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    • What a good post

      1 year ago

      bemse h

      Wow, earlier this summer my lastest post was announcing that I was unsubscribing from First.

      But now that it's October and I have a job, I'm in school, and the new RWBY volume is coming up. 

      I signed the fuck up. Now I'm a First member again

    • Giving it up

      1 year ago

      bemse h

      I'm demoting myself from First member to regular peasant.

      $5 dollars a month will eventually pile up, and I can't afford that right now.

      There's a family issue currently going on, so I can't even apply for a steady job, nonetheless a subscription.

      It was fun while it lasted, but whatever, maybe when RWBY V5 comes out, I'll rethink about it. 

    • April Update (podcast, gameplay, etc)

      1 year ago

      bemse h

      Hey there fellow millennials!

      FYI: My grammar in this is not my best. Sorry.

      TL;DR no tumblr and fidget cube. I recorded a podcast. Planning on playing Orwell. What's up?

      The month of April is upon us, and as I said last month, it's still the Lenten season. So no Tumblr *sad face* 

      My fidget cube has yet to arrive; I've been watching unboxings, and they said that they ordered it in December, and arrived March. So it should be on my doorstep by around June/July if I'm lucky. I even emailed Antsy Labs, and they said the order number coordinates with the time of manufacturing. My order number was like 89,000 something. That's a long wait.

      I recorded my own podcast a couple weeks back. Even have several social accounts for it like Twitter and Patreon and stuff. It's an educational podcast where I talk about college and school experiences. The pilot episode is out now, but future episodes should come out in December. I talk for a solid hour. Fight me Michael Jones. Talk fight. 

      I also downloaded Orwell on Steam. I played the demo of it and it's super interesting and interactive. It also feels real. Plus it was on sale. I want to record a gameplay and post it on YouTube. I have two accounts: one for personal random videos and the podcast channel. I'll probably post on my personal.

      I know no one will ever see this, but how was your day? How do you feel about the week long release difference in shows like RVB or Sex Swing as examples? 

      Also, do you like shows like RWBY, Always Open, or Dude Soup? I've been into those recently. 

    • 3-22-17

      1 year ago

      bemse h

      I became a first member *finger guns*

    • Cats????????

      1 year ago

      bemse h

      Yo, does anyone like cats?

      If yes please mod this.

      If not, disregard this. 

    • youtube self promo

      1 year ago

      bemse h

      please subscribe to my channel.

    • Oh NO! (Life update: 3/3/17) by bemse

      1 year ago

      bemse h

      I'm experiencing withdrawals because I can no longer shitpost on Tumblr because of my religion. 

      I feel like a brave soul, but suffering at the same time.

      It feels like a week, but Ash Wednesday was less than 48 hours ago. 

      I'm using Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Rooster Teeth to cope.

      I'm also studying for exams and working on school projects. 

      I tried editing this video of my vacation back in December. But iMovie keeps buffering (total shit).

      I'm also working on another project due for the end of the year (personal, and I have no idea how it's going to turn out).

      Check out my channel here.

      On the bright side, I ordered the Fidget Cube yesterday (color white/blue).

    • Going to my first con

      1 year ago

      bemse h

      I'm going to FanExpo Dallas for the first time this year to see team RWBY.

      My first fan event ever, and I'm 19!


      Without RWBY, I wouldn't've been apart of RT.

      I'm excited to go, and what other Rooster Teeth/geek esque events I can attend

    • goddammit_Yang.mp4

      2 years ago

      bemse h

      This is a video I made like a long time ago. I try to make other RWBY content. I'm on vacation right now, so that's not gonna happen. 

    • 2 years ago

      bemse h
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