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    • Let's look at game magazines, part1 Expert Gamer January 2001.

      6 years ago


       I've had this idea for a long, long time. I have a lot of old video game magazines, and I think it might be fun to post up some highlights. 


      Issue 79.


      On the cover: Hey! It's... What the hell did they do to Pikachu?

      Well, now we know it's Pikachu's unevolved form, Pichu. Only avialable when you get two Pikachus to get busy.


      Also on the cover, Shenmue, The Legend of Zelda: Major's Mask, Quake III Arena, and Final Fantasy IX. 


      On the back cover, an ad for Skies of Arcadia on Dreamcast. 


      The letters section is full of people asking for various hints and tips, including someone asking how to get Excalibur in FInal Fantasy IX. There are questions about using PS1 memory cards on PS2, what the port on the back of PS1 Gameshark is used for, where to find a PS2, when does Banjo-Tooie come out, questioning Microsoft's tactics, searching for DVD Easter eggs, someone's PS1 catching fire, asking about the existence of switch boxes, Driver 2 strategies, how and where to buy TurboGrafx-16 games, questioning if you're able to play GameBoy Color games on a GameBoy Pocket, Chrono Cross questions about recruiting characters, and blocking kicks in NFL2K1 on Dreamcast. 


      The letter of the month though, is a real kicker calling the original Xbox useless but the writer of the letter does bring up a point which we are all feeling today regarding the usage of patches on console games as a bad thing. 


      This issue featured the debut of a new, permanent section of the magazine, which had a few apperences in previous issues, International Gamer. This article mentions a few game genres are aren't popular in America or Europe at the time. Music games have always been big in Japan, not so much here until Guitar Hero exploded. Dating Sims, Horse Racing, job simulators such as Densha De Go or Baseball Manager, and Pachinko and Mahjong. 


      There's a little footnote about modding your PS2 and how it would be better to wait a few months. Also how arcades in Japan differ from those in the States. 


      The next page spotlights a few games, Gekisha Boy 2, Klonoa 2, and Mobile Suit Gundam for PS2. The bottom quarter of the page is taken up by the Wonderswan Color and it's Final Fantasy I port. Sidebar of the page is about the PocketStation and DDR dance mats. 


      Next page is Anime Names You SHould Know, Akira Toriyana, Rumiko Takehasi, Masamune Shirow, Studio Ghibli, and Gainax. Sidebar about the Final Fantasy IX official soundtrack. 


      Last page of International Gaming is Anime Picks of the Month, Gundam WIng, Slayers, Ruroni Kenshin and Vision of Escaflowne. Botton of the page is about censorship between the Japanese and American anime releases. Sidebar is about Cel Art. 


      Next section is the Tricks of the Trade, 40 pages worth of PS2, PS1, Gameboy, Dreamcast, and N64 cheat codes, well 34 when you subtract the six page EB  at Play holiday gift guide. Some highlight from the gift guide, Dreamcast at $150, PS2 at $300. 


      The next section was always a favorite of mine, the Coming Soon section. I always loved seeing what was coming up for my favorite systems. This issue's section is four pages, two devoted to the Dreamcast and one each to PS1 and 2. 


      For the PS2 we have Twisted Metal Black and Red Faction. For the PS1 it's Lunar 2: Eternal Blue and Evil Dead: Hail to the King. On Dreamcast are 3 ports, 18 Wheeler, based on the arcade game, Resident Evil 2 and Dino Crisis. Speed Devils Online is a pseude-sequel to a launch title. 


      Next is the absolutely massive Pokemon Gold and Silver strategy guide, clocking in at 13 pages. Very handy guide. I've used it several times over the last decade. Pokemon Gold and Silver were awarded Game(s) of the month.   


      Medal of Honor: Underground, for PS1, strategy guide takes up the next 11 pages. It includes very detailed maps for every stage and tell you all the secrets. 


      The January 2001 issue features part two of Expert Gamer's The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, coming in at a hefty 8 pages, starting from the Water Dungeon through to the end of the game. 


      The following 10 pages are for the Dreamcast's materpiece, Shenmue. The guide breaks down the fighting system, all the minigames you can indulge in, the major places you can visit, and every little trinket you can collect throughout the game. It details every character as well, and has a spoiler free walk through. 


      A two page quick guide for NFL Blitz 2001. I have never read these two pages. Who needs strategy for Blitz?


      Six pages are used on Quake III Arena strategies and maps. It also details every weapon and power up and gives uses for them. 


      What follows is character charts for Final Fantasy IX, all the skills and magic each character can learn, lists what is gained by catching frogs for Quina, Ragtime Mouse question answers, locations for every Moogle, how and where to get every summon. The majority of the final four pages of the guide is the bestiary, giving  locations, HP, AP awarded, Gil gained, items dropped and stolen of every monster in the game. Basically, a hell of a lot more useful than the official guide. 


      The Game Over section spoils the ending to older games, and in this issue is the original Medal of Honor. 


      Well, that's that. A look into an old game magazine. Let me know if you liked it or not, what I can do differently and please don't ask about scanning pages. I pulled the cover art off another site, retromags.com. 

    • Wrestlemania 28 Review.

      6 years ago


      The night started off with a triple threat tag title match between Epico & Primo vs The Usos vs Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel. It was a damn good watch which ended with Epico and Primo retaining, but I would like to know how and why Kidd and Gabriel are a tag team and got a title shot. I guess maybe it's because Kofi and R-Truth were involved in the Team Johnny vs Team Teddy match.

      World Heavyweight title match was next, and ended in about 15 seconds. Sheamus over Daniel Bryan. At first, I was like, 'What the hell?' Then I started laughing. WWE loves to piss off smarks, and that's just what that match was.

      The next match was Kane vs Randy Orton. Decent match. Surprised as hell to see Kane go over though.

      Big Show and Cody was next, and I'm conflicted about it. I like Show and all, but I don't think there was any reason he should have won, especially if it was for the title, which maybe I wasn't paying enough attention to the build up, but I didn't know it was for the title. Also, it looked like Cody was wearing underoos.

      Diva tag match thing, don't care. Beth looked nice except for the stupid feelers on her head during her entrance. And the counter Kelly did to the Glam Slam just looked stupid as hell.

      Undertaker vs Triple H was next. Nice to see JR come out to commentate. I was watching Shawn prance around in the ring when Triple H's music started, and I looked towards the stage and saw a castle-like thing. I said he should have been using King of Kings for that entrance. When Undertaker came out, I looked and looked again, and asked if he was wearing body armor. As he was getting closer to the ring, I yelled out 'Holy shit! It's Super Shredder!' to which, several people around me looked confused. Made me sad. This match felt like it went on for an hour. It was intense, brutal, and with Shawn's involvement funny as hell. Triple H got busted open at some point, not enough though, but at least he bled. The ending, with Shawn and Taker helping Triple H to the back was awesome. I kind of wonder if this is Undertaker's last match. I'm not so sure.

      Hall of Fame class was next. I wasn't sure that was Edge until they showed him on the big screen. ANd the fact that Ric Flair was there, was fucking hilarious.

      The Team Johnny vs Team Teddy was next, and why the fuck was there a 12 man tag match that ended in a single fall? That's just fucking retarded. Also John Laryngitis stole one of Michael Hayes' Hall of Fame suits. This match was a giant clusterfuck, especially since it was a single fall. The ending was stupid as hell. I can't believe WWE is willing to put that jackass on both shows.

      Chris Jericho vs CM Punk was another great match, and people who said Jericho should have won, are just fucking wrong. At this point in his career, he shouldn't be anywhere near the title. Second best match of the night behind the Hell in a Cell.

      I was confused as fuck at the Brodus Clay shit.

      Next up, Dwayne vs Cena. The music before each guy came out, was not only terrible, but completely fucking pointless since each guy just used their own entrance music. I can't fucking believe Dwayne won and Cena DIDN'T turn heel. Fucking hell.

      Overall, a solid 9/10

    • The trials and tribulations of a massive video game collection.

      7 years ago

       Ever since 1997 I have been collecting video games.
      In that time, I have amassed about 6,000 games spread over 30 plus consoles, owning nearly every game for 5 or 6 of them, including a lot of duplicates. The problem with this is that they take up a ton of space, and now we're going to be needing that space as my wife now wants a child. I however am less than thrilled with this.
      The plans are to donate a large majority to several children's hospitals and the like. The pile that I will be selling is much smaller, and the pile that I will be keeping is smaller than that. I have already sold my NEO-GEO and the 8 games I had for it for abour $600. Not bad considered I paid $40 for it at a yard sale.
      Having been going through this massive pile of plastic over the last month or so I have comes across several games that I had forgotten about over the years. One such game is Rock N Roll Racing on SNES. When I found it, I popped it into my SNES and started to play, and promptly lost a Saturday. After I quit playing, I did a little research and discovered the company that made RnR Racing turned into Blizzard. Blizzard is owned/partnered(?) with Activision, and Activision has access to thousands of great music tracks, so why hasn't there been a new RnR Racing? 
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