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    • Jackthomasmoore asked Torru369 a question

      Why Do You Want Chun Li VS Tifa So Bad?

      Answered: Mar 24, 2018

      Mostly curiosity. The thematic parallels are there, avenging father, picked up orphan, entrusted with the techniques of their masters and considered the strongest ordinary female fighters of their worlds.

    • Death Battle Prediction: Jaune Arc vs Squall Leonhart

      7 months ago


      Some people have authority thrust on them.

      Some people have to live with their homes coming under siege.

      And some people have their girlfriend chosen to harbor ancient powers.

      These two have all three in common.

      Jaune Arc leader of team JNPR

      Squall Leonhart commander of Balamb Garden.

      Here I will compare their equipment, tactics and strength to see who would win a Death Battle.


      Jaune Arc


      "An Arc never goes back on his word."

        Jaune Arc is the only son of eight children in the Arc family. While a stable family they never really put to much faith in him due to his clumsy nature. Despite this he was inspired by the tales of his family to be better. Determined to change how everyone perceived him he falsified information, stole the family heirlooms and enlisted in Beacon Academy. Headmaster Ozpin saw through the information but upon seeing the lad's earnest behavior allowed him to stay. After completing the initiation trials Jaune was selected to be team leader of JNPR a team made of himself, Sanctum Academy ace Pyrrha Nikos, Kuroyuri survivors Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie. Together they face threats both monster and man in their journey.

      Squall Leonhart



       Squall Leonhart was originally an orphan living in the Sorceress Edea's Orphanage. Whoever is his parents are is unconfirmed but rumor suggests that the current Esthar president Laguna Loire and his wife Raine Loire are his father and mother. While Laguna was in Esthar working to overthrow Sorceress Adel, Raine died in childbirth, thus both he and his adoptive sister Ellone where sent to the Orphanage. Squall grew close to Ellone but her unique power made her a target so Edea's personal Seed entourage was tasked to keep her hidden, even from herself. Shocked by her loss Squall became defensive and shut in, letting no one come close and determined to do things with his own strength. These qualities made him a useful soldier and he was enlisted in Balamb Academy to become a Seed. From there he was embroiled in a conflict with the Sorceress Ultimecia in a battle that spanned the globe and surpassed time itself.




      Jaune Arc

      Utilizing his aura Jaune can increase his natural strength to perform superhuman achievements. In fact seemingly because of his lack of formal training and choice of weapon Jaune has focused primarily on increasing his ability to hit harder. He has deflected the massive armored pincers of an ancient, massive Deathstalker, blows from Ursa grimm and even stopped the Nucklevee's charge cold. Rather comedically he was able to cushion the fall of Weiss Schnee after she fell from the Nevermore hundreds of meters up. Should be noted that despite all his weapons and armor looking to weigh about 50 pounds he rarely takes his stuff off, even appearing to sleep in it.

      Squall Leonhart

       Seed's utilize the power of Guardian Forces of GF's to accomplish their tasks. Because of this Squall's raw strength is actually somewhat lacking compared to ordinary soldiers. In fact when taken by surprise by a soldier and forced into hand to hand combat Squall was barely able to win. Either way he is fully capable of landing a five meter jump without issue. One time he seemingly jumped a dozen meters to save his friend Zell Dincht in the Galbadia prison.


      Jaune Arc

        Jaune's aura shields him from harm and heals his minor wounds. It's kept him safe in battles with rock monsters, opposing teams and was able to keep him alive when he mistakenly entered the lair of the Deathstalker. His defensive power increases when he uses his Semblance. Jaune's Semblance allows him to supercharge aura temporarily by using some of his own. As he has quite a bit of it he can afford to give some of it up from time to time.

      Squall Leonhart

      Squall's defensive strengths have kept him alive in his travels. He has survived electrical torture, impalement from the Sorceress Edea, getting blown up in a training match with his rival Seifer and getting rammed by the Galbadia spider tank while escaping Dollet. He was even run over by a flying Galbadian soldier and still continued the fight. While journeying to the remote continent of Esthar Squall was able to make the entire trip while carrying Rinoa.


      Jaune Arc

      Despite having the most static fighting style of his teams and likely the world Jaune's speed has allowed him to keep up. He's avoided flying rocks, sniper shots in the battle with ABRN and nearly every hint that Pyrrha Nikos was attracted to him. By the time he got to Mistral his sword swings are fast enough to create shock waves through the air. His speed has improved to the point that he has not ever been a liability because of his late start on training which is pretty impressive considering the superhuman speeds possessed by his teammates.

      Squall Leonhart

      A decent level of physical education is probably standard for Seed students as Squall has demonstrated impressive physical abilities. He's jumped between trains, kept from being dropped when a bridge fell out from under him and even made it all the way from the top of Dollet Tower to the beach in less then 30 minutes all while being chased by a spider tank every step of the way. He even managed to make his way out of the battlegrounds in the Battle of the Gardens.


      Jaune Arc

       Jaune's personal weapon is the Crocea Mors, a family heirloom used by his great-great-grandfather. While a simple sword and collapsible shield/sheath, this weapon has proved his worth holding up to massive strikes and cutting down armored Ursa. After the Battle of Beacon Jaune had it reforged, increasing their size and allowing him to combine the two into a stronger sword when he wants offensive power alone.

       He also carries armor pretty much at all times. After the Battle of Beacon he had a larger more covering suit commissioned. Both suits however do nothing to protect his face.

      Squall Leonhart

       Squall is one of the few individuals who have chosen to wield a Gunblade. These weapons use an explosion triggered by the user to drastically increase the damage caused by the swing. Squall's mastery allows him to use the recoil to set up follow up swings. Should be noted it is not actually capable of firing real bullets. His original model was the Revolver, but later was able to upgrade to the Lionheart model. This upgrade came with increased power and the ability to use the powerful LionHeart attack in times of 'desperation.


      Jaune Arc

      - Stronger, faster and more durable in feats.

      - Gunblade isn't something he hasn't seen before

      - Can self heal

      - Has armor

      - Probably better dancer


      - Overall weaker in feats

      - Is unarmored

      - Has magical attacks

      - Powerful Desparation attacks

      - Actually saved superpowered Girlfriend and can get farther then first base with her


      All told this is a fight between a guy who actually has superhuman feats to his name and a decently fit fellow. Squall is outclassed in all 3 categories of stats, and his Gunblade style is unlikely to catch Jaune off guard, if anything he would be unimpressed. Squall's Limit Breaks while powerful are still avoidable and with the light show telegraphing the attack he is unlikely to land any on someone already shown to be faster then him.

      This battles winner is Jaune Arc.

    • Death Battle Hunger Games Simulator Announcement

      8 months ago


      I am pretty sure most of you have probably have at least heard of the Hunger Games and Death Battle.

      Well a fellow by the name of Brant Steele has developed a Hunger Games simulator so I thought to myself why not do one based on Death Battle contestants. These will be male/female pairs from one individual source each chosen for either importance or hilarity. 

      These are:

      DC Superman/Wonder Woman

      Dragon Ball Vegeta/Android 18

      Marvel SpiderMan/Rogue

      Fairy Tale Natsu/Erza

      BlazBlue Ragna/Taokaka

      Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic/Amy

      Final Fantasy VII Cloud/Tifa

      Street Fighter Ryu/Chun-Li

      RoosterTeeth Productions The Meta/Yang

      Mortal Kombat Scorpion/Sonya

      Digimon Tai/Renamon

      Super Mario Bros Mario/Peach

      I will use custom events, if you look up the simulator roleplay on tv tropes you will find some I will implement. If you have any suggestions bring them up within the day. Also once again utilize my crude Paint skills to create a comic and illustrate whatever event comes to pass, either comedic, tragic or disturbing. 

      So there will be violence, confusion possibly some snuggling and whatever else I put in. At the end of it 23 people will die. Who will survive? Find out.

    • RNG Playthrough - Blazing Sword: Ep 1

      1 year ago


      Sorry about the delay, stuff got in the way such as Injustice 2 and the knowledge I can emulate other games. Well to all who read my stuff thanks for being here. As it turns out there was something I missed while putting out numbers, my tacticians affinity. Doing the generator again gets me a 54. There being 7 affinities that puts it in the fourth one, that being Ice by the wiki.


      And thus the journey begins.


      Still working with the tutorial on this.


      Still the tutorial level up is well enjoyed. That strength point is something I don't get every level up.


      This turns out to be more prophetic then it realizes. And as it turns out I miscounted before, 9 is actually Kent's number.


      Doing the tutorial so Sain is destined to fail at life. And because of my recount will never fully get out of the rut he is in.


      First battle that isn't influenced by the tutorial and Lyn tanks a hit. In a forest, with a weapon advantage. His percentage was 16. With true hit that was in the single digits. Really hope that isn't indicative of anything.


      Thankfully Kent gets a pretty good level up after getting fed a few kills and that caps off anything worth posting about this round.


      Tutorial still forcing me to do things that slow me down. Thankfully I am not doing a ranked run on this.


      Well next level ups aren't particularly impressive. Lyn got a speed and a luck on hers.


      Most important thing Sain is up to is two shotting the wall.


      And with three chapters down I end it here. Hopefully I have a better update schedule going forward.

    • Random Number Generator Playthrough - Blazing Sword: Our heroes

      1 year ago


      First up Swords with the candidates being;

      Sain 1-5, Kent 6-10, Florina 11-16, Rath 17-22, Mathew 23-29, Marcus 30-34, Lowen 35-39, Guy 40-46, Raven 47-52, Fiora 53-58, Legault 59-65, Isadora 66-70, Heath 71-76, Karel 77-83, Harken 84-89, Jaffar 90-95, Vaida 96-100.

      And the winner of the Regal Blade is 89, Harken.

      Next is Spears so;

      Sain 1-9, Kent 10-18, Florina 19-28, Wallace 29-38, Marcus 39-47, Lowen 48-56, Oswin 57-66, Fiora 67-76, Isadora 77-85, Heath 86-93, Vaida 94-100.

      The proud to be owner of the Rex Hasta is 92, Heath.

      Continuing on to Axes we got

      Sain 1-8, Kent 9-16, Dorcas 17-24, Wallace 25-32, Marcus 33-40, Lowen 41-48, Bartre 49-56, Raven 57-64, Dart 65-74, Isadora 75-82, Hawkeye 83-92, Geitz 93-100. 

      Picking up the Basilikos is 9, Sain.

      First on the ranged front is Bows so;

      Wil 1-15, Dorcas 16-29, Rath 30-43, Rebecca 44-58, Bartre 59-72, Geitz 73-86, Louise 87-100

      Our user of Reinfleche this game is 21, Dorcas.

      Anima Magic is on the block now and;

      Erk 1-25, Priscilla 26-50, Pent 51-75, Nino 76-100.

      And the one to pick up Excalibur is 59, Pent.

      Light Magic brings up the rear with;

      Serra 1-33, Lucius 34-66, Renault 67-100.

      The one who loves Luce is 2, Serra.

      So I am working with Harken, Heath, Sain, Dorcas, Pent, Camus and Serra alongside the mandatory Lords, Dancers and Athos. Wish me luck, probably gonna need it alongside Boss Abuse.

    • Random Number Generator Playthrough - Blazing Sword: Intro

      1 year ago


      Well Let's Plays now run rampant across the internet. I feel it's time I did one of my own. Don't have any recording equipment worth anything so I am doing it on an emulator and posting images. My first game will be Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword. 

      And to make things interesting I will use a bog standard random number generator of google to assign a unit to every S-Rank weapon and go at it. This does mean that Camus gets in free though. And every Paladin both pre promoted and non has 3 chances. To alleviate this Paladins get the least amount of numbers and specializers like Thieves and Swordmasters get extra.

      Wish me luck!

    • Thor vs Vegeta is done.

      1 year ago


      Took a while but I finally finished my Thor vs Vegeta blog.

    • Analysis: Carol Danvers - Earth's Mightiest Hero

      1 year ago



      Real Name: Carol Susan Jane Danvers
      Alternative Names: Miss Marvel, Warbird, Captain Marvel, Cheeseburger (a centrifuge was involved in that one)

      Current Rank: United States Air Force Colonel, Commander of Alpha Flight

      Age: Likely late 30's to possibly early 40's



      Born into a Boston home, Carol's early life was tumultuous do to her strict and conservative father. Being the old fashioned type Joseph Danvers tried to raise Carol as a feminine girl while Carol liked more masculine activities like airplanes. Old Joseph didn't help her career choices so the day after her 18th birthday Carol enlisted in the air force. Carol was awarded top marks and became a major. After a mission involving a stealth airplane (made by Tony Stark) getting shot down, Carol was transferred to Air force intelligence. After having other adventures there, including battling alongside the pre-super Ben Grimm, Logan and Black Widow, Miss Danvers was appointed chief of security to Cape Canaveral and head outer space investigations.

      Therein she would have an encounter that would change her life forever.


      Unbeknownst to all at the base the new recruit was in actuality the recent Kree Superhero Captain Marvel. While aiding the alien hero the two became quite close. During a battle with the Kree Yon-Rogg, Carol was baithed in the power of the Psyche Magnitron. This wish granting device granted Carol her deepest wish, to fight alongside him as an equal. Thus Carol was bestowed upon the power, strength, speed and durability of Captain Marvel, becoming the first Ms Marvel.


      From then on Carol fought alongside and against some of the most prolific beings in the Marvel universe. Becoming a major player in some of the greatest battles across time and space, Carol proved time and again one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.




      Carol's base strength tops off at being able to lift approximately 92 tons. She has proven that power by lifting and using vehicles like cars and buses with the same ease as handling a sack of flour. When using her energy absorption powers this already massive strength is boosted further, giving her the strength to punt the inhumanely strong Sentry (think psychotic Superman) flying with a single punch.



      Carol's speed is just as impressive. Easily capable of evading gunfire and superpowered enemies on a daily basis, actual quotes on her speed are pretty iffy. One such in comic statement has her at 350 mph, while in another has her at Mach 3. Here she is shown reaching outer space with a super Skrull hitting her all the way, which would require at bare minimum Mach 34 escape velocity speeds. Incidentally one such outer space trip has her beat Thor before he can make 300 miles with a head start but that might be writers forgetting comparative feats.



      She has taken hits from some of the most powerful warriors around and gotten back up to fight again. Blows from the likes of the Hulk, and Wonder man have not taken the fight out of her (though sometimes literally taken her out of a fight, as in she landed in another city) and got plowed through half of New York by a super Skrull during the Secret Invasion and still kept on fighting.

      Energy Absorption


      Carol's most unique and quite possibly greatest power is her ability to absorb and manipulate energy. Heat, electric, radioactive and even cosmic energies can be absorbed to strengthen and revitalize her functions. In battle with the Dark Avengers Moonstone she was even able to forcibly remove the gem empowering her. Absorbing enough energy allows her to temporarily assume her Binary form which has even greater strength, speed that can travel interstellar distances and can give off enough power to be comparable to a sun. Her actual limits for absorption are staggering. Easily taking in the energy of a nuclear explosion with a slight battering to show for it and even tanking a cavorite explosion so powerful the Earth could have been atomized by it. Even processing over 80% of a black hole without problems.



      Her most problematic weakness is the fact that she cannot process magical energy without consequence. While if she needs to Carol can use magic at the level to help the likes of Doctor Strange it still hurts her. Despite her impressive resume she is still far and wide not one of Marvel's hardest hitters (for reference wouldn't have her on his top five team to take down Ares. She was right behind him when he said that.) and to the likes of the Hulk is little more than an irritant.




      Pretty much the battle of Distaff Counterparts becoming their own person. In particular the newest version of Linda from New 52 shares many of her issues.

      Wonder Woman


      This is the match of current poster girls from both Marvel and DC. As a mystically empowered and weapon wielding fighter who easily beats her in stats there really isn't anything Carol could do to beat her.

      Android 18


      Possibly her most even match, 18 has comparable stats and an energy power that means she doesn't nulliify nor get cornered by Carol's absorption powers.

    • 2 years ago

    • Death Analysis: The Princess Who Challenged Fate

      2 years ago



      Lucina is the daughter of Crown Prince Chrom of Ylisse, leader of the Shepherds. Descendant of the Hero King Marth, she is heir to a grand legacy. While Chrom may have taken a wife from his own party, it is implied that she is an only child from a local farmgirl. Her life was overturned when Chrom's most trusted ally was possessed by the Fell Dragon Grima and killed him. Without their leader the Shepherds scattered and died off. To keep up hope Lucina took the name of her ancient ancestor Marth and led what remains of humanity and the other children of the Shepherds to battle Grima. These battles would lead her to cross time and space to challenge fate of both past and present.


      Lucina's main weapon is the Falchion, a powerful and invulnerable sword passed down in her family from the time of the first known member of her family the Hero Anri. As she has been found worthy of the blade it's cutting edge is keen enough to cut through a solid block of wood with almost no resistance whatsoever, to the point that the resistance wouldn't even be felt. It also has the effect of dealing increased damage to draconian adversaries. The sword's blade itself is indestructible, the crossguard, pommel and grip are not and have been replaced so many times that her's barely resembles the ones that where on the Falchion when Marth wielded it. It also has the ability to heal her injuries, increasing her longevity in battle. Her other sword is the Levin sword. This blade sends a magical lightning bolt powered by the wielders magic power. Lucina has a greater physical aptitude then magical, so she uses this one for more esoteric enemies.

      Lucina can use the Wedding Bouquet to change class to a Bride, opening up her equipment capabilities to use spears, bows and arrows and healing staffs. And if you think it's out of character for her you haven't seen her shop.

      Lucina's bow of choice is the Nidhogg, a powerful weapon whose strength rivals that of the Falchion itself. Nidhogg's relatively low base accuracy is offset by the considerable boost in luck it affords, which increases hit, evasion and the ability to avoid critical hits. Her spear makes a good weapon at both close and mid range. Lucina can use them as throwing weapons and melee combat.


      Lucina has been taught in the sword skills of the Ylisse royalty, whose abilities have been around since the days of king Marth. This style utilizes a combination of hard strikes and piercing thrusts. The signature move of the style is the Aether technique. This is a two hit attack that first syphons health on the first hit and bypasses defense in the second and can be done no matter the attack she is doing. Her skills are great enough that Chrom admits he has nothing to teach her. With the blood of the Exalt Lucina has strength far above the average person. When exiting the otherworldly gate, Lucina fell around 30 to 50 meters and made the landing easily. While saving Lissa she traversed from the gate to her in the time it took for a Risen to swing it's axe. During their duel at the Arena Ferox, Lucina completely stopped Chrom's 4 meter high jump slash. And then replicated the maneuver. During the events of Future Past she performed the Awakening ritual, which requires being baptized in the fires of Naga the Dragon God equal to Grima.


      -Took role as West Ferox Champion from Lon'qu (though his gynophobia may have been a factor)

      -Fell 30 meters without pause

      -Survived the world ruled by Grima

      -Lost a close battle with Chrom

      -Still very afraid of bugs

      -Her Future Past counterpart rallied the heroes of her world and defeated Grima

      -Kinda %!#?#% in Smash Bros

      -Gets really $!?& if you match her footage to voice clips from her actress

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    Mostly curiosity. The thematic parallels are there, avenging father, picked up orphan, entrusted with the techniques of their masters and considered the strongest ordinary female fighters of their worlds.