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    • Final Fantasy XIII-2 Collector's Edition is $59.99, plus some PSVita deals

      6 years ago


      Alright GameStop is selling Final Fantasy XIII-2 the Collector’s Edition for $59.99

      Here are the links for PS3 & Xbox 360.

      It's only $49.99 for the standard edition but meh. Also if you guys are lucky enough you can probably get Best Buy to price match this deal and score the collector’s edition along with the novella.

      While you are there, don't pass up  deals on a handful of PS Vita deals

      Almost every major retailer (Best Buy, Target, Amazon, and GameStop) is doing a "buy 2 get 1 free" on PS Vita games with the exception of GameStop, who is only doing it for first-party games.

      Target and Amazon will give you a free 4GB memory card if you purchase the WiFi PS Vita and a free 8GB memory card for the 3G model (pretty much the launch bundle)

      Toys R Us will give you a $20 gift card if you purchase any Vita games and/or accessories over $50

      Best Buy is having an extra 40% trade in promotion for buying Vita games; also they have a $75 for PSP and $100 for 3DS trade in if you purchase the Vita but I've read that it isn't working right so best to avoid that for now.

      Note: By the time you're reading this they are probably all sold out so...

    • Darkness II PC and Saints Row The Third PC $24.99 plus some more PC Deals

      6 years ago


      Some pretty amazing deals for PC gamers coming from Amazon right now.

      First off you can get Darkness II for $24.99, that's half retail price and the game has only been out less than a month, here is a link:


      Pretty good price for you folks who are still on the fence on The Darkness II; you can check out Bryan's review if you want some insight on it.


      If you're getting tired of those FPS, you can just wreck shit up in Saints Row The Third which is also $24.99, and here's the link:



      There are also some other notable titles like Space Marine and Witcher 2 for $15, Payday the Heist for $5, AssCreed 2 and AssCreed Brohood for $5 and $7.49 respectively and so much more so instead of listing them out and throwing a bunch of links at you, I'll just give you one:


      Be sure to check it.  Also note a majority of these games will register on Steam, unless it's from EA then you're probably going to be stuck with Origin so keep that in mind.

    • Video Game Deal... Kinda? Rise of Nightmare for $24.98 at toysrus

      7 years ago


      Ok so I guess this might qualify as a deal since Rise of Nightmares just came out a few weeks ago and it is sold at $49.99 retail.  It still could a pretty nice rental since most retailers (amazon, gamestop, and bestbuy)  will give around a $20 credit when you trade this in,and it might be fun for those very few folks out there that actually have a Kinect.  This is online price only but some stores out there will price match their own website but it is not guaranteed. 


      Anyway you can find the price here.



    • Awesome Game Deal Batman Arkham City

      7 years ago


      Alright I thought this was a pretty sick deal so here goes,.

      Ok you know K-mart, that department store hiding in Walmart's shadow, so if you purchase Batman Arkham City starting 10/18 and ending 10/22 you will receive a $30 gaming coupon. 

      This requires you to have a "Shop Your Way Rewards" membership, which takes less than 5 minutes to sign up in store, as long as you actually know your own contact information. 

      Also note that these coupons can only be used on games (I am not sure if they work on accessories or consoles) and they are valid from 10/23 to 12/03 so I'm pretty sure you will have something to spend it on regarding the plethora of games releasing within that time frame or games that have already been released.

      In order to use the coupon you need buy something more than the coupon value, so don't expect to use it on a $20 game and expect $10 in return but buying two $20 games is totally fine. 

      I know Batman Arkham City hasn't been released yet but you might want to hop on this once it releases, since Kmart tends to run out of stock on release day and combined with this deal, I can see these flying off the shelves pretty quickly.

    • Awesome Videogame Deal Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2 Collectors Edition $20

      7 years ago


      This is a pretty sweet deal for fans of Star Wars the Force Unleashed, or just people looking for collector's edition of anything. 

      The Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2 Collectors Edition is being sold for $20 at Newegg.com. 

      In some states Newegg ships for free and it's tax free. 

      I don't know how long this deal will last but if you're interested it would be best to get it soon.

      Here are the links:


      Xbox 360



    • Gamestop Sales... I guess

      7 years ago


      So gamestop is having some sales.

      It may state new but it is actually preowned if you scroll down a bit. 

      Not sure when these deals will be gone but yea whatever, here are the links:


      HomeFront + Battlefield Bad Company 2 $24.99

      Xbox 360 LEGO Batman + Star Wars II $19.99

      Fable 3 + Halo 3 $24.99

      Bulletstorm + Prototype $29.99

      God Of War 3 + Little Big Planet $29.99


    • Awesome Video Game Deals

      7 years ago


      Some pretty sweet deals from Gamefly. These games are used but usually come complete in excellent condition, I've bought from them a few times and almost everything is mint, and they also have the online codes included. Also shipping is free but it will take 4-7 days.

      Crysis 2 xbox 360  14.99

      Crysis 2 PS3 $14.99

      Red Dead Undead Nightmare Xbox 360 $9.99

      Red Dead Undead Nightmare PS3 $9.99

      Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Xbox 360 $14.99

      Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood PS3 $14.99

      Brink PS3 $9.99

      Brink Xbox 360 $9.99

      Bulletstorm PS3 $9.99

      Bulletstorm Xbox 360 $9.99

      Castlevania: Lords of Shadow PS3 $12.99

      Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Xbox 360 $12.99

      Dead Space 2 PS3 $12.99

      Dead Space 2 Xbox 360 $12.99

      Dragon Age II PS3 $12.99

      Dragon Age II Xbox 360 $12.99

      Duke Nukem Forever PS3 $9.99

      Duke Nukem Forever Xbox 360 $9.99

      Homefront PS3 $12.99

      Homefront Xbox 360 $12.99

      Red Faction: Armageddon PS3 $12.99

      Red Faction: Armageddon Xbox 360 $12.99

      I believe this deal will last until Monday but can't really say for sure, you might want to hop on these before they revert back to normal price or become out of stock.

      If you want the links to the games you should visit this website http://www.cheapassgamer.com/?f=2514

    • ICO/ Shadow of the Collosus Collection $15 Bestbuy

      7 years ago


      Ok so this one might be a little bit tricky but if you haven't noticed Bestbuy has ICO/ Shadow of the Collosus Collection on sale for $24.99. 

      This months gamer magazine has a $10 off coupon for ICO/ Shadow of the Collosus Collection among other coupons. 

      To acquire the magazine it is $5 each or $15 for a year long subscription that includes some trade in bonuses(kinda like gamestop). 

      Before the coupon wasn't working correctly but as of today it seems it has all been resolved since I just snagged a copy for $15 plus tax. 

      Also remember this is instore only so don't expect to be able to use the coupon online.

      The sales seems to last to 10/15 but I'm not sure if this is confirmed, so you might want to hope on this before Sunday.

    • Awesome Deals: Dark Souls Hard Cover Guide for $13.74

      7 years ago


      Amazon has the Dark Souls The Official Guide [Hardcover] for sale for $13.74. 

      Here is a link:


      You might want to hop on this before the price shoots back up or it goes out of stock.  Gamestop has been selling these for about $28 a pop.

      It also appears to be limited from what I have been reading but still, if you're a fan of Dark Souls then you should just buy this just to drool all over it or want to die less. 

    • Deals on Videogames

      7 years ago


      Bestbuy is having a sale for Assassins Creed Brotherhood and Dead Island.

      Assassins Creed Brotherhood $19.99



      Xbox 360:



      Dead island $49.99 for console versions $39.99 for PC








      Infamous 2 for $44.99:


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