This is my first time making a blog post here on ScrewAttack. I have thought of posts to do before, but this is the first subject to actually bring me to want to post here and not have a post about it already.

I have seen people post about games on KickStarter that they thought merited some focus. I think Road Redemption fits right alongside other gaming KickStarters highlighted on ScrewAttack. As someone who owned a Sega Genesis, a spiritual successor to Road Rash has my attention. The game looks fun and is planned to come out for Mac, Linux, and PC if it reaches its goal.

Another point worth noting is that they are planning on making the assets for the game available openly if the game succeeds in getting KickStarted, so other developers could use those assets to make their own games. I already backed this game and they are over a third of the way to their $160,000 goal with 18 days to go.  I thought some fellow g1s may be interested in this KickStarter as well.  The link to the KickStarter is in the source below.  For anyone who made it this far, thanks for reading my first blog post. :-)