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    • Top 5 Games of TMoFG 3

      5 years ago


      The Titanium Man of Flash Gaming is probably the only online competition in existance that features purely flash games. In season 3, everyone competed in 10 different flash games, ending with the final 5 taking on Woodyman along side Shelby and Screwattack's own Chad and Sam in a battle royale of time-killing supremecy.

      Now, with less than a week to go before season 4 begins, I countdown the top five games that made season 3 a huge blast...

      5. Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution

      As it turns out, robotic mythical creatures with horns are prominantly featured in the tournment. With every other incarnation of Robot Unicorn Attack being featured in previous seasons, it was only natural that the latest creation from adult swim would become the last main game in season 3.

      The game plays the same as every other RUA game you've played. The only difference here is that it isn't just unicorns you play as. There are also gorillas, sabre toothed tigers and...ok, seriously, can you not see the image above? Just look at it and figure the rest out. This results in faster gameplay and larger scoring possibilities.

      4. Multitask 2

      Just because a game looks minimalistic doesn't mean it's bad. Such is the case with Multitask 2.

      Simple premise: Don't fail. As the game progresses, more games are added up to 6 different games with their own control scheme. Failing any of the games ends the whole game. The individual games are straight forward, but it's the multitasking that makes this game a challenge which, since the majority of the gaming demographic is male, the majority of us suck at it. A great addition to the season.

      3. /Escape\

      With retro-styled games becoming all the rage these days thanks to Minecraft, people can mistake retro for minimalistic. Flash games have most likely caused this misconseption, with some of the more popular time-wasters having little to no effort in its graphics style and instead focusing entirely on gameplay.

      Luckily for us, Escape goes for a superb retro feel in both aspects. It's a one-button game featuring a ninja wall-jumping up the longest metal pilons in the world...seriously, there seems to be no end to them. All the while avoiding electrified spikes and being chased by a laser that constantly picks up speed in its relentless efforts to turn into a pile of pixels. Superb little game, which you can also grab on iOS!

      2. Minute Hardcore

      For those of you who remember a weekly show that turned bi-weekly then turned to shit, I like shoot-'em-ups. So when a shooter finally appeared in game 9, I was content and I could finally sleep knowing that I didn't have to rant about there not being a shooter in season 3.

      The game is a typical shooter which is entirely mouse controled. The game is mainly influenced by Ikaruga as you spend most of your time switching between 3 colours (Yes, coloUrs. I'm british, so i'm right). The game is a test of memorisation, since breaking your chain by missing an enemy can end your game, since getting time boosts becomes your only goal. A lot of tense moments when you only just level up.

      1. Super Puzzle Platformer

      By this point i've ran out of of witty introductions to use with this game. Shame really, since this is a game with a simple premise, but is suprisingly addictive.

      The aim is to destroy blocks by shooting the crap out of them. Grabbing the shards that are dropped upgrade your gun, which doubles up as your health when you are crushed under blocks. Spikes and drills, however kill you instantly. This is endless and is a great score-rush game. And, with a rescent remake and Deluxe version on the way, this game is set to be huge.


      Well, there you are. Hopefully season 4 is set to be even more epic with DarkHyruleLord hosting this time around. If you're interested in competing in season 4, click here: http://screwattack.com/news/its-time-titanium-man-flash-gaming-4-sign-ups-and-rules

      Thanks for reading!

    • Top 5 Worst Games of TMoFG 3

      5 years ago


      Let me set some things straight before I begin. The purpose of this blog is to try and make Season 4 of the TMoFG as fair as possible. To achieve this, I shall be taking a look at some of the weaker and more problematic games featured in this season...why does this sound like the introduction to a science project?

      Some rules first. For the purposes of this list, I have refraned from choosing games that I personally had gripes with. Instead, I have chosen games that I believe should not have been used in a tournament layout, based on my beliefs on how these games should be chosen. These are:

      1. Since every video game has an element of luck to them, games chosen should focus more on player skill than luck.
      2. Determining the scoring system, if part of the challenge, should not be too complicated.
      3. Games chosen should not be "broken" to the point of unfairness.

      Bear in mind that these beliefs are still my opinion. Everyone elses criteria for choosing games will be different, but will be similar in some aspects. I will be refering to these as I go along.

      Finally, I must make this very clear: This is not an attack against Woodyman, the developers of the games featured or the TMoFG itself. While this may appear as a general rant about the choices made, it will be constructive critisism...hopefully. Lets get started...

      5. Pandemic 2

      When it came to choosing the games for this list, I had 4 games that I knew I was going to include. It was then left with 5 games to fill the last spot on this list. All 5 games had a focus on skill, all had an equal amount of luck to them and all of them had a variety of play styles to choose from.

      Another thing that they had in common was that they all had playthough videos on Youtube. With the more random games requiring more skill, it ultimately came down to which of the linear games required more skill to replicate the videos. As a result, Pandemic 2  recieves the 5th spot thanks to this Youtube video by OrangeWombats detailing a step-by-step guide to wiping out the Earth. Also the scoring system is a bit complicated to figure out.

      4. Massacre Street

      Hey, you remember Typing of the Dead right? Yeah that was great! So how about we take the game, make it top-down, and add a more random scoring system.

      And now we have Massacre Street. (Points to whoever gets the reference)

      While the scoring system may seem simple at first glance, after a while you start to question its simplicity. Take my experiences from week 7. After 2 games, I was never able to get a higher score, even though I believed that I was actually improving. At one point I definately had a larger chain than in previous attempts. I then began to start questioning the effect Rage has on score.

      To this day, I genuinly have no idea how it works. Given the end results having a 300k gap between 5th and 4th place, it could be a sign that the scoring system is genuinly problematic. On the other hand, there were scores breaking 7 digits, so it could just mean I suck. If you played the game, let me know in the comments, 'cause I haven't got a clue, but either way, it was still confusing.

      3. AAAAAARRRRGHHH! The Moon Is Trying To Run Me Over!


      Every game has them. If they didn't, then every game in a genre would be the same and we'd be up to our noses in lawsuits. Lets take FPS games as an example (since everyone assumes they are all the same). Call of Duty has an emphasis on Rambo-esque play and killstreaks. Battlefield has an emphasis on tactical and objective bases play. Homefront focuses on teamwork, but also rewards individual play with the ability to power-up your soldier. Subtle differences that make each game unique.

      And thus we come to this game. While the main focus is alternating left and right like a Maro Party minigame, the catch is that a certain points, the game throws in a quicktime event that makes you press a certain key, or the the Moon will speed up and make a large impact on your score. This is fine, until you realise that if you completely ignore these events, they are deemed successful and will have no impact on the moon's speed.

      Overall, it boils down to a test of stamina. This is all well and good, but you have to consider this was one of the 4 games used in the final challenge. By this point, after playing games like QWOP and Minute Hardcore, you would expect something more challenging that "Press left and right to win". Again, my opinion.

      2. Helicopter

      Question: DId you cringe when you saw this picture? If you did, then you are with every respectable gamer who has ever lived.

      Everyone knows this game. It was cear'y some guy who decided to make a flash game in under 10 minutes. That may not be true, but it's plausable due to the awkward placements of the ground and roof, as well as one last thing.


      Remember rule 3? Do not be broken to the point of unfairness. This helicoper will crash simply because the air above it has the power to ignite the chopper underneath if it scrapes a block. The reason is fairly obvious. The developer decided to make the rectangular sprite of the helicopter double up as the hitbox.

      Now, i'm not an expert on flash, but shouldn't you be able to crop the image so that only the outline of the chopper is considered? Even then, you could have just used a circle underneath the helicopter which acts as a hitbox.

      Well, I lost pacience with this game. You know a man who didn't? Sam Mitchell, who completely dominated the game and everyone who stood in his way. MAJOR props to him.


      I would do a recap, but quite frankly, who wants to remember the last 4 games, so lets finish this...

      1. Kitten Cannon

      *sigh" Where do I start?

      First of all, I remember playing this when I was about 12/13 and enjoying it. I was a stupid, stupid little boy.

      The entire concept of the game is based around 1 button...well 3, but as you will see it doesn't matter. You fire a kitten out of a cannon and watch as it splatters and explodes across a huge patch of grass until meeting its end in a pool of blood, eaten by a plant or skeward on some rusty spikes. In short, it's PETA's and Lauren's worst nightmare.

      Now why did I say it's based around 1 button. Well, even though though you can adjust the angle of your shot which, in theory, should improve the score you can get, the simple fact is that it doesn't matter. The objects you come across in the game are both randomly generated and, more importantly, randomly placed. Therefore, according to probability, it is equaly likely to get a high score with any projectory and any power.



      Don't believe me, then take a look at these videos posted to Youtube. Both runs are roughly the same. One scoring 2,123ft, the other scoring 2,065ft. Notice that one run uses what would be considered the most effective angle, while the other uses a lower angle. Hell, the highest legitimate score recorded just straight up says "Fuck this" and goes pretty much as low as possible.

      What we have here is a game that breaks two rules in one fell swoop. It's because of its purely random nature that it is broken to the point of unfairness. Hell, I was even frustrated about it as seen here when I was playing MineZ. As a result of this, I decided  that I would not give a damn about the game, so I set things up so that it auto-fired space and left it overnight. The score submitted was 719 with a HIGH SCORE of 1,792.

      Even if my high score was used, it wouldn't have made a difference, but I felt it was less of submitting a high score and more of showing how much I cared for this game being used in the tornament, let alone be a final challenge game.


      So, now that i've FINALLY vented my anger over that..."game", you may have noticed a trend in the games i've chosen.

      Ignoring Massacre Street, all of the games from the final challenge, although not initially intentional, were included in this list. This was the reason that I was unsure about doing this list as, if you notice the end result of the tournament, I didn't do so well and that this list could be misconstruded as just a straight out rant that would make me more stupid than the Goku vs Superman haters.

      Now for the helpful part of this blog. For the next season, DarkHyruleLord is taking the reigns and you can still take part, but only if you're reading this on Sunday...sorry about that. So, to help make this the best season yet, here's my advice to him on choosing the games.

      1. Even though I stated that everyone has different criteria for choosing games, I hope that the ones I stated are the bare bones of the criteria used for this season. Anything else you add are fine provided they don't clash with the ones specified.
      2. Try and list all the games that will be played. With this, you can then order them so that the simple games can be played first, followed with the more challenging games towards the end.

      Since I have no idea what twist is in store this season, I cannot give anymore advice, as much as I want to. Here's to a glorious and epic season of flash gaming.

      Thanks for reading.


      Oh, and just in case anyone misunderstands this blog even after all this, *Flame Shield*

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