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    • What just happened?

      3 months ago


      I just saw the season finale to Red Vs Blue, and now... I am SO CONFUSED! Let's review what I do know:

      I know that Donut tried to destroy Chrovos before he could escape from his prison.

      I know that Genkins told Grif that by stopping Washington from getting shot+ all their previous time travel led to a time paradox that ripped apart reality, meaning Chrovos probably got free.

      Then it just jumped back to Blood Gulch... or someplace that looks like Blood Gulch. Sarge, Simmons and Grif were there, Tucker was there, only he wasn't acting like himself. Someone who looked like Church was there... only it didn't sound like him.

      Did Red vs Blue get rebooted? God, I hope not. I don't want to lose all their character development.

    • RWBY IS BACK!!

      1 year ago


      Dear Journal,

      Holy snap, am I looking forward to this season of RWBY. I was one of the people lucky enough to catch the season premiere in theaters last night, and it was epic. They replayed the last three episodes of volume 4 but they added behind the scenes footage from the cast, and then we got the first episode itself and it was so amazing!

      I'm not gonna say anymore, because I don't want to spoil it.

      P.S.- Who would win in a drinking contest? Rick from Rick and Morty or Qrow?

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