With tonight featuring the G1 movie night, it seems plans have been made for our next community event.

Gaarathedancingpanda, thjoeshadowman1 and I have discussed on Twitter the prospect of a movie night focused solely on anime, and suggestions have already come in for what shows to watch. And while I am happy people are starting to support this, I feel compelled to set some ground rulers, some old, some new.

1. We will be choosing the top picks from your suggestions, how many depends upon how much time we allot. Those that are chosen will be shown the premiere episodes only. You don’t have to worry about a billion Sengoku Basaras over and over again.

2. I have decided that any anime that has a TV-MA rating will not been shown. There are several children on the site that might be drawn to the possibility Pokemon and Digimon being shown, and I don’t want any raging parents when they see something else instead. Warnings will also be advised for anything with a TV-14.

3. Movies may or may not be accepted. I know this is a ‘movie night’ but movies may not be able to be seen. I mean, we may not have enough time to show a movie and some episodes of shows. We shall see… To those that have posted a movie, I apologize, as your suggestion may not be headed….

4. You do not have to necessarily post your suggestion in the forums. I have opened up my Twitter to you all, so if you don’t have a forum account, you can contact me there. You can also PM me if you want to. But remember: no multiple votings!

5. Final voting takes place the Monday before the Anime Night. I want to have enough time to count votes and prepare for the showing.

So, I hope to hear from you all soon!

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