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    • Attention G1's. I Need Your Help For My English Paper.

      5 years ago


      I am writing a paper for my English class about how colleges and universities in the United States have essentially turned into scams that squeeze money out of students. I could use some help by interviewing some of you. Anyone who's attending college now, or has graduated college would be a big help to me. I could interview you over skype, steam, or by PM. It would be a big help to me. My skype and steam usernames are "Alondite345." If you don't want to help out, that's fine.

    • Virtues of a True/Real Gamer

      6 years ago


      1. Play A Game, Regardless Of Whatever Platform It Is On.

      Every platform has fun games to play. Some more than others. But, don't dismiss a game simply because it is made for xbox360,PS3,wii,PC etc.

      Don't discriminate.

      2. Sales =/= Quality

      Just because a game sells well, that doesn't mean it's good

      Just because a game does not sell well, it doesn't mean it's a bad game

      3. Don't be an ignorant fanboy/fangirl

      Don't flame a platform simply because of trivial things, such as "oh you have to pay for online for the xbox360," or "the wii doesn't have HD, it sux." Alright, don't do that, you're better than that.

      Don't use misinformation as an argument against a platform/game either.

      "Oh you have to pay for demos on Xbox360." "You have to pay thousands of dollars for a decent gaming PC." Seriously, just cut it out.

      4. Graphics Will Never Be More Important Than Gameplay

      I can't stress this enough. So many games in this generation and past, recent FF games & DA 2 to name a few, focused too much on graphics, and as a result, the gameplay suffered terribly.

      GTA 3 has TERRIBLE graphics by today's standards, but it's still fun to play today because of the GAMEPLAY.

      5. Know Who To Support And Who To Boycott

      Some companies are successful because they make quality games and provide awesome services(nintendo, valve, sucker punch to name a few). Support these types of companies, they understand what is ethical.

      Other companies use unethical means, such as:

      • Announcing DLC before a game's release which is most likely released the same week as the game's launch.
      • Forcing consumers to pay for an online pass just to play an online component of a game.
      • Releasing an updated version of a game WITHOUT offering the new content to consumers who bought the regular version, forcing them to buy the newer version just to get experience the new content.
      • Chopping out in-game content only to release the cut content as DLC.
      • Charging full retail price for a mini-game.

      A Few Notable Offenders:

      Boycott these companies.

      6. Streamlining Is Never A Good Idea


      If a game sells well, there's a good chance it is designed well. However, some developers feel the need to remove features, dumb down dialogue and gameplay, and generally alienate the true fans of their game series, just so they can sell more copies of a game.

      If you want to make a game to target the more casual market, make a casual game. Don't alieanate the true gamers who loved your games in the beginning. Mass Effect screenshots provided courtesy of Razorfist.

      7. Don't Trust Mainstream Reviewers/1st Party Reviewers

      If I want a review about a mario/zelda game, I will NOT go to Nintendo power. If I go to gametrailers'/IGN's website, and I see a bunch of ads for a game that's recently been released, I will not trust their opinions for that game. As a matter of fact, I don't trust them at all, they're nothing but money-mongering liars who'll do anything for more ad-revenue. Fact.

      I have found the best ways to get an opinion about a game is to go to a website that allows community reviews, such as metacritic or here at Screwattack. However, this does not guarantee an honest and true review, so tread carefully.

      In addition, simply because a game received good review scores, that does not ensure that it will be fun to play

      Simply because a game received bad review scores, that does not always mean that it is not fun to play

      8. Make At Least One Mod

      Mods are just fantastic. Making your own level, character, or even a whole new game, and it's YOUR ideas, not someone elses. Make a mod, whether it's for a PC game, or on an emulator game, just do it. You'll be surprised of what you come up with. In high school, I made a mod for one of my favorite games, Fire Emblem: The Sword of Seals, on the GBA emulator. I designed a few challenge maps and shared it online, and it was pretty awesome.

      9. Avoid Annual Copy & Paste Games

      Now, just because a game series has annual releases, that does not mean each game is just a copy&paste. On the other hand, if a game series has annual releases, and it has been copied & pasted from the last game, avoid it. The developers decided to be lazy.

      10. Don't Hold A Double Standard

      This can apply to anything, not just video games. Example: Many people(even here on SA) are flaming Halo 4's release and their best argument is "it's already been done to death" but when it's time for a new Call of Duty,  Madden, Fifa, Assassin's Creed, or some other game series that's seen little to no changes in between games, they have nothing negative to say.

      Well, that's all I have to say, what do you G1's think? Do you folks agree with the virtues I have listed? Let me know.


    • Popular Game =/= Fun Game. Fun Game =\= Popular Game.

      6 years ago


      Simply because a game sells many copies, that does not mean that everyone is going to like it. And simply because a game does not sell many copies, that does not mean that it's not fun to play. So here's the 2 lists of games.

      Popular Games That I Do Not Like

      • Capcom Games

      Everyone knows all about Capcom's DLC abuse and we have all heard a good share of rants about it. I've already written a blog about it, so I'll keep this point short: I don't like Capcom's DLC abuse, so I stopped buying their games. If you want to read the blog I wrote about it, here's the link: http://www.screwattack.com/news/dlc-abuse-whos-really-fault

      • BioWare's Recent Games(Specifically DA 2 & ME 3)

      BioWare, I love your old games. Kotor was fantastic, and still is. Mass Effect 1 was fantastic. Mass Effect 2, I didn't like because of heavily streamlined it was. However, the spot on this list goes to Mass Effect 3. Seriously, what the flying fuck happened BioWare? And before anyone says "Are you still ranting about the ending?" No, it's not because of the ending. BioWare, you turned a phenomenal RPG experience, with all the customization and exploration any RPG fan would ask for, into a shitty 3rd person shooter. Why? Just to broaden your audience? I honestly felt betrayed by BioWare. Not only was it a bad experience as an RPG, it was a bad experience as a shooter as well.  The control scheme, was an absolute mess, to put it lightly. The pick up item, use item, enter cover, leave cover, sprint, and rolling dodge are all assigned to the same button. The hitbox detection, was TERRIBLE. Too many times I have shot an enemy right in the face only to have my shot go right through them and inflict no damage. The game got a user score of 4.5/10 on Metacritic, however I feel it deserves lower.

      And now Dragon Age 2. Again, I felt betrayed by BioWare for the same reason; they decided to streamline to broaden audience and in doing so made a terrible game. The first game, Dragon Age: Origins, is a masterpiece. I've probably beaten the game at least 8 times and I've gotten nearly all of the achievements (72/76). The sequel, oh my god, was horrible. Why can't I play as a dwarf or an elf? Why can't I talk to my party members anymore? What happened to all of the exploration? Why are my new party members so hallow and uninteresting? I have lost faith in BioWare.

      • Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

      First off, not a bad game, but there are things about it that made me not like it. First off, Elder Scrolls is the complete antithesis of modern FPS games. Exploration, character customization, crafting, immersing yourself in a fantasy environment. So how did the devs decide to begin the game? By opening up with a Call of Duty style on-rail, first person, cutscene that you cannot skip. -___-

      Second, what happened to classes & specializations? In other ES games, such as Oblivion, certain attributes and abilities will be enhanced from the start. So if I choose a stealth specialization, I will have increased skill levels in acrobatics, light Armor, marksman, mercantile, security, sneak and speechcraft.

      Third, my save file got corrupted a few times. There's no excuse for that, I don't like that at all.

      • God of War 1

      One of Playstation's signature franchises. The combat in God of War is competent, plenty of weapons, attacks, spells, etc. What killed the experience for me was 2 things: WWAAAAYYY too many quick time events, and the camera. Just about every enemy in the game has to be finished off with a quick time event, and you have no control over the overhead camera.

      • The Entire Call of Duty Franchise

      Never has their been a game more overrated than Call of Duty. Yes, it sells millions of copies and the devs & publishers happily tramp stamp that right onto each of their games' cover art. Now I used to own a copy of Black Ops for about 3 weeks. I played the campaign two times and I played the multiplayer and prestiged 4 times. Everyone uses the same overpowered, no-recoil, fully-automatic assault rifles with attached suppressors, donning the ghost perk, and the entire game just camps in corners.  What's that? We're playing domination? Have fun capturing all the flags alone, I'll be sitting in the corner looking at the flag.

      And the campaign is a complete joke. The stories are extremely cliche (fighting against Nazi's during WW2 or against Russians and turns out the real bad guy is American) and there is absolutely no exploration whatsoever. You want to backtrack a little bit to pick up that weapon you passed by earlier? Tough shit, you go backwards and it's game over. Example, the beginning part of the 2nd level of the campaign in Black Ops, the Vorkuta prison escape, if you do not stay with Reznov, you get overrun and killed by guards. Honestly, I felt like a dog on a leash who is stuck on a conveyor belt. You go in a straight line forward when the game wants you t. And if you try to step out of line, you get a game over.

      And zombies mode. People swear up & down that it's a milestone for zombie games. And I lift my middle finger to those people, because the zombies mini-game in Call of  Duty: Black Ops is the most repetitive, boring, slow-paced zombie game I have ever played. People argue "it's supposed to start out slow and build up." Understandable, but by the time it presents an actual challenge(around level 20 or so), I've already shut the game off started doing something else. Make the challenge curve higher, and it might be fun.

      Some fans argue that while the newer games are not as good, Call of Duty 4 is still a good game. Well since each installment is practically copy & pasted, I'm not convinced at all.


      The Games That Are Unpopular, That I Do Like

      • Enter The Matrix

      I had a lot of fun with this game back when it came out. Yes it has faults, especially with the graphics. However, cheat codes, (yes cheat codes, it's been awhile since we've seen those) make the game so much fun to just fuck around with. Invisibility, unlimited ammo, unlimited focus to pull off ridiculous martial arts moves. And guess what, the controls are better than ME 3. Yes, I just went there. Bitch & moan fanboys.

      • Duke Nukem Forever

      One of the kings of early FPS games, Duke Nukem has a special spot in my childhood. I loved DN3D, and I loved DNF. The controls work, classic weapons return, and the pistol is actually useful. However it does have it's faults. No more carrying all the weapons you want, no more health packs(instead a regen "ego" bar), bosses got repetitive(constantly having to use explosives and constantly hanging around ammo dumps)and the graphics are rather piss-poor. However, I still had a great time playing.

      • Samurai Warriors 2

      The Warriors made by Koei get quite a bit of negativity, and I cannot disagree. There's little to no improvements made in-between each game. However, I had a hell of a time playing Samurai Warriors 2.  It greatly improved from the original. Much improved graphics and color scheme, greatly expanded roster, level cap raised to 50, more mounts and items, instead of 4 weak bodyguards you get 1 powerful guard that you can link to for a double musou attack, and of course all the new move sets each character gets. I had about 200 hours clocked into my save file, and I still pop it in my PS2 every now and then.

      • Champions: Return To Arms

      The second spin-off Everquest game is fantastic. It has everything any RPG lover wants. Customizable character, plenty of skills to level up, plenty of weapons, plenty of exploration, and plenty of replay value. Did I mention that it has local multiplayer? Fuck yea, you can have up to 3 people playing with you on the same TV or over the internet. Snowblind Studios, please make a third game for either the PS3 or the PS4. I'm begging you.

      So yea, there ya go. Feel free to add your suggestions or rage-induced comments below.

    • Layoffs at BioWare Austin

      6 years ago


      It really sucks when you work your hardest at your job, or even your dream career, but one day you're told that you're being cut. EA has announced that BioWare Austin is laying-off a number of the development team behind Star Wars: The Old Republic due to studio restructuring.

      EA confirms that the affected employees will be reassigned to different projects, but did not disclose the number of affected employees. My heart goes out to those who were affected and hopefully they will be back on their feet soon. Why do you g1s think this happened?

    • Alondite345's Idea For A New Death Battle Part 1

      6 years ago


      TJ Combo (Killer Instinct & KI 2) vs. Dudley (Street Fighter 3 & SSf4)

      TJ Combo

      • Grew up on the urban streets without any money, TJ climbed from a seedy backstreet gym to world heavyweight champ through power & aggression.
      • Was the champ for an undisputed 5 years.
      • To insure that his championship career went unchallenged, he invested all of his money in titanium arm implants. However, because of his implants he was stripped of his title.
      • Fights to regain his fame & fortune, through any means necessary.
      • Aggressive and hot-headed
      • Although focuses alot on power, he is also agile and is quite capable of using knee attacks as well as boxing moves.

      Height: 6'1 Weight: 220 lbs. American


      • Dudley was born into a wealthy English family.
      • At first he wanted to be a boxer, but was forbidden by his parents.
      • When his father lost his business and the family fortune, Dudley took up professional boxing to earn back the lost wealth.
      • Won a championship title in the UK and was given the honorary title of "Sir"
      • Even though he's earned the money back, Dudley continues to fight to perfect himself, both in & out of the ring.
      • As of SSF4, he has the persona of a chivalrous knight; a perfect gentlemen, and will never resort to fighting dirty.
      • He is a calm and careful fighter
      • Focuses mainly on skill & finesse when fighting

      Height: 6'1 Weight: 222.5 lbs. British


      • Combo is an outcast in modern society/ Dudley is a hero in modern society
      • Dudley always fights fair & honorably/ Combo will use any means necessary(even using a gun) to win.
      • Combo grew up poor, won the prize money, and is poor again/Dudley was born into a rich family, lost the money, and regained the lost assets, and now fights to simply perfect his boxing skills.
      • Combo focuses on power & aggression/Dudley focuses on skill & finesse

      My Pick: Combo

      • Dudley, while a very skilled fighter, cannot match up to Combo's titanium arm implants
      • Combo can easily overpower Dudley using ultra combos & using combo breakers to throw Dudley off.
      • Combo's aggression and hatred towards Dudley's social class drove himself to win.
      • Dudley's honor, while admirable, led to his defeat as Combo had no place for honor in his fighting style.





    • Bigotry: Cut It The Fuck Out

      6 years ago


      One thing I have always enjoyed about Screwattack these past 3 years is the freedom to say almost anything you want to about video games, or such. You could a write a blog, share a video about your favorite games, your least favorite games, why you felt that way about those games, etc. However, recently there's been way too much butthurt bigotry from the G1 community and I don't like it one bit.

      People have different upbringings. Some are born into poverty, some are born into privelige. Some struggle just to make ends meet, while others are handing everything on a silver platter. Different upbringings, different tastes, different styles, you get the point. Just because you like a game, doesn't me I will like the game, and vice versa. But way too many of ya'll just don't understand that. And I do not approve of it at all.


      We're all gamers here, we're all level-headed people, so why the fuck are so many of ya'll acting like this? So please, pretty please with sugar & shit on top, act like a respectable individual or shut the fuck up.






    • A Rebuttal to Kaibaman41's Recent Blog on the "RE Hate Train"

      6 years ago


      So I just read Kaibaman's blog on how he's tired of hearing all the hate that the recent RE games have been receiving. You can read it yourself here: http://www.screwattack.com/news/sudden-hate-train-resident-evil-really-starting-get-old

      Kaibman said in his blog that the hate is unnecessary and is bullshit. Here's a direct quote:

      Chris Redfield was not only apart of Military Unit S.T.A.R.S but also of the newly created BSAA Organization. So in some ways their's a reason for Chris to have a shit ton of weapons and the ammo to survive how he does in RE6, same can be said for Leon S.Kennedy. Leon was a Rookie Police Officer in Racoon City for only one day, and became a Government Agent for the United States. Again having the training and weapons like Chris.
      There's a big flaw with this statement: You see the whole purpose of a survival horror game is that you CANNOT tank through your enemies. Either your character does not have the resources to do so, or your character is just some average joe who is in a terrible situation. And as a result, he/she must use whits and improvisation to survive. This is evidenced in the first Resident Evil game. You play as either Jill or Chris who are S.T.A.R.S. members. Yes, they've received special training. However, you start out with only 1 handgun, 1 clip of ammo(15 shots), 1 FA Spray, and 1 knife made of paper(I say "made of paper" because it's completely worthless). Another element of tension added was that saving, while necessary, was frowned upon by the game because you had a limited number of saves to use, and the more saves used will lower your completion score.
      However, I will agree that the new style of games have much improved movement and control. But, there are too many detriments that outweigh the enhancements.
      In Resident Evil 5, there is no more tension, fear, or element of survival at all. The game will autosave at the end of each section and all of the ammo & healing supplies in the world are available to you. Literally by the end of the prologue, it's possible to have collected 2 handguns(1 for chris, 1 for sheva), an SMG, 200 rounds of hangun ammo, at least 80 rounds of smg ammo, 3 hand grenades, and 2 incediary grenades.
      The boss fights in RE 5, were a complete joke. All you needed were either a handful of grenades or use some weapon in the nearby environment that will take down the boss in 2-3 shots. That's not to say the old games had easy bosses. The giant crocodile in RE 2, for example, can go down in 1 handgun shot, if you use the right strategy. In RE 5, the game tells you right to your face on how to defeat each boss with ease.

      Continuing on, Kaibman draws comparisons with Resident Evil & Dead Space. The 2 games do have similarities. For example, the camera zooms in behind the shoulder whenever you ready your weapon for a better view on target and you can upgrade the weapons you carry to suit your needs. However, there's another statement that I feel the need to point out:

      but what does both Survival Horror franchises have in common? Both franchises have  a On Rail Shooter game! Resident Evil have 2 while Dead Space only having one, THESE GAMES DRASTICALLY CHANGE THE GAME PLAY THESE FRANCHISES ARE KNOWN FOR BUT DO PEOPLE BITCH ABOUT IT!? NOOOOOOOOOOO, PEOPLE DO NOT COMPLAIN BUT ENJOY THE DRASTIC CHANGE!
      Do you realize that RE: Chronicle games are just spin-off games that were made simply to cash-in on the success of the Wii? Do you realize that they just re-tell the stories of the previous games?
      Lastly, the final paragraph.
      Also the series from day one was Action like to begin with because over time you can unlock weapons that had UNLIMITED AMMO for rewarding the player depending on a certain task  they did in beating a game.
      In order to unlock the special weapons with unlimited ammo, you had to beat the game under certain requirements. In RE 2 for example, in order to unlock the Inf. Rocket Launcher, you have to complete an A story in under 2.5 hours with a completion rank of at least B. And if you do use a special weapon, your completion rank will decrease.
      So yea, there ya have it. My 2 cents about the whole "hate train" for Resident Evil. Again, I don't hate you Kaibaman or think you're stupid, I just don't agree with you said.
    • The best characters in video games that are "Over The Hill"

      6 years ago


      Before I begin the list, here are some rules:

      1. The character must be at least 40 years old.
      2. One entry per franchise
      3. They have to be competent on their own natural abilities (ie. no muscle suit, no mech suit, etc.)
      4. Does not have to be a playable character, but the character must be in the action (ie. no radio guy who's watching the battle from behind a desk far away)

      Honorable Mentions:

      1. Solid Snake - MGS4: Guns of the Patriots. He didn't make the list because the octocamo suit doubles as a muscle suit.
      2. Raven - Tales of Vesperia. Even though Yuri Lowell constantly calls him "old man," he's only 35.
      3. Agatha - Pokemon Red/FireRed. She spams toxic, which pissed me off a lot as a kid, so she's out.

      Number 7 - Victor Sullivan, 65, Uncharted series

      In Uncharted, Victor Sullivan proved to be very resourceful and capable of being a master bullshitter. When he was captured and forced to search for the treasure vault, he constantly leads his captors into dead ends, allowing Nate & Elena to catch up and free him. In Uncharted 2, he jumps off of a cliff, cheering, and swims away unscathed. In Uncharted 3, he runs through a burning chateau, escapes a cavern filled to the brim with venomous aggressive spiders, carries a crippled Cutter, and escapes the collapsing Atlantis of the Sands. He may be old, but he's still got a lot of mileage left in him.

      Number 6 - Sam Fisher, 54, Splinter Cell: Conviction

      Former Navy Seal and 3rd Echelon black op agent, Sam Fisher has a lot of combat training and experience under his belt. He rose to the rank of Lt. Commander in the Navy, and was revered as the best black op agent 3rd Echelon every employed. In Splinter Cell: Conviction, he was shown to be extremely agile, able to climb a pipe or wall with ease. His krav maga skills are still second to none, being able to takedown enemies half his age with no trouble at all. He is also able to throw a grown man through a window, a door, and television screens. He is ambidextrous, allowing to fire his weapons from either side when in-cover without any loss in accuracy and can instantly pull off a headshot from almost any angle. There is no hiding from him.

      Number 5 - Wynne, Early 50's, Dragon Age: Origins

      A senior enchanter in the circle of Magi, Wynne is a powerful mage. Throughout the game, she is easily the best supporting unit using healing & buff spells. Despite her age, she is fearless and would never surrender.

      "Why are you here? If you mean to end us, Grey Wardens or no, I will strike you down where you stand!"


      Turns out she is actually a spirit, because she exhausted all of her life energy in a fight against an abomination and is on "borrowed time" from a guardian spirit. She can call on this spirit to enhance her abilities for a short time.

      End Spoiler


      Number 4 - Bill, Early 60's, Left 4 Dead

      A veteran of the US Army 1st Special Forces group, he served 2 tours of active duty in Vietnam. After he was discharged, he worked countless dead-end jobs, but the only thing he really wanted was to fight. That's exactly what he got; countless number of zombies to fight. Even though he's in his early 60's, he is still physically fit enough to keep up with the other survivors. Although, turn his clock back about 40 years, he could probably annihilate the entire zombie apocalypse single-handedly.

      "Come on, get up! These jackasses aren't going to kill themselves."

      Number 3 - Master Chief, 42, Halo Series

      I know what you're thinking "He wears a mech suit, he doesn't qualify." Yea, but without the suit, his bones are still nearly indestructible, his strength is much greater than that of any normal man, he still has heightened memory, intelligence, & creativity. And he's capable of wearing his mechsuit, which according to Boomstick from Death Battle

      "the suit weighs half a freakin' ton!"

      Can you wear a suit that weighs that much? Exactly. Still not convinced? Here's a quote from Wiz:

      "Master chief has consistently proven to accomplish the impossible. He is an expert in combat strategies, can run 50 MPH, defeated 3 different armies numerous times, destroyed an entire covenant armada single handedly, and prevented galactic genocide.  Twice."
      I rest my case.

      Number 2 - Pryce, Early to mid 60's, Pokemon Gold/HeartGold

      The leader of the mahogany town gym, he is an expert in Ice-type Pokemon. He has been training Pokemon for over 50 years and he's been training with the same Pokemon. Albeit, he's not that hard first time you face him, but in HG, you can rematch him. Oh man was he tough. He picks up 4 more Pokemon(Abomasnow, Froslass, Walrein, and Glalie). His Piloswine evolves into Mamoswine(but it doesn't know the move "Ancient Power" which Piloswine needs to know in order to evolve into Mamoswine) and his Dewgong is capable of OHKO's with Sheer cold. You will need a party at least level 54 to beat him.



      Number 1 - Fenix, 398, Starcraft

      "I fear no enemy, for the khala is my strength. I fear not death, for our strength is eternal."

      A protoss Zealot, and one of the greatest protoss warriors ever, Fenix was dubbed "The Steward of the Templar" by his fellow protoss brethren. Never backing down, he is forever loyal to Aiur and serving the conclave. Even after he fell in battle to numerous Hydralisk due to his psy blades malfunctioning (who made those blades, Sony?), his body was recovered and implanted into the shell of a Dragoon.

      "Don't let the fact that I am three hundred and sixty eight years older than you dull your impression of me, young Raynor. I can still... how do you Terrans say it... "Throw down with the best of them!""
      So there you have it. Feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comment box.
    • Misconceptions About PC Gaming

      6 years ago


      I've been a G1 on Screwattack for about 2, almost 3 years now, and I have come to learn that quite a few G1's are misinformed when it comes to PC gaming. In this blog, I hope to educate and clear up some misconceptions about PC gaming.

      • PC gaming is very expensive

      No more expensive than gaming on the Xbox 360 or ps3. If you buy a pre-built gaming PC, you’re looking at throwing down $600-$1000 dollars. However, if you build it yourself, you’re looking at spending $200-$600. It takes quite a bit of skill and care, but if you’re willing to commit yourself to it, you can build a rig that will last you for at least 8 years.

      • PC games are only compatible with keyboard & mouse

       Some yes, but nearly all games on the PC are controller friendly, so don’t worry that much about having to adapt to keyboard & mouse.

      • Steam is the only online service for PC gamers

      While arguably the most popular, it is not the only online service for PC gamers. There’s Origin, Windows Live, Gamersgate, etc.

      • PC gamers are thieves

      Digital download services, such as steam, trump retail sales. And because the games are digitally downloaded rather than given a hard copy, devs & publishers save money by not having to use a disc, manual & case.

      • PC games cost just as much as console games

      Steam has daily sales and offers many free-to-play games(some of which are NOT free on the consoles), and because of the frequency of the sales, games are usually cheaper than their retail counterparts.

      • PC gamers are arrogant jerks

      Don’t lump everyone in the PC community together, it ain’t cool. Yes, there are arrogant jerks in the PC gaming community, but I’ll take arrogant jerks over the whiny, foul-mouthed, high-pitched 12-year olds who flood xbl & psn.

      • PC gamers do not play console games

      We play games on our PC’s, but we also buy consoles to play the console exclusives. Many of us also have emulators to play our favorite classic console games in glorious native 1080p.

      • PC gamers are a bunch of WoW addicts

      I’ve been gaming on the PC for about 2 years now, and I’ve never touched WoW. Never plan on it either.

      • In order to keep up with newly released games, PC gamers have to keep upgrading their graphics cards constantly.

      1. First, you don’t need a top of the line graphics card in order to play games at 60 fps in 1080p resolution. My factory-tuned laptop can play games at 60 fps in 720p no problem.
      2. Second, you don’t need to keep upgrading your graphics card. Did you keep upgrading your Xbox 360/PS3 each time a new one was released? Exactly.
      3. Third, devs realize that PC gamers are not going to constantly upgrade their rig, so they make their games compatible with older graphics cards. Don’t believe me? Look at this. http://www.screwattack.com/news/bethesda-reveals-pc-requirements-dishonored The recommended graphics card is a gtx 460. The gtx 460 came out in 2010, and the lowest of the high-end 400 series.

      So there you have it, hopefully this clears up any misconceptions about PC gaming. If any other G1's have any other questions about PC gaming, please leave a comment, and I will answer as best as I can.

    • DLC Abuse: Who's Really At Fault?

      6 years ago


      Capcom, EA, BioWare, Activision, are some of the biggest DLC abusers in the gaming industry today.
      Here's a list of some the antics they've decided to pull in the last few years:

      • Cutting out in-game content, only to re-sell it as DLC.
      • Locking away in-game content, only to re-sell it as DLC.
      • Not including all components of the game in all ports, and refusing to patch the problem.
      • Having to pay extra money in order to play a multiplayer segement of the game.
      • Overcharging for small amounts of content (I think $15 for 4 tiny maps is too much).
      • Announcing DLC prior to a game's release, only to begin selling it at the game's launch.
      • Releasing an updated version of the same game, multiple times, without allowing people who bought the previous version, access to the new content, unless they buy the new version.


      A lot of us are sick of all the DLC abuse. However, I don't think the real problem lies with the companies. I think the real problem lies with the gamers. Yes, the gamers(I'm using the word loosley because no self-respecting gamer should allow themself to buy into this). Why? Because dumbass people keep buying into their bullshit. Example, remember when hackers found out that SF X Tekken had on-disc content locked away? The game still sold over a million copies.


      And a quick reality check, the companies pulling these antics don't give 2 shits about what the consumers think, because their will always be
      those dumbass people who will keep buying their games. Remember when EA was called "worst company in the US?" Remember their response? It was something
      along the lines of "We don't care, you people are dumb enough to keep throwing at money at us. So we'll keep doing what we're doing because over 300 million people keep buying our games and using our services." Don't believe me? http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2012/04/04/ea-responds-to-worst-company-award-by-mentioning-past-winners/


      The only way this trend is going to end, is if gamers stop buying their games. No more money, means the companies will be forced to change their ways in order to stay afloat in the market.

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