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    • So, I'd like some advice here

      21 hours ago

      Lpokmnj FB 1st, RT Seconder

      Recently, someone I know personally (person A) offered to take me out to celebrate a life milestone. While I appreciate the offer, I'm hesitant to do this. Reason is based on prior times that situations like this have happened, it's been an excuse for this person to do dinner with their significant other (person B). Prior celebrations have been at places that Person B enjoys going to, in an area I'm very unfamiliar with. 

      And thanks to the cell phone, I'm capable of finding nearby spots I might enjoy spending time at. When I had said I'd like to go visit those spots, it's suddenly time to leave. And when I've suggested places I'm interested in going to, Person A states that the spot I suggested is outside  of Person B's travel range, or Person B wouldn't eat there. So I was turned into an awkward third wheel of an excuse for them to go celebrate.

      Any ideas or suggestions on how to approach this current offer?

      Note-so-ninja edit: I rephrased it so Person A was no longer introduced as an acquaintance, but as simply someone I know. Blame @AgentWashingtub008 for pointing out my lack of clarity.

    • Spring Break recap

      1 month ago

      Lpokmnj FB 1st, RT Seconder

      I did fuck all, and I'm proud of it. I had a week to do as I will and an empty house in which to spend said week. So I wasted it in the pursuit of personal decompression. It's amazing how odd it is to be able to hear your own thoughts when you're otherwise bombarded by people who demand your time and head space.

      Thanks to @Ratatoskr for introducing me to this Youtube channel. If you're into tabletop RPG's, or amusing stories that come from RPG's, I recommend listening to the stories of Old Man Henderson, the Sith Janitor, and Boxcar Joe (the Magic Hobo). Speaking of which, expect a journal entry soon dealing with my own take on the hobby.

      Anyways, the only accomplishment I can lay claim to is finally playing a game of Eldritch Horror. If you're a fan of Wil Wheadon's tabletop, you've seen the base game in action and seen how well he roles.

      Now, mind you, I'm a bit of a collector. I am not satisfied with a game if there's more options and fiddly bits that you can add on and make more with. Especially if it deals with Uncle Howard and his pet mythos.

      So when I say I tossed in everything but the kitchen sink, I mean I literally combined every expansion I have. (Which in total is like 7 other installments. Not all of them, mind you, I've got 2 or 3 more to pick up.)

      Anyways, a friend of mine and I decided to finally play test the game. As it was a test run designed to familiarize myself with the rules, I had set everything up 2 nights prior to actual play with the intent to run through the game by myself and see how game system/engine works before pitching it as an option for the board game night group I've kinda got going.

      Since Andrew was there, I couldn't rely on him to be on the same sort of mental wavelength I was going in. Namely, cheesing everything I could to be in the player's favor. I had gone over to BoardGameGeeks, Reddit, and whereever else I could pull up via Google in order to learn the best way to approach the game. I.e. I had cheesed the setup in every possible way without directly being knowingly and willfully guilty of cheating. (I'm pretty sure that Andrew and I did cheat, just not intentionally. More akin to not seeing the stop sign than willfully blowing by it, if you're one for cop analogies on why you got pulled over.)

      Yet, we still lost as per rules as written. I put all responsability on me, as I had drawn one card that was sure to to guarantee our doom. When one of the Ancient One's mystery cards has the player's spawn an Epic Creature that not only chugs down clues for breakfast, but is a hypermonstrosity that forces the player into madness, there's only so much that can be done. In hindsight, I'd have told myself to call a mulligan and not doom myself from the get go.

      Anyways, that's about all I accomplished in the spring break I had. I cheated at the game I now call "The cock-tease of epic distraction which hides the world's annihlation."

    • Random thoughts

      1 month ago

      Lpokmnj FB 1st, RT Seconder

      So, this answers one of the questions I've spent the last week googling. All I need to know is when Day 5 season 3 and Crunch Time season 2 comes out.

      Let me be honest here, I thoroughly enjoyed Crunch Time and want to see more, but I don't think it made a big enough splash to be continued. Which is really fucking disappointing.

      Day 5: I just binged season 2 as I had been wrapped up in my own shit for the longest time. And what the shit. If I don't see Jake become a monsterous fucking bastard at some point, then there's a serious curve ball in the works.

      Anyways, more of those series, please?

      Image result for puss in boots imgur

    • You know how

      1 month ago

      Lpokmnj FB 1st, RT Seconder

      Someone on the internet quipped that 1984 was meant as a warning, and not an end goal for politics?

      Could someone pass along word to the RT marketing department that this was supposed to be humorous satire and not an actual good idea?

    • So...

      2 months ago

      Lpokmnj FB 1st, RT Seconder

      I just got done with a phone interview for a sysadmin job. I have no idea how I did, as the one thought going through my mind was "Don't Fuck This Up." ad nauseum. I think I answered confidently and didn't stutter or go "Ummm...." At least not often enough that they would make a face. Call ended with a standard non-committal sort of good-bye. If I did okay, I'll hear from them on Tuesday, Wednesday latest.

      Got my fingers crossed.

    • Highlights of the last month in bullet points

      2 months ago

      Lpokmnj FB 1st, RT Seconder

      ~ Found out I'm going to be a dad.

      ~ Broke up with the girlfriend/mother to be.

      ~ Moved back in with my dad.

      ~ Informed I have till July to find my own place.

      ~ Been sending out resumes left and right.
      ~ Started playing more Fallout 4 and Overwatch on the PS4.

    • Happy New Year's, everyone

      3 months ago

      Lpokmnj FB 1st, RT Seconder

      Hope you're all having a good one thus far.

      I just wanted to give a shout out to @Joe and @dizzyblinker and thank you both for the cards. Expect a small thank you in the near future. Joe, I hope I put your address in correctly.

      Anyways, as for me, yeah, fingers crossed for a good one.

    • Just a head's up

      4 months ago

      Lpokmnj FB 1st, RT Seconder

      I'm collecting Christmas/Holiday recipes over in the RT Cooks group. If you want to share a recipe, or just see what others do, drop by here.

      Hope everyone's doing well. 

    • And fuck yesterday's negativity.

      5 months ago

      Lpokmnj FB 1st, RT Seconder

      Today I'm looking at the good things I have 

      Almost done with school (I hope). Classes are stressful, but looking passable.

      Which leads to my resume. Got people willing to give input, and I definitely need that. So I'm stressing less there.

      A rather long break after classes end. I've got a project I want to work on when classes end, and I need the time to do that.

      People seem to enjoy the homebrew batch I made. Tasty, but it's definitely a holiday seasonal taste.


      ~ I'm going to be able to play almost all the board games I've had to backlog this semester.

      ~ I picked up Overwatch for the PS4 on impulse, and I'm digging it, what little I've played. If you're willing to help out a complete newb, drop a line and let's play.

      ~ Tabletop games: I've come to the conclusion that D&D/Pathfinder isn't a game for me, but that's rooted in a philosophical aspect.

      ~ I'm thinking about running my own D&D/Pathfinder game when time allows. Already have a group in mind that I'm thinking to invite. Just need to finish the semester.

      ~ I'm about 85-to-90% done organizing my collection. The last little bit requires three bookshelves which I'll be getting soon (I hope).

      My dad finally got his hearing checked out. It's been an issue for so long I thought he'd never look into it. But he did and I'm thankfully wrong about that.

      Things are good between me and girlfriend. Not peachy perfect, but that's because of external influences. Those things do give us a lot of time together which I'm enjoying. (I'm still confused by a lot in this area, but I'm rolling with it.)

      And lastly, I'm enjoying the RT Radio sessions. Even when I can't make it to the shows, the playlists and songs of the day are awesome. With that, I'm signing off for the night.

      Illegitimi non carborundum,

      ~ Lpokmnj (Kev)

    • Fuck this

      5 months ago

      Lpokmnj FB 1st, RT Seconder

      shit, @Benchmark had the right idea.

      Not-so-ninja edit: The post I had initially linked to got deleted after being neg-modded ("-1 WTF?") to a level I never imagined seeing. It hit -400 within a few hours, and that included the +1's that brought the counter in the opposite direction. So I gotta wonder how much hate that post got. Anyone interested in seeing the chain of events, go here and view in order of name.

      Anyways, it's been enough that I've decided to cancel my membership here. 

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