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    • Wonderful Brawl! Toad vs Teensie on blogspot

      2 years ago


      Ok I transferred my Death Battle to blogspot. It looks way better there then on either Rooster Teeth or the original Screwattack. Hopefully I can get my next Death Battle blog out within the month. I've been working on a Deoxys Death Battle analysis and most of the research is done. I just need to get it typed up and pretty for everyone at Rooster Teeth and Screwattack.

      Edit: Deoxys blog is out now

    • Death Battle Analysis: Deoxys!

      2 years ago


      It is finally out! My longest blog ever! Woo! You have no idea how much work it took to get this all down. I actually think I went a bit overboard this time putting in pictures and details to go with all of Deoxys's different variety of moves. I guess I had a sort of obsession with the format I was trying to go for. I am proud that I was able to make it work, but I am probably never doing it in this particular format ever again...

      I hope you guys enjoy it. Despite the surprising amount of work it took to make this, I enjoyed learning more about Deoxys and actually watching through the Pokemon stuff again. I don't know if I would work on any more Death Battle blogs right now after finishing this, but if I do they are going to be shorter easier blogs probably not in the same format. I may focus on other types of blogs for now just because I don't want to be stuck only doing Death Battle blogs. All I can hope for now is the idea of Deoxys in a Death Battle will catch on :). Please read and comment on this post

      I hope you enjoy!


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    • Wonderfull Brawl! Toad vs Teensie (Super Mario Bros. vs Rayman)

      2 years ago



      Death Battle: Toad vs Teensie (Super Mario Bros. vs Rayman)

      Hello everyone! I have been lurking here for a while and I have always liked the video game related shows and community of Screwattack. My favorite of the shows has to be Screwattack’s Death Battle; there are just so many great episodes and I like the character analysis. Many fans of Death Battle have made their own analyses of fights and characters and for my first blog I would like to do one too. I hope everyone enjoys and please leave a comment. Don’t be afraid to critique any mistakes I made in the analysis of these two characters.

      The characters I decided to do first come from two series I love, Mario and Rayman. Both characters in question are from platforming series: platforming series that seem to be in a rivalry lately with Rayman Origins and New Super Mario Bros. series. Both Toads from Mario and Teensies from Rayman have been made the 3rd and 4th players to the main heroes in the recent series. But the similarities between them has been happening for a while now. Both characters are the obedient subjects of both their kingdoms but always seem to do nothing but offer support for the main heroes when trouble arises. Despite all their abilities, they are only able to offer minimum help in most of their games. But which one of these races ultimately offer more to help their kingdoms. That’s what we will find out in this DEATH BATTLLLLEEEE!

      Disclaimer: I will be including spin-off material for both characters in order to give those more powers to work with. They will both have power ups unique to them. I will give those powers that are not unique to them if they are shown to perform them naturally without the help of a power up. Finally, I will be using the most notable character of each respective species, which means Toad, the character, and the Grand Minimus king will be analyzed. If another one of the species has shown something that fills up any gaps in the feats of the ones being analyzed, I may use that to help in the analyses. All other Death Battle rules apply.


      Name: Toad (play on toadstool)

      Japanese Name: Kinopio (combination of words meaning “mushroom” and “Pinocchio)

      Height: 3.0-3.5 ft.

      Occupation: mushroom retainer (advisor), Toad guard captain, chef, host, etc…

      Role: tutorials, item provider, sidekick, damsel in distress, 3rd player


      The Mushroom Kingdom is filled with a variety of residents, from koopa troopas to yoshis to regular humans. But by far, the largest portion of the population consists of the toads. In contrast with the evil goombas, toads are a strong, loyal yet cowardly race of mushroom people. Toads are social creatures, running many of the businesses and even competing in sports with Mario and friends. In addition, they are strong nationalists, showing much loyalty to Princess Peach. As a result, toads make up a large majority of positions in the castle and in many other positions in politics. In fact, all seven of the kingdom’s advisors, the mushroom retainers, are made up of toads. Toads often provide help to the Mario brothers in their adventures in the form of tutorials or toad houses, which provide power ups. Sometimes they even tag along to help Mario on his adventures. But, despite all of positions they cover, they often fail in stopping villains that threaten the Kingdom such as Bowser, leaving Mario to save the princess again… and again… and again.

      The most notable of the toads would have to be Toad himself. Toad came from humble beginnings, leaving home early in life and even living on the streets for a while. His moment of truth came one day when he decided to sell pizzas, and for some reason encyclopedias, to the castle. Peach was so impressed with how hard he tried “to improve himself” that she gave him the job of castle chef, and later, captain of the toad army along with being the personal servant and protector of Princess Peach, along with a lot more things... Though he can be just as helpless as other toads when it comes to defending the castle, Toad has been more active in Mario’s adventures then other toads. He has assisted Mario in numerous adventures such as in Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario 3D World. It has even been said in Super Mario Bros. Super Show that he has saved Princess Peach over 100 times from Bowser even without the help of Mario. He can be considered one of the most loyal servants of the Mushroom Kingdom no matter how many times he fails.


      Toad, like others in the toad species, is extremely loyal and protective to the Mushroom Kingdom. On more than several occasions he has acted as personal bodyguard to Peach though he often fails miserably when actual danger arrives. He is mostly a very happy individual enjoying playing sports with the other Mario characters. When danger arrives, however, he tends to panic which ends up causing him to make rash decisions. In addition, he is a coward, even more so than Luigi as shown in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. He tends to be much more brave and rational when he is working alongside someone such as Mario, Luigi, or even Peach. But when he is forced into rough situations, such as in the events of Wario Woods, he has been known to step up and be a quick thinker.

      Skills and Abilities

      Spore Powers-

      • Spore Counter- Toad can release a spray of spores after being hit by an attack. Deals low damage but blows the enemy away pretty well.
      • Spore Shield- A shield made from excreted spores. Used to block balls and defend in sports.
      • Spore Shot- Toad jumps into the air and hits a held item hard as to hit it in a goal. The spores help in giving the shot more power and making the shot more straight
      • Spinning Mushrooms- Toad shoots spores into the ground and they grow into a group of three large mushrooms. These mushrooms rotate in circles while spinning as to block anybody trying to get in Toad’s way. They can also be used to bounce high in the air

      Super Strength and Speed- Toad has proven himself to be both stronger and faster than both Mario Brothers in Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario 3D world. He does not lose speed when carrying the same amount of weight as the brothers and can lift entire stacks of enemies without much trouble in Wario Woods. He is also 40% faster than them, picking up a very fast speed through acceleration. How he never manages to fight off all the danger himself is beyond me.

      Wall Walking/Running- In Wario Woods, Toad can somehow run up a 90 degree angle surface without falling or losing speed. It does not matter whether he walks or runs up a wall.

      Physical Attacks-

      • Punches and Kicks- Just basic punches and kicks. About the same strength as Mario Brothers.
      • Running Headbutt- A strong soccer move used to pummel the opponent.
      • Ground Pound- Toad smashes anyone underneath him with his behind.
      • Fire Meteor- Toad kicks an object so hard that it turns on fire. Very powerful move but needs to charge for a while and can possibly be stopped if attacked at the right moment. Luckily it can be charged while Toad is performing other maneuvers.

      Jumping Abilities-

      • Power Squat Jump- Toad squats for a couple of seconds allowing him to charge up and jump twice as high as before.
      • Flutter Jump- Toad kicks his feet while in the air to slow his fall to the ground.

      Knowledge of Power Ups- Toad has an extensive knowledge of power ups so as to help the Mario brothers in their adventures. He has even used this knowledge to help the brothers in the tv show episode, “Super Koopa”, by providing them with the power ups to counter Bowser.

      Potentially Mushroom Man- Though never stated, the fact that he shoots out spores and that his Japanese name means “mushroom Pinocchio” makes it a possibility that he is half mushroom. There are also points in the media toads are portrayed in where their race gets labeled as “mushrooms”.

      Power-ups and equipment:

      Poison Mushrooms- Shrinks the opponent on contact for a few seconds. Allows them to be defeated easier. Used by Toad in Mario Kart and Mario Kart Arcade gp.

      Miracle Mushroom- Similar to star power up. Allows Toad to become invincible for a few seconds. Used in Mario Kart Arcade gp.

      Mushroom Hammer- A powerful hammer used in Mario Kart Arcade gp. Similar to the hammer Mario used in Donkey Kong, this hammer is a power up used to knock away karts.

      Mushroom Cap- The games neither confirm nor deny that it is part of Toad’s head, but the show makes it a cap. This cap can be used as a parachute while falling from a large height.


      Toad is mainly a support character; his main purpose usually is to help other characters such as Mario or Peach. This may be through joining them on adventures or helping them receive the power-ups they need or acting as a defender on certain occasions. When he does have to get into fights on his own, he tends to be straight forward fighter, sometimes emotionally fueled (such as in his failed fight against Lemmy Koopa in SMB3). Saying that, however, Toad does seem to be a quick thinking fighter in stressful situations: Wario Woods required him to clear entire trees of enemies with only a few bombs before time runs out. In the comics (like the one above) he has shown to be pretty adept at planning and quick thinking. He led a piranha plant along making the plant think he was on her side the whole time in order to receive the scepter in Piranha-Round Sue. He also escaped Bowser’s army by distracting them with damaging blackmail being sent towards Bowser in The Kingdom Enquirer. He has shown similar prowess in the Super Mario Bros Super Show, where he is shown to be quick thinking in escaping from Koopa’s men.


      • Toad can get really scared, even more scared then Luigi at points. When he is forced to do things on his own, he often may let his fear get the better of him and either run away or perform rash actions in accordance with his loyalty to the kingdom. He has shown himself to be afraid of Bowser and his sons, ghosts, heights, and many common enemies of Bowser’s army.
      • To make up for being stronger and faster than the Mario brothers, Toad has a much weaker jump. He is not nearly as able to perform the same jumping feats without the use of a special move or item.
      • Vulnerable to the same things as the Mario Brothers despite his strength: being smashed by thwomps, burned by flames, hurt by spikes, blown up by bob-ombs, etc.


      • Defeated Wario and his lackeys in Wario Woods.
      • Helped numerous times in beating Bowser and Wart.
      • Stated to have rescued the princess 100 times.
      • Survived being used as a human shield in 3 Super Smash bros. games against such strong moves as the Falcon Punch.
      • Survived 6 Mario Party games and has played in every sport against Mario, Wario, Donkey Kong, and Bowser among others.
      • Survived being shot out of the Poltergeist 5000 multiple times in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.
      • Survived being jumped on by the Mario brothers
      • 40% faster and much stronger than both Mario and Luigi.
      • Hitting strength at least on par with Mario Brothers with him able to break bricks with his fists.


      Name: Teensie (meaning very small)

      Height: 1.5-2.0 ft.

      Descendants of Polokus

      Able to speak Pig Latin

      Occupation: Grand Minimus, overseer and guardian of Hall of Doors, guardian of Heart of the World, wizard

      Role: portal creator, power up provider, damsel in distress, wise teacher, 3rd player


      It was near the beginning of the Glade of Dreams. Time has not even begun yet but the god Polokus (aka the Bubble Dreamer) has already dreamed fairies into existence. It was around this time that Polokus decided to settle down with the mystical Muse of Poets and have children. Thus the teensies were born. Apparently, the Muse was so disgusted by their appearance that she ran away from Polokus (THANKS MOM). Polokus then appointed the new race to seek out all the passages of the world and to create a collection of portals known as the Hall of Doors to connect all the areas of the world. After many years, most if not all of the passages have been found. The teensie race expanded and separated into many different cultures including ones similar to Native Americans, Jamaicans, and even ghosts. Though they are all wizards with great teleportation powers, they always seem to be captured and placed in cages that float in the air whenever trouble arises.

      All the teensies are led by four teensies living within the Heart of the World all known as the Grand Minimus. The Grand Minimus is a life position and when they grow old and die, they are replaced. In the current generation, there originally was only one king but the Grand Minimus teensies grew so old as to forget who has led them in the first place. This has led the four Grand Minimus to rule together, often to their chagrin. Since all the world has been searched, the main purpose of the Minimus is to defend the Heart of the World (aka the Great Protoon) and the Hall of Doors. That doesn’t stop them however from enjoying disco or having foot races with friends or even joining Rayman on adventures. But they do very little when trouble comes to threaten the world, and have left Rayman to do most of the work in defeating Henchmen, Hoodlums, Mr. Dark, and even the Rabbids. But the Grand Minimus have acted in wise council to Rayman, and helped in creating portals transporting Rayman to far locations. They even given Rayman his powers at some points. So despite their support role the teensies have a lot to offer the Glade of Dreams.


      The Grand Minimus king, whoever he may be, has been ruling the teensies for many years, which has made him wise of the ways of the world, knowing what to do when trouble arises. At the same time, however, the years have made him very forgetful to the point of forgetting whether he is the king or not. Luckily, his age and responsibility has not affected his energy much; he enjoys disco, parties, competes in the events of Rayman Arena, puts on disguises, gossips, and is not afraid to take a good, long break from his duties. He also enjoys making younger teensies jealous by performing “acrobatic dance moves”, and in turn, gets very jealous when another teensie takes the position of king.

      Skills and Abilities:


      • Normal- Teensies can teleport themselves as long as they are not constrained. This move can be used to travel large distances, as regular Teensies have been seen to use this to escape large, enemy filled, underground complexes such as the Knaaren’s home from Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. Is not used much in Teensie’s playable games however.
      • Spiral Door- The Grand Minimus teensies have the luxury of being able to create a spiral door on their own. All spiral doors lead directly back to the Teensie Hall of Doors even over large distances. The Hall of Doors has all the spiral doors that teensies used in the past and can potentially be used to go to a particular location.
      • Teensie Highway- Places that aren’t connected with the Hall of Doors are connected by the disco atmosphere dimensional rift called the Teensie Highway. It can potentially be used to transport to places off the planet (as evidenced by the various images on the side). It cannot be used without a special switch however.

      Magic Powers:

      • Magic combo- Close range series of attacks where Teensie blasts magic out of his hands as if it were a physical attack. Teensie does several small blasts to begin the combo followed by a medium blast to finish the combo. It can also be done upward to get foes above him or in the air to catch airborne foes.
      • Charged Magic Blast- Teensie charges his magic blast for a second and when he is ready, releases it in a large, powerful blast. Slightly farther range then magic combo. Is about as strong as Rayman’s charged up punch.
      • Ice Bullet- A medium range blast that doesn’t do any real damage but freezes the enemy in place for a second even if they are in the air. Good for quick getaways and getting small advantages. Charges up while moving around.
      • Rubber Bullet- A long range magic blast that refills quickly and does a good amount of accumulative damage if it hits the foe repeatedly. It is able to bounce off of objects three times giving it a better chance of hitting the foe. It is small, however, and it can be hard to hit quick foes. It can also damage the user if it ricochets back at him.

      Silver Lum Creation- The Grand Minimus Teensies are able to create silver lums when they have enough power. Lums are small pieces of living energy that grant helpful effects in almost all the Rayman games. These silver lums are able to create spiral doors, but they can also be used to grant Rayman powers in the games. It could be theorized that the teensies could use these powers too but they are never shown to use them.

      Physical Attacks-

      • Running Nose Drill- Teensie runs quickly towards the foe and takes his feet off ground. He then spins his body like a drill coming straight at the foe, nose first. Very quick and effective physical attack.
      • Ground Smash- Teensie jumps into the air and smashes the ground beneath him head first. For enemies underneath him while jumping.

      Wall Jump- Teensies can jump off walls to reach higher places if needed.

      Wall Run- A power granted by the nymph Helena Handbasket in Rayman Origins. Teensie can run up walls and can even run 360 degrees like Sonic the Hedgehog. Allows for walking on ceilings.

      Slide- Teensies can do a slide by going on the ground while running.

      Boarding Skills- Though never shown, the Grand Minimus are implied to have good boarding skills since the groovy Teensie Highways require them to travel long distances on a board.

      Good Nose- Teensies have good sense of small to “make them highly sensitive to the subtle harmonies of magic”. This is because of the large nose that was given to them. Polokus himself liked the big noses since they made musical “schnoz ballads” as the Teensies slept.

      Master of Disguise- Teensies disguise themselves in numerous ways during the events of Rayman Origins and Legends. The official site implies that they do this often.

      Knowledge of the World- As experienced Teensies, the Grand Minimus has a good knowledge of their world, knowing exactly where to go when a problem needs to be solved. They often use this knowledge to help direct Rayman in his adventures.

      Athletic- Teensies are incredibly athletic, able to keep up with Rayman in all the games where they are playable despite being half his size. In Rayman Arena particularly, the Grand Minimus is able to keep up with everybody else while holding another Grand Minimus on his back showing potential strength.

      Weapons and equipment:

      King Clothes- Nothing much to note, but can be used to float down slowly if Teensie is falling.


      Teensies’ mindset in battle is not shown much in the Rayman games. He usually just points Rayman in the right direction or if he is a playable character, is shown to be pretty similar to everyone else in the games. Teensie does seem to use his knowledge of the environment a lot on his home world. He knows exactly where Rayman should go to solve particular problems such as the henchmen or hoodlums and helps him receive power ups to deal with certain aspects of the environment. So the Teensies would probably be very heavy users of the environment to gain advantages, especially since they have teleportation powers. Some of their skills also seem to suggest they are somewhat strategic, such as their disguise making skills and the ice bullet.


      • Despite his athletics and partying attitude, the Grand Minimus is still an old man known to forget a lot of things such as whether he is king or not.
      • All of Teensie’s powers come from the Heart of the World. If the Heart of World is destroyed, such as in Rayman 2, he would be unable to use his powers without collecting fragments of the Heart (yellow lums).
      • Not a very physical fighter preferring to rely on magic to attack. This has led him to be captured several times when he couldn’t rely on his magic.
      • Teensies have a tiny size when compared to other Rayman characters


      • Can survive being hit by all the other playable characters’ attacks, including Rayman’s, in both Rayman Origins and Legends.
      • In addition, is able to lift all the other playable characters if he had to. This includes Globox which is at least 3 times his size in Rayman 3, Origins, and Legends.
      • Has shown to have similar capabilities to Rayman and the others in Origins and Legends.
      • Able to compete in races and in many types of power up based battles with another teensie on his back in Rayman Arena and similar games.
      • Survived competing in Rayman Arena.

      Toad Teensie



      Toad is much stronger than Teensie, able to lift entire stacks of enemies and even outdo the Mario Brothers. Teensie can lift several times his small size but with great difficulty.

      Speed and Mobility


      Both of them are near equals on foot. Teensie starts off pretty fast but Toad, with acceleration is able to surpass him. What it comes down to is how mobile they are. This goes to Teensie as he is able to teleport and walk on ceilings.

      Close Combat


      Very different attacks to compare to each other. Toad has more powerful attacks but his attacks are slower and in the case of the fire meteor, require a charge. Teensie’s attacks are faster, have combo potential, and can work while airborne or on the ground. He has to rely on magic instead of physical force mostly. Teensie’s attacks probably have more potential in the long run to deal with a close encounter.



      While Toad has plenty of long range attacks, it mostly just involves throwing objects he finds. Teensie’s freeze bullet, rubber bullet, and charged attack are faster, more useful, and have a larger range



      Teensie seems to know what to do when trouble arises, able to point Rayman in the right direction and come up with plans. Toad will often let his fear get in his way and his strategic feats mostly come from quick thinking.



      Toad is the only one to use power-ups and he happens to be an expert at them. All Teensie has is king clothes which has the same parachuting effect as Toad’s cap.



      Toad has been durable enough to survive the craziness of Mario Party, Mario Sports, and as a human shield. Teensie has mostly shown durability to attacks as strong as his magic attacks but still he is shown to flinch greatly to them. Add in that Toad is bigger and the fact that Teensie is not that physical a fighter and Toad is probably the winner.



      Teensie may have many more years on him and knowledge of the world, but he rules on a planet that has been described as peaceful. Even for when the planet is threatened, he has not shown much combat experience until recent games. Toad on the other hand has been in many more situations over the years that required him to be active. Even without his feat of saving Peach 100 times, Toad has been in many more adventures, with much more variety.


      Toad and Teensie are pretty evenly matched when it comes to what advantages one has over the other. At first this seems like Toad vs Teensie is a close range vs long range battle, with Toad behaving more like Mario and Teensie acting more like Rayman. Closer inspection shows that they are actually pretty even in those categories. While Teensie still wins both categories with combo potential and longer range projectiles, Toad can still give Teensie a pretty good fight with his spore powers and his larger hitting strength. But for the ultimate decider of this battle, we need to look at their other stats. While Teensie has a technical win in half the categories, Toad has massive advantages in the other half. Toad has a huge strength advantage for one thing which would be hard for Teensie to counter. In addition he is bigger and so far in their respective series more durable. While Teensie has some undoubtedly more useful projectiles, he does not have especially powerful projectiles that would be dangerous to Toad. In addition, attacks like the rubber bullet can grow to be predictable and easily blocked using Toad’s spore powers or if Toad really needs it, the miracle mushroom invincibility. Then there is the case that while Teensie has advantages over Toad, Toad is close enough in those categories that it would not make a huge difference. Toad on the other hand has massive advantages in the categories he rules and he even has some advantages in the categories he lost in. Toad, as opposed to Teensie, also has powerful moves and power-ups that could potentially knock out Teensie in a couple hits if he got ahold of him. The kart derailing mushroom hammer is sure to do massive damage to teeny Teensie; the fire meteor can also do quite a bit of harm once it’s charged. In order for Teensie to actually make proper use of his attacks, he ultimately has to rely on his teleportation powers. But with the low damage the attacks actually cause, this is only delaying the inevitable. Toad is likely to catch up eventually with his own athletics and special powers of his own. In the end, the Grand Minimus Teensie was no more than a glorified Kamek to Toad. Thus I believe the winner of this match is Toad, the ultimate kingdom servant!

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