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    • Developer states that the Wii U can handle Dead Island: Riptide

      5 years ago


      Last week it was stated that Dead Island: Riptide won't be coming to Wii U because it would require the team to re-work the game for the platform. Well it seems Deep Sliver is full of shit, because developer Techland states that the game runs fine. At least according to Techland International brand manager Blazej Krakowiak who says

      "Chrome Engine runs on Wii U without any problems. We tested and confirmed that long time ago, back in 2012. While it's true that Nintendo's latest console would be a new platform for us, there were simply no plans to develop a Wii U version, but that decision has nothing to do with a need to rewrite our engine."

      He finished off by stating that it was up to Deep Sliver "to discuss if they so choose" to have a Wii U version made. Seems like we have another  Crysis 3 situation.

    • Criterion Games wants to give Wii U owners the "superior" Most Wanted

      5 years ago


      With the Wii U drought of retail games coming to an end in a few weeks with Monster Hunter and Lego City: Undercover. Another game will be release on March 19 that has flown under the radar is Need For Speed: Most Wanted U (real title). 

      While showing off the game, the developer has stated that after the 360, PS3, and PC versions were shipped, the crew went back to start from scratch for the Wii U. When they received the final kit from Nintendo they wanted to see just how powerful the system is. They did this by importing features found on the PC version to find out that the system ran the PC version smoothly.

      With this the Wii U version will have better visuals, draw distance, and night driving. The Wii U Gamepad will be use to turn features on and off instantly to help the driver in co op mode. This will also be the first game to have Miiverse merged in with the game. The crew really did its homework when they stated that they have watched Nintendo's Iwata Asks to see what Miiverse could offer. The game will also include some DLC releases.

      There will be a demo of the game available before the launch, but the game will be playable at SXSW.

    • [Rumor] PS4 Share button will not work with YouTube

      5 years ago


      It seems Sony has been on a good roll with the gaming community promoting their new system. From its lower price, to constant the jabs at Microsoft, it seems Sony has a lot going for the PS4. That is until recently, since a rumor is spreading that the Share button will not upload footage to YouTube, despite Sony stating that you will on Jimmy Fallon.

      While this isn't terrible news, since the Share feature only allows to 15 minutes of footage.  What makes this a big deal is that like Xbox One the PS4 will only have HDMI for output and with that you have HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) to prevent you from capturng footage. Back on PS3, you used component cables or found a workaround. Microsoft had stated at Gamescom that you will be able to capture gameplay since the HDCP will be turned off for games and turn back on for media.

      "Xbox One will support gameplay footage capture just as it works on Xbox 360"

      Although this isn't big news, it has gotten people to go on Sony's twitter for a response and they got it from Shuhei Yoshida who has stated the following.

      "We'd like to keep gamers happy and are considering every possibility regarding PS4's gameplay capture. We'll update you as soon as ready."

      Considering the heat Nintendo got for taking YouTube Ad Revenue, I'm sure it won't take Sony long to have the issue resolved.

    • Bigglou's thoughts on the Wii U

      5 years ago


      I’ve had the system for about 3 months and would like to share my experience with the system unlike a certain channel that decided to give you their thoughts after using the system for 20 minutes. After an impressive launch lineup (my opinion) I will give you my likes and dislikes of the Wii U.



      When this feature debut on Nintendo Direct most think of it as Nintendo’s Facebook. What came of it was a community I thought wasn’t possible. People friendly to another member, helping players when they are stuck on a portion of a game, or just showing off their art skills. Miiverse proves that not all online gamers are racist, homophobic jerks. This came to be when I play rounds of Black Ops 2 to my surprise people using voice chat were mature with their content. I have yet to hear a whiny kid on Wii U which is ironic since Nintendo is supposed to be a system for kids.

      Here’s to the little guy

      While the WiiWare had its good share of indy games, sadly only a few got mention while others went unnoticed which is something Nintendo doesn’t want to happen again as more indie developers are giving nothing to praise to the Nintendo Eshop. From Nano Assault Neo, Trine 2 DC, to newly announced games like Cryamore and The 90s Arcade Racer. The Eshop is looking bright this year. Good thing I have my 500GB external hard drive.

      You Can Take It With You

      With the announcement of the PS4 and I’m guessing the NextBox will ditch backwards compatibility for streaming older games. Nintendo decided to not only make your Wii games playable, but transfer your save data over so you can continue where you left off instead of starting over. Letting you use your Wii controllers if the game supports it.


       Best Data Transfer Process


      My Place, Tonite

      Nintendo keeping local multiplayer alive and well with using the Gamepad as its own screen on some games. I found it amazing when playing Black Ops 2 my friends wanted to play Zombie on the controller rather than the 50’ LED TV.




      Just like the 3DS, the string of subpar battery life continues with the Wii U Gamepad. I can get only three hours on this until I have to plug it in. Luckily for me, the outlet is not far from me but I know this would be a problem for some people unless you bought the USB charger or the Nyko Power Pack.

      Spotty Third Party Support

      I believe the Wii didn’t lack this however they lack big name third party games which they hope to fix with the Wii U. Despite the Rayman Legends controversy Ubisoft is continuing to support the system by just announcing Watch Dogs, DLC support for Assassins Creed 3, and Assassins Creed 4 while EA released Mass Effect 3 with no DLC support and cancelling Crysis 3.  Recently, WB Interactive just stated that DLC won't be coming to the Wii U Version of Injustice.  To me, some companies are still not impressed to release their games on the system or wait a year to see how sales hold, if Nintendo wants to have the third party support of the SNES days; they have to convince them that making games on the Wii U is a win win.   Oh and still waiting on those map packs, Treyarch.

      New System Same Sh—

      Don't worry, Nintendo I went throught the same sh-- for a year!

      As ex-IGN Craig Harris stated, “No matter what Nintendo does they will never please the hardcore audience.” This is nothing new to me since you have make views while sadly negative news get more views this is what you have. It’s like you buy a car and all you read is how your vehicle is not good and you’re a fool for getting it. Although I simply just read on, I have people asking me why I own a system that will be forgotten this Christmas I just reply with, “Because they are trying out new ways to game.”

      No News & Forecast


      This final one is more of a nitpick, but I really liked the Forecast and News Channel on Wii since the layout for those channels were awesome. Despite Forecast Channel updating every three hours I still like how I could see the weather across the world with a spin of a globe. I will also miss how some games would use the Forecast Channel to change the weather in the game. While the News channel let me go to the news I want to read.

      Judging from the time I’m having with the system I would give it a B-.  There is poetical for the system but I’m sure at E3 all three will bring out their A game.

    • Pandora's Tower is coming to the US

      5 years ago


      First the YouTube app, and then the recent Amazon Instant app. Now thanks to XSEED, you'll have another reason not to put your Wii in the closet. Or if you're like me and did that after you transferred your Wii data to the Wii U, you can leave it there. XSEED has announced that Pandora's Tower will be coming stateside this Spring.

      It's fantastic to be bringing such a highly-anticipated title like Pandora's Tower to such a vocal fan base. North American gamers have been very patient in waiting for this game to be released, and we're confident they will be pleased when they get their hands on the title.

      XSEED CEO Shinichi Suzuki

      Personally I thought this would never happen since the Wii U is out and Nintendo wants the Wii to die slowly (except for the Wii Mini).  Seems like Kirby's 20th Anniversary will NOT be my final retail purchase for Wii.

    • Looks like you CAN use a SD Card for Wii U Data (sort of)

      5 years ago


      Back before the Wii U launched, I wrote an article about how Nintendo stated you cannot use SD Cards to download Wii U data. Thanks to the internet, YouTube user Shokio has found a backdoor route. It just requires you to use a USB SD Card Reader. That's it! It tricks the Wii U into thinking its an external drive. I tried it out for myself and indeed it works. Thanks to this, I was able to download Mighty Switch Force, Nano Assualt Neo, Trine 2, and the Sonic Racing Transform Demo. Note* It must be a USB SD Card reader and not one of those USB multi card readers.*  Belated Happy New Year, g1s.



    • So the Wii U is not gettin' any DLC love

      5 years ago


      UPDATE: Not to long after Criterion Games confirmed the lack of DLC support, fans hammered Twitter for DLC support to which they stated that if the game sells well, then DLC will be possible.

      What is it about DLC content on Wii U that third parties are scared of? I’m stooped since you would think that Nintendo owners “love to spend money on stuff they already own”. Shouldn't this would be a gold mine for third parties? Looks like I’ll be buying the PS3 version of Injustice...

      With the retail drought of Wii U is nearing the end with releases like Monster Hunter, Lego City, and Need for Speed: Most Wanted, there has been something that has been popping up on headlines that no one seems to notice. The lack of DLC support for the Wii U. Now it started with Mass Effect 3, but that was no surprise since they have no plans for releasing the trilogy pack that is available on 360, PS3, and PC. Black Ops 2 stated then backed off about map packs probably just with the system launching they want to play the wait and see approach.

      Now it’s getting out of control with the exception of Ubisoft, Team Ninja, & Koei. Most games coming out for the platform have no DLC support, despite that same game having it on another console. When I wanted to pre-order the Collector’s Edition of Injustice for Wii U I was told I could only pre-order it for PS3 or 360 (same as Amazon).

      Recently GoNintendo ask WB about all the awesome DLC content coming to Wii U only got a response from Twitter stating that DLC for Wii U will not be available. The fun doesn’t stop there since Need For Speed: Most Wanted U have also recently stated that future DLC will not be available though I’m sure it’s more of EA’s doing then Criterion Games.

    • Wii U Goes 3D With Assassin's Creed 3

      6 years ago


      Although 3D gaming has been on the downfall mostly due to pricing and for most people getting headaches after a few matches. Most developers decided this year not to forced 3D on games as much compared to last year. It was noted that the Wii U is capable of outputting 3D, but decided to downplay the feature. Well to my surprise when I rented Assassin's Creed 3 for Wii U that the 3D option is available.

      I believe the Xbox 360 and PS3 version supports 3D as well. What is surprising to me is that this feature is downplayed and that it received support this quickly. With the Wii U just being released. I can say for the 3D on the game is great and soft on the eyes. Usually after an hour I have to turn the 3D off, but now I play with the 3D on. That's saying a lot since the last time I turn on 3D for my TV was last year. Any g1s curious why Nintendo never mentioned this feature?

    • No Online Pass for Wii U Tekken Tag Tournament 2

      6 years ago


      Online Passes for games is just about as common as incoming DLC and day one patch updates. In a suprise move while the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of Tekken Tag Tournment 2 requires an online pass to duke it out online, the Wii U does not require you to input a code to play online. Also, the game comes included with previously released DLC content. Reasons for this is unkown and whether or not other third party games that use online pass on the other versions will be absent from the Wii U version.

      Note* Only the North American version of the game does not have the online pass

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