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    • RNG Playthrough - Blazing Sword: Ep 1

      5 months ago


      Sorry about the delay, stuff got in the way such as Injustice 2 and the knowledge I can emulate other games. Well to all who read my stuff thanks for being here. As it turns out there was something I missed while putting out numbers, my tacticians affinity. Doing the generator again gets me a 54. There being 7 affinities that puts it in the fourth one, that being Ice by the wiki.


      And thus the journey begins.


      Still working with the tutorial on this.


      Still the tutorial level up is well enjoyed. That strength point is something I don't get every level up.


      This turns out to be more prophetic then it realizes. And as it turns out I miscounted before, 9 is actually Kent's number.


      Doing the tutorial so Sain is destined to fail at life. And because of my recount will never fully get out of the rut he is in.


      First battle that isn't influenced by the tutorial and Lyn tanks a hit. In a forest, with a weapon advantage. His percentage was 16. With true hit that was in the single digits. Really hope that isn't indicative of anything.


      Thankfully Kent gets a pretty good level up after getting fed a few kills and that caps off anything worth posting about this round.


      Tutorial still forcing me to do things that slow me down. Thankfully I am not doing a ranked run on this.


      Well next level ups aren't particularly impressive. Lyn got a speed and a luck on hers.


      Most important thing Sain is up to is two shotting the wall.


      And with three chapters down I end it here. Hopefully I have a better update schedule going forward.

    • Random Number Generator Playthrough - Blazing Sword: Our heroes

      7 months ago


      First up Swords with the candidates being;

      Sain 1-5, Kent 6-10, Florina 11-16, Rath 17-22, Mathew 23-29, Marcus 30-34, Lowen 35-39, Guy 40-46, Raven 47-52, Fiora 53-58, Legault 59-65, Isadora 66-70, Heath 71-76, Karel 77-83, Harken 84-89, Jaffar 90-95, Vaida 96-100.

      And the winner of the Regal Blade is 89, Harken.

      Next is Spears so;

      Sain 1-9, Kent 10-18, Florina 19-28, Wallace 29-38, Marcus 39-47, Lowen 48-56, Oswin 57-66, Fiora 67-76, Isadora 77-85, Heath 86-93, Vaida 94-100.

      The proud to be owner of the Rex Hasta is 92, Heath.

      Continuing on to Axes we got

      Sain 1-8, Kent 9-16, Dorcas 17-24, Wallace 25-32, Marcus 33-40, Lowen 41-48, Bartre 49-56, Raven 57-64, Dart 65-74, Isadora 75-82, Hawkeye 83-92, Geitz 93-100. 

      Picking up the Basilikos is 9, Sain.

      First on the ranged front is Bows so;

      Wil 1-15, Dorcas 16-29, Rath 30-43, Rebecca 44-58, Bartre 59-72, Geitz 73-86, Louise 87-100

      Our user of Reinfleche this game is 21, Dorcas.

      Anima Magic is on the block now and;

      Erk 1-25, Priscilla 26-50, Pent 51-75, Nino 76-100.

      And the one to pick up Excalibur is 59, Pent.

      Light Magic brings up the rear with;

      Serra 1-33, Lucius 34-66, Renault 67-100.

      The one who loves Luce is 2, Serra.

      So I am working with Harken, Heath, Sain, Dorcas, Pent, Camus and Serra alongside the mandatory Lords, Dancers and Athos. Wish me luck, probably gonna need it alongside Boss Abuse.

    • Random Number Generator Playthrough - Blazing Sword: Intro

      7 months ago


      Well Let's Plays now run rampant across the internet. I feel it's time I did one of my own. Don't have any recording equipment worth anything so I am doing it on an emulator and posting images. My first game will be Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword. 

      And to make things interesting I will use a bog standard random number generator of google to assign a unit to every S-Rank weapon and go at it. This does mean that Camus gets in free though. And every Paladin both pre promoted and non has 3 chances. To alleviate this Paladins get the least amount of numbers and specializers like Thieves and Swordmasters get extra.

      Wish me luck!

    • Thor vs Vegeta is done.

      11 months ago


      Took a while but I finally finished my Thor vs Vegeta blog.

    • Analysis: Carol Danvers - Earth's Mightiest Hero

      1 year ago



      Real Name: Carol Susan Jane Danvers
      Alternative Names: Miss Marvel, Warbird, Captain Marvel, Cheeseburger (a centrifuge was involved in that one)

      Current Rank: United States Air Force Colonel, Commander of Alpha Flight

      Age: Likely late 30's to possibly early 40's



      Born into a Boston home, Carol's early life was tumultuous do to her strict and conservative father. Being the old fashioned type Joseph Danvers tried to raise Carol as a feminine girl while Carol liked more masculine activities like airplanes. Old Joseph didn't help her career choices so the day after her 18th birthday Carol enlisted in the air force. Carol was awarded top marks and became a major. After a mission involving a stealth airplane (made by Tony Stark) getting shot down, Carol was transferred to Air force intelligence. After having other adventures there, including battling alongside the pre-super Ben Grimm, Logan and Black Widow, Miss Danvers was appointed chief of security to Cape Canaveral and head outer space investigations.

      Therein she would have an encounter that would change her life forever.


      Unbeknownst to all at the base the new recruit was in actuality the recent Kree Superhero Captain Marvel. While aiding the alien hero the two became quite close. During a battle with the Kree Yon-Rogg, Carol was baithed in the power of the Psyche Magnitron. This wish granting device granted Carol her deepest wish, to fight alongside him as an equal. Thus Carol was bestowed upon the power, strength, speed and durability of Captain Marvel, becoming the first Ms Marvel.


      From then on Carol fought alongside and against some of the most prolific beings in the Marvel universe. Becoming a major player in some of the greatest battles across time and space, Carol proved time and again one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.




      Carol's base strength tops off at being able to lift approximately 92 tons. She has proven that power by lifting and using vehicles like cars and buses with the same ease as handling a sack of flour. When using her energy absorption powers this already massive strength is boosted further, giving her the strength to punt the inhumanely strong Sentry (think psychotic Superman) flying with a single punch.



      Carol's speed is just as impressive. Easily capable of evading gunfire and superpowered enemies on a daily basis, actual quotes on her speed are pretty iffy. One such in comic statement has her at 350 mph, while in another has her at Mach 3. Here she is shown reaching outer space with a super Skrull hitting her all the way, which would require at bare minimum Mach 34 escape velocity speeds. Incidentally one such outer space trip has her beat Thor before he can make 300 miles with a head start but that might be writers forgetting comparative feats.



      She has taken hits from some of the most powerful warriors around and gotten back up to fight again. Blows from the likes of the Hulk, and Wonder man have not taken the fight out of her (though sometimes literally taken her out of a fight, as in she landed in another city) and got plowed through half of New York by a super Skrull during the Secret Invasion and still kept on fighting.

      Energy Absorption


      Carol's most unique and quite possibly greatest power is her ability to absorb and manipulate energy. Heat, electric, radioactive and even cosmic energies can be absorbed to strengthen and revitalize her functions. In battle with the Dark Avengers Moonstone she was even able to forcibly remove the gem empowering her. Absorbing enough energy allows her to temporarily assume her Binary form which has even greater strength, speed that can travel interstellar distances and can give off enough power to be comparable to a sun. Her actual limits for absorption are staggering. Easily taking in the energy of a nuclear explosion with a slight battering to show for it and even tanking a cavorite explosion so powerful the Earth could have been atomized by it. Even processing over 80% of a black hole without problems.



      Her most problematic weakness is the fact that she cannot process magical energy without consequence. While if she needs to Carol can use magic at the level to help the likes of Doctor Strange it still hurts her. Despite her impressive resume she is still far and wide not one of Marvel's hardest hitters (for reference wouldn't have her on his top five team to take down Ares. She was right behind him when he said that.) and to the likes of the Hulk is little more than an irritant.




      Pretty much the battle of Distaff Counterparts becoming their own person. In particular the newest version of Linda from New 52 shares many of her issues.

      Wonder Woman


      This is the match of current poster girls from both Marvel and DC. As a mystically empowered and weapon wielding fighter who easily beats her in stats there really isn't anything Carol could do to beat her.

      Android 18


      Possibly her most even match, 18 has comparable stats and an energy power that means she doesn't nulliify nor get cornered by Carol's absorption powers.

    • Death Analysis: The Princess Who Challenged Fate

      1 year ago



      Lucina is the daughter of Crown Prince Chrom of Ylisse, leader of the Shepherds. Descendant of the Hero King Marth, she is heir to a grand legacy. While Chrom may have taken a wife from his own party, it is implied that she is an only child from a local farmgirl. Her life was overturned when Chrom's most trusted ally was possessed by the Fell Dragon Grima and killed him. Without their leader the Shepherds scattered and died off. To keep up hope Lucina took the name of her ancient ancestor Marth and led what remains of humanity and the other children of the Shepherds to battle Grima. These battles would lead her to cross time and space to challenge fate of both past and present.


      Lucina's main weapon is the Falchion, a powerful and invulnerable sword passed down in her family from the time of the first known member of her family the Hero Anri. As she has been found worthy of the blade it's cutting edge is keen enough to cut through a solid block of wood with almost no resistance whatsoever, to the point that the resistance wouldn't even be felt. It also has the effect of dealing increased damage to draconian adversaries. The sword's blade itself is indestructible, the crossguard, pommel and grip are not and have been replaced so many times that her's barely resembles the ones that where on the Falchion when Marth wielded it. It also has the ability to heal her injuries, increasing her longevity in battle. Her other sword is the Levin sword. This blade sends a magical lightning bolt powered by the wielders magic power. Lucina has a greater physical aptitude then magical, so she uses this one for more esoteric enemies.

      Lucina can use the Wedding Bouquet to change class to a Bride, opening up her equipment capabilities to use spears, bows and arrows and healing staffs. And if you think it's out of character for her you haven't seen her shop.

      Lucina's bow of choice is the Nidhogg, a powerful weapon whose strength rivals that of the Falchion itself. Nidhogg's relatively low base accuracy is offset by the considerable boost in luck it affords, which increases hit, evasion and the ability to avoid critical hits. Her spear makes a good weapon at both close and mid range. Lucina can use them as throwing weapons and melee combat.


      Lucina has been taught in the sword skills of the Ylisse royalty, whose abilities have been around since the days of king Marth. This style utilizes a combination of hard strikes and piercing thrusts. The signature move of the style is the Aether technique. This is a two hit attack that first syphons health on the first hit and bypasses defense in the second and can be done no matter the attack she is doing. Her skills are great enough that Chrom admits he has nothing to teach her. With the blood of the Exalt Lucina has strength far above the average person. When exiting the otherworldly gate, Lucina fell around 30 to 50 meters and made the landing easily. While saving Lissa she traversed from the gate to her in the time it took for a Risen to swing it's axe. During their duel at the Arena Ferox, Lucina completely stopped Chrom's 4 meter high jump slash. And then replicated the maneuver. During the events of Future Past she performed the Awakening ritual, which requires being baptized in the fires of Naga the Dragon God equal to Grima.


      -Took role as West Ferox Champion from Lon'qu (though his gynophobia may have been a factor)

      -Fell 30 meters without pause

      -Survived the world ruled by Grima

      -Lost a close battle with Chrom

      -Still very afraid of bugs

      -Her Future Past counterpart rallied the heroes of her world and defeated Grima

      -Kinda %!#?#% in Smash Bros

      -Gets really $!?& if you match her footage to voice clips from her actress

    • Death Battle Analysis part 2: Death Battle Criticisms

      3 years ago


      Death Battle is an entertaining and informative show. Sometimes it isn't as riveting as it can be. Often they do something of putting or leave a factor they brought up out. These are very detrimental to Death Battles entertainment content and counter to it's mission statement to finding who would win at the extremes. So I have put some criticisms for Death Battle to take into consideration.



      As a series that is made with the statement to answer the question who would win, it shouldn't be obvious who the winner is when the fight has barely begun. While it's not always going to be down to the last punch, I believe that the fights need to make who is going to win a question for as long as possible. Some of my personal favorite fights include Taokaka vs Felicia, Thor vs Raiden, Batman vs Spiderman, Strider vs Ryu, and Raiden vs Wolverine. And something those all have in common is the fight doesn't make obvious who will win until they where nearly over. If they can make Thor vs Raiden look like a fight to the finish no reason not to extend that courtesy elsewhere.



      Another easy way to see the victor is if the factors that could affect their lowest weak points are glossed over. And the losers strengths are cast aside. We can get that RoboCop had better durability feats than the Terminator. The fact that Terminator was destroyed after a movie of abuse went ignored where areas RoboCop usually entered his fights nearly at full strength. And the moment Ivy's bullet kick was downplayed the fight was as good as Orchid's.



      Making a note that this character can use a weapon or move and not incorporating it shows bad judgment at best and side stepping the question what effect it have in favor of your own pick at worst. While this is often a matter of animation it was still weird that they spend half a minute discussing Ryu's fire Dragon spell and it makes no appearance in the fight. And Goku vs Superman 2 could be subtitled "Goku's no match for Superman stop asking" it's very odd that Superman's Solar Flare is not only brought up, it's a part of the thumbnail. And I'm pretty sure Peach's victory over Zelda would have gone over better if Zelda went out in a flurry of explosions.



      New shows, movies and comics are always coming up. But if a character doesn't have much to work with you should wait to see their new moves and feats. You waited for Naruto to be over before Gaara appeared, though he still got new moves but that's not for here, you can wait for a season, movie or game to come out. Plenty of matches can be made with characters that don't have much coming up. Orchid's win would have been smoother if Killer Instinct 2013 had come out, buffed her offensive capabilities and reminded everyone of the inns and outs of her powers. Halo 4 also gave the Master Chief weapons and options he could have used.



      Hopefully Death Battle themselves read and take into consideration the thoughts I have expressed here. The show is always improving and I wish they take these into account to make the fights as entertaining and thought provoking as can be.

    • Death Battle Analysis Part 3: Predicting Death Battle

      3 years ago


      As any fan can say Death Battle is a pretty funny and informative show. However that is exactly what it is, a show. While they do show their work the fact is that the winner has already been decided long before the product is finished. Thus factors that show what the winner will be already within the analysis or at the very least in the fight scene. Here I will list events to look for to see the victor before the fight is finished.



      As my previous blog noted when extenuating circumstances get brought up in reference to a characters power it's to show their winner already won. Thus when a characters weaknesses are downplayed they will win, such as when Rogue's win-loss record was chocked up to plot. And when a strength is examined for weaknesses that fighter will fall, like when Harry's Avada Kadavra was analyzed.


      Death Battle is a fight to the finish and one on one. Thus anytime what place they play in a team and what they do is important. There is no help for a Death Battle fighter so if there's any info that specifies teammates that one's chances aren't good. Anytime a solitary warrior faces an enemy that works with others has come up on top. Cloud, Pikachu, Harry, Sektor and Bucky all fell because of this rule.



      Death Battle often gives the win to the fighter who can deal with the most powers. Thus characters that rely heavily on pure brute force are often the ones to fall. This isn't the most hard and fast rule as if they note the combatant still uses intelligence to win and overcome eccentricity this usually negates this.



      Using powers that peak and drop offten ends in your death instead of the other way around. Transformations , super moves and high grade weapons are not to be relied on unless both sides have them. Goku's Super forms, Doomguy's BFG and Ryu's Shinku Hadoken all failed to bring the win.



      If a move declared the most powerful tool they got is sent out early in the fight that one will likely bite it. Death Battle likes its spectacle and burning out the best shot doesn't bode well for the end. Harry, Zelda, Ryu and Nightmare opened up early and paid the price for it.



      In relation to the above, a fighter who has an obvious early lead usually comes up short. Death Battle does like it's spectacle so a win that comes from behind looks good. And the early lead lets them show what advantages the loser did have so it works both ways. And with those done we now move on to the set I call


      These rules are based on more out there fan theories and Death Battle patterns. Thus these are much less serious than the last. To start with

          1. BET ON THE HERO

      Course Death Battle isn't going to kill a paragon of justice. Thus far at most neutral or anti-heroic characters like Scorpion and Godzilla have defeated a hero.



      Blondes do have more fun on Death Battle. Only Captain America has lost a fight with yellow on his head. Before Goku gets brought up I will remind that he wasn't in his blonde form when he died either time.

          3. KIDS DON'T GET KILLED


      Death Battle has not crossed the line in child abuse. A kid may have been in danger of a lot of things here, death isn't one of them.

          4. TURTLE POWER


      Turtles are surprisingly awesome and often bring in the gold. Are terapin allies have represented the series well.

            5. LOOK OUT FOR NINJAS


      Ninjas are some of the most awesome fighters around. With stealth, weapons and mind games they got everything they need to beat anyone. With that in mind, Zitz really didn't stand a chance.



      If the end of the rundown shows a moment of weakness that person is toast. Doesn't matter how good everything about you is, a bad cap to it seals your fate.


      Life likes to urinate all over the dude. So if there death will upset him expect his wants to die.

          8. GIRLS GET THE GOLD

      The only thing that can kill a girl is another girl. So if one side has xx and the other doesn't, don't even bother checking out the dude.


      The guy on the left usually wins. That's just common fact on Death Battle. We all heard that Ben says that's not always true but it keeps happening anyway. Ps. Look for my currently upcoming series on YouTube where I document how well my rules have predicted fights go. I will post my personal prediction here so a date and time stamp shows that it didn't go on after I watched it.

    • Death Analysis: The Valkyur of Blue Flames

      3 years ago




        Selvaria Bles is one of the Drei Stern, elite commander under direct command of Prince Maximillian. At a young age when her powers awakened she was taken from her home to be experimented on to learn more about the Valkyur's power. She was saved from this life when Prince Maximillian recognized her potential and enlisted her aid. Forever grateful she pledged her life in service to him. To fully awaken her Valkyrie powers she plunged a dagger into her chest to bring the life threatening wound they needed to bloom. With Valkyur sword and shield in hand she lead a campaign into Gallia in Maximillian's name. When Squad 7 and their new Valkyur Alicia defeated her, Maximillian ordered her to use the Valkyria's Final Flame to destroy the Gallian army. Shocked by her master's callousness, Selvaria nevertheless obeyed and used her life to fuel the flame.





      To channel her Valkyur powers Selvaria weilds these armaments created from concentrated Ragnite. The spear can fire energy blasts of various sizes. Smaller ones to hit moving targets and heavier blasts to destroy tanks. It is strong and durable enough to pierce tank armor. And it taxes her almost nothing so she can easily turn a battlefield into a desert.

                                                                                   Like so.


                                                                      She's in there

      The shield continously emits a protective aura that deflects small arms fire and can deflect direct tank shots.

      THE RUHM

      When conserving her Valkyur powers she uses this repeating machine gun. Custom built for her and personally a gift from Prince Maximillian himself, this gun fires a massive amount of amunition that has an effective range almost comparable to a sniper rifle. The real world inspiration is the MG34


      Service Saber

      At all times she carries a saber as part of her standard uniform. While she uses it sparingly, when combined with her speed she can parry bullets and use it as a sword as need be.


                                     POWERS AND ABILITIES



      As a Valkyur, Selvaria possesses superhuman strength, speed and senses. Her strength is great enough to throw a tank and bat tank shells out of the air. Even outflanked her speed is great enough to evade fire coming in all directions without injury.

      Selvaria's senses allow her to keep up with her abilities and eyeball shots as though using a sniper rifle. In gameplay these take the form of the combat Potentials Accuracy Boost, which boosts accuraccy obviously, and Experimental Body which boosts her effective range of attack.. Even without her Spear and Shield she has the reflexes to block a bullet with a normal sword. Her stamina is also effected, she can take several bullets without falling and fight for hours on end.

      The most powerful technique available to her is the Valkyur Final Flame. By giving her life she can utilize a powerful explosion strong enough to destroy a fortress and take out an army. The rather obvious drawback being she would be dead and unable to savor victory in that case.



      As her powers are unprecedented and mostly unchallenged, Selvaria's combat skills basically boil down to overwhelm with power and speed. On an even plain her unrefined style shows and becomes more predictable. As her bout with the recently awakened, and fighting on instinct, Alicia Melchott proves. Because of the tests performed on her she developed a dislike of Ragnaid, which otherwise could heal her wounds, and grenades which she could use as an offensive option.


                                     POTENTIAL OPPONENTS


      As an empowered lady of war Selvaria should face someone much like her such as...


      The heroine of the fifth Holy Grail War holds many paralells to Selvaria. Both are capable swordswoman subserviant and in love with a master. Where Selvaria is more blind, Saber gains a genuine romance. How Saber is used is kind of difficult as her power fluctuates with her master.



      The Knight of the Sword is my personal favorite of Selvaria's potential foes. Both are capable, no-nonsense ladies who carry out their masters will with cold determination. Both have a fire motif, Selvaria and her blue flames and Signum is known as the Blazing General.




      Another strong contender for her rival is Final Fantasy XIII's protagonist Lightning. Both soldier woman who fight with sword, guns and magic. Both have a level of cold ruthlessness about them, and have changed themselves for who they fight for. Still this one is unlikely as rpg characters can have equipment for anything, making putting down a canon loadout hard, Lightning's abilities change from game to game and summoning Odin is a large part of her powers and may look like cheating the rules.

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