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    • Baleoce's VGM Trackers.

      6 years ago



      The only thing you need to know about me is, I absolutely love VG Music. Understand this about me, and we will get on very well I can assure you :) I'm hoping this will appeal to two types of the G1 community. Firstly, those wishing to just hear good music from their classic games that they thoroughly enjoy. But also, those who love making musical remixes or arrangements of their favourite games, and would like the source material in it's original form, to aid them in understanding the music better as the composer(s) originally intended.


      As a small hobby, I like to take the original samples ripped from the games audio engine, and reconstruct from scratch, replicas of the music contained within. Think of this as the Ürtext edition (a German word for: an original, or the earliest version of a text, to which later versions can be compared) of video-game music. Classical music, and more maintream instrumental music in general, tends to have a relatively reliable set of scores for which conductors and musical enthusiasts can see how the composers gained their inspiration. But with video-game music, it is very rare we get to see the music in its original form, bar when we actually hear it in its native format on the system it was intended for. As such, I like to think of these trackers as the musical equivalent of scores that you can depend on for not only accuracy in it's purest form, but also for great enjoyement, I hope :)


      The only thing I want to strive for, is accuracy, and anyone wanting to use this material, I suggest you download a demo of Renoise so you can listen to it. I provide a link to the original .XRNS and twice-looped .MP3 files with each tracker I upload in the YouTube description section.  And in each .XRNS file, you will see a complete library of the individual audio samples that are used to ultimately create the music that you are hearing. Eitherway, here we go, and hope you enjoy!


      The Legend of Zelda:  Link's Awakening: Overworld


      Sonic 1 (Genesis/Mega Drive) - Green Hill Zone


      Landstalker - Treasure Hunter Nigel (Overworld 2) - I had to include this, it is one of my favourite, and must underrated pieces of VG Music from an RPG, around). Motoaki Takenouchi is a genius <3


      Sonic 2 - Casino Night Zone


      Sonic 3 - Hydrocity Act 2


      Sonic & Knuckles - Death Egg Act 2


      If I'm being honest, I have no clue whether this is going to appeal to the G1 community, but I hope you embrace it and I'll keep doing it, and eventually I'll get around to making my own original material using the knowledge aquired from doing these sequences. Eithery way, at the very least, I hope you enjoy it :)


      Any feedback, positive or negative is fully welcomed, I just want to do the best and most accurate job I can. (And yes, I do requests!) :)

    • FF7 finally coming to Steam?

      6 years ago


      It would appear judging by this cached page on Google, that the plans for an FF7 release on Steam are still very much in the works. The page appeared on the domain FinalFantasyVIIPC.com for a small period of time, which was registered mid June by Square-Enix themselves. A supposed mirror was made of the original website, which can be found here. Plans began to surface last year after both Final Fantasy VII and VIII were found using the Steam Registry Toolkit by users.

      The price was listed as £7.99/€9.99 (which would probably be marked as $12.99 for US customers), but anyone who is resigned to it being a simple re-release of the somewhat buggy PC original may be in for a pleasant surprise. The cached page suggests that as well as an achievement listing (36 in all), ability to "cloud" save (dohoho) and online profiles, there will be game alterations in the form of character boosting items, that seemingly turns on a god mode (for want of better wording) for those "hard to beat" segments.

      "Whether you’re a seasoned FINAL FANTASY VII veteran or exploring this RPG classic for the very first time, show off your in-game accomplishments and put your gaming skills to the test with 36 brand new achievements to unlock. Share your profile with friends online to find out who is the ultimate FINAL FANTASY fan. Find yourself stuck on a difficult section or lacking the funds to buy that vital Phoenix Down? With the Character Booster you can increase your HP, MP and Gil levels to their maximum, all with the simple click of a button, leaving you to enjoy your adventure. Whether you’re away from home or simply using a different computer to play, enjoy FINAL FANTASY VII wherever you are. With cloud save support in FINAL FANTASY VII you can continue your game progress right where you left off, all you need is an internet connection."

      Well this is all curious indeed. But the more skeptical of users may also fear this "God mode" points towards a seedy micro-transaction style addon. Here's hoping that's not the case!

      My first ever copy of Final Fantasy VII was for PC. I remember only being able to use hardware acceleration if I had a voodoo card, otherwise it was software rendering for me. Also, the music was generated via the MIDI on your specific sound card. So it never quite sounded like it was supposed to.  Personally I hope they prioritise these two things if this release ever does come to fruition. How about you g1's? What would you like to see from a PC re-release, and do you see this having potential?

    • "Seekers of Adoulin" FFXI expansion to be announced?

      6 years ago


       Well here we are again folks. Another day, another new trademark filed by Square-Enix, spotted by a user from the NeoGAF forums. This time it appears to be for something called "Seekers of Adoulin". The more astute may come to connect this as one of the currently uncharted regions of Vana'diel in the MMO Final Fantasy XI.

      In one of the recent expansions, "Wings of the Goddess", there is an elvaan female NPC named Achtelle who tells of her far western origins.

      "I go by the name Achtelle. I hail from Adoulin Isle. Word has reached there that the dragoons and their wyverns have long since disappeared from these eastern lands. Tell me, is it true?"

      The timing of this trademark is far too convenient, what with Vanafest being literally upon us, and about to celebrate the games impressive 10 year milestone. I would not be at all surprised if there was an announcement for this expansion either tonight or tomorrow, something I previously doubted would happen after the launch of the new flagship MMO Final Fantasy XIV.

      What of you g1's, are there any retired FFXI players amongst us, perhaps you still play? Let us know what you think of this announcement. I myself have been cold turkey since November. I'm personally hoping for a reduction in the monthly bill to accompany this expansion announcement if it ends up happening, but that may be unlikely considering the chance of them luring newer players to a 10 year old game.

      Equally, there's a chance this may not be a fully fledged expansion, but something more akin to the Abyssea add-ons we have recently witnessed SE release. Regardless, it is an impressive feat for it to still be going after all this time. It will be very interesting to see what they have up their sleeves.

    • Final Fantasy XI: "Seekers of Adoulin" (Coming 2013)

      6 years ago


      Editor's Note: Square Enix has announced that the second new job is the Rune Fencer, although details about this job won't be revealed until tomorrow.  Thanks go out to g1s Shiro_Shishi and Kainin for the tip!

      As predicted yesterday, on the first day of Vanafest 2012, the latest expansion for the MMORPG Final Fantasy XI, "Seekers of Adoulin" has been revealed. The official website can be found here, along with this trailer:


      Westward Ho, Adventurers!

      The action will unfold on Ulbuka, an enigmatic continent located far to the west of the Middle Lands. To protect each other's interests and defend against the evil forces that assault them, the mainland and its surrounding islands have banded together to form the Sacred City of Adoulin Alliance.


      Reclaim the Land!

      The majority of Ulbuka's lands consist of vast wilderness, which ambitious adventurers from around the world have come to explore.

      A new light shines on the continent's history with each tree filled, each outpost built, and each secret spot uncovered. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for danger however, for who knows when you may accidentally stumble upon a monster's lair! With so many treasures veiled behind exotic landscapes, harrowing skirmishes waiting around every corner, and quests begging to be undertaken, it's not just Ulbuka that will be evolving, but those who explore it as well!


      Guilds, Guilds, Guilds!

      A number of adventurers' guilds thrive in Adoulin, lending support to players in their quest to settle the land and expand their influence.

      These new guilds include: 

      • Information Guild
      • Exploration Guild
      • Security Guild
      • Amusement Guild
      • Transportation Guild
      • Workshop Guild


      New Job: Geomancer!

      Harnessing the elemental energies that course through Vana'diel's veins in ways that no sorcerer can, geomancers both aid their comrades-in-arms and teach their foes how deadly the forces of nature can be.

      The Geomancer (pictured above), appears to be a support class designed to help buff other party members using special techniques (much how Bard was originally intended) to maximize their parties potential. But Geomancers also have the capacity to hold their own with elemental nukes, stun and other various tools, and gains specific offensive bonuses depending on what direction they are in relation to the monster:

      - By creating extensive fields of beneficial energy around themselves for their allies to enter, they support the whole party.

      - The ability to place luopans (temporary name) where their brethren stand helps impart various beneficial effects upon them.

      - Their job trait Polarity (temporary name) allows geomancers to receive different bonuses to their elemental magic spells depending on the direction they face when casting.

      - Geomancers employ a new style of elemental magic that affects areas surrounding their comrades and is greatly enhanced by Polarity.


      New Job: ???

      The second job is currently unknown, but it's been told that the profession will be announced during the second day of Vanafest 2012. So expect more information to come shortly! If you want my two cents, I would put money on it being  Mystic Knight. (You heard it here first!)



      Various new pieces of monster concept artwork were also shown off at the developers session, including some very interesting new beastmen entrants, an absolutely giant bee, an unknown antagonist, and possibly even new avatars:


      There is also some lovely landscape art featuring some of the town locations and possible exploration zones featured from the official website:



      The rest of the first day of events at Vanafest was quite casual, with a taste testing session of native Vana'diel cuisine, from "pamamas" to "kabobs" (see if you can work out what those are!), to a brilliant session of live music featuring arrangments from Final Fantasy XI's stellar soundtrack.

      But the undoubted highlight was the cosplay competition. There was some fantastic entrants from a young Lilisette, Aphmau, a wealth of jobs from the popular Corsair to the staple White Mage, with an extremely detailed Blue Mage eventually taking the crown. But I'm sorry, this particular entrant stole my heart. I almost died of laughter, whilst they wobbled awkwardly across the stage, almost falling over on many occasions. Just feast your eyes on this... :

      Note the red banner above it displaying the text of one of FFXI's most notorious monsters and the person inside the suit had a bubble blowing machine that was spraying bubbles all over the stage and on the other contestants haha, pure genius.

      All in all, it was a pretty fun opening day to mark the 10 year anniversary. I expect there will be more big news later today as well, and I will cover as much of that as possible tomorrow afternoon.

      I shall leave you with this intruiging but lovely image from Square-Enix's own Yoshitaka Amano, which may contain further easter eggs as to what is in store for the Seekers of Adoulin:

    • Biggest news from Vanafest Day 2

      6 years ago


      So it turns out quite a lot of big news was saved for the last day of Vanafest. But let's start out with the biggest news with regards to Seekers of Adoulin. The second and final job that was announced was... 

      New Job: Rune Fencer! (aka Rune Knight, Mystic Knight, Magic Fencer etc.)


      Quick with a blade as well as an incantation, these versatile duelists employ the power of arcane runes to sway the tide of battle both offensively and defensively.

      - Their exceptional magic defense and elemental resistance put them squarely in the tank category, along with paladins and ninjas.

      - Two broad categories round out their runic arsenal:

      - Element-based runes add elemental damage to attacks and increase resistance to certain elements.

      - Enchantment-based runes increase either the fencer's attacking prowess or their ability to defend.

      - Rune fencers will possess versatile abilities like one that cuts the duration of the next enhancing magic spell cast on them by half, but in turn amplifies the spell's effect 1.5 times, and another that erects a barrier that reduces magic damage.

      Job Adjustments

      Various job adjustments scheduled to be implemented in 2012 were also announced.

      Instance Dungeons

      Those seekers who are able to reconstruct statues from assorted fragments scattered throughout the Ulbukan wilds may just find that they affect the fearsomeness of their foes, the size of the environs, the amount of reapable rewards and other aspects of these perilous dungeons.

      Back at the Ranch

      Each adventurer will have their own plot of land on which to fish, grow crops, mine for minerals, raise and shear sheep, and indulge in other pastoral pursuits after a hard day of fighting fiends in primeval forests.  

      UI Tweaking

      Another very interesting announcement, was that there are going to be tweaks made to the User Interface in FFXI, allowing for a much finer degree of customization and with moveable windows. Quite a bizarre development after 10 years, but hey! It's all good.

      Here's a sneak peak at their plans.

      That's quite a difference! One of the unique features of FFXI from a PC perspective, was that you could play the game entirely without the need for using the mouse (which will presumably still be possible). But still, I am quite a fan of an MMO evolving with modern standards, instead of being resigned to its initial state. It feels like that is what an MMO should do, for me. You build a community, and then you keep it, for as long as it keeps you. 

      The most profitable Final Fantasy ever?

      Apparently so! According to CEO Yoichi Wada during his speech given yesterday, he reported that with regards to Final Fantasy XI, "looking at profitability,  it is the top of all past FF games, and if you were to add up the total play time of all currently active FFXI players, you'll reach a figure of over 200,000 years."

      So in actual fact it's a lot longer than that, because back in its hayday, the servers were doubled, along with the amount of people that resided within them.

      Some will say the profitability is not that surprising, after all it is an MMO, with an entirely different business model designed for the long term. But it is also an MMO that had very strong competitors in the same market, and that many decided to overlook as a result. So I'd say this is a big testament to the success of the game as a whole.

      Here's a shameful fact I'll divulge seen as we're on the topic. During my 7 year stint in Vana'diel, I amassed a shameful 3 of those 200,000 years of in-game time (probably half of which was spent afk in my mog house!) 

      Cosplay roundup

      For those of you who were wanting a peek at some of the cosplay that has been happening over the past few days, fear not! Here's an assortment of pics to feast your eyes on. 


      Hiromichi Tanaka leaves Square-Enix

      One of the biggest, and saddest announcements was left right until the end of the event. Hiromichi Tanaka is to leave Square-Enix due to health concerns.

      He was an integral part in the founding of Square during the early 80's, and is pictured above (centred), alongside his peers Hironobu Sakaguchi and Kazuhiko Aoki.

      After initially working on game design for the first 3 Final Fantasy titles, he then went on to work on an assortment of games such as Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3, Xenogears, Chrono Cross, and eventually FFXI and XIV, fulfilling his roles as both Producer or Director in some of gamings most beloved titles.

      There are ever increasing reports lately of stiff competition at the higher end of video-game companies causing its employees serious health concerns. Be it for unrealistic deadlines imposed by shareholders and producers, or simply companies that are failing to meet quality standards of care for its developers.  Whilst I'm not directly implying the two are connected in this particular case, it is clear that he has come under increasing pressure over the last year or two. I hope this practice soon becomes a thing of the past, and that those who make the games can have just as enjoyable and relaxing an experience, as we have playing them. I truly hope the industry heads this way.

      I think everyone at ScrewAttack wishes him a speedy recovery, but more importantly a well earned rest after nearly 30 years of service to us, the gamers. Take a bow, Tanaka-san.

    • The latest fighting game craze is Divekick

      6 years ago


      Editor's Note: The fighting game community must be stoked about this new game, though I probably won't be able to hang. BTW, are those supposed to be Infinity Gauntlets in the banner picture?!

      Divekick is a parody fighting game showcased by Adam Heart (aka Keits) exclusively at UFGT8.


       Divekick contains many FGC cultural references in its gameplay.

      "Last night, the folks at Level|Up Series streamed a special pre-tournament event Keits put on to showcase Divekick, along with a few other events involving some well-known members of the fighting game community. While we all expected Divekick to blow our minds once it was thrown into a competitive setting, none of us were ready for the sheer hype that game is capable of generating. Luckily, Boss Fight TV was on hand to document this momentous occasion, and they put together a fantastic highlight reel of some of the most exciting moments."

       And heres some actual game-play.

      With some secret characters thrown in for the lulz.

      I'm telling you now. Whoever did the voice acting for that in-game announcer deserves a heroes medal. A HEROES medal dammit! If this ever gets released, it *NEEDS* to be on Screwin' Around!

    • BBC uses Halo symbol in UN Security Council story

      6 years ago


      BBC uses the Halo UNSC (United Nations Space Command) image instead of the United Nations Security Council during live broadcast. Here is the quote from Eurogamer:

      "BBC News has accidentally broadcast a logo from Halo during a news report on the ongoing conflict in Syria. The blooper occured in the background of last Thursday's One O'Clock News, in which presenter Sophie Raworth discussed the real-life United Nations. But the logo shown on-sceen was for the UNSC - Halo's fictious United Nations Space Command." 


       Master Chief declined to comment:

    • GOG.com Weekend Promo: Interplay Blast 50% off

      6 years ago

       Some weeks are just too good to be real. We’ve just released a slew of well-loved classics in the last 7 days, and now we’re wrapping up the with a bang! The Interplay Blast weekend promo marks the beginning of equally amazing weekend with 32 games that are too good to refuse, too good to put down, and too classic to not be familiar with, especially when offered for only $2.99 each!

      Starting with probably the most recognizable post-apocalyptic franchise in gaming history--Fallout series. Some of you might remember that GOG.com sported a fairly decent giveaway just a week ago. If you own Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game, you might be interested in getting Fallout 2, which took the vast, post-apocalyptic world and enriched it further with more NPCs, more quests, more weapons, and more quirky perks. Fallout Tactics took the series in a different direction, and is a challenging and fun tactical squad-based strategies with Impressive number of weapons, skills and upgrades soaking in wasteland climate. You will be pleased to find out that all Fallout games are $2.99.

      The Freespace series offers something special for simulator-fans with fast-paced action, dynamic flight model, well-made missions, and a gripping story full of epic space battles and plot twists. Both games are considered to be the some of the best space simulators in all the galaxies we’ve known so far. Freespace 2 is probably superior (as one of our users handsomely named it ‘The Pinnacle of Space Combat’) mainly due to beautiful graphics, improved space ships and missions, and enormous modding possibility. Both Freespace + Expansion and Freespace 2 are available for $2.99, this weekend only on GOG.com.

      For action fans, yours truly has prepared MDK and MDK2, two third-person shooters that are among of the greatest and most memorable action games of all time. MDK offers fun and addictive gameplay, filled with humor - a trademark of games by Shiny Entertainment. The Bioware-made sequel featured even more action and humor than in the original, especially when you play as Max, a cigar smoking, quad gun toting demolition squad of a dog.

      Loads of good humor and fun describe another action series you can buy with a 50% discount this weekend only on GOG.com: Earthworm Jim. The story: The evil Psy-Crow was transporting a super suit, built by the genius Professor Monkey-For-A-Head, to Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-Filled, Malformed, Slug-For-A-Butt, but along the way it was stolen by a rebel. Although Psy-Crow killed the rebel, the suit fell down to Earth, landing on an earthworm. That cosmic twist of fate placed Jim in control of an ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit. That’s right, you can pick up Earthworm Jim 1+2, which diverse levels and gameplay modes that provide an unmatched platforming experience and Earthworm Jim 3D, which features pig-surfing. Both Earthworm Jim games are available for only $2.99.

      There are more than 30 different games from Interplay that we’re selling at discounted price this weekend, including (but not limited to) amazing RPG Stonekeep, indescribable and one of the most original games ever created Giants Citizen Kabuto, totally unique action strategy Sacrifice, and a fantastic FPS collection: SHOGO: Mobile Armor Division, Messiah, Kingpin: Life of Crime and Redneck Rampage Collection. This promo ends next Monday, April 16 on 11.59 p.m. EDT

      A full list of all these DRM-free PC games on offer can be found here:  http://www.gog.com/promo/interplay_blast

      Me personally, I'll be picking up Redneck Rampage and Earthworm Jim. I have a cow to launch! How about you g1s, any of these titles tickle your fancy?

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