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      RoxieRocks Games Writer
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      RoxieRocks Games Writer
    • A call for the RT community artists

      3 years ago

      RoxieRocks Games Writer

      Hello everyone, and sorry for disappearing for so long, college and master course studies, together with my blog, have been killing my time.

      So, the reason I am here is because I want some help from the talented artists inside this community.

      I have started a youtube channel about a month ago, I now that I am back in college, I am recording my videos in front of a blank wall. I don’t like it at all.

      My desire it is to put a lot of posters and art at that wall, but I have no talent or ways to put them there. If I could, I would put some awesome RT posters there, but I can’t buy them for a good number of reasons, one of them being I am not allowed to receive mail in the hostel I live in.

      Also, I have no artistic talent to make my own posters, and I don’t want to simply get some art from the internet, since I don’t want to upset an artist or get an art without them knowing and use it in my vlog. After thinking a lot about it, I decided one thing: I gonna ask people to do art for me.

      My request is simple: Send me your fantart and fanposters.

      The theme is anything you want, can be a book you like, an RT-related art, non-RT related, game fanart, a series or a movies fanarts, even original work! Send it to me via personal message, together with the place you usually post your work for me to add this information the videos descriptions.

      The RT community have a lot of talented artists and I’d love to have some of your art as background of my videos. Please, help.

    • 3 years ago

      RoxieRocks Games Writer
    • 3 years ago

      RoxieRocks Games Writer
    • Do not be sad today

      3 years ago

      RoxieRocks Games Writer

      I refuse to be sad today.

      Many people are sad because today is Monty's birthday, but I refuse to feel like this.

      The first reason is: Yesterday was my little brother's birthday. My brother is far from being little, he is taller than me and he is already an adult, but he is a year and nine months younger than me, so he will always be my baby brother.

      Since I live in a different city than my family, I was unable to spend time with my brother yesterday, so I called him and we spent half an hour talking. It was great listening about his new job, how his college studies were going and other things happening on his life.

      I refuse to be sad a day after my baby brother's birthday.

      I miss him and the rest of my family terribly, so much that my big brother (who is a year and half older than me) and my mother are going to be traveling during my winter vacation, so I am going home this weekend '“ when I just have two weeks of class until vacation '“ to see everyone before they travel. My big brother also lives in a different city than my parents and little brother, this is going to be the first time we are together since Easter. We are going to celebrate my little brother's birthday this weekend.

      The second reason is: birthdays are celebrations of life, not of death.

      Today is not the day we have to be sad because Monty is not here to celebrate his birthday with his family, his wife, his friends and his fans; today we must be grateful that 34 years ago he was born.

      We must be grateful that 34 years ago he came to this world and brought us talent, awesomeness and inspiration. The best thing for all of us to do us be grateful that Monty Oum was here for almost 34 years and he made what he loved to do and inspired people to follow their dreams, to create and to move forward.

      Today we must do something creative, something inspiring.

      I am unable to create something new today, because I am busy as hell working on my college work and studying for my master course, which is something I love to do, but I am grateful to have used Monty as example to start doing my own thing almost four months ago after being kicked out from doing something I loved.

      Four months ago I started my own blog, a space where I can be creative, and I am proud to say that I am working on a review and a recommendation on RWBY. I still have to decide if it is going to be a text recommendation with lots of videos and pictures; or if I am going to do it in video format; but still, I am doing it because RWBY is something that deserves to be known for many people as possible.

      We already mourned Monty's death, so now we celebrate.

      Do not be sad today. June 22nd is not a day to be sad. June 22nd is a day to be creative. June 22nd is a day to celebrate the life and work of Monty Oum.

    • Calling out for a heist!

      3 years ago

      RoxieRocks Games Writer

      Train Job. File one.

      Date: 05/05/2015

      "I am going to need to use criminals. Impossible to use our people without putting a target on our backs. Our company have an image to maintain, if it leaks that we deal with guns for the black market, the FIB is going to have the leverage they always wanted on us.

      According to the plan my boss gave me, this is a five men job: One pilot, a skilled sniper and three gun men for the ground team. It is a risky job, none guarantee of getting out alive, this is necessary to deal with Merryweather. In the other hand, the money we are willing to offer is really good, if it is not retirement money for those people, it is really close to it.

      When did my job became analyzing criminal files to find people fit for a job?'

      Train Job. File two.

      Date: 05/15/2015

      "Ben gave me a file of a 'friend'. Said that he knew the guy from Afghanistan, but went to crime instead of private when he was done with the army.

      Andrew 'Andy' Fisher, ex-military. He was a pilot for the British Army. Came to the United States two years ago and started doing jobs for several organized crime parties as a getaway driver and a smuggler.

      Ben guarantees that he is the best pilot I am going to find.

      All the other details of the heist are ready, I made sure that nothing the team does and uses will lead back to us.

      Still, I am in need for the sniper and a ground team or the job won't happen.'

      All right! So, this is the deal: I have a heist in mind and I need your character of GTA V to do it.

      It is kind of a fanfiction, but do not worry, it is not a creepy stuff. I had in my mind a story in GTA V that had a five men heist for my blog. Originally, I was going to use original characters, but then I realized: I am part of a big community of awesome people who are gamers and many of them plays GTA V, why not turn this into a Community Day project for the next month?

      What you have to do to take part of this:

      Post a comment in this journal a screenshot of your character in GTA V with the description of their abilities, their weapon of choice and a summary of their personality, including any gestures and habits they may have. You can include a brief description of their criminal record if you want to.

      Which skills I am looking for:

      Like I said in the beginning of this, I need: a pilot, a sniper and three gun men for the ground team. I already found a pilot, it is the character of @Stanty16, so I have room for a sniper and three gun men.

      I going to accept entries until May 20th, and the chosen characters will be announced until May 23th.

      The story will be posted here on my journal in June 15th, Community Day, and in portuguese on my blog.

      Please, someone take part on this... I really want this to happen... smiley12.gif

    • I want a new wallpaper

      3 years ago

      RoxieRocks Games Writer

      Came the time where I decided to change the image of my desktop

      I love my current Wallpaper, but I'm up to something new. Yet, I haven't found something that fits the background of my working tool. So, my quest continues.

      Can someone help me with it? Please?

    • It's Mother's Day!

      3 years ago

      RoxieRocks Games Writer

      Happy Mother's day to all mommies in the RT Community


    • RvB S13E02 review: Could have been mind-blowing

      3 years ago

      RoxieRocks Games Writer

      I'm late again, but the new episode haven't been released yet, so still counts as the review of this week's episode.

      Must say, this episode got 0,7 more points just because of the reference of "Dr. Strangelove', I'm a huge fan of Staley Kubrick. Not that the episode was bad, but more because of the first scene of the episode. I'm not an impartial person.

      It surprised me a little bit seeing that our dear "Sharkface' is now officially named "Sharkface'. All community and the RvB fans had been calling him like in the discussions and the fanarts of the season, at least until we got a name for him. I don't know if it was supposed to be his name since the beginning and the fans nailed it, or it became his name after it got popular, but I hope it is the second option.

      In the middle of the conversation between Locus, Felix and Price, in the Tractor Beam Tower, the lights go out, indicating the tower is made with alien technology and was modified. Does it means that the Tractor Beam stopped working? I wanna know.

      I gonna talk what bothers me with this first scene in the end.

      Going back to the Reds and Blues, the research team plus Carolina and Epsilon/Church are at a video conference with Doyle, Kimball, Wash and the rest of the Reds at the War Room of Armonia (hey, the title!) reporting what happened at the tower.

      Tucker summarized his entire quest and Junior's birth (season 4) in a way I never could, probably because I never really understood it totally, but whatever. How cute it is that he goes around with a photo of his alien kid? I know Tumblr went crazy with it.

      Realizing that Charon don't have the badass alien hybrid weapons and their wins won't make them last for long, Kimball decides to make a risky move: Attack the Tractor Beam Tower and take it down, since the only way for them to ask for help is going out of the planet. And, probably, is the place where the Space Pirates have more troops.

      It is a good idea, and something expected from Kimball. Since she was introduced in the series, she is shown as a leader who isn't afraid of making difficult decisions and willing to take risks that worth the results.

      Together with that, they have to go to the location the map indicated, since it might have something powerful enough to work on their favor, something that will be dangerous if Charon put their hands on it.

      With that, makes necessary to separate the groups.

      After some discussion, and a hilarious scene of Smith in the Arsenal, the group decides that:

      - Kimball will lead feds and rebels to the assault to the Tractor Beam Tower. Sarge, Simmons and Grif (for the misery for the last two) will join her

      - Doyle will stay in Armonia to lead its defense if necessary. Lopez and Donut will stay to work in the Arsenal. It's not clear if Wash is going to join him or Kimball.

      - Carolina, Epsilon/Church, Tucker, Caboose and Dr. Grey will follow the map.

      What they don't know, is that the map had appeared in every tower in Chorus, and the episode ends with Locus and Felix staring to one, which is red instead of blue.

      This episode brings Locus and Felix back to the season, everyone wanted it. What bothers me with their comeback is the first scene. If they had showed up just in the last one, it would have been enough, since the lines between the female mercenary and Locus shows that they know their weapons are now useless, and more mind-blowing. The only reason the first scene was made was just to show that Sharkface now have a name, something that could have been done in a later episode. I don't really think that was necessary.

      Now, let's remind ourselves that our dear protagonists doesn't know that the mercenaries added people on their ranks '“ they could have raided more than just one prison ship - and they know of the map, so their plans on using numerical advantage and element of surprise will most probably end in disaster.

      No, definitely will end in disaster.

      Now, let's compare difference in the lighting of the scenes of the mercenaries and the Blood Gulch Crew. Have you noticed that it is darker for the mercs and more illuminated for the Reds and Blues? I don't think it is because the screen time Locus and Felix had during all the season so far were completely animated. Tucker had three scenes where he was animated (dancing in episode 2, the sword activating the tower on episode 4 and showing the picture of Junior in this episode) and I didn't noticed any difference in the lights in those times.

      If I could guess, it is to show the difference in the atmosphere between the two groups. The mercenaries and Charon have shadier and more evil intentions while the Blood Gulch Crew and the Chorus military have good intentions. Also, could have another Star Wars reference that we have seen showing up in this trilogy. Space Pirates and Charon are the dark side, so they linger in the shadows, while the Reds and Blues plus the Chorus people are the light side and walk in the light.

      But seriously. The first scene destroyed the potential the last one had to be mind-blowing. It became predictable because of it.

      Grade: 3,0 / 5,0

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