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    • Death Battle Analysis: Death

      1 year ago


      My second analysis blog, hurray.  I'll try my best to resist making awful puns with his name and the shows.


      Race: Nephilim(half angel half demon)

      Age: At least thousands of years old, possibly much older.

      Gender: Male

      Height: 6-7 feet tall

      Death and the other Nephilim were created by a being known as Lillith, who was originally Adams first wife and was cast out of The Garden of Eden for refusing to submit to him.  By "mingling the dust of angel and demon" she created a being known as Absalom, and from him all the other Nephilim arose.  They were a savage race, laying siege to many worlds.  When Absalom decided to attack Eden, deciding that the Nephilim should have it instead of humanity, four Nephilim realized that continuing to attack and seize worlds could irreparably damage the balance of the universe.  The defected and fled to the Charred Council.  The Charred Council are basically the mediators of the universe, ensuring that different factions and races cooperate with one another.  These four Nephilim made a deal with the council.  They would be granted great power and in exchange they must exterminate all the other members of their race, with the help of the angels.  Death was the leader this group, The Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse, the others being Strife, Fury and War.  They were hugely successful, cutting a swathe through the Nephilim forces.  Death himself personally slew a huge number of Nephlim and even Absalom himself, leaving Death with the title "kinslayer."  He donned his mask to symbolize his role as an executioner, and he almost never removes so it serves as a reminder of his past actions.  Even though he knows that his actions were necessary, he still regrets having to murder almost all of his brethren, and until the end of Darksiders 2 kept their souls stored in an amulet, which he refused to destroy even when the Charred Council instructed him to.  Despite his cold demeanor, Death cares greatly for his siblings, particularly War.  Having wronged War at different points in the past(at one point he even killed and then later resurrected him in order for a strategy to work) he feels personally indebted to him.  The plot of Darksiders 2 revolves around Death seeking to revive humanity, both because they were unjustly destroyed, and because War was being falsely accuesed of being the one who caused their destruction.  Death is an arrogant, cold and calculating individual, yet also possesses a dry and sarcastic sense of humor, as well as his previously mentioned capacity for empathy and guilt.  Also, despite his name, he is not actually a corporeal manifestation of the abstract concept of Death, just a guy who's really really good at killing things.

      Powers and familiars:


      Death is able to teleport across short distances.  He can use this ability effectively in combat, taking opponents by suprise and slashing them from behind.  The "teleport slash" also has various other effects, such as slowing enemies down via freezing or creating a powerful explosion around Death dealing additional damage.

      Reaper Storm:

      Death transforms his body into a maelstrom of bone and steel, shedding anything that gets too close.  While he can still take damage in this form, lighter enemies are flung about by the storm, rendering them helpless.

      Ghoul summoning:

      Fittingly enough, Death is a skilled necromancer.  He can summon up to three ghouls to do his bidding.  They will set enemies ablaze with their strikes and upon death they will violently explode, further damaging anyone they were attacking.

      Crow Summoning and Dust:

      Death can call upon a murder of crows to swarm and attack his enemies.  They have some power over cold, and enemies attacked by them will be occasionally be encased solid ice or slowed down.  The crows can also somehow return part of the damage they've done to enemies as health to Death.  Death also has Dust, a crow who acts as his companion and follows him wherever he goes.  While he doesn't aid him in combat, Dust will point him in the right direction if he's ever unsure of where something is.

      Soul Splitter:

      By separating his soul from his body and splitting it into two, Death can effectively clone himself.  His physical body will turn to stone and become invulnerable.  Unfortunately Death can still take damage in his disembodied state, and the projections of his soul cannot move simultaneously, albeit the latter could easily just be a game-play limitation.


      One of Deaths most powerful attack that uses all of the Wrath(magical energy) that Death currently has available.  It sends a volley of energy blasts that home in on a target and strikes them multiple times.  Death can quickly replenish his wrath reserves by physically attacking enemies.


      The Reapers trusty steed and his primary form of transportation.  When called Despair will materialize out of thin air.  While Death primary fights on foot, he is also adept at fighting on horseback.  Despair on his own is also capable of fighting, being able to one shot weaker monsters by charging into them.

      Portal generation/time travel:

      At a certain point in Darksiders II Death gains an ability called Voidwalker, later changed to Phasewalker, that is functionally equivalent to an Apature Science Portal Gun.  Unfortunately the only surface that portals can be generated on are specialized magic circles engraved in the walls.  Death later gains the ability to open holes in space in time, but it is never made clear if Death can control to when he goes back in time.  The time travel portals can also only be opened on specialized magic circles.

      Defense/Strength enhancement:

      Death is able to use magic to temporarily boost his own strength or durability.  Additionally, the defense spell will deflect a portion of any damage he receives back at enemies and cause lightning to emit from Deaths body, zapping any one or thing that gets too close.  The strength spell will increase Deaths attack speed in addition to his strength.

      Scythe Telekinesis:

      Death is able to manipulate his scythe without touching it.  Using this power he sent his scythe inside of a monsters body and sliced it up from the inside.

      Reaper form:

      The most devastating ability Death was granted as a Horseman employed by the Charred Council.  In this form Death is significantly larger, almost twice as tall as his normal form.  Death gains the ability to fly, teleport more freely, fire energy blasts from his scythe, and his attacks in general become far more powerful.  While Death can still technically be injured, any damage he receives he so heavily mitigated that he might as well be invulnerable.  When Deaths "reaper energy" runs out a large explosion of purple energy will be released, finishing off anything that might still be alive, Death can remain in his reaper form for about fifteen seconds.  Reaper energy can be restored by attacking enemies with certain types of spells(such as crows or harvest.)  Death also has a magic talisman that will replenish his reaper energy with every attack he lands.  

       Even when not transformed, Death is actually capable of utilizing parts of the forms power via manipulating ghostly manifestations of its body.  He can use parts of the reaper form to do all sorts of things, from materializing a scythe out of thin air and telekinetically manipulating it to attack enemies, to something as mundane as opening a door or a treasure chest.  Using an ability called "Deathgrip" Death can extend the reaper forms hand around 10-15 meters in front of him to pull objects or enemies towards him and vice versa.  Another ability called "Harvest" has Deaths reaper form swirl its scythe around Death, slicing up anything roughly 4 meters from him.  Something else important to note is that the time limit is never brought up outside of game-play.  In fact even if you have no reaper energy Death can still utilize all of the above skills and can transform into his reaper form to perform certain execution moves.  It's possible that the the time limit isn't actually as short as it is in game-play.

      Physical Abilities:

      Death is extremely acrobatic and nimble.  So much so that it's gone to his head.  He believes that no one is fast enough to hit him, so he usually makes it a point to evade rather than block.  His fighting style revolves around evasive tactics and overwhelming foes with quick and elaborate combos.  

      Death also possesses a great deal of physical strength.  He can easily move around giant metal statues and even larger objects.  He can handily smash through rocks the size of small buildings, and overpowered the telekinesis of a being who should be at least as powerful as the one in the previous video.


      Despite the fact that he prefers utilizing evasive tactics in combat, Death is more than capable of taking a hit or two.  As shown above, Death can be stabbed through the torso with a gigantic sword(the reason he was hit in the first place was because he was protecting his sister Fury), and not so much as flinch.  He then proceeded to cut Wars arm off and pull the sword out, completely unharmed and his wound instantly closes up.  This healing factor is not present in the game, but I think that's more just an example of game-play story segregation than anything else. He is not only resilient against raw physical trauma.  At one point he was run through with a weapon called affliction that causes any wound it makes to become necrotic and spread to the entire body.  Another being, called Abbadon, who is an extremely powerful angel would have died if he had not received immediate medical treatment and he lost his eye(the part of his body that the blade had struck.)  Death not only survived his injury without medical treatment, but he was able to go on fighting shortly afterwords.

      As far as sheer physical durability is concerned, Death is able to survive physical blows from this thing.  It's size alone would give Death large building level durability.


      While he has shown to be greatly athletic and nimble throughout the series, Death doesn't have many notable speed feats of his own.  However, in the Darksiders comic, we see that War seems to be able to deflect bullets with his sword, and given that Death has been consisitently shown to be all around more powerful than War, it's possible that Death is a bullet timer as well.

      Additional evidence for this is that in the novel "The Abomination Vault" Death is described as having blocked a shot from the supernatural handgun "Black Mercy."


      There are many weapons that Death has access to in Darksiders 2, including axes, hammers, maces, glaives, armblades, gauntlets, claws and bucklers.  His weapons can also come with various enchantments, such as freezing, shocking or burning enemies.  Here are some notable examples.

      The Harvester/Scythes in general:

      Deaths weapon of choice.  He can swing them around as two handed weapons, or split them apart into two weapons and duel wield.  He can also staighten the blade and use it as a thrusting weapon.  As previously mentioned Death can also control scythes telekinetically, allowing for greater versatility in combat, such as suspending them mid air and spinning them around like buzzsaws.  Deaths primary scythe, The Harvester doesn't actually appear in Darksiders 2, but he apparantly can shape it into a "limitless" amount of different types of melee weapons.


      A pistol belonging to Death's brother, Strife.  It is a semi-automatic ten shot revolver with a limitless ammo supply.  Ammo will automatically regenerate once Death stops firing.

      Achidna's Fangs:

      Fangs taken from the giant beast Achidna and re-purposed into weapons for Death.  They can drain the life force of anything they pierce and return that life force to Death, healing his wounds.

      Sceptor of the Deposed King:

      A huge mace taken from the ex king of the dead, Argul.  It is stated to freeze an enemies blood with every strike.  Has a high chance to completely freeze enemies solid.


      Deaths reward for completing "The Crucible" an arena challenge which involves defeating 100 consecutive waves of enemies that become progressively stronger after each round.  Every hit that Death lands with this weapon will restore his health, magic energy and reaper energy and is one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

      Lich Spines:

      A powerful pair of armblades that electrocute enemies upon contact and hasten the speed at which Death recovers wrath.  They can also launch energy projectiles that electrocute foes.


      An angelic weapon similar in function to a minigun.  It fires a rapid stream of of energy blasts.  It has unlimited ammo, but can overheat.  Additionally, it can also fire a wide pulse of energy to deal with multiple enemies, and create small shockwaves near Death to deal with foes that get too close.  This isn't a weapon that he can keep in his inventory but Death Battle has allowed pickup type weapons before so there should be no issue with including it.


      A demonic weapon that fires powerful sticky grenades.  Like Salvation, it can also create small explosions around Death to deal with enemies that get too close and has unlimited ammo.  Also like Salvation, this weapon can't be stored in Deaths inventory.

      Grand Abominations/Mortis:

      By far the most powerful weapons Death has ever used or had access to.  Before he defected to the Charred Council, Death and the other Nephilim attacked the planet of a race known as the Raviim.  Using their unique biology, Death had the idea to craft them into living weapons of immense power.  Grand Abominations have enough power to destroy entire planets.  However, the abominations have been locked away to ensure that they can't be used to threaten creation any more, so they are not at all standard equipment.  Despite this, Death does have a weapon known as "Mortis"(pictured above) which he describes as a "half dead" abomination.  It only operates at a miniscule fraction of its true power, but it is still a formidable weapon, being able to absorb attacks and redirect them back at Deaths enemies.


      Being an ancient being that has existed since the dawn of creation, Death has a sizable amount of experience and wisdom.  As the leader of the four horsemen of the apocalypse who led the charge against the other Nephilim, he should posses a large degree of tactical prowess.  He is able to solve the many puzzles and survive the many traps that are present in Darksiders 2's dungeons.  He is also evidently a skilled craftsman, as his primary weapon, The Harvester, is of his own creation.  Death also possesses a great degree of mental fortitude.  The Grand Abominations will constantly psychically attack their wielders, and Death was able to wield them without much trouble.


      (I couldn't find any images of Death looking sad/beat up)

      Death doesn't really have any notable weaknesses.  The fact that almost always opts to evade attacks rather than block them could prove detrimental against opponents as fast or faster than he is.  Something else to note is is the fact that Death can only utilize his "full power" when he fights to preserve "the balance."  However, the difference between full power and not full power is never clearly defined.

      Potential opponents:


      -DMC Reboot Dante(aka "Donte")

      Both are referred to as Nephilim, half angel half demon.  Both are known for demon slaying.  As far as I know they're close enough power-wise.  I just want him to die Should be a good match-up.


      -Dante Alighieri

      Both are scythe wielders whose universes are loosely based on Judaism/Christianity.  Both struggle with their past sins and seek to(at least partially in Deaths case) absolve themselves of their sins by rescuing someone close to them.  I haven't actually played Dante's Inferno but from what I know about Dante power wise Death should have this one in the bag, though Dante could probably put up some sort of fight.

    • Death Battle Analysis: Homura Akemi

      1 year ago




      Well I figured I oughta make one of these sooner or later, so I might as well make one for one of my favorite anime characters.


      Age: 14(mentally somewhere in her late teens/early 20s)

      Height: 5'1-5'2 according to production notes

      Ethnicity: Japanese

      Homura was a timid and reserved girl who had been recovering from a heart disease for six months.  After finally being released from the hospital she transferred to a new school.  As a result of being bedridden for half a year and still suffering from her illness, she found herself unable to perform well in any academic or physical activities and became very depressed.  While walking outside, a Witch(evil creatures born from despair) takes advantage of her mental state and attempts to possess her into committing suicide.  Before this can happen, two magical girls(girls who have made a contract with the alien being Kyubey that have gained powers that they must use to fight witches), Madoka Kaname and Mami Tomoe come to her rescue and slay the witch.  Homura learns from them that an extremely powerful witch, known as Walpurgisnacht, is coming to the city they live in.  When the time comes it turns out the preparations Mami and Madoka made were not enough, and both end up being killed.  Devastated by the loss of her new friends, particularly Madoka, Homura decieded to made a contract with Kyubey.  In exchange for becoming a magical girl, she wished to be able to redo her meeting with Madoka and that she would become strong enough so that she would be able to protect her.  When all was said and done, Homura ended up going through about one hundred time loops.  Living the same month over and over again, she tried and failed to both defeat Walpurgisnacht, and to stop Madoka from becoming a magical girl in order to save her from the terrible fate that she quickly learned all magical girls share; becoming a witch.  This happens as a result of a magical girls soul gem(a stone that stores, well, their soul) becomes corrupted .

      As a result of all these time loops, Homura became a battle hardened warrior.


      Homura's main power is the ability to stop time.  By turning the hourglass in her shield she can completely halt everything around her.  The catch to this is that stopping time will corrupt her soul gem more quickly than normal.  She has been shown to be able to stop time long enough to be able to clear out a small Yakuza warehouse of all their firearms.  While it's hard to get a good estimate, she should probably be able to stop time for at least a minute based on this.  The only things that can move are Homura herself and anything she touches.

      Her other time based power is the ability to travel back in time. Unfortunatley this ability appears to be limited. She can only travel back in time for one month, and it doesn't appear like she can go any farther or sooner than that. All the sand in the hourglass in her shield must be at one side in order for her to time travel back.

      Another one of her powers is that her shield acts as a hammerspace device a la Deadpool's magic satchel.  She can store a seemingly unlimited amount of weapons in her shield.  She also seems to be able to draw out whatever weapon she needs by just reaching in and grabbing it.


      While she uses these powers less, it's still worth mentioning.  With her shield she is able to create a forcefield capable of blocking a direct attack from Walpurgisnacht.  Based on powerscaling from weaker characters(the characters Kyouko and Mami are able to effortlessly smash through solid rock and cause multi city block level destruction with their strongest attacks) this is impressive.  Homura also evidently has a limited ability to fly/hover. Basically pseudoflight.

      She is also able to launch energy blasts that are strong enough to blast small holes in what appears to be a concrete floor. As shown above they also cause smaller targets to blow the fuck up.


      Another ability of hers is one common to all magical girls.  The soul gem houses their soul and consciousness, and as a result their physical bodies are controlled remotely from the soul gems.  As long as their soul gem remains undamaged, they can recover from seemingly fatal wounds with magic.  Homura was even able to survive a bullet to the head with this ability.  However, healing requires magic, and this corrupts their soul gem even more.  She also possesses the ability to block out all pain and sensation from her body if she so desires.

      She also seems to possess some form of tactile telekinesis.  She can manipulate things such as oil tankers and missile batteries by simply standing on them, as seen here.

      Physical abilities:

      Homura has become extremely athletic as a result of all of her time loops.  As shown in the earlier gif where she blocks purgs energy blasts, Homura is capable of leaping many stories high.


      Here she Kicks Sayaka hard enough so that the shockwave causes surrounding water to splash up.  Not sure exactly how one would calc this, but it is impressive nonetheless.  Shows that her raw striking power is nothing to scoff at.


      Healing factor aside, Homura has shown to be very durable on top of that.  She was able to survive a building being chucked at her face by Walpurgisnacht, albeit she is heavily injured afterwards. She was caught off guard due to the sand in her hour glass running out.

      She has also been shown to land safely from very high altitudes on multiple occasions.


      She's been able to shown to react to mami's bullets at close range.  Mami's bullets travel at roughly mach 1. http://www.narutoforums.com/blog.php?b=18015

      In addition to this, she's able to move her leg up fast enough to intercept a bullet shot by her own pistol.  The model she used was a Walther P5, which has a muzzle velocity of around 360 meters per second, or slightly faster than the speed of sound.   The fact that the bullet traveled through her head makes this tricky to calc exactly, but the fact remains that she was able to intercept the bullet with her leg.

      See the feat at around 3:20 in this video.


      Destructive Capacity and Weapons:

      While Homura's time powers certainly are incredibly useful, she doesn't possess any innate offensive abilities that would allow her to defeat the caliber of opponent she usually faces.  To make up for this Homura borrows weaponry from the real world.  The girl packs heat, and a whole lot of it at that.

      One of her most impressive showings is when she detonated an enormous amount of C4 in an attempt to destroy Walpurgisnacht.  The energy released by this explosion comes out to around 16.7 kilotonsas shown in this calc.

      She also has used type-88 anti ship missiles


      As well as Harpoon anti ship missiles


      Her other weapons include but are not limited to:

      Large amounts of AT-4 and RPG-7 rocket launchers

      A Desert Eagle pistol.

      A Beretta 92 pistol

      A Walther p5 pistol

      A Glock 19 pistol.

      A Koch and Heckler p7 pistol

      A Beretta Px4 storm pistol

      A Remington 870 pump action shotgun

      An MP40 submachine gun

      A golf club(FEAR THE GOLF CLUB)

      An m26 grenade

      Pipe bombs that Homura makes herself

      Numerous L-16 Mortors

      A Skorpion submachine gun

      A Heckler and Koch mp7 machine gun

      A DSA SA58 battle rifle

      An m249 SAW light machine gun

      A Rheinmetall MG3 machine gun

      An MG42 machine gun

      A Howa 49 assault rifle

      It should be safe to assume she also carries around a large amount of ammo for all the firearms.

      She also has a magical bow later on in the series, but we almost never see her use it.


      Homura has shown to be decently intelligent throughout the series.

      For one, she's capable of building a fully functional bomb with a remote detonator just by reading about it on the internet.

      She's also been shown to use clever, if not lowbrow, tactics in combat, such as when she pretended to commit suicide in order to catch Mami off guard during their fight.


      As I've brought up before, there's a limit to how much Homura can use her magic before her Soul Gem becomes completely corrupted(granted she can still fight as a witch, but Homura herself in standard circumstances would obviously not want to become a witch, so she'll limit herself anyway).  She herself doesn't have any outstanding destructive abilities, she depends entirely on her weapons.  Soul gems on their own appear to be quite fragile.  If whoever she's fighting gets a lucky shot and hits her soul gem, chances are she's dead.  Her magical girl transformation forces her soul gem to be on the top of her left hand. Oddly enough, she does not appear to posses much lifting strength, as her leg was trapped under a piece of debris after she got hit by the building, though I suppose this could be explained by her body being messed up the attack.

      In her witch form, while more powerful, she becomes a much bigger target and seems to be slower as well.


      When her Soul Gem is completely filled with despair, she becomes "Homulilly" also known as the Nutcracker Witch.  Homulilly is enormous, towering over small buildings.  She has been shown to be able to easily smash up city blocks.  As a Witch she can also send out multiple arrow headed tendrils to attack enemies with.  In close range combat, she can manipulate the ribbons on her back like tentacles and smash things around her.

      Homulilly also has a large army of Lottes(tin foot soldiers armed with spears, there are also giant variants about as large as a building),Luislotte’s(beings riding on sentient decaying teeth also armed with spears), Liese’s(large birds that will attempt to eat their opponents) and Lillia(sentient teeth who’s job is to “chew” and crush enemies.  They also have a cannon they can fire from their mouths).  Her elite guard is a group of fourteen beings known as the Clara Dolls. These creatures have been shown to be able to individually hold their own against full fledged magical girls such as Sayaka Miki.

      Additionally, these beings were all born from Homura's soul, and certain ones, namely the Clara Dolls, represents aspects of her psyche. Seeing as they are technically a part of her, I see no reason for why the should be considered outside help.

      Finally, at the end of the third film, Homura gains a massive power up.  Most likely tying into her wish of “becoming strong enough to protect Madoka,” Homura becomes something more than a magical girl or a witch, what she calls a “Demon.”  With this power she’s able to cover the entire universe with the power in her soul gem, and rewrite reality to make a happy world where Madoka can live in peace with her friends and family.  She’s heavily implied by Sayaka Miki and by her own words to be able to destroy the entirety of the universe.  Even in her "human" form now she can remove someones powers and rewrite their memories with a simple clap.  As far as speed is concerned, Homura was shown using passive telekinesis to manipulate stars to dance behind her in different patterns.  The energy from her soul gem was also able to make its way across countless galaxies in a matter of seconds. The prerequisites for her attaining this form seems to be situational, so it’s probably best that it not be included in Death Battle.  Not to mention that it’s guaranteed that any opponent she was able to compete against as a magical girl would get godstomped by Akuma Homura.

      Potential opponents:

      Kiritsugu Emiya-

      Both have tragic backstories involving the loss of of loved ones.  Both use magic in tandem with modern weaponry and both of their powers revolves around time manipulation.  Kiritsugu can manipulate time internally allowing him move at extrodinary speeds.  Also, the type of construct Emiya uses is known as a "reality marble."  This is basically a pocket dimension.  It is possible that when using his time manipulation techiniques, that he might be immune to Homura's time stop, as his body is techinically in another dimension. He also specilizes against magic users, and has special bullets known as "origin bullets" that are specially designed to kill magic users.  If they make contact with the mage or any construct that the mage is actively controlling with his mana, it will sever their "magic circuts" resulting in instant death.  The Noble Phantasam(a precious magical item in the Fate series) Avalon grants him a powerful healing factor.  He is able to use magic to turn wounds unhealable.  While Homura has better time powers and more destructive capacity, I see him having some sort of chance depending on the battlefield, as he specializes in stealth and laying traps.

      Kurumi Tokisaki-

      Both are gunslingers with the power to manipulate time.  Both are initially perceived as villains but fight for an ultimatley just cause.  Kurumi can manipulate time in a variety of ways with her magic bullets.  Whatever these bullets hit can be sped up, slowed down, be "rewound", or brought to a halt completely.  She can also travel back in time, create temporal clones of herself, peer into the past of others etc.  Kurumi can also summon city busting bursts of energy known as spatial quakes, manipulate shadows in the form of phantom hands that can immobilze opponents and drain the life force of those around her and add it to her own.  Also she can fly.  Should be durable enough to withstand at least one series of attacks from Homura if she gets off a time stop.  Overall, Homura has her hands full here, but I think she has a chance. 

    • Gaara VS Toph: What went wrong.

      1 year ago


      Those who've been following the comment sections on Sol vs Ragna, the previews, and the thread in the forums, should know that I've been one of the more prominent posters arguing in Gaara's favor. With the episode out now, and Toph being victorious, I think it's appropriate that I voice my issues with their reasoning.

      Let's start off by examining their claims for why Toph would win.

      Claim #1:

      Toph can sense earth in the air so she can always tell were Gaara's attacks are coming from.


      Being able to detect an attack is one thing. Being able to actually block/avoid it is another. Having 360 degree vision is definitley advantageous, but it doesn't mean much when your opponents attacks operate at a level of power and speed you've never shown to be able handle. I'll get to that later. Additionally, ever since part two, Gaara has fought primarily in the air. Among other things, this gives him a much better view of the battlefield, meaning he'll also be able to see and intercept any attack Toph can throw at him. This isn't an advantage for Toph, it's simply a lack of a disadvantage.

      Claim #2:

      Gaara's sand is still sand, so Toph would be able to control it.


      Two problems with this, the second of which I'll elaborate on later.

      The first problem is that it assumes that Toph is capable of controlling living sand. It's made very clear in the avatarverse that bending an element that is "living" is extremely difficult and requires much practice. There's a reason why bloodbending is only known to a select few, requires training, and can only be done during a full moon(excluding a small number of individuals who can do it without a full moon, but that required large amounts of training on their part), when waterbending is at its strongest. For those claiming that the difficulty of bloodbending is because of the mixture of water with other impurities, that's never been stated to be the case, and frankly wouldn't make much sense. Water is water, there's no real reason for why a water benders ability to bend it would be affected by any other substances surrounding it. In addition, if it was simply a matter of precision, then the full moon wouldn't be necessary in order for most bloodbenders to bloodbend. The full moon greatly boosts the raw power of water bending, but there's no evidence that it allows waterbenders to bend with more precision than they normally do. Finally, in Legend of Korra, bending is never presented as an option in dealing with the spirit vines. Korra was forced to go into the avatar state and use energy bending in order to subdue them.

      The second problem is that this assumes that Toph even has the raw power or speed needed to be able to deflect Gaara's attacks in the first place. This is not the case.

      This is a bit of an aside, but it's also worth mentioning that Gaara's sand control does not work like bending. When he sends sand after someone, he maintains control over it. Meaning, Toph couldn't simply push it to the side to set it off course, as it would be constantly homing in on her. Raising rock walls to block it would also be futile as the streams of sand could either go around them, or simply bore directly through them. The way DB depicted Gaara's sand working like simple thrown projectiles was extremely innacurate.

      Claim #3:

      Gaara's sand contains gold, which gives Toph more "bending options."


      I rolled my eyes particularly hard at this one.

      First of all, there isn't any solid evidence that gold became a standard part of Gaara's arsenal and wasn't just a one time thing.


      It's been confirmed in the Gaara Hiden novel that he no longer carries gold in his sand.

      Second of all, Toph has never been shown to be able to control such tiny amounts of metal. Her metal bending works by pushing on small impurities within the metal to force it to bend. The assumption that she could bend metal the size of a speck of dust is tenuous at best.

      Third of all, even if we grant that Gaara's sand has gold in it and she can bend it, how exactly does that provide Toph with an advantage? There isn't any evidence that she can apply more force to metal than she can to sand. Not to mention that whether or not she could control his sand in the first place is extremely questionable, as I've mentioned above.

      Claim #4:

      Gaara always keeps himself covered in his sand armor, so Toph can always sense where he is. His armor uses up large amounts of chakra and Toph could use it to crush him.


      A lot of problems with this.

      1. There isn't any evidence suggesting that he perpetually keeps his sand armor up. In fact given that it drains his chakra and encumbers him, it seems more reasonable to assume he only puts it up when his automatic defense is in danger of being breached.

      2. Later on in the series Gaara has been shown to have very large chakra reserves and capable of using successive large scale attacks and taking heavy damage without succumbing to exhaustion. They provided no good evidence to suggest that Gaara would be tired out before Toph, or that Toph even had the means to pierce through Gaara's automatic sand shield.

      3. Just because Toph can sense the location of earth in the air doesn't necessaraly mean that she can sense fine details like shape, so she would have no real way to distinguish between Gaara and the sand he's standing on. Even if we give her the benifit of the doubt, he could still easily throw her off with sand clones.

      4. Gaara has been shown to be decently smart and tactical throughout the series. If he were ever facing another opponent with geokinetic abilities, it's really not a stretch to say that the first thing that would pop into his head is the sand armor surrounding his body, especially since he specializes in crushing attacks. It stands to reason that he would remove it, if he was even wearing it in the first place.

      5. Gaara's gourd sand is literally programmed by his mothers soul to protect him at all costs. As I previously mentioned, bending spirit possessed elements is very different from bending normal elements.

      6. It assumes that Gaara couldn't simply fly out of Tophs range. Even granting her the ability to detect earth in the air, there she has never shown to be able to detect to airborne earth from much more than fifty feet away.

      Now, a comment on the animation.

      I'll try not to nitpick too much because I know that the animations place more emphasis on being entertaining than as serving as a one hundred percent accurate reperesentation of the fight.

      Toph being able to easily survive his sand coffin with metal armor is absurd.


      In addition to everything I've already said, it's been confirmed in the previously mentioned novel that Gaara possesses "magnet release" which allows him to control metal. In other words, Gaara can now crush Toph in her own metal amor without even using sand. Irony's a bitch eh? Also, he now uses a more heavy metallic sand.

      Early in the series, Gaara fights a character named Kimimaro, who's bones are stronger than tempered steel.

      Gaara traps him in a sand coffin, and he admits that if he had not grown an additonal layer of bone of armor to protect himself, then he would have been crushed. Also worth mentioning that he was also forced to go into stage one of the curse mark transformation, already gives a boost to base durability.

      As if this wasn't enough evidence, Gaara proceeds to attack and bury him under a giant sand tsunami, terraforming the forest around them into desert in the process.

      He then uses a giant sand burial that spans over the entire area he terraformed.

      Kimimaro is again, forced to transform, this time into his final curse mark transformation state.

      This makes it clear that Gaara's second attack would have been strong enough to crush him even with the new bone plates he grew under his skin. After all, Kimimaro was suffering from a crippling illness when fighting Gaara, so it follows that he would want to strain himself as little as possible. Curse mark transformations place heavy strain on the body, so he wouldn't have used it unless he absolutely needed to.

      Also since Death Battle was allowing filler feats, Gaara was also heavily implied to be capable of crushing Mecha Naruto, a murderous robotic version of Naruto(yes, this is real) who had previously been rampaging through the Leaf Village with no one being able to stop him.

      Even ignoring this, Gaara's sand could have still easily slipped through any openings in the metal armor and killed her right then and there. There would have to be openings in order for her to not sufficate.

      Now as for why Toph should not be able to deflect Gaara's attacks. We all know that Gaara is capable of manipulating a massive amount of sand at once. The amount of energy required to manipulate such a large amounts of earth already places him at a level of power far beyond anything Toph has ever faced. Since Gaara's sand manipulation is ultimately just chakra control, there's no reason for why he shouldn't be able to place this much force behind his attacks. This is supported by the fact that with a tiny amount of sand, he is able to physically restrain Sage Mode Madara, the same guy who was easily able to knock all the tailed beasts flat on their asses. To put this into perspective, here's how much physical strength a much weaker character than SM Madara had. http://www.narutoforums.com/blog.php?b=15539&page=...

      Not to mention Gaara's sand can move(at the absolute least) faster than eye can see, DB even admits this. Though it really is much much faster than this if we take into account speed calcs(Here's one from the chunin exams that already places his attack speed in the hypersonic range, the result in the blog is around mach 4 but it get reworked to mach 17 in the comments). If we use power scaling then he becomes even faster than that, as he has been able to intercept some of that fastest characters in the verse, including the third raikage with his lightning chakra cloak, and Madara Uchiha, one of the most powerful shinobi who ever lived. Toph has no speed feats of her own that are even supersonic. She has one that may be faster than eye can see from her confrontation with The Boulder, but that's still nowhere close to enough. I believe Korra had a feat of reacting to an explosion which she could be scaled to, but if we're to include scaling, then Gaara can be scaled to speeds like this http://www.narutoforums.com/blog.php?b=19929

      A few miscellaneous points.

      DB never factored in how sealing tags would effect that battle, even though they did acknowlage that Gaara had them. For those who don't remember, anything a sealing tag is placed on is "sealed" ie. completely immoblized. Gaara would simply have to throw a sealing tag on Toph or any substance she's incased and she would be completely paralyzed. Even granting all of DB's assumptions, this is still a game changer.

      In "The Last: Naruto the Movie" Gaara include Futon(wind) at the beginning of his jutusu incantation indicating that he's capable of using wind natured chakra in conjunction with his sand.


      In the new novel there is more evidence that Gaara now incoperates wind into his attacks. He has a tecnique called Futon: Yae-Hayate, that basically allows him to create barriers of wind. He uses these in conjuction with his sand defense.

      Finally, let's look at what advantages both combatants have over one another, to really put this into perspective.


      Range(can control sand from over a kilometer away)

      Manuvarability(even academy ninjas have shown far superior acrobatic skills to anyone in the avatarverse besides maybe Ty Lee, being able to leap dozens of feat in the air. He also has the body flicker tecnique)

      Air superiority(self explanitory)

      Power(see above)

      Speed and reaction time(see above)

      Durability(blocking nukes, city busting meteorites, a slash from Madara's susanoo sword, etc)


      Close combat capabilities(which is now relevant given that Gaara uses CQC tecqniques now in the form of the Sand Sword, which was revealed in the new novel"
      Control over a wider variety of substances(sand, metal, air)


      All in all, I'm disappointed with Death Battle, and can confidently say that I won't be watching it for anything more than pretty animations.

      Thanks for reading.

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