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      Here's the thread for RvB specific poems. Post you work here, and we'll enjoy it.

      Our poems are great, our poems are fine.
      Our poems will stand til the end of time.

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    • One AI to Rule Them All...

      4 years ago


      So I had a paper to write, and in my procrastination I came up with this. Based on Buck's LOTR verse with Sigma being the One AI to unite them.

      Fragments of the Alpha, all questionably gathered.
      Emotions, personalities, the mind continuously shattered.
      They were given to the Agents, in the name of good science.
      Their creation being made through an act of defiance.

      One for the Sharpshooter, known to lie.
      One for the shadow, doomed to die.
      Two for the leader, with so much to prove.
      Only one to the Twins, to see how they'd do.

      One to the Worst Fighter, with all its knowledge his own.
      One to the Beast, with his menacing groan.
      One for the thief, with a logical brain.
      And none for the overlooked girl, destined to betray.

      On the Mother of Invention, where the Director lies.
      One AI to rule them all, One AI to find them,
      One AI to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
      On the Mother of Invention, where the Director lies.

      EDIT: Krakatau did an awesome recitation of the poem!

    • Season 10 and Future Season confirmations

      4 years ago


      I figured I might as well put this as my journal, since I have nothing else to put on here.

      Alright so here's all the important info related to Season 10 and future seasons from the Twitter interview, Reddit RT AMA, and the Reddit Q n' A after Season 9 ep. 2. I put questions at the beginning, standard newb FAQ answers bolded, and other relevant Burnie sayings at the end. I'm still working on the Inquisition Transcript, but I think I might just condense it and only include Future Season information. Either way, it's gonna take a while. But here's this in the meantime.

      Reddit AMA

      Season 10 Confirmations/ Shit Burnie Says

      Season 10 premieres Memorial Day, May 28th.
      7 PM CST for sponsors
      8:30 PM CST for registered users
      9 PM CST for everyone else

      Here's the RT PAX East panel. Skip to 7:15 for a 3 minute rough cut of Freelancer action!

      An awesome link to the EW article with another trailer full of good stuff.

      1. Are you only going to use agents that you have mentioned at some point in the past or will there be new ones?
      RT: There are lots of agents. We are focusing on a specific point in time and a certain set of agents. You will see ones you have never heard about before and many in roles different than how you know them.

      2. Will we see freelancers other than the ones in season 9 and 10?
      RT: Sort of not all the Freelancers on screen have been named yet. Not all Freelancers are shown, we had to choose ones that were relevant to the story. Otherwise, we would have had an unmanageable cast.
      There is room in the storyline to tell more Freelancer adventures outside of this arc. More agents too.

      3. From what I've seen of the lower half of the Director's Face, he looks a little like Gordon Freeman. Is he Gordon Freeman?
      RT: Yes. He is Gordon Freeman. Agent South is Metroid.

      4. Regarding Carolina calling Epsilon Alpha
      The reasons why Carolina wants Epsilon are irrelevant to his designation as Alpha or Epsilon.

      5. Is the Season 9 Trailer canon?
      The original trailer was intended to be a scene in the third act of Season 9, but as we got later in production some things moved around. It's canonical in the sense that the events happened, just not necessarily in the order they appear in the trailer.

      6. Best character to write for?
      Delta is the easiest. He's my go-to exposition guy. He can explain lots of plot/backstory in a short period of time. The audience trusts him and doesn't get bored when he explains things. It's hard not to overuse him.
      There are characters WE like and characters that make sense to take the lead. For instance, the audience loves York & Delta, but they work much better as color characters than Wash would. Wash is a great character to help drive a story along. My current favorite character is 479er (PILOT); we had to move a bunch of her scenes to Season 10.

      7. Will we see Tex again?
      You might have seen the end of Tex's story without seeing all of Tex's story. Make sense?

      8. You will see Blue Team Wash in Season 10.

      9. Trailer for Season 10 will probably release at PAX Boston at their presentation on Friday April 6th.

      10. No mini-series planned between 9 & 10.

      11. Season 10 will continue adventure of RvB Team & Carolina and finish the tale of Project Freelancer up to RvB.

      12. CT's voice change will make sense.

      13. Donut is not dead. He was in Recovery Mode, and was revived in a Sponsor-only scene in Revelation. Unknown if he will appear in Season 10.

      14. MBG is in Season 10.

      15. When Carolina was first mentioned, Tex did say that "she was already dead" by then. You will have to wait and see

      16. Caboose will not be animated. Ever.

      17. The plan is for Season 10 to cap the stories started in Reconstruction. It's not a new trilogy.

      18. We do not plan to show the faces of the RvB main cast. They are better in your head.

      19. No set time to end. We will keep making RvB as long as people watch it and 343 is happy with it

      20. Carolina and Wash had similar experiences at Freelancer, but on totally different levels. Wash was just the intro.

      21. In the n+1 iterative world of the mem unit, Epsilon becomes Alpha. In this world he is still Epsilon. Chart coming soon.

      22. Epsilon and Wash are a major part of the story. I would like to show their introduction if there is time.

      23. Sigma will be voiced by Elijah Wood.

      24. After what happened to Reds & Blues vs Tex in Season 8, I doubt they will try to fight Carolina.

      25. Season 10 will have Halo 3 "present day" footage and "backstory" CG animation.

      26. I won't pretend to have written ten years of content back in 2003, but we are very careful to make sure that new stories honor the old ones -- and that they pay off old gags as well, no matter HOW old. We love the idea that people rewatch old episodes and go "what the fuck" to themselves. Some of those moments are only going to hit with 1% of the audience, but it still feels worth it.

    • I have the power....

      4 years ago


      As you can see, I finally Sponsored. I've never sponsored before, so this is all new to me. First stop, finding the Sponsor cut of Donut getting out of Recovery Mode. Can someone list new powers that I now have as a Sponsor?

    • An Ode to the Single Folk

      4 years ago


      So my calculus got cancelled this morning, and in my boredom this poem was created. Happy Valentine's Day!

      Are you feeling lonely on this most auspicious day?
      Another ugly reminder of the frustration coming your way?
      Well stop your worry! Your sadness! Your misery!
      For many are united in lonely camaraderie.

      For some it's been weeks, or months, or years.
      But that is no reason to shed your tears.
      We all are alone at one point or another.
      But sooner or later, you'll find that significant other.

      It might be someone you've been friends with for long,
      but you've buried your feelings under lots of sad songs.
      Have no fear! my good friend-zoned chums,
      For one day they'll hear the beat your heart drums.

      They may be elusive, or in an entirely new city.
      So keep up the fight! Don't feel so shitty.
      Patience is a virtue, a trait few possess.
      Of course, waiting so long will put your will to the test.

      But you'll get the last laugh, once you've found your treasure.
      For love is not something so easy to measure.
      So enjoy the time you have! Being single is alright.
      Sleep when you want, eat what you want, and party all night.

      Let the couples go out, eat fine meals and skate on ice rinks.
      We single folk should gather, with good friends and great drinks!
      For life goes on, in the most curious of ways.
      And someday you'll meet that significant other's gaze.

      But until then remember, don't let your spirit fall.
      When did being sad help anyone at all?

    • Fighting the System

      4 years ago


      So as some of you know I've been battling with sponsoring now or waiting until closer to the season. What it comes down to are several options. If I sponsor now, it's going to end sometime in August. That's like the middle of the season or so. Ideally I'd like to get it going on a sponsor the full season, then when it runs out after the season is done I can decide whether or not to continue sponsoring the off-season. There really isn't anything preventing me from sponsoring, aside from my own personal feelings of restraint. I've never sponsored before, mainly because I was uncomfortable paying people I had never met $10 to watch more videos. I only watched their videos, I didn't really want to be a part of the site. Until late last year, when I started getting more active on the forums and the site. So now that I'm a more active member, maybe it's time to cave and just get it over with. Ah the troubles of the First World. So, I'll leave it as a poll for shit-n-giggles.

    • History is fun

      4 years ago


      I love history and I'm in a few history classes, and I've learned a few hilarious history facts. Here's one I learned today.

      Back in the 14th century during the early stages of the Hundred Years War, England had been kicking France's ass. So at the Battle of Pontiers, King John was planning his attack. Now in the last major battle, Battle of Crecy, England had won by partially burying pikes into the ground and concealing them, which decimated the initial charge of French cavalry. As the dead Frenchman began to pile up and slow down the rest of the French army, England then took them out with their longbows. King John, not wanting to make the same mistake, ordered his knights to dismount, and walk the 2 miles to the battlefield in full plate armor, in the middle of July. Not only were the French knights moving slow enough for English archers to pick them off, but most of them either passed out or died from heat exhaustion. And after all this, King John was captured in this battle. His ransom was set almost 3 times higher than King Richard the Lionheart's ransom, which itself was quite large, years earlier. This is where we get the term, "A King's Ransom" in relation to a butt-load of money. France wasn't able to pay, and fighting went on for several more decades.

      Poor France. They try so hard to learn from their mistakes, and then fail even harder.

    • Fuck You Global Warming

      4 years ago


      It's January 2nd and there isn't an inch of snow on the ground. I tried to go skiing yesterday and it was solid ice and overall shit. This is unheard of in Utah, and has me seriously concerned. And to make things even worse, there's not even anything predicted for another couple weeks.

      Nothing. This is the warmest and brightest winter I've seen, but I haven't been this depressed in a long time.

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