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    • Acclaim/Iguana 1996 basketball game has ties with the University of Cincinnati

      5 years ago


      It's March.  And with this lovely month in the US, much of the country goes crazy with excitement over the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament (or as people call it - March Madness).  And during my time as a student at the University of Cincinnati, and member of it's band program, I was not expempt from this excitement.  As a little bit of my personal history, I've spent 5 years participating as a band member at UC, and the past three years continuing to assist them (band geek much?)

      So as an avid fan of video games, I was extremely surprised to find that the UC Band was actually involved with the production of Acclaim's 1996 game College Slam. 

      The band under Dr. Terren Frenz (who is still the band's director in the current year of 2013) was paid a sum of $5000 to play and record the fight songs of the game's 44 teams.  A copy of the Saturn version is still kept in the band's office.

      Band History can be fun!

      Unfortunately, due to limited system capabilities, some of the ports of this game do not feature the recorded musical tracks.  But as a proud Bearcat, this bit of band, basketball, and video game history sits very well with me.  And with the Acclaim / Iguana reunion coming up at SGC, I'm pretty excited to possibly ask about this.  So while I was already excited about SGC, but this just gets me even more stoked!


    • Cupcake Mario (now in stunning 2D!)

      6 years ago


      So I'm in pastry school and I'm a part time cake decorator at a grocery store.  While I don't get much free time to do my own projects, I had the day off so I decided to do something for the August 10 mini-marathon.  Cupcake Mario!

      Mario Cupcakes

      Peach ain't got nothin' on this!

      Here's the setup:
      162 cupcakes in all their naked glory
      Having trouble coloring your icing black?  Start with a chocolate icing, that way you don't have to add as much black food coloring to achieve a full deep shade.

       Hope you guys like!  Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

      Oh, and if there are any g1s in the Cincinnati area that would like to help eat 162 mini-cupcakes, let me know.  I don't wanna get diabetes by eating all these before they go bad.

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