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    • g1AD Presents: Asian Pop Night

      5 years ago


      Hey everyone! DJ Kai here to announce the next g1afterdark event! We have had three incredibly successful and fun K-Pop marathons, and time calls for another! Actually… we’re changing it up this time and opening it to all Asian Pop music! As a break sometime in the night, we will also be playing the song game :D

      Gather up your leftover Halloween candy, curl up and check out some fantastic pop music from the East~



      When: Friday, November 1st, 2013

      Time: 9:00PM EST (this is subject to change)

      Where: http://www.tinychat.com/g1afterdark

      Why: Why not?



      1) General rules of g1afterdark, which can be found here:  http://forums.screwattack.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=16715&start=0

      2) Video/mic chat are allowed unless the majority are experiencing due to chat

      3)  Requests will be accepted via PM only

      4) Request only one song at a time, when song is played, you can request again~

      5) No one artist will be played can be played multiple times in a row – five song artist cool down



      -If consensus demands it, I’ll make sig banners for those who attend ^_^

      -Song Game will be played roughly 4-5 hours into the marathon as a break

      -To those who like to make games out of marathons

                        Ø  Take a drink/eat a candy for every Engrish word/phrase said

                        Ø  Take a drink/eat a candy for every time an idol touches their lips

                        Ø  Finish drink/eat a pile of candy for every awkward Western Artist cameo


      If you’re a fan of K-Pop or just curious about it, check out the K-Pop thread here:



      I hope to see your beautiful faces there~


      5 years ago

      Hey folks! So it's June; we're already halfway through the year!? Crazy, right? Over the last six months, some fantastic music has come our way and I'd like to talk about some of them. Of course, staying true to form, I'll be tackling music from the Korean Pop side seeing as I was recently (eight months ago counts as recently right?) converted to this craziness.
      I'm not going to lie, I wasn't sure I wanted to do this list, especially on this site. Why? Well, this is a video game site and what little of music that isn't video game related is rarely talked about. But after the success the K-Pop marathons over on g1AfterDark have had, I realized that despite there not being a devoted crowd of fans, there are those that are curious and open to new things. So why not? 
      This list will actually be a two-parter. This part is the top K-Pop songs as voted by non-K-Pop fans and what I feel is the most accessible to non-K-Pop fans. The second part will be a top 15 list of my personal favourites of the year so far, as there are many songs that I adore that didn't make it in this list... and any opportunity to talk about K-Pop, I will seize it as firmly and eagerly as possible.

      "Wait, I was never asked what songs I liked! I HAVE AN OPINION TOO!!"

      Simmer down, I asked some of my family, friends and co-workers - those that have the 'pleasure' of being around my music - what they found most tolerable and even maybe a little enjoyable.
      Let's get started! First up the honourable mention!

      ?? ??? (Come Back to Me) - NTrain

      I'm actually surprised so many people voted for this song! And surprised more when they asked me for more by NTrain. And surprised most because I didn't have any other songs as this was the first NTrain song I had heard. It's not a bad song by any means - nor is the group bad, but as I rarely listened to this, it surprised me that it left a big enough impression on those around me. This song is unbelievably catchy, the synthesizer being what sold the song to most. As I don't really know this group nor the song well, I can't provide much thought on it. I just saw the video for the first time when writing this and I have two thoughts. One, how boring was the choreography? I figured with such a good beat, there would be a pretty fantastic routine, but nope, just rubbing lotion on my hands will do. And two, DAMN, that man's body is wonderful~

      TOP 10 K-POP SONGS OF 2013 (SO FAR)

      10) This Love - SHINHWA

      I get the appeal of this song. I really do. Do I like it? Ehhhh. It's an alright song, but it reminds me of my club going days. I do not miss my club going days... at all. I feel like of any of the songs on this list, this one would be most likely played at a night club. Nothing about it really sticks out for me. Which is a shame because it's SHINHWA. SHINHWA are super big, super super big (Super Junior? huh?) and they've had some amazing songs. I often compare this song to their last single, 'Venus'. Both have that stereotypical club feel, but I feel like Venus pulled it off a lot better in terms of not only the song itself, but as well as the video and the choreography. I feel like this song feels so generic and the video/choreography is nothing more than half-assed take on Madonna's Vogue. Sorry that I sound so harsh, but  ehh, varying of taste, I suppose. 
      Like this? Check out: Venus

      9) Wolf - EXO

      This song... I know a lot of people hate this song. Hell, I loathed this song when it first came out, but I feel like it's one of those songs that grows on you the more you listen to it. This is EXO's long awaited return to the scene (only a year, come on! I'll be waiting two years for BIGBANG's comeback and you don't see me crying... much) and it was met with equal parts confusion and fanaticism. This song was also to have a K-Drama version of the video but the company has yet to release it (WHAT THE HELL SM, RELEASE IT NOW!). This song's demo was originally leaked a couple months back, with much laughter, outrage and confusion.
      Why all the hate? If you speak Korean, the lyrics are awkward at best, and horrendous at worst. Another issue people have with the song is a clash of styles. Which is odd for a group like EXO who had no problem with blending when it came to their last single, MAMA. The mismatching of styles and the dance pales in comparison to MAMA, their debut song. One would think that seeing the two songs that this was the debut and MAMA was the follow up. What's even more confusing as that the company picked this song as the single. The rest of the album has a more pronounced EXO flavour to it, with Wolf being the outlier. 
      So why do people like this song? Why do I like this song? I have no idea. It is selling like mad, outselling DBSK's Mirotic, and winning music shows left and right against pretty tough competition. It's just so good in the oddest of ways. And the chorus, though silly, is far too fun to sing to. And some of the parts of this song are absolutely fantastic and I,as well as many others, wish they would carry that over as their own songs - particularly at 1:49 and 2:30. Listen to this song a few times before passing judgment, there's a possibility that you may grow to like it too. Awooo~~
      Like this? Check out: MAMA

      8) Jeon Won Diary - T-ARA N4

      This. This is a damn fun song. The chorus in particular is what really makes it for a lot of people and the video itself is a nice change of pace from the usual 'DANCE IN ODDLY LIT ROOMS WHILE WEARING COOL CLOTHES AND RUBBING OUR LIPS' videos as made evident in the two videos above. What's the concept? Four farmhands hate their jobs (they suck so bad!) but have a passion for dance. They head down to a local dance competition and kick ass. The end. Not the deepest video, but who needs a deep video with such a fun song! Back to the chorus: I feel like T-ARA have perfected the art of a catchy chorus. I can't think of any of their songs that didn't have a simple yet fantastic, catchy chorus. And it seems that art has been carried over to T-ARA N4. To match the chorus is an awesomely fun dance that I find myself breaking out into every now and then. 
      Like this? Check out: Roly Poly

      7) Rose - Lee Hi

      Hailed as Korea's Adele, Lee Hi has an absolutely amazing voice for someone so young.  Despite this song not taking advantage in showing off her range, it took the opportunity to show off her control, which, in my opinion, is equally as impressive. With the newest K-Pop trend being to awkwardly add needless rapping, overlaying great songs with ear-gougingly awful dubstep (I HATE DUBSTEP) and awkward dances, Lee Hi gives a pretty middle finger to all of that, sticking to her gorgeous voice and more mellowed style. The video itself is shot beautifully (hermergerd symbolism abound, I could write an essay on this video) - I tend to like bright, high contrast colour, but the muted monochrome with the splash of red... so gorgeous. It seems that this song is also one of the few to break through the anti-K-Pop crowd as many times I have heard those that are so intolerable of Korean Pop humming this song. That's when you know you have a damn good song, when the haters can't even hate. Speaking of haters...
      Like it? Check out:

      6) Gentleman - Psy

      You knew this would be on the list. Stop rolling your eyes. Stop it.
      This was the follow up to this other song of his. You may not know what I'm talking about. Wasn't really that popular, didn't even win any music shows. Quite unfortunate really since it was a pretty awesome song, highly underrated if you ask me... 
      Because I know some people can't get sarcasm... I was talking about Gangnam Style... Anyway! Despite many saying that this song wasn't as good as Gangnam Style, either hating it for being the same or hating it because it was the same, a lot of people have shamed this song. Fortunately, a lot more also love this song. The day the video was released, I headed over to a lounge room at my university and I can hearing it blaring from the tv. The video is hella entertaining. From Psy acting like anything but a gentleman, to cameos from popular Korean variety shows, to the homage of Brown Eyed Girls' Abracadabra dance, to featuring one of the BEG's, super sexy Ga-In... this video is awesome! Like many, I was really curious what Psy would present next and was worried that I wouldn't like it, but as soon as the song started, I adored it. And, does anyone else say 'mother fucking gentleman' or is it just me?
      Like it? Check out: Right Now

      5) A.D.T.O.Y - 2PM

      Super sexy song. Super duper sexy song. I love this song. Love this song with me. I don't really know what to say without sounding like a hormone driven, rabid fangirl. I guess I can try... After their initial comeback song 'Come Back When You Hear This Song', I was disappointed by how under whelming it was. You can have a more mellow song without being under whelming, as proven by Lee Hi's Rose. I was happy they were back, but disappointed by the lack of umph. This song takes a more pop, rap, R&B fusion approach which works beautifully for this group. In particular from 1:30-1:42 and from 2:10-2:48 best shows off the sensuality of the song without coming off as sleazy.
      In regards to the video, other that the two major flaws, this is comparable to the best ice cream sundae ever for those that love Korean men. This group, every single member is drop dead gorgeous... their bodies too... I'll stop. Oh right, major flaws. First major flaw, too much damn hair gel. You are glistening in the video, time to cut back. Second major flaw, that dance is GOD AWFUL! Seriously? Seriously! You could have had the sexiest routine ever, and you go for this awkward body rub. Just... no. Anyway, it's a sexy song and a much needed comeback from 2PM, who spent that last couple years focusing on their Japanese promotions. Glad to see them back~
      Like this? Check out: I'll Be Back

      4) Dream Girl - SHINee

      No. I'm not going to say it. No. You thought I was going to say it, didn't it? You thought you knew me well enough that you could predict what I was going to say? How I was going to ogle over SHINee. How this is not only one of the best songs of 2013, but one of the best of SHINee. How I am head over heels in love with Choi Minho. How I could watch Taemin dance for hours. How I legitimately go on youtube and watch Taemin dance for hours. How I tried learning this routine but with a broom and gave myself a black eye. How I go on about wanting Taemin's hat. How I question Taemin's outfits. How sexual Jonghyun is looking in this video. How Key should lead dance more often. How adorable of a human being Onew is . How how excited I was waiting for this song and CD to come out. How they said the thing. How I choose not to say that thing. No. You don't know me.
      Like this? Check out: Juliette

      3) I Got a Boy - SNSD [Girl's Generation]

      I hate this song. I hate it. I HATE IT. But it's really popular, and everyone I know likes this song so I guess I'll try talking about it and not rip it into pieces. This was the long awaited return of SNSD, one of, if not THE, biggest girl group in the K-Pop industry today. From what I'm told, repeatedly, this is one of the best SNSD singles yet... and I can see why. Shockingly enough, there are parts of the song that I do like, and I confess that on more than one drunken occasion, I break out into the chorus but I feel like this song suffers from the same thing that EXO's Wolf suffered from.
       It's trying so hard to appease to different kinds of fans that it comes off sloppy. You want to do a rap song, do a rap song (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, SNSD, DO NOT DO A RAP SONG), if you want a more fluffy pop song, do a fluffy pop song, if you want to be mature and edgy, do that, if you want to be more aegyo, do it, BUT NOT ALL IN ONE DAMN SONG! I'm sorry, but aegyo, edgy, pop and rapping DOESN'T GO TOGETHER. I love rap, and I love it when those who don't usually rap, try to rap (example: Taemin in Why So Serious?) but I can also recognize when someone shouldn't rap. It's so needless in this song. Funnily enough, it's the only part I like, but when you compare it to the rest of the song and the feeling that this song and its video expresses, it sticks out like a sore thumb. 
      The video itself, I like aspects of it. As I said a while back, I'm a sucker for high contrast, and there's nothing but that in this video. I also love their hats, I want their hats. I hate how fetish-ized SNSD  are in this video, I thought after the last couple videos, their image would mature more, but it reverts to unblinking, barely functioning, boy crazed girls. Just, ugh. 
      I have to confess though, there is one thing I adore about this video, and it's the dance. With a group so fetish-ized, it's nice to see a harder, crisp routine rather than the usual cutesy routines that most girl groups are limited to. SNSD are fantastic dancers and this video reflects that, I only wish there was a dance version of the video. Again, the feeling of the dance would have been better suited to a different style of song, but I guess 'haters gonna hate' right? 
      Like it? Check out:Run Devil Run

      2) Smoky Girl - MBLAQ

      This song literally just came out. It is awesome. When the song first started playing, I was a little overwhelmed, but once the chorus kicked in and the funky guitar kicked in during the dance segment, I was sold. Personally, it gives off this almost Daft Punk vibe, I can't explain how, but it just does. This is another example how you can do a great song without being bombastic AND not being under whelming. The shift from monochrome to high contrast colours is a feast for eyes like mine. The video itself is quite generic when you think about it, but they pulled it off in an excellent way that I didn't mind watching it... over and over again... The chorus itself is ridiculously catchy and I pity those I talk to on a regular basis as when I can't find something to say, I just sing this chorus. Over and over, because I can. I'm so sorry~ Dance wise, it's not incredibly memorable, but it's crisp enough and definitely up there in terms of quality this year. It has this nice flow that breaks every now and then to match the feel of the song. Also, that pink hair, I want it. 
      Like it? Check out: Mona Lisa

      1) One Shot - B.A.P

      I'm not going to lie, I'm really surprised how well received this song is from non-K-Pop fans. Many times I'll be listening to this song or watching this video and others will always comment on how surprisingly decent it is for a K-Pop song. What can I say? It's a damn good song. It's damn good video. I feel like it is so well liked because it, as a song and a video, knows what it is and knows how to deliver itself as such. Whereas other groups previously mentioned are struggling to balance different components harmoniously within one song as well as also deliver a complementing video, B.A.P performs this task easily. 
      Song wise, this is a beautiful example how different components can coexist and compliment each other so harmoniously. Song wise, and lyric wise, I can't find any faults. It's a great song to listen to to get you pumped up for something, especially the chorus. 
      Video wise, despite not exactly representing the song, the song perfectly complements the feel of the video. The epicness of the song actually accentuates the video and adds to the feeling of the plot. 
      Plot wise, it's a solid plot that isn't too cheesy and is well-acted enough to be interesting all the way through. The only thing I could have done without is the ending, though initially shocking, it kind of goes against the rest of the video in terms of mood.
      Dance wise... HERMERGERD GORGEOUS DANCE! If you can't tell by now, I'm a huge sucker for dance and this one does not fail to deliver. Right from the start, the choreography is harsh and lively to match the song and follows through all the way to the end. 
      I feel like this song not only complimented the different focuses of K-Pop but also wonderfully showed off every members skill to a point where people start to become a fan after one listen. I know that that's what happened to me anyway.
      Like this? Check out: Warrior
      So this concludes the TOP 10 K-POP SONGS OF 2013 (SO FAR)! I hope you liked it, or at least tolerated it. The next piece will probably be up tomorrow or the next day as I am currently writing it right now. Which K-Pop song has been your favourite of 2013? Let me know in the comments below!~
      Shout outs:
      MaximusPrime: He was musing the idea of doing the same thing I did, when he finishes his list, a link will be here. Max, this is me pressuring you to go through with it.
      g1AfterDark: Every now and then there's this thing called the K-Pop Marathon hosted by yours truly. When's the next one? Not for another couple months. Want to know right away when the next one is? Follow them on twitter and/or check the forum thread to know right away!
      K-Pop Thread: Over at the SA forums, there is a thread dedicated to K-Pop  where people will post new videos they ask/get answers to any Korean related things. You can often find me there. I also tweet a lot, so you know, you can find me there to ;)
      Thank you for reading, and as always, here's a treat. This time we'll go Korean style with some nice Bbopki~
      Kai xx
    • Of a matter of Pride and Bets

      6 years ago


       Hey g1's! So today we're going to talk abo - OO LOOK A VIDEO!

      This video was filmed with a potato.

      I do not sound like that!!! I'm just getting over a flu>.>

      Anyway! Asai has also made a post about the bet, featuring more polished versions of the Link fanart that was included in the letter. Click here to check it out!

      And whadda you know? Today is also Follow Friday (#FF) in the Twitterverse! If you're looking for a few new people to follow, why not ScrewAttack, Asai and myself? Click our names at the bottom for our twitter feeds. You never know what we'll get into next!


      And as always enjoy a slice a cake and have a great weekend!

      Baked by yours truly :)

      Kai xx

    • Introduction to 30 Day Video Game Challenge!

      6 years ago


       Hello, my darling readers.

      These last three years have been quite life changing for me. With now attending university, breaking away from my teen years and really paying attention to the gaming industry, I feel like a new person! What better time to look back at what made me the way I am then at a rebirth? Well, apparently right now. 

      For the next 30 Days, I will be looking at 30 some-odd video games that have shocked and awed me, left me wanting more and even left me wanting my money back. So sit back, grab an iced tea and walk down the pixelated memory lane with me as I traverse the 30 Day Video Game Challenge!

      **For those wanting to also take part, here is the 30 Day Challenge formula I will be using**

      • Day 1 - Very first video game.
      • Day 2 - Your favourite character.
      • Day 3 - Your guilty pleasure game.
      • Day 4 - A game that is underrated.
      • Day 5 - Game character you feel you are most like.
      • Day 6 - Most annoying character.
      • Day 7 - Favorite game couple.
      • Day 8 - Best soundtrack.
      • Day 9 - Saddest game scene
      • Day 10 – Most shocking game scene.
      • Day 11 – Funniest scene.
      • Day 12 - Gaming system of choice.
      • Day 13 - A game you’ve played more than five times.
      • Day 14 - Current (or most recent) gaming wallpaper.
      • Day 15 - Post a screenshot from the game you’re playing right now.
      • Day 16 - Game with the best cut scenes.
      • Day 17 – Best boss fight.
      • Day 18 – Worst boss fight.
      • Day 19 - game setting you wish you lived in.
      • Day 20 - Favorite genre.
      • Day 21 - Game with the best story.
      • Day 22 - A game sequel which disappointed you.
      • Day 23 - Game you think had the best graphics or art style.
      • Day 24 - Favorite classic game.
      • Day 25 - A game you plan on playing.
      • Day 26 - Best voice acting.
      • Day 27 - Most epic scene ever.
      • Day 28 - Favorite game developer.
      • Day 29 - A game you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving.
      • Day 30 - Your favorite game of all time.

      AAN: Because this blog is so lacking (content-wise), please enjoy a strawberry Sundae.

      Kai xx

    • 30DVGC - Most Annoying Character

      6 years ago



      DAY SIX


      Wesker (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3)

      Haha, I know. Initially, I was going to pick Tingle, as he was a character that pissed me off since I was a kid. Charging me ridiculous amounts of rupees to get my charts fixed, being generally creepy, and... well... existing. I was thiiiiis close (for those who can’t see my hand gesture....extremely close) to putting him on here, but then I saw a poster for a local UMvC tournament and I saw his smug little face. That stupid face, with the stupid glasses and the stupid frown and that stupid trench coat.

      Try as hard as you will, I still find you insufferably lame...

      See, I have never finished a Resident Evil game (mostly due to my crippling fear of zombies) and I don’t know his inner workings and his impact within those games. I just know him as this smug, over confident little prick he wants to saturate the world with something he concocted. The first time I had the displeasure of meeting him was when I picked up a vanilla copy of Marvel vs Capcom 3 on the day of release. This was the first time I had ever played a Capcom versus game and it was my first fighter in a very long time.

      Approximately, this long ago.

      I didn’t think of him much when I first started playing; I stuck to my own team and rarely played online, only playing with my friends. Eventually, I began playing online,  noticing  he was a little more popular there. And I also noticed he gave me the shivers; something about that drawling voice gave me the creeps and I wanted nothing to do with it. I eventually stopped playing the game entirely to focus on my studies, selling it off to pay for a lost text book and I never thought of him ever again.

      Until this happened.

      Initially, I had zero interest in the beefed up Marvel vs Capcom 3 title. I wanted nothing to do with; I had paid full price for a soso fighter and I was content with my experience. I didn't want to shell out more money for what should have been on the first copy...

      But then they announced this heavenly demon was joining the roster. Call me a raving fan girl, but I can never turn my back on my main man.

      I ended up selling old textbooks and bought Ultimate during the American Thanksgiving weekend to take part in a CapcomUnity event. It was there that I had my first brush with Wesker. A few people used him; all the same way and I became annoyed. After the event, I started playing more online. First the lobbies, then ranked matches, and I realized there was a global saturation, and it was all Wesker. So many used him the same way. Upon realizing he had a [quite literally] level four x-factor, beautiful synergy with most combatants and decent stamina and power, I became livid.. He was overpowered!

      Yeah, yeah, yeah. That overpowered. 

      I couldn’t go to a single match without seeing him. I became terrified of him, losing all of my matches to that stupid, smug, bastard. The game that I found so fun, was beginning to feel like abuse. I didn’t see the point anymore. It felt almost compulsory to have Wesker as your anchor to be taken even remotely serious in the FGC and I just about had enough. It was a dark time. I actually stopped playing for quite some time; partially to focus on my education, and partially because I was fed up with all of the Wesker.


      Honestly, I still love this game. I play it every now and then, practice my combos and try to better sync up my team. I can better combat Wesker, it’s not an automatic KO anymore. But I’m still frustrated. With seeing Wesker  in every ranked match, I can’t help but become disenchanted and bored with the lack of creativity. Thankfully, because of the over-saturation, people are thinking the same and I see more truly original teams online, even on ranked. But until Wesker gets rebalanced in a future patch (please Capcom, please!), Wesker will always be the character that pisses me off the most!


      Haha, snaked in two minutes before the deadline, what a boss!

      Kai xx

    • Top 7 Things I Don't Give a **** About (In Gaming)

      6 years ago


       Hello, hello, hello everyone! It has been how long since my last article? Well, such a wait won’t happen for a nice long time since I have at least twenty articles ready to be read, but first let’s give this one a looksy!

      There are some things, some very trivial things that just make you not care. This could be a redesign of a long loved character (example: Sonic and Dante), it could be a certain ‘ground-breaking’ game series (example:** RETRACTED**) or even the choice of music played during a gameplay/cinematic trailer. We all have that button, that when pushed, you are rendored apathetic. And here are my buttons!



      I know what you’re thinking... “Really? She’s going to pick on an entire gaming genre? And she wants to be considered a serious writer when she’s being that ignorant? Next blog!”

      ...Yeah, I’m sorry readers, but there is this innate ignorance within me that makes me not care about this genre. It’s the combination of the perspective and the combat style that makes me simply lose interest. I like to see all of my surroundings in third person, I like a health metre in the left hand corner that dings obnoxiously as I near death, and I like to get in my enemies faces, with my sword swiping through the air!

      I know there have been some amazing games within this genre (personal example: Gears of War), but I feel so overwhelmed by the likeness of the games and the oversaturated market, that I just can’t get into it.

      Everyone has their favourite and least favourite genre, and for myself, this one simply makes me not care.

      6. SPAMMING

      If you know me, you know I am a fighting enthusiast (if you don’t me, now you do :D). And with being an enthusiast who comes from a sports background, I believe in fair fights that develops a person’s strategy and talent rather than a higher victory count. As a person who is a born-again fighter and going into my first foray into online fighting, I was, at first, devastated with the people who spam their way into victory. This outraged me when I first started. It made me feel insignificant for not having the skill to take down those who spam attacks and outraged this person believed that they were talented for doing that.

      You find this in all fighting games on all systems, but as any fighter can say, we all have our games – and mine is Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. I cannot count the number of times I have faced those with a Ghost Rider on point with a Dr. Doom ‘Hidden Missile’ Assist and just gave up, putting my controller down and watch them toss me from one end of the screen to the other, tapping the damn assist the whole time. Now that I am a bit better, I can soooooomewhat combat it – but when I see it happening, when I see that team, when I see there will be no fun to be had, I check out. I wait for the match to end, flick the ‘good game’ equivalent button and peace out.

      5. RANK

      I have grown to love playing online against other people. It is such an amazing way to meet people around the world, learn from people who you would never have the dream of meeting and witness some gaming gold. And for reason, people sometimes outright shun people for their rank. I really don’t get it. Right now, I am a 9th Ranger on Marvel vs Capcom 3. I was originally a 9th Lord and then I let my friend play my account and she lost a lot of matches, demoting me and forever losing my Lord status (oh well...).

      Why did I even work to get a 9th ‘anything’ status? Because when playing against the lovely people online (those from ScrewAttack, Capcom Unity and randoms), they always commented on how my skill did not match my Beginner rank. My response being that I could care less about the title, just about the thrill of the fight which garnered me some heckling. Eventually, I leveled up to a reputable title and I haven’t gone back since. One reason being that I was tired of spammers sucking out the fun of a good fight, and the other being that I don’t care.

      I am a 9th Ranger that has defeated an Overlord, and I have been defeated by a beginner who never played a match before (I personally think he was lying). Rank means nothing; it is the mixture of skill, attitude and luck that makes a match worth fighting.


      I cannot count how many times my friends have sent me links of final scores by various reviewers around the web. Either to get a rise out of me, or better defend their argument that INSERT GAME TITLE HERE is way better than my favoured title or that it is ‘worthy’ of me playing it. For the most part, I shrug and comment back with a sarcastic retort on how this review totally changed my previous belief on how INSERT TITLE HERE is way better than their game of choice.

      Why don’t I care about scores? Well, it comes down to personal taste and even some underhanded nudging from the respected game developers to influence the final score of the product. For example, despite the high praise that Skyrim attained, I do not like that game at all. The only part of that game I enjoyed was going into a town and doing the storm call and watching everyone around me die (did I mention that I am a little bit morbid?). If I had a choice between Skyrim and Kirby Air Ride, I would push everyone out of the way to grab Kirby Air Ride and enjoy the hell out of that game (I am still waiting for a sequel, mind you).

      3. CONSOLES

      You knew this was going to be on the list. I tried and tried to find a way to not include this, but my care level was just so low that I had to count it. It’s the console war, a war that I thought was long over but apparently, it still rages in the most immature circles of the gaming community. I must say that I was subjected to this when I was younger. Being born into the Sega versus Nintendo era, I was raised to blindly follow anything and everything Nintendo (despite also owning a Sega Genesis). And why wouldn’t I? The games, the systems, the parties and the memories, it was all from Nintendo and I carried that tune until I got the Play Station 2. Not to say that I completely changed my mind by then, but it did open my eyes a little bit.

      With games like Shadow of the Colossus, Spyro and Devil May Cry, I started warming up to being a more well-rounded gamer. And after finally getting an Xbox 360, I finally broke hold of my fangirl ways and started cherishing what each system brought. And naturally, I also realized how I foolish I was for sneering at games that weren’t housed under the Nintendo roof. I went from a person who never saw a fault in the Nintendo Wii and condemning everything Sony, to a person that is starting to save up her money to get their third console in a matter of months.


      I didn’t realize this was such a hot topic of debate until the newest Legend of Zelda game had hit the shelves. After I played the game, I ran (well...clicked) right into the forums to see how others felt about certain revelations and how it connected to the rest of the series. And what I found instead were numerous complaints at the apparent lack of voice acting, and how they could not get invested in the game because of it. I was mind-boggled, I thought it was one of the most petty excuses I had ever heard for not liking a video game. And thinking about it again, I honestly don’t get it.

      Don’t get me wrong, I do understand that some series revolve around the presence of voice acting, and some of my favourite games of all time, have some of the most top notch voicing I have heard in video games... But I never took it as a necessity for a good game.

      I am not sure if it’s because I grew up with the “old-school” text box dialogue or if I am just not hard to impress, but I don’t think I will ever understand, nor care for voice acting.

      1. GRAPHICS

      For any Sidescrollers viewers, you may recall Craig, Chad and Jared discussing this as their middle segment a few weeks back... well, that discussion is actually what inspired this little list. Everyone knows the debate. Everyone, at one point or the other, has taken part in the debate. And it will never end. Never, ever, ever. Personally speaking, I could care less for the graphical quality of the game. As long as it runs smoothly and it is enjoyable, it could have Atari 2600 era graphics and I wouldn’t mind.

      This does not mean that I am anti quality, though. With having a Nintendo Wii for so long, that when I made the jump to Xbox 360 and PC, I was mind blown by the realism and clarity. One of the first games I played when making the jump was Devil May Cry 4 and Portal (two games that are not up to today’s top notch graphic capabilities by any means) and I was blown away. Years later, I played Red Dead Redemption; I got goose bumps when looking at the cutscenes and traversing through the wild west. It is absolutely astounding how far gaming has come through graphics alone. And unfortunately, through that growth, arose a legion of gamers who demand the finest quality in graphics to even take a game seriously.

      It breaks my little gamer heart to see people who miss out on the opportunity to play amazing games, just because it isn’t high definition. I hope that one day; others will care about that this as much as I do – none at all.


      Well that's all folks! Please comment or PM with any thoughts and constructive critisism. Like I said before, I'm back and ready to write! Also, grab a slice of cake !:)

      Kai xx

    • 30DVGC - Favourite Couple

      6 years ago





      Dom and Maria Santiago (Gears of War series)

      I am not one for third person shooters, I have never been, nor do I see myself changing that viewpoint anytime soon. But there are always exceptions to a belief, and I guess this is one of them. I had read one of the novels before playing. I had liked what I read and figured to get the whole story, I would play the games too. Like, I said before, I do not like TPS’...but, I do like a good story and well rounded characters. Dom was my favourite from the get-go, a loyal, hardworking man with a strong backbone – doing anything he had to for the good of his family. And this is where Maria comes in.

      If I hadn’t made it obvious enough, by now.

      When Dom and Maria were wee, they lived next door to each other. Dom would watch Maria climb into a tree and try to build up courage to speak to her. Fast forward five years or so and they were dating. At 16 years old, Maria became pregnant with Dom’s son (Benedicto). With their families’ support, the two became married and raised their son together. To make enough money to sustain a living, Dom dropped out of school and joined the army, contrary to some of his family’s wishes. Maria, being the independent woman she was, stayed behind and took care of their son on her own.

      A year later, Maria became pregnant with their second child (Sylvia). Later, Maria went into premature labour while Dom lost his older brother, Carlos. At that time, Dom vowed to never lose anyone else he loved.

      But we all know that in video game land, if you say things like that, this guy comes a-knockin'.

      Dom and Maria then decided that it would be best to live their lives quietly taking care of their children. Moving into a quieter neighbourhood, and renting their first home. To celebrate this, Maria had left her children at her parents’ house for a day while she spent the day alone with her husband. It was this day that the Locust (the bad guys for those who don’t play GoW) emerged, claiming the lives of many (including Maria’s parents and the children). Maria and Dom were devastated. Dom went to fight while Maria spiraled into a dark depression, taking many anti-depressants, crying over the lives lost, becoming disillusioned with denial and becoming more distant with her loved ones. Eventually, Maria left without a trace, leaving Dom heartbroken but also eager to find her.

      Years went by until one fateful day when Dom discovered Maria’s location. Dom and company took off, hoping to find the beautiful Maria in one. But instead, it led to one of the saddest scenes ever played out in a video game.

      If you don't shed at least one tear, you're not human.

      Maria had lived with The Stranded for many years until they were captured by the Locust. There, she was routinely tortured and put to labour. Eventually, he was left in a pod, lobotomized, emaciated and shattered. Dom, overcome with grief, guilt and shock, euthanized her. After her death, Dom lived the last two years of his life a changed man. He later died sacrificing his life for his comrades. His final words being his surprise it was ending like this, these words to his late-wife, Maria.

      Why do all of my favourite characters die. :S

      As you can see, I have this dark tendency. I see myself more attracted to the dark horse, or the ones doomed for start, hoping and cheering for them to live through adversities and live their life together forever. I enjoy how in-depth their relationship was, the love for each other that could be found even in the first game.

      And, likewise my reasoning for Vergil being my favourite character, this was the first couple that made me care for their outcome. The first couple to make me cheer when Dom discovered her location and also the first couple to make me cry my eyes out when she died. I wish more games could develop relationships like this. Not with scantily clad women serving as a sexual tool for the tough men, or even serving as a prize to the winner in the end. No, an actual relationship, with actual people –either surviving or falling victim to whatever peril there is.


      Kai xx

    • 30DVGC - First Ever Video Game

      6 years ago



      DAY ONE


      The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES – 1991)

      What better game to start me off on my serious yet amazing addiction to video games than one that was made the year of my birth. Of course, I did not play this game until I was approximately three or four years old with my amazing gamer mother but I thought the connection was just.

      Not only was this the first game I laid my eager mitts on, but I remember it perfectly. We were at my old house, sitting in the living room right in front of the television (back in the days of corded controllers) and my mother was playing A Link to the Past for the millionth time. I sat beside my mom, watching her beat it with ease, thoroughly enjoying all of the pretty colours, the terrifying monsters and my favourite pink haired hero kicking ass as always. I was used to my parents both saying “no, you are too young to play, it’s bad for you, blahblahblah” whenever I asked to play so I learned not to ask. Instead, I treated it as an amazing and rare instance of television that mother and father were able to control via magic.

      The cause of all of life's mysteries in children's minds.

      Magic: The cause of all of life's mysterious in a child's eyes.

      With this mentality, you can imagine the shock I had when my mother offered me the controller with a smile. I remember just staring at her, my mouth comically hanging open and all. I was really allowed to play! I crawled onto my mother’s lap and she showed me which button did what.

      What I did not know at the time was that this was the final boss of the game, so it comes to no shock that I lost many, many, many times to the enemy. Of course, with my giddiness, I didn’t care that I was losing; I was just amazed I had enough magic to control my favourite television show. Eventually, my mother held her fingers over mine like a puppet and helped me defeat Ganon for the first time in my life. Safe to say, that this epic passing of magic created the gamer I am today. Thank you, muzzer :)


      As always, please leave comments and constructive critisism.

      **Day one is a day late as April Fools took my time. Day two will be up in approximately 13-16 hours ^_^**

      Kai xx

    • 30DVGC - Favourite Character

      6 years ago



      DAY TWO


      Vergil (‘Devil May Cry’ series)

      Vergil is the first son of the Legendary Dark Knight and Demon, Sparda and human female, Eva as well as the twin brother of the series’ main protagonist, Dante.

      With Sparda dying of unknown circumstances, Dante and Vergil were raised by Eva until a demon attack took her life and forever polarised the twins. Dante chose to embrace humanity while Vergil, wallowing in self-hate for not protecting his mother, chooses the path of devilry to gain more power as to never fear again. It is Vergil’s lust for power that pits him against his brother in a climactic battle in which Vergil is defeated by his now awakened twin. Vergil stays behind, presumed dead by Dante. It is later discovered that Vergil had survived the demon realm long enough to become the puppet of the Prince of Darkness, Mundus – where, yet again, Dante and Vergil must fight to the death.

      No one can deny the epicness of this scene :)

      So why do I love Vergil so much? Well, it’s a little complicated. It's true that he's the cliche dark twin with the twisted feelings. It's true there's nothing special about him that differentiates him from other characters of his kind. It IS true, but I still love him to death.  Thinking about it now, Vergil is one of the first characters I became emotionally attached to.  


      Not to mention, his favourite colour is blue...as is mine. We were made for eachother!

      Both he and his twin suffered the loss of their mother and it is made clear in the games that their mother’s death had a huge effect on them. While I do find that that each of their methods of coping are interesting (I myself cope with stress in the same manner as Dante) I find Vergil’s to be much more tragic.

      Within traditional households, the father is the protector and provider for his family, and due to the mysterious absence of their father, it is safe to assume that Vergil had assumed this role (as the older twin). Training his entire life to master the sword, sorcery and the martial arts, he would be threat to reckon with. Unfortunately, with his mother’s death, it was proved to Vergil that he was, in fact, not powerful enough to protect others. His lust for power to compensate for his previous failure shines on more than one occasion in the series, and each time I hear his declaration of power, I feel immense pity for him. He is not the bad guy everyone thinks he is, he’s the good guy that walked the sinful path with good intentions.

      Another factor which attracts me to this character is his voice. The humorous Daniel Southworth (yes, the Quantum Ranger) provides both the motion capture and the voice of Vergil, and it is his performance that serves as a highlight of the entire game (for myself). Southworth took use of a more intimidating version of his natural voice to give Vergil a refined callousness, providing layers to the character via tone.

      It just so happens that the Quantum Ranger was also my favourite power ranger...ever.

      Vergil, an already intimidating man with a perma-frown and furrowed brows sends shivers down my spine with his smooth voice that hints to a much more demonic nature. Though he is a good man with good intentions, he still terrifies me. You cannot imagine the dread that washed over me every time I had to face him, with difficulty rising with each encounter.

      I have to fight that? Uhhh, can I fight Satan instead?

      Since his major appearance in the third game, I have been left wanting....no, CRAVING more of him. I want to know more about him, what did he do after his mother was killed, how is he connected to Nero (I just can’t believe that he would be Nero’s father, he doesn’t seem much of a fan of the human race), did he survive the final battle against Dante in his Nelo Angelo form? And more importantly, if there is more Vergil, will Daniel Southworth return as Vergil’s voice actor. I know and rejoice the fact that Vergil is in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, but I want another Devil May Cry game that features the blue clad twin. Please, I just want more, is that so awful?


      You know the drill. :)

      Kai xx

    • 30DVGC - Guilty Pleasure

      6 years ago





      Kirby Air Ride (Nintendo Gamecube, 2003)

      Let me say this first, I’m a really proud individual. Extremely self-conscious, but proud nonetheless. I’m proud of the country I represent, the school I attend, and the hobbies I partake in. And with all of that pride, I feel as though I do not have any guilty pleasures, especially when it comes to video games. I play video games to have fun and to be challenged. So, for this task, I looked towards my friends and asked them what game they thought was odd for me to be playing.

      On consensus, my friends saw me as one who played the more “hardcore” games...and I guess I do, but I also love me some good old fun. A few were surprised when I said one of my favourite games was Kirby Air Ride. But really, there’s racing, whimsy and over the top adorableness! What isn’t there to love?

      So hardcore yet so cute at the same time! Excuse me while I overdose on adorableness.

      I’ve never been a particular fan of racing games due to becoming bored if there aren’t any monsters to vanquish, but with my sister getting this game for her birthday when this came out, I humoured her and tried it out. My first thought: “EVERYTHING. IS . SO. FLIPPING. CUTE!!!!”

      For the love of God! STOP BEING SO CUTE! 

      I don’t know if it’s something biological that makes me melt at the site of cute things but I couldn’t help fawning over the critters. And due to everything being so bright and colourful, my attention never wandered. On the downside, I could only play on the same tracks (with the shortcuts all discovered) for so long until I became bored. Fortunately, there was a “City Trial” where you could gather upgrades and battle it out. This really got my attention and I fell in love all over again. Every now and then, I’ll hook up my Nintendo Wii and play this game and remember why loved it so much in the first place. Every now and then, I hope that they’ll announce a sequel with a bigger city trial (or even a selection of maps), but I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.


      **Due to internet loss last night, I could not post this on time! The next part will also be up today and I apologize for not posting! Hopefully it will never happen again!**

      Kai xx

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