionary defines the term “Fanboy” as the following:


      Basically speaking, in a VS debate, it’ll be someone who treats their favorite character like an infallible god or goddess, completely ignoring flaws, and making them out to be a person who can ‘solo’ a universe. Sometimes, they’ll go as far as to show a literal ton of rage when a fight doesn’t go the way they want it to (I’m looking at the Goku fans, here.)

      They’ll get all defensive, and try to downplay the winning character’s feats and abilities, while wanking their preferred character’s feats and abilities. For example, many people seem to like overplaying Tifa surviving a ‘supernova’ in gameplay, but totally ignores that, in a non-gameplay scene, she is knocked out by being smashed through one concrete pillar; Or the fact that people point out that Goku shook the universe with a punch, but ignore the fact that the Earth remained completely intact (Had it actually done that, the earth (And several other planets) would have been destroyed).

      People also seem to be fond of downplaying some things, like how pretty much everyone constantly says “Kirby can be beaten by a waddle dee in his games, and Buu is stronger than a waddle dee!” But ignore the fact that Kirby has defeated the likes of Magolor, a combatant capable of busting several galaxies at once, whereas Buu had to destroy each planet one by one over time to ‘bust a galaxy’.

      Basically, this causes the regular fans of the franchise to look bad, all because of a few bad apples. It’s also worth noting that it’s usually these fanboys/fangirls that go on the interwebs to complain about a fight that didn’t go their way, or go onto the interwebs to brag about it if went the way they wanted.

      Them fanboys/fangirls are toxic people, making the other fans look immature and short-tempered. And that’s where we get to the depressing part of fanboys: They dissuade potential fans by their acting, and make their franchise an inhospitable environment for newcomers

      And that's our ultimate conundrum: How do we make sure these assholes don't ruin franchises for us? - Leave your suggestions in the comments below, and hopefully, we can make the internet safe for newcomers again...



      Let's get that trending or something.

    • I have a question to ask the fanboys.

      1 year ago


      Who would you rather have them lose to?

      I’m asking this for anybody who really wants this question answered.

      • Goku fans: Who would you rather see Goku lose to?
      • Bayonetta fans: Who would you rather see her lose to?
      • Batman fans: Who would you rather see the Dark Knight lose to?

      The only restrictions are these: The character cannot come from the same universe, the character has to have had more than one appearance in their medium, and the following characters are banned: Any One Punch Man character, any memeic badasses, and God.

      So, with those restrictions listed; Goku fans: Who would you rather see Goku go up against, put up a bit of a fight, but ultimately lose in the end?

      - Because clearly you don’t want it to be Superman, the guy who can lift time, patch holes in reality using static electricity, bench press the entire earth for five days straight sweating only once, and fly so fast that he bends space and time.


      Oh, hey! It’s a scan of Supes bench pressing the entire planet, and complaining about the lack of weight.


      Oh, and the time that he pushed back two hundred quintillion tons with one hand… And I think he’s not even struggling?

      So, yeah… Who should Goku lose to then, if it shouldn’t be Superman? Only one character per person, and please provide proof as to why Goku would lose. This can also apply to any other character that lost in Death Battle.

      I'm just curious: If Goku (Or any other DB loser) shouldn't lose to Superman (Or any respective DB winner), then who (outside of theri series (And preferably not a character from the same genre)) should they lose to?

    • I can't belive this...

      1 year ago


      I’m going to do something that I don’t like doing:

      I’m going to name specific people in an entry.

      This guy.

      You can also read some of the comments. This guy compares Digimon to the Holocaust. Y’know what? Fuck it. I’m doing a screenshot so he can’t deny what he said.


      I have a cat, and I find this offensive. On top of which, this doesn't help in deterring me from my "Humans are pricks" mantra. It also saddens me that I had to actually take a screenshot of this thing. Thankfully, I can put it my trash bin, and delete it from my history.

      Onto something more positive...

      This guy compares two certain fights to one another.

      And here’s the guy who is up to defending Pokemon vs Digimon:


      Well... I have a character sheet to get back to, so I'll see you then.

    • Combat Speed. I... I don't even...

      1 year ago


      I think I found my newest berserk button:

      Combat Speed.

      Now, for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, ‘Combat Speed’ is…

      Well actually, there is no solid definition. The only thing all definitions of ‘combat speed’ (Which we will now be abbreviated as ‘CS’) have in common is: CS is different than travel speed.

      This is Outskirts' definition.

      Speed in definition is:


      In layman’s terms: How fast are you?

      In even DEEPER layman’s terms: Quickness.

      In mathematical terms: Distance over Time.

      Now then, for those of you who defend CS, tell me, what does it mean?

      Does it mean how fast you fight? Because that’s still just speed in general.

      Does it mean how fast you punch? Because that’s just strength in terms of velocity.

      Does it mean how fast you can react to something? Because that’s reaction time, and it falls under regular speed.

      • To point, if you can move at the speed of sound, then you would need an ABSURD reaction time to make sure you don’t crash into people, buildings, or any other things.

      Lswan and Heroshade have a quick guide to vs debating, and pointed out the fallacy of CS.

      Now, my top ten berserk buttons when VS debating:

      10. Bias accusations.

      9. People who don’t do the math (I’m looking at the Pokemon Battle Royale detractors.)

      8. Customizable character setups that are personalized by the debater in question.

      7. Treating one character like an infallible god/goddess. (You know who you are.)

      6. X can solo Y’s universe.

      5. Fights determined solely by power.

      4. Combat Speed.

      3. Power Scaling.

      2. Spite Matches. (Again, you know who you are.)

      1. All the people who won’t let Goku vs. Superman go. Every. Single. One.

    • "Soloing" a 'verse.

      1 year ago



      Yeah, I went there.

      In all seriousness though, the claim that someone can ‘solo’ a ‘verse, grates on me. Like a few VS debaters I've come across, people never seem to consider what would happen if all the characters from that ‘verse were to gang up on the first character in question.


      Like, ever.

      But just to clarify, not all VS debaters are like this, but just the... Newbies.

      For sake of example, let’s say that X is Pikachu, and that Y is Nora Valkyrie (And no, this has nothing to do with the fact that I actually had this argument… (Okay, that was a lie.))

      Now, ignoring the fact that Nora’s explicit semblance is to absorb electricity to turn it into her own power, Pikachu’s stats make it a glass cannon.

      Now, before you go all NLF on me, Nora can also discharge the electricity, before the voltage can become a problem. Additionally, let’s take a look at the moves a Pikachu can naturally learn:


      Thank you, Bulbapedia.

      Now, let’s take a look at some of the moves a Pikachu can learn via TM/HM:


      Alright, by the looks of it, Pikachu’s primary attack element is electricity. Now, what did I say before? Oh, right. “Now, ignoring the fact that Nora’s explicit semblance is to absorb electricity to turn it into her own power”

      Now, thanks to Serbii.net, These are Pikachu’s stats: dKQtTinkEAogPTWjeiyEwyoCSPUlr2qBtN_0Asnl

      You’ll notice that the site also shows the stats that it could get via a beneficial nature as well.

      Now, let’s talk about Ash’s Pikachu.

      I want to start this off with saying that Ash’s Pikachu has a lot of plot armor, what with it being able to affect a ground-type, albeit the ground type was soaked to the bone, but it still stands: It is common knowledge that ground-types are COMPLETELY IMMUNE to electric-type attacks.

      Now, here is the moveset of Ash’s Pikachu, yet again supplied by Bulbapedia:


      I think Ash has a hacked Pikachu guys. But if you notice, the moves recently used by Pikachu only contain two moves that are NOT electric type, those being the physically weak Quick Attack, and the inaccurate Iron Tail.

      Well, I’m off to prepare arguments against people who would try to ‘correct’ me.


      Well... Aside from Saitama, Chuck Norris, and Segata Sanshiro, nobody can solo a 'verse. I'll admit that much.

    • Top 15 Death Battles I'd enjoy to watch

      1 year ago


      I was bored, so here's a top 15 list.

      Top 15 Death Battles I’d like to see.

      15. Thanos (Marvel) vs. Darkseid (DC)

      This one has been requested to the death. But, it’s rather obvious as to why this fight is on this list. Just ask around the forums, you’ll find out why it’s here.

      14. Chi-Chi (DBZ) vs Lois Lane (DC)

      Rematch of legends with the wives. I would like to see how it goes. 3D battle, or a sprite battle? ... I'm hoping for sprites.

      13. Ozpin (RWBY) vs. Agent Washington (RvB)

      As if I’m the only person who wants to see this fight. Not only do you only need one voice actor, but this way, Red vs. Blue can throw their hat into the ring. An opportunity missed the last time a RWBY character fought.

      12. Johnny Cage (MK) vs. Vega (SF)

      I can’t really think of a suitable opponent for Cage. But Vega seems like a good choice considering both of them are rather vain. Plus, Vega has those crazy claw things, whilst Cage usually goes for the nut punch… It’s a fairer fight than ‘Vega vs Kung Lao’, that’s for sure.

      11. Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th) vs. Michael Myers (Halloween)

      While it would arguably be just about as fair as Deadpool vs. Deathstroke, it would make for a kickass Halloween special, and the fact that the fight can be as brutal as possible opens for a plethora of beatdowns and finishers.

      10. Freeza (DBZ) vs. Sephiroth (FFVII).

      Barring my own personal desire to see which fans can rage harder, the other reason I want this battle to happen is because it's a battle between planet busters. Someone tell me that's not awesome.

      9. Garnet (SU) vs. Gotenks (DBZ)

      Combiner combat, fusion fight, super-aliens smackdown! What's not to love about this matchup? Besides, I already did an analysis on Garnet.

      8. Barret Wallace (FFVII) vs. Rad Spencer (Bionic Commandos)

      Artificial arm fight! Plus, I'd enjoy seeing what each fighter gets equipped with. It'd be fun to see.

      7. Azula (AtLA) vs. Kitana (MK)

      These two princesses are not the ones you wanna kidnap. But which one is the better fighter? Well, I would like to find out.

      6. X-23 (X-Men) vs. Mileena (MK)

      Clone klash! Sure, it might be a little one-sided, but I still want to see Laura in a fight.

      5. Agent Tex (RvB) vs. Glynda Goodwitch (RWBY)

      Yet again, another bout that would only require one voice actress. And we can get the Theme of Tex for the fight.

      4. Cheetara (Thundercats) vs. Blake Belladonna (RWBY)

      Another catfight. This time involving one who has super speed, and one who has ninjutsu training. Let's see which catty girl can triumph in battle! (Yeah… That sounded better in my head.)

      3. Catwoman (DC) vs. Black Cat (Marvel)

      Another catfight, this time echoing Batman vs. Spider-Man. Also with thieves and tight outfits, but that's less important… Or more important, I might have it backwards.

      2. Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond) vs. Miguel O’hara (Spider-Man 2099)

      Yet another fight that echoes a previous one. This time with futuristic successors. Who wouldn't want to see this?

      1. Sub-Zero (MK) vs. Glacius (KI)

      There is a distinct lack of MK heroes in Death Battle. To fix this, I say that we get ourselves a rather cool fight (eh?). Plus, I get to use Kuai Liang in my mass crossover. So, it's a win-win.

      Honorable mentions:

      Sonya vs. Cammy (Military women Melee)

      Vision vs. Red Tornado (Android battle!)

      Carol Danvers vs. Billy Batson (Let's see who really deserves the name of “Captain Marvel” now, shall we?)

      Ruby Rose vs Maka (Which school girl is the true master of the scythe?)

      Falcon vs. Hawkman Nature vs. Technology. Fight of those with flight. And another Marvel vs. DC battle.

      Optimus Prime vs. The Iron Giant Big-Ass giant robot fight! Let's rock.

    • Top 10 3D battles

      1 year ago


      Here are the rules: Much like last time, this is all my opinion, so no flaming me if there’s a fight on here that you disagree with. 2; The result has ZERO influence on this list. 3; Be sure to let me know what your favorites are down in the comment section below.

      With that said, let’s get started. Oh, and a quick heads up: There are potential spoilers here, so no flaming me for spoiling any fight for you, ‘kay?

      10. Link vs. Cloud

      For being the first 3D fight, it… Hasn’t aged well. But the image of two of gaming’s greatest and most iconic swordsman going at it is just too cool to not mention. While the animation is surpassed by recent 3D fights (And even a few sprite battles), the reasoning for the result is clear: Brains over Brawn.

      9. Robocop vs. Terminator

      While it’s definitely a lot better than the previous fight, it was still a bit stilted. But the voices were pretty cool, and you can’t say that the cheesy one-liners weren’t cool. The usage of the jetpack was impressive as well.

      8. Yang vs. Tifa

      … This has been the subject of a lot of controversy, so I’ll just leave it at this: Action’s great, Story sucks, Jokes are good, Don’t give two shits about the result anymore, and thank you Screwattack for introducing me to these two franchises. Also, hashtagshamelessplugforthewin!

      7. Godzilla vs. Gamera

      While the matchup is simply AMAZING, and the action exquisite. The fact that it had a delay lowballs the fight. Don’t me me wrong, the fight is awesome. But all the commotion behind the scenes makes it hard to enjoy. While I appreciate the effort, the severe lack of Death Battle left me craving it a lot more.

      6. Deadpool vs. Deathstroke

      Alright, let’s get this over with *SMACK!* Ow! The back of my head! Yo pepes! Deadpool here, and… Wait, My fight with that one-eyed jerk is only number SIX? What? I was annoying to some people? But the action was exquis… Er, awesome? Eh, whatever. Dumboob here just wanted to say that it was too one-sided to be overly interesting or something. Something about me regenerating from a severed hand or whatever. Oh, he’s waking up. Ciao!

      5. Dante vs. Bayonetta

      Ugh, someone remind me to get some carbonadium armor later, alright? Okay, number five… Ah this one. Y’know, for being a season starter, this fight was pretty damn awesome. While I am a little tired of people downplaying Dante’s healing factor, I do enjoy the action. If there’s one thing I think that could have been done better, it would be having more flirty and innuendo-filled dialogue.

      4. Iron Man vs. Lex Luthor

      Y’know at the end of the fight, where Tony does his epic line? That happened in the comics (Link here). The usage of both the Hulkbuster and Endo-Sym was pretty damn awesome. And the music was well-chosen. Don’t underestimate versatility, it can save your ass.

      3. Goku vs. Superman (1)

      The fight of the century! The match of legends! Two of fiction’s greatest heroes going head-to-head in a brutal fight to the end! What’s not to love? The math was pretty damn accurate, and the action was cool. While the breaks in the fight to answer the questions that people would have threw me off a bit, it was still an awesome fight to see.

      2. Boba Fett vs. Samus Aran (REMASTERED)

      As a way to go back and update a fight, this was pretty welcome. The fact that it was a little tribute to Monty was also very sweet. Sentimentality was a major factor on making this, and it shows. The animation was exquisite, and you could tell they put a lot of effort in it. Torian's work is well-recognized as having a lot of ‘Oumisms’ in it, and the jokes were pretty good. Yeah sure, we all knew the result, but that doesn’t change the fact that the fight was cool to see.

      Like last time, here are the honorable mentions:

      • Solid Snake vs. Sam Fisher
        • Cool fight utilizing stealth and all, but it felt a little one-sided.
      • R&C vs. J&D
        • Great fight and all, but the people screaming bias on the account of the upcoming movie grates on me.
      • Wolverine vs. Raiden
        • This felt slightly one-sided. But the action was good, and the humor was cool. And the music was epic.
      • Pokemon vs. Digimon
        • One sided. That’s all I have to say about it… Well, that and the fact that despite Red starting the fight, and attempting several times to capture Tai’s Digimon, people see Tai assaulting Red as dishonorable makes me chuckle a bit… Or a lot.

      1. Goku vs. Superman 2

      The rematch of the century. Now, the primary reason that this is number one, is rather simple: instead of learning about the powers and abilities of the fighters, we learn the history of their creation and the history of the entire debate. Instead of putting the characters against each other, Screwattack pits the ideals of the characters against one another. The Goku fans weren't calm after the first fight, in fact, as they pointed out, once SSG and SSGSSJ were introduced, the debate rekindled. The music was (and still is) my favorite DB song, and it won't be replaced for a long time. And while not as big or as action-packed as the first, both characters show a lot of respect for one another. And that… Well… That's just plain cool.

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