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    • Mega Man 5 Review

      4 weeks ago


      Made a new Mega Man blog. Check it out if you want.

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      Wrote a thing about Quirks. Hope you enjoy.

    • Mega Man 4 Review

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      Wrote a thing. Hope you enjoy.

    • Mega Man 3 Review

      3 months ago


      And we've got another Mega Man review, this time of Mega Man 3, and originally uploaded in celebration of Mega Man 8's American release in 1997.

      Admittedly, I kind of rushed this one in order to meet the deadline amidst life stuff, but nevertheless, hope you guys enjoy it. 

    • I Have a Blogger Page!

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      Exactly as it says on the tin. I've decided to set up a blogger page. Here's the link: 

      I've posted several blogs from the old Screwattack site there due to the lack of a word count, and will post alongside new content published there, including a collab blog between me and Grand Blazer for Valentine's.

      The text editor was a hassle at first, but I think I've gotten the hang of it, so check it out if you're so inclined. I've got some interesting things planned, and I look forward to presenting them to you all closer to my original intention through this medium.

      I hope you all have a fantastic day, and take care.

    • Mega Man 2 Review

      4 months ago


      Hey, guys. Sorry this took so long to get out, but you know how life goes. Random stuff starts cropping up so fast that other things completely slip your mind. And I'm sorry I couldn't quite find a Mega Man release date, so this is just "January," to celebrate Mega Man 4's North American release. Anywho, as promised, here is my review of Mega Man 2. So let's just dive right in.



      The game begins with a bit of backstory this time, which is nice, although really all it says is that Mega Man beat Wily and now Wily’s made 8 of his own Robot Masters to destroy Mega Man. But let’s delve into that a tad more, shall we?

      After Wily “escaped”(I refuse to believe Mega Man just left him there), he began to craft an elaborate plan for revenge on our blue bot. Using Light’s Robot Masters from the last game as a base, Wily designed and built 8 Robot Masters specifically for all kinds of combat. These robots are: Crash Man(an explosives robot based off of Guts Man and Bomb Man), Metal Man(a combat robot based off of Cut Man), Bubble Man(an underwater combat robot), Wood Man(a nature-based combat robot), Air Man(an aerial combat robot), Quick Man(a speedy combat robot based off of Elec Man’s sleek material), Heat Man(a fire-based combat robot based off of Fire Man), and Flash Man(a combat robot equipped with a device which allows him to briefly stop the flow of time). On June 9th, one year after his defeat, Wily orders his robots to attack across the globe and destroy Mega Man once and for all.

      Once again, Mega Man must obtain each Robot Master’s special weapon and exploit their weaknesses, but this time Dr. Light has given him new tools to aid him in his quest in the form of Items 1-3, allowing him to bypass certain hazards. Once all 8 Robot Masters are defeated, Mega Man makes his way through Wily’s Fortress, defeating a variety of new mechanical monstrosities Wily’s constructed before facing off against Wily once more. After destroying his new Wily Machine II and forcing him to retreat underground, Wily attempts to defeat Mega Man with a holographic projector bot designed to appear like an alien. But Mega Man defeats this robot as well, leaving Wily at his mercy once more, only for him to ”escape” once again. Yeah...they did that again.

      Overall, the plot is once again okay, but the know what? Nevermind. Let’s just get to the presentation.


      Graphically, you wouldn’t think that the game experienced that much of a facelift, but it kinda did. The colors are sharper, the enemies are more visually distinct, the environments are more varied, and the game overall looks much better. However, there are hiccups in its design which are thankfully corrected in some rereleases; sprite flickering and slowdown. Glitches like that can seriously muck up the game’s graphics, to the point of being distracting and even interfering with some tricky platforming segments. Fortunately, later games post-Mega Man 3 wouldn’t face this issue as much.

      And in terms of the sound design, there’s a reason Mega Man 2’s tracks are some of the most fondly remembered in the Classic series, maybe even in the entire NES musical library. Nearly all of them are top notch pieces which are conveyed much more cleanly than the previous game thanks to greater familiarity with the NES’ hardware. So all in all, the game’s presentation has certainly improved since its first outing.

      Gameplay and Level Design:

      Gameplay-wise, Mega Man 2 is very much the same as its predecessor, but with some notable differences. For starters, the score system in Mega Man 1 has been completely scrapped for this game, and thanks to the new, albeit highly convoluted, password system, the game doesn’t need to be completed in a single sitting like Mega Man 1. This more streamlined design is good, because the scale of the game is far more vast than the first game. Now instead of 6 Robot Masters, you’ve got 8 to deal with, and their stages are a tad longer than before, plus there are still Wily stages to tackle, including a rematch with the 8 Robot Masters(although this time, it’s contained to a single room with teleporters in the last Wily stage. This “boss rush” room would become a staple of the series from here on in). Fortunately, a number of changes to the original formula make this a lot more comfortable.

      Firstly, difficulty settings. In the North American release, players can pick between “Difficult,” the original Japanese difficulty, or the much easier “Normal” mode, in which bosses take more damage to your weapons and pickups are more numerous(although they’re already more numerous than they were in 1 by default). And in addition to this, a new resource known as Energy Tanks have been introduced and are scattered throughout the stages. Up to 4 can be collected, with each being used to fully restore Mega Man’s health in a pinch. This is yet another way Mega Man 2 makes the challenge easier, although you lose them all if you get a game over, and unlike in Mega Man 1, you can’t replay stages without password shenanigans, which is a pain when you miss certain collectibles.

      More significantly, Mega Man’s controls and the level design have seen a remarkable improvement in precision and fairness, respectively. Light must’ve removed the ice under his boots, because now Mega Man can move and stop almost on a dime, much better for difficult platforming sections. And the level design is much less dickish. Sure, there are a lot more spikes and other instant death obstacles, like the lasers in Quick Man’s stage, but the levels are much better with regards to enemy placement and obstacles...with some exceptions. Just gonna warn y’all now-bring Item 2 to Heat Man’s stage. You’ll thank me later.

      Oh, whoops. Forgot to talk about those. Okay, so remember those Items I mentioned? After defeating certain Robot Masters, you gain access to a total of 3 utility items which can aid you in your quest. Item 1(Heat Man)serves as a floating platform for Mega Man to stand on to reach higher areas for a short period, of which he can keep three on at a time. Item 2(Air Man)is a rocket Mega Man can stand on which flies off in whatever direction you’re facing until it runs into a wall or you shut it off. It’s useful for getting through long horizontal sections quickly, but can be difficult to jump off of. And finally, Item 3(Flash Man)can latch onto walls and allow Mega Man to scale them to reach higher areas and goodies. Each one of these has weapon energy, just like the Robot Master weapons, which can be refilled from drops but are otherwise limited.

      Basically, the gameplay here can be summed up as “Mega Man 1, but better,” in every respect. Definitely more fair and fun than 1, but it’s still got some problems carried over from the first game or entirely on its own.

      Robot Masters/Bosses

      Once again, these will be set in my usual order of completion when playing this game.

      Flash Man: I usually start with him first, as he can be taken down relatively easily due to his simple pattern(jump across the steps, stop time, shoot, repeat), and as I previously established, I really like the Time Stopper. His stage isn’t difficult, minus the rather annoying Shotmans whose shots are tough to dodge, and the ice physics are barely noticeable. There’s very little complex platforming and no spikes or pits at all; the perfect place for a beginning player to start. And Flash Man himself is a neat concept and Robot Master who gets too much hate, imo. He’s got a solid design, some neat concepts in his fight(machine gun buster, stopping time), and a great weapon. Just one more reason why this is a great stage to set the tone for the game.

      Metal Man: This guy is great, as I previously established in my Top Ten Robot Masters list. He’s got a solid weapon, a great design, a decently fast paced fight, and a great stage which combines conveyor and crusher gimmicks to create some good challenge. Main gripe with him is of course the overpowered weapon, the Metal Blade. It can basically be summed up as such:

      Who will win? A legion of super power robots capable of commanding the forces of nature, water, and even time itself?

      Or one saw throwing boi?

      And to make matters even funnier, the rematch against him is cake once you have his weapon, because get this: he dies in 1-2 hits to it. He’s hideously weak to his own weapon. Amazing. All in all, good boss. Great choice to start with if you want to go for the easy mode, as the Metal Blade will basically replace the normal buster through the rest of the game.
      Bubble Man: This guy is kind of...just there. His stage is fine-being the first true water level in the series, it set a decent precedent. The physics change things up, and the level is designed around these water physics. The spikes are pretty numerous and annoying, but you usually have enough room. And some constantly spawning enemies can be a pain in the ass, but overall, it’s okay. The fight, The main problem is his pattern-all he does is swim across diagonally and then lower himself as he fires harpoons. The main challenge is to avoid them while not hitting spikes on the ceiling via the water physics. With his weakness of the Metal Blade, he’s an easy hit and can be taken out before he even lands on the other side of his pool. His weapon, the Bubble Lead, isn’t too bad, tho. It’s not very useful against enemies, but it travels along the ground and is thus useful for detecting traps and false platforms. All in all, not too bad, not too good, but overall passable. You could probably go for him first, if you wanted.

      Wood Man: Okay, let’s just get this out of the way.

      In all seriousness, he’s not too terrible. His stage plays off of the nature theme well, with appropriate enemies and not any real annoying gimmicks. And in terms of his boss fight, he’s a decent challenge even with the Metal Blade in hand. He’ll spawn a shield of orbiting leaves which are invincible, and throw it at you as well as rain down 4 leaves from the ceiling. When he’s jumping over to you to box you in, he’s exposed and can be hit with the Metal Blade. Hit him enough, and he’ll go down and give you the Leaf Shield. Durability wise, it’s pretty good, although I personally don’t like its direction gimmick where it flies off as soon as you move. I personally prefer shield weapons which stay with the player while moving and are released by pressing the fire button. So, all in all, it has its uses, but it does force you to be a bit stop-and-go, as it were.

      Air Man: Contrary to popular belief, you can defeat Air Man.

      Stage-wise, he’s pretty good. The Goblins are a bit of a...random gimmick, but it’s well executed, and most of the enemies are pretty thematic for a sky stage. Enemies which push you with air currents, birds which lay eggs yielding a swarm of small birds, and enemies which ride on cloud platforms and throw lightning all add to the atmosphere. And as for the fight, it’s actually pretty simple. He’ll fire a series of tornadoes at you which move to random points before moving forward in your direction. Dodge three volleys of this, and he’ll leap and bound over to the other side of the stage, where he’s vulnerable. Take out his weakness, the Leaf Shield, and spam it without caring about the damage you take from contact with him, and he should go down, provided you have the health to survive. As your reward for defeating the meme, you get the Air Shooter, a triple shot arcing projectile which does excellent damage in close range, as all three projectiles hit it at once. So, all in all, he’s a good boss.

      Crash Man: Another good boss, albeit evidently confused as to his purpose. He’s an explosive based robot living in a stage with no explosive enemies in sight, and the only main attraction being rail platforms and a ladder directly to the upper atmosphere. Still, it’s well designed and easy to traverse, at least. And the fight’s okay, too: he’ll walk back and forth and jump when you shoot, firing a bomb down at the ground which creates a lingering explosion. If you get in close with the Air Shooter, he goes down fairly easily, and your reward is the Crash Bomb. The Crash Bomb is a weapon I like, but also suffers from wasted potential. When this thing hits a wall, it creates a lingering explosion that damages enemies, but when it comes across an enemy whose base health its damage can’t overcome, it is absorbed and its damage subtracted from the enemy’s health just like an ordinary projectile. Tbh, I would have gotten a much better kick out of this weapon if it worked like it does in Sm4sh: sticking to both walls and enemies and exploding, damaging everything nearby. That would’ve been way more fun. Still, good boss, good stage, good weapon.

      Heat Man: I don’t like this guy at all. Design wise, he’s...okay(could do without the dumb face, but eh), but in terms of his fight, he’s boring and predictable. All he’ll do is fire a series of arcing fire projectiles before teleporting to the other side of the room and repeating. And his stage is atrocious. Let’s go down the list:

      • Insta kill lava? Check.

      • Annoying enemies that spawn endlessly over platforming segments? Check.

      • Yoku blocks? Check.

      • Yoku blocks surrounded by endlessly spawning enemies? Check.

      • The most dizzying series of yoku blocks ever conceived being positioned over a lava river + a bottomless pit, where one error means instant death? Check.

      So, yeah. Feel free to save him for last, too, because his weapon sure as hell isn’t helping. It’s the first chargeable weapon in the series, but the charged shot consumes too much energy for too little payoff, and can be reflected by its weakness, Wood Man’s, leaf shield. It can’t even be expected to work against its own weakness. Just, don’t bother with it. Don’t bother with him until you have to. That’s about it.

      Quick Man: Y’all already know how much I like this guy. Many people hate his stage, but I honestly like it. The laser gimmick is fast and frantic, befitting a boss like him, and the darkness gimmick with the Changkey Makers is also pretty neat. The excessive Sniper Armors can be a pain in the ass, but other than that, it’s a fun stage. And the fight is easily the most challenging, relying upon a mixture of dodging, quick reflexes, and dealing damage. Basically, either you get him down to half health so you can use the Time Stopper to time stop him to death, or his speed, jumping, and boomerang tossing overwhelms you and you die. Fighting him without a weapon that does at least 2 damage to him requires a great deal of skill, but however you manage it, you’ll get the Quick Boomerang: the second most broken weapon in this game. It barely consumes any ammo and travels in a short, wide arc at great speed, damaging enemies for twice as much as the normal buster per shot. However, it is restricted to just in front of him, making it less broken, but still, if you want an easier time, whip out the Quick Boomerang and race to the finish line, just as this boss does in every aspect.

      Mecha Dragon: This iconic boss from Wily 1 is honestly pretty annoying. The fight starts with running away by jumping across platforms over a bottomless pit, which can be a pain in the ass even without the problem I’ll get to in a minute. And then, once you can turn around and fight, you’ve got to deal with fireballs-again over a bottomless pit. Now, this wouldn’t be too bad-Quick Boomerang takes him out fast and he doesn’t move much-were it not for two things: sprite flickering and slow down. This is where it’s most glaringly obvious, and with the precarious platforms, this could lead to many deaths if you don’t take him out fast. Thus, this would be a decent boss were it not for technical hiccups which render it a pretty bleh boss, in my opinion.

      Picopico-kun: This thing is cake. The classic “Enemies spawning from the room itself” trope likely began with this boss from Wily 2. One at a time, two opposite blocks from around the room will shoot out and combine to form a little bot equipped with a fairly tough laser. Two hits and it’ll be destroyed; rinse and repeat 14 times until it’s dead and gone. Its weakness is the Bubble Lead, but its positioning makes it difficult to hit, so most players go for the Metal Blade to take them out. Not a bad boss, but also pathetically easy.

      Guts Tank: Also fairly unremarkable. This giant Guts Man looking tank robot will spawn Mets occasionally and shoot projectiles, but enough Quick Boomerangs to the face takes him out without much issue. Nothing to worry about.

      Oh, and if you think this is the last we’ll see of Guts Man in Wily’s other bots, you have no idea...

      Those Goddamn Lasers: I know this has an official name, as “Boobeam Trap,” but 1. I can’t say that without giggling, and 2. This piece of shit doesn’t deserve a proper noun in reference to it. Why? Let me explain how it works:


      Basically, there are a series of 5 turrets which fire at the player’s position with lightning speed. They can only be destroyed by the Crash Bomber, of which you only have 7 shots. And the room is covered with crash blocks specifically to impede you and make you waste the bombs. Thus, you have to use the Items to circumvent them, pray to God you aren’t knocked off them or killed by the turrets, and only use the Crash Bomb when you absolutely have to. It’s incredibly tough to win this without an E Tank or spending the entire Crash Bomb, but once you do, the catharsis is real. You need to be prepared for this monstrosity if you want to survive.

      Wily Machine 2: Wily’s second mech is pretty easy compared to the last one. In its first form, it’ll fire arcing energy projectiles, and is weak to the Atomic Fire(1-2 charged shots will do it in). Once the first form is done, the front end will tear away to reveal Wily behind a glass window at the controls to the second form. This form is weak to the Crash Bomb-depending on your timing, a single lingering explosion should be able to do it in and send him into retreat through his capsule. Alternatively, both forms take 1-2 points of damage from a single Metal Blade(Difficult-Normal), which can be thrown repeatedly to deal massive damage quickly, at the expense of getting caught in the line of fire, so if you’re out of either of those weapons, just spam the Metal Blade.

      Alien: This thing is simultaneously easy and difficult, but ultimately is just...weird. After you chase Wily underground, he appears to turn into some weird ass alien thing which tries to kill Mega Man. It’ll move in a simple pattern based around the infinity symbol, firing shots all the while. The difficult part is killing it-it’s only weak to the Bubble Lead, and every other weapon merely heals him. Each shot is 1-2 damage, and he must be hit at a certain point in the arc. You really can’t afford to miss, especially in Difficult mode, where you have to have every shot ready to go and hit him exactly. In any case, once you do, Wily’s holographic deception is revealed and he surrenders once more.

      Concluding Thoughts

      All in all, opinions of Mega Man 2 are pretty mixed among the fanbase. Some hold Mega Man 2 to be the peak of the franchise, and the sales numbers would seem to agree, as it remains the best selling game in the entire Mega Man franchise, and one of Capcom’s best selling overall. Others, however, argue that Mega Man 2 is viciously overrated and suffers from a lot of the same problems 1 did, or entirely new problems, which ultimately make it inferior to later games which worked out these issues as the formula was perfected.

      Where do I fall? Well…ultimately, that depends on two questions.

      First: do I believe Mega Man 2 to be better than Mega Man 1? Absolutely. Nearly all of the problems I had with that game are gone-the difficulty is more balanced, the physics and controls have been improved, the level design isn’t as needlessly dickish overall, the Items are useful, and the presentation has seen a facelift in every aspect.

      But is it the best? Frankly, no. Sprite flickering and slow down are still a major problem, most of the weapons are decent at best and utter shit at worst, the Metal Blade completely breaks the game anyway, the boss weakness order is all kinds of fucked up(not to mention some of the bosses really aren’t that memorable), there are still some dickish moments in level design, those goddamn lasers and the Alien are pretty cheap(with the other fortress bosses being laughably easy), the physics still needed some work…

      So, the crux of it is: it’s better than 1, but still has some problems. Still, its Normal mode is a decent starting point for new players, and can be bought through the same methods as Mega Man 1-5 bucks on VC, or as part of the Legacy Collection. Give it a look if you want.

    • Top Twenty Classic Mega Man Tunes

      5 months ago


      Music has always been an integral part of the Mega Man franchise. After all, Mega Man and his sister are literally named “Rock” and “Roll.” His brother is named “Blues,” his dog is named after the popular rock band “Rush,” and other pets introduced include “Tango” the cat and  “Beat” the bird. Even Wily got in on the act: each of his ”Mega Man Killers” are named after popular music genres or terms(“Enker” is based on enka, “Punk” on punk, and “Ballade” is based around a “ballade,” a one-movement musical piece with narrative qualities), he built a robotic stork named “Reggae,” and of course “Bass” and “Treble” are pretty clear musical references.

      So with such a love for music among the creators of the series, it’s only natural that kickass soundtracks would be a major focus of development. And boy have they delivered over the years, so much so that I just couldn’t leave this one at just ten entries.

      Now, as for ground, you know what? Screw rules. I’m just gonna put in whatever tracks I like for this one, although I will try to be fair and balanced towards the entire series, and I’ll still put in an honorable mentions, albeit heavily abbreviated. Also, warning y’all in advance, I’m not exactly an expert on musical jargon and shit like that, so don’t expect me to praise these tracks for their amazing synths and tempos and tones and allegros or whatever. I’m more looking at these from a thematic/kickassery standpoint.

      So, with that said, let’s drop that bass and make some noise as we countdown the top twenty best Classic Mega Man tunes!

      20. Splash Woman’s Theme(Mega Man 9)

      Kicking off this list with another healthy helping of girl power, we have Splash Woman’s theme from Mega Man 9. What I like about this one is how it manages to be both upbeat and also fit an underwater stage. It’s energetic enough to keep you moving, yet still has an element of undersea tranquility to it which makes it a joy to listen to. Not too hyper, not too plodding, but just right for Splash Woman’s character. A good theme for a good stage, and worthy of kicking us off.

      19. Crash Man’s Theme(Mega Man 2)

      Hey, it’s one of the classics for a reason.

      This upbeat, iconic track from Crash Man(or Clash Man for those living in Japan or other countries without bad translators ;) )in Mega Man 2 is another great track which suits the stage well. Crash Man’s stage is admittedly a bit more out there than the others in Mega Man 2. Of all the possible places, space doesn’t seem like the place for an explosives robot. But, with a theme as catchy as this, you’ll learn to ignore it. Another good theme for another fun stage and a frantic fight which ties it all together.

      18. Blizzard Man’s Theme(Mega Man 6)

      Mega Man 6, I feel, is one of the more underappreciated Mega Man games, especially when it comes to music. This well-crafted track from Blizzard Man’s stage is a perfect example. Instead of Mega Man’s usual frantic style, it opts for a calmer, steadier beat which still conveys enough urgency to move the player forward without straining itself. This ultimately serves to make the level both memorable and more relaxing than some others, and thus this tune makes its way onto our list.

      17. Gemini Man’s Theme(Mega Man 3)

      Mega Man 3 had a lot of...interesting Robot Master concepts. Snakes, magnets, tops, hard...things? But out of all of them, Gemini Man’s concept had to be the weirdest. I mean, a robot which makes a twin clone of itself to attack you with? That’s gotta be weird. And the composers for Mega Man 3 knew that when they were making this theme. It definitely conveys the sense of Gemini Man being a rather weird character, remaining fast paced while also having a lot of techno sounds and stuff to give it an alien feel. A perfect fit for...whatever the hell Gemini Man’s location is supposed to be, and a perfect fit for this list.

      16. Magma Man’s Theme(Mega Man 9)

      Yet another funky beat which fits its stage.

      Yeah, in case you couldn’t tell, 9 had some kickass music(this’ll become more apparent later), and this is definitely a shining example. Magma Man as a boss is solid, at least, if a bit annoying, and his stage is a blast to play through. And one of the main reasons is this theme, which gives the stage a nice...subterranean feel. Don’t bother asking me how it does this, or what exactly a “subterranean feel” is with regards to musical composition, but suffice it to say, it delivers. Thus, this track rounds out the first quarter of our list.

      15. Air Man’s Theme(Mega Man 2)

      This high flying, high octane melody from Mega Man 2’s Air Man is one of the more celebrated tunes from that game’s well-praised soundtrack, and for good reason. It’s got the perfect tone to make it suitable for an air level, plus it’s just fun to listen to. It’s all over the place, but in a good way, the kind of way which makes it enjoyable. Thus, it flies in at number 15.

      14. Flash Man’s Theme(Mega Man 2)

      And here to round out the triple threat of 2 tracks on here is Flash Man’s, a kicking beat which lends perfectly well to both the stage and the Robot Master. Flash Man’s a strange case where he’s got one motif and his stage another; he’s a light-based Robot Master who stops time, yet his stage is in some trippy crystal cave with flashing lights. Still, if there had to be a theme for it, this modest, energetic track is probably the one to go with. There’s a reason Dookieshed uses a remix as his intro, after all. ;)

      13. Solar Man’s Theme(Mega Man 10)

      Ah, Mega Man 10. Such an underappreciated gem. Shame you had to be paired with the onset of the Second Great Hiatus, or else people might have remembered you as fondly as 9. Still, at least you had some rocking tunes. Like this one.

      Solar Man is admittedly a pretty meh boss on his own, but his stage was a blast to play through. And this frantic theme is a major reason why. Again, something about it has the feel of a fire level somehow, and it just sounds great. The build up is great, the instruments are spot on-it’s just plain good. Mega Man 10, if you haven’t.

      12. Mega Man 9 Boss Theme(Mega Man 9)

      Every single game in the series has had a single track meant to play for every single boss encounter, and they’ve been pretty hit or miss over the years. But the track that plays in Mega Man 9 is definitely a hit. A boss theme has to be suitably frantic, and this is most certainly frantic, but also focused and not too over the top. Ultimately, you have to not get tired of hearing the theme over and over for it to work, and in this boss theme’s case, it most certainly works.

      11. Pharaoh Man’s Theme(Mega Man 4)

      I can understand the problems people have with Mega Man 4’s bosses and level design, but I’m telling you right now: if you don’t think the Mega Man 4 soundtrack is great, we’re going to have a problem.

      4 benefits from an incredibly fast-paced soundtrack, which is reflected in many of its tunes, this track in particular. It effectively captures the excitement and mystery of raiding an ancient pyramid to fight a boss like Pharaoh Man. Plus, it’s just plain catchy. Definitely the kind of music you can play a level to, even if you happen to die many times in said level. Thus, this tune edges out of the top spot by a slim margin.

      10. Shade Man’s Theme(Mega Man 7)

      Despite 7’s auditory excellence thanks to the SNES’ instruments, very few of its tracks stuck out to me that much. However, this track from Shade Man’s stage is the glorious exception. It manages to both be fast paced and also invoke all kinds of gothic vibes. For a vampiric Robot Master like Shade Man, that is a very important element to have, and boy does it deliver. It makes the castle seem incredibly foreboding and intimidating, a spooky chateau in which you must do battle with all kinds of monstrous bots. Crows, zombie bots, killer jack o lanterns, Proto Man-the list goes on, and this theme is here to narrate it all the only way it knows how. And its effectiveness at this makes it more than worthy of the number 10 spot.

      9. Top Man’s Theme(Mega Man 3)

      That last track was fairly dark. Let’s lighten things up with Top Man’s theme!

      Top Man may be an incredibly meh Robot Master with a weapon which is literal ass, but his stage was a blast to play through, and a large part of that is this exciting and upbeat theme music. As others before me have said, something about it just makes it feel like you’re...spinning, somehow. Like a top. Plus it’s just really catchy and well-composed, and makes the stage even more of a joy to go through. Thus, Top Man’s theme is as excellent as he is mediocre.

      8. Galaxy Man’s Theme(Mega Man 9)

      In case it wasn’t obvious already, Mega Man 9 had some great tracks. And this frantic, techno theme of Galaxy Man’s is one of the greatest it’s got. It does an excellent job fitting the atmosphere of his stage as a space station far above Earth’s surface. It’s otherworldly feel and steady progression make the stage a blast to play through, adding an extra feeling of fun to every little moment-bouncing around with the level’s teleporters, dodging those grabber enemies with deft back and forth maneuvers, and cleverly dealing with the stage’s many hazards. And for that, this theme makes it to the number 8 spot.

      7. Concrete Man’s Theme(Mega Man 9)

      And rounding out our Mega Man 9 tracks is this unexpected gem from Concrete Man’s stage. I maintain that this track is a perfect example of what makes a Mega Man track good. It’s got an upbeat feel which encourages progression through the stage, is incredibly catchy to aid in that effect, and it fits the level itself perfectly, adding to its memorability. This track also starts off well, with a slow build up to the more dramatic tone which takes over for the rest of the track, and it sounds great. Thus, this theme manages to slide in at the number 7 spot as the best track from Mega Man 9. But we’ve still got 6 more tracks to go...

      6. Dive Man’s Theme(Mega Man 4)

      This funky track from Dive Man’s stage in Mega Man 4 is a good example of doing everything the previous track did, and just a bit more to get in this spot. Solid introduction building up to a more rocking tune? Check. Upbeat? Check. Fitting the level? Hell yeah-who wouldn’t want to raid an underwater military base to a tune as catchy as this? I mean, Dive Man’s stage was already a blast to play through, with whale minibosses, good utilization of the water gimmick, some tricky platforming, and some trickier enemies. Sure, Dive Man himself was somewhat underwhelming, but with a stage and theme as awesome as this, he’ll definitely be remembered well. I’d say his theme is resting at a fair altitude in this number 6 spot.

      5. Mega Man 4 Boss Theme(Mega Man 4)

      Remember when I said boss themes ought to be suitably frantic? Yeah...this is suitably frantic.

      I’ll be honest, Mega Man 4’s bots were hit or miss, some being great and some being not so great, but with a theme as fast paced and awesome as this, I was at the edge of my seat fighting all of them. Well, except for Toad Man.

      In my opinion, a boss theme works best if it manages to convey the impression that whatever you’re fighting is more than capable of killing you if you let down your guard for even a moment, and hearing this theme definitely kept me on my toes, especially considering some of them actually are really hard. Like, facing Pharaoh Man or Bright Man to this is just...yeah. It’s stressful, but also kinda fun. And that’s why this theme earns its spot at number 5 as the best boss theme in the series.

      4. Knight Man’s Theme(Mega Man 6)

      I’ve already talked about how kickass this theme is, but to reiterate, just listen to the first five seconds of it, and you’ll see why.

      ...Have you done it yet?

      I’m just gonna pretend you did.

      Seriously, that fucking beginning riff, man! God, there is nothing like it. I maintain that few other songs in the Classic series could ever communicate so effectively in the first five seconds that shit is going down up in here. And the rest of the track is just incredibly solid, with a steady beat and a variety of notes that isn’t overly frantic, but still a blast to listen to. I know I’ve said this a lot, but something about it sounds medieval-like, it sounds like you’re about to break into a heavily fortified castle and wreck some knight guy, which is precisely what you are going to do in the next 5 minutes. It’s insane, it’s amazing, and it’s more than kickass enough to make it worthy of this spot at number 4. God, this is so good! Knight Man is awesome, his theme is awesome, just-agh! So good!

      3. Mega Man 4 Title Theme(Mega Man 4)

      This is honestly a track I was not expecting to be on this list. I actually only heard it when I was going through every single stage theme and title theme in preparation for this blog, but once I did, I was like, “Holy crap...why the hell did I skip this when I played Mega Man 4?” It was that good. It’s frantic and not as frantic in just the right spots to make it incredibly headbang-worthy, the perfect track to get you excited to play through a Mega Man game. Definitely underrated compared to, say, Mega Man 2’s title theme, and even though it’s a short track, I still consider it worthy of a high spot on this list.

      2. Spark Man’s Theme(Mega Man 3)

      Here we have the best stage theme out of any Mega Man game: Spark Man’s theme. Everything about this is awesome. I mean, for starters, it’s just a plain catchy tune, one that you’d have no problem listening to for hours. Not only that, composition wise, it’s perhaps the most thematic of all the stage themes. Something about the particular notes and how they’re layered on top of each other makes it sound like an auditory representation of an electrical signal, if that makes any sense. And if you ask me, it sounds great. Like, for real. I literally just got lost listening to it as I was typing this down. It’s that good.

      But...while it is certainly the best stage theme, there’s still one Mega Man track which takes the top spot.

      Honorable Mentions

      • Charge Man’s Theme(Mega Man 5)

      • Pump Man’s Theme(Mega Man 10)

      • Wood Man’s Theme(Mega Man 2)

      • Nitro Man’s Theme(Mega Man 10)

      • Mega Man 2 Title Theme(Mega Man 2)

      1. Mega Man 3 Title Theme(Mega Man 3)

      And finally, rounding out the last list of Mega Month is, ironically enough, the very first track I played in my announcement blog at the beginning of the month: the title theme for Mega Man 3.

      It’s difficult to explain, but I’d honestly have to say this track is a pretty good representation of the entire series. The somber introduction, signifying the tragic element of Mega Man’s character-a robot child who strives for peace yet is constantly forced into battle against his own kind. The steady progression as Mega Man comes to terms with his unwavering commitment to justice. And finally, the energetic finish which makes up the rest of the song, as Mega Man heads out to save the world once again for everlasting peace. No track better exemplifies what Mega Man both as a character and a series is about as a whole, and the fact that it’s catchy as all hell on its own merits is just icing on the cake.

      Thus, it is my belief that out of every track yet composed for this series, this theme stands alone as the absolute best of the bunch.


      Welp, there are my thoughts on the Top 20 best Classic Mega Man tracks, but let me know what yours are in the comments. I'd love to hear some differing opinions. Also, do let me know if there are any problems with the videos. RT is a bitch with those. ;)

      With this blog, we'll have wrapped up Mega Month 2017 proper, but I've still got some Mega Man content planned for the rest of 2018 in the form of reviews for the rest of the Classic series. So, stay tuned for that, as well as some other blogs in general. I've had an interesting idea or two for collabs with some of my friends here, so hopefully those can become a reality.

      Until then, I hope you all have a fantastic night, and a happy New Year. Good night, everybody! 

    • Mega Man 1 Review

      5 months ago


      So originally I considered making a “Top Ten Mega Man Games” list, but to be quite honest, there was no way in hell I could’ve narrowed that down. Every game has his pros and cons more or less specific to it, but since they all fall within the same formula, it’s kind of hard to really parse out the best among them. So I’ve decided, in keeping with the December theme and as a continuation of this celebration of Mega Man, that instead of making a Top Ten about the games, I’ll just review each one in chronological order starting with the classic, Mega Man 1.

      One interesting thing about the 12 Days of Christmas-they actually occur *after* Christmas, *not* before as a countdown up to it, as one might think from tv networks doing events of that nature like Freeform’s whole 25 days of Christmas thing. They proceed from Christmas Day to January 5 as an extended celebration of the birth of Christ. It actually makes sense when you consider the Twelve Disciples, and also the song. You know, “On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a partridge in a pear tree?” I mean, it’s not like Christmas starts before Christmas. That wouldn’t make any sense. This gift giving would logically start on the day of giving and proceed through the entire 12 day celebration. I was originally going to do one review a day in honor of this, but there’s no way I could’ve managed that. So, instead, I’m going to do 1 review every month-Mega Man 1 this month, Mega Man 2 in January of next year, and so on and so forth, culminating in a review of Mega Man 11 when it releases in late 2018. I’ll do my best to make every single upload date for each review a relevant date in the franchise’s history-I’m releasing this review on December 24 in honor of Mega Man 2’s Japanese release date, for example. ;)

      Now, let’s go over the format. The following sections will be explored in each review:

      • Plot: The game’s plot.

      • Presentation: The graphics and music of the game.

      • Gameplay: The gameplay of the game, including changes in the formula with each game, new abilities/features, and the game’s controls.

      • Level Design: The quality of the level design for the stages of the game.

      • Robot Masters/Bosses: The overall quality of the game’s bosses, evaluating each one separately.

      • Concluding thoughts: Exactly as on the tin.

      So with all that said, let’s start off the review!



      In the year 200X(read: 2010), Doctor Thomas Light and Doctor Albert Wily were partners in the field of robotics research. They created a variety of rank and file robots with relatively simple functions, but they truly shocked the world with the DLN series of “Robot Masters:” highly advanced robots built for managing robots in specialized tasks designed to help humanity. Light personally created 2 Robot Masters, Rock and Roll, to serve as his assistants, and went on to create 6 more Robot Masters with Wily’s help. These were Guts Man(wilderness reclamation), Cut Man(timber felling), Elec Man(power management), Fire Man(waste disposal), Bomb Man(demolition), and Ice Man(Antarctic expeditions). However, Wily, whether out of ambition or jealousy over Light’s success or just being insane, reprogrammed the Robot Masters for combat so as to try and take over the world. Knowing military and police forces couldn’t possibly stop them, Rock volunteered to be retrofitted into a combat robot, equipped with a powerful arm cannon called the Mega Buster and a weapon copy system which allowed him to take the Robot Masters’ special weapons. Thus, Mega Man was born!

      After defeating each Robot Master in their stomping grounds and acquiring their weapons, Mega Man proceeds to the fortress of Doctor Wily and does battle with his machines, culminating in a fight with Wily himself aboard a giant mech. Mega Man destroys the Mech and the Doctor is at his mercy, whereupon...actually, we don’t know. The game cuts to credits afterwards, likely left over from the whole arcade design mentality, so I guess we’re just assuming that Wily either escaped or Mega Man just...left him there. I’m just gonna say he escaped, to lick his wounds and plot revenge against the Blue Bomber, because Mega Man just leaving would be the dumbest thing ever.

      So, all in all, the plot is serviceable, although the ambiguity of the ending is annoying. Still, it’s okay.


      Regarding the graphics, the game still holds up, but it is kind of meh compared to later NES titles, for obvious reasons. Mega Man himself has a nice design, most of the enemy and tile designs are distinct enough to differentiate between, the bosses are visually distinct, and the levels are visually distinct and feel fitting to each Robot Master, with perhaps the exception of Bomb Man(his stage is too generic, tbh, but more on that later). As for the music, no complaints there. Most of the tracks are memorable, don’t grate on the ears, and are overall nice themes to listen to. Thus, the presentation overall was pretty good for its time, and still holds up today.


      Alright, now we’re getting to the real meat of the game here. The gameplay can best be described as a run and gun platforming side scroller. Mega Man is capable of only 3 things in this game: running, jumping, and shooting horizontal projectiles from his Mega Buster in front of him. Thus, the goal is to proceed through the stage, navigating careful platforming segments, damaging obstacles, and a variety of enemies which use all manner of attacks to try and kill our hero; projectiles of various kinds, collision, exploding, or a combination. Now, don’t worry; Mega Man won’t die in one hit to enemy attacks. He has a health bar which can take 28 “points” of damage before one loses a life, and very few enemies deal more than maybe 1 or 2 points per hit. Not to mention that enemies will occasionally yield health pellets, which can also be found throughout the stages, as well as score points which can be collected to add to the total score along with the randomized score value of each boss. However, Mega Man does suffer knockback from colliding with obstacles, and falling into a pit or on top of spikes will kill Mega Man instantly(the latter being especially annoying because invincibility frames don’t apply to spike collision in this game). If you lose all your lives, you’re booted back to the start of the level, and the game does not have a save feature on its own; in its original format on the NES, you had to win in one sitting. Now, an experienced player can get through the game in a couple hours, but if you’re newer to the series, you may want to access the game through a medium which allows for save states, like the Virtual Console versions or the version found on the recently released Mega Man Legacy Collection.

      At the beginning of the game, you are taken to a level select screen with a profile of each Robot Master. After navigating each stage’s unique obstacles, you face off with the Robot Master, which all have 28 points of health like you do and each incorporate different weapons and tactics as they do battle with you. This would be pretty daunting with just the Mega Buster, which only does 1 point of damage per registered hit, but Mega Man has a leg up against his robotic rivals; the Weapon Copy System. After defeating a Robot Master, Mega Man gains access to that Robot Master’s special weapon, which he can use throughout the rest of the game. Each weapon has 28 units of ammo which can be replenished from energy pellets dropped from enemies and in stages, and each has a different effect, damage rate, and rate of ammo usage. Each Robot Master can be defeated with the normal buster, but they also have a specific weakness to another Robot Master’s weapon based on their theme-say, Bomb Man being weak to Fire Man’s weapon, or Guts Man to Bomb Man’s weapon. Thus, certain orders of progression are easier than others, but all are doable if you have the patience and the skill. Once all the bosses have been defeated, you face off against Wily himself in a gauntlet of difficult stages at Wily’s fortress, complete with their own unique bosses(with their own unique weaknesses) and a rematch against the 6 Robot Masters, who begin to show up in the second stage and appear with increasing frequency as you delve deeper into the fortress. At the end of the game, you face off against Dr. Wily himself aboard a giant robot. Beat it, and you beat the game.

      Now, the gameplay would be solid were it not for one thing: the controls. They’re usually okay, with an emphasis on usually. Jumping is solid and every button responds quickly, but Mega Man’s movement is way too slippery. There were many instances of tricky platforming when grabbing level objects where I up and slid off the platform into a bottomless pit or onto a row of spikes. Fortunately, the save states I had in the Legacy Collection mitigated this issue by allowing me to quickly retry the sequences, but it was a major adjustment, especially since I had already played other games in the franchise before this.

      Overall, though, Mega Man is pretty well-balanced and a perfect example of well-constructed run and gun platforming gameplay, for the most part, and I overall had a lot of fun playing through the series’ start.

      Level Design:

      There are only 10 stages in this game; the 6 boss stages and 4 Wily stages, and for the most part, they’re designed well. With...some exceptions.

      This game loves insta-kill obstacles, and doesn’t really place them well. Whether it’s a false opening in a screen leading to instant death by spikes two screens down, knockback from an enemy leading to one falling into a pit, or the lightning speed drops off of the platforms in Guts Man’s stage, they’re a pretty nagging nuisance, especially since you don’t keep invincibility frames from getting hit by enemies when landing on spikes. Thus, a version with save states is essential if you don’t want to pull your hair out.

      Other than that, though, most gimmicks are intelligently placed to give you trouble without being unfair. Electric currents, fire chutes and streams, floating platforms that shoot you, conveyer platforms-even the disappearing blocks which would become a staple of the series aren’t that annoying and don’t punish you much for failing. Plus, there are very few instances of cheaply placed enemies.

      Thus, the level design is okay, but could be better.

      Robot Masters/Bosses:

      Alright, so how does the first game stack up in terms of the bosses? For fun, I’ll put these guys in the order I fought them.

      Cut Man: Pretty good. His stage doesn’t really have its own real gimmicks aside from the cutter vats, but it’s got some good challenge. And Cut Man is a pretty good Robot Master overall, and ideal for the beginner player to take down with the buster. The Rolling Cutter also isn’t too shabby, and is useful for taking care of some annoying enemies.

      Elec Man: I already covered him in my Top Ten Robot Masters list, but suffice it to say, I had a good time playing through his stage and fight, and his weapon is damn near essential for beating this game.

      Ice Man: Another okay boss. Pattern’s tough to avoid, and his stage is annoying with the flying platforms section, but Thunder Beam takes him out fast enough for it to not be a problem. Also, his weapon is okay, although I would’ve liked the ability to break the ice pillars his weapon can create from the fire gimmicks. Might be another good Buster boss for beginners.

      Fire Man: His stage is fun and has some good challenge to it, but his fight is almost impossible due to his flame blasts being too fast to properly avoid. Even with his weakness and full health, I died against him a lot. Definitely save for later. His weapon is solid, though, being a fun combination between a protective shield weapon and an offensive fire blast that does good damage..

      Bomb Man: He’s not all that great. His stage is filled with annoying Killer Bullets, it’s kind of bland and unrelated to his theme, and the fight itself is piss easy even without the Fire Storm. He’s another boss you can start with, but be prepared for a hard time fighting the boss weak to his weapon, because his weapon sucks. The Hyper Bomb doesn’t explode on contact and takes too damn long to explode, making it damn near useless at its primary function of killing shit with a massive explosion. So, all in all, take him out first if you want, or just save him for later.

      Guts Man: Not too great. His stage is fun and challenging, but his fight is pretty unfair. He jumps so low and hits so hard that you quickly find yourself boxed in and at the mercy of his stun effect upon hitting the ground. In my experience, he’s barely beatable with his weakness, which is not at all designed for him, as it doesn’t explode upon contact and thus even he can get away from it with enough time. And his weapon is incredibly situational and hard to aim, plus it’s just a hindrance on design. Half the bosses and levels have to shove the blocks for the Super Arm all over the stages, and it’s just tacky.

      Yellow Devil: Easily the hardest boss in any Mega Man game. His only weak spot is his eye, and he only shows it long enough to get off maybe one shot before disassembling again into a bunch of fast moving, hard hitting blobs of death. Under ordinary circumstances, he’ll almost certainly kill you in maybe 3 rounds. The pause glitch, a glitch in which a projectile’s damage will be registered multiple times by rapidly pausing and unpausing the game and thus resetting an enemy’s collision detection, is the only way I could beat him, and I had to perfect that shit if I wanted to kill him even then. He really ruined Wily 1 for me.

      Copy Robot: A fun concept, but damn is he hard. He’s no Yellow Devil, but he’ll take a lot of hits to take down as he matches your weapons point for point. I begrudgingly recommend the Hyper Bomb to kill him, as it’ll be easy to dodge on your end, but the Thunder Beam and Fire Storm also work well.

      CWU-01P: A tricky robot, but not too difficult and kind of exhilarating. 7 versions of this thing, each moving faster, will spawn in the underwater arena, and can be destroyed in just a few hits. The ideal strategy is to use the Buster on the first three, then use the 4 Super Arm Blocks provided to take advantage of its weakness and kill it in one shot each.

      Wily Machine 1: Pretty tough, but also not too bad. The first form’s weakness is the Fire Storm; he’ll shoot arcing cannon shots out of a cannon, which is also his only weak point. After that, the cockpit of the machine opens up to reveal Wily, who is weak to either the Thunder Beam or the Rolling Cutter. Again, the pause trick works wonders here; get him in the right position, and pause away, and Wily will fall to your feet, begging for mercy.

      All in all, the bosses in this game are usually challenging, but solid.

      Concluding Thoughts:

      This was the first game in the Mega Man franchise, and as far as beginnings go, this one’s pretty solid. The level design can be dickish, but is usually pretty fun. The bosses can be annoying, but are also fun most of the time. The gameplay is solid and challenging, the art style and presentation is great, and overall, the game’s held up pretty well. I mean, it’s hard as balls, but with enough patience and skill, I think most people can get through it. I managed it, at least, and I’m not exactly the best gamer. That being said, I would recommend that newcomers try a later game in the series and familiarize themselves with the mechanics before delving into this one.

      You can find it as part of the 6 game Legacy Collection on Steam and the 3DS and later Switch for $30, or else get it on the 3DS Virtual Console for $5. If you feel you’re up for it, give it a shot. It’s definitely worth a look.

    • Top 10 Best Robot Masters

      6 months ago


      You can’t really talk about Mega Man without mentioning the Robot Masters Mega Man faces at the end of every stage. Each of them brings something unique to the table, even if the theme they represent has been done half a dozen times. And today, I’m going to talk about which ones I think are the baddest bots of the bunch.

      Now, couple ground rules:

      • Once again, 1 entry per game in the series. Honestly, this is just here because if I didn’t have some other means to narrow it down, I was tempted to count up even further than this, and that would take way too long. Thus, I’ll be restricting this to 1 entry per game so that I can narrow it down much more easily.

      • This is only for Robot Masters, not counting bosses such as Doc Robot, the Wily Fortress Bosses, the Dark Men, the Mega Man Killers, or anything else like that. Even though characters like Bass and Proto Man  are technically part of the Robot Master series, they are also excluded from this list.

      So with all that said, here we go!

      10. Blade Man(Mega Man 10)


      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the inherent coolness of swords and anything involving swords does not have to be explained.

      Mega Man 10 was...passable with its Robot Master selection. Some were solid, like Commando Man and Sheep Man. Others were great, like Nitro Man. And some were just...ugh. But out of all of them, Blade Man is by far the best of the bunch.

      Blade Man isn’t the first Robot Master to be based on swordsmanship; that honor goes to Sword Man. But I would say that of the two, this guy is cooler for several reasons.

      Let’s start with his design. Now, Sword Man’s isn’t bad; it evokes the image of a strong, stalwart warrior, which works well with his theme. But frankly, I’d have to say that literally having a sword for a face and arms trumps that on the cool factor.

      His stage is pretty fun, too, clearly drawing from Knight Man’s stage from Mega Man 6 in terms of direction, what with the medieval aesthetic. The axe enemies, while annoying, are a nice touch, as was the challenging castle miniboss(it surrendering when you beat it killed me the first time;)). Its main gimmick, the platforms which move back and forth, is also pretty neat, although admittedly slows down the pacing. What would’ve been neat is if it had been, like, a knight-themed Sniper Joe was operating one side of it and you were operating the other, propelling it forward as you both tried to shoot each other off of the platform onto the spikes. Would’ve been a lot more exciting.

      As for the fight, it’s also really good, but a bit annoying with his weakness. He’ll jump around to both of the walls and the ceiling and throw his trademark Triple Blade down at you. The trick with the Commando Bomb is to hit the wall near him so the shock wave will hit him and do more damage, but at the same time, you also need to account for the blades. You can’t fire the bomb while dodging the blades, or you risk accidentally changing the input to fire in the wrong direction. Not to mention when he jumps down to attack you from an opposite wall, it can be tough to dodge. This is one of those fights in Mega Man 10 that could’ve really benefited from the slide ability.

      And I’ve already covered how awesome the Triple Blade is at taking out annoying enemies with triple sword projectiles.

      Thus, with a decent fight, fun stage, awesome design, and an awesome weapon, Blade Man truly does make the cut.

      9. Tengu Man(Mega Man 8)


      Caw caw, motherfucker.

      So Mega Man 8 was admittedly pretty meh with Robot Masters, ranging from the terrible(Clown Man, Aqua Man)to the decent(Frost Man, Astro Man, Sword Man, etc.)to the great: this guy.

      Let's start out with his design. He's based on a Japanese yokai known as the Tengu, bird-like spirits who are masters of the blade and bring punishment upon the corrupt and the vain who besmirch the teachings of Dharma, the Buddhist law. Looking at this image here:


      You can definitely see the resemblance, as well as the intimidating posture which Tengu Man possesses, reinforced by that giant shuriken. My only gripe is that, although his cocky character(aided by his Actually Good(TM) voice acting)is charming, it kinda goes against the concept he's derived from as the righteous hero of truth and justice. 

      His stage is also fun. The bubble sections can be very annoying, but the 2D shooter section through half of the first and second acts was a blast. It's interesting seeing Auto in aerial combat, tho. Like he knows that he's ill-suited for it, but is still like, "Aight, boi, let's go bust some bots."

      And his boss fight is intense, albeit a bit formulaic. He mixes up his attacks fairly well and moves around enough to keep you on your toes, and the way his pattern is designed around his weakness is clever. Like all bosses in Mega Man 8, he's disrupted when you hit him with his weakness, but since his weakness, the Ice Wave, can only move along the ground, you gotta wait until he lands before you can actually hit him and disrupt his pattern. I find this to be particularly clever, and a nice way of keeping the fight challenging. 

      And his weapon isn't too shabby either. The Tornado Hold did make it into Smash for a reason: its tornado is great for taking out lines of enemies and works well on bosses, and it can also push up objects and allow you to access hidden or higher areas you couldn't otherwise reach. 

      Overall, with a charming personality, awesome concept, unique stage, and good boss fight and weapon, Tengu Man soars above the competition.

      8. Splash Woman(Mega Man 9)


      Talk about girl power, amirite?

      She’s the only female robot master they’ve actually bothered to put into a game, so of course they had to have made something awesome.

      First off, her design is solid-the mermaid motif is played up in all the right ways, the color scheme works, and it looks great.


      Her weapon is equally awesome, consuming little ammo while dealing good damage and piercing through shields and projectiles otherwise unpierceable. Really made some minibosses a breeze, like those stupid elephants. >=(

      However, there is a reason she isn’t higher: her stage. It’s incredibly well designed, presenting the player with spikes, fun little octopus enemies, a bubble section reminiscent of Wave Man’s(a boss whose stage was his only asset, unfortunately), and other obstacles. But that last few rooms with the water platforms over spikes can suck it. Especially the last one. I died to it a lot, and it soured my experience a bit.

      Overall, tho, Splash Woman is the best Robot Master from Mega Man 9, worthy of making a splash on this list.

      7. Shade Man(Mega Man 7)


      Like Mega Man 10 and 8, Mega Man 7 wasn’t perfect when it came to Robot Masters. Freeze Man was generic, Burst Man’s theme didn’t quite make sense, and the less said about Cloud Man, the better. But it did have some okay/good bots-Junk Man’s okay, Slash Man’s cool, and, heck, even Spring Man isn’t bad(yeah, I said it. Fight me). But out of all of them, the best would have to be Shade Man.

      For starters, his design is pretty cool. You can definitely see the inspiration from Bram Stoker’s depiction of Dracula-the hooked nose, the long face, and the thin figure. The giant buster cannon is a bit much, but the wings and the talons tie the thing together well enough.

      And his stage is a blast to play through, taking place in a graveyard/cemetery with robot zombies which fall apart after taking enough damage, robot crows, and a giant pumpkin miniboss. The Proto Man fight is neat, but pretty bleh unless you’re a savant at dodging, so I’m not gonna talk about it much. Overall, good stage. And as for music, the theme is good enough, but the Ghosts and Goblins easter egg was a really nice touch.

      As for his fight, it is a tad easy if you have good timing, as you can lock him into a pattern of getting hit with the Wild Coil, falling, and then flying up while still being in range. But when he isn’t locked, he’s pretty tough, being difficult to hit unless you charge the coil and having a pretty tough to avoid sweep attack which drains your health to add to his own if he catches you.

      And his weapon is good too. The first shot is kinda weak, but its recoil effect works really well against enemies that move in a pattern, as it allows you to hit them on the rebound. And should you absorb the shot, the result is a free charged shot which does much more damage without consuming energy. In some cases, it’s kinda situational, but this is definitely one of the weapons I pulled out more than others in Mega Man 7.

      So with all this in mind, Shade Man definitely doesn’t throw himself any shade.

      6. Pharaoh Man(Mega Man 4)


      Come on, I had to. I had to! You cannot exclude the robot who bitch slapped Mega Man into oblivion from a list of this nature:

      You just can’t.

      For real, tho, talk about a concept. His design is just magnificent, perfectly capturing the regal and arcane qualities they wanted to convey with the character.

      His stage is pretty well designed, too, with a sand segment, moving platforms, disappearing wall panels from which enemies can pop out, a combination of any of the above-his fortress has it all. And it all culminates in what I think is a really engaging fight where he jumps around throwing all kinds of projectiles at you. Well, I mean, if you don’t have the Flash Stopper, anyway-if you do, then he’s a bitch. But otherwise, good luck fighting him.

      The only downside with this guy is that his weapon is pretty situational, with the charged Pharoah Shot consuming way too much energy in one blast. It’s also a pain to fight Wily’s final mech with because the thing keeps beaming out of range. But all in all, great stage, great design, great fight, okay weapon, great Robot Master. It’s good to be the King.

      5. Elec Man(Mega Man 1)


      Mega Man’s had a number of electricity-based foes over the years: Spark Man in Mega Man 3, Cloud Man in Mega Man 7, Jupiter in Mega Man V, Dynamo Man in Mega Man & Bass, Plug Man in Mega Man 9, Sheep Man in Mega Man 10, and(regrettably)Clown Man in Mega Man 8, kind of. But out of all of them, I feel that Elec Man deserves recognition as the best of the bunch.

      His design, while simple, is solid and conveys his purpose well, as well as gives him a properly light appearance. His stage is also notable for its integration of its theme in the form of the Watcher enemies, the circuit aesthetic of the walls, and electric generators. Not to mention it’s particularly challenging, yet still fair for the most part, and the lack of particularly tricky platforming helps.

      His fight is difficult as well. While his pattern is simple, it’s also hard to dodge, as his Elec Beam has a lot of vertical coverage for a single projectile, he does a crap ton of damage, and he is relentless when it comes to moving forwards. The trick is to repel him so that he’s far enough away to where you can dodge the Elec Beam, because only a couple hits of it are needed to take you out.

      But should you pull it off, you’ll be richly rewarded with the Thunder Beam, hands down the best electricity-based weapon. Three directions, reasonable ammo consumption, and remarkable power make it essential for getting through the game.

      So overall, it may sound shocking to you, but in the case of Elec Man, sometimes the original truly is better.

      4. Knight Man(Mega Man 6)


      There are certain concepts which are pretty much universally awesome. Knights? Awesome. Robots? Pretty fucking awesome. Knight Robots? Fucking  GGEENNIIIIUUUUUSSSSSSSS!!!!

      Let’s start with his design. Knight Man is a rarity among the Robot Masters; he and Wind Man are the first two Robot Masters initially designed by non-Japanese fans in Capcom’s Robot Master Design Contests. The design of Daniel Vallée was different than the final design refined by Capcom’s designers, but he clearly was doing something right. The helmet which hides his face, the armor padding, the shield, the ball and chain out of the buster-everything about him conveys an impression of determination and power. When you look at this guy, it’s pretty clear that you really should not screw with him.

      And can we talk about his stage? His epic castle stage filled with traps, well designed and occasionally adorable enemies, and that kick ass theme? Like, seriously, listen to this shit:

      So good!

      The aesthetic is naturally awesome, being based around English medieval castles, and the obstacles of lowering spikes, spinning platforms, and a hallway filled with bouncers which bounce you every which way present a tough challenge while also being pretty fun. Especially bounce gimmicks-I really like bounce gimmicks.

      His fight is admittedly fairly easy, especially with the Yamato Spear, which pierces through his shield and does enough damage to take him out quickly. He’s bulky and hits hard, but he’s also slow, and his Knight Crusher is easy to dodge.

      But for defeating him, you get the Knight Crusher, a multi-directional ball and chain which does good damage for little ammo consumption.

      So, a good weapon, an awesome stage, a good fight, and an outstanding design make for one badass Robot Master.

      3. Gravity Man(Mega Man 5)


      As with before, universal concepts. Or I guess you could say...universal gravitation? Eh? Thematic science joke? Eh?

      Kidding aside, gravity as a superpower has always intrigued me, so of course a Robot Master themed around this would be instantly well received.

      First off, his design. Admittedly, without this kickass artistic render, it is a bit weird, but it’s nevertheless solid, with facial features which give him a lot of room for expression and a kind of intimidation. Also, I can’t be the only one who thinks “Super Saiyan Bot” with those rocks going every which way.

      And his stage is an absolute blast. I don’t care what everyone else says: I like reverse gravity. I think it offers some intriguing possibilities, which this level utilizes rather effectively in a series of tricky combat and platforming maneuvers. Also, the music is great as always.

      And the fight, while easy with his weakness, the Star Crash, is pretty fun and fast paced with the Buster. The way it’s structured, with you and him being on opposite sides of the room and the gravity constantly shifting, hitting him with charged shots is a matter of precise timing mixed with precision as you expertly dodge his attacks.

      And I’ve already talked about how the Gravity Hold is one of the best weapons in the franchise. I mean, you reverse gravity. How awesome is that?

      So in conclusion, Gravity Man’s definitely got the Laws on his side.

      I’ll just go ahead and move on to Number 2.

      2. Magnet Man(Mega Man 3)


      God, I’m really repeating myself here, aren’t I? ;)

      Let’s just get to his design; it’s simple, functional, and distinctive. Not only that, but the helmet really adds to the intimidation factor which I’m sure a magnetism robot would have with other robots, being that they are largely made of metal and thus his bitches.

      As for his stage, it’s really fun, too, a great example of using enemies as an integral part of the level design. The Magfly enemies, while admittedly not too threatening, are still a cool concept, and the gust blowers made for an especially challenging time which was never unfair. The disappearing blocks were meh, but they were pretty easy and more easily avoided, especially if you already had the Rush Jet at that point.

      And his fight is challenging as well, and also very fast-paced. His constant movement is something which will throw off newer players, and it required quite a few goes on my part before I could expect to survive long enough to take him out. And that was with the Spark Shock. His weapon in particular is tough to dodge, locking on to your position and firing downwards with dizzying speed.

      I’ve already talked about how solid the Magnet Missile is as a weapon, so suffice it to say, it’s a heat-seeking missile. Why wouldn’t it be awesome?

      All in all, Magnet Man succeeds in every aspect a Robot Master should; his concept is amazing, his design is great, his stage is fun, his fight is challenging, and his weapon is great. But there’s one Robot Master whose narrowly outpaces him.

      Honorable Mentions

      • Galaxy Man(Mega Man 9)



      Galaxy Man would probably be Number 9 without the rules, if I’m being completely honest with you all. His design is cool and honestly kind of adorable, his stage is a blast with its teleporters and grabby enemies which restrict your movement, and his fight is incredibly solid and challenging. Not to mention his weapon is hands-down the best in the entire Classic series. I just thought Splash Woman did all that and just a tiny bit more.

      • Shadow Man(Mega Man 3)


      He’s a ninja. From space.

      Okay, I’ll elaborate on why he's here.

      While his design and concept are unbelievably epic, he falls a bit short when it comes to “fair” with regards to his stage, although it is solidly designed in most areas. Also, his fight would be epic if his weakness wasn’t one of the worst weapons in the entire franchise, the Top Spin. And while his weapon is great, like I said in my Top Ten Weapons blog, it’s a bit clunky to handle compared to something like the Metal Blade. Speaking of which...

      • Metal Man(Mega Man 2)


      Ah, yes, the return of the overrated Robot Master. With a vengeance.

      So let’s go over the positives; a kickass design, a fun stage with a neat conveyor gimmick and some great challenges built around that, a fun fight that keeps you on your toes, and a stupidly good weapon, to the point where it actually isn’t that great of a weapon. So why’s he in here? Well, he’s certainly a solid pick-probably Number 6 without the rules-but a certain other Robot Master buddy of his beat him out for the top spot.

      • Drill Man(Mega Man 4)


      Insert Incredibles 2 reference here.

      Drill Man was the other bright spot amidst a sea of meh Robot Masters in Mega Man 4. His design is downright epic, with triple drills and a set of impressive looking armor. His stage is fun to play through, and the momentarily invisible platforms was a confusing, but nice touch. His fight is admittedly a bit formulaic, but it does keep you on your toes, and his weapon, the Drill Bomb, is solid, albeit a bit trickier to use than some other explosive weapons, as you have to press the button twice to make it explode. Once again, I just felt Pharaoh Man did that and also had a much cooler concept.

      • Nitro Man(Mega Man 10)


      And finally, we have the ruler of the road, Nitro Man.

      His design is solid, built upon the neat concept of a Robot Master biker, and his fight, while frustrating without his weakness, is doable. Plus, his weapon is pretty versatile, especially when it comes to scaling up walls. I love doing that. However, his stage was not that fun, filled with annoying trucks, annoying turret rollers, annoying mets, and littered with more spikes than a porcupine’s back. You need twitch reflexes to get past this stage, which is fitting, but also annoying, especially considering that I did his stage first. Hence, Blade Man made the cut and kicked Nitro Man to the curb.

      So, with all that said, it’s time for Number 1!

      1. Quick Man(Mega Man 2)


      *Deep breath.*



      Yep, the speed demon is the one who made it to the finish line on this list. Why? Let me explain.

      For starters, I just absolutely love the concept of a robot built purely for incredible speed. Characters like the Flash, Quicksilver, Sonic, and other speedy characters have always fascinated me, particularly with their characterizations and unique applications of their powers.

      And his design is perfect. The feet, the crown he wears, that cocky smirk-everything about it suggests a guy who’s fast on his feet and proud of it, the perfect descriptor for Quick Man as a character.

      His stage, while infamous, is incredibly fun for me. The laser sections are an adrenaline rush as you scramble to clear them, which I like, and the rest of the stage has a solid foundation in tough enemies and the darkness gimmick.

      And his fight is incredibly challenging, but also interesting in that his is a rare case of a Robot Master having a custom arena shape instead of the usual square. His immense speed, size, and the rate at which he fires his projectiles make him incredibly hard to dodge, quickly forcing you to think on your feet. True, the Time Stopper takes out half of his health in one full charge and makes him considerably easier, but still, it’s not easy to get him down to that 50% health. And that makes for an experience which I won’t forget soon.

      As for his weapon, it’s also pretty great, having a high rate of fire, decent damage, and good ammo consumption. Admittedly didn’t use it as much as the Metal Blade, but still, it’s a great fallback for dealing with tough enemies.

      So overall, with an amazing concept, simple yet effective design, a blast of a stage, an exhilarating fight, and a great weapon, Quick Man edges out the competition for the title of Best Robot Master.

      Although, it’s a shame; we haven’t really seen anything much like him since; another speedy Robot Master. Turbo Man and Nitro Man are speedy, but their theme is more vehicles. Hm...maybe Mega Man 11 is hiding a significant development on that front…


      Welp, there are my thoughts on the Top 10 best Robot Masters, but let me know what yours are in the comments. I'd love to hear some differing opinions. If you like what you've read and would like to see more of it, make sure to stay tuned. I've got a lot of awesome stuff planned for this month, and I'm eager to share it all with you guys. 

      Until then, I hope you all have a fantastic night, and take care. 

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