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    • I decided to become a PC gamer and here's why I am better off for it

      5 years ago


      My history as a gamer has always been tied to consoles. From my first console which was the Sega Genesis, to the current PS3 and 360, PC never defined me as a gamer. In fact, it wasn’t until the last couple years that I viewed PC gaming in a positive light at all. I mean, sure I had positive memories of playing kid oriented point and click games like Pajama Sam on my computer growing up, but generally speaking, I tended to view PC gaming, in the past, as a clunky, expensive, and unreliable platform to play games on.

      Please tell me I'm not the only one who still plays this with ScummVM...

      I continued to think this way all the way until I actually saw what a PC could do. From, emulators, to mods, to fan projects that routinely are allowed to be made; there soon became a plethora of PC advantages that I started to become aware of over the years. I did have a laptop for a while, but its inability to play games past the year 2002 did not provide the gaming experience I was looking for. So for a chunk of time this generation, I sat looking enviously across the gaming pond at the PC side of things.

      Luckily for me, I don’t have to look any longer. My birthday was on April 16th, and since my laptop had stopped working, my dad was kind enough to buy me a desktop that had a decent GPU (graphics card). Now that I finally have a desktop that is plenty capable of running modern games, I’m going to give a rundown on why it will be hard to return to console gaming.

      Before I get to the positives, I would like to point out the one major disadvantage that PC’s have compared to consoles.

      Disadvantage: Inconvenient

      What I mean by inconvenient is not being able to just put something in and knowing it will run smoothly. Often, depending on your graphics card, you have to tweak settings and work out in your mind whether you’d rather have lower frames per second with better graphics or better frames per second, but with lower graphics.

      With a console, you don’t have to worry about all of that. Everyone who buys a game on the 360 or PS3 will have the same experience.

      Now on to the advantages.

      Advantage # 1: Mods

      I already mentioned this briefly. For those unaware, modding is when "average joes" create custom content for games using similar tools to what developers would use. The best thing about mods is that not only is it essentially free DLC, but it’s the type of DLC that developers would never release. Even if a developer had the bought the Futurama related rights to turn every crab in Skyrim into Zoidberg from the show, he wouldn’t. He’s probably not that crazy. Put modding tools in the hands of the average Joe however and you're bound to find someone EXACTLY that crazy.

      Case in point

      For further evidence, feast your eyes upon this.

      Only through the magic of modding could a Teletubby shooting game ever become a reality. For that reason alone, PC gaming has a huge leg up on consoles. Mods aren’t all stupid though. Mods do everything from fix bugs, tweak gameplay, add custom maps that rival the originals and even improve graphics….speaking of which…

      Advantage # 2: True HD Remakes

      Now, I said that I wanted a gaming rig for a while, but what really pushed me over the edge to really start moving towards getting one is the news that the Timesplitters trilogy is getting an HD makeover. Sure it’s not made by professionals, but this fan project has gotten Crytek’s (the current owners of the Timesplitters franchise) seal of approval.

      The only issue was that it is only coming out on PC which is what made me finally decide to go for a gaming rig. For those of you who don’t know, Timesplitters is in my top 3 favorite game series of all time. I had wanted a Timesplitters 4, or at least an HD remake since the beginning of this console generation.

      Something you may have noticed was that I listed this advantage as “TRUE” HD remakes. What I mean by that is that most “HD Remakes” on consoles really should just be called high resolution ports. Most companies do little more than make the game look not-terrible when stretched out on HD TV’s and call it a day. PC remakes are more often labors of love that upgrade games in significant ways. This Timesplitters remake, for instance, is being rebuilt from the ground up using CryEngine3. This isn’t the only fan made HD remake that is getting attention.  One very ambitious and impressive project is one you’ve likely heard of by now. Black Mesa is a project that remakes the original Half Life with graphics that rival most modern games.

      Here’s the link to the project

      Advantage # 3: Cheap Games

      Wallet... you will be missed.

      Besides the fact that PC games generally start out at least 10 dollars cheaper than their console counter parts, the steam sales that go on are often ludicrous. With the few weeks that I’ve used steam, I’ve seen very popular and fairly new games get deep discounts. For example, Far Cry 3, which sold very well and came out only five months ago, received a discount of 40%. It’s not uncommon to see games and bundles get 75% discounts either.

      Besides getting heavy discounts, the discounts are frequent as well. Each day there is a daily deal. In edition, there is a weekly deal, a mid-week deal, and a weekend deal. That’s not even including other specials like Spring sales, Summer sales, and all sorts of other miscellaneous price cuts. No console sells games this cheaply, especially not the digital copies of games.

      I would say that those are the three main advantages that make the PC a really great gaming option. I still want to get a PS4 next generation, but the PC will still hold its own even if I don’t have a graphics card that can pump out PS4 graphics due to the things listed here that the PS4 almost definitely won't have.

    • Let's Skype G1s!

      6 years ago


      Hello G1's. This won't be an award winning blog. I don't typically do short blogs that can be put together in five minutes. I think that's lazy. However, the forums are down so to communicate I'm going the blog route.

      I'm looking to skype with people. If I can only get one person, that's fine, but I'm really shooting for about 3-4 G1s in a call and possibly even more. That way it'll be more interesting of a conversation. My skype name is


      It's typed exactly like that. The lower case is correct. I only emphasize this because skype is finicky when it comes to finding people in my experience.

      Just add me and send me some sort of message that indicates that you come from Screwattack.

      Hope to talk to you soon.

    • Sony nails digital pricing (finally!!)

      6 years ago


      It seems that the major consoles have had some trouble when it comes to the pricing of digital downloads of full games. Sony is stepping up with the cure with what their reffering to as "Ultimate Editions" These discounted prices for full games include the game, plus all of the DLC that has come out for the game for a relatively low price. The deals are as follow.

      • Red Dead Redemption - $27.99 ($19.59 PlayStation Plus)
      • Infamous 2 - $33.99 ($23.79 PlayStation Plus)
      • BioShock 2 - $27.99 ($19.59 PlayStation Plus)
      • MotorStorm Apocalypse - $50.49 ($35.34 PlayStation Plus)
      • Call of Duty: Black Ops - $66.49 ($46.54 PlayStation Plus)
      • L.A. Noire - $27.99 ($19.59 PlayStation Plus)
      • Mafia II - $20.99 ($14.69 PlayStation Plus)
      • Just Cause 2 - $20.99 ($14.69 PlayStation Plus)
      • Mortal Kombat - $34.99 ($24.49 PlayStation Plus)

      With rumors that the next generation of consoles will be primarily digital download based, its nice to know that it is possible to recieve good deals on retail games.

    • My internal conflict with the evolution of Max Payne

      6 years ago


      Editor's Note: In anticipation of tomorrow's release of Max Payne 3, Anti_Hipster explores how the franchise has evolved and whether or not it is something we want. Be sure to check out his review of the original Max Payne and be sure to join us on the Max Payne 3 Social Club for some multiplayer.

      Anybody who sees the average comment I make on ScrewAttack could probably figure out in not much time that I'm a bit of a Max Payne fan. I own the first Max Payne on PS2, a PS3 digital version, and the PC. I own Max Payne 2 on PS2, Xbox 360 Digital, and also on PC. FYI, PC is the way to go for those games especially for the mods. If anyone has any interest in how good Max Payne 3 will be, it’s me. I've spent the last couple weeks leading up to its launch studying the trailers and videos for the game and I've already formulated an opinion on what will be good and bad about the game. Without further ado, here's what's (probably) good and bad about Max Payne 3.

      The Good

      First of all, the gameplay looks fantastic. Bullet time seems more cinematic and lifelike (as lifelike as slowing down time itself can be) as ever. For those looking for a challenge, most people that have played it have said that it’s a hard game and will kick your butt if you're not bringing your A game. This is in tune with the other Max Payne games. You could die easily if you didn't use bullet time strategically. Also the AI is very intelligent in this game. They react dynamically to how you play. This is a step up from the other Max Payne games in which you could memorize enemy placement and behavior and breeze through the game. The cover, while I wasn't sure of originally, I'm confident will make the shootouts even more cinematic and also add another layer of strategy. So all in all, the gameplay should be viewed as something positive.

      The good stuff doesn't end there though because the graphics and physics are also top notch. Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto were great looking games, but they were also huge, which limited how good they could look. Max Payne 3 runs on the same engine, yet is linear and not open world. If anyone has seen the game running through the various gameplay videos then you know the difference this makes. This game is without a doubt the best looking third person shooter on the market. The character models are beautiful as are the environments. The physics are also brilliant especially on Max himself. When he falls, it looks like it hurts because the impacts have weight. As for the physics on the enemies?

      Well if you knew how satisfying it was to kill people in Red Dead redemption because of how realistically they reacted, then you have a good idea of what to expect with this game since it has even more time to perfect that system. Also a huge plus is multiplayer and the arcade mode that lets you speed through the story racking up points. The game looks to be long as well since the Xbox 360 version will be split into two disks. As for the story, we all know that Rockstar is plenty capable of crafting compelling narratives, but on the other hand...

      The Bad

      Sam Lake the original writer (and face of Max Payne in Max Payne 1) is not writing this game. Rockstar is taking over and Sam Lake is merely giving pointers. Max Payne 1 and 2 were very unique in their classic noir presentation and their weirdly dark world that they took place in. The atmosphere was so unique that it hasn't been replicated in any game before or since.

      While Rockstar writes pretty good game stories, they haven't done anything like the Max Payne games in their career. Part of what made Max Payne and the characters around them unique are their 1940s gangster film approach to characterization. All of the Max Payne characters are archetypes. Unfortunately Rockstar's specialization is modern stereotypes. Max Payne 1 and 2 came out in modern times, but you wouldn't know it from its story and characters. They have a timeless charm to them that could have come out in any decade and been relevant. When Rockstar makes a game, it’s clearly modern influences and from the story bits that I've seen, it seems they've carried on that tradition. Max Payne is not a realistic game though. It's full of Mafia exaggerations and hard boiled cops. This is why it stood out.

      Standing out most of all is Max Payne himself. He saw enough things in the years that the game takes place to send three men into depression. He doesn't deal with itself destructively though. He was a man of action that despite all the world crumbling around him, had a crooked smile on his face and had a dark sense of humor appropriate for the dark situations. Sometimes there are men who are that strong. Sometimes soldiers experience horrible things in war, but don't let themselves go crazy and can come out on top.

      These men do exist. Rockstar thinks that making Max become an alcoholic and fat is more realistic. Maybe for another person it would be realistic, but for Max, it's a character change. You're taking away a strength he had in the hardest of times. It's hard to imagine a scenario that could send him into a depression in comparison to what he's already faced. Especially considering the fact that (Spoilers) Max Payne said at the end of the second game "I had a dream, My wife was dead...but it was okay". This shows that he clearly has moved past this part in his life. So why now are they ruining the happy ending of the second game by sending him to the brink.

      Also on the bad side is the fact that this game takes place 9 years later just like the actual length of time between games. The sad part is that it didn't have to happen. It's a video game character. He doesn't have to age. It could be a prequel and no difference would be made. If Mario happened in real time then he'd probably be in a wheel chair by now. Max had a distinct look that is no longer there. Now he has a bald head, has a beard, and wears a wife beater and khakis. Most video game characters look more like this new Max then the old one. It has taken away from his uniqueness.

      Another character has been ruined. And that's the city of New York. The setting was so integral to the atmosphere that it was a character in itself. Now we've moved to sunny Brazil and while it may still retain its “Noir” roots, the darkness and griminess of the New York streets is lost. Nighttime was the only time Max roamed the streets, but now he's in sun drenched streets. It doesn't feel like Max Payne. If the name wasn't attached, no one would call it Max Payne. They'd assume it was another game. Thankfully they've at least included some New York levels which I'm already sure will be my favorite levels.


      There you have it. If it seems like I'm really down on the game, know this. I'm more excited for this game than I have been in years for any other game. I've been counting down the days till I can pick up my preorder copy like clockwork. I have a lot of complaints because when so many elements are changed at once to your favorite series, it's hard not to feel like the bad outweighs the good. I'm sure the game will be fantastic and I can't wait to step into Max's shoes one more time and see where his story goes.

      Also, I've started a Screwattack multiplayer clan for Max Payne 3. It's called SCREWATTACKPAYNECLUB. Here's the link to join the clan. This is the PS3 version of the game that I'll be playing. To join send me a message here that says "We don't take breaks". That way I can know that you're from Screwattack. 

    • 10 games the Vita should have

      6 years ago


      My birthday's coming up and I'm using the money I receive from parents and grandparents to purchase a Vita. There are a couple reasons I've decided to take the plunge. I'll write in detail about it on another blog. This blog however is dedicated to games that would be great on the Vita that haven't been announced and might not ever be announced. Without further ado, these are the top ten games that should be released on the Vita

      10. Dead Rising Vita

      I don't care if it’s a port or a completely new Dead Rising game, one thing’s for certain... It ought to have a Sandbox mode like Off the Record did. Driving to Florida from Texas for vacation would seem like nothing if I could spend the time wandering a mall or Las Vegas chopping away at zombies. Hitting zombies in the head with a pink, light up toy sword would feel great on the go.

      9. SSX Tricky and SSX 3 HD

      Being a long time SSX fan, I was a little let down by the recent iteration. I felt it was the worst of both worlds between Tricky and 3. It lacked the openness and freedom found in SSX 3, and it lacked the color and sense of fun of SSX Tricky. Also the tricks suck because instead of being accurate and seeing if you can land one more rotation, you can just do endless spins of a medium size jump. The sense of reward is gone in the trick system. But I digress; with all the HD re-releases of games it would be nice to revisit these games with a boost in graphics. They're perfect portable games because they feature short and fast races. I'm also sure that the Vita could use the back touch pad to let you tweak tricks or something of that nature.

      8. Batman Vita

      The Batman games on the PS3 and Xbox 360 are fantastic. They truly let you feel like Batman. You have access to plenty of his gadgets, his ability to glide using his cape and best of all, his insane martial arts skills. The long nature of several of the missions might make this game a poor fit for the Vita, but what isn't a poor fit are the challenge rooms. Seriously I'd be perfectly fine if the Vita took all the challenge rooms from the previous 2 games plus about 50 more, threw it on the Vita and called it a day. If you don't know, Challenge Rooms in the Batman games are small challenges, like stealthily eliminate all the enemies in a room without being spotted or dying, or fight waves of enemies. They're bite sized and very satisfying. If the game wanted to give a story mode to that that played into the Vita's strengths, then that would be the cherry on top. This time though, I want all the challenges unlocked from the start. I don't want to tediously collect all the Riddler Trophies.

      7. Star Wars Game

      There have been a lot of Star Wars games throughout the years, but none have been the one I want the most. I've always wanted a third person shooter/ lightsaber hack n slash, depending on which character you play as and when. If you play as Han, or Chewie, or Luke (pre Empire) then you're shooting. If you play as Luke post-empire, you have a lightsaber. The game would follow the stories of the Original trilogy (the only trilogy) and have you switch between characters depending on what scene the game is recreating at the time. Chewie would be hard to take down and powerful, but slow. Han would be faster and more accurate, etc. It would also let you pilot vehicles. If it’s the asteroid field scene, then you're playing as Han piloting the Falcon. If it’s the first Death Star attack, then it’s Luke in an X-wing. You get the idea. Also to top things off, I'd want a leveling up system. I'm not really a fan of RPG's, but what I do love is RPG elements in action games, such a leveling up characters. It makes a game much more satisfying. I don't care if this isn't for Vita, and just for 360 and PS3. That would still be just fine.

      6. Red Dead Redemption port

      If there's anything missing from the Vita launch lineup, it's an open world game. Rockstar is already remedying that with some GTA games headed to the system, but I'd gladly trade a GTA game for a solid port of Red Dead Redemption. The gunfights feel better in this game, and the world feels more compelling. One of the top reasons this game beats GTA is that all the mini games like liars dice and poker are optional. Remember in GTA when you'd get called up by your cousin every 10 minutes to go bowling, or go to a bar? That's gone, and in its place is the ability to do things at your leisure. The Vita is almost as good looking as the PS3 and it’s in its first couple months. Keep in mind that the PS3 didn't start looking fantastic until a couple years in. All systems look their worst at launch so I have no doubt that down the line the Vita could deliver experiences indistinguishable from its console brother.

      5. Just Cause Vita

      Yeah that's right. I rated Just Cause 2 higher than Red Dead Redemption. I don't see you doing anything about it. Red Dead does many things better, like story, characters, physics and gunplay, but in terms of sheer fun, Just Cause 2 has it beat. In a list I did about a month ago on Hub Pages, I did an article about the Top 7 Open World Games and I ranked Just Cause 2 as number 2 and Red Dead as number 1. After revisiting Just Cause 2, I have to say that I made a mistake. The open world is so fun to mess around in and explore. Even just clearing settlements is fun to me. I've clocked in over 30 hours into the game and I'm not even close to clearing every settlement which I fully intend to do. This game has great graphics and a sense of fun that few other games have. I'd love to take this experience on the go.

      4. Sonics Ultimate Genesis Collection 2

      I have Sonics Ultimate Genesis Collection on PS3 and a similar game just titled Sega Genesis Collection on PSP. While it's great to have Sonic 1 and 2 on the go, I was a bit disappointed by the lack of games on the PSP in comparison. The PS3 version has 49 games and the PSP version only has 33. Some of the notable games missing are Sonic the Hedgehog 3, sonic and knuckles, Sonic Spinball, Shining Force 1 and 2, and all of the Streets of Rage games. I don't know if this were due to the limitations of the PSP or what, but either way its disappointing. The Vita wouldn't have those limitations and I for one want to take it a step further. Some of the games I'd have on the list would be Road Rash 1-3, Earthworm Jim 1 and 2, Cool Spot (I know those weren't Genesis exclusives), Gunstar Heroes, Mercs, Marble Madness, Ms. Pacman, Contra Hard Corps, Inspector X, NBA Jam, TMNT HyperStone Heist,  Rocketknight Adventures, Castlevania Bloodlines, Mortal Kombat 1 and 2, Splatterhouse 1,2 and 3,  and probably more. The Genesis has a lot of classics just waiting to be tapped into.

      3. Timesplitters Vita

      This is the only First Person Shooter on my list. While I like the genre well enough, the genre hit its peak with Timesplitters 2 and 3 and unfortunately have not come anywhere close since. This is perfect for the Vita. The Vita is the only portable console that can do shooters justice. As for this game; it had everything you could want from a shooter; Fat paced arcade shooting, bots that aren't your standard affairs, but rather monkeys and robots and even snowmen on magic carpets. The campaign is incredible as it allows you to travel through time to different eras and use the weapons from each time period. In multiplayer mode you can mix and match any weapon from any time period you've come across. You can even create your own maps if you want. Me and my brother have had a lot of laughs playing capture the flag in a map that is not only severely unbalanced for capture the flag, but is designed to be a cheap death trap. Basically the entire map was a series of stairs to a top floor where the flag is, and then a slide down to the bottom where you had to put the flag. That's all. I'd just wait at the bottom of the slide and collect. While sitting on the couch and headshooting my brother won't be recreated on the Vita version, every other aspect could and should be. From the bots, the awesome campaign and all around pure fun, we need this game. I'd be totally fine if it's just HD versions of Timesplitters 2 and 3. Heck at this point, I'd settle for non HD versions that shine in glimmering standard definition. The graphics don't matter, the gameplay does and Timesplitters delivers in spades.

      2. Max Payne 1 and 2 HD

      I'm a total Max Payne junkie (in the same way Max Payne is a painkiller junkie), but even I wouldn't go anywhere near the iPhone version because I wouldn't want to see one of my favorite games ruined by touch controls. Third Person shooters need actual buttons and the fact that the Vita has plenty of buttons, plus dual analog sticks make this imaginary port a winner. Especially intriguing is the second game. While I prefer the first games story and campaign, the second game had an unlockable mode that put you in an arena of sorts based on missions in the game and had infinitely spawning enemies. The point was to see how long you could survive. This is perfect for the pick up and plays aspect of a portable console. I'd buy this without a doubt if it came out. Here's hoping Max Payne 3 doesn't suck. It looks like a great shooter, but it doesn't look like Max Payne, but that's a discussion for a whole other blog (hint, hint).

      1. Skate Vita

      Skate is a series so dependent on the dual analog sticks that i think it would be impossible to port the game even to the PC. With the Vita being nearly PS3 level of powerful and having the control scheme needed to play the game, we could have a real winner on our hands. This is one game on the list where I wouldn't be satisfied with a simple port. Yes I'd still pick the game up if it was just a port of Skate 1, 2 or 3, but what I really want is Skate 4 on the Vita. It's a game where objectives are bite sized, but the world and things to skate on are huge. This allows you to play it for as long as you want. That's the perfect portable game. The game would be a powerhouse and possibly a system seller for the Vita. I know there's a pretty strong fan base for Skate and I'm sure many would fork over the cash to play this on the go.

    • Pollitical Correctness sucks

      6 years ago


      You're offensive. That's right. No matter how neutral you try and make your opinions, I guarentee  that your opinions  are offensive to some culture some where. Even in America there will be people who will be offended by some belief you hold. Especially the belief that the world should be politically correct. The belief that the world should be politically correct is also the belief of cencorship. You believe in censoring peoples beliefs if it doesn't match up with yours through the fear of being ostracised by society; And that is in fact a very offensive position to hold. Lets pick apart some problems with political correctness shall we?

      1. Well Mr. Anti_Hipster, you just hate political correctness because your a bigot and a racist.

      Not true and I know many people who are against political correctness who don't hate gay people or other races at all, myself included. You see while hating groups of people may very well suck, that doesn't make political correctness suck any less. I don't say derogatory statements towards any group of people, but I came to that conclusion on my own, not through society, because I don't believe in burning bridges. However I'm not going to beat around the bush and tip toe as to not offend people when I mean no hate by it. I hear people say that those who don't like the sight of men kissing are homophobes. That's the most idiotic thing I've ever heard. I don't like to watch my parents having sex, does that mean I hate my parents? No, of course not. I'm gonna go out and say that watching to guys with facial hair make out with each other makes me want to throw up. It's disgusting. Sorry political correct dudes if I offended you (actually I'm not because people who are offended that easily are petty and it brings me great joy to know that I've offeded petty people.) But I digress, I don't hate gay guys, but because it's the opposite of what I'm attracted to, put into a romantic or sexual context it takes on a disgusting life of its own. Same with animals. I love dogs, however if I see a pair humping on the side of the road, when I turn my head am I some sort of dogaphobe?


      2. Happy Holidays not Merry Christmas

      I don't know why the vanilla term Happy Holidays has permeated into our culture so strongly lately.  Anyone who is offended by the term Merry Christmas, deserves to be offended. Not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving, so why should we keep the name Thanksgiving. Same with Halloween. In fact some religions don't even allow kids to have birthday parties, so maybe we should do away with birthdays just to be on the safe side. I think the real problem with this holiday is that it's got the word Christ in it and is to many people about the birth of Christ, and if there's any group that its still acceptable to hate on, it's White Christians. Fact is most people are okay with the term Merry Christmas, yet if one of the minorities claim it's offensive to them then we have to bend over backwards to do what they ask. Wishing someone a merry Christmas is a positive thing to do You're wishing someone to have a  good time during the holiday that the majority of people celebrate. We shouldn't allow the vocal minority to ruin everything for the vast amount of people that are reasonable. This is the essence of political correctness. Whine enough about things you're not really offended by until you get your bitter, agenda filled, way.

      3. Feminazis... I mean feminism

      Did you know that there's a word called misandrist. It means hatred of men. I know you know the word mysoginistic  though because its forced down our throats at every turn. You probably don't know of the term misandrist because feminists would have to admit to some pretty heavy man hating if the term was in popular vocabulary. The average feminist isn't compaigning for equal rights. They're campaigning for woman superiority and making themselves always the victims at the hands of evil men. The only reason its gotten to this point is because we lived in a world where men mistreated woman. Now this is our backlash. However if woman would have behaved in the 50s we would have never had to lay a hand on them, so its mostly their fault. Sexism is thrown around at every turn. If a man is taller than a woman in a commercial then its clearly because they're trying to show that men are dominant and has nothing to do with the fact that on average men are taller than woman. Also lets talk about how masculinity has become a cussword in our society. Any traditional sense of masculinity like muscles and anything cool has been a no-no. Woman being showed as sexy and an object of desire in mens eyes? Why that can't be, only ugly girls and girly men can pass in an enlightened society. Actually, looking sexy with big boobs is very empowering for woman. It allows you to have a identity of feminmity just as we have an identity of masculinity. By trying to look more masculine you're taking away the difference and power that woman have. I know this is a shocker, but woman and men are different. I know you hate to hear that, but it's true. I hear that woman say that the video game woman are not representing what a woman wants to look like whereas video game men are representing what men want to look like. They say the typical beauty model is only a mans creation. However I am 99% positive that if they had a wish to look like anything with no strings attached, the average woman would choose to look like Megan Fox and not like Rosie O'Donnell. So basically they're hypocrites and liars. Offended enough people yet? Good; But I've still got more to say. Many woman are bitter because they can't look like Megan Fox as if the average man can look like Dolph Lundgren. Fact is, even guys who can not look like their favorite action heroes, they are still proud to have someone exemplifying the essence of masculinity because masculinity is something you feel, not something culture tells you is right. Why can't woman allow attractive woman to be objectified because the fact is that drop dead gorgeous woman are rare, just as super masculine and  muscular men are rare. We know that these don't represent the human race and there will be a whole pool of flabby and ugly people dating despite the few people represented in culture. Why is it so wrong to put our best foot forward. If I'm going to show off my car collection, am i guy going to put my dirty truck with the doors missing, or am I going to show off my recently cleaned and waxed Corvette? We all know that not everyone has a corvette and the majority of people are driving average cars, but when I go to a car show, I don't want to see average cars. I want to see great cars. Objectifying men and woman is not a bad thing is my point. It's just been demonized in our culture. Think for yourself, don't let culture do it for you.

    • 25 reviews in a sentence or two...

      6 years ago


      25.  Donkey Kong Country Returns: A wii game I like...How can this be?

      24. Timesplitters: Future Perfect: Earns the word perfect in its name

      23. SSX Tricky: It's tricky to land a trick, to beat a race,  just one more race...It's Trickky!

      22. Star Wars Battlefront: Crucify me all you want, but when the star wars novelty wears off...the shooting leaves something to be desired.

      21. Wario Ware Inc: Man these party games are fun...If only I had enough friends to throw a party.

      20. Spyhunter: If James Bond had a game that wasn't the countless other James Bond games...It would be Spyhunter.

      19.  Midnight Club 2:  A better open world driving game than Burnout Paradise and I will curb stomp you if you disagree.

      18.  Batman: Arkham City: Batman plays this game when he wants to pretend to be Batman.

      17. Stranglehold: Is there a more underrated third person shooter on 360 and PS3?

      16. Max Payne: Do you see my avatar? Clearly I'm a fan of this game

      15. Mercenaries: Man the graphics look blurry and foggy compared to nowadays

      14. Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire: Star Wars + Jetpacks = you do the math

      13. Red Dead Redemption: GTA, but without the lame auto targeting, and oh yeah...It's the best wild west game currently out there.

      12. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood: The second best wild west game currently out there

      11. Donkey Kong Country (SNES) I've always preferred this to the Mario games...Is that sacrilegious?

      10. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record: Sandbox mode is the reason I bought this despite already owning Dead Rising 2...and it was worth every penny

      9. Mega Man 9: I'm determined to not suck at this game...It's still fun though.

      8. Extreme G Racing: No one mentions this game when talking about futuristic racers...This games pretty cool

      7. 007 Agent Under Fire: Using grappling hooks in multiplayer pretty sweet, man.

      6. The Punisher (PS2): Fewer games make you feel so powerful

      5. Soul Caliber 4: A fighter that matches my "caliber" of skill, which means it caters to noobs like me

      4. Skate: I love an arcadey experience as much as the next guy, but man is it hard to go back to Tony Hawk after playing the Skate games

      3. Sonic Generations: This didn't sell that well and its the Sonic fans fault for not buying one of his first good games in a while

      2. New Super Mario Bros (DS): Much better than the wii version

      1. Indiana Jones, Greatest Adventures (SNES): Indiana Jones fans and platformer fans alike need to check out this gem.


      Didn't think this article had much meat to it?  Neither did I. That's because my main website that I do articles for is Hub Pages.  Check out some of my stuff for articles with a little more substance. I'm using Screwattack as a secondary website. Subscribe to my Hubpages page after checking out my articles. I'll be updating daily. Click on the links below to see some of my Hub Pages material. I don't have many articles yet, but I just started and like I said, I'll be updating daily.

      Top Ten most colorful modern games

      Frustrating moments in good games

    • Top Ten Games that Need to be Made (Anti_Hipster version)

      6 years ago


      Video games are often great fuel for the imagination. When playing games that take place in crazy, whacked out worlds, you can’t help but to develop some of your own ideas for video games throughout the years. In short this article is nothing more than the result of too many video game sessions. By the Way, I realize that Screwattack also did a top ten list a while ago sharing the same name, but mine is not like theirs. Their list focused solely on sequels and remakes to pre-existing games whereas mine are mostly original creations. So without further ado, let’s make like Mario and jump right into it.

      10. Atypical fantasy (think Neverending Story)

      Does this image seem familiar?

      How about this?

      If it does then that’s because you’ve seen that in every fantasy themed video game ever created. It’s become so cliché to have orcs and trolls and dragons that every fantasy game that comes out seems generic whether or not its of a high quality. And that’s a shame too because the fantasy genre could be the most imaginative out there. Any 80s kids here? You remember the movie The Neverending Story? It was pretty sweet right? Why couldn’t movies, books and video games follow that model of creature and world design. That way we could be looking at this...

      ...rather than an orc, elf, or troll for the hundredth time. I like especially how surreal all the creatures were in movie even as a kid and I feel like games haven’t delivered on this end yet.

      9.  An Indiana Jones game that lets you play through the movies

      When I say play through the movies, I of course mean the first three because we all know that the fan made film called Crystal Skull was not canon; But I digress. I’ve played two Indiana Jones games. One was the Infernal Machine for the Nintendo 64 and the other was the Emperor’s Tomb for the PS2. While they are neat and all, I really want a current or next gen Indiana Jones title that takes me through the steps of the movies. It needs to have a really good fighting system and make the gun useful, but have the bullets rare so as to only use it in a pinch. What these games need to nail that the other Indiana Jones games didn’t is the value of his whip whether to use it in fighting or to escape from gunfire. I’d love to see some of the iconic Indiana Jones environments rendered with video game graphics. Until that imaginary game graces my systems, I’ll just stick to lego Indiana Jones.

      8. A current or Next Generation Punisher Game

      Anybody play The Punisher for PS2 or Xbox? It was awesome. The game allowed you to play as the Punisher (Who would have guessed) and go around as the anti-hero as you are and generally cause carnage. In certain areas you could interrogate a person in a quick time event that would break a person down until they told you valuable information. Or you could just kill them in a gruesome way if you wanted such as shaking knives from an overhanging box until it falls on the unfortunate victim below.

      like so

      . With all the game sequels that we never ask for, why not a sequel to this game for PS3 and Xbox 360? I mean the concept of the Punisher is already a video game more or less. Guys family gets killed by the mafia, so guy in question kills everything. You don’t even really need that much more of a plot for a video game adaption. I just wrote half of your script right there. Let it be made…oh and this time, don’t neuter the interrogation scenes by making the gore black and white. If the violence is too much, then don’t buy it. What do you expect from a game called the Punisher?

      7. A Gumby Game (yes I know one was made for the Game Boy Advance)

      the one thing from your childhood that George Lucas hasn't destroyed yet

        If you think that this game and now me by correlation sound lame,  then clearly the message of love and friendship from the Gumby show didn’t rub off on you. And if that’s the case than I don’t want the game to be made for such horrible, evil people. However, those of us who still have Gumby in our hearts, like the lyrics to his show’s theme song explains, then you’ll know that the concept of Gumby is actually a gold mine of creativity waiting to be tapped into. Here you have a character who can shape shift into just about anything, can multiply into a dozen gumby’s, and can grow and shrink many times his size all to solve the problems that face him. You could base a puzzle game around that concept alone. Then you have to take into account that it’s a show that basically has a hub world built into it. Gumby exists in a freaky white world that has all sorts of classic toys, nostalgic objects and thousands of books dotted around this crazy kid’s landscape. These books are portals into the realm of the books themselves. Am I the only one who finds this idea rich with potential?

      6. Escape from New York: The Video Game


      How’s this for a concept. In the dystopian year of 1997, Crime has reached such a high point that all of New York city is quarantined and made a prison. Somehow the President gets stranded in this prison city (I say somehow because I can’t remember the intricacies of the plot and I’ll be darned if I have to do actual research for this article.) and it’s up to Snake Plissken to save the day in a limited amount of time or die. We already have a video game character template. Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid is just one Kurt Russell facial feature away from being Snake Plissken.

      We’ve seen New York City a thousand times in video games, but seeing it grimy and full of criminals like in the movie would be the closest we have to living in New York City during the 70s. Seriously video game developers you’ll make the video game adaption of Charlie’s Angels, but you refuse to adapt Escape From New York. The Tyranny of the Video Game industry.

      5. An Army of Darkness video game

      The Evil Dead video games that have come out have most to do with Evil Dead 2 or in the case of the PlayStation 1 game, the original Evil Dead. I ask, however, where is our Army of Darkness game? It’s the movie that is probably the most adaptable to video game form of all three movies. It’s got everything. Medieval times, monsters, shotguns, a skeleton army to kill, chainsaws. What more could you ask for from a video game.

      4. Timesplitters meets Little Big Planet


      Timesplitters 2 and 3 are the best video games ever made. Anyone who disagrees deserves to be shot by a monkey carrying a shotgun, while a snowman on a magic carpet mows down your friends with a minigun. If you’re at all baffled by that statement then clearly you haven’t played Timesplitters where events like that occur and occur often. If arcade shooting with a little more than a touch of the absurd, ridiculous characters and a slew of weapons from different eras of history wasn’t cool enough for you, then you could even customize maps, weapon placements and if you weren’t terrible like me, could even craft story missions with the toolsets you were given. Little Big Planet takes the idea of creating and customizing to a whole new level where even the tiniest detail can be customized. If you haven’t guessed it already, I want to merge these two spirits of game design into one awesomely creative first person shooter that allows you to not only customize maps in a far more fleshed out system, but also lets you create custom weapons, and characters. Put this all into a game and then no one would be allowed to have the argument that there is no creativity in first person shooters. Oh and there’s got to be bots. With so many people online, it’s doubtful that you’ll get full matches in your maps that you create so I think it would be necessary to have bots to play with the levels you create and also the maps you download from other people. Timesplitters 4. If you ever do come out, we expect great things. Don’t let us down.

      3. This crazy city idea I had

      I was walking in circles thinking as I often do, only this time I was attracting the stares of the manager for you see, I was doing this in the middle of a mattress shop. When I get hold of an idea I sort of lose track of reality and will pace back in forth lost in thought even though I look like a lunatic to people around me. But anyways the reason I had the idea in the mattress shop is because my bed that I had before was uncomfortable and stiff, it was only after laying down in one of the soft beds that the difference between comfort was so apparent. I then had the thought of a character that must keep up his health, and sanity in a world that he is alone in. I thought about how a man would wake up and find that he is in a city all by himself. The city is guarded by un-scalable walls. He doesn’t know how he got there, or what he’s supposed to do. When you take control of him you find that he has two meters; one that tracks his sanity and one that tracks his health. He needs sleep every night and food every day. At night he could very well sleep on the street, but that would only barely maintain his health. However if he wanted to break into a mattress factory and sleep on one of those beds he would have a great boost of health. Same with food. How well he takes care of himself is how long he’ll survive. As far as the sanity meter, you got to figure it’s pretty lonely being the only person in a city. This is why you’ve got to preoccupy the main character. Sure you could steal a movie and watch it to maintain a level of sanity for a short burst, but something way more exciting would be to find a parachute and go base jumping of the highest skyscraper. You’ve got to figure out ways to keep him excited and busy because like all things, doing something repeatedly gets stale and he becomes bored with it. That’s the short term goal, but the long term is to find a way out of the city and how well you maintain your sanity and health determines the ending that you get. Anyways that’s just my experimental game I thought of.

      2. America the sandbox game

      A lot of sandbox games constrict us to a single city or town, but some go a little bigger as is the case with Just Cause 2 which is a whole island country that is 400 square miles. A new console generation is fast approaching something I really want to see is sandbox games that ape the size of games we have on this generation; and if that is possible than I’d love to see an American sandbox game. I realize that converting all of America to video game form is likely impossible, so I’m just asking for a condensed version. As long as every state is represented in some for and has most of the cities, a lot of the key landmarks like Mt. Rushmore and also throw in a couple amusement parks like Six Flags and Coney Island then we’re golden. I’d really like a sandbox that allows me to plant C4 on a roller coaster and Ferris wheel at the same time and let destruction rain down upon the unsuspecting tourists below.

      1. Red Dead Future or GTA: Sci-fi

      The creators of Grand Theft Auto have shown us that not only can they make modern city spinoffs seem like compelling worlds to live in, they can do the same thing for the old west. Many people spent a lot of time just playing the mini-games in Red Dead Redemption and they were just card games, dice rolling and trying to not stab yourself with a knife. Imagine the crazy mini games that Rock Star could come up with if they were given the super unrestricting premise of the future. A mini game in a future city might be more fleshed out and complex then most games out today. Imagine Red Dead or GTA 4’s level of detail brought into a mixture of dystopia and utopia. I imagined that there would be three parts to this game. The dystopia like I said (think Blade Runner) where it’s a Neon lit city with high crime and heavy pollution that’s run by some future version of the mafia. Then in the sky you could have a utopian city (Yes I’m ripping off the Jetsons) where everything’s peaceful and clean until you come and screw everything up being a part of the mafia and all. Then the third part is every place in between…small settlements, areas of wasteland, etc. I’d love to see Rockstars take on the sci-fi genre. I want it to happen. Imagine hi-jacking cars, only this time they fly.

      Anyways thanks for taking the time to read my ideas on games that should be made. Now go make them.

    • 5 Reasons Why I'm getting a Vita

      6 years ago


      For the two of you who don't know, the PS Vita is the successor to the PSP made by Sony. It has a rear touch screen, front touch screen and most important of all, dual analog sticks. It's also notable for being nearly as powerful as the PS3. Well my birthday is coming up on the 16 this month and I'll be getting a few bones from parents and grandparents and I've decided to buy a Playstation Vita. This is notable because I never do impulse buys and I also never buy something  so early in its life before the system has a ton of games on it. After hearing a lot about the Vita, watching trailers, reading about its features and spending a lot of time thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that I would not be disappointed in it and here's why.

      Reason 5. It's the best way to play older games

      I had a PSP and my ratio of UMD to downloaded games is about 50/50. I did run into a problem though on the downloadable side. I tried to have multiple accounts on the PSP and this was before I knew that the PSP didn't support this. I'm guessing due to anti-piracy issues this was the case, but long story short, the PSP locked up and didn't allow me to connect to the internet or even access downloaded games. The only way to acces these would be to buy a new PSP which I don't want to do. So as it stands I have a collection of downloaded titles waiting to be tapped into. The good news about the Vita, is that it makes playing those old titles better than they would have been on the PSP. There are two reasons; One, the Vita upscales the PSP games so they'll look better, but the most important reason is that dual analog control is supported for old games. Let me give you a for instance. The game Nova is a PS3 , PSP and Vita mini game that is FPS port of an Iphone game. Neither control schemes are optimal for the PSP or the Iphone version because you're lacking actual thumbsticks and in the PSP case you only have one thumbstick. In the PS Vita version you can use dual analog just like a FPS on PS3 or Xbox. This makes it the best way to play it. This also applies to Battlefront Elite Squadron which lets you use Dual analog sticks. Another fantastic mini is Age of Zombies which on PSP played like a twin stick shooter, except it was a single stick shooter. On the Vita, it finally can be a twin stick shooter. Now you understand that the first reason I'm getting a Vita is because it allows me to play games I have, better than I could have before.

      Reason 4. The Graphics

      Now I'm no graphics snob, but there is an argument to be made that games benefit or are worse from good or bad graphics respectively. In fact a lot of PSP game looked down right ugly and part of the reason why is because they tried to emulate the PS3 with outdated hardware. When I got the PSP, I was already spoiled by the graphics of PS3 and Xbox 360, so the PSP was giving me versions of things I had already seen; only far, far worse. The PS Vita on the other hand looks very close to the PS3 and we've yet to be spoiled on PS4 or Xbox 720. This means for us, that the graphics are not bad in comparison. Instead of a step down, its more of what we know.  Plus the graphics look this good, but its at launch. Most systems look their worst at launch and if this its worst, I'd love to see its best.

      Reason 3. This, in a way, lets us continue the PS3 after it's dead

      Many people including myself are disappointed in the news that the next generation of consoles are on the way. I share the sentiment that these current consoles have plenty of life still left in them. A lot of companies are just now hitting their strides on current platforms and it would be shame to see their efforts extinguished by having to jump platforms. Plus, new platfroms are scary, with the price, the rumors of no more used games and all that other junk. The PS Vita has more of a resemblance to the PS3 then it likely will have to the PS4. The Vita has a downloadable service, but it still has physical media and used games. In this way you can think of the Vita as a mini PS3 that can still thrive even if the PS3 ended next year.

      Reason 2. Two games for the price of one

      What do I mean by this? Well it's simple. Several developers are doing this crazy thing on PSN where, if you buy a PS3 game, you get the same game, as well as its DLC on the Vita at no extra charge. This is really helpful for me. For instance, me and my dad love to play pinball and we often play virtual pinball through video games also. Well The Pinball Arcade, which came out on XBLA and will come out on PSN tomorrow has four tables, plus about 50 more planned for DLC. Me and my dad were going to buy that anyway. Now at no extra cost, I can transfer the game, plus any DLC I buy to my Vita and play it on the road. This is a huge incentive to buy games on PSN. In fact I think this is a feature much cooler than cross-platform play because I don't like to play online that much.

      Reason 1.  The games

      Some people have criticised the Vitas launch and launch window, but I have to question why. Here's the 3DS's launch in comparison.

      Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

      The Sims 3

      Madden NFL Football

      Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D

      LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

      Ridge Racer 3D

      Super Monkey Ball 3D

      Bust-a-Move Universe

      Samurai Warriors: Chronicles

      Asphalt 3D

      Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D

      Rayman 3D

      Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Shadow Wars

      There's not a single AAA title on there much less something that could be considered a system seller, yet it seems the Screwattack team bought it at launch. Compare that to the Vita, that at least has Uncharted: Golden Abyss which is an original AAA title on launch day. If you're a fan of Wipeout or futuristic racing then you have that, and LittleBigPlanet Vita comes out in 2 months which is within the launch window and also a AAA title. Recently on Sidescrollers extended Craig said he might get a Vita because it seems that it's being supported. When he said this, he was met with skepticism from Jared and Chad as if what he was saying was crazy. these same people that had to wait 4 months for the first good game (ocarina of time 3D) which was just a port of an existing game, albeit a good one. They then had to wait over five months to get their system sellers which were mario kart and Super Mario 3D Land. Yet these are the same people who mocked Craig for his interest in the Vita. All in all, as far as launches go for systems, people must have short memories because launches of systems are always bad and usually only have one or two games to get excited about. When you look at it that way, the Vita has a pretty good launch in comparison.

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