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    • Tales of Xillia 2 Review

      4 years ago


      To those maybe 2 of you who even remember me, I'm not dead.  It's been just shy of 2 years since i last posted something on Screwattack, so i can definitely understand how you reached that conclusion.  So what's bringing me back out of the woodwork?  First off, a fellow G1 by the name of The Guardian just reached his 100th blog post.  If you don't follow The Guardian, he's my personal vote for the best G1 writer, so definitely check him out.  A link to his 100th: http://www.screwattack.com/news/5-year-100th-blog-special-0

      Second, Screwattack has not done Tales games justice.  When the Tales of Xillia 1 review hit, it was met with a ton of criticism.  It was back during the period when Screwattack was outsourcing it's reviews, and the reviewer in question was someone who had never posted for Screwattack before (and far as i can tell, he never posted again).  The comment section was a massacre.  Essentially he criticized the game for being a JRPG without ever going into specifics.  The game ended up with a reviewer score of 6/10 and a community score of 8.3/10.  My words don't do it justice. Here's the link to the review so you can see for yourself: http://www.screwattack.com/reviews/review-tales-xillia

      Needless to say i was really excited to see the Tales of Xillia 2 review.  The only other direct sequel the series has had (as far as i know, i never played the PS2 ones) was Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and we all know how that turned out.  So before i went and spent my hard earned money on this game i wanted an opinion of it.  And i never got it.  Almost 2 months later i'm forced to conclude they're not doing it, and ended up just buying the game.  I'd seen very mixed opinions on this game, and after playing the game i have to say that they're absolutely correct.  When i beat this game it took me several days to figure out whether or not this was a bad game with a bunch of awesome moments or a good game with a ton of flaws.  After sitting on it however, I'm delighted to report that it's the latter.  


      Our story starts with one Ludger Kresnik (if you played the first game, yes related to THAT Kresnik) getting ready to head off to his first day as a chef at the local train station.  Long story short, Ludger follows a young girl (i'm talking like, 7 years old) named Elle onto a train.  The train in question get's hijacked and Ludger, being a former secret agent in training, sets off to try to stop it along with Jude from Xillia 1 who ended up on the train too .  He makes it to the front of the train and finds none other than his own brother at the helm.  Ludger and his brother fight for a bit and then Ludger and co...... fall into a parallel dimension.  Just roll with it.  Anyway, Ludger makes it out of the parallel dimension only to find that he was too late and the train crashes.  The resulting medical treatment puts Ludger 20,000,000 gald in debt, however the CEO of a company called Spirius corporation knows that members of Ludgers family can wield a powerful weapon called a Chromatus, which is the only thing capable of destroying the parallel dimensions.  The parallel dimensions in question threaten the real world, and the overall goal is to destroy as many parallel dimensions as possible and find objects called Waymarkers to reach the fabled Land of Caanan and make a wish of the great spirit Origin to rid the world of fractured dimensions thus saving the world.  And yes, nothing i told you is revealed past the first few hours of the game.  There's not really a Tales game besides this one where you know the entire plot (minus a minor twist or two) in the first FIFTEEN hours, let alone the first 3.  You could argue this is a good thing or a bad thing.  Personally I'm in the latter camp, but it's not where the game really falters.  

      First detail that really bugs me is the debt system.  I had a HUGE rant prepared by about halfway through the game.  Basically after you do a section of the story you have to repay part of your debt.  You get virtually no gald from normal fights (a good period of time you get none, even from boss fights) so you'll basically never have the required amount from just playing through the game.  There's quests given at every town in the game which 

    • "Holly Jolly Spekkio" Jolly ol Spekkio's Theme Remix by Agatio

      6 years ago


        So i actually posted this on the old site and completely forgot to repost here.... fail. So this is one of my early attempts at remixing videogame songs.

      Here's what i had to say back then:"I've always though that Delightful Spekkio (or Jolly Ol' Spekkio in the DS port) was far and away the best song in the Chrono Trigger soundtrack. However there arn't any really good remixes of this amazing song. So how do you make one of the best songs ever even better? Why, remake it as an ice stage theme of course! The ice levels in video games have always far and away been my favorites, so i tried to take the original Spekkio theme (which had a very distinct tropical vibe) and turn it into an ice level type theme. Right now i dont have a name. any suggestions?" LeviathanVII (who i dont think is around anymore.... T^T) came up with the idea of "Holly Jolly Spekkio" (it was aroudnd christmas) and ilike it enough to keep it. Anyway, here's what i have to say about it now: It's actually not too terribly bad, but the drums dont really fill out enough or have enough variation. The song as a whole really doesnt have variation. The mastering on it also leaves some to be desired. Most people wont notice it, but i still cringe at some parts of it. I hope you enjoy!

      In case you're wondering that picture was actually my back yard after a huge blizzard a few years ago.

      I don't really post stuff too often, but if you want more of something similar you can subscribe if you want. I have an interesting re-instrumentation of Dire Dire Docks from Super Mario 64 that i also forgot to repost (and apparently forgot to post to youtube... harddrive digging time) that should be up withen the next 2-3 weeks, so at least stick around for that.

      Im also very close to getting down a solo piano version of Dire Dire Docks. Would you be interested in seeing that recorded live while im at my Grandma's with her awesome grand piano? Let me know in your comment (you are leaving a comment right?) whether your interested.

      In the point of comments please leave either a positive OR a negative comment (yes, im Jirard now) if it's not too terribly much trouble ^.^ (if negative, remember i made this before i knew what i was doing. dont flame me!) Thanks all!


    • I need YOUR help with a Top 10

      6 years ago


      Happy New Year Screwattack!!!!!!!!!!!  If you don't know why you're here, im making a list of the Top 10 Trollings of Jared.  This is not necessarily limited to this year though.   So i was actually given this idea  by Revulsive (the evil genius himself) when he announced his month of Jared photoshops.  Over the course of my time as a G1 here, i have seen several examples of Jared being trolled by both the crew and the community.  To go along  with Revulsive's month of Jared trolling, i wanted to make a list of the top ways Jared has been trolled.  My problem is this: I want to make a top 10 list, but i can only think of 4.  

      The 4 are:

      -Craig resetting Mega Man X, I already have video of this thanks to G1 Museyfied's youtube channel

      -The infamous "Rape Master" nickname, also have video of this thanks to sidescrollers being archived

      -the Nyah Jared clip of the week (pelvic hadoken), I can't seem to find this one.  I don't know if it was before the new site was uploaded and it didn't carry over, or it got put in the wrong place or im somehow being an idiot (probably the last one), but i went through all the videos under the COTW and couldn't find it.

      -and, the previously mentioned Photoshops of Jared by Revulsive, if anyone knows if he has a website somewhere he keeps them in, it would be much appreciated as i only know where a handful are.


      Two more have come to my attention:

      The epic trolling of Jared by Mario Party  (yes the game itself)

      remember Jared's Mario Kart jump on the episode with Hardcore Zack.  If you've seen this then you know what im talking about.

      -End Edit-

      So, i would accept any and all examples of Jared being trolled by either us or the crew.  It would make my job easier if you had footage or could provide a link to said trolling, but it is not necessary.  I hope to get this up sometime during January, but im looking to enter college to do Music Production, and starting the 14th, i have an audition every week until part way through February.  

      Also, this is not limited to the G1's so if any of the Crew wants to chime in with something it would be greatly appreciated.  The only rule on this is that keeping with the spirit of trolling, Jared himself  is not allowed to have any say in this.

      Later guys -Agatio

      P.S. Revulsive, photoshop Jared's face onto Frank West.

    • Best cover of Super Mario Land Theme EVAR!!!

      6 years ago


       So as you all may have noticed by know, if i find a song worthy of attention to a wider audience, i'll bring it over here.  Well, i amazed some people with the piano cover of the Banjo-Kazooie theme by MMLeung, but i bring to you today (tonight, whatever) a song far more dear to my heart.  The theme to Super Mario Land is hands down my favorite Mario song ever.  And i would be willing to bet some money that this is the single best cover currently in existence.  I think it might be worth mentioning that while i am a highly accomplished pianist, i would practically sell my soul to be able to play like this.....

      This version perfectly captures the lighthearted Jazzy-Ragtime feel of the original in a way i might even say is better than the original itself.  To whoever this "Tom" is, i shall send a slow, but enthusiastic clap in your direction.  (anyone still have that gif of slow clap that was going around v4?)

      Update on me- Im soon going to be doing one of my "The best artist you've never heard of" again on a dubstep artist by the name Zomboy, who is criminally unknown.  Come to think of it, i still need to repost the first one.........  Well, that can wait till im no longer sick.  Had a sick stomach for 1.5 weeks and counting.  Later people's :)


      (and in case you're actually interested, here's some Zomboy for you)

    • The Awesomest Banjo-Kazooie theme Cover EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      6 years ago


       We all know the awesomeness that is the Banjo-Kazooie theme.   While brentalfloss's cover was amazing, i think you guys should take a look at this: 


      WATCH IT FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Sorry, this is not me.  If you skipped this to read, go to 48 seconds.  I honestly think this is the closest to an actual piano virtuoso that i've ever seen.  Enjoy, and let me know what you guys think.  Sorry for the lack of text, but i don't think there's anything i could say in response to this.  Later people


    • A response to MissRPGenius Re:Sonic Bedspreads, Boobs, and the Female Gamer

      6 years ago


       The other day, G1 MissRPGenius released a blog entitled "Sonic Bedspreads, Boobs, and the Female Gamer" on the topic of sexism in the gaming industry.  I would wager that most of you have seen this given that it has over 3000 views (insert RWJ reference here) but just in case you can view it here:  http://www.screwattack.com/news/sonic-bedspreads-boobs-and-female-gamer 

      If any of you have checked, this blog has over 100 comments, and almost all of them are walls of text.  It's very rare that you see this, so i thought this blog deserved a bit more.  Which is how im coming to write this.  I would like to preface this article with a few disclaimers.  First off, i am not just writing this to flame MissRPGenius.  If you read this MissRPGenius (and for that matter anyone who agreed with her article) and don't understand any of the points i make or why im making said point, leave a comment and i'll do my best to explain it.  If the people who didn't agree e read this, and disagrees with  or wants to add to any of the points im making, again, feel free to do so. Disclaimer 2: I am NOT writing this as a fanboy defending his idle.  I have never been a fan of Kotaku mainly for tending to report rumors as fact, as well as stunts like this.  Also, i am not a devoted viewer of Game Theory (sorry Mat).  I have only started watching the series since it came on Screwattack, and while i enjoy watching it, i am by no means a fan as of yet.  Disclaimer 3: I am a man. 'Nuff said for that. 

      So to address point one the Kotaku article.  Her analysis of what the article itself implies is essentially sound.  However, she overlooks one thing.  Based on the response that the editor gives, she assumes that the mistake was not accounting for other audiences.  She says that Kotaku is "catering to straight men at the expense of other groups."   Except it wasn't just the "other groups" who were outraged at this article.  There were plenty of straight men (myself included) who found the article in bad taste.  But no need to listen to just me.  The following are all quotes from the comments in response to the blog:

      "that article by Kotaku was unbearable to read." -LousyTactician

      "I thought the Kotaku article was disgusting" -Sidesmash

      "the article on kotaku was over the line and borderline insulting "  -KamenRiderAnt

      "the Kotaku article and Totilo's response to it [are]  just deplorable. That article had no place on Kotaku and Totilo COMPLETELY missed the point on why people were upset over it." -Caboose_-1

      "That article on Kotaku was probably the worst thing I ever read on a popular site that wasn't just an open attack on someone(s)."-AsaiNeroTran

      "Ugh, that Kotaku article is awful. The entire thing is just an egotistical masterstroke that isn't funny in the slightest. -Revulsive

      And these aren't all of them.  In fact, there wasn't a single comment that WAS in favor of the  Kotaku article.  So it seems we're all nicely in agreement here.  Now on to the Game Theory Episode.  This part was far more controversial than the Kotaku article, with people saying that MissRPGenius was absolutely right and they hated the episode, those that say that she took it too seriously and they loved the episode, and the last saying she took it to seriously, but still hated the episode.  But i would argue that this episode falls exactly within  the parameters for what Game Theory is supposed to be.  Game Theory deals with the SCIENCE of games.  And in case you didn't know, Biology is a science.  

      Now that i've got my opinion in, let me respond to what MissRPGenius said.  In regards to the episode of Game Theory  "the episode employed laughable pseudo-science to determine which in a series of animated women had augmented, as opposed to 'real,' breasts."  Laughable perhaps, but pseudo?  Not a chance.  The episode of Game Theory may have been more than a trifle lewd, but it was absolutely  accurate from a scientific point of view.  

      "The video began with a tongue-in-cheek disclaimer apologizing to female viewers for the content which followed. Despite its intended humor, the message it relayed was still clear: 'I recognize that this video objectifies and alienates a portion of my viewers, but that is less important than making the majority laugh.'"  Contrary to what MissRPGenius believes, this is not saying what she, and a lot of the comments think it means.  From what i could glean, they all translate this as "This video is not intended toward women".  On the contrary, this is apologizing to the viewers (both guys and girls) who might be sensitive to such a lewd topic.  When he is apologizing to the female viewers, he is merely saying sorry for portraying them in such an image.  Not for making the episode at all.  (If i am wrong and you meant something else Mat, please let me know).

      "Most responses to the video support his assumption that the self-described “shameless” stunt would be applauded and rewarded. I get it; people like boobs. Does this excuse turning “are they real or not?” into a pseudo-intellectual debate riddled with demeaning imagery?"  He didn't think it would be applauded, but he thought he would be rewarded, and he was most likely right.  It's a well known fact that sex sells, and having an episode on such a topic would get a bunch more people to come see it, and more likely than not, go watch more of them.  

      Now for the worst part in my opinion: "Why bother slaving to make high-quality episodes when the popularity of fatty lumps of flesh will result in high view counts?"  Im probably more annoyed with this than most as im a music producer, so i know how much work goes into these things.  Something of this length done well probably takes around 20-40 hours of work.  This makes me question if you even watched the episode past the initial warning.  The episode was quite clearly of the same quality of all the other Game Theory video's.  Yes, the subject may be objectionable, for the purpose of earning more views, but it doesn't change the fact that Mat put in the time and it shows.  Ignoring the topic and paying attention to just content, the episode is really good.

      And of course there's the really good point of why are you arguing against Game Theory when Screwattack has been openly Sexist in several of their top tens?  With Screwattack, it's obviously all in good fun, so why isn't Game Theory the same way?  This is a point i honestly don't understand, so if you or someone else can explain it to me it would be much appreciated.  

      I am abstaining from posting comments about this subject as they are so varied in opinions, and i want to avoid misrepresenting someone.  In addition, it would serve little purpose as it would be biased to include only the one's that agree with me, but i've addressed most of the points in the one's that disagree anyway.  There are some very well worded one's however, so if you go to the original blog link at the top, i would highly suggest reading through all the comments.

      But to close off, i would like to include one of the comment walls from the original blog.  G1 Shiva91 had probably the best phrased comment i've read, and quite honestly said it better than i could have said it myself.

      "While this article raises a number of valid points about the objectification of women in gaming, its ire is entirely misdirected.

      As a regular female viewer of GT, I wasn't offended by the last, "boobs-centric" episode, and I think it's important to voice the perspective of a female gamer who is fully grounded in reality on this issue.

      The episode mentioned above focused on fictionalized characters that are largely viewed as hyperbolic, even within a medium riddled with disproportionate lady-parts. To not see this for the clear satire that it was shows a narrow perspective on our part as female gamers and an inability to laugh at a clearly ridiculous aspect of almost every modern release.

      It's also hypocritical, ladies. As female gamers, we invest our time into playing games that misrepresent women ALL THE TIME. FFVII, anyone? One of my favorites, despite Tifa's total boobie dance at the end of every fight. Anyone play Mass Effect as a female character? Zero Suit Samus in Super Smash? If we're all so TOTALLY offended by misrepresentation of women in gaming, why are we playing the games? Sorry gals, but sex sells and if we really want to make an impact here, we should stop investing in the industry that's behind the trend. Or, we can take what we love from the games (the stories, the excitement, the strategy) and not sweat about rest. I'm not saying that one choice is better or more noble than the other here, but I'm saying we have to choose a side and stick to it. If we're supporting the gaming industry financially and complaining about it at the same time, we're talking out of two sides of our mouths. And that just makes us look stupid. Along the same lines, directing our anger at some perceived offense on a show like GT, which is possibly the most viewer-responsive show on Screwattack, makes us look fickle, not reactive.

      As for the above article: Either state that you are going to withdraw your support from the gaming industry, which is where your reasonable discontent should be directed (in which case, you may have better things to do than post accusatory articles here) or get some self esteem, brush it off, and go enjoy some jiggle physics for yourself." (end quote)

      (note to Shiva: this could turn into a great blog easily, so if you want me to take it down so that you can post it yourself, let me know)

      As to why im writing this?  One of the comments asked why so many people were getting up in arms over this.  I point to this one part: "It disappoints me to see this message promoted by ScrewAttack."  If you were just complaining about what was on Screwattack, then you should have just put this in an e-mail, and sent it off to Craig.  But the fact you  posted a blog about it opens it up to community review.  Which i have now done.  And that closing line?  "Kris Kail and Mathew Patrick have made it clear that as I am not a part of their intended audience, they don’t care to have my respect.  No worries, guys, you haven’t earned it. "   Well, no comment.  Which i believe implies more than almost any comment i could say.

      That all being said, i mean absolutely no personal offense against you MissRPGenius.  As i mentioned in the beginning, this is not meant to be something to flame you.  This was too long too put as a comment, and i also want to see what other people have to say.  Peace.

      -Edit- You can go check out Mat's response here: www.screwattack.com/news/defense-game-theory-boobs


      On a personal note, i have now completed my challenge for the charity fundraiser: Listen to the entire 10 hour version of Taking the Hobbits to Isengard.  Doesn't sound hard?  Listen to this for 10 minutes without going slightly insane.  The longest time at once was 1.5 hours, but it was still dangerous for my sanity.

    • Trance Song-Phoenix Rising

      6 years ago


       As some of you may know , i'm a music producer as a hobby.  But between one thing or another, i haven't got anything finished in ages.  So, my first song in the new Screwattack; Phoenix Rising!

      Some of you may actually recognize this as another song i made called Sea of Dreams.  The mixing on that was horrible (my first time using EQ), so i started redoing it.  I ended up making it so much better, that i thought it deserved a new name.  So i figured that since this song rose from the ashes of something dead.... well you get the idea.

      Oh you want to see the original? grumble grumble grumble.... fine, here.  No comments on it though.


      Well hope you enjoyed it somewhat.  I don't know when i'll have  time to make some music again, but it's coming.



      Youtube- http://www.youtube.com/user/Agatio230  Subscribe if you want more music.

      Facebook - I have an artist page!! might actually maintain it if i can get more then 10 likes :p              https://www.facebook.com/pages/Arsal/149510695120065

    • An Analysis of Why Fighting Games are Fun to Watch

      6 years ago


        Hey Screwattack!  Finally back and recovering from a severe addiction to Realm of the Mad God (flash MMORPG).   Most of you probably dont really know me, but i was fairly active in V4, not so much in V5.  Anyway enough with the  introduction/re-introduction, time to get down to buisness.  As most of us should know, EVO just happened.  As a fighting game fan, i really enjoyed watching this.  I've actually been keeping up with the professional UMvC3 for a long time, and this got me thinking.  What is it that makes professional level fighting games so fun to watch?  So let the Analysis commence!  Note: There will be several video clip examples.  Youtube will not let me embed at a specific time, so i'll post the time to go to.


      1. The players

      If you watch the professional scene for a good length of time, there are certain players that you become fans of similar to how most people have a favorite sports team.  Not really much more i can say about that, so i'll go into my examples.  (Appologies if this turns into fanboy worship.)  My personal two favorites are Combofiend and Marlinpie.  Combofiend was a fan favorite back in the original MvC3  but fell off the radar a bit in UMvC3 because he couldn't find a team that really suited him.  Marlinpie on the other hand, is not too good at the game.  He's learning, but he still has a lack of patience, and little knowledge on how to counter a lot of tactics.  But he's become one of the top players because he is one of, if not the most technical player in the buisness.  To quote Combofiend "That dude's a combo artist"  He's actually known for having a "Swag Dr. Doom" and this is most certainly true.  For example:

      Go to 2:38.  This is one of the coolest Doom TAC (team arial combo) exchanges i've ever seen, and he preformed this no problem for the first time, in a tournament (very difficult with nerves).  He single handedly pioneered the use of Doom's air jabs in combo, and the Marlinpie Elevator special is now a staple for advanced Doom players. I was originally just going to post a link, but i found a slowed down video and it's kind of hilarious so.... WATCH IT!

      Just to give you an idea, here's the original clip: http://youtu.be/hN8d69LvS1Y?t=2m28s

      Although he does it more than most, there's a lot of players who are just plain fun to watch.   Reason 1.  The players. 'nuff said.

       2. The commentators

      In my opinion, a commentator can make or break whether a match is entertaining or not.  There's many examples of bad commentators making a match boring, and just as many making a good match interesting.  But good commentary can make an otherwise boring match interesting.   A good example of this is the Curleh Mustache 2 grand finals with Marlinpie vs ChrisG.  (here's the clip if you want to watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N24QEXQvsg4)  ChrisG was doing his standard Morrigan Bullet Hell spam which is normally very boring (and somewhat painful) to watch.  But the  two commentators end up betting on who will win, and it become's hilarious as each is openly one sided.  

      As far as good commentators, i can only speak to the Marvel side, so i appologize to any SSFIV people who feel left out.  The general consensus for best commentator (to the point he has actually earned the nickname "Mr. Marvel") is Yipes.  In fact, he's doing commentary for every clip i've posted so far.  Of the many people Yipes has done commentary with, easily the best are with either Chris Matrix (the two did that Marlinpie-ChrisG game for example) or with Combofiend (which was a recent pleasent surprise to discover when they did Curleh Mustache 4).  There is one other duo who i belive deserve mention: Mike Ross and Gootecks.  The pair have an unbelievable chemistry and although they've only commented on matches a couple times, thoser were some of my favorite matches ever.  The chemistry of these two is so good it actually spawned a whole web series of just playing SSFIV (and eventually other games) online.

      3. The game itself

      A big part of why we enjoy watching these games played at a professional level is we're fans of the game itself, and seeing other far more advanced players gives us both something to strive toward as well as an informative lesson about what certain characters can do.  The fact we enjoy seeing other people play stems from our own love of the game.

      But aside from the love of the game, there's the actual playing of the game at it's highest level that is in and of itself entertaining.  You get to watch, with no pressure on you, as you see players try to get into each other's heads.  You get to see as combo's go from people mashing buttons to becomin almost an art form with one move smoothly translating into another and getting set-ups and resets that you didn't even know were possible and making it look easy.  Professional fighting games at their highest level are in effect a form of art.

      The hype

      Arguably the greatest yet least understood aspect of what makes watching fighting games fun is the hype.  There is no official word definition of hype, so i have sought a video clip that can properly convey exactly what hype is.  A lot of people are probably expecting the Daigo Vs Justin Wong fight in EVO 04, also known by it's nickname: "The most famous minute in fighting game history."  Although if you do have a spare minute, go read this as it's really interesting and kind of get's my point across of fighting games being an art form: http://www.penny-arcade.com/report/editorial-article/the-beast-is-unleashed-capcoms-seth-killian-explains-the-most-famous-minute

      My definition of hype is actually a clip i found about 2 months ago by accident.  This is the last big high-stakes MvC2 money match with Clockwork vs Neo.  In all the other clips i've pointed to about 10 seconds and said "watch this"  10 seconds does not addequately get across what hype really is.  Find a day you can set aside an hour and a half and watch the entire thing.  You won't regret it.  



      Thanks for reading this guys.  I hope you enjoyed it!    Here's an insperational video to send you off.  I'll make a Dan out of you!


      P.S. Did you guys know there's a Mario Party After Dark facebook group?  Well there is!  Go join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/230061800448776/

      -edit- after reading it again i dont think this is as good as it sounded in my head (with the possible exception of some of part 3).  Opinions?

    • Musings on Naruto: Who Tobi really is Part 2: Why Tobi can't be who he is

      6 years ago


      So just in case anyone skipped the Tl:DR, if you haven't read up through chapter 599 (or atleast 598) i would highly suggest going and reading it. You can catch up on anything you missed here: www.mangahere.com/manga/naruto/

      Now if anyone here has read my stuff before, you would know i do in depths ananlysis of stuff. What you probably don't know though, is contrary to what happens with most people, i do my best work when im actually angry at something. And boy am i angry at something right now. I would like to state a disclaimer that this topic is not written by rage, but rather is written in a highly angry, yet logical manner. If you have any disagreements with anything i say here, please let me know in the comments and i'll be happy to address your complaints. And since i might get this, i included the picture of Tobi's face in the thumbnail because i as reasonably certain that you couldn't tell who it was just from the picture (honestly if they hadn't said the name, there was about 4 Uchiha in the series who he looks near identical to, and he also has a striking resemblance to Gaara's dad (seriously, go look up a picture in the manga and put the 2 side by side.  Their faces are virtually identical)

      Ok, i think that's enough buffering so that people can see the spoiler warning without the spoilers. So if anyone else here has read the latest chapter of Naruto, you would know that after literally years of waiting, the most popular theory as to who Tobi was has been proved correct.  Yes, Tobi is indeed Obito.  My first reaction was to stand up and yell "Are you kidding me!?" (which illicited a odd look from my roommate).  Don't get me wrong, i have nothing against Obito, it's just that there are several people who are far more likely to actually be Tobi than Obito, and furthermore, after some of the relatively more recent revelas in the series, it was virtually confirmed that Tobi COULDN'T be Obito, and that the author making Tobi's identity be Obito was a blatent attempt to appeal to his remaining fans (or maybe a secret worry that he would lose the majority of his fan base if Tobi wasn't Obito).  But that's only speculation, here we're dealing with facts, so i present: REASONS THAT TOBI CANNOT BE OBITO (said in epic Egoraptor voice.  you know the one.)

      Reason 1: The motive and the Psyche of Tobi!

      Or rather in Obito's case, a distinct lack thereove.  If you go back and read the original Kakashi flashback, Obito was nothing like Tobi.  He had none of the same beliefs, and had absoloutly no motive to do what he is doing now.  Obito was a peacful happy kid (more or less) and Tobi is a vengful, brooding, and slightly sarcastic man.  The difference personality wise is night and day.  And motive?  Tobi's motive changes everytime he's questioned about why, and you start to half believe he's just doing it for the funof it.  The biggest stretch that i could think of for Obito having a motive for all this is that he was horrified by the war and wants to make sure that it never happens again.  While the motive is deffinitly the most reasonable transition to make, the Psyche change would be virtually impossible.  If there was to be one, it would be when that rock fell on him, but rather he seems almost cheerful as he's (supposedly) crushed to death.  No evidence of what he'll become.  If you notice the neutral face of the original Obito was one of a slightly cheeful kid.  The neutral face of Tobi (as shown in thumbnail) was that of "I would very much like to kill the entire world".  Addmitidly, still the most plausable aspect, so an argument could be made for this transition.

      2: The Power level is over 9000!!!!!!!!

      As Obito, he was easily the weakist kid on the block.  As Tobi, he can beat the whole block without breaking a sweat.  He goes from someone who doesn't have much talent or potential to becoming one of (if not the) most powerful ninja in the world.  But he does this in about 2 years.  Not even getting into the continuity issue yet, how does someone like him get good enough to easily take on the Fourth Hokage in just a matter of 2 years?  And not only that, but the ammount of knowledge he would have had to gain in 2 years is astounding given all he knows about the tailed beasts.   What he does is virtually impossible (but not wholly.  This is the second most believable aspect)

      3: Continuity issues!

      So those first 2 things could have been believable, but here is where things get thrown compleatly out the window.   One of the most glaring issues is the Fourth Mizukage.  It's confirmed that Tobi was controlling the Mizukage using a Jutsu that wasunique to Uchiha Shusui's eyes.  However despite Tobi's habit for collecting eyes, both eyes were other wise accounted for.  And since Obito's eyes are space-time jutsu, not Genjutsu, he can't have been controlling the Mizukage.  In addition, it's implied that the Fourth Mizukage was controlled for a very long time. This would be up to the point right after Obtio became Tobi, and possibly even before.  Addmitedly that last part is conjecture, but highly likely conjecture.   Also, the original Madara knew Tobi, and therefore Obito.   But considering that Madara only survived for a little while after his battle with the First Hokage, this would be virtually impossible, as both first and Second were dead before Obito was even born.  This would be streatching themeaning of "a short time after" to it's limit.  But it's also confirmed that Tobi has the First Hokage's cells too.  So where did he get those?   Another big whole in the psyche issue is that Tobi helped Itachi kill the Uchiha because he was "someone who held a grudge against the family".  While it could be theoretically possible that Obito could want to go for the whole Moon's Eye plan because of the events at the bridge, there is nothing anywhere supporting him having a dislike of the Uchiha.  The last problem i'll discuss is Konan's explanation of Tobi's Jutsu.  It doesn't fit withen the bounderies of Kamui.  Basically  the constraints Konan noticed and Tobi confirmed would make it so that Kamui doesn't work period.  

      I know there are several other issues but these are the one's that came to mind so the y  must be important.   Normally i wouldn't cry foul on continuity issues (it is a manga afterall) but every other time there's been a big surprise reveal (the Itachi reveal for example) it's all made sense in retrospect.  But when you stop to think about this, it makes no sense at all!  So i present to you:

       A list of awesome people who are far better choices for Tobi than Obito!!! (also said in egoraptor voice)

      These are in no particular order, but im just going to start off with this guy cause i was one of the pioneers of this theory: Danzo!!!  Wait, Danzo?  How could he be Tobi?  I wrote a huge blog about this ages ago, and you can see that here if your interested: www.screwattack.com/news/musings-about-naruto-who-tobi-really  It was only disproved when it was revealed Tobi uses Kamui, but given that Danzo has Shusui's eye, it's still theoretically possible, but i would be even more disgusted than with the current Obito state if he did that now.  The psyche and motive are absoloutly perfect and that was one of the biggest things going for it.

      And next possible being is..... A white zetsu clone of Madara!  This would actually make sense, as he essentially IS madara, but it allows for how he's so much weaker and "he wants to become a complete form".  This is one of the more iffy theories, as while there's nothing against it, there's also very little for it.  It makes sense, but Kishi tends to imply those type of stuff before hand.

      But what would probably be the best would be Izuna, Madara's brother.  Seeing as he lost his eyes, it would explain why he needed all those sharingan.  It's never confirmed he died (well he technically was in one of the Data books, but Obito was confirmed dead there too....) and given that he was on par with Madara, it would explain his knowledge and how he survived so long. 

      There's a few more characters who were less likely Tobi, so i'll just leave it at those 3.  It almost seems like Tobi was originally going to be someone else, and making Tobi Obito was an attempt to appeal to a dwindling fanbase.  But i would like your opinions on it!  If you have anything you disagree with, anything you agree with, think im an idiot, think im a genius, or think that penguins are amazing leave a comment! (dont actually just leave a comment about penguins...) Thanks all!


    • Super Mario World Level's (Remix, Levels by Avicii

      6 years ago


      Most of you know the now famous song "Levels" by Avicii, as pretty much every musician out there has done a remix of it.  But i would argue that this guy has done it the best.  Youtube user Jwktje (link to channel below) has remixed "Levels" in the most unique way possible: by using sounds from Nintendo's classic Super Mario World.  This song was made by taking hundreds of sounds from super mario world, and then chopping them up to form a song.  And it sounds amazing!!!!!  He has named this masterpiece appropriately enough "Super Mario World Levels".  Listen to this awesomeness:

       Link to his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/jwktje

      As a highly skilled musician myself, color me impressed.  Very.   Looks like i need to go back to practice :(  There used to be a download link, but it was removed from Bandcamp, and as yet the creator is unsure why, so i would guess we won't be able to get this onto our ipod's anytime soon.  Later people's.


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