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      2 days ago

      IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge

      In mid-2005, the MMORPG, World of Warcraft, made by Blizzard Entertainment, found itself in the midst of a near biblical plague. A virulent virtual in-game plague nobody spread across the numerous servers of Azeroth, leading to the death of tens of thousands of player characters.

      This plague was known as “The Corrupted Blood Incident”.

      It all started on September 13th, a new update had just been dropped that introduced a new dungeon and boss for high-level players to combat against, this boss was an ancient blood god called Hakkar the Soulflayer.

      Now, Hakkar was a very sore loser and as such did not play fair, if he should be brought to near death, then any player who got too close to Hakkar would be afflicted with a potent debuff called “Corrupted Blood” which caused great initial damage and would cause additional damage every 2 seconds for a total of 10 seconds.

      The initial attack is noteworthy for being so strong that it could near instantly kill any low-level player. If only to make it even worse, the debuff was also highly contagious and could be spread to any nearby player if they similarly got too close while a given player was still being affected by it. Also any player who survived an initial infection could be re-infected by an ally, so there was no form of immunity.

      Originally, this very nasty debuff was intended to remain exclusive to the encounter with Hakkar. Though as Dr Ian Malcolm, of Jurassic Park, once said: “Life, uh, finds a way.”

      It was eventually discovered that player companions could become infected and take the affliction out of its intended confines, if they were dismissed while infected. The infected companion could then be called upon in a different area, though they would still have the infection. Also to note is that the companions were asymptomatic, that is to say they showed no symptoms of infection.

      No one, not even Blizzard, knows if the initial spread was intentional or purely by accident, all that’s known is the first server to be struck by the virtual plague was the “Realm of Archimonde”, which was devastated when an unknown player unleashed Corrupted Blood on the city of Iron Forge.

      First it wiped out all low-level players with the initial damage, then it began draining the higher-level players with the additional damage. It spread and spread, aided by the non aware NPCs that were symptomless carriers of the plague. For days the cities throughout Archimonde were littered with skeletons and news of the virulent, deadly plague sweeping across the server caused confusion across the game world. It wasn’t long, however, before the plague spread to other servers and soon entire cities were devoid of life.

      Players, of their own accord, began quarantining entire cities and population centres, in-game, to stem the spread of infection, with low-level players standing guard to warn others not to enter while the higher-level players explored the abandoned cities, trying to figure out how it happened. Players, with characters that had access to healing magic, rushed to help in any way they could, working in shifts to heal infected players as entire in-game cities evacuated to the countryside for fear of the plague.

      Some players began actively spreading the disease in a form of bio-terrorism, getting a kick out of watching the pandemonium. Groups began forming in-game with the goal of mass terrorism, circumnavigating quarantine zones and adapting to the measures Blizzard put in place to combat the plague.

      It took Blizzard about a month to stop the plague, which they ended up doing by quite literally resetting the entire world, as well as issuing a patch to get rid of the bug that allowed companions to spread the disease beyond its intended original boundary in the first place.

      This whole ordeal has proven to be a supremely interesting event to epidemiologists for its implications of how human populations could react to a real-world epidemic. For as is often the case with real life epidemics the in-game plague originated in a remote, uninhabited region and was carried by travelers to urban centres; hosts were both human and animal, such as with avian flu; it was spread by close spatial contact; and there were asymptomatic individuals, in this case, invulnerable NPCs.

      It has even proven to be of use in the study of terrorism as the game and the mentality of players who willingly engaged in spreading a virtual plague could potentially be used “to study how terrorist cells form and operate”.

      So there you are, a video game bug actually ended up providing valuable insight into what may happen if a large scale plague were to appear in modern times.

      Some men just want to watch the world burn...

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      4 days ago

      IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge

      The rapper Eminem did not know that you could watch porn on the internet until 2009.

      Seriously, Eminem literally didn’t know that the internet contained any porn whatsoever, to the point that when an interviewer casually mentioned it to him, he had to stop them mid-conversation to ask them to clarify what they meant:

      Speaking of which, you've always said you don't use computers or the Internet. Is that really still the case in 2009?

      I don't even know how to turn a computer on and it's probably better that way. I look at stuff, but as far as actually sitting there and knowing how to work it and knowing what sites to go on.... 

      So you're saying you still buy porn on DVD, then?


      PR: There's a lot of free porn on the Internet, I think, is what Noah's trying to tell you.

      Eminem: Oh, is there? Maybe I should go on the Internet.

      [Laughs.] There's something called Spankwire...

      What? Spankwire?

      Imagine a YouTube of pornography.

      Really?! I know what I'm doing for the rest of the day when this shit is over. [Laughs.] You can look up anything?


      Nostril fucking? 

      Maybe so. It's like, any genre or actress—

      I have to go back and look at my pornos because there's a couple chicks that really— 

      Changed your life? 

      Yeah. [Laughs.]

      Wow, Complex just put Eminem on to streaming porn. I'd like to apologize to music fans around the world now.

      If my album doesn't come out, it's Noah's fault. [Laughs.]”

      So if you’re ever feeling down, just remember that time Eminem, upon discovering internet porn, immediately asked about nose sex.

      Just another reason that Eminem is great.

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    • Fact of The Day:

      6 days ago

      IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge

      In the critically acclaimed film: Saving Private Ryan. There is a scene that those off us who have seen the film will remember:

      During the Omaha beach invasion scene, when two Wehrmacht soldiers surrender to the American forces, they approach the American soldiers with their hands raised, seemingly exclaiming their surrender in German, their pleas for mercy however fall on deaf ears, as the American soldiers don’t understand and execute the surrendering soldiers on the spot. They then proceed to mock the Wehrmacht soldiers, with one soldier pretending to have understood them, then mimicking the German soldiers by saying: "Look! I washed for supper!" With his hands raised.

      It is one of the realist and most shocking moments of the film, truly showing that both sides did horrendous things.

      What makes this scene even more horrifying is that the Wehrmacht soldiers were not German, nor were they speaking German. They were actually speaking Czech, pleading: “Please don’t shoot me! I am not German, I am Czech, I didn’t kill anyone! I am Czech!" Before being shot and killed.

      This kind of thing did happen, as Germany had a military unit known as the “Ostlegionen” (eastern legions), or the “Ost-Bataillone” (eastern battalions). A number of Ost-Bataillone were stationed in northern France, in anticipation of a western Allied invasion. However, units that fought in the Battle of Normandy were part of the German static infantry divisions 243 and 709, positioned in the vicinity of the Utah, Juno and Sword invasion beaches, not Omaha as was shown in the film.

      The director, Steven Spielberg, explicitly asked that no subtitles be added for the surrendering soldiers, intentionally to trick the majority of the audience into thinking they were German.

      The details in this film only make it even better, one of the greatest films ever made.

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    • Fact of The Day:

      1 week ago

      IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge

      Towards the end of the First World War, on the 1st of April, 1918, to be precise, a military force was created, by the United Kingdom, the likes of which had never been seen before. It made use of cutting edge technology and would prove to be the model that other countries were to follow.

      I am of course talking about the Royal Air Force (R.A.F). Which, at 100 years of age, is the oldest independent air force in the world.

      After celebrating their centenary, I thought I would share some information on the flying forces.

      The UK's Royal Air Force was formed when the existing Royal Flying Corps (of the British Army) and the Royal Naval Air Service (of the Royal Navy) were combined into the world's first independent air force, an entirely separate branch of the military, equal in status to the Army and the Navy. Creating the modern form of the Armed Forces.

      Arguably, the Finnish Air Force was the first independent air force in the world, formed on the 6th of March, 1918, though most considered that the Finnish Air Force did not officially exist during the Finnish Civil War, and the Red Guards had its own air force.

      If I was to join a military service, it would be the RAF.

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    • Fact of The Day:

      1 week ago

      IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge

      Just about everyone knows that when they gently press their eyes they will see an in-head display of fuzzy colours, swirling visuals, and black and white checkerboards, it’s been known of since antiquity, and was even described by the ancient Greeks.

      These drug free psychedelic trips are a phenomenon that scientists call “phosphenes”, essentially experiencing sensations of light without light actually entering the eye. They come in a few different forms, but the most commonly experienced one is a pressure phosphene.

      When experiencing a phosphene a person may see a darkening of the visual field that moves against the applied pressure, a diffuse coloured patch that also moves against the rubbing, a scintillating and ever-changing and deforming light grid with occasional dark spots, and a sparse field of intense blue points of light. 

      So, what causes it?

      Well, within our eyes, there’s a type of neuron called the “retinal ganglion cell” whose job is to receive visual information from the light-sensitive “photoreceptor cells” in the retina, these making up the lining inside the back of your eyeball. Usually, we see the world because the retinal ganglion cells receive information from photoreceptor cells that have been stimulated by light entering the eye.

      However, it’s also possible to activate these retinal ganglion cells through the application of pressure. Gently (so as to not do any damage) pressing into your eye will apply pressure to the cells within the retina, “tricking” them into firing off in a similar way that their activation by light does. Totally unable to differentiate the stimulation from being regular light, the central nervous system will perceive it in the same way it would seeing light.

      It then takes these signals and tries to arrange them in an understandable manner: the colours, lights, and patterns we experience. Although no one is actually sure why it is that the brain perceives it as the well known pattern and colours, regardless of the person experiencing it.

      Phosphenes are actually also the same phenomenon that leads to a person seeing “stars” after a sneeze, migraine or excessive straining.

      It has also been known to be activated by electrical, magnetic and radioactive stimulation.

      Those that have gone totally blind over the course of their life have often been found to still be able to experience phosphenes, allowing them to “see” again in a sense. For those that have been totally blind from birth however there is no way of knowing if they actually see anything, as they have no concept of what seeing is in their mind.

      In all it is an experience that is well understood biologically, but still a complete mystery mentally.

      It is reportedly similar to what people under the influence of psychedelics experience. Personally I find licking a toad far more effective.

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    • Fact of The Day:

      1 week ago

      IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge


      The Nile crocodile is an African crocodile (big surprise), the largest freshwater predator in Africa and may be considered the second-largest living reptilian and crocodilian in the world, after the saltwater crocodile.

      With that settled, I now want to tell you all a story about a real life monster:

      Gustave, The Nile crocodile.

      Gustave is a large, male Nile crocodile found in the landlocked African country of the Republic of Burundi. He is notorious for being a man-eater and, according to some estimates is said, to have killed as many as 300 people from the banks of the Ruzizi River and the northern shores of Lake Tanganyika.

      Gustave has never been captured or killed, although many have tried, so his exact length and weight are unknown, but it has been stated that he could be "easily more than 18 feet" (5.5 m) long, and weigh more than 2,000 pounds (900 kg). Others have estimatesd Gustave to be 25 feet (7.5 m) or more in length. He achieved this monstrous size after living for an estimated 60 years, and is still likely growing.

      Gustave is often recognised not just for his immense size but also for the three bullet scars on his body. His right shoulder blade was also found to be deeply wounded. He likely gained these scars from his numerous run ins with African soldiers, who have supposedly attempted to kill him, on multiple occasions, with sustained volleys of AK-47 fire. Scientists have stated that Gustave’s sheer bulk and size simply makes him bulletproof, to a certain degree, which is fucking terrifying.

      Scientists and herpetologists (those that study amphibians and reptiles) who have studied Gustave claim that his uncommonly large size and weight impede his ability to hunt the species' usual prey, such as fish, antelope and zebra, instead Gustave tends to attack larger animals such as hippopotamuswildebeest and, to some extent, humans.

      According to a popular local warning, he is also said to hunt and leave his victims corpse uneaten, in essence hunting for sport. Supporting this theory is that crocodiles can go several months without eating, yet Gustave has been known to kill many times in a year. Supporting it further still are claims that he has been witnessed dragging people into the water just to watch them drown, a habit of his it would seem.

      The last reported sighting of Gustave was in June 2015. A resident claimed that Gustave dragged an adult bull buffalo on a riverbank into the the water. Having not been seen since. It is unknown if he is still alive, as sightings of him were infrequent to begin with, though in all likelihood he is.

      From all of this Gustave has obtained near-mythical status and is greatly feared by people in the region, and rightly so...

      Ladies and gentlemen I present to you a real life movie monster.

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    • Fact of The Day:

      1 week ago

      IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge

      We have all seen the iconic photograph of U.S. Marines raising the flag on Mount Suribachi, taken by Joe Rosenthal on the island of Iwo Jima, but did you know that was actually the second flag raised and the fight for the island was still far from over at the time?

      The first U.S. flag was raised atop Mount Suribachi, soon after the mountaintop was captured, at around 10:20 am on February 23rd, 1945. This flag was smaller than the flag known from the photo, at 54-by-28-inches/140-by-71-centimetres, this flag was intended to be raised by a platoon, who were to take the crest of Mount Suribachi. In regards to the flag their orders were as follows: "If you get to the top, put it up.".

      It’s purpose was to raise morale and to signal that the mountain crest had been taken, the flag, however, was too small to be easily seen from the northern side of Mount Suribachi.

      Therefore a larger flag was requested to replace the already flying one, eventually a larger 96-by-56–inch/244-by-142-centimetre flag had been found. This led to the men in the image raising the new flag, they were later identified to be (from left to right): Ira Hayes, Harold Schultz, Michael Strank, Franklin Sousley, Rene Gagnon, and Harlon Block.

      The Battle of Iwo Jima lasted from the 19th of February to the 26th of March, 1945. The acclaimed photo was taken on February the 23rd, over a month before the end of the battle. Within 26 days of the picture being taken: Strank, Block and Sousley were dead. Strank by a shell, possibly fired from an offshore American destroyer and Block, a few hours later, by a mortar round, both on March 1st. Sousley was shot and killed by a Japanese sniper, on March 21st, a few days before the island was declared secure.

      I believe this quote best sums up the war:

      Never was so much owed by so many to so few” - Winston Churchill

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    • Fact of The Day:

      2 weeks ago

      IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge

      In Germany, between 1920 and 1970, there were was a rather strange trend (and before you say it, no, I don’t mean National Socialism). You see for some unknown reason, whenever someone took a photo, it was common to have a person in a polar bear costume in the shot.

      Often these were just family and friends dressed up for the photo, but the trend became so ubiquitous that there were even professional polar bear costume wearers, that would offer to be the “necessary” polar bear in a picture.

      Photo collector Jean-Marie Donat noticed this theme and began to save pictures with these polar bears in them, eventually amassing a collection of thousands.

      These bears were seen in photos of every occasion: vacation, marriage, celebrations, casual and even military.

      Yes, that’s right there are pictures of Nazis standing next to really stupid looking polar bears.

      There is little in the way of explanation for the social phenomenon, except to say that the country has long had a fascination with polar bears. The best explanation probably coming from a Klaus Peter Speidel, PhD: 

      People need a reason to have their picture taken, and a bear is a damn good reason.“ 

      And they say the Germans have no sense of humour...

      Further Info:

    • Fact of The Day:

      2 weeks ago

      IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge

      American musician and mathematician Tom Lehrer claims to have invented the Jell-O Shot as a way to circumvent restrictions on alcohol at the military base he was stationed.

      Lehrer was drafted into the U.S. Army from 1955 to 1957, and while at a naval base in Washington DC, Lehrer, like many of his brothers in arms, found the ban of alcoholic beverages on site to be very annoying, especially when they were trying to celebrate.

      Lehrer, never being one to let something as restricting as rules get him down, set about finding a loophole in the rules. While on leave, with the aid of a friend and a night of experimentation, Lehrer, supposedly, had the idea of setting alcohol in gelatin, as by technicality this would not be a “beverage”, after a little more testing he found the best combination to be vodka and orange Jell-O.

      The next day Lehrer and his accomplice packed a car with these gelatin shots and drove up to the gate of the base were the guards, after looking in the car, let them in, much to their surprise.

      The invention of the “modern” gelatin shot is to this day still debated (for some reason), this story is definitely the one I’m hoping is true.

      Ah, the Jell-O Shot. Because nothing says bad choices like rainbow vomit.

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    • Fact of The Day:

      2 weeks ago

      IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge


      Swearnet: The Movie (more commonly known as Swearnet) holds the world record for the most swearing in one film.

      The expletive “fuck” is used 935 times.


      That, on average, is 8.35 times per minute.

      The premise of the film follows the out of work stars/world-renowned "swearists", Mike Smith, Robb Wells, and John Paul Tremblay, who after being fed up with constantly being censored in other productions, decide to start their own uncensored network on the Internet.

      Based on this site, that should probably tell you just how much swearing there is.

      I don’t see what the fucking problem is?

      Further Info:


      P.S. I apologise for missing the last few days FoTDs, after a large thunderstorm my internet went down for a few days, so I was unable to.

      P.P.S. Thank you @meelis13, as I am only human after all.

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