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    • Just moved to Fremont

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      Who's wanting to do something as a group?  Bowling?  Dancing?  Mad-Driving down 101 while people hang out of car windows?  Fuck if I know.  Let's do something!

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    • Moving. Again.

      1 year ago


      I am about to embark on an EPIC JOURNEY.  I am moving from the comfort of the midwest to SAN JOSE CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!1!1!!!1!!1111!!!!!!!!!!!  

      I took a second promotion to take a big step up in my company and work directly for a customer.  a HOT customer at that.


    • It's Happening......2017

      1 year ago


      We'll see how flashy this damn VIP thing is.  Because it's nailed down.

    • RTX 2016.

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      I just had a capital thought. I wanted to know if some fellow Iowa RTers wanted to get together and ROAD TRIP? Maybe rent out one of those big passenger vans and get about 8-10 of us ripping southbound?

      Home Base for me is Cedar Rapids, so anyone between CR-IC-DM would be fair game to join me in this quest. Will take suggestions and messages of interest. Probably so far the only rule would be 18+, as I really don't want to extend liability for a minor unto myself.

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    • It's Happening.

      2 years ago


      I applied for, interviewed for, and am offered a job in Iowa.

      To the AR-Ters that I never met: I'm sorry, our time is short, and the shit I have to pack is high.

      I apologize that I never got to buy @matteflowers a beer, even though he's in the next town over.

      And as long as I am breathing, I will stand at RTX 2016.

      Also, @jack, I have to tear down my trainset tables as a result. But i'm sure that I'll have more inspired woodworking adventures in the future, as will you.

    • I need to stop cockblocking myself

      2 years ago


      So I was at the gas station and some lovely young woman leaned over the other gas pump and said "Nice car"

      "Thanks...." *takes a longing look at this woman, no ring on either hand, out of my league* "Nice day outside..." *dear god I sound like an old man and i'm 27!!! FUCK!*

      "Yea...." *goes back to pumping her gas*

      In hindsight, I should have asked her if she wanted a ride.


    • First RTX. So little time...

      2 years ago


      So I rolled up into Austin on Tuesday. Ate BBQ, drove around (a lot) and passed by the ever infamous south entrance. Learned that smart cars for rent seem to roam the streets of Austin for whatever reason. Met so many amazing people, including getting a picture with Mad King Ryan where I was mid handshake with him (he asked later "what business deal did I just agree to?"). I met Dan, because he is the man. I was within breathing distance of Gavin, and he totally left me hanging for a high five....to be honest, he looked nervous as fuck around people all weekend. I met ElricN, Skittlez, her husband, JeneralArch, MellieIvy, xCait, Greenie, NotJustified, and even a lot of people I didn't know before! I got to congratulate the family Jones on their new home.

      About the only thing I could have wished for was to meet all of these people in a quieter spot, but as it stands, it was beyond excellent.

      Now I am home and doing laundry before I have to go back to work tomorrow.


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    • Five Facts about me.

      3 years ago


      Inspired by @JeneralArch

      1. At 26, I now manage a team in the largest revenue department of a Fortune 500 Company. Don't let anyone bullshit you, it's hard work, how you interview and a little luck to get up in the world.

      2. The reason I rediscovered RT after 10 years and 700 miles of move is as thus: When I watched Michael and Gavin do Surgeon Simulator, it reminded me a helluva lot of one of my best friends Ben Y and I playing video games in his basement and my living room when we were kids. It made me laugh so hard that I cried.

      3. 10 years after leaving Mount Carroll, Illinois, it is still the best decision I have ever made. No offense if you live there or lived there (more likely), but it is -DYING-. If it weren't for the fact that my brother and my niece live there, I would never set foot in that town again.

      4. I am a 10th generation American. My ancestor arrived on the boat in 1751. So I can say I've been here since before it was America. /hipster

      5. I am going to be seeing you lovely people in Austin, Texas in 5 months or so. Declined the VIP ticket because it cost MORE than a 5-night stay at my hotel. Decided to come into town 2 days early to experience Austin and see what it's all about. Also going to perform the first ever RTX Disc Golf Run at Bart Park in the shadow of Studio 5 (even if it's only me).

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      1 year ago

      Hello fellow Iowan!

      • Hiei2k7

        1 year ago

        Iowa Power, UNITE!

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