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    • Why "Title Fight" Will Be Both Good And A Smash Bros Ripoff.

      7 years ago


      I am a Smash Bros Brawl ADDICT! I spend countless hours doing final smashes and having a good time. With Sony making this game called "Title Fight," will it be a fun experience, or crap? The answer: Fun ripoff

      Think about it, Kratos vs Sly Cooper,  Nathan Drake vs Sweet Tooth. AWESOME!!!!!

      I think the gameplay should be more like a normal fighting game, like Street Fighter and  Killer Instinct. If all characters are balanced enought, and there are new elements to the game, I think it will be a great experience. If it borrows too much from Smash bros, it will SUCK. It would be considered a ripoff, and evidence that Sony might be running out of ideas so they have to copy the Big N. However, if it is a fighter, and balanced characters, it will be a sucess. Hope it comes true.

    • 5 games off the top of my head

      7 years ago


      1. Mario

      2. Crash Bandicoot

      3. Sonic

      4. CoD

      5. SSX

    • Pacman! Galaga! Now do DigDug namco.

      7 years ago


      Ok, I am a huge Namco arcade fan. They released new versions of pacman and galaga fot their 30th anniversaries, so why not do the same for Dig-Dug?

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