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    • The 2016 Sprite Royal Rumble

      2 months ago



      If you wish to enter this year's SRR, please check the rules here.

    • An Unofficial Death Battle: The Fight (Animated)

      5 months ago


      Two Years ago, I created an unsanctioned Death Battle of Pucca Vs Arale in comic form. If you're interested in seeing that, click on the following Links below...

      Now while the fight is done, the reason I am not linking it yet is because said fight has been animated.

      Once you finish watching it, see the Comic version to see how different the two versions are and the reason why one was picked over the other.

    • Electrocole asked AkumaTh a question

      Last year during the G1 Death Battle Blog contest, you posted the two links where you gave your thoughts on the individual blogs. What site were the links on and can you post them?

      Answered: Mar 12, 2016

      They were on my Death Battle Tumblr. I made them private so only those who were interested in the contest would see them (and I don't really use it for its original intent anymore, just for links to funny stuff related to the fighters).

      The links are broken because the move changed the locations to those links.

    • Unofficial Death Battle 2: The Call For Help

      1 year ago


      With the little bit of voting I did get, the next Unsanctioned Death Battle pits Stitch from Lilo and Stitch Vs Gon from Gon. Though for this to happen, I am going to need help. I am calling out to you Death Battle Researchers out there to help with the research for Stitch Vs Gon.

      I need pretty much anything you can find from both of them from every media they ever appeared in. Be sure to also include links or details about where a specific feat came from. When you do, put that document on google drive (or anything similar) and PM me that on Screwattack or the Screwattack forums.

      If all goes well, this maybe in April or May.

    • An Unofficial Death Battle: Arale's Profile

      2 years ago


      2mD7MjP.png: Senbei Norimaki, the titular Dr, Slump, was an inventor with numerous other creations under his belt. In an attempt to create something that could be passed off as a living thing, he created his adopted daughter: Arale.

      kWWAMxJ.png: But you can tell this guy is not that good of a creator since not only is she near sighted, she doesn't hide the fact she is an android well. It’s a wonder she wasn't found out yet.

      2mD7MjP.png: While she does tend to fail in blending in, it does show off that she is a very powerful android. She is physically capable of doing incredible feats that would shame some of the most powerful fighters.

      kWWAMxJ.png: Like being able to destroy the moon with just a rock. Or even better, split the entire planet in half with only one punch!

      2mD7MjP.png: Of course, being a gag character, these don't end up causing too much trouble.

      kWWAMxJ.png: But that doesn't mean it won't be effective when you take the gag part out. As seen with her many game appearances.

      2mD7MjP.png: Yes, but not as visually appealing as her opponents.

      2mD7MjP.png: Such examples are her Arale Kick and Headbutt, which are just a running dropkick and a headbutt.

      kWWAMxJ.png: And while it isn't a big energy beam, they do some massive damage and can send any opponent flying.

      2mD7MjP.png: It helps that she has a technique that can let her be able to run at around 500MPH to ensure they do as much damage as they can do.

      kWWAMxJ.png: And the coop-de-gra for her, the Earth-Splitter! That is the very punch that can split the entire planet in half. That's the stuff Akuma dreams of. Imagine hitting someone with that!

      2mD7MjP.png: Despite the incredible power to do that, it is not her secret weapon.

      2mD7MjP.png: That would be her N'cha Cannon. A powerful energy beam that can take out giant creatures in one strike. She can even breathe in her opponent's energy beam attack with her own to make it even stronger!

      kWWAMxJ.png: Whoa! With a resume like that, it sounds like she could beat Goku!

      2mD7MjP.png: Funny you should say that. She actually has met Goku on numerous occasions.

      kWWAMxJ.png: Wait… What?!?

      2mD7MjP.png: Since she is also a creation of Akira Toriyama, the two have met each other on numerous occasions in both  series' mangas and animes. She even showed superior strength to Goku by defeating not only an opponent he had difficulty to defeat but also Goku's own Great Ape form.

      kWWAMxJ.png: Why wasn't she in any of the tournaments I went to?!?

      2mD7MjP.png: She showed incredible strength, speed, and even the ability to function her individual limbs when apart.

      kWWAMxJ.png: If I was a betting woman, I would put my money on her so hard!

      2mD7MjP.png: It would be a safe bet, but you must remember that you must know everything about both sides. And there is still one thing you must know about her.

      2mD7MjP.png: While she has shown advance knowledge in academic fields, she does not have much in terms of common sense or basic intelligence.

      kWWAMxJ.png: Again, Mr. Norimaki is not the best at inventing.

      2mD7MjP.png: Not only that, she is also near-sighted. So she does require the glasses to see.

      kWWAMxJ.png: I hope she has one of those sports straps.

      2mD7MjP.png: Her biggest weakness is her own energy supply. It is not unlimited like Superman's or easily replenished as Goku's. She runs on Robovita-A which she usually intakes every meal. Once she runs dry, she would become essentially a statue. And what's worse, her N'cha Cannon uses up said energy supply. So the more she uses it, the faster she can be shut down.

      kWWAMxJ.png: But considering how much she can deliver, I find it very difficult to see her even reach that state.

      Yep, another creation of Akira Toriyama. She was fun to research since I was never into her series yet the wikis about her were very informative to finding the sources alongside information. Her opponent's wiki was not as informative, but finding her stuff was very easy to do. I also got some help on her by Zacmariozero, which you can check his fan Death Battles here.

      Be sure to mention your favorite feats of her just in case I missed any. Pucca and a list of things not mentioned will be next week.

    • Vote for the Next Unofficial Death Battle Match

      2 years ago


      I'll be listing the matches and the Advantage/Disadvantage for each of them. The one you would like to see (or even wish to help in research), please post below...

      Advangage: The most likely to be the most popular choice. Too boot, I already have the set up for the match figured out: both are in Adventures of Bayou Billy, where one praises the game while the other one considers it a piece of garbage. With the threat of a game world to be destroyed, the battle of the Gaming experts would begin.

      Disadvantage: Since there is not many useable sprites, I would need to use my 8-Bitish Human Base which does not have a lot of poses. Too boot, it would also require someone to rip the backgrounds from the Adventures of Bayou Billy. And while the Nerd's stuff is easy to find, I would either have to wait for Netflix to show Capt. N or get the DVD (or an expert).

      Advantage: Easiest match to research since both Capt. S and Capt. SNES is available online for free. Already have the introduction in mind with a cameo appearance (though not with permission) of Console Wars. Speaking of console wars, this could be advertised as the final battle between the Genesis and the Super Nintendo.

      Disadvantage: Like above, would need to use the 8-Bitish Human Base. It is also possibly the least popular of the four choices because I doubt many remember Captain S and even fewer here probably know of Captain SNES. Also, Captain SNES is still incomplete, so more information could come out that could potentially change the results if he loses.

      Advantage: Research is pretty much done. While it would need to use the 8-Bitish Human Base, not many poses are required for these guys. And the poses that do are essentially easy to pull off.

      Disadvantage: I doubt many people know about Cabadath. The match would be more fitting to Halloween. And since the Research is done, the results have already been posted. 

      Advantage:  Sprites are readily available. 

      Disadvantage: Researching them would take a while since Stitch has multiple movies, a TV Show, an Anime, and games to go through while Gon has a bunch of Manga, an Anime, and a few Video Game Appearances. Stitch's two sprite sheets have guns attached to them, so I would need to manually remove them when I don't need them. 

      So of these four possible matches, which sounds like a match you would like to see?

    • An Unofficial Death Battle: Pucca's Profile

      2 years ago


      2mD7MjP.png: Pucca is a girl living in Sooga City. She works in the Goh-Rong Restaurant as a delivery girl. She also lives there with her three Uncles. And she has romantic feelings for a boy named Garu.

      kWWAMxJ.png: Boring! Why is this girl facing the super awesome robot girl who can break the planet in one punch?

      2mD7MjP.png: Because she too is one with incredible abilities in an unexpected package.

      2mD7MjP.png: While lacking in the Robotics part, she too has a lot of incredible strength and speed under her belt. Understandable considering her inner circle consists of ninjas and others with impressive skills.

      kWWAMxJ.png: So she’s the best fighter in her village? Even against Bruce Lee?

      2mD7MjP.png: He’s just a Fei Long.

      kWWAMxJ.png: So how is this Noodle delivery girl supposed to compete against planet splitting robots?

      2mD7MjP.png: For starters, she is incredibly fast as well. As impressive as Dante’s feat of running down a building, it really pales in comparison when you see a little girl running up one in similar speeds.

      kWWAMxJ.png: That depends… Considering that Rocket Pack Garu was using gave him enough lift to reach space; and the escape velocity from Earth according to the Wiki was 11.2 Kilometers per Second…

      2mD7MjP.png: She would have to be running at almost Mach 33.

      kWWAMxJ.png: WHOA! I think that’s even faster than Arale!

      2mD7MjP.png: Though you do have to keep in mind that most rockets only fly up to a certain point to achieve Escape Velocity because it requires less speed the higher you are. So the same concept could be applied to Garu’s Rocket Pack.

      kWWAMxJ.png: But still, that’s pretty fast.

      2mD7MjP.png: That speed was also used to create a static shock that she transferred to Garu. With it, he was able to be on even terms with his rival. And at the time, the rival: Tobe was powered by a Lightning Blast.

      kWWAMxJ.png: So she created a Static Shock that was equal in power as Lightning?

      2mD7MjP.png: Pretty much. As for strength, she has shown being able to break Mount Rushmore in one punch.

      kWWAMxJ.png: Kind of not impressive after the planet splitting.

      2mD7MjP.png: But she did it in a way that created a monument of her and Garu.

      kWWAMxJ.png: So she’s an Earth Bender?

      2mD7MjP.png: No. But apparently she is a Weather Manipulator.

      2mD7MjP.png: When she thought Garu loved her own rival: Ring Ring, her sadness engulfed the entire town in rain.

      kWWAMxJ.png: Talk about mood swings.

      2mD7MjP.png: It doesn’t end there. When her anger peaks, she creates a powerful Hurricane, capable of lifting her opponent and anything around it towards the sky.

      kWWAMxJ.png: Really?!?

      2mD7MjP.png: It also grants her a shield that can prevent physical attacks from touching her.

      kWWAMxJ.png: Anything else?

      2mD7MjP.png: When ready, she can release the shield as a powerful sonic blast with a similar radius of Shadow’s Chaos Blast.

      kWWAMxJ.png: I can’t believe these bratty kids are more powerful than I am! I’m a demon! That should count for something!

      2mD7MjP.png: If it makes you feel any better, Pucca does have weaknesses.


      2mD7MjP.png: Despite everything she is capable of, she is still human. She can feel pain, tire, and eventually die.

      kWWAMxJ.png: Well, now I feel a little better.

      2mD7MjP.png: Her biggest weakness is Garu. She will literally drop everything to give chase.

      kWWAMxJ.png: So she’s basically Amy Rose if she got her hands on the Chaos Emeralds.

      2mD7MjP.png: You could probably say that. But that doesn’t take away the fact that if anyone is capable of going toe to toe with Arale, it’s her.


      Pucca is a series I did follow when it was on Disney, though sadly it was over in two seasons. But the creator still makes more of her that you can find on the internet. And to be fair, I did leave out a bunch of stuff for both sides, so I uploaded a list of feats for both of them so you can see for yourself.

      So now that you know both sides, who do you think is going to win?

    • An Unofficial Death Battle: The Fight

      2 years ago



      And thus the conclusion of this fight. I have to say, I did enjoy doing this project. If others are interested, I may try this again someday in the future. But the fights I would do are the ones least likely to show up on Death Battle. As for any arguments not mentioned.

      • Pucca's Feat about Escaping the Red Giant is inconclusive. She didn't really escape its gravitational pull, she added enough thrust to the spaceship to escape it.
      • Arale's Droopy Maneuver is not a speed feat, but a technique. We don't see her traveling that distance, only showing up. So how she got there can't be proven as pure speed.


      • ?Sagat's sprites by The Scarlet One.
      • Koto's sprites by Silverbolt.
      • Arale's sprites from Jump Ultimate Star
      • Pucca's sprites by Jarquin10?
      • Sooga Village by Paciula.

      2 years ago

      Inspired by Kirby Kid's blog about Danny Phantom, I've figured I should show off my chops as a researcher and do a character that could put up a lot of potential as Danny Phantom too. For the target, I've decided to take one request, and also a personal favorite of mine as well of the ?Nicktoon lineup, XJ9 AKA Jenny Wakeman from the Cartoon "My Life as a Teenage Robot".


      Dr. Nora Wakeman was once a Skyway Patrol Scientist. During the first Intergalactic war she took part in building the ultimate weapon to protect mankind: Armaggedroid. His sole mission was to destroy all weapons, with the idea that destroying the invading alien weapons would render them defenseless. He was a success and was the key of winning said Intergalactic War but soon he went after their own weapons to continue his programming. In a desperate move, Armagedroid was tricked to go into the Earth's Core to hopefully never be seen again. Seeing how a simple program could turn dangerous, Dr. Wakeman decided to create a better protector of Earth.
      After 8 previous attempts, she designs XJ9 to be that successor. 6.5 Foot and around 600 pounds, XJ9 was the perfect machine to do the job. But there was one problem: XJ9 had the mind of a teenager. This is to most likely make her develop her own sense of justice, but this causes the self proclaimed Jenny Wakeman to want to live a normal teenage life. When Brad and Tuck Carbunkle discovered Jenny, Nora decided to let her try to live that life and, while not physically, grow up to become the hero Tremorton needs. Since then, Jenny tries to balance her life as a super fighting robot and a regular teenage girl.


      Jenny Wakeman is a robot, so it makes sense for her to be fully metal. According to a Wiki entry, her body is made of titanium alloy with a triple polycarbonate lamination to protect her from corrosive substances. The closest I've seen of this is in the episode "The Great Unwashed" which showed her having an acid bath to remove her outer colors.
      When it comes to weaponry, all you have to look at is the episode "Raggedy Android" as the first scene was showing off a small sample plate. Laser limbs, drills, blades, hammers, swords, rockets, Giant fists, lobster claws, she's literally a walking Swiss Army Knife (with said Swiss Army Knife in her).
      How much stuff she has in her is unbelievable. Its like her body is a TARDUS. Heck, in "Victim of Fashion", she is shown to have more metal in her than a roster of Megaman Robot Masters. To try to list them all is an impossible task. But I'll explain specifics in a later section.


      Being a robot made for protecting the planet, she has to have the capability to do so. And she does with the following stuff:
      • Super Strength: Her theme song said she has the strength of a million and seventy men. The average man can lift 1.5 times their body weight (according to menshealth.com). The average weight of a man is 189.8 pounds (according to pediatrics.about.com). So add that all up and she is capable of lifting about 128,942.7 Metric Tons. 1 metric ton is 2204.62 pounds. So in short, a lot. Almost as much as Goku.
      • Super Speed: Not sure of her ground speed (as the wiki said greater speed than the finest human athlete and superhuman reaction speed), but her flight speed is impressive. In the first episode she can be on the ground and in space in a matter of minutes. And she is able to travel from Tremorton (a US city) to Tokyo and back in a few minutes in the Episode "Labor Day". She has at least faster than the speed of sound.
      • Invulnerability: She's a robot with no pain receptors (Episode: This Time with Feeling) so she could take a licking and still keep on ticking. But she can still be damaged to the point of no longer being able to move.
      • Super Stamina: Robot, duh. But again, if she gets badly damaged she can no longer move. Also, she needs to be charged. Estimation with the episode "Crash Pad Crash" and "Labor Day" suggest she can keep going for 24 hours straight. But luckily she is not only electrical powered, but also has a back up solar power source.
      • Super Senses: Being a robot, she was designed to have better senses to protect people. Despite having no ears, her head could pick up sound waves from any angle (Episode "Ear No Evil"). The episode "See No Evil" introduced an upgrade to her vision, letting her see Ultraviolet, Infrared, X-Ray and various others. While the big eyes were removed, she did retained them in her old eyes.
      • Energy Beams: She can fire multiple energy beams from multiple parts of her body as well as multiple weapons within her body. Logically, this is connected to her own power source so the more she uses said attacks the more it drains her faster.
      • Shape shifting: There is no other term better to describe the various transformations Jenny Wakeman can use. From growing giant fists and hammer to deliver stronger blows, to various bladed weaponry, to even stretchy arms and extendo fingers. She can literally pull anything out of her body when needed. She is also able to receive upgrades from her mother or Sheldon and add them to her body relatively quickly (Episode "Designing Women").
      • Multilingualism: Built into her is multiple discs with multiple languages. She can speak any human language as long as she has the disc (Episode: Speak No Evil).
      • Strategist: While not the best strategist, she has shown to be able to think on her feat to overcome a situation. This can be seen in the episode "Designing Women" which shows her overcoming Vexus when she discovered her various weaknesses. This is also shown when she discovered Armagedroid's weakness about destroying weapons in the episode "Enclosure of Doom"


      Jenny Wakeman has the mentality of a Teenager. So she can get easily frustrated easily. She also underestimate people if she feels they aren't a threat. Also, if anyone could analyze her blueprints, they can discover many weaknesses of her various weaponry.


      She has pretty much saved her city from numerous threats including giant monsters, biker gangs from space, other evil robots and many super criminals. Her biggest accomplishment is in the Movie "Escape from Cluster Prime", which not only shows her saving the entire planet from a Robotic Invasion, but also freeing the other planet from the Tyranny of Queen Vexus.

      Potential Opponents:

      Jenny Wakeman is a tough cookie. Its possible that she can give Goku a run for his money. But more fitting opponents would be to face her fellow robots. Two that come to mind are my personal Death Battle Dream Match: Mega Man and Astro Boy. Why face Mega Man? Robots built to save the city and even more from evil robots. Sounds logical.
      As for why face Astro Boy, the reason can be seen in Madhog thy Master's video "Her Name is Jenny Wakeman" as well as his review on MLAATR, which explains how her story is similar and better than Astro Boy.


      • http://www.menshealth.com/fitness/strength-fitness-standards
      • http://pediatrics.about.com/cs/growthcharts2/f/avg_wt_male.htm
      • http://mlaatr.wikia.com/wiki/Jenny_Wakeman
      • http://teenagerobot.wikia.com/wiki/Jenny_Wakeman/XJ-9
    • Toph's Sprite Sheet: Completed

      2 years ago


      This may look different from the original sprites I posted, but thanks to Ruin these sprites were much easier to work with. 

      And with the help of that redesign as well as the Scarlet One, Quackerbillion, MrBaryl, Mr. Goldenmyer, LiveitBig and Homestucklover, working on the original and these new sprites, the sheet is finally complete and ready to be used.

      So until her fight comes up, who would you like to see her fight? We already heard Gaara and Terra from the comments, but anyone else?

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    They were on my Death Battle Tumblr. I made them private so only those who were interested in the contest would see them (and I don't really use it for its original intent anymore, just for links to funny stuff related to the fighters).

    The links are broken because the move changed the locations to those links.