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    • Journey

      6 years ago


      Hello, g1s.

      I just finished playing Journey for PS3 and really needed to share my experience(in an spoiler free manner, of course).

      Journey is a downloadable game exclusive for the PlayStation 3 and developed by ThatGameCompany, the same people that created other wonderful games such as Flower, FlOw and Cloud.

      Journey is probably the deepest experience I've ever had in gaming or, I dare to say, any other uplifting emotional happening in my life.

      At first, you might not know what is going on and may be really confused if you are thinking way too much, as most modern games usually make you do that. But for this game, you just have to trust and let yourself go with the incredibly intuitive path that the individual you play as has to follow.

      You don't know who he/she/it is; you don't know anything about that world, but you know that you have to finish your Journey and arrive, somehow, to that bright mountain top.

      Along the minimalistic, and yet incredibly magical and beautiful places you'll visit, one or maybe many different companions will join you in your journey. It's not about working together, it's about reaching together the same goal. Sharing with that other stranger the adventure that will lead you to achieve what you both at the end really want.

      I wouldn't call it co-op, because as I said, is just about sharing the experience with a stranger. You can't communicate with them but "you will only know that it is another human being" - Jenova Chen (Director of Journey).

      The game is designed in a way that it makes you emotionally bond with your companion, even when you don't know anything about him/her.  You never know who is with you, but you know that you have each other to feel and go through the exact same thing together.

      I won't give away much, but specially in the last chapter is when the bond between you and your partner is amazingly touching. It makes you feel an incredibly amount of joy and accomplishment. "We made it! We did it together!"--  you might yell in your head mesmerized(and most likely in tears of happiness).

      It might seem so silly and ridiculous, but the game somehow really makes you feel that. The immersion is unbelievably intense and touching.

      Now onto the technical aspects...

      The graphics are smooth, simplistic and pretty. Everything moves so gracefully and natural, which can be also said about the characteristics of the gameplay.

      You move the character with the left analog stick, and the camera with the right one. Although, you can also move the camera with the controller for more immersion.

      You will only use X and O for the special actions, but I'll let you discover by yourself what you can do with them.

      The designs of the environments are minimalistic, but at the same time so astonishing, mysterious, perplexing and intriguing. Everything's incredibly charming and magical.

      One of the most important aspects of the game is the music. I can say that the soundtrack is truly a masterpiece and each composition is ingeniusly and perfectly applied to move all those joyful and deeply emotional feelings that can drive you to the freaking edge of glory.

      The game is an absolutely beautiful experience. I really wish I had more words to describe all the wonderful emotions that it awoke in me. Everyone should play it and find out by themselves.

      After wathing and reading many reviews and comments about the game, I've come to a personal conclusion of why is it so powerful, and it is that maybe that's why many people felt the same way about this game. Because we are all in a journey, the same journey. We all want the same thing, which is to get to that warm light that seems so far away. To reach that true and pure happiness that can grant us peace and fulfillment.

      15 bucks is nothing. This game could be 100$ and would be totally worth it.

      I genuinely love this fantastic game, and I will love it forever.

      I hope that you also get the opportunity to enjoy this amazing Journey.



      PS: I apologize for my bad writing, but really needed to show how grateful I am that this game exists. Overreacting? Overly emotional? Maybe. But I'm extremely happy that I got to experience it and nothing nor no one will take away these wonderful feelings that this masterpiece created in me. <3

    • Be a HERO and Help STOP SOPA Now!!

      7 years ago


      Original video:


      Share it anywhere you can and spread the word! Create consciousness!

    • Sailor Moon: The Movie

      7 years ago


      Since is a non-profit project, you can watch it for FREE!

      I hope you enjoy it :)

      Enjoyed the film?

      You can go and support it on...

      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SailorMoonTheMovie

      Twitter: http://twitter.com/sailormoonfilm

      Tumblr: http://thesailormoonmovie.tumblr.com/

      And of course, Youtube: http://youtube.com/thesailormoonmovie

    • SA IDOL: 4th Round's Rules and Stipulations

      7 years ago


      Hello, contestants!

      The Disney round was so much fun! But now is time to continue to the next one by giving you the rules and stipulations of the 4th round.

      Now, for the 4th round, the theme will be LANGUAGES!

      Well, this might be a little tough, but the good thing is that you can sing ANY kind of style or genre(remeber that it is SINGING). BUT it has to be in ANY other language that ISN'T English. You CAN'T sing in English. Any other language is acceptable, except English. It can even be a ficticious one! Like from fantasy or  sci-fi films/series/tv shows/games/etc. Anything but English.


      If your didn't participate in the 3rd round, or some past ones, you can still compete! You can only be eliminated by low votes. And if you decide to quit, is your decision, but you can come back anytime you want. :)


      Now to the difficult part...

      The eliminated g1 and that cannot longer participate in ScrewAttack Idol is...



      Thank you so much for your great energy and fun performances, Jessy! I hope you keep on supporting the competition and vote for your favorite singers :)


      I know these are busy times so, starting from today, I'll give you one month to send me your songs!


      After you record your songs, you will upload them to a file sharing site. Could be Megaupload, Rapidshare, Mediafire, 4shared, etc, etc. Any you prefer. And then give me the link to them as a personal message. OR...

      If you prefer to record a video and upload it to youtube, or other similar site, be my guest and just send me the link.

      You can also contact me on twitter and/or skype if is easier for you:

      Twitter - @Jesse_Robles

      Skype - jesse_robles

      Now to the g1s still in the competition, good luck and work on those linguistic skills! :D

      Have fun!

      - Jesse Robles <3


    • ScrewAttack Idol CANCELLED

      7 years ago


      Hello, g1s!

      This is just an announcement blog about the cancelling of ScrewAttack Idol.

      It has been something so wonderful that I always wanted to do, but is very hard when you have to work with more people, specially since they are all very busy with more important things. Is very understandable, everyone can relate to what I'm talking about.

      I always wanted to make a competition like this and I'm glad of the result. Sadly, it must come to an end.

      I really appreciate so much the enthusiasm of the people that participated and how everyone brought something different and made the rounds so fun and interesting.

      I want to thank the judges DonAngel and Phazon_Fiend as well. They were an extremely important part of the blogs and they did such an amazing job. I'll always be very thankful.

      This is just the announcement of the cancelling, but I'll soon post a very special blog lettin you know the winner of ScrewAttack Idol.  :D

      Thank you so much for your support and participation!  :)


      Lots of love!

      - Jesse Robles <3



    • SA IDOL: 3rd Round - "Disney"

      7 years ago


      Welcome, g1s and competitors! I'm the Blue Luma and I'll be your host for this 3rd round!
      We apologize for the enormous delay, but we are back and at full energy with great performances!

      The theme of this round is "Disney" in which the contestants will sing a song that is only produced for or by Disney. Expect some of your favorite classics and timeless songs from this beloved company!

      First, please welcome our awesome judges:

      DonAngel  is currently studying and teaching the arts of music and is a great violinist, who is also skilled in singing and piano.

      Phazon_Fiend  is an amazing pianist and is educated and passioned in music.

      They will be giving their honest criticism in their own unique ways in order to help the competitors to improve their performances for future rounds. So don't take it personal, guys! Just keep having fun!

      Remember the voting system! IS VERY IMPORTANT!

      In case you don't remember, here it is:

      1st place - 5 points (Most favorite competitor)

      2nd place - 4 points

      3rd place - 3 points

      4th place - 2 points

      5th place - 0 points (Least favorite competitor)

      The competitors you don't rate will automatically get 1 point.

      You have to write in the comments section your 4 favorite singers in order, but also adding the competitor you didn't like overall.

      If you don't want to write your least favorite in the comments, you can send me a personal message, but is very important for you to choose one.

      The competitors can vote as well! But you CAN'T vote for yourselves(that includes the 0 vote)!


      Anyways, lets get this 3nd round started! I wanna feel the Disney magic!

       Our first contestant is g1 Korahn and he will perform a song from the movie Treasure Planet called "I'm Still Here". Receive him with a huge applause!

      1. Korahn - I'm Still Here

      Not a very well known movie, but the song is great. Lets hear the judges!

      DonAngel: I really like your entrance, and your sound quality overall. It seems like you really prepared this song well.
      A few things you should consider, however. Towards the middle section your enunciation began to drift away. I had a difficult time understanding you and I don't know whether its because you just held back or you didn't really take the time to balance the audio between your voice and accompaniment, because it was louder than you and that should not happen. We want to hear you, not the accompaniment.
      It got better towards the end but please keep that in mind if you go to the next round. Good luck!

      Phazon_Fiend: The chorus was the only part I liked; it had energy. Everything else had that sort of drunken karaoke feeling. You also put on one of those weird accents that male singers sometimes do to sound more emotional. I think if you really want to sing with emotion, you shouldn't employ cheap tactics like that, you should just focus on feeling them. Even so, this was an improvement from last time. 7/10

      What a great start for this round! Good job, Korahn!

      Now lets continue with a g1 that returned from the ashes with full Doo Wopness! Lets welcome DjGrandPa to the competition! He will sing the Swedish version of "Bear Necessities" from the movie The Jungle Book. Enjoy!

       2. DJGrandPa - Vad Nöjd Med Allt Livet Ger (Bear Necessities)

      Welcome to the competition, DJGrandPa! Lets see what the judges have to say for your first performance!

      DonAngel: Welcome to the competition DJ, unless you were in the last round, my memory is horrid. I wasn't expecting an entry in your native language.
      Jungle Book was one of the earliest Disney Movies I owned, and I very much enjoyed the scene where this song comes from. If you notice, Baloo almost never stops moving, he's full of charisma and energy in that scene which is hard to translate into a song where you're likely sitting still in front of a mic. You did your best to do that I think, and I believe I heard foot tapping towards the end there.
      There were some minor technique issues, such as intonation (which at this point makes me sounds like a broken record, but everyone has it) and others I'm not sure I can comment on due to the fact that this is in another language I have no experience singing in. Otherwise this was a great entry, I wish you luck!

      Phazon_Fiend: Absolutely no attention was paid to singing in tune with the accompaniment. It's not a rap song. Bears don't even exist in Sweden, so I'm not surprised. If you want to become a better singer, DJ, focus on the bare necessities of singing - namely actually singing instead of speaking rhythmically like a goofball. 1/10

      I'm pretty sure that DJGrandPa had fun with his song, and that's what counts at the end!

      We are just starting and we have now g1 Goomba Xx, who is going to sing a very catchy song called "Everybody Wants to Be a Cat" from the movie Aristocats. The stage is yours!

      3. Goomba Xx - Everybody Wants to Be a Cat

      Well, Goomba Xx, lets see if you convinced everyone of wanting to be a cat! Judges?

      DonAngel: Welcome back Goomba, I see you also brought some hotcha sauce with you. Yea, I allowed myself to type that, whatcha gonna do about it?
      I miss this movie, that and the many others I used to own on VHS tape. This song was my favorite from the film. And because of this, I had to look at it again for this entry. I wish you could have seen my face.
      The movie takes place about 10 years before the Harlem Renaissance, so jazz wasn't really widely regarded until then. When it was, white society shunned the music because it was so vulgar, primitive, so...hot, and that's what you need to be in this song. This music is surprisingly sultry, and you could benefit to show a little more of it. Its Disney, so we no they've done some sketchy things in the past. You can be as well for this music.
      Tecnically, you could do with some more precision behind your consonants as I didn't understand some of your lyrics. I heard a little vibrato in there, it was weak but its not something you can't work on to improve. Very good show, good luck!

      Phazon_Fiend: Why did you only sing one minute of the song? There's a lot more to the song, if I remember correctly. Seriously, I don't even have much to judge here. From what I heard though, you sang pretty well. I could tell you were a bit nervous, but you still pulled through. A decent improvement from last time. If you had done at least half the song I'd give you a 7. 5/10

      Seems that you did a very convincing job, Goomba Xx! I already feel very meowie lol

      Our next contestant prepared one of the dearest Disney classics, "A Whole New World" from the movie Aladdin. g1 Jikashi, please use your vocal cords as a magic carpet and take us to hear wonder by wonder!

      4. Jikashi - A Whole New World

      What a tough song! I'm pretty sure the judges have good feedback for ya!

      DonAngel: Welcome back to the compeition, and I just knew someone would pick up this Disney favorite.
      There's a lot of breath control issues in this song, most noticeably of course is in the sections where we have both voices singing back to back to each other. You're just one singer, no one would honestly expect you to try and do both parts one after the other, just comprimise. You become breathless and it ruins the musical line because its so sudden and now you're sounding like you just ran a few blocks.
      Don't let my comments discourage, I liked this entry, but it could have been loads better if you stuck to one voice part. Good luck and I hope to hear you again next round.

      Phazon_Fiend: Why did you use that horrible MIDI-sounding accompaniment?! I can understand if it was all you could find, but honestly, I bet you could have found a better one. I could tell you paid close attention to singing in tune, but you forgot the #1 most important thing - actually feeling the song. Put yourself into the character of the person singing it, as if you were speaking directly from the heart. Although, being a weeaboo, you probably don't know what a heart is. 4/10

      Well, he made a big effort singing both parts of the song and on top of that is a very hard song! So, not bad at all, Jikashi!

      We are now half way through the 3rd round, and ready to listen something from a newer Disney production! g1 SuperChunLi89 will sing "I See the Light" from Tangled. Go ahead, lady!

      5. SuperChunLi89 - I See the Light

      Even cars cheer for you, SuperChunLi89! Lets hope the judges join!

      DonAngel: Welcome back Chu-OH WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! A car alarm? Seriously? I feel like we're in a troubled relationship now, its like we're having this bad communication between us all of a sudden where I want to just hear your voice and you're all rebelious and say, "No, I will have this inconviently placed car alarm in the middle of my long rest."
      Joking aside, I thought it was very pretty. Few things though, I feel like you're not getting enough breath in some places as you sound a little breathless at the end of phrases. As I figured before, you still sound a little uncomfortable in the higher register(where we often need the most breath), and your intonation suffered a little for it.
      A common thing that a lot of beginner singers will do is take a sudden breath right before coming in after an extended rest. You obviously had plenty of time before hand to gather your breath up before coming in, and this way you don't have to take a quick gulp that will just evaporate within seconds of taking it.
      This was very cute still, and I hope you take my comments to heart. Good luck, and take a wrench to that car.

      Phazon_Fiend: I recently watched Tangled, and greatly enjoyed it. I must say though, that you didn't succeed at capturing the feel of the song. I lol'd at the car alarm that went off at 1:41! You ought to have re-recorded, no? You were also out of tune in a number of places. I'm disappointed. This just seemed much weaker than your previous entries. You sound... subdued. Sing with your full breath! 3/10

      Latino homes are always very loud, gentlemen. Good thing that you are professionals and can concentrate on her voice!

      Now is time for something a bit different. Our next contestant decided to sing a song from a Disney Broadway musical! g1 Jazz22 will perform "If I Can't Love Her" from The Beauty and The Beast Broadway musical. Give it up for Jazz22!

      6. Jazz22 - If I Can't Love Her

      Yes, you can love! Lets see if the judges agree!

      DonAngel: Welcome back Jazz, and I must say, I'm pleasantly surprised. I wasn't expecting a song from one of the broadway shows, one I actually performed in even. I was part of the pit orchestra when this show was put on in my city.
      Overall, technically, this was really good, much better than your previous entries I think. There were some little things here and there, but this didn't persist often to become a real problem; like intonation, accents in sudden areas, and a few unclear consonants.
      I wonder if you take musical theatre, Jazz, or some form a vocal training, because you did something in there that most folks wouldn't have done purely by accident or not really thinking about it, which is rhyming "seen" with "been" (bean).
      With this much technical development, one could spend more time really expressing themselves in this song. I don't mean to say that your quality was flat or uninspirational in any way, but I personally had a hard time believing you were the beast who now believes it is truly hopeless to break the curse. Of course, that is not to say I would have liked you to cry out in sheering pain, but a little pinch or two on the skin wouldn't hurt lol.
      That's just me though, and I'm sure our fellow g1s might feel different for this wonderful rendition of a great song, as they should. Well done, I'll see you next round.

      Phazon_Fiend: The intro was great. You set the mood well, and fit the part. There were some parts before the middle, though, where you sounded a bit strained. But you made up for it later on, definitely at the part at 3:10, and the ending. I applaud you for singing a multi-faceted song like this with such confidence and mindfulness of the accompaniment. Definitely one of the best entries this round. Well done. 8/10

      Very tough competitor here! Good job, Jazz22!

      Now, on to the next contestant! g1 of the year 2010 Terra_corrupt will perform "Out There" from the Hunchback of Notre Dame! Do your best!

      7. Terra_corrupt - Out There

      That microphone can't deal with the passion! But lets see if it got to the judges!

      DonAngel: You sunava *****, my volume was way too high and you know exactly where I'm going with this.
      However, this brings me to a point that I think everyone should know and be aware of when it comes to singing. Don't torture your vocal folds, please, for your sake at least. If there's a pitch you can't quite reach and you feel like you have to scream to reach it, don't attempt it. Last thing you want is for nodules to form and harden up on your vocal folds making you have a hoarse voice. I'd hate for any of you to have to see a doctor just because you tried to sing Brahms or Puccini and the music turned your throat into a punching bag.
      Now back to our scheduled critique.
      Terra, other than that screaming bit you did, the quality of which I can't judge because your mic may be of low quality (I don't know), your expression in this was really great. I loved how you ran to that dramatic second forte (and nearly blew my ears out lol). Pitch was really great, can't say for the later half of the song for obvious reasons. Good luck Terra, here's to seeing you next round.

      Phazon_Fiend: Nervousness is hard to deal with in music; I can understand. Just letting you know that I noticed it, and it did detract a bit. But on to the main problem: your microphone quality. Dude. I couldn't tell if it was your voice or the mic quality, but towards the end with the energetic accented parts, it sounded like you were yelling at me. Very abrasive and harsh. I think the right way to do it would be forceful, but also still passionate and warm. Not bad, but not good either. My favorite part was the cough at the end. 5/10

      Don't let a mic hold you back, Terra_corrupt! You keep on projecting that passion!

      Oh, we have another song from Aladdin! But is a very different one! g1 HeartlessSeph prepared "Never Had a Friend Like Me" for this round. Have fun!

      8. HeartlessSeph - Never Had a Friend Like Me

      For having a "wonky" voice you did good! Lets see the opinions of the judges!

      DonAngel: I don't want to repeat myself (see Terra's comments), but if you honestly didn't feel well, in the voice department, then I'd heavily advise against singing. Especially if the song requires you to make some crazy sounds.
      This was really fun to listen to Seph, I was actually tapping my foot the whole way through listening to you. There's some things I'm not sure if I can really critique on because of your voice, but for the most part it was really good. I loved the bounciness in your singing that really carried the fun factor of this song.
      When going at that pace, especially in a jazzy song where you have to sort of anticipate the beat, you must remember your diction and really sounding out those consonants so we can understand every word you say.
      Really well done sir, here's to seeing you again next round.

      Phazon_Fiend: Your voice sounds like you smoke a pack a day. lol. But on to the song. This is quite hard to sing. It's energetic and random, lots of different voices, very goofy and inconsistent. You handled it pretty well, but I think you could have been even more goofy. You should have tried to actually sound like a Genie, and gotten in character. Singing songs from Disney is as much acting as it is singing. Not bad though. 6/10

       Wow, great comments from the judges eventhough you had trouble with your voice! Keep it up, HeartlessSeph!

      Oh boy, I hope the next competitor doesn't get bashed for his song. g1 JesseRobles took a risk and is ready to perform a song from High School Musical called "When There Was Me and You". Good luck!

      9. JesseRobles - When There Was Me And You

      Well, is not an annoying song at all! Lets see if the judges liked your performance!

      DonAngel: Well this is one of my least favorite musicals of...all time, however I will put my hate aside just for you my good friend who's totally not paying me for praising critique.
      *Puts envelope filled with money aside*
      So here we are singing an English song again, and I must mention the diction, your consonants to be exact. Its not as bad as the first time I heard you sing, I had an easier time understanding most of your lyrics, but there were still a few words I didn't fully understand.
      I swear the first time I thought you sang, "...confused my feelings with a Jew..." and I raised my head immediately. I can barely hear the "T" sound in "Truth" among a few other words.
      Part of it, I feel, may be in that echo effect you have going on with the voice, I'm not sure if its the mic or if its just a little something you added, but I believe it makes our diction a little harder to understand.
      The technique and expression however, is great as always and made this song much more tolerable then it probably would have been if I heard the original recording. Always great to listen to you Mr. Robles, here's to seeing you in the next round.

      Phazon_Fiend: I totally hate High School Musical, but I can put that aside to listen to you. The intro and first section sounded great. There was a key change at around 1:09 that you could have done a bit better, but you still pulled it off. This song has some big intervals right next to each other that go pretty low in the vocal range. I'm surprised you could sing that low, but it seemed like you were struggling to reach some of the notes. All in all, though, you sang well, in tune, and with the feeling of fond reverie that this song seems to suggest. 7.5/10

      When there was me an Jew... Confused my feelings with a Jew... teehee... Someone should make a parody of that :P

      Is time to present our last contestant! g1 Daring Dan will close the round with a beautiful song called "Go the Distance" from Hercules. Sing your heart out!

      10. Daring Dan - Go the Distance

      Sublime! What a way to close the round! Lets see what the judges have to say!

      DonAngel: So this whole time I was wondering how exactly you were going to sing while playing like that, and it would be quite an impressive feat if you were gonna do both at the same time. Which you did, just not in the same time space. Your voice from the future or something jumped in and joined your piano playing self. My mind was blown.
      Really well done singing in time with...well yourself. Really the only obvious thing I can point out is that you put a little to much emphasis, an accent, on the 1st beat (I'm assuming this is in 4/4 or some other simple time signature) when you sing that 2nd verse or "Go the distance" section.
      This was really clever to do and quite fun to listen to. Good luck and hope to see you in the next round!

      Phazon_Fiend: I'm really impressed with your piano technique. You kept your tempo so even and controlled; something that I often struggle with. I could tell that you tried to make your voice fit well with the piano accompaniment, and it showed, because it sounded pretty even. There were some areas where your voice overpowered the piano, and vice versa, but the vast majority of it was balanced. Aside from a small number of times you were off-pitch with your voice, this was great. I'd like to see more of your piano work in the next round. 8/10

      Great job, Daring Dan! And congratulations to all the contestants for bringing fantastic and fun performances!

      Oh, what is it? A last minute entry?! There's room for more, don't worry!

      g1 Mosichan is just arriving to perform for us! She is going to sing "Reflection" from Mulan! Now is up to you to close the round, lady!

      11. Mosichan - Reflection


      Well, that's it! Thanks for closing the round with a wonderful song, Mosichan! And thanks to the judges as well for doing and excellent job and being starring these blogs alongside with the singers! Any words to finish this blog?

      DonAngel: Yay for us lol

      Phazon_Fiend: I'm really glad you gave me the opportunity to be a judge. I'm enjoying it.
      My voice is expressed through the keys... keys to the hearts of all my listeners.
      Preferably the female ones with large breasts.

      Just kidding, I'm not a pervert.

      But seriously, dem titties...


      Now now, this is a family show! xD

      Anyways! Now is time for you all to VOTE!

      Remember the voting system! IS VERY IMPORTANT!

      In case you don't remember, here it is:

      1st place - 5 points (Most favorite competitor)

      2nd place - 4 points

      3rd place - 3 points

      4th place - 2 points

      5th place - 0 points (Least favorite competitor)

      The competitors you don't rate will automatically get 1 point.

      You have to write in the comments section your 4 favorite singers in order, but also adding the competitor you didn't like overall.

      If you don't want to write your least favorite in the comments, you can send me a personal message, but is very important for you to choose one.

      The competitors can vote as well! But you CAN'T vote for yourselves(that includes the 0 vote)!




      Good luck to all the contestants! You all have the potential of becoming the next SCREWATTACK IDOL and win various prizes!

       Thank you for joining us in this journey. We expect your support. :)

      Blue Luma out!



      Special thanks to g1 That One Guy Named X for the awesome header <3

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