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    • Weekly Update! Sharks and Lone Few!

      7 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      Ok, so yeah, I've been slacking on my videos. Either way, new video this week. Deptch! Where we kill each other as sharks.... I'm noticing a trend in my videos recently...

      Then over on The Lone Few's channel, I was a guest in their classic game mode Hole in the Plane in GTA.


      I'm not in the video, but I wanted to share the final Plot Twist episode. @iSayWhat has been an awesome community manager and I'm sad to see him go, but glad that he's working at his dream job. 

    • A Witcher deserves his rest.

      7 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      Almost 2 years ago, I bought Witcher 3 on launch day. In fact, I bought it on my last day in Dallas, as I was heading to Austin for my internship. I knew it was a game I would like, because it had all the elements in a game that I usually like. What I didn't know was how much this game would mean to me.

      Since this game came out, there's been events in my life that have been a roller coaster of emotions. During that summer it was released, every day I would go back to my rented room and play more of it. Hours upon hours I poured into this game, and every time I thought I was close to the end, or had run out of things to see, it would give me more. This world was alive, and my work as a witcher was never done, and my daughter Ciri was counting on me. All the while it gave me many incredible characters with depth and personality, and I played it all as Geralt. Even the sidequests felt like they had the same weight behind them as any main story quest.

      I've played it on and off over the past 2 years, and I finally got around to finishing the final DLC, Blood and Wine. The Beast of Beauclair has been dealt with, and it's high time for Geralt to finally settle down and retire at a place to call his home. And my old friend Regis, a vampire, tells me words that are the perfect bookmark for the Witcher journey...

      "We have witnessed - and, in fact, on several occasions incited - many great and weighty events. After all that toil, I believe we deserve a bit of a rest."

      It's been an amazing journey. I'm going to miss you, Geralt.


    • Sunday(?) Update! .....Listen...

      7 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      So I was out of town last week filming some NCAA basketball tournament up in north Dallas, so I didn't have an update last week. Then this week I had my hands full catching up on work edits, so only had time to edit one video for my channel. So let's play catch up.

      Only video up on my channel this week is more Golf with your Friends with @DBenitez87, @KyleDoesGTA, @ShaneFromPR, @Traversian, and @maggosh. David doesn't like us just saying "Listen".

    • Friday Update! Ultimate Chicken Terrorists

      7 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      A little early. Got two videos up this week. One is a single camera and one is a multi-cam let's play that had a whopping 9 people playing. 9 audio tracks, 6 camera angles (only used 4 due to my computer grinding to a halt). It was a great experience editing it, even if sometimes it's hard to understand what's going on. I tried to bring overlapping voices down where I could. Gonna keep trying to do these multi-cam let's plays more.

      Also, I don't have any schedules, but I may be trying to stream more in the future. I know I've said that before, so don't quote me...

    • Friday Update! Trouble with Terrorists.

      8 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      More shenanigans caught on video. Sorry I haven't been uploading videos regularly on my channel, been really busy with work and playing Tales of Berseria.

      First up, got a huge group together to play Gmod, Trouble in Terrorist Town. I originally had 6 video angles of these games, but my computer slowed to a crawl trying to edit it, so I had to only use 4 angles. There's more videos from this session coming, so sorry about having so many people talking at once, haha. I'm definitely going to be having more Gmod videos coming soon.


      A Few videos here. First is an awesome Why You Should Play made by @DBenitez87 and featuring our group from the let's plays.

      Next, @KyleDoesGTA put us through ANOTHER Game of Death map, this time much longer and more sadistic. You may remember the first playthrough of Game of Death was uploaded on my channel after community video came out.

      See you guys next week!

    • Friday Update! Throwing Our Shoes Into Danger

      8 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      Hey guys, so I missed last Friday's update cause of being busy with work, so I had only had one video, so let's play catch up, shall we?

      First, if you haven't checked out my Highlight video in my previous post, here it is again, I'm pretty happy with it.

      And now for a new video I did with quite a few people. Me, @aclarkislost, @KyleDoesGTA, @DBenitez87, @Traversian, and @MrPrawes threw our shoes into danger in Half Dead.

      Also, the Golf with Friends crew is back for more, this time in the haunted mansion.

      One co commentary this week (last week, technically). @Dr_Boomerang and I prove that we really aren't better than AH at trying to play Bike Bat.

    • Ashes Rising Gaming Highlight Compilation/Funny Moments

      8 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      Didn't have a Friday update last week cause, well, I didn't really have anything but one video. Sorry, work. But I'l have that one video added to this week's Friday Update. However, this is a special journal post. It's been a while since I've put together a highlight video on my channel, so figured, why not put a new one up. Sit back and have a laugh.

    • Friday Update! It's Morphin' Time!

      8 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      Only one video on my channel this week... sorry. But hey, it's Power Rangers!

      I also did a re-edit of the Power Rangers trailer. not a big difference, but i removed Kanye singing in it, so it instantly made it better.


      Did a co commentaries competing with @̶a̶c̶l̶a̶r̶k̶i̶s̶l̶o̶s̶t̶  @KyleDoesGTA in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.

    • Friday Update! All Things Zelda

      9 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      So I'm definitely pre-ordering the Nintendo Switch, just to play Zelda Breath of the Wild after that awesome trailer.

      While on the subject of Zelda, I checked out a fan made tech demo of someone recreating Ocarina of Time in Unreal Engine 4.

      Community! Couple of videos I was in this week.


    • Friday Update! and the "Kill Your Friends" crew.

      9 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      First off, big news... sort of. From now on I will also be posting my videos on It will all be on Youtube as well, but I became a verified creator on, so you may see some things pop up early over there from time to time as well, in addition to everything from my channel moving over. Follow me!

      Back for more in the Friday the 13th closed beta and Dead by Daylight with @KyleDoesGTA, @DBenitez87, @Traversian, and @Maggosh.

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