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    • Make Your Mark on ScrewAttack - Design The Hard News Set Contest

      7 years ago


      Judging by the overwhelmingly positive response from Monday's Hard News *sarcasm* , you guys REALLY liked the new set and just overall tone that was put out there. Look, we were trying to do something different with the show and apparently you guys disliked it so much you felt the need to tell us about it... over... and over... and over... and over.... and over.... and over again. Thanks for that.

      Hey, I'll take total responsibility for it. I'm the final barrier to what does and does not hit the front page of ScrewAttack and I was the guy who felt a design change was needed. While Jared and I were swimming a bed of tears watching the show get flammed worse that Bebop and Steve (that's a reference for the LONG time g1s)  I was really wishing we hadn't trashed the previous set in the dumpster outback of the new HQ.  With that said, we need a new set so we figure why not allow you guys to flex your design muscle and come up with a new set for Hard News.  You can design whatever you want!  It can be simple, advanced, green screened, blue screened, built, whatever BUT there are a few rules to this contest:

      • What you are designing has to be able to be built with less than $250.
      • It has to be realistic.  No moats or dragons or anything built into your design.
      • You have three 32" Plasma Flat Screen TVs to work with in the background
      • We have the Hard News desk already.  You've made it more than clear Jared needs a desk so he can swivel on his chair...
      • We have to be able to build the set ourselves from your instructions and design in an eight hour work day

      Super simple, right?  What we don't want is a bunch of pictures of the old set because it is literally in a landfill somewhere in Dallas right now and it ain't coming back.  Get creative and have some fun with this.  Post the pictures of your design in the your blog with the tag of HardNewsSet so we can find it uber-easy.  Blogs must be published by Friday, September 30th at Noon CST.  And of course, we'll be giving away prizes to the best ideas and designs including  free Advantage Memberships and shirts and DVDs

      Please note that as great as your designs may be they might not be what we're looking for.  We may also take a couple designs and Frankenstein them.  We're just looking for a way to have you guys involved as we evolve.

      Thanks so much for your support g1s.  We value all of you greatly and look forward to seeing you guys get creative.

    • VGV/Top 10 Suggestion Post

      7 years ago


      This is quite possibly the easiest blog I've ever written.  It serves one point: to see what you want in the Vault or if you have any ideas for future Top 10 lists.  If you have a suggestion for a Video Game Vault or Top 10 this is the official place to put it. Why? Because I'll actually check it here.   DON'T just put a game title.  Put WHY you want the game in the VGV or Top 10 list made.

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