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    • AgentKane's Top Ten Favorite Video Game Songs

      5 years ago


      I play video games of course but if there was one thing I couldn't live without (besides air and food) is music. Music relaxes me and lets my mind wander. So when I play video games, one of the things I look for is how well the music is. It alone can set the entire mood of the game way more than the gameplay ever can. So what are my favorites?

      #10. Paris-Hotline Miami

      While being recent back last year, it is none the less powerful and sets the psychotic mood the game has. It isn't the first song you hear in Hotline Miami but when you are let loose to kill people is downright grusome ways, this is the first song played.

      #9. Ain't That Funny-MadWorld

      I dislike rap. I don't hate it but I ain't one to listen to Jay-Z or Dr. Dre but for some reason I love this song sooo much. In fact I know the lyrics by heart. Maybe it is because the song is just downright catchy. It doesn't set the mood of MadWorld like Paris did to Hotline Miami but it still works when you shove sign posts down the thoats of nameless goons.

      #8. Still in the Dark-Guilty Gear X2

      Guilty Gear is known for some really really badass music. Honestly it was hard for me just to pick a single song out of the entire soundtrack but this is so fastpaced and so unique that it fits Guilty Gear so perfectly. This along with a ton of other songs is why I love Guilty Gear.

      #7. Cosmo Canyon-Final Fantasy VII

      I have been harsh on Final Fantasy VII in the past including the soundtrack. Whenever someone talks about any Final Fantasy soundtrack they always talk about One Winged Angel and cite that as the reason Final Fantasy VII has the greatest soundtrack. I strongly disagree but if FF7 has something it can say, is that it has what I believe is the greatest song to come from the Final Fantasy franchise. The song is both relaxing and unique to both the area you were in and the game.

      #6. Frog's Theme-Chrono Trigger

      Frog is a badass. He talked like a badass knight from the court of King Arthur and he cuts a mountain in half and he is a frog and frogs are awesome. Because of all of that he needs a badass theme and what a theme. I could go into a medieval battle listening to this and not be scared....at least until the arrows started flying at me.

      #5 Wily Stage Part 2-Mega Man 3

      Yes I know Wily's Stage from Mega Man 2 is more popular as the entire game is more popular than 3 but this stage is so perfect. It pumps to up for the encounter with Wily while be in a way tension filled. Things are only to get harder and it is reminding you that only will it get harder but to not lose hope. You came this far, finish it!

      #4.  Silent Hill Theme

      Talk about setting the mood for a franchise let alone a game! Akira Yamaoka is my favorite composer and he soars at this. I can't think of another game song that is both relaxing and yet very very haunting. It sounds so alien for a horror game but it fits so perfectly. Almost one of a kind.

      #3. Setting Sail, Coming Home-Bastion

      Bastion as a game is a auditory masterpeace from both the soundtrack and the narrator. Now the soundtrack is mainly known for the song "Build that Wall" and the other song "Mother I'm Here" is forgotten but this song here combines both to make a amazing song for the credits. Why isn't this song more talked about? For some songs I know why they aren't but there is no reason this song should not be left out.

      #2. Corneria-Star Fox

      Star Fox was the very first game I played and when I am thrusted into Corneria and it is to me the shining example of fast paced action. This song is what may or may not have gotten me into games. I mean the song is very similar in pace to something from the Power Rangers and I was the biggest Power Rangers fan growing up.

      Now for the most part I left out boss themes because of my number 1 choice. Most final boss themes are either dreadful like Ganon's from Ocarina of Time or fast paced like King K. Rool's from Donkey Kong Country. They are Dreadful to add tension to what should be the hardest fight in the game or fast paced to get you hyped for what should be the hardest fight in the game. What I chose was neither. What I chose was....

      #1. The Sun Rises-Okami

      This final boss is neither dreadful or fast paced, it is triumphant. You are the god of everything that is good and you are taking on the most deadliest evil ever. You didn't play through a amazing game just to get to the end and be scared nor do you need to be hyped. This is your fight and this is your moment. This song makes me feel that I am a god in a way.

      There are a lot of songs I wish I could have added but these are my top ten. I hope you enjoyed this list like I did making it.

    • Games I want to see at the 24 Hour Marathon

      5 years ago


      Last year's anniversary stream was amazing. No one who saw that stream will tell you otherwise. Now this year's anniversary is week on friday the 15th and needless to say I am excited! I already have plans to shave my head if there is another charity (also because I need to shave).

      My thoughts are swimming with ideas on what will happen this year? Will another poor soul become tingle? Will Craig finally man up and go to a haunted house? I am also wondering on what games will be showing up.

      This list isn't a top games list. Each game is good on their own merit. These are games that I want to see in one way or another.

      Retro City Rampage
      We know ScrewAttack loves themselves retro games, we know that they love open world games and we know that they love destroying things so why bring in this game and see who at the office can be the most destructive? The game also has in game challenges so they can compete in that as well.
      Guardians of Middle Earth
      This here is my oddball choice. Why? Well for starters it is a MOBA and twitch is popular for MOBAs and it can bring viewers...granted some of those viewers have been known to bring well...toxic as they are known to be called but nothing for the law to handle. Also it just became free on PS+.
      Yeah I have been harsh on this game since I called it the most overrated game of 2012 but I mention the game was at its best when you are walking death and that is what I want to see. I want to see the office take turns and see what ways they can take out foes. Who can be the most creative!
      Wrestling Games
      I don't want any single wrestling game, I just want to see the office act insane while playing one. I want insane created characters, insane jokes that shouldn't be made, I want a insane live royal rumble, and well..I want to see ScrewAttack try something like this.

      Lauren Playing Dead Space

      I am sorry Lauren but this was just too good. You put PewDiePie to shame with this and I want to see more. Think of it like this, if you play this then you are a bigger man than Craig since he refuses to go to a haunted house.

      A live How Many Lives of Any Game
      I want to see the anger build with someone who hasn't played and them trying to survive. I don't care who plays it, or what game it is. it can be any hard game really. I just want to see a live how many lives. Oooh better yet, do it while they are tired like 3 in the morning.
      Okay we all know that there will be fighting games on the marathon and if we learned anything from the last marathons, there will be a lot so if I can make a suggestion, can you please space out the fighting games more say after you play Super Smash Brother which we know will be played, you play a non fighting game instead of going straight to Street Fighter 3: Third Strike which again we know will be played. We get burned out fast on fighting game that way. I won't ask to not play them. Instead I will give some suggestions on what fighting games should be played next to Smash Bros and Street Fighter 3.
      Virtual Fighter 5: Final Showdown
      One of the stiffest fighters to me is also one of the funnest. This game has been played once before on Screwin Around and I want to see it return again. I also want to see Chad play this since he plays fighting games a lot but I haven't seen him play this. I wonder if I can kick his ass in it since he always kicks mine in SF3.
      Which BlazBlue? I really don't care which though I do prefer Continuum Shift. Hell Persona 4 Arena is a good choice though I haven't played it yet. Still some more fast paced fighters will be fun to watch. Take your pick.
      Mentions from other g1's.
      From other g1's we have Conker's Bad Fur Day, Contra III or Hard Corps, Halo 3 on legendary, Mass Effect 2, Brutal Legend and Mega Man Legends. I can tell you that there are more suggestions out there though that is all I have now.
      Now originally I wanted to make a g1 picks like with the top 20 games you must play but I am not that origanized for something like that but you are more than willing to make your own suggestions. These are just mine.
    • Addressing Sexism Accusations Towards The PS4 Conference

      5 years ago


      Last week we saw Sony reveal the Playstation 4. Was it a perfect conference? No as we saw several issues such as the lack of the actual console and no backwards compatibility but other than that it was a decent showing of what could be a great console but while watching this conference, some noticed something that I wasn't aware of; a lack of female presenters.

      Each game and each info on PS4 specs were told by men. Many questioned why there were only men and if there was a reason why women were not present. Some have even led this to calling Sony a "Sexist Company".

      Now I am fully aware that the most extreme of these accusations come from people are are not big fans of Sony in the first place but even people who are fans that are seriously questioning Sony on this. Why were there no female presenters?

      Is it because there are no females in these high postitions? Well Kellee Santiago who worked at thatgamecompany states,

      "There are women in high positions at Sony who were qualified to speak yesterday at or around the press conf. Sony chose not to show them."
      That leads into another question however; why did Sony choose not to? As soon as I ask myself that I am reminded of when I was watching the PS4 conference in that I wasn't paying attention to who the presenter were. I watched not because of any famous presenter or for any celeb to show up. I watched for the PS4 and that is what I was focusing on and I believe that is what Sony was going for. They presented the conference for the PS4. The lack of female presenters is because it passed their mind. They were more focused on the PS4.
      Now I fully support female rights. If females were presented the show, I wouldn't think a thing of it as unless you were as weird as the Drive Club guy, you would have overshadowed by the either the game you were presenting or by the PS4 itself.
      Because of all of this I fully believe these accusations have been blown out of proportion by a unneeded sense to be political correct. Sony wasn't being sexist during this conference and I hope in future conferences they choose not to be political correct for the sake of people who want to whine about everything.
    • Valve reveals Team Fortress 2 Action Figures

      5 years ago


      The fight to capture briefcases and pits of gravel has moved to your floor with brand spanking new Team Fortress 2 Action figures!

      Yes, now you can own your favorite mercs... well two of them anyway, in whatever battlefield your home has. No one will ever forget how the Demo sticky launched himself from the bathtub to the sink or how the Pyro defended morning toast from the cat!

      Right now, both figures are sold at Toys R Us, FYE, and Hastings; but can also be bought online at Amazon for $29.99 or the Valve store for $21.99. Plus, the Valve store gives out special codes for use in Team Fortress 2 so yeah, buy from Valve. No word yet on any other classes but I bet we will see them in the future.

      So, are any g1s going to buy these?

    • God of War: Ascension Beta Impressions

      5 years ago


      God of War: Ascension is just months away from letting players control the vengeful ghost of Sparta once more. God of War is known for blood, tight combat, boobs but the thing the series and for hack n' slash games in general were never known for was multiplayer.

      Yes for the first time in the series, players can hack and slash at other players instead of the countless monsters in the series.

      Now once upon a time, the general reaction to a game like God of War getting multiplayer would have been met with negative reception but thanks to games like Uncharted and Assassin's Creed, games that could have failed in the multiplayer department, we have seen that if you take the time to create a multiplayer that works and is fun, than we could accept it. So will God of War become that type of game?

      At the start, you are sent before four statues of Greek gods; Zeus, Hades, Ares and Poseidon. In the beta however, you can only pick either Ares or Zeus (Which pissed me off since I wanted Poseidon). While the general gameplay remains the same between the four, each god offers a different stat boost and different powers. After you side with your god, you are given a tutorial on the combat for those who don't play God of War that much as others. After that you are sent to the menu where to equip your fighter, unlock new spells and head into battle.
      The armor system is interesting as each piece changes your stats similar to that of a RPG. A chest plate that increases phyical resistance while decreasing your elemental resistance or a helmet that boost attack power but decreses your spell attack power. Spells like the armor are locked until you reach a certain level and with each level you gain points to unlock the spells and armor.
      The beta offers three modes and two maps. Team Favor of the Gods is a mix between Team Deathmatch and King of the Hill. Capture the Flag is standard CTF but with God of War. Both of these maps are played on Desert of the Lost Souls and have eight players to each mode. Favor of the Gods is Deathmatch and can only be played on Forum of Hercules which only has four players. Like Assassin's Creed, Team Favor of the Gods and Capture the Flag are well made but require a certain taste to enjoy. Favor of the Gods however is too hectic. Kills are too easily stolen and if you have four players within the same area attacking each other, it is hard to see what is going on. In the end, Favor of the Gods becomes a button masher.
      The God of War series has always been known for some of the most impressive graphics of their time. While most multiplayer games tone down the graphics to smooth out framerate and lag, it still remain impressive. The areas are diverse and colorful, each attack looks like they have power and the gore which is one of the things this series is known for is still quite guresome.
      Overall, like I said before, it is like Assassin's Creed's multiplayer; while well made, it requires a certain taste to enjoy. No one is going to buy this solely for its multiplayer. God of War fans however will enjoy it for what it is. In the end, it won't hurt the franchise.
    • Brütal Legend heads to the PC

      5 years ago


      Yes the strangly exclusive RTS for consoles is heading after almost 4 years to the PC. It will be available Feburary 26th for $20 but you can prepurchase for 25% off and be entered into the exclusve multiplayer beta (WHICH IS AWESOME!) and recieve exclusive TF2 items. This is making my inner metal head happy!

    • Death Battle: Mike Dawson vs Prince Alexander

      5 years ago


      Death Battle has featured some of the strongest charcters ever from Link to Superman. However, on the opposite side of the spectrum, there exist two characters who are so weak and so lame, they will never be featured on a official Death Battle. Those men are Mike Dawson from Dark Seed 2

      and Prince Alexander from King's Quest VI.

      These men have been called lame, weak, and just all around losers. But which of these men is the "greater" of the two?

      Mike Dawson
      Despite what Dark Seed 2's plot would have you think, Mike Dawson sucks. The man is being framed for the death of his "girlfriend" who was more than likely cheating on him with just about everyone in the game and somehow, her death is linked to the darkworld. A nightmarish world parallel to our own that somehow, Mike Dawson was able to stop from coming into his world in the first game (He was less lame in that game).
      He never shuts up. With this he can annoy Alexander to death.
      He has a limited knowledge of weapons but he is more than likely scared to use them.
      Somehow and don't ask me how he did it, he punched a guy.
      Nobody likes him.
      He is a crybaby.
      Everyone walks all over him including a clown with depression.
      He has trouble with simple games like Ring tossing.
      His mom has bigger balls than him.
      His only way of solving crimes is "What is your relationship to Rita?"
      Prince Alexander
      Despite having a father with muscles like Hulk Hogan and being a prince, Alexander might has well be a little kid who should be locked inside the basement for being a accident on the family. Alexander grew up with a creepy wizard who kidnapped him and after dealing with him and returning to his real family, he spent the rest of his life doing nothing until seeing a girl who made him moist. With this, he ventured outward to seek this girl and thus, begins a adventure of being stepped on by everyone, dealing with stupid creatures and puzzles, and just being annoying.
      He won't shut up. Like with Dawson, he can annoy him to death.
      He is able to think on his feet...granted his solutions are lame as hell but they work.
      His daddy can beat up your daddy.
      Everyone walks over him even though he is a prince.
      He isn't a fighter.
      Terrible fashion sense. 
      He is very weak to cold and hot objects
      He almost dies everyday
      There is only one outcome to this and that is......DRAW! You send these men to killed each other and what happens? They die from anything but themselves. Mike more than likely dies from a alien baby inside his head that he got from his last trip to the Darkworld and Prince Alexander caught dysentery during the fight andshit himself to death. No one would come to help Mike since he is wanted for murder and Alexander's dad is more than likely in a desert drinking water for a ad. 
      Sources for the photos are
    • Valve and Capcom reveal Resident Evil 6 X Left 4 Dead 2

      5 years ago


      Editor’s Note: OK. This is a great example of cross promotion! Well played Valve and Capcom. 

      Resident Evil 6 is finally coming to the PC platform and Valve is giving you a reason to hunt zombies there; Left 4 Dead 2 characters!

      Yes Nick, Coach, Ellis and Rochelle are hunting zombies in Capcom's game. Not only that but some of the special infected from L4D2 will be joining forces with the hordes of Resident Evil 6's zombies to hunt the players. The L4D2 content will only be available on the Mercs mode and it will be free (Valve rubbing onto Capcom?) on April 5th for PC owners.

      But wait, some of the monsters from RE6 will even be heading to L4D2! This will be done using L4D2's Steam workshop feature. No word on a price but more than likely, it will be free.

      Needless to say this is a cool crossover and it is nice seeing Capcom do this.

    • Borderlands 2 writer might change Tiny Tina due to racism

      5 years ago


      Borderlands 2 is known for its wacky characters; from the greedy Marcus, to the gentleman like Sir Hammerlock. But one character some are now upset over is the "racist" Tiny Tina.

      For those who have not played Borderlands 2 and do not know who she is, all you need to know is that she is a insane little girl who likes making bombs. She also talks crazy, but some are claiming that the way she speaks is in fact why she is due since she is using "black lingo".

      Now for the sake of the accusers (and because I don't know how to embed tweets on blogs), I will not post who they are but I will take some of their quote instead.

      @reverendanthony Hey. I really like BL2's writing, but Tiny Tina's trope of "white girl talkin' like them urban folk!!" has got to go
      Anthony, the writer of Borderlands 2, was at first unwilling to change with the accusations but because of it, more have come and have also claimed Tina to be racist.
      @(The Accuser) @reverendanthony Hey big fan of BL2's writing here also, loved Handsome Jack, TT was a profound misstep & made me uncomfy thanks
      Anthony being respectful has listen to what they had to say about Tina and has also said
      "The last thing I want to be is exclusionary or prejudiced, so if Tina truly is problematic I'll change her."
      Now since this has happened, many are stepping up to defend both Tiny Tina and Anthony including President of Gearbox, Randy Pitchford.
      @reverendanthony tina is not racist because you are not racist. You're a pillar of tolerance and inclusion.
      Personally, since I know Tiny Tina was based on his sister, I think these claims are downright stupid. Using a races lingo for racism can only work if said character is a stereotype of that race. Think Mudflap and Skids from Transformers 2. Tina is not a stereotype and if using lingo is racist then, all blacks would have to only speak in "lingo" or they too would be racist. What are your thoughts on this?
      Now I will post the source of this and they will have the accusers there. Please be respectful and do not harass them. They already have been harassed enough.
    • Could the big TF2 secret be new classes?

      6 years ago


      Editor's Note: Here is something I never considered. Well I am not sure if TF2 needs new classes, I bet WoW needs Pandas to help everyone forget that Diablo III didn't come out this year. Not going to work on me Blizzard!

      In case you haven't seen to the latest TF2 post or the 02/03 Episode of Hard News, TF2 will be getting a new secret project that isn't a new hat or map. Or even a hat map for that matter. Maybe a new mode? Well if that is the case then it wouldn't be fun to wonder about it would it? When thinking about that, all I can think of is a bland FFA mode or God help us, the civilian mode from TFC. That was never fun. No I think it's funnier (Is that a word?) to think of new classes!

      Ever since 2008 a 10th class of rumored because of this easter egg in Left 4 Dead.

      Now there hasn't been any news on this since this easter egg so it was safe to think it was just a joke but what if they are returning to it? In 2009, a fan made a fake TF2 blog detailing a 10th class; the Guard Dog. This was an interesting read. He even added Hats for the Dog. Even Valve paid attention to it. Has there been any word to this? No. Now should there be a 10th class? No...I think the number should rise to 12.

      The 9 TF2 classes are broken down to 3 groups; Offensive, Defensive, and Support. A single new class would kind of upset this balance. To make things even, they would have to add a new class to each group. What should they do? What classes? Since I love TF2 too much I have thought about this!

      The Guard Dog would go under Support so two to go! Offensive should maybe be a well balanced class armed with a SMG and a Shotgun. That could be a kind of beginner class for when you have one too many W+M1 pyros running around. They have mentioned a class called the Commando while they were developing TF2 so there 2 down.

      Defensive in my opinion should be a character they made back in the Halloween update in 2011; Merasmus the Magician! This would also go with the bizarre humor of TF2. What weapons? Well his magic spells! His basic attack would be like energy spells but what would make him interesting is a spell to scare away players like in the first Halloween update. You know when the ghost comes by your guy gets scared. There, 3 new classes for TF2.

      However, even with three new classes, the balance of the game could become out of whack for months. Remember The Force of Nature? I can't think of another weapon to be nerfed so much and that was just a weapon. Imagine what 3 new classes can do, let alone 1! Now think if this could work? TF2 would become a game we could play for even longer without it getting stale! Not to say that is it getting stale mind you.

      This big secret is most likely a new mode but hey, it can't hurt to wonder.

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