Considering this is a group to comment about our dream Death Battles and I didn't see any topic about this...

What are your most wanted fights for future episodes? You can post your ideas as well as why would you like to see them happen(though reasons are just optional)

Here is my top 10:

1. Dexter vs Jimmy Neutron (Dexter's Lab vs Jimmy Neutron) Battle of the Boy Geniuses

2. Albert Wesker vs Kazuya (Resident Evil vs Tekken) 

Traitors that became the head of an evil corporation and gained a monstrous form

3. Harley Quinn vs Juliet Starling (DC Comics vs Lollipop Chainsaw) Blonde and crazy girlfriends who would kill for love

4. Sasuke vs Hiei (Naruto vs Yu Yu Hakusho) which was already technically confirmed to happen at some point.

5. Sly Cooper vs Rouge the Bat (Sly Cooper vs Sonic) Animal Thieves

6. Krypto vs Underdog (DC Comics vs The Underdog) Canine Superheroes

7. Cole McGrath vs Alex Mercer (Infamous vs Prototype) Heavily requested I need to explain why?

8. Dio vs Alucard (Jojo vs Hellsing) Immortal Anime Vampires

9. Akame vs Killua (Akame ga Kill vs Hunter x Hunter) Anime Teenager Assasins, and Killua's high resistance to poison vs Akame's Murasame would be interesting to see

10. Sephiroth vs Vergil (Final Fantasy vs Devil May Cry) Although I would be okay with Vergil vs Sesshomaru instead as well

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